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File: 1498050051706.jpg (201.5 KB, 1024x576, IMG_1039.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


This is the kind of job I would like to have:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/38365971

A warden on a remote island: the job is just to manage the wildlife, record moth and bird populations, manage bracken and run a small hostel. Most of the time you're completely isolated except for the other warden.

You're only allowed one shower a week but you get a free small farmhouse.

If just spend all my free time reading some books. Sound like paradise.


This is a video of island:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4pSFBUyc68E

Oh God. I want this job badly.


What other wizardly professions are there?


Wizardly jobs:
Isolated caretaker
Isolated wildlife conservationist
Freelance programmer


Freelance programmer is a horrible job for wizards. You compete with an oversaturation of norcs for the prize of being hired by chad, just so that he can fire you when the job is done and you start that competition all over again. The main reason why freelance programming is such a big thing is because companies have fired their entire IT division and just hire freelancers whenever they need IT work.

Another Wizardly jobs is Night Security Guard. You don't need to be strong, and you could just watch shit on your phone all night


File: 1498142823179.jpg (39.39 KB, 453x519, Mmm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>tfw lighthouse keeper is no longer a job here

It sucks too because if it was my region would be prime for it, because there are lighthouses all over the place. But all of that shit is automated now and hasn't been a job for a long time.


How do I become a night security guard? I remember reading some other post that said you have to take a piss-easy course and get certified. Is it really as good as it's made out to be? No social interaction, just browse wizchan during your working hours?


I am about to start Biology, my country is kinda big with a good amount of wildlife maybe if i am good enough ill spend my days studying animals and plants far away from Chad and succubi.


File: 1499981405109.jpg (19.35 KB, 280x187, trucker.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Truck driver. No education required, doesn't take long to get certified. On the road all day, no boss or coworkers to harangue you with their inane chit chat. You can listen to audiobooks or podcasts all day. Pays pretty well too, but unfortunately it will be automated fairly soon. A good job for wizards to build up a comfortable egg nest in the period before it gets automated.


I've thought about this but not anymore. A lot of truck divers are practically indentured servants, getting in debt to the companies they work for, and work for days in a row, for low pay.


Problem is you're too late. They're already getting automated. People probably won't be driving trucks in 10 years.



That won't happen for a while because legislation needs to be passed to allow driverless trucks. Cars are one think, but a truck with a ton of mass behind it is another. Machines won't be taking trucker's jobs for at least 20 years.


Legislation is easy to pass when money changes hands.


Only if you're stupid. Just pay for the licence yourself instead of signing away your life to a company-sponsored program.

Yeah I mentioned it in my post. Even if it was only 3 years away it would still be worth doing because you could save up 50-100k while working a comfy job, which would allow you to coast for a few years at the very least.


Little addon to my post. Didn't want to call anyone stupid. Some of those "indentured servitude" truckers were in dire straits and were probably manipulated into those exploitative contracts. But yeah, just put some thought into it and you'll be OK.


You're implying that anyone has any interest in making this change quickly. It's not like the trucking industry trusts the technology either. They already use a lot of instruments to try to 'automate' all sorts of things for the drivers, that's an industry by itself.
If you're talking bribes, they would have loved to lower regulations to decrease the cost of ownership, but it's only gone up for them. So fat lot of good their magic alleged bribery did to get them a decent return on their investment already.
Drivers are expensive, but the whole reasons the trucking industry is in use is because it's cheaper than most alternatives. They are spending lots of money right now on recruiting, paid education, advertising trucking schools, etc. because there's a shortage in the industry and they want to force down the costs of doing business with more inexperienced workers.
That said, do your research. It's not an easy job by any means, and you'll still have to talk to some people including using the radio, weighing legal at truck stops, dealing with cops, etc.
That isn't even getting into the physical stuff and the insurance.
I considered the job but after reading about it I realized I couldn't handle the stress and responsibility.


File: 1500195416132.jpg (120.33 KB, 326x480, 1124418-gandalfpimp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

codemonkeying ain't bad

having no personal life allows you to outwork everyone, and we're dealing with immaterial, which is very wizardly


I've been thinking of finding out of print book PDFs and making a new edition and just reselling them on Amazon, idk how feasible it'd be


File: 1500269023039.jpg (42.29 KB, 500x348, 0fae99c48dd98c48f6c195d95b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

please dont forget overnight security guard, this is by far the easiest, least qualification necessary and most possible wizard post.

>Wok overnight when most normals are sleeping

>Read, exercise, browse the internet throughout shift
>no strenuous task such as heavy lifting, just sit at desk and occasionally patrol
>lots of free time at work to pursue hobbies

All you need to do is complete a 16 hour course to get qualified and then talk to security provider agencies about availability, once you find the perfect comfy post you can be set for life making 11-20 dollars an hour sitting at a desk alone at night

>the perfect wizard setup would be an overnight security guard shit for 2 days a week, allowing you to pay rent, purchase food and not spend to much time away from neeting


for me, it is easier to understand by looking at a visualization, like this one: http://www.lkozma.net/cuckoo_hashing_visualization/

can it be profitable to make such visualizations and ask for donations? once in two weeks, read a publication and make a visualization.

i guess it depends on popularity of a field for which you will make visualizations. the problem here is that: if it is popular, it is already explained.
another concern is it is not easy to read publications. if you can do that, then you know the field and if so, then may be you can find a better paid job.


I really hate how easy people make getting a job like this seem.


This can work bro.


It is extremely easy to get a well paying high mana overnight wizard security post especially part time, if you are willing to do what it takes, as a wizard who worked overnight security at hotels, airports, residentials, construction sites and offices I will tell you how.

1.Get qualified. This is where most wizards fall short, to be hired for a respectable overnight security job you will need your DCJS Unarmed Security Guard License, this relatively simple to get, I recommend searching classified for DCJS training in your area (they will fingerprint you file your paperwork, train you for 16 hours and give you the test)

2.Wait patiently. Your DCJS will take a very long time to clear (we are talking 2 months possibly longer or shorter) the good news is you will get a temporary certificate much sooner and this will enable you to work

3. Embelish your resume. Know how to use Microsoft Excel? Ms Office Specalist, Like to draw? Free Lance Artist, Ever theoretically helped your parents run a fictitious home business? Site Manager you get the drift, try to add whatever you can that has some connection to on site security, or just ball out and lie like I did because they never really check your past employment or references (before I had stepped foot on a job site I was already an experienced Security Guard with 3 years on job)

3. Get yourself out there. This is both the easiest and most frustrating period, here are some tips to getting hired quickly (A)remember the training school you went to, well a lot of those training schools are security provider companies, if you talk to your instructor you could guarantee favor ability once your license clears (B)Browse Classified and Indeed obsessively, copy and paste your embellished resume to any security job you find
But The best way to get hired is to apply in person/online with the top security providers in your state/region, put in an application and call them all the time to query job availability

4. Negotiate.if you do the steps above I guarantee you interviews and in these interviews you will have a chance to discuss what you are looking for out of the job, (what you want) (1) Overnight: best wizardly time if you want absolute minimal interaction (2) somewhere close or metro accessible: If you dont drive do not take a post that is 2-3 hours away or requires 3 buses and a train (unless you work part time then maybe its not so bad) (3) the right hours, if your looking at paying for rent and food but not wage slaving I recommend part time 2 days a week work

(3)Pay:generally with no experience expect the pay to be crappy (not Mcdonalds crap not still bad) you can try and negotiate a dollar here or there but without experience I wouldn't push to hard

(5) The Site and the Hours, Generally Sites can be ranked on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most comfy) on the lower end 1-4 (Loss Prevension, Event Security, Airport Security, High Crime index Site etc) expect to be standing a bunch, monitored by either the site or your employer, relived at the end of your shift (which means if your relief is late you have to wait), have nothing to do (like standing at a door entrance or doorway), constant patrols,

at the other end of the spectrum 7-10 (supreme wizardly comfort) (Residential Security, Hotel Security, Construction Site Security, Nature Reserve Security etc) expect a comfy monitoring room or concierge desk to post in, no supervision and no interaction with people, on site computers and facilities (gym, rec room, library, pool etc) to use, quiet site with no noise complaints, no relief/ Currently I work full time at a site thats about an 8 on the comfort scale and honestly I dont feel like I'm working, it feels like I just dress up and travel to a second home where I can swim, work out, play pool and read books then come home undress and sleep. Tips to getting the perfect site (1) dont get complacent at a site you hate talk to your supervisor about switching sites or look for another company (2) try to get a floater shift or rover shift this will allow you to travel to multiple sites so once you found the perfect one you can talk to your supervisor about going permanent at that site (2) talk to your supervisor, if a site seems comfy it probably is (hotel gigs are great sometimes you get free restaurant meals)

(6) Dont Mess up, I have been fired from 4 different companies for tardiness and sleeping on the job, If you are going to sleep on the job find somewhere private and KEEP YOUR PHONE ON YOU, I cant tell you how many people are fired because they went somewhere to sleep had their phone on silent when a supervisor came through. Dont worry about cameras watching you the footage is watched only if an incident occurs

Honestly at my current job alot of days I just dont show up, since there is no clock in/out system and I have no relief, there really is no way to tell if I showed up or not (other than random inspections and cameras).

anyways I hope this ridiculously long post helps you find a wizardly job perfect for you.

P.S I typed this at work


Unless you have connections getting a job like this is slim to none.


Do you need some sort of references or work history to get qualified?

Do many people who didn't lie on their CVs get a job? Do you think people with long histories of zero work have a chance getting a job like this?



Security Companies take in tons of entry level guys everyday, the fact of the matter is there is a lot of work and the job is very easy, if you put yourself out there and have the right attitude unlike >>122024 you will get work, that is if you really want to do it rather than makes unbased biased assumptions like >>122024, if your willing to get over your social anxiety and go in for the 2 day training then apply to the many security companies (like securitas who hire something like 100,000 workers in 30 different countries) you will definitely get your foot in the door because remember security guard is a low skill/qualification job.


Okay, brah! I'll man up and be myself!


You're not going to be security guard if you don't try.



I tried this once but it seemed like nearly every comfy-sounding job demanded years of experience. I know I didn't apply to enough positions, and maybe I should've lied on my resume about the experience. But I also live in godforsaken CA and the regulations on security guard licensing here are fucking insane. I'm pretty sure I violated the continuing education/annual training bullshit they demand and can't even renew my license now.


nothing. just let me die in my sleep.


if you're interested in long drive jobs, dealerships have people that work on call that just deliver cars to other states.


I'm pretty sure "Night Security Guard" is a meme.

I see it mentioned all the time but I rarely see posts from actual "Night Security Guards".

I doubt it's as easy as taking a training seminar and getting contracted out to some podunk warehouse just to sit in front of a computer and goldbrick on your Nintendo 3DS all alone at 3:00am.

It seems more likely you'd get assigned to some sort of guard station or post at a gate or something.


I really want to become a monk but I don't think I can survive without kc


>I'm pretty sure "Night Security Guard" is a meme.

I literally wrote an essay on how to get a comfortable night shift job >>122020

I'm currently typing this at work while I eat burritos and play prey on my gaming laptop.

Honestly its like wizards just want to be miserable these days, you try to give them advice on how to help themselves and they give you 100 excuses why they will fail at getting a minimum wage minimum skill job


Your post seems solid but I don't imagine a lot of wizards making it past steps 3 and 4.


Don't derail the thread.

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