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File: 1499432016795.jpg (49.27 KB, 254x267, 1297605633995.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Now that even imageboards are filled with normans and normal kids are everywhere you go 24/7 thanks to the "meme" culture… it is possible to find safe places IRL?

I found a modest bar somewhere in my city that is only attended by adult men with no succubi on sight or loud nu males. They look so quiet and educated. I know they are not wizards, but it's a weird place in this rotten modern era. I also attend a Catholic church, and while the population of former stacies and alzheimers are terrible, the priest sermons are something different.

Any other ideas?


Churches, libraries, the wilderness and Buddhists temples in the Himalayas are some that I can think of. However, everywhere you go in real life there is a norman that has been there before, even if just once. Many priests of churches aren't even virgins and as you know churches are attended by normals. I'd only go to a church if it was pretty empty, and bonus points if it's in the middle of nowhere. The same applies to libraries and wilderness. You can try moving to some temple in an Asian mountain range, maybe you'll get to join the League of Shadows as well.


It's not just imageboards. The entire internet is hopeless now, ever since smartphones allowed morons to access the internet and 4chan opened the floodgates with meme culture circa 2011.

Religion is a lost cause too, unless you find some ultra-conservative male-only sect. Since Vatican 2, Catholicism is bending over backwards to coddle redeemed sluts and pushing family life above celibacy.

There's just no place for us anymore.


The normiefication of internet is 100% Reddits fault actually. They stole 4chan memed and put a reddit logo on them.


You must be a wizfant. Reddit sucks but it isn't responsible for all the supposed ills online.



Reddit is actually a mixed place: you can find normans, incels, mgtows and wizards. Just look at the meetings.

I blame mostly the "youtubers" who basically google stuff and introduce them to normans. I use the Boku no Pico example, what sort of disgrace is actually shocked by it? and its fucking old as fuck and they treat it as a new thing.


Found the reddit spies, ban these niggers


It's also not shocking in the slightest. If you are shocked, disgusted, or confused just by some anime traps, you are a sad person.


sometime ago stumbled upon this crap, it's kinda shocking just how much these reaction videos on pico were produced, there literally thousands. Good thing I found something good on youtube at least, like cooking videos from FoodWishes


These people try so hard to have le funny epic reactions it makes me want to puke.
Outside of the fact that everyone in that video is acting something that troubles me even more deeply is who the fuck is consuming this hot garbage.

Iv assumed that the internet has been taken over by children now for almost a decade, the scary thing is that it never seems like these kids are growing up so they would stop consuming shit.

Its just painful to bare witness to.



Reactions are good when it's a spycam because the reaction is real and not acting.

>Iv assumed that the internet has been taken over by children now for almost a decade

I wonder if kids know it's acting or they actually believe that man over 18 can be scared by video game scenes.


I'm 23 and recently replayed The original Resident Evil and Silent Hill. They scared the shit out of me.


People actually watch reaction videos? Why?


Because they're emotionless robots.


No i think they are just retarded who gives money to jews


>possible to find safe places IRL?

the only safe place IRL is in your room, dont bother going outside expecting to feel "safe"


I think it was smartphones.

You used to have to go out of your way to spend hours on your computer, you had to sit down at the computer while pages slowly loaded. For outcasts who were seeking refuge from the world that was acceptable, for normans that meant they had to take hours out of their normal lives to choose the internet over it.

Smartphones mean people are now browsing constantly, and not only that they're just browsing because they're waiting or they're bored. Of course internet quality is going to down if all they want is 3 minutes of distraction and mild amusement while they sit in a waiting room. That means an ironic shitpost on imageboards as much as it means a cat meme picture. Now they use the internet while they're walking down the street, while they're hanging with their friends, while they do everything. It's quick, everywhere, and everyone is on it. It also morphs how they use their desktop and their reference point to the use of the internet. Just one theory, I'm kind of undecided if the internet can be anything more than it's become.


I've disagreed with you before on the assertion reddit was stealing 4chan content. 4chan had already been on Fox News before reddit had image heavy content, and before they even had the capacity for such. For many years reddit was insulted because it refused to style it's main page as anything other than a list of blue links, many argues it protected it against a casual userbase. The fact that it still has the same style and has become a massive norman outpost is kind of interesting.


Amnesia unnerved me pretty hard famalam, I don't think I watched any reaction videos on it though for comparison but I heard it's basically grown men shrieking like howler monkeys in a camera when something "scary" happens.

I don't want to act like I have some super refined taste in anything, but I truly believe these are subhuman baboons who watch and laugh at these sorts of videos.


Yeah, sure there are safespaces IRL, it's why I spend 8-12 hours a day in my basement and the other half of that in my bedroom, spending my time reading, worldbuilding and browsing the internet. It's a comfy existence, though I admit it can be boring at times.


File: 1499505827090.png (1.6 MB, 2381x3703, Herb_Warszawskiej_Metropol….png) ImgOps iqdb

if modern Catholicism is a scum maybe Orthodox is a solution?


As someone who grew up in a Catholic household, I have to agree. It seems like everyone goes out of their way to revolutionize the Church, and less and less attention is paid to Christ himself.


Nah, I kept hearing Polish memes IRL, and those only appeared on our imageboards. Facebook became the middleman, so I support the theory that smartphones fucked up everything. Everyone seems to post from mobile nowadays, and because it's a chore to write on mobile, shitposts are actually the only level of effort most of the userbase is able to give.
Being on the internet required quite a lot of dedication back in the day, because you had to sit in front of a PC and miss out on coitus and partying with friends. Normies couldn't stand it, now they can just shitpost at their parties and in their refractory period.


Modern Catholicism since V2 is cucked (sorry for this /pol/ meme). Pope Benedict XVI was hope for Church but probably he was to weak to cope with modernism in Church
[kuc ujemny hir więc nici z kara w wakacje xD zresztą nawet mi go nie żal bo wraz z wakacyjną wyjebało szambo na /b/]
Nowaday cycle of memes in internet is
imageboard>pages for alternative youth>facebook>pages for normans
The best solution is creation specific and hermetic memes which are understable only initiated. Normals on saturday evenings enjoy with friends watching dank memes and pages for mental unstable youth suffered with depression, drug addiciton, daddy issues, borderline and another problems.
[Terki i Ułomka jeszcze nie wyniesli na przykład]


>Any other ideas?



Normans are everywhere by definition. Other way YOU would have been the norman.

As the wizmage heremit said in the last part of the video, you have to love to follow the God's path. If you don't like people, just don't go to a bar and go heremit.

You are just seeking friends (people you like to stay with), that's pretty normal, don't hate people because they are normal.


File: 1499548411953.jpg (45.38 KB, 450x320, 1495200572634.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really tried to avoid real life socialization as long as possible but having to interact with real people seems inevitable.

I am slow so it took me way too long to realize that imageboards and the internet is mostly a waste of time. Most posters either don't put any effort into their post or they are too uneducated to post anything worthwhile. It makes sense since the ability to post anonymously without making an account makes it easy to post without any consequences and most sane people will leave realizing that they are wasting their time talking to idiots.

Wizchan is sadly no different. Instead of 4chan memes and succubi worship you have wizkids, roleplayers and what seem to be genuinly mentally ill people. Genuine discussion seems not possible.


christ was a schizo, just like Sabataj Cwi


You guys seem pretty delusional
People who watch surface youtube are like 3 to 12. 13 year olds already desire something edgy and stop watching all of that crap.
It's hilarious that you think about your superior intelligence or something compared to the viewers of those videos when their viewers are in fact 9 year olds or even 3 year olds (who're in it for loud noises and bright colors)
The small kids in my yard do nothing but parody their youtubers or scream something about new challenges all day. This is the youtube audience.
Traps, gays and hentai are not shocking
Pedos are

If you took out the pedos from boku no pico nobody would give a shit
Filter content, only read the posts with a picture attached to it, or just longposts
If you want a board with intelligent discussion then the only thing I can advice is endchan /pol/, but you obviously understand that it's a specific place with a specific audience
Find a hobby and discuss something with likeminded people
Conspiracy theories and social science are a good start


>a good start
Maybe, but that likely depends a lot on the conspiracy theories and branches of social science. It seems like a lot of the newer, modern conspiracy theories fold into pedophile hysteria things. Hollywood and the music industry participating in human trafficking and brainwashing type things. And pedo panic is alluring to two types of people, sexually normal people who want to turn their sexual normalcy into a cause that will give their lives meaning, and closet pedos who larp sexual normalcy as hard as possible.

You're spot on about youtube's audience.


File: 1499551275536.jpg (92.83 KB, 600x653, 1493935799900.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bro… iktf…. where else can i find a place to post with intellectual like minded individuals such as myself… these no effort posts *sighs loudly as i take a puff of my cuban cigar*


You are harping unnecessarily on OP's one single use of the word "educated," when OP's emphasis was on quiet, adult, male groups, contrasted with "loud" males, and with quiet male spaces contrasted with energetic "meme culture."

Quiet people are easier to tolerate than louder, more energetic people.
Educated people are more likely to have new information to convey to a wizard. They are also somewhat more likely to feel flattered by an audience receptive to their erudition.
Quiet and educated people are more likely to speak when they know they have something substantial to say.
If a wizard has any choice between groups of quiet adult men, it is only reasonable to prefer that they, not the wizard but they, be educated. The only problem is that the reason educated men are desirable as company is in order to educate, and so the wizard is necessarily the group idiot, if that. So, loud, energetic and educated men would put effort into expelling the idiot from the group; this is probably somewhat rarer for quieter and more adult groups.

It's odd having to explain this.



I mean if a wizard just wanted intellectual flattery he'd naturally seek out groups of quiet impressionable fools and try to start a cult.

There have probably been several virgin male cult leaders, and countless failed would-be cult leaders, reasonably sure that a lot of /fringe/ wizards just want to lead a cult, and don't actually believe in magic.


>And pedo panic is alluring to two types of people, sexually normal people who want to turn their sexual normalcy into a cause that will give their lives meaning, and closet pedos who larp sexual normalcy as hard as possible.
Or people who understand that crimes like this are bad for the society and the mental health of the recieving side (and all of her/his relatives too)
Children are so stupid so it's always a rape, because they can't think on their own, many simply don't understand the scale of what they're doing.

Also, good try on making everyone think that they might be closet pedos, typical freudian dialectic, "you're either gay or not gay (gay)"


The people I'm talking about are certain that the entire federal government is trafficking children for billionaires and that the music industry and/or psychiatric profession is just a money laundering scheme for some sort of enormous underground rape industry. That's many, many levels above just understanding that rape is bad. It's somewhat understandable that someone who is himself a pedophile might believe that the millions of people in the federal government and global elite share his inclinations, less understandable that a mere concerned citizen will fixate on something like that. And even there, it's fine to believe that and to think that you've found enough evidence to warrant those beliefs, but this crosses over into total hysteria when you add the idea that the crime is so heinous that every single person you converse with must agree with you immediately, evidence or no.


>conspiracy theories
unironically the /pol/ related ones, just filter out the bullshit.
The pedotheories are boring and usually fake. You're probably thinking about pizzagate which was a massive government hoax, they've doctored all the wikileaks and put the boy lover logos on purpose and hordes of retards now had a new hobby.
They of course never thought about the fact that their theory only existed because of wikileaks (which is nothing but a state sponsored disinfo organization). The state itself talking about wikileaks 24/7 in the news (which is apparently their greatest enemy that reveals all their secrets, is it a good idea to organize the biggest PR campaign in history for your enemy?) and the fact that wikileaks had an active twitter among other things didn't even bother anyone, it was all just romantic.
>branches of social science
The ones that let you manipulate people, understand the world better, get advantage in life.
Should've clarified then. I think it's the same story with drugs, lots of people are convinced that every capitalist, banker, politician or a celebrity is always high offscreen


> You're probably thinking about pizzagate
Partly, yes, but the persistent horrible sex conspiracy theories predates that, and a lot of them became part of that tarball. Remember how that airheaded Tila Tequila harlot started talking about /pol/ conspiracy theories, and tied all of them into child abuse conspiracy theories?

That's the path by which conspiracy theories become mainstream. They get tied into sex scandals and promoted by succubi. So, by natural selection, a larger number of ties to sex, particularly shocking and disgusting sex acts and accusation, become integrated into things. Just like advertising, sex sells.


I actually watched that video and enjoyed it. Your highhorse attitude is disgusting, just accept you're different or inferior and shut the fuck up.


Ok chad


>You're probably thinking about pizzagate which was a massive government hoax
For what purpose would the Obama administration fuck up their own campagne and make their people look like pedofucks?

You think Obama walked into podestas
Office saying "hey man, how about you collect sick art that implies childrape? Its for internet lulz my dude"
or "hey man lets risk ours next candidates election so we can waste 1.3 billions of dollar and lose all we worked for and put us at risk"

the ties were clear, that comet pizza alefantis homo hosted dinners for democrats, had even obama visit his place regulary and his instagram was filled with tons of disgusting shit clearly made for a very small niche audience with special kind of taste.

Oh and no pizzagate didn't start with wikileaks, it actually started with that cunt smuggling 33 children in Haiti which had clear ties to the clintons and the democrats.
Thats why people even started digging the wikileaks which at that point wasn't taken over by CIA niggers.

>The state itself talking about wikileaks 24/7 in the news

Because before wikileaks turned against them it was exposing the Bush government and the news used it as good ammunition and as established source for leaks. Then they had to discredit Assange by all means when his leaks turned against the Obama government.


File: 1499596182181.webm (1.39 MB, 640x360, Dillon, you son of a bitc….webm) ImgOps iqdb


Now if you start understanding that republicans and democrats are the same establishment, sponsored by the same people and having exactly the same agenda and they have literally nothing against each other you'll understand how freakishly outlandish your words sound


I too wish I'd been there, right now the Web is a steaming pile of shit.
However, I am trying to move to the more active remnants of that culture and away from the web. MUDs, gopher, irc, mailing lists, SDF, and there are too some BBSs out there though not very active. And I want to figure out how to get Usenet access.
As for the activity on BBSs, we are used to a certain speed in imageboards because of the amount of users that the modern internet has, but I think BBSs were historically slow anyway, since internet access was costly and it was barely known anyway. Community speed comes at the cost of an eternal September. With slow BBSs people would make better posts, as opposed to the modern ">being a cuck" kind of posts of today.


File: 1499619671229.jpg (24.74 KB, 426x483, foodft.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

how is this refuting anything I wrote?


Lets see
>the ties were clear, that comet pizza alefantis homo hosted dinners for democrats, had even obama visit his place regulary and his instagram was filled with tons of disgusting shit clearly made for a very small niche audience with special kind of taste.
Yes, they had like hundreds of PUBLIC INSTAGRAM PICTURES implying child rape
This is supporting my theory that they did this on purpose so people will buy into the pizzagate conspiracy. If they did indeed organize rapefests with fucking top government officials over at pizzapong they weren't that retarded to upload pictures like that and comments like that on the surface web. Pretending that it's just their stupidity and unprofessionalism is naive, it was done on purpose and people who don't even ask basic questions like "why did these pictures get uploaded on instagram for everyone to see, they should've wanted to remove all clues, no?" or "why do youtube pizzagate videos are not removed and sometimes go to trending" or "why are the media talking all day about PIZZAGATE FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!, wouldn't that simply act as PR?? Shouldn't they just stay silent?" will think they're some kind of superconspirologists
>exposing the Bush government
Again, absolutely useless since they don't really care who's the president
And INSANELY stupid because they could've fucking guessed that this rogue guy spreading leaks could've one day spread something against them and it would backfire like hell.
Again, makes 0 sense unless you assume that the people at CIA are incompetent as fuck (which is what they want you to believe)
>For what purpose would the Obama administration fuck up their own campagne and make their people look like pedofucks?
Because they don't care about their campaign and winning the presidential "race"
>Its for internet lulz my dude
I didn't imply it's for lulz, they are simply spreading believable disinformation, the purposes can be any. One of them was legitimazing Trump, they went out of their way to put up this TRUMP vs. EVERYONE ELSE show. We all know what (((Trump))) ended up as an who he works for.
>hey man lets risk ours next candidates election so we can waste 1.3 billions of dollar and lose all we worked for and put us at risk
They waste 1.3 billion or whatever number not for "vote for candidate No2" but for general ideological propaganda, maintainment of the overton window and creating the illusion of a democracy (and it being a good thing)

One of the purposes of these fake conspiracies is making people go paranoid and question what is or isn't real, when /pol/ people hear about terrorist attacks the first things they start thinking is: "was it fake or real", "was it zionist or no?", "what's the agenda they're pushing with this?". We're all in a huge test chamber and pretty much all conspiracies we hear about are disinformation or carefully picked truth (in a way that cannot harm them or even aids them sometimes)


i really want to believe such place exists. i miss having the companionship of people like me, at least through internet.

but sadly i don't believe it' possible. i've been on numerous boards including local ones had about 7 active posters many years ago. they are all pillaged by normans. infact there is not a single place isn't ruined by normans and their toxicity.

i don't even know how they came across such places. bunch of depressed male virgins talking about how dull life is, how does that even appeal to them? it's like they're there just to ruin everything.


Rich normalfucks love to do forbidden shit and brag about it, happened before, happens again, doesn't matter where they work and what their agenda is. at the end of the day these "people" are thinking with their dicks like anyone else and being above the law gives them the right to do whatever they want.

they do this childfucking not only out of perversion but also because it makes it very easy to get someone under control when you got evidence of them fucking children so you could destroy them on a whim if they ever step out of line.

like really, what is more likely?
Rich fucks doing fucked up shit because they can get away with it or CIA niggers inventing storys while everyone in the government is as holy as jesus and would never touch a childs peepee?

the answer should be clear


File: 1499695132940.png (29.7 KB, 673x537, curl textboard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why we don't go back to BBS?

The interface and "dificulty" will scare the normans.


I didn't imply that there are no pedos among the capitalists
What I did imply was that pizzagate is fake news


I second the motion
Is that screen old? I just tried pinging and telnetting and there's no response.
I said it somewhere else, I'm straying away from the Web and looking into more "old-school" communities. It's all through the command line so a lot of the content we are so used to is missing.


It was a "recovery board" from an IB i don't remember.

If you want some anonymous BBS, try anonbbs.org:1337. Maybe wizchan can shut down the textboard and transfer it to BBS. I think it will be a nice escape from normans.


This looks pretty appealing to me. A lot easier to read and follow as well.


Wow, I took this screenshot.

The sreenshot is from february and the BBS was called isochan. (HTTP address: http://isochan.net)

Unfortunately, it seems like the admin gave up on the project.


The only thing worse than Normans is /g/ normans who populate these BBS boards.


Don't ask what the Internet can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Internet.

I.E. take care of your websites, report cancer, write high quality posts, give propositions/criticism to staff, don't shitpost, don't feed the trolls.

The reason Wizardchan and other chans have gone to shit, is because of lazy "oldfags" who think they are entitled for everyone to entertain them, all they do all day is lurk and they never provide any content anymore.


There's Einchan as well.


I think I'm coming to the conclusion that the dreams about the internet were all captivating lies, the dream of a better world free from the limits of real life will remain a dream. It was all a mistake taking part in this and it might have been a reality we all invented in our minds, it never existed and we are lamenting our own delusion.

The level of effort required to be a malicious and abusive person online is so low now, and the people are so maladjusted by a sick society, that a single person can dedicate all their free time to being destructive and live an entirely fulfilled life by doing so. The collective ability to consume individuals for the mental benefit of a majority is becoming stronger and more pervasive. The level of in-authenticity and consumption of the online environment as a commodity for a 5 second mental boost is becoming more obvious. With so many websites people can lie on every one and harvest their desired outcome from each website, a tentacle drawing whatever they need from each community with no real engagement; leaving those of us who desire to engage here fully with atomized tentacles of individuals who were transient and barely interested in staying here.

The internet is not a place for communities which in any way can be targeted by the masses, you should only engage with it as an individual with no expectations. I have no idea of a place IRL that would be better, but I suppose I place hope there now instead. Thinking of yourself as an "internet user" as we once did a long time ago is defunct, this is not a "place" and we have no place here anymore.

If someone can raise the barrier of entry technically without creating the atmosphere of a "secret club" that normans want to visit our of curiosity, then maybe that would work. I guess it is a balancing act when you have a community that sees the value in anonymity, maybe we're going to have to find a new way to handle persistent identity but by jettisoning expectations of identity we carried on from the real world. Maybe we need to be more forgiving and not use someone's past words against them nor see them as a continuity. I don't know really, but there might be something out there.


There's a lot of truth to that. Everyone wants nice things, but barely anybody is willing to contribute anything meaningful. It's not just imageboards though, that's pretty much the unwritten law of the internet.


>I think it was smartphones.

Nah, the massive availability of smartphones was the final floodgate to burst open that allowed the rest of the global population to access the Internet and normify it beyond repair.

As far as 4chan's culture goes I pin the blame on the Fox News story and then to all the retards that thought that bringing the Anonymous culture during the initial stages of [what later became] "Project Chanology" to real life en masse was a good idea.

And don't forget that a good chunk of Reddit's base population migrated over from Digg (which introduced the Up/down vote system to begin with) after the site's popular began to tank following an algorithm change to how top articles ended up on the front page. I remember that pissed off practically all of the power users because they could no longer make money off milking the previous system in place.


File: 1500059211853.png (41.74 KB, 300x222, gopherchan.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why not use the gopher protocol? There's a chan made on top of it and it's 9 years old. Since it's free to run a gopher website, I don't think it's going away anytime soon.


iirc to post in gopherchan you have to use a python script.
The point is that you can't have a community like this over gopher without having some sort of workaround


Do you think tedious technical barriers would actually be useful? I'm thinking something like the requirement to whitelist your IP, or account, by filling in a captcha on 30 unique days. So you don't get to post unless you are willing to lurk for X days in a non automated way. For people who actually need this place or find immense value in a refuge it wouldn't matter, time means very little to us. For people who just want a little buzz or low effort amusement it would be tedious.

That way it isn't a secret club, the barrier is just tedium without any claim elsewise.


File: 1500209466124.png (148.66 KB, 326x290, lionreally.png) ImgOps iqdb


The strict moderation of wizchan is enough for me, fascism is better than liberty after all.


Wizchan is not pretending to rule above others, but is defending itself from the devils.

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