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I don't know why wizardry is so often promoted as synonymous with complete and utter nihilistic pointlessness and the mere consumption of media (anime, TV, movies, music, etc).

Do you have any aspirations in life that extend beyond the confines of your immediate environment?
obviously these aspirations wouldn't have to involve a social or romantic aim, but do you desire anything meaningful or deeper out of your life than merely spending your time sleeping and frivolously refreshing the browser page?

I don't know…. it's just, this whole thing is too crazy to even comprehend entire, but I'm getting awfully restless doing the same thing everyday – I literally circulate around the same 3 websites endlessly over & over & over again, all day for years, several years.
I'm thinking about building something, maybe a book or a performance art piece which I'll post on youtube or something, idk – you ever just want to mix stuff up and immerse your life in a completely different light?
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There is nothing wrong with school shootings.


Also why should you care if neurotypicals think we look bad? Hm?? They already do anyways. Fuck off.


> Trying to fit in too hard



Because people obsessed with the macabre, death, school shooters and serial killers are losers.

Just look at what the average viewer of the website best-gore look like http://www.bestgore.com/fansigns/

Edgy teenagers, fat chicks with tattoos, goths, attention-seekers, gas station attendant heavy-metal groupies…etc people with so little personality that they must adhere to some kind of sub-culture to define themselves.

I'm a wizard and while being a wizard might be looked down by a certain people it is mostly viewed with complete and utter indifference. I have a certain pride in being a wizard and visiting wizchan and while I don't mind being associated with wizardry, I don't want to be associated with losers.

Go to r9k.


> Using the word "losers" unironically on wizardchan
Goddamn wizkids these days


I have a certain pride in being a wizard and visiting wizchan and while I don't mind being associated with wizardry, I don't want to be associated with losers.
>wizchad the post

Who's going to associate you with losers? This board is anonymous, or at least it's supposed to be. Fucking chadmin selling our ips to kiwifarms.



What he wrote is just common sense, get used to it.


You're saying school shooting is not wizardly?
And no, the wizard meme itself is not common sense



>You're saying school shooting is not wizardly?

Yes, that's what i'm saying, and is what >>121645 is also saying. No, school shootings have nothing to do with this site and their users. They are perpetrated by a bunch of vagina-drooling incels in their teens, and is something that is looked up to just in places where wannabe-normies get together to laugh idiotly to "Mem3z" and to lament that they don't get sex. You should go search for those places, you will fit perfectly.

>And no, the wizard meme itself is not common sense

That's not what i said, but maybe what you say is still true. I am beginning to think that people like you will never understand what this site is about of. You will never understand "the wizard meme" because for you it is "the wizard meme". The one that will never fit in here is actually you.


A school shooting counts as a social activity and is therefore not wizardly.


Then surely, bombings must be wizardly, right? Mail bombing like Ted Kaczynski must be one of the most wizardly crimes around.


File: 1500196387497-0.png (69.65 KB, 377x404, wizlam meets xkcd.png) ImgOps iqdb


Ok, tell me what this site is about
This forum is a social platform too. We should ban all users


>this forum
No, this is an imageboard.


Ok, an imageboard


Pretty funny you hell bent on semantics while other just buzz the hell out of the definition of wizard


And by funny I meant stupid


imageboard is a forum


leave him alone he cares too much about his precious females being shoot down


who? his full name please


And Cho last videos we reextremely wizardry I don't believe the normans propaganda and will never do and if he killed me and freeded me from school I would thank him all days in heaven


Wellington Menezes de Oliveira was muslim but leave that aside polchads and just listen to his words


>without social skills you won't rule society
but do not hackers who leaked so many documents (wikileaks) rule society in a way?


No, they don't.


>wizards would probably be 'that guy' in older societies who lived on the outskirts and hunted for furs for a living.
i would be a shaman as im stpd


Which is why most of them are in prison or on the run and dependant on the charity of dubious nations instead of relaxing in luxury and commanding norms to do their bidding.


they do not want these luxuries apparently


They don't have a choice. I'm sure Assange would love to leave the embassy if the cops parked outside wouldn't arrest him and cut him off from the internet and any further good he might do. You don't understand how much hackers suffer. You see documentaries on TV and think it's so cool how they influence the world, but you don't see the pain they go through and how they risk their lives to bring us information. Fuck you, I cannot believe that someone could possibly be so ungrateful as to think people like Manning or Assange could possibly even have the choice of refusing luxuries.


The only thing I want is full Communist revolution. That's not possible in this country so this is what I'm left with. I listened to a 4 hour biography on Stalin today while playing rocket league.


Oh he was a muzlim???????

I never heard of that side of the story, the media completely covered it out


File: 1500298910341.jpg (116.77 KB, 1280x720, 1409646314250.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

JUST go to Cuba or venezuela

there is communism already why ruin your country for non cultural marxists?



>want to be part of the working class revolution that inevitably leads to being bossed around by premier state official Chad at gunpoint
>normies continue to rule the world as always only this time wizards are targeted for work camps because we aren't productive enough

I respect your goal but I will never understand the logic or motivation behind it. In any political philosophy, wizards are destined to be at the bottom unless we're forced to act like normies for survival (wageslavery vs actual slavery)


Id rather work for the benefit of the people rather than benefit of my jew boss who pays me for a year less than what he earns in a day


Only life-denying societies allow a good position for wizards.


>life-denying societies

and which fantasy world would we find those in?


>I would rather work for this normie rather than that normie
>working at all

i still don't understand but ok


This adds to your theory

>84% of today’s elite in China are direct descendants of the elite from pre-1949




>Nepotism exist

REALLY??? Oh man, oh thanks for clarifying that.


Everything was nationalized under Mao. Their rich ancestors didn't have any wealth that could be transferred to them. (if we are to believe the official narrative)


>if we are to believe the official narrative

well there's your problem


I feel like I want to explore, fight in a war, or go on some sort of long adventure. It gnaws at my spirit often


I would rather die in a war in honor than rot as a neet, but post-ww2 is meaningless.


I feel this way as well. I have journeys and activities planned but I don't know when or if I will ever act out upon them. I feel as though I need to break free, but from what exactly is a mystery.


Take a good look around you.


Kshatriya can't be wizards.
inb4 Buddha


why meaningless?


I would like to pick up a hobby, yes. I'm thinking of learning to play an instrument.


I just wanna be a good person.

Beyond that, I want to be able to accept my mistakes.


Yeah. But I'm also terrified of getting lost in meaning or of making any real commitments. I want for everything to fit together and not be terrible, and to have absolute freedom. I wish I could change the world, or a world, too, or at least have a vision for what I want the world to be. Mindless shitposting is what I perhaps mistakenly believe to be a defense against death. But maybe it is death.

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