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File: 1499665016154.jpg (335.28 KB, 685x1024, fungisaigauieh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I don't know why wizardry is so often promoted as synonymous with complete and utter nihilistic pointlessness and the mere consumption of media (anime, TV, movies, music, etc).

Do you have any aspirations in life that extend beyond the confines of your immediate environment?
obviously these aspirations wouldn't have to involve a social or romantic aim, but do you desire anything meaningful or deeper out of your life than merely spending your time sleeping and frivolously refreshing the browser page?

I don't know…. it's just, this whole thing is too crazy to even comprehend entire, but I'm getting awfully restless doing the same thing everyday – I literally circulate around the same 3 websites endlessly over & over & over again, all day for years, several years.
I'm thinking about building something, maybe a book or a performance art piece which I'll post on youtube or something, idk – you ever just want to mix stuff up and immerse your life in a completely different light?


I want a job, a car, a house, a private jet, a VR headset with a collection of quality games. I want a day to be 30 hours long, since I tend to be awake for 20 hours and sleep for ten, instead of the normon 16 to 8 which fucks up my sleep schedule. I want proper elevated bike roads that I do not have to share with drivers, petestrians or motorcyclists. I want people to stop worshiping succubi. I want a majority of secondary and post secondary education to be automated and online for free. I want the right to acknowledge the effects of pollution on the environment. I want the left to not worship minority groups at the expense of their own people. I want people to have morality and virtue. I want our solar system to have other planets with earthlike environments capable of sustaining life (the closest we have so far is possibly one of the moons around Jupiter. I want the gov to give 1million dollars to everyone who chooses to become sterile. I want the world to be clean and have a proper plumbing infrastructure. I want the cost of starting your own business to be lowered. So yes I do want more out of life.


Nothing you get out of life is going to survive past death.
I just want a reasonably enjoyable experience from this planet.


File: 1499668186646.png (179.73 KB, 640x480, yamipunch.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Do you have any aspirations in life that extend beyond the confines of your immediate environment?

>do you desire anything meaningful or deeper out of your life than merely spending your time sleeping and frivolously refreshing the browser page?

Actually I don't, but since I'm alive and I can't do anything bout this fact I have planed to do many things before I die because it's fun and because it entertains me so this is it; I want to play 100 videogames, read 100 books, listen to at least 1000 music albums, watch at least 200 anime, have a good level on guitar playing, start weightlifting(when I'm 25 or 26 years old), have a C1 english level, and that's all. When I hit thirty I hope I would have done all these things I want, even if I don't it doesn't matter because I'm already close to this goal, everyday passing day. I only hope I don't get depressed one day or get some sickness.

About your problem, it seems you are in a vicious cycle, you have to start to do things that you like, you've already realized that you hate the state in which you are. Can you change it? It takes time, it took me a year to start doing something that I like, procastination is one stupid hell, specially if you don't enjoy it.

I'm never motivated but still can do almost all the things I want.

Ah, I almost forgot, sorry for my bad english, it seems that learning a language past a certain age it's impossible. Too bad my mum didn't have enough money nor time to pay for an academy.


I wanted to get to some sort of philosophical truth about life or the universe, but at the same time i realize that the importance i give to truth itself is subjective and no worse or better than being a terrorist for example, or jerking off all day. Hence it becomes very hard for me to find the motivation to study any philosophy or science at all. I also feel it could just be born out of a vain desire for some sort of superiority, due to my perceived or real insufficiencies in life. I also hate how pseudo intelectual and tryhard-like i become whenever i attempt to learn and think about things.


I want to travel space and beat the shit pout of anyone who tries setting up "civilization" on other planets.



Life is suffering. The only way to have a meaningful life is to accept it and willingly suffer for something you believe in.

I spent years trying to escape the pain, trying to find some semblance of peace, but I've realized that there is no escape, you can either find meaning in that suffering or spend the last of your days in an even worse hell - nihilism.


You mean YOUR life is suffering


No, I'm pretty sure I mean ALL life is suffering, at least sentient.

You're either on heroin 24/7 or you're still in denial of the one undeniable truth.


File: 1499678704206.png (810.22 KB, 762x1069, 1499614708241.png) ImgOps iqdb

What I want out of life is a second chance from God.
Everything about this life went so terribly wrong. There are very few things that aren't a complete disaster, like my ability to speak this foreign language English, having internet, not being a midget etc. It could be really worse. But I have endless amounts of problems that cannot be fixed even in imagination. I daydream and fantasize about stuff a lot, I have a very vivid mind, but even I can't imagine someone who could be more miserable and pathetic than myself. I think maybe the only things that aren't a complete disaster are that way so it is possible to say "you had a lot and still fucked it up". My health, poverty, uglyness, mental retardment, family, all of it is crap. I feel a lot of pain almost every moment of my day, every day. I think I'll die soon too, even if I don't suicide. So in a nutshell, this life was a disaster of theatrical proportions. That's why I want a second chance. What I want out of life is a second chance. I don't ask much. I could ask God to be recompensated for all this bullshit he made me go through by asking to be a turbochad: rich, athletic, famous, everything. Instead, all I ask is to, after I die, wake up into the early to mid 90s as a child in a first world country, with decent health, decent parents, and decent wealth, as opposed to a mentally and physically crippled third worlder hated by his own parents. If that wish came true I'd be happy for my whole life, I wouldn't have friends or even remotely a partner, I'd just enjoy the hobbies I was never able to pursue alone, maybe get rich from Bitcoin as well. That's what I want out of life. I'm so miserable that the only way out of this hell is reincarnation. The only way I could get more out of life. I do think how it would be like everyday. I don't even mind losing my memories as long as I'm still the same person and end up where I'd like to end up if I did. But this dream, this fantasy is all just part of my mental retardation I suppose. There is not going to be anything when we die. There's no happy ending. No God. There's nothing to this life but misery and suffering. I can only complain about it and hopelessly beg this to end well. But it only keeps getting worse.


succinctly put. i like it


i would like to work on some of the problems in biology. but i can't because of my financial state. so i started doing something else, but i know it is not as important as biology; and i still have that financial problem and i think what i do now will not solve it. fucking poverty.


I was dreaming about being "special" for all my adolescence. I was really just waiting for some superpower to kick in, or to be recruited for some special mighty mission because I was "the choosen".
Needles to say nothing happened, and now that i passed my thirties I find really hard to perceive the this world as "magic".


File: 1499683484295.jpg (14.65 KB, 255x245, 1426966753592.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Most fun things are reserved for people with good social skills and talents.

Like how would you manage to become a movie director as a wizard who is 30 and can't talk to people?


>Do you have any aspirations in life that extend beyond the confines of your immediate environment?

Yes, but nothing that would ever be permitted by "civilization." Not even talking about crime or going full Diogenes or anything dumb.

Your options in this world are always going to stop at what "civilization" and muh law & order proscribe. And wealth doesn't change that. Even rich people with Fuck You levels of money can't just go wandering the wilds à la LoTR seeking meaningful experiences, which is what I always wanted to do.


File: 1499693633777-0.jpg (162.28 KB, 540x720, 1472687682458.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just glad that I wasn't born in some communist country and didn't get sent to work in a concentration camp to build a nuclear plant with my bare hands. People from 50 years ago probably would have died from envy if they saw me doing nothing all day or playing computer games.


This guy above me has it figured out.


File: 1499699150095.png (190.37 KB, 268x459, 1499536284711.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's why I keep coming back to you jolly chums and listen to all your interesting thoughts about all sorts of subjects I'd never be able to get into on my own. I'm content watching the interesting times pass by instead of artistically expressing myself.


>interesting thoughts

You mean incoherent ramblings?


File: 1499700213938.jpg (251.42 KB, 1300x901, 02384858758.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why don't you pick up surfing and become Whiz McSurfboard? A lonely surfer who mastered the art of riding waves all alone, true in soul, without talking to anyone. Whiz just watched youtube videos and guides for months on end. He would train everyday unlike other normalfilthies who like to have friends, girlfriends, jobs and other things consuming their time and life. Whiz McSurfboard has nothing but his shortboard, made by himself out of enchanted wood gathered in his backyard.
A strict regimen of daily workouts and diet shaped his body into a beam of pure muscular fiber, which needs no rest between a shredded wave and another.
No one bothers him as he calmly shapeshift into another realm, contacting the ancient spirits of the oceans, from which he gathers water essence and energy. They also warn him when the occasional set of giant waves will come, that always wipe off chads and stacies from the lineup, while Whiz has the ride of his life


Hey! I'll have you know that stream of consciousness is a very popular literary style, bucko.


File: 1499701455389.png (87.54 KB, 348x445, 1499451498660.png) ImgOps iqdb

none, if you really need more than a computer and neetdom you're an incel


I was never guided in any direction. I just grew up consuming, never producing. Always told I would became this great scientist or some other smart profession. American media also encouraged this line of thinking, where the character just had good shit happen to him because of his good nature.

As issues with my personality and character became clearer, nothing was done. It was just assumed it was a phase and I would "wisen up" or something and just somehow become a member of society with all its implications.

I was denied emotions. Emotions doesn't make your room cleaner, the homework done or the food cooked. So why bother with a child's emotions, when you can make it temporary happy and assume all is well. Who would think that the equivalent of giving a child ice cream whenever it cries could cause more crying? He's smart, so he'll figure out we were right and wanted what's best for him in the future.

Fuck this, as to answer your question. I want to know what ambition or motivation feels like. Not a constant state of obligation to some entity, shame for not living up to others standards (it may be my projections onto them), guilt for feeling the shame and not "just fixing it".

At times, I get this feeling of despair for all the hours I just thrown away at nothing. Who would think waking up at 5 PM and play video games till 7 AM and repeating it for months upon months and not studying would have a negative outcome? Surely not former me. Guess in a few months time I'll say the same thing about my lifestyle as of now. But will I do anything about it now? No. I have no idea, it's just a new obligation.
An obligation to eat healthy, to go to the gym, to wake up early, to not drink alcohol (don't worry, I do it in my room by myself). All while my head, my surroundings and so on will constantly work against me, inflicting (mental) agony, for some supposed reward several months ahead? Yea, nah.

I would probably delude myself with the idea that I've never been so aware of my situation, about my mental state compared to earlier years. Yet I've never suffered so much. Never been so afraid and unfulfilled. I'm like a prisoner, it's either consume, distract or pace. That's what I do. My legacy and greatest achievement is my ability to live 60 seconds in a minute

I either want more out of life, or no life at all.


Can i do it also on sailing?
i always wanted to hoist the jolly roger


Make your performance art piece to distract and go back to the safe routine, repeat forever. Keep that thing you are chained to busy. Keep its focus away from you.


i want to move into tropics and im ambitious, i want to become a scientist


I just want to die peacefully and painless, but it seems to be asking too much from life


I want to create a wizard monastic order, very seriously. It will be many years away but I can't pretend I don't think about it a lot.


File: 1499711244486.png (127.08 KB, 308x360, 1499551760814.png) ImgOps iqdb

I still need inspiration for my upcoming ms paint drawing. What themes should it include?


File: 1499711393274.jpg (77.38 KB, 736x694, 806ab.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You and wizchan admin in the pic


File: 1499712550340.jpg (87.58 KB, 600x891, Zhgdtil.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm like a prisoner

Do you too just want to be comfortable? But as time goes on life tries hard to deprive you of any comfort. And if you are too short sightedly after comfort you can make your future quite uncomfortable, like if you drop out of college and are forced to work paycheck to paycheck.

I think if I was left to myself I would just continue to sleep, eat fast food, browse imageboards and play a video game or watch a movie from time to time… I don't get an euphoric enjoyment from it. It's more like scratching a permanent itch.

I tried half-assedly to improve myself but it always fails because I have no discipline. Suddenly a year has passed without me making any progress and life just getting harder as I get older forcing me to face the inevitable discomfort.


File: 1499713860915.jpg (107.08 KB, 500x418, cirnothegreat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Speaking of performance art, you're doing great at it!


I want to be content with my life. To have some aspect of my life where I can actually relax and not be riddled with anxiety and nausea.
That shit about eating healthy or becoming fit(ter) is just a wild dream. The past 10 years, I've "joined the gym" and "eaten healthier", but at some point, for some reason, I just stop. I give up. I don't get the results I want. I never worked hard for anything, and failure is the default outcome - yet I never learned how to deal with failure. I just bury my head in the sand, having this notion that for whatever reason, it'll all work out.
I have the feeling that I'll win the lottery, so I'm in no rush. Or that my "great personality" will land me a comfortable job where my talents will thrive.
I just need to figure out my talents, seeing how I wasted the past 10 years and now nearing 30 without an education, work experience or a network consisting of one or more persons. But for some reason, I got this delusion that one day it'll sort itself out. That for some reason, I will come home from a decent job and be satisfied, looking forward to making dinner, and pursue a hobby - be it painting, music, reading, writing, knitting, mechanicing whatever. Reality shows it's more of a symptom of an illness, and the rational part of me knows that my peers have 10 years on me to land the same job, and they have drive, and they have experience, and they have a network and something to go home to.

When I'm at work, I hide from my home. When I'm at home, I hide from my job. The future is out to get me.


I do. But I'm afraid to ask and don't see it coming either way, so I'm just fine with not waking up in the morning.


I just want to write a story and make something that I and maybe even others can enjoy. It's been my dream or goal since I was in middle school to write/create something like the content I enjoyed consuming myself.

I don't know if I'll ever do it since I've just procrastinated on it for so long.


I've liked drawing for a long time now. I even have a couple of project related to that. Unfortunately, now I see those projects as mere obligations, which turned drawing into a chore. I guess that's as close as I got to some kind of aspiration. When l was younger, I wanted to be a filmmaker, though.


No, i want to keep at the things i am doing now. I want a walled garden to sleep during the day in. And i wish to be assured that nothing i don't do will not matter in an unknowable amount of time.


I search for something, but I find nothing which is I'm motivated enough to do and which is achievable. Probably because my aversion to socialisation removes almost all possibilities.


I just want to get good at my hobbies, to be the guy that knows the ins and outs of electronics, to know how to paint gunpla realistically, to be able to draw what is in my imagination. I'm starting late, I'm 24 right now, but I feel as if I have woken up from a long sleep and I'm fully conscious of my environment and want to somehow manipulate it with my own two hands. I'm tired of mindlessly consuming.



Are you 15?


I want to make a videogame, I did the art and am learning c by the day.
[I can use strings now] I also have many hobbies, but take the seat of consumer for most of them

Now that I think about it you are correct, there are too many people here who are normies who consider themselves wizards just because they stay at home. meanwhile I think there are wizzes that go outside home everyday that really keep themselves purer from the normie taint by living in their own head.

I will also destroy female rights one day


Ops didn't mean to reply to you, on >>121321



I have the same desire, have no idea how to make that dream into reality however, neither do I have any concrete qualities that this monastic order would have, it is sofar just a concept.


Watch "The Room" if you already haven't. It's crazy what money can do, maybe some of your autistic movies might appear on the big screen.

Keep dreaming, wizzie.


Tommy Wiseau may be weird but I don't think he is a socially anxious wizardy type.


but you can become a scientist
do not count on le talent meme, wisdom and knowledge will not come effortlessly


I think we have to find a path that allows us to become strong enough to endure the suffering necessary to starting such a thing. You have to offer yourself up as a sort of sacrificial catalyst that creates the trust, the certainty, and the belief in the whole thing.

You have to ask what it is you want, and why? The thought alone of living a simple life with a community of people like you is nice, but is it nice enough to power the building of such a thing for people like us who must believe in it as some sort of transcendent thing unlike the society we are in. You in a way will probably have to be the lightening rod for that until you convince at least a couple of other people.

Personally I see a path deviating from the buddhists with a backing ideology, but it is many years away for me if at all. As I say, it still pops in to my mind regularly.


>I want the gov to give 1million dollars to everyone who chooses to become sterile.
Same. It's a shame the absolute majority of countries are pro-life as fuck either due to declining population or the influence of religions. If there ever gonna be paid sterilization introduced somewhere, it would probably be in China, because overpopulation+pragmaticism.


>wishing for reincarnation
Oh dear.


>You in a way will probably have to be the lightening rod for that until you convince at least a couple of other people.
I think that the first step to inbreathe such firm belief into our kindred would be to find a great writer among us, who would create a magnificent, philosophical manifesto behind wizardry - and a really reasonable one, so that it could be considered "canon". Most religions these days have their own collection of sacred texts, right? Maybe if we had something like this.


>not being a midget
What exactly is bad in being short? I am far below average and I rather enjoy being light, so not having too much of a mortal coil to deal with. I can also comfortably curl up in a ball on my armchair, or wherever it is that I'm sitting since my legs take so little space.



I desire immortality. The idea that it would be more pain than good is an absurd normalfag notion. If you're going to die a painful death anyway, isn't it better to be able to get up and walk away afterwards? So what if some guy chains you up and locks you away for his entire lifetime? That faggot is going to die someday, and when he does you can keep on keeping on as if he never existed. No one will ever be able to have permanent control over you, and some day you might even discover a solution for entropy. I ate the idea that I'm going to die just as much enslaved to the system as everyone else. I don't want to meet them in heaven, hell, a void of consciousness, or any other kind of afterlife. I don't want to fucking go where they're going. Immortality would be so comfy too. You could just sit down and take a nap for a few hundred years if you felt like it. Become fit, become fat, learn every skill in the universe. Play millennia long pranks on countries and watch them never figure it out. But fuck it, I'm stuck in this dumb mortality.


You're not even making use of the limited time you do have and you want more of it?
we are to observe
with our own narration
that which we project
as in truth
we only see ourselves
be in affliction
or in glory
ally or enemy
yet between sits divinity
that which propagates
and parts
one must pass between
to go beyond
know that you are neither
and that you are both
with faith
be that which is to follow
pass through the opposed
into peace
there is no hidden
all is overseen
veer not


I'm not going to lie - I wish I could create a gentlemen's club for virgins only in a stately historical building with blue velvet and dark wood panelling.


File: 1499909772041.jpg (229.76 KB, 800x600, 1499265908112.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to be a lone hermit in a wizardly tower. Studying arcane symbols from huge tomes all day, away from civilisation entirely.
Sadly that kind of life isn't really possible in the modern world. And that's just sad.


I like science, math, physics. Don't misinterpret me, I don't follow the normie concept of "progress", I enjoy these subjects from a contemplative and artistic point of view. If I could have a low profile life contemplating the beauty of these areas, just like some hermit, It would be heaven. This taste led me to pursue a science degree. A perfect excuse to escape from wage slavery for some years and do the things that I want. Socialization was almost minimum. However, now that I'm ending my career, I've realized that my faculty is filled with normies, even teachers are normies. Without social skills, you are a fucked.If I want to be sucessful in my career I have to embrace the normie life, which is nearly imposible to me. My dream seems to be unachaviable and this shit drepresses me.


File: 1499930907061.jpg (582.43 KB, 1275x1175, French Empire Gilt Bronze ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish to rule and conquer all, to have my own empire and army, and to achieve divinity in the process.

I would be the Alexander the Great of the 21st century and start a new golden age.


I want to be an adventurer writing tales and experiencing adventure on 17th century carribean.

I could be anything there.


I am somewhat the same. I studied math and physics (bachelor degree only), but my results weren't great since I didn't attend class and some lecturers didn't even provide lecture notes. Continuing with a coursework masters in computer science: as soon as lectures were recorded I became top of the class. But I will have to stop studying and not pursue research since I know it needs too much socialisation and presentations; if I could do research without interacting with others it would be great, but nope.

I can't motivate myself to do anything anymore because I find that nothing worthwhile is achievable without extreme socialisation, even with a Masters degree.


Are you borderline genius?


I sometime wish that I could live a simple life as someone that works a simple job for their keep, like being a fisherman in an old, run-down, sea-side fishing-village or living off of the land in a modest, secluded shack in the wilderness. In such a situation, it is almost a given that I would have to do more on my own to provide for myself, but I also feel like such a simple lifestyle would free me from the oppressive, ubiquitous nature of contemporary society. But this is not possible.


Alexander was a wannabe Cyrus who regularly got drunk, killed his friends, raped people, lusted over his mother and had no proper line of succession. He's the ancient version of Britney Spears.


I just want to create something beautiful.


What are you planning to do? I tried to be tutor and it was totally painful. I had problems due to my introverted personality. I should have been a carpenter or some other thing instead of pursue a science degree. Future looks tenebrous.


No, I just study a lot because I have nothing else to do. I didn't do particularly well in undergrad as I said.
I see no solution either. I think I'll suicide soon so I don't think about long term plans much anymore.


if you want to be a professional scientist mathematician or physicist you do not have to be sociable. there is a joke
>how to tell apart physicist from mathematician?
>when mathematician talks to someone he looks at his own shoes and physicist looks at his interlocutor's shoes


I want to find the prettiest place in the world , and so I will travel. currently in the alps , going to northern Sweden soon.


post pics of alps and of fauna and flora


I want to become as psychiactric counsellor, maybe I'll even be able to help others like us through that line of work.


are you at least studying medicine?


File: 1500050425500.jpg (6.18 MB, 2592x3888, 0_Alexander-Helios_Capitol….JPG) ImgOps iqdb

You don't need to blatantly lie to me about things Alexander did, as I have studied him thoroughly, so you'd probably have better luck trying it on just about anyone else.
>wannabe Cyrus
Cyrus the Great was a uniter (uniting the Medes and the Persians), a humanitarian (freeing the Jews) and, yes, a conqueror, however, where he failed or didn't manage to push the boundaries, Alexander did.
We don't really know how Cyrus died, but one of the theories is that he was killed by the Massagetae tribe led by a succubus (Tomyris) who crushed him because Cyrus imprisoned her son.
That would never have happened to Alexander.
Cyrus never managed to cross the Gedrosian desert (Makran), Alexander took him up on that challenge and managed to do it, while even refusing to drink water in order to suffer alongside his soldiers, for 60 excruciating days, even though he could have taken another route.
Alexander took over everything Cyrus had established, and didn't destroy it, but expanded upon it, showing just how much of a great man he was.
Were Alexander's life a movie instead of reality, everyone would laugh at the premise of a small kingdom and co. led by a seemingly illegitimate king taking over an enormous empire/world superpower whilst never losing a single battle and then just continuing even further into battle with another superpower.

Anyway, Alexander may have looked up to Cyrus (who was just about the only positively portrayed Persian in Greece), and he did visit his tomb (he was grieved by the outrage committed upon the tomb of his; for according to Aristobulus, he found it dug through and pillaged) but he never emulated him, that honor goes to Achilles from the Iliad.

Also, why would he? Alexander won innumerable battles without ever losing, multiple of which have been on huge scales in the hundreds of thousands, Alexander's challenges and accomplishments were simply larger.
His empire was larger, he never lost a battle, he cultivated upon culture and encouraged building cities and other types of architecture (unlike most conquerors), he achieved much more in a much shorter time frame, even Julius Caesar, a military genius and one of the best commanders known to history, wept when he saw a sculpture of Alexander, exclaiming that Alexander had achieved much more than he ever had at a much younger age.
He was like a God in the ancient world, you could be Pyrrhus of Epirus, Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus Cunctator, Hannibal Barca, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus or Gaius Julius Caesar, but you'd most likely still pay tribute and compare yourself to Alexander the Great.
>who regularly got drunk
As did everyone, to a much greater extent than Alexander often times. It might've actually been caused by his overbearing mother and father during his youth.
Even his life wasn't always perfect.
>killed his friends
He only killed Cleitus the Black, whilst very drunk and in the heat of an argument, and grieved for days afterwards, that was the only person in his army he unjustly killed, the few others which have been killed such as Philotas were considered traitors.
>raped people
I'm not so much surprised about the ridiculousness of this statement, as I am about where you could have possibly received such information (assuming you didn't pull it out of your ass). But just to get it straight, Alexander most likely hated such degeneracy, you must be confusing him with Genghis Khan. He had two children at best, his only legitimate child was even born after his death, so much for rape and degeneracy, the thought probably sickened him, which most likely would've been caused by his tutorage on virtue/s and morals, from the philosophical titan, Aristotle.
Sure, now you might think of the act of sexual reproduction in and of itself as degeneracy, but he didn't even want to do that, his mother and subordinates kept on telling him to secure his rule with an heir, in general he didn't (seem to) think much of earthly pleasures such as sex, he was a man of far greater ambition. His father and mother already worried about it when he was young and sent a prostitute to him once, but to no avail.
>lusted over his mother
Again, where does this come from? Which (credible) historian has said this? The relationship was probably cordial, he knew of her political acumen and wanted her away from politics, and obviously didn't leave her alone in Greece so installed Antipater into the court. And Hephaistion (his best friend and only person allowed to read his personal messages) even told her to shut it with all the intrusive letters she sent to him.
>no proper line of succession
Wow, you got something right! Yes, one could think of this as the only notable mistake in his life.



All are determined before birth by your genes and sensitivity to dopamine and your concentration of dopamine receptor in the basal ganglia and various other structures of the brain.

We are condemned to mediocrity by our underperforming brains and there is nothing we can do about it.


>how not to even try: the ideology


>(freeing the Jews)


we see how well that worked out for humanity




Extrapolate this from olympic athletes to any high achieving individual in any other area of life.


File: 1500052881139.gif (821.83 KB, 500x281, 393d88d3ec30eaf7004acf6ddb….gif) ImgOps iqdb

he was a good man. is ironic that the jews are the ones to come and try to ruin Alexander's name on history using holywood jewish machine.


intellectual achievements =/= sport achievements



Obviously you are mentally inferior. My post wasn't meant for you.

I won't even bother trying to refute you.


File: 1500070371813.jpg (1.12 MB, 1836x3264, 82269560-40bc-47d7-be63-d6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a stupid phoneposter


File: 1500070499523.jpg (829.79 KB, 1836x3264, 4d7c9cd1-929a-48c0-b26a-8a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

finding my way through rocky ways was the only thing I was ever good at in my life


File: 1500070660483.jpg (555.3 KB, 1836x3264, 8f790cb1-4ccb-4a02-a11b-02….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

let's be honest , it won't happen. people who make history are the biggest Chads, stalin escaped gulag multiple times and robbed banks, we are children compared to people who write history. it's worthless trying to change this world anyway it has always been fucked, it's better to practice escapism,through computers and also nature



You submissive fuck


>stalin escaped gulag multiple times
wut? he created it


Nah dude there was gulag in russia before stalin. It was a monarchist gulag.


At least google what the word "gulag" means before embarrassing yourself any further, "dude".



He's right.
It's all encoded in our genes what our life will be like.

Some are made to be leaders, others thinkers, others lovers, and some wizards.


Sadly, >>121526 only proves the eternal supremacy of chad. You don't see Isaac Newton who was most proud of his virginity on his deathbed being called anything like the Great.
If there was a global village for intelligentsia, the wizard would be the village idiot.


I forgot to mention that it was called the Katorga.


This. The way I see it, the war isn't over until you draw your last breaths. Until then, fight. Not necessarily to be an important part of history, but if that's what you want, then why give up on it?


Let me guess: you are 20yo at best? No one even remotely close to wizardry can be this deluded.
I want (post-)teen chad sociopaths to leave this place forever.


I'm a sociopath for telling you not to give up? lol.
Ok, fine, give up then.


of course I do, OP. I have to finish my computer science school and then become a programmer. It's basically writing magical mathematical text that does stuff. Kinda like a scroll from naruto. It's one of the most wizard tier things one can do. Normies are notoriously bad programmers.


you're not a real wizard if you gave up on everything. a wizard must pursue his hobbies every day and get much better at them than the normies. you're no better than an /r9k/ kid.


File: 1500113770770.png (367.39 KB, 1280x720, tmp_11911-Screenshot_2017-….png) ImgOps iqdb

if you have troubles talking to succubi or leaving your room or handling a basic job how can you possibly lead men and understand the complexity of an entire country ?
I prefer to learn to rule myself than ruling other people


Use Source Mage GNU/Linux if you dare. It should really be our official distro.


I pursue my hobbies because I like and enjoy them not because I want to become "better" than some normans I can't even imagine giving a fuck about. Your desire to compete with and compare yourself to norpers speaks of nothing but your own insecurity.


What I'm trying to say is that being a wizard can be a big advantage in some aspects. It should be seen as a way of life, not an insult. I hate how a lot of you have this bullshit mentality where you think you're hopeless losers just because you don't have social skills. People with that kind of mentality need to either grow up or go back to /r9k/.


Almost nobody here thinks they're hopeless losers because of lacking social skills. Most here describe a distinct anhedonia that comes from disentangling yourself from a hostile society; that includes a seeming inability to experience the "greatness" that apparently comes from self-mastery, hobbies, or artistic creation.

Something is intrinsically wrong with us or the feeling of greatness is actually predicated upon an understanding of human meaning which we've lost, in a justified or unjustified manner. I think you've demonstrated an unfamiliarity with wizards which means you should lurk more.


god damn could you have possibly written that in a more pretentious manner?


File: 1500146126086.jpg (78.99 KB, 600x760, ae1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



>Believing in history book "facts"

It's all up to you fellow wizards


File: 1500146856017.jpg (80.54 KB, 720x1080, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Probably has a lot to do with how modern society is setup. Tribes by Sebastian junger has a good point about how people relate to each other, I think wizards would probably be 'that guy' in older societies who lived on the outskirts and hunted for furs for a living. However, I think that otherwise 'normal' people probably learned similar behaviors because of the ease of living, the extended childhood with little responsibility, single moms, comparing self with impossible role models like movie stars and relying solely on image for a sense of worth(in addition to low self worth as well), lack of social interaction, and failed adolescence. All of those are reasons that could have lead to wizardry.
"Greatness", I've found, it attainable once you manage to accept your situation, however I was unable to accept my situation for many years so I don't expect the average wizard to be able to understand what that means.
I've had the desire for people to recognize my abilities. It's socialization, basic stuff like getting your needs met and being understood. To you, that may mean 'conquering others' but I've found in my exploration of my own thinking that conquering oneself is already difficult enough. Also, this is the exact wrong place for any sort of responsible thinking but I assume you knew that going in.


High achievers are born not made.

Countless studies and new discoveries are beginning to shed light on this. People that have a higher dopamine sensitivity and higher concentration of receptors in specific regions of the brain have naturally more motivation, feel pleasure more intensely and thus have a much stronger feedback mechanism loop between effort and reward.



you're not being very clear, you were initially answering to >>121546 and people who agreed with him ?

I think you can be "blackpilled" , not be an idealist who wants to change the world , and still enjoy happiness in your life by other means , like escapism.

I decided to explore the world instead of trying to change it , I'm not being a suicidal nihilist by saying that




The study was published May 2 in the Journal of Neuroscience and was performed by a team of Vanderbilt scientists including postdoctoral student Michael Treadway and Professor of Psychology David Zald.

Using a brain mapping technique called positron emission tomography (PET scan), the researchers found that “go-getters” who are willing to work hard for rewards had higher release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in areas of the brain known to play an important role in reward and motivation, the striatum and ventromedial prefrontal cortex. On the other hand, “slackers” who are less willing to work hard for a reward had high dopamine levels in another brain area that plays a role in emotion and risk perception, the anterior insula.


What Role does Dopamine Play in Personality and Individual Differences?

Perhaps the earliest and most influential perspective on the role of dopamine in personality was Gray's (1973) suggestion that dispositional variation in the reward-processing functions of the dopamine system would likely manifest as a major, to-be-identified personality dimension. This dimension was later identified as extraversion (Depue and Collins, 1999), an enduring proposal that is currently the dominant neurobiological perspective on this trait (see Smillie, 2013), and has motivated over one-third of the contributing articles to this special issue.

Other Reward-Related Individual Differences

Reward-related processes have also been implicated in several individual differences constructs beyond extraversion: Treadway and colleagues focus on chronic perceptions of stress, which they find is associated with reduced processing of reward and punishment in the medial prefrontal cortex. Schultheiss and Schiepe-Tiska focus on the implicit motive “need for power” (i.e., the tendency to experience power over others as rewarding), which they theorize may have a basis in dopamine-driven learning processes centered on the striatum. Richter and colleagues report that the degree to which both monetary rewards and punishments modulate reaction time and BOLD measures of interference processing (i.e., objective indicators of differential reinforcement sensitivity) covaries with the DRD2/ANKK1 TaqIA polymorphism of the dopamine D2 receptor gene. Relatedly, findings by Kawasaki and Yamaguchi suggest that the degree to which visual working memory capacity increases for preferred versus non-preferred colors may constitute another useful indicator of reward sensitivity that may be linked to brain dopamine in future work.

The rewarding impact of prosocial actions and outcomes (e.g., Harbaugh et al., 2007) suggests that prosocial behavior may also be linked with dopaminergic reward-processing. In line with this, Jiang and colleagues conclude from their qualitative review of the literature that a specific dopaminergic gene variant, the D4 receptor gene exon III (DRD4) polymorphism, influences prosocial behavior depending on environmental influences. Reuter and colleagues underscore this conclusion by showing that the extent to which individuals behave fairly in the ultimatum game depends on genetic variants of not only the DRD4 but also the D2 receptor gene (DRD2/ANKK1 TaqIA).


The widespread belief that dopamine regulates pleasure could go down in history with the latest research results on the role of this neurotransmitter. Researchers have proved that it regulates motivation, causing individuals to initiate and persevere to obtain something either positive or negative.


There are also many studies done on schizophrenia, adhd that consider them dopamine disorders and establish a causality with that and with lack of motivation, poor working memory, anhedonia…..etc

Chads, alpha achievers, olympic athletes, concert violonists, ivy league professors, nobel prizes, wealthy businessman, top real-estate agents, local wealthy successful small business owners engaged in local politics and stuff like that, very well adjusted and accomplished people with fulfilling careers, a wide social circle and many sexual partners.

All those people never had to work hard to end up like that. They were born with enough neurochemical incentive to establish a strong effort-pleasure reward feedback that further motivates them to achieve and succeed even more. The top people are not the smartest or most competent, they are the most driven one.



>wrong place for any sort of responsible thinking

My man, english is not my main language, I don't know if you quoted me wrong, but i will give it a try. The rules here say

>Do not disparage, advise against, or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.

I completely agree with all of that, i also agree with

>Do not post about real life social activities or friendships, or suggest that you voluntarily take part in social activities

But these rules don't say anything against responsible thinking.There are several threads about how to get money with the lees amount of work,or threads about how to live alternative lifestyles. I just say that you can accept that the way of the NEET is alright, and also accept that there is a way for the ones that can't be NEET and want to be alive.
But above all, what do you mean by responsible thinking? And aren't you thinking responsibly when you say that you accept your designated place, that we should accept our designated place, isn't that the responsability which imposes to you this reality?

>I've had the desire for people to recognize my abilities. It's socialization, basic stuff like getting your needs met and being understood. To you, that may mean 'conquering others' but I've found in my exploration of my own thinking that conquering oneself is already difficult enough

I don't understand how this is related to my post >>121597, in any case i'm not the "Alexander the great" guy >>121443. I just say that you can do whatever you want, the "be realist" thing, the "le infographics internetz chart", the "my history teacher has all the reason", you can trust in that if you want, as >>121546 does, but to be honest, that mindset is as valid as believing that the other wizard will become the next Alxander



I'd like to add something.
Perhaps successful people and high achievers are so absorbed by the "game" aspect of life that they are oblivious to other aspects of life.

Their neurotype makes them very specialized and competent at a narrow aspect of life which is life in society and socio-economic achievement. They are so sensitive to reward and achievement that they instinctively disregard anything that doesn't feed their drive and pleasure feedback mechanism.

My advice to wizards would be to try to deprogram yourself of what society considers success and stop viewing yourself as a failure because you meet standards your neurotype would never have allowed you to achieve anyway. Society's definition of success was never meant for us. Try to accept who you are and perhaps be thankful that you might have access to a broader experience of existence than most people.


And that's not to mention things like inheritability of IQ and so on. People underestimate greatly how much influence their innate biology has over them. Everyone wants to believe in a fair world, high achievers believe in it to justify their position while low achievers like to think that they can make it if they try hard enough. No one wants to accept that their perceived effort was just the icing on a cake that was baked inside the womb of their mother, or that they won't ever achieve anything because they were born inferior.


without social skills you won't rule society , that's the end of it

hell , you're not going to be the leader of anything if you lack those skills, you'll always be the village dummy

better accept it and invest your time in other things you like



Whatever fits you, robot foreigner


thinking that a wizard is ever gonna write history beside shooting a school is like thinking the meek will inherit the earth



Sure friend, sure



well said.



Marcel Proust > Quotes >

Marcel Proust

“But genius, and even great talent, springs less from seeds of intellect and social refinement superior to those of other people than from the faculty of transforming and transposing them. To heat a liquid with an electric lamp requires not the strongest lamp possible, but one of which the current can cease to illuminate, can be diverted so as to give heat instead of light. To mount the skies it is not necessary to have the most powerful of motors, one must have a motor which, instead of continuing to run along the earth's surface, intersecting with a vertical line the horizontal line which it began by following, is capable of converting its speed into lifting power. Similarly, the men who produce works of genius are not those who live in the most delicate atmosphere, whose conversation is the most brilliant or their culture the most extensive, but those who have had the power, ceasing suddenly to live only for themselves, to transform their personality into a sort of mirror, in such a way that their life, however mediocre it may be socially and even, in a sense, intellectually, is reflected by it, genius consisting in reflecting power and not int he intrinsic quality of the scene reflected.”




>shooting a school

The edge is visible. This is not the place for you, here no one is gonna shoot any school, because no one is a failed-normalfag or angsty-r9k-teen. Please leave as soon as possible.


"let's be altruistic for a society that does not respect me and that fundamentally cannot be changed to the core"
t. homosexual ""French"" man


Adam Lanza and Cho were wizards


Lanza was a 20 year old gay pedophile who was probably abused as a child. Cho was 23 year old who was reported to campus security for sending messages to succubi who rejected him.

They were not wizardly, pessimism is not that all makes a wizard.


My dream would be to go to Mars. Or at least into space. Or virtual reality.


name one (1) ruler (who acquired his kingdom by himself and not inheritance) who was a Virgin or had troubles socialising or talking to other people.


>Does anyone want more out of life?
not really


they killed bullyscum so my point still stays



How the fuck would i know about the sex life of anyone else apart of me? How the fuck would i know about the behavior of someone i never met? Come on…


>they killed bullyscum

Lanza killed twenty inocent 6 yr old childrens.

Cho killed 32 random people, probably wizards

>Early media reports also speculated that he was obsessed with fellow student Emily Hilscher and became enraged after she rejected his romantic overtures

Don't relate that scum with this site. You are a demented and sadistic kid that is still in school. I am reporting your post.


Lanza was a wizard. Not that I agree with his actions or know him all that well, but he had very isolationist and anarchistic views to the point where he couldn't even stand speaking our language, and he didn't buy into any bullshit (except for shooting up schools (?)).


All that talk about school shooters makes wizchan look bad and retarded in an edgy teenage way.

Go to r9k to talk about your vengeance fantasy and school shooters and keep wizardly discussions here.


There is nothing wrong with school shootings.


Also why should you care if neurotypicals think we look bad? Hm?? They already do anyways. Fuck off.


> Trying to fit in too hard



Because people obsessed with the macabre, death, school shooters and serial killers are losers.

Just look at what the average viewer of the website best-gore look like http://www.bestgore.com/fansigns/

Edgy teenagers, fat chicks with tattoos, goths, attention-seekers, gas station attendant heavy-metal groupies…etc people with so little personality that they must adhere to some kind of sub-culture to define themselves.

I'm a wizard and while being a wizard might be looked down by a certain people it is mostly viewed with complete and utter indifference. I have a certain pride in being a wizard and visiting wizchan and while I don't mind being associated with wizardry, I don't want to be associated with losers.

Go to r9k.


> Using the word "losers" unironically on wizardchan
Goddamn wizkids these days


I have a certain pride in being a wizard and visiting wizchan and while I don't mind being associated with wizardry, I don't want to be associated with losers.
>wizchad the post

Who's going to associate you with losers? This board is anonymous, or at least it's supposed to be. Fucking chadmin selling our ips to kiwifarms.



What he wrote is just common sense, get used to it.


You're saying school shooting is not wizardly?
And no, the wizard meme itself is not common sense



>You're saying school shooting is not wizardly?

Yes, that's what i'm saying, and is what >>121645 is also saying. No, school shootings have nothing to do with this site and their users. They are perpetrated by a bunch of vagina-drooling incels in their teens, and is something that is looked up to just in places where wannabe-normies get together to laugh idiotly to "Mem3z" and to lament that they don't get sex. You should go search for those places, you will fit perfectly.

>And no, the wizard meme itself is not common sense

That's not what i said, but maybe what you say is still true. I am beginning to think that people like you will never understand what this site is about of. You will never understand "the wizard meme" because for you it is "the wizard meme". The one that will never fit in here is actually you.


A school shooting counts as a social activity and is therefore not wizardly.


Then surely, bombings must be wizardly, right? Mail bombing like Ted Kaczynski must be one of the most wizardly crimes around.


File: 1500196387497-0.png (69.65 KB, 377x404, wizlam meets xkcd.png) ImgOps iqdb


Ok, tell me what this site is about
This forum is a social platform too. We should ban all users


>this forum
No, this is an imageboard.


Ok, an imageboard


Pretty funny you hell bent on semantics while other just buzz the hell out of the definition of wizard


And by funny I meant stupid


imageboard is a forum


leave him alone he cares too much about his precious females being shoot down


who? his full name please


And Cho last videos we reextremely wizardry I don't believe the normans propaganda and will never do and if he killed me and freeded me from school I would thank him all days in heaven


Wellington Menezes de Oliveira was muslim but leave that aside polchads and just listen to his words


>without social skills you won't rule society
but do not hackers who leaked so many documents (wikileaks) rule society in a way?


No, they don't.


>wizards would probably be 'that guy' in older societies who lived on the outskirts and hunted for furs for a living.
i would be a shaman as im stpd


Which is why most of them are in prison or on the run and dependant on the charity of dubious nations instead of relaxing in luxury and commanding norms to do their bidding.


they do not want these luxuries apparently


They don't have a choice. I'm sure Assange would love to leave the embassy if the cops parked outside wouldn't arrest him and cut him off from the internet and any further good he might do. You don't understand how much hackers suffer. You see documentaries on TV and think it's so cool how they influence the world, but you don't see the pain they go through and how they risk their lives to bring us information. Fuck you, I cannot believe that someone could possibly be so ungrateful as to think people like Manning or Assange could possibly even have the choice of refusing luxuries.


The only thing I want is full Communist revolution. That's not possible in this country so this is what I'm left with. I listened to a 4 hour biography on Stalin today while playing rocket league.


Oh he was a muzlim???????

I never heard of that side of the story, the media completely covered it out


File: 1500298910341.jpg (116.77 KB, 1280x720, 1409646314250.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

JUST go to Cuba or venezuela

there is communism already why ruin your country for non cultural marxists?



>want to be part of the working class revolution that inevitably leads to being bossed around by premier state official Chad at gunpoint
>normies continue to rule the world as always only this time wizards are targeted for work camps because we aren't productive enough

I respect your goal but I will never understand the logic or motivation behind it. In any political philosophy, wizards are destined to be at the bottom unless we're forced to act like normies for survival (wageslavery vs actual slavery)


Id rather work for the benefit of the people rather than benefit of my jew boss who pays me for a year less than what he earns in a day


Only life-denying societies allow a good position for wizards.


>life-denying societies

and which fantasy world would we find those in?


>I would rather work for this normie rather than that normie
>working at all

i still don't understand but ok


This adds to your theory

>84% of today’s elite in China are direct descendants of the elite from pre-1949




>Nepotism exist

REALLY??? Oh man, oh thanks for clarifying that.


Everything was nationalized under Mao. Their rich ancestors didn't have any wealth that could be transferred to them. (if we are to believe the official narrative)


>if we are to believe the official narrative

well there's your problem


I feel like I want to explore, fight in a war, or go on some sort of long adventure. It gnaws at my spirit often


I would rather die in a war in honor than rot as a neet, but post-ww2 is meaningless.


I feel this way as well. I have journeys and activities planned but I don't know when or if I will ever act out upon them. I feel as though I need to break free, but from what exactly is a mystery.


Take a good look around you.


Kshatriya can't be wizards.
inb4 Buddha


why meaningless?


I would like to pick up a hobby, yes. I'm thinking of learning to play an instrument.


I just wanna be a good person.

Beyond that, I want to be able to accept my mistakes.


Yeah. But I'm also terrified of getting lost in meaning or of making any real commitments. I want for everything to fit together and not be terrible, and to have absolute freedom. I wish I could change the world, or a world, too, or at least have a vision for what I want the world to be. Mindless shitposting is what I perhaps mistakenly believe to be a defense against death. But maybe it is death.

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