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File: 1499805652943.jpg (200.23 KB, 901x642, 2015-07-31Confession-Showe….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I just dont know what it is about them. It takes a tremendous amount of mental energy just to get in there. I like being clean but the act of it is such a hassle everytime. I can easily go a week without showering so I'll never understand the normies who do it everyday or even multiple times a day.


Where do you live? In the Winter I too shower once a week but in the summer going a day without a shower is impossible. It's extremely hot and it feels like having vaseline under your clothing.


Showering noticably improves my mood. Being clean and wearing fresh underwear feels extremely comfy.
Also what the wizzie above said.


I'd die if I didn't take at least three cold showers a day during the hottest days of summer.
I absolutely hate and despise the airless heat that the morning star brings.

I usually take one cold shower a day when the temperature's normal.
I sort of like the shock.


Same here. I hate getting wet.


Not showering makes me feel gross, I'd rather take 30 minutes to shower than feel disgusting for 15 hours. I feel like people that don't like to shower are very short sighted since I believe showering is the most basic simple thing you can put effort into that will improve your life, after that I'd list brushing teeth and then keeping your space clean.


>showering is the most basic simple thing you can put effort into that will improve your life

How? It's a waste of time, I only take a shower once a week. How showering everyday fuckin day improves your life? Are you crazy?


The shower was the only place where I could relax and be alone with my thoughts I became addicted to showering to the point where I developed a skin condition. This condition prevented me from showering for months and now that the condition has healed, I still have a bad habit of never showering.


I rarely shower more than once or twice a month. One time I went months without showering just to see how long I can manage without it.

It's just such a nuissance and I don't really care how dirty I am. And it's not like I go out and interact with other people, so there's no reason for me to adhere to any social standards.


>How showering everyday fuckin day improves your life?
It removes smell and itchiness => raises comfort => improves mood.
Well, unless you have a thing against water, which seems to be the case for some people itt.


it's just 5 minutes to undress and wash the shit off your ass and dick

what's the big ordeal


All the people who have to bath everyday have also to work everyday, so there's no difference. Work removes all comfort.


There's no need to do it everyday.


>All the people who have to bath everyday have also to work everyday
Bullshit. I'm a NEET and I shower everyday. Stop drawing baseless conclusions.


I'm a NEET also and I live with my family and all of them take a shower everyday before going to work.

But that's not what I was saying, I was saying that is useless because all the people who bathe everyday have to also go to work, so your stupid benefits disappear pretty quickly.


I want these fucking normans with their gym routines and their self improvement and their daily showers to go back to blogspot where they belong.
What's next? Our we going to have a thread about washing our hands? How about a clean your room thread? Get off my board mom, I don't want to shower and you can't make me.


Yeah I don't know why I have an aversion to it either OP, I do it every day but it feels uncomfortable and when I have time where I don't go out outside I just don't shower. It never develops in to a habit, it's just uncomfortable and unpleasant the whole washing and drying thing; much like existing is uncomfortable. I'd much rather just sit and rot.


I want these fucking normans who are too busy texting their girlfriends and checking their social apps to take a shower to go back to facebook where they belong.


That's exactly what you keep saying.
>all the people who bathe everyday have to also go to work
But I do bathe everyday, and yet don't have to go to work. And I'm sure there are plenty others like me. Your generalizations are weak.
Anyway, even in case of working people - yeah, I bet going to work clean and tidy beats the other alternative for the reasons of both personal comfort and social pressure.

>if you're not a smelly mess buried in trash and pissjugs you are not a wizard!!1
Sure, matey.
Seriously though, I have no intentions of judging nor chastising "goblin wizards" - it's entirely their right to adhere to the kind of hygiene (or lack of thereof) they wish to. Provided they reciprocate with similar policy to those who don't share their views of course.
In simpler terms: no one here tries to make you wash your ass, the subject of discussion being the benefits of hygiene and "why people do it", without any personal implications.
>How about a clean your room thread?
I remember at least one.


I shower twice a day. It makes me feel flesh and clean, which I really appreciate. Similarly, If I don't shave every day, I don't feel right. In fact, I'd love to be hairless. I don't know why, but my body hair makes me feel dirty.

However, I can understand people who don't like to baths. Sometimes bathing can feel a bit of a chore.


I could've made this thread. OP your post is exactly my problem other than it's not hard at all to understand how other people do it. I find I can take showers more easily if I just don't think about it. Autopilot my way in and out and not turn on my brain until I'm back in my room.
Easier said than done of course, I manage a shower every two or three weeks on average. Once every several months if I'm having a bad time.


If you're a NEET you don't need to take a shower everyday, how can you get so dirty otherwise? That you need to do it every fuckin day, for me it would be a real chore. It's unnecessary unless you do exercise or go out of your home, of coursem and even so you don't have to do it everyday.


File: 1499823613213.jpg (42.61 KB, 872x592, 1499527786164.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can tell from your attitude you are not wizard material, the extra showering for some invisible social points like you're still in normieworld just solidify it.


I already explained it here: >>121347
>so you don't have to do it everyday
Of course you don't HAVE to. But if it makes things better then why not?
I can tell from your inability to read you are a wizkid at best.
The fact that I was explaining to that other guy why the working people shower every day (and yes for them "social points" usually matter a lot) doesn't mean I also do it because of it.


It doesn't make things better, because it's unnecesary and once you start doing it everyday because of that stupid belief, it becomes a chore. It's a stupid obsession and a harmful one, specially to your skin and the environment.


I'm a fatass. I don't hate showering but rather the effort it takes to wash my fatass body.


It makes things better FOR ME. I don't fucking care if it doesn't for you. As I've said you are absolutely entitled to disrgeard hygiene if you like it so, it's not my place to convince you otherwise. The discussion was about the subject itself, not about about who should (not) do it, so stop it with your fucking ad hominems. Because they sound as if you are envious of people who can spare the effort to clean themselves while you don't have such a luxury.


I like showering. I used to spend hours a day under the hot stream just to unwind back when I lived in a better place.

Right now I'm not showering because the only shower i have access to is shared with succubi.. particularly nasty ones too. I might have had 6 showers this year. I've become quite content in my permanent blanket of sweat.


File: 1499825814766.png (327.77 KB, 640x480, 025105311120.png) ImgOps iqdb

> I feel like people that don't like to shower are very short sighted since I believe showering is the most basic simple thing you can put effort into that will improve your life, after that I'd list brushing teeth and then keeping your space clean.

> stop it with your fucking ad hominems

>It makes things better FOR ME. I don't fucking care if it doesn't for you

Hahahahahaha how foolish you are.


The first quote isn't from any of my posts.
Nice try though.


Showering used to be my favorite thing to do, then suddenly after taking a show I would just be itchy for hours so now I do little as possible.


I would completely understand if one has a skin condition where contact with water makes them itch or something like Emphysema sufferers but I don't like going more than two days without showering. My body gets unconfortably oily and it drives me insane.


what was the skin condition?


Inability to sweat. My pores expanded to blister size sits. I had to scratch off my skin and bleed in order to sweat. Had to wrap my self in garbage bags in order to sweat. Eventually I ate healthier and exercised more and I started to sweat properly again.


I don't like showering unless the grime on my skin is unbearable and my scalp and face/neck are itchy with skin flaking off. I have oily skin and shower with hot water maybe twice a week. It is nice to see all the brown crud under my nails get shot away by water jets. Showering feels like it takes too much effort out of me despite the rejuvenated feeling when I finish. I know each day I put it off that there will only be more scrubbing to do especially in the pelvic area when I finally do shower. I'm just lazy and wish androids were here so I could have baths drawn and my back scrubbed without effort on my part.


Its not the showering per se that gets to me ie the cleansing process.

No. What I HATE about showering is that it seemingly takes forever to adjust the water temperature to the perfect level and also for my still warm body that had just been sleeping to also adjust to said water temperature.

So there's that aspect about showering which sucks.

Also it is time consuming and exhausting.

I'm simply not one of those power shower Chads who can somehow manage to get done in literally five minutes using a bottle of bodywash and some shampoo to complete the process.

No, I am a bar of soap (Irish Springs is my preference) + wash cloth wizard and I need to take my time to work up the soap lather to feel I've really gotten clean so the entire experience probably takes me 35-45 minutes if not an hour to do my whole body.

Meanwhile Chad is done in 5 minutes + whatever (I'm sure small) amount of time it takes for him to brush his teeth and shave.

Anyway to conclude this lengthy diatribe in true wizcontrarian fashion to what another poster said I will say that showering never really gets us clean, clean.

Rather it just spreads our bacteria all around to different parts of our body.

The "clean" feeling we're actually talking about when we say that showering "gets us clean" is soap's effect as an emulsifier that removes our natural body oil.

Ok so some of that oil is likely accumulated via sweat and which in addition to the bacteria helps to produce a bad smell upon us so washing it away does at least partially clean us but yeah again just saying we're not really "clean" at the end of a shower if one's definition of "clean" is to be free of surface skin bacteria.



Open cold tap, apply soap, wash off soap, dry yourself with a rough towel, done. ~ 3 minutes maybe 5 tops.
Brush teeth, shave - 3-5 min depending on how much facial hair you get and how often you shave.
You seriously overthink it. You don't need to baby yourself and adjust the water temperature, just get over with it.
Or just stay in your room/flat whatever forever and then you can just skip the whole process. Your nose will adjust to the smell in no time.


File: 1499871436126.png (68.33 KB, 500x500, 1496437421420.png) ImgOps iqdb

I haven't been to a public pool in about a decade, so showers are the only way I can survive the summer heat

protip; they /never/ use enough chlorine to kill all the piss, blood and shit that mingles in public pools


if a drop of menstrual blood-tainted pool water touches you, are you still wizard?


Never go to public pools for this reason, also beaches too.


Peace be upon you famalam

It is written that upon being questioned by an apprentice the One True Wizard (peace be upon him) stated "And if by accident you come in contact with the bodily fluids of a succubus, you should wash yourself in clean water until the impurity leaves your body". That is considered 7 times by some.

It's common opinion among wizlamic scholars that you should avoid coming in contact with water that touched the body of a succubus so as to avoid the possible sharing of fluids.


You don't even need soap. I only use soap on days where I go to the gym to get that extra sweat/oil off. Other days I only use a washcloth.


I'm serious. How can you consider yourself wizard if you bath in cunt blood and chad's cum crusties? I don't care how many parts per million.



How can you call yourself a wizard if you breathe the same air that Chad and Stacey breathes?


they're not exhaling sexual fluids



Particles that are light enough will float through our atmosphere. That is how we are able to smell. Who isn't to say that you are inhaling the cum particles of your neighbors right now?


As long as I don't have to pay for the water I shower multiple times a day.


cum molecules are too heavy to go airborne


Then how come I can smell my cum after cumming?


File: 1499968335222.png (11.25 KB, 1100x267, Spermidine-2D-skeletal.png) ImgOps iqdb



Enjoy ur dermatitis


You are just an ascetic in the waiting OP. Jain ascetics never wash and are known for being covered in dirt, you are on the path


For me it's vice versa: not showering for long causes skin problems. So it's all very individual.
This thread is like arguing about which food is tastier.


Is that not an airborne cum molecule?


File: 1500109850555.jpg (11.7 KB, 342x316, 14469636_1085036821531398_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like to shower and I like water in general, but I'm way too lazy to shower more than about 1-2 times per week max. It's not that it takes too much effort to do, but rather that it takes time. Time which could be spent doing something else.


I take a shower when I can't stand the smell of my crotch. It's usually every 4 days or so but when I wageslave I pretty much shower everyday in summer and every 2 days in colder seasons.

It's not like I hate showering but i don't see the point in it when I am not going out somewhere.


I can't stand showering unless the water pressure is strong. I've been put in multiple mental wards in the past and the worst part is always how the showers barely tickle you like a sprinkler. We moved recently and the shower now is just like that,I fucking hate it and haven't bathed in two whole weeks. That doesn't sound too bad but its unbearably hot and humid right now and I'd like to take a good shower.

I wish I had my own private indoor pool or one of those things they advertise for old people with back problems. My dad has had all sorts of back problems and described one to me and it sounded great.

I hate soaping up and actually bathing but I like the way water feels on me.


I used to hate showering because it took me a long time, half an hour or more but I always feel a lot better when I've had one.

One day I sort of snapped and said fuck it and I just grabbed a bar of soap and lathered my armpits, crotch and ass and rinsed and said done. Not even five minutes.

Some times I do my body too but I just basically rub the bar of soap around my body and just rinse that off too.
Then I just rinse my hair most days I don't shampoo often.

After that I found my showers didn't exceed five minutes and I noticed I still felt the same clean rejuvenated feel without the 40 minute time baggage on top.


I shower everyday, sometimes even twice a day. It depends on the weather and if the day was a workout day.
I also wash my hair with a good shampoo everyday and use normal babbysoap which has no smell.

In the shower I shave my armpits and wash my face with a peeling, I clean my ears afterwards and the whole thing takes me around 40 minutes.

I love feeling fresh even tho I sit in front of the computer the whole day and only workout doing various body weight exercises.


File: 1500390928614.jpg (135.61 KB, 500x629, 41d5ba398eefa7307a28c1d156….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yeah i hate showering too. i do it once a week



I hate showering because it reminds me of my baldness and having to look at myself in the mirror with my JUST hairline and ugly depressed face


File: 1500491835572.jpg (38.21 KB, 570x516, bathtub.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like bathing despite only showering 1-2 times per week. I would shower more frequently, but I don't like my family's bathroom. It's small, chilly, and the bathtub is uncomfortably close to the toilet and sink. Also, the walls around the bathtub are regular walls and the shower curtain feel is gross like in OP's pic.

Even though my body stops itching, stepping out next to a shit and piss capsule makes me feel dirty again. I'm not that picky, but can't stand the toilet being in the same room as where I bathe, especially less than 2 feet away (.7meters) Pic related would make me shower more often. Most of you probably can guess it's Japanese, but it is actually almost 2x the size of my family's American bathroom (which also has the filthy toilet).


I used to be strict with my hygiene but lately the period between showers has been getting longer. Used to be a shower every day, at worst I miss a day but still show. Then it was every other day, now its basically whenever the fuck I feel like it, but at least twice a week.
I think its because I just take so damn long. I shave my face, arms, and stomach HAHA SO GAY RIGHT and have long thick hair (for a guy) so a shower for me can be anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes


Can any other wizzie help me out here? All I do is wash my armpits, genitals and feet in the shower and I still take like 10 minutes.

It doesn't feel long but I don't understand why it doesn't take one minute.
Maybe because it takes me a lot longer to wash off the soap than putting it on because when I rinse it's still soapy and I have to keep rubbing my hand on my skin till it's not soapy anymore.


why do you shave your arms? That's weird.


I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturiser, then an anti-ageing eye balm followed by a final moisturising protective lotion.


Jesus fucking christ.


File: 1500816425288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.96 KB, 662x442, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

impressive, very nice


I can now bust my not on your skin wizkid


Do you think he's being "effeminate?"


It is just a quote from a book.


anyone here shaves their armpits? it helps a bit with the smell I found


I barely shower during the winder, but the summer? I don't want to feel sweaty and nasty all day.


I can't speak for the others but I don't browse either as much as I used to. It just doesn't feel the same anymore, i dunno.


Kaycee2017 is a real thing and it is a cancer.
Bernds always talking about their last fuck, ruined by keinshit Canadians and horny turks
We still try but it's becoming too difficult


I enjoy showering alone, but not in a communal shower at a gym/pool or anything.

The reason I don't do it much is…

1) I'd rather spend the time watching TV

2) My mom guilt trips me for anything that costs her money, avoiding showers helps cut down on water/gas bills.


Hot showers are literally the only time I can soothe my crippling anxiety. My anxiety of all the damage I've done to my body is killing me. I've dug my self such a hole and backed myself into such a corner that hot showers are the only bit of peace I can find. That and sleeping in during the day.

I mean supposedly this damage is reversible but it's gonna take a long time and a lot of effort and guess work and even then I don't know if I'll ever be the same again. I just want some functionality back. Worse yet, I'm doing it all on my own with no help.


It's cool if you're living on your own, hell on Earth if you're sharing a piece of the pie with some relatives.
God if I had the capacity to live alone I'd probably wear no clothes throughout the day.


i preffer several keinbernds and interesting asburger topics about cultures etc than wizchan's depression and negativity and bawwing



similar here. loved long hot showers since forever. its been at time my only refuge from the world and they only comfort I've had in some of my darkest times. Any day I have a hot shower us like a mini vacation and ill spend an hour in there, idgaf.


I don't like getting in the shower and then I don't like getting out. It's the inertia that drags on everything I try to do. Maybe it's just very avoidant behaviour.


I used to like showering back when I had unlimited hot water, but then I moved to a more rural place that has a cistern with a water heater and I get just enough hot water to finish showering and shaving.

For a while, I was going week at a time without showering, but my hair looked really greasy, so I switched over to showering every other day.


File: 1501102439202.jpg (33.62 KB, 312x321, 1473432697001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I keep getting water in my ears and eyes
>the curtains keep touching me

Then why doesn't he just re-position the shower head so its not hitting his eyes? In fact why is he showering side ways instead of his back facing towards the shower? Why doesn't he just move towards the right until the water stops hitting his head?

Why doesn't he just get a new curtain that's heavier and doesn't blow in to him?

Why doesn't he just use a towel to dry off?

Why doesn't he get a shower head that makes less noise?

Why doesn't he get a better water heater?

Why does he insist on doing this posture everytime he showers instead of finding an actual solution to his problems that were easy to solve to begin with?


Why does showering seem like such an effort, I don't really understand. It's obviously an irrational feeling right? I can walk around all day but getting in the shower feels heavier, it feels like a much bigger chore.

I haven't showered in a week, I've showered thousands of times, but it still feels like I'm dragging a ball and chain with me to the bathroom.

I don't understand, I have no reason, I don't even dislike showering. It just feels hard, like I've got a mental block that I don't understand.

Still not getting a shower before bed, stinking and thinking.


yes when i was in depression it was a big effort to take a shower


I sit in the shower in the dark for hours and daydream.


what a waste of water (money)


I don't pay for it.


your parents pay
you should pay attention to financial affairs of your parents


Actually a lot of apartments have unlimited water included.


The water is cheap, it's heating it that's expensive.
Ergo you should set up some kind of electric generator using water pressure, or gravity. Like a water-wheel.

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