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How can I tell if I am on the path to wizard-dom?

I recently found this website and I have started to question my existence. For the past fifteen years, I haven't been employed except for five years of military service. I don't leave my house very often. I don't have any social interaction aside from brief exchanges with the one family member who lives with me, and forum posts about menial hobbies and other things that aren't socially meaningful.

What are the signs of wizardry? Should I be trying to improve my life in meaningful ways that don't involve becoming more social? Should I continue to be a loser?

I'm so confused.


1. Lurk more.

2. Take the test: https://wizchan.org/test.html


Do you reject succubi completely? Are you a virgin 100% of the way? Do you reject Normalcattle societal standards? It all depends on your answers. I would start browing the "Rules" link, and taking the test >>121427


>Should I continue to be a loser?

You don't belong here if that's the image you have of a wizard.

/r9k/ is that way –→


File: 1500224525140.png (525.36 KB, 1280x720, 0210515015.png) ImgOps iqdb

The word loser can mean someone who is not succesful in life, you can use it to insult someone and to make a remark about the status of that person. For example, if you're a virgin you're a total loser for the majority(the muggles). Who cares, anyways.


you need to fuck off immediately


Sure it's all relative, but OP did not clarify as such, it's awfully malicious to call his life path one of a "loser" and until he changes his mentality I suggest /r9k/. He has nothing to contribute and worse I suspect he's around 19.


You must be the same kiwifarms troll calling everyone 19. Fuck off with your divide and conquer tactics.


>le epic call everyone a kiwifarms or lolcow agent
>I'm the one dividing and conquering

Not that I could a fuck in the first place, I'm not trying to "conquer" anything, I'm showing this douchebag the door, and maybe you should go back to /pol/. I know it's -so- fun to pretend everyone's an undercover agent from some fictitious shill factory bogeyman of the month over there, but the same thing doesn't translate here and it's obvious as fuck you belong at /pol/ and not here.


am I the only one who doesn't know what kiwifarks is?

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