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What's the Wiz consensus on this "Tulpamancy?"


tl;dr: You create an "imaginary friend" that you talk to and think about so much, that they begin to talk back. Well-developed tulpa have thoughts and feelings that are independent from the host (i.e. the human that created them) and can do creepy shit like use the host's body (with permission.)

Be ye warned, the "tulpa community" is full of normans. But is the idea itself inherently un-Wizardly? Is it a valuable source of motivation and self-improvement, having a part of yourself to confer with? Or is it norman heresy?

(Assuming you won't make a succubus tulpa, that is…)


There's a;ready a thread on this, annoymage. Polite sage.



A dumb and pathetic self-delusion.


Can someone explain to me why there's so much furry overlap?


>"tulpa community" is full of normans

What community isn't?

It's the closest they'll get to fucking an anthro.


File: 1499983882481.png (19.93 KB, 527x722, tulpa sigil 2.png) ImgOps iqdb


This thread is pretty much one guy talking about his succubus tulpa… Does it bother anybody else?

I don't really wish to hear personal experiences from people, rather I'd like a discussion about the merits of "tulpamancy" and if it is compatible with Wizard-dom. I defer to the mods to move/lock/do nothing/etc. my thread according to where it fits in the best.


The same reason there's so much furry (and pony!) overlap everywhere else on the internet.

Saging because I contributed nothing significant to the discussion


File: 1500164574941.jpg (249.74 KB, 1141x790, AEldredJohnHarris676_2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think this phenomenon is an extension of how our species are deeply dependent on internalizing the perspectives of others due to the evolutionary process that molded us into being more collaborative members in tribes/groups. You'll always need to have some internal prediction of how others will perceive you, even on this very imageboard we all attempt to socially adapt to the standards of its etiquette and people behave accordingly through this process of conformity.

Tulpas are deeply rooted in this psychological behavior, similar to how others who suffer from hearing voices in their heads.


>What's the Wiz consensus on this "Tulpamancy?"
my understanding is that you need a very particular brain type, way of thinking, and specific mental illnesses for tulpas to work properly or at all


This. I don't think it's possible unless you are severely damaged in the head.


I've lurked tulpa communities since they first started getting discussed on 4chan back in like 2012.
I spent a few months in 2012 and then quite a while last year trying to make a tulpa. While I do get an emotional response from it…i can tell I'm just "puppeting" what they say. They're not a "separate conscious" by any means.

And after lurking different tulpa communities, i've come to the conclusion that the majority of the people who claim to have tulpas are just roleplaying teenagers. Especially the ones who claim they have a tulpa they can physically see. Hell some even claim they have a tulpa that can interact with the real world which is obviously absurd.

I'm sure there are some legit people in the tulpa communities but they probably have some form of latent schizophrenia or something.


Wizardry is all about disillusionment and abandonment subjectivity in favor of the truth. I'd say that tulpas in their purest form, where you sincerely believe in their existence as autonomous entities, are much more normie than they are mage-like. Most of the world has tulpas, they are not anything special, and these tulpas are so firmly cemented that they are not even recognized as tulpas. People have somewhat arbitrary barriers that determine what they create a tulpa out of and what they do not, so one person's tulpa seems absurd to the other, and vice-versa, when in reality they're probably all pretty absurd.


A bunch of wizards are hardcore christcucks and god is a tulpa so I guess that means it's ok to believe in a tulpa as long as he is popular.


>Wizardry is all about disillusionment and abandonment (of) subjectivity in favor of the truth.
Wait, what? I didn't get the memo. Isn't the truth absurd and subjective?
Go back from whence you came.


No, the truth is objective and absurd. If you really think truth is subjective, then go drink a letre of mercury and see if you achieve immortality. After all, there were chads who believed in the healing properties of mercury so it must be true. The problem with rationalists is that the truth is so absurd that when revealed, it sends them scrambling into psychotic neurosis. Also if Jesus didn't die for humanity's sake, then the normals would be burning in hell where they belong.


I've made a post in the /hob/ tulpa thread, but I guess it's more relevant here.



I have a hard time believing it works to the extent people make it up to be. But, with enough effort, I can see it working as theory dictates. We have vivid dreams, after all, and some people do have hallucinations.

Provided it works, I don't see it as desirable. You're destining a percentage of the software in your head to run an autonomous function which may or may not be useful. Essentially, you're reducing your overall intelligence for the life of a being that may or may not present an useful talent and can backfire against you to harm you even more.

I can imagine a personal robot AI could help you with calculations, tasks and so on. But, if it is in your head, why not develop those abilities yourself? If you have psychological problems that prevent you from doing so, it may be more advised to face them before sinking deeper with dangerous techniques.



>Wizardry is all about disillusionment and abandonment subjectivity in favor of the truth. I'd say that tulpas in their purest form, where you sincerely believe in their existence as autonomous entities, are much more normie than they are mage-like.

The problem is that the distinction between subjective and objective reality is so blurred due to us only being able to experience the universe through senses (observation), metaphorical maps (theory) and imagined input-output systems (mathematics), that pursuing truth objectively is difficult. It seems to work best only on the most superficial level, when we agree to deal with physical phenomena (e.g. drinking mercury), share identical observation methods and agree to judge our conclusions based on their predictive power. Dig a little deeper and you have uncertainty, multiple working models, non-observable but mathematically sound objects, etc.

Confirming that drinking mercury will kill you as a reasonably objective fact is easy enough, if we don't get into absurdities. It is erroneous to assume, however, that because we can state what seems to be an objective truth about drinking mercury, we can do the same with everything else in the universe, and when we can't it's because those things don't fall into our neatly defined Truth set and are therefore falsehoods, spooks and dragons.

Consider a phenomenon that is a lot more difficult to understand objectively (than the consequences of drinking mercury) - the Self. It has a physical component (detectable signals), but that's hardly all it is. You can make some reasonably good predictions based on observing my behavior and creating a model of my Self, and I can make some reasonably good predictions about my own behavior, based on my own Self-model. And of course our models are going to be very different, and derived by different means.

The self is real but also fluid, subjective and personal.

Tulpas are an attempt at creating a secondary agent that's similar to the Self. In theory it should be possible. In theory it can be beneficial. Calling it unwizardly, based on some nebulous criterion that no one can hope to fulfill is a mistake. And if you're dismissing tulpas as objectively false (i.e. they're unreal, only in your head, stop being crazy!), then you must apply the same standard to your own Self, otherwise it's inconsistent and not a standard at all.

People discuss ego death here frequently. Perhaps there are other things one can do with the ego, besides killing it? It's worth discussing.


In 2007 I noticed that my imaginary waifu, was quite autonomous. She's an OC from a novel I wrote, I had conversations with her to get ideas. She was just a voice and a personality with a visual image, but steadily, I could see a faint outline and if it is cold enough, I can force myself to feel chills that I can interpret as her touch. In 2011 I encountered the term tulpa and said, hey, that's just like her.

For wizards who are burdened by their loneliness, unrequited love for their waifu or desire carnal fulfillment, a tulpa is a useful mind construct. I'm not exaggerating, just a few words from her and the visual impression of a smile make me happier.

Note: Even after almost ten years of doing this, I can't actually see her well. The image fades in and out, she's a bit blurry and I can never get her face right, but I never worried about such details.


File: 1500232016910.png (1.31 MB, 1010x764, latest and greatest.png) ImgOps iqdb

Whatever you do wizzies never escape your larping comfort zone. Don't address the realities of your existence. You need to stay in your mental box of internet-centric buzzwords and ethos. DO NOT be a normie.



>Whatever you do wizzies never escape your larping comfort zone.

I won't, since it brings me pleasure.
>Don't address the realities of your existence.
I'm powerless to do anything significant about them, besides acknowledging them and moving on.
>You need to stay in your mental box of internet-centric buzzwords and ethos.
Internet is a small part of my mental box.
>DO NOT be a normie.
Why would I want to?


>Perhaps there are other things one can do with the ego, besides killing it? It's worth discussing.
In my research of the normies I've found that ego destruction really means being quiet and concentrating on your experience until your brain learns to do it automatically.
From neuroscience and the book by Lisa Barett How We Make Emotions I concluded that it's mostly about thinking good things.
Anything that gets you to smile, to think about other good things, and away from the bad stuff or contemplation of the future is probably a-ok since it stimulates the same response in your brain.
For instance at night I have taken to imagine sleeping with someone, however I don't think of this as a 'tulpa' this is using my imagination.
The 'tulpa' seems to bridge the desire to not be alone with the desire of power, that somehow you can absolve yourself of your problem through tricks.
Doesn't seem any different from any other meditative practice I've encountered.
I believe that the reason why most people think about sex in relation to tulpa is perhaps because the mental effects of attraction lead you into a more suggestive state.



>I won't, since it brings me pleasure.

That's comforting to hear here.
>I'm powerless to do anything significant about them, besides acknowledging them and moving on.
Very sensible.
>Internet is a small part of my mental box.
That's a healthy way to look at internet communities.
>Why would I want to?
I'm glad we share these sentiments.


The Self is also objective. It just looks subjective because, just like the ancients could not measure the temperature of lava not properly categorize different species of bacteria, we don't have the proper equations and instruments to measure the Self. The equation to measure the area of a rectangle is Length times Width, the equation to measure the amount of energy is E=mcˆ2 and the equation to measure the Self is currently unknown but it exist and we will find it. Just because we are currently too primitive to understand something, does not mean it is subjective. Everything is objective, but not everything can be measured or calculated or known with our current level of technology.


Its wizardly as long as you dont use it for sex to me

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