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File: 1500011873709.jpg (156.76 KB, 768x1152, varys-game-of-thrones-58ba….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>When I see what desire does to people, what it’s done to this country, I am very glad to have no part in it.

>Besides, the absence of desire leaves one free to pursue other things.

This character from Game of Thrones is implied to be a Eunuch, he isn't actually shown below the waist (as so many others are) for me to confirm that, although narration from novels might clarify, haven't got to reading them yet.

When he tells about being cut to others its a bit unclear to me how old he was when it happened. It may be before sexual maturity…

Would it be "cheating" to become a wizard through a lack of lust because of mutilation done without your consent? Hypothetically a wizard who maintains virginity this way hasn't so much conquered lust through willpower but has it conquered for him through an external enemy.

I'm not 100% sure if Varys is a virgin by this site's standards. I haven't heard him explicitly say he had sex (not sure if novels differ) but he does allude to doing "depraved things for money" or something like that, to survive as a street urchin.

I feel confident in thinking he has never put his penis into a succubus's vagina so I believe he is a virgin in classical terms (referring to actual intercourse) but maybe not in wizchan terms, if maybe what he was alluding to was doing hand/oral/anal things.

If he had…I don't think he did it very long. It would seem a means to an end which he left behind.

I can respect this. I can still look to him as a hero even if he risks deviating from a Lich archetype, as he still comes closer than most others.

I was born into a middle-class household. What if I am only a virgin because of privilege? If I had been born poor in a shit country maybe I would have been raped or chosen to whore to eat like some Thai ladyboy?

I honestly can't say.. but when I encountered memes in heterosexual male culture like "would you have sex with a man for a million dollars?" (I recall some comedian using this) it was something I have never rejected as an option out of hand.

I'm possibly more interested in money or survival than maintaining a "pure" status. As time goes on, while I remain a virgin, I think I grow less attached to valuing it. When I celebrate it in here, it feels like jesting sometimes.

It seems like an effect or higher virtues, rather than their cause. If such virtues are engrained deeply then I do not fear they would vanish were I violated or even if I opted to earn $1 million to get lots of books/VG/chocolate.

In this way, in the spirit of it, Varys is a wizard to me. Even if it were proven that as some homeless kid he had sucked cock to earn bread to survive… he would still seem like a wizard to me.

The important thing is his perspective. He describes not being dominated by lust. Pursuing other things free of distraction. That is the spirit of wizardry.

What worries me about this permissive attitude creeping in though is how it relates to succubi. If I can tolerate a man who was a boywhore then must I tolerate the classic whore?

Where Varys differs is that IF he was a whore (I don't want to jump to that conclusion, maybe he just tortured people and considers torture depraved) he word have only used it as a stepping stone to earn money to begin other enterprises.

succubi differ in that they stay whores, not aspiring to higher things. They will fuck for greed and not survival. They probably enjoy the sex. I think they are also dishonest in it, implying absent affections. More so with succubi who pretend not to be whores.

While I can relate to callous disregard for others' emotions, I don't know if I can go so far as that. If I were capable of it, then why not seduce an old rich person to get their wealth?

I don't know if not pursuing that is due to a healthy disgust with real human bodies, or if it is due to empathy. Maybe a combination.

My disgust towards shores diminishes as I abandon normy concepts. Working shit minimum wage jobs, it all seems like degrading slavery, and it seems less discrete. Selling time, health, happiness.

So, to wrap up the main topic, does Varys speak to you as a wizard? Do you care what the depraved things he did were?


The answer is got is shit and no "wizard" should watch it


Varys is a wizard. He probably isn't a wizard for the "tru-wiz" idiots, but he is a wizard. According to the TV series at least.

I think in season 4 or 5 he tells the story about how he was castrated, and it happened when he was a boy. In the GOT universe everyone is considered a boy until they reach sexual maturity.


Is that true?, but even if you're castrated you can stil have sex.


Being a eunuch wouldn't be any more of cheating than being born asexual, but it sounds like he's unvirgin.



The entire package is gone. He never had sex. Well, unless some dude pounded his ass.

No idea if he ever did anything of the sort, though. Don't think it was ever explicitly mentioned. At any rate, he sure as shit doesn't have lust for succubi or men at his current age.


File: 1500023168686.jpg (45.02 KB, 620x374, Does_this_Game_of_Thrones_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like shows where lots of people die.

If you are thinking just the testifies gone, that would fit the Unsullied. Varys seems to be implied to be all of it gone.

Maybe being born asexual is cheating? Wiz who override instinctive lust with wisdom demonstrate fortitude.

Not sure about the un-virgin thing. Both due to Varys' vagueness and on how we define virginity.


Even if he did take an ass pounding, I think I would prefer someone who did that solely for survival but lusted for nobody over a failed normy virgin who obsesses over getting sex purely for its own sake.

Priorities are more important than behaviors.


If Varys committed sexual acts or was raped then he is not a wizard, but because of his deeds and the way he lives his life, Varys is an Honorary Wizard.


stop double spacing every two sentences, your post is painful to read like that


OP covered my whole screen it was to intimidate people into not reading or something?


File: 1500054075153.jpg (528.01 KB, 1920x1080, GoT.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have read the first 4 books, and then I lost interest. I know a lot of people don't like GoT, but I really like the books because they're long, and some of the sub-plots are interesting. I know a lot of characters fuck succubi, but a lot of other characters treat succubi like shit and rape them. Anyway, to answer your question, "The Spider" had his entire penis and balls removed, although for what reason I don't remember. He sits in a room in the Baratheon castle and networks with a whole ton of people, which isn't too wizardly, per-se. He only cares abut straying alive ad protecting himself, which seems to be more like just a normalshit without a dick. Don't bother with the show, because they really norm it up, but the books are okay.

Honestly, Hodor is more of a wizardly character than Varys. He's the only one I can think of. Not really speaking of his low intelligence, but he never really talks to anyone and stays in the stable alone.


File: 1500068096118.jpg (64.32 KB, 636x492, Daryl Riding squirrel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love this topic OP.

Thank you for making it.

Its a meaty, hearty, topic of quality which wizchan hasn't seen in quite some time.

In anycase to begin my proper response to it now:

Possibly the greatest wizard to ever live absolutely LOVED George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels which as we all know went on to be made into the HBO series renamed "Game of Thrones".

That greatest of all wizards of course being the late Sir Elliot Rodger.

I would not be surprised at all if part of his allure to the books was the wizardly Varys character.

Anyway even though I'm one of the many staunch "Fags cannot be wizards" wizard I don't think Lord Varys quite qualifies.

As a fag I mean.

Now sure he may of sucked dicks, jacked old men off and sold his asshole for money but that was just all a means to an end so to speak ie he needed money quickly and did whatever vile and nasty things he had to do to get lots of it.

I liken Varys unfortunate situation to "prisoner logic" of how prisoners can fuck tons of guys in the ass while on the inside and still consider themselves firmly heterosexual.

Their rationale for this I suppose kinda of makes sense at least:

"There ain't no succubi in prison bruh, what I'm sposed to do?".

So if this line of "logic" works for them I don't see why it can't work for a beloved and entertaining fictional character like Varys.

In responding to your other point I'm not so sure Varys is completely desireless as after all he admitted to Ned Stark that he "desires peace" and is seemingly on a mission that points to his "desiring" Daenarys to rule the 7 kingdoms so while the overall point of his lacking sexual desire holds (and makes him a good role model for all wizards on this website) alls I'm saying is he's not truly free of ALL forms of desire.

Anyway as for Varys "cheating" to become a wizard?

Eh not really as its not like he planned to become a eunuch after all.

Rather he's a victim of circumstance and aren't most of us here wizards due to victims of circumstance?

Yes, I can already hear the cacaphony of wizkids crying out: "Failed normie!" at me but honestly I view ALL of us here as failed normies in the sense that we all likely thought were were "normal" until our interactions with society proved to us otherwise.


Also Bran Stark is a fine wizkid with actual arcane powers. No idea what happens to him in the books though.


It's unlikely he feels any sexual desire whatsoever. As he says in the book, the whole effeminate court persona is a guise he wears - eunuchs, as he says, are expected to be effeminate, cowardly, and camp. He acts like that purely out of a necessity of keeping up appearances. In the books, he takes on several different guises - no idea about the show - but in the first book, he appears before Ned as a fat, brutal, and stupid jailor, all in order to deliver a message to him.

It's difficult to divine his true motives. His loyalty to the Targaryarens may also just be a show. But, certainly, his lack of sexual desire makes him incorruptible in one sense.

Whether he's a eunuch a not is also debatable. He tells Tyrion that his genitalia were sliced off and burned as an offering to some demonic spirit… but he could be lying. We really won't know till the books end, and even then, it could be debatable.

As for castration - don't do it. I, too, at one point felt it might be a good idea, till I saw a thread on krautchan where an American went to Thailand to get the procedure done. It did not go well, and - considering he no longer posts - he's probably committed suicide by now.


Regardless of Varys' wizard status, Conleth Hill did a great job with the character on the show.


go to bed conleth

he did a good job, most of the supporting characters in the show are p. gud


When he said desire he meant romantic/sexual. Obviously there would be no purpose in pursuing something if you didn't desire to pursue it.


>social skills
why am i smarter than the rest of you?


Given how Varys is a master of lies, it makes me wonder…

1) is he even a Eunuch?

2) did he even grow up on the streets?

3) is he content propping up a monarch or does he want the throne himself?

I'm wondering if the books will even resolve this. It is possible he might be killed or something before his reveal of purpose is clarified through some heroic self sacrifice or villainous betrayal.

For all I know he was actually fucking all his "little birds".

But I won't assume for or against the possibility as some are prone to.


File: 1500866826900.jpg (44.41 KB, 600x450, Grrm-asoiaf-ending.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know he has a wife, but I feel the writer is a dyed-in-the-wool true neckbeard of /tg/. His advanced age puts him at the pinnacle of his powers of creativity, make are sorts of references to history and other works of fiction. On top of that he actual likes comic books unlike most famous directors. Now that the series is going off of the books and being written by normalfags I predict the series is going to go down hill fast and will go the way of Lost.


well the question is that if someone is ass raped can they still pass as a wizard. Varys did this for money, which likely meant he was a cuteboi at a younger age and being castrated would have delayed the onset of puberty. That aside, if you enjoy being fucked in the ass you are a homosexual, not a wizard.

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