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File: 1500233064115.jpg (54.37 KB, 320x486, oldmanface.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Found this interesting. I'm a contemplator, no doubt. Don't write much, spend every waking minute thinking and analyzing things shooting from erudite topic to erudite topic.
Which one do you think you are?


These expressed ideas can be arranged in tiered structures of generalizations, from the simplest generalizations on top to the most complicated transcriptions at the bottom, in an organized hierarchy.

This article doesn't persuade me.


IF I were talented, I suppose I would fit under Misfit, as my energy is all drained away by the tasks of my current, unsatisfying course of wageslavery and reluctance/unwillingness to pursue other paths.


File: 1500322708378.gif (103.54 KB, 700x526, depression.gif) ImgOps iqdb

When you realize that you are not only lazy, megalomaniac and a mistfit, but also lack talent and genius.


how can i know whether im "talented"?


Oh, you'll notice it fast.


what if i have talent to sth which does not interest me? should i go into field of my talent?


"It should be noted that Cajal addresses his advice to young men, on the presumption that scientists are male — proof that even the most visionary geniuses are still products of their time and place"


alt+w'd this bigoted liberal shit there


I subconsciously skip past that shit because I see it all the time on liberal websites.
The thing where they use the random "her" in place of a "him" when talking about some random person drives me nutty though.


Anytime someone defends this practice just remind them that more men are born than succubi so statistically it's more accurate to address someone of unknown gender as a him.


File: 1500375847629.gif (10.51 KB, 320x150, s_rat_popu.gif) ImgOps iqdb

That's reasonable if you're addressing the third world. But we don't write for infants to read.


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