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There is a collective consciousness of greater humanity and this humanity wants to live so it will seek to attack, destroy and convert any anti-natalist organizations. This includes all celibate or faiths which used to be celibate such as Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism and Wizardchan and currently, Wizchan. In the comming months you may be approached by a succubus, forced out of your comfy circumstance to die on the street, or feel an intense unbearable urge to kill yourself. Oh stand firm fellow Wizards, stand firm. The forces of natalism seek to destroy us but the harder that eros, the addiction to life, pushes, so do does the thanatos, the desire for death, become stronger in counterforce. Already around the world, people are refusing to have children, people are less and less willing to be charitable to poor countries with explosive growth rates. Soon, oh soon, shall Thanatos the Wizard God triumph over the evil Eros, triumph over the succubus of life, and we shall out an end to this long and painful dream for eternity.


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Oh so the thread about the guy who went touring on a bicycle is unacceptable but this is perfectly fine?


Was it deleted?


Why the fuck did you bump an almost forgotten thread you didn't like?
Fucking /meta/rds just need to find a reason to be offended about


im offended by your existence


Back to /meta/ and shitpost there


If all is meaningless then why should anyone care about the suffering of sentient life anymore than the lack thereof. The two things become equivalent when neither can be qualified.


Amen to that, brother.


I would've told you to can your preaching but there's a natalist thread on the frontpage right now, implying that normans are basically alright and shouldn't die out. So I guess the Satanists you prayed for have arrived.

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