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Am i getting older or the internet is getting more and more silly?

Anyone here feels like this?

Everyone sounds like a teenager using memetext and such old memes.


Both, most likely. The internet is definitely changing. What you're witnessing is a culture of depressed retarded kids who use 4chan and think all these cool terms are neat to use. Take note of the alt right subculture, the are one of the main propagators of this shit.


It's why wizards are so hostile to /pol/ and the like, because /pol/ is literally 14-18 year olds who post frog memes and bash nonwhites in between posting on twitter and socializing


Even leftypol sounds childish. Everyone does.


then you realize that it was always that way, that everything else has remained the same: it was you who changed. That is what getting older is like. Teenagers have always acted like teenagers and life has remained as silly as always

we're just getting bored of it all, wizzie, and that's normal. now shitpost on /b/ with me

I disagree. The exact content may have changed, but the gesture remains consistent. One can loathe such reality as much they want, they only leave themselves out of the fun in controlled designated areas of amusement


I dont think so. It definitely sounds more childish it feels like reddit.


You have to remember nowadays that people are less mature than they once were even in real life so of course the internet will reflect that.


any political shit is retarded period.
I'm guessing you said that to appease the guy who calls everyone SJWs though


>>121738 >>121739
You people can't help yourselves. Unbelievable.


Not just the internet I feel. Everything is silly. I think people are despairing on a grand scale out there and this is the result in here.


What are you talking about, the internet 10 years ago was way more retarded. I'm not sure if I should feel glad or sad that lolspeak died.


>10 years ago
damn im a fossil


it's getting increasingly dumbed-down and restricted


give some examples


In the 90s, the internet wasn't populated by the same demographic as today.


-greater number of sites demanding a "social media" login
-site designs changing to accommodate normiephones only or demanding javascript and/or the newest garbage browser
-P2P sites becoming private or killed
-mainstreaming of clickbait headlines
-"viral" shit
-everything revolving around what X said on twitter
-5 billion illiterate phoneposters

just off the top of my head


Things change, you either adapt or are left out. It's the cold hard truth.


Well, they don't affect me at all, I just stick to what I like and ignore the rest. On the contrary, the more people the more sources of entertainment


I think it's 2 major things.

First off, as others have said, you're getting older and have less interest in crazy shenanagins.

Secondly, the expectation of the internet is going up. Back when things began, no-one expected that the internet would replace other forms of entertainment, because it was very simple and not that content-rich. But now that it's so powerful and prevalent, people look to it for everything and it just can't meet that expectation, it's really just pictures on a screen.


not really, the fact is that there's more and more content on the internet and most of it is retarded, although high-quality content is still being produced as well. so if you compare the quantity of good content that is easily available on the cyberspace today with the amount of ten years ago, in absolute terms the internet improved, but in relative terms the ratio good content\bullshits worsened so everything is much more diluted and you can easily get overwhelmed by the hoards of shitposting normgroids


In my country kids are obsessed with old jokes from early 00s.


In my country adults are still obsessed with imaginary enemies from the early 00s.



Do you mean complaining about the evil sjws all the time while posting funny toads?


more like evil "a-rabs" while posting crying eagles


The internet has allowed idiot commoner level information to become the dominant form of media.

Back before social media, you needed education, support and effort to spread media.

Now you only need a phone and a basic command of written language.

The information economy of common fools has taken over, and people love it. We are now the equivalent of a whole planet giggling over schoolyard level bullshit.

Never before has human information exchange changed so drastically.


2007 ruined everything.

Iphones, Facebook, widespread wifi, twitter, mass broadband. Web 2.0 was purposely designed to be shit and the mere mention brought a sinking sensation in the deepest recesses of the soul. Eternal September had nothing on the smartphone.


that was 2007? I thought all that shit happened in 2009-10



to be fair, the first smartphones that were worth shit came out in about 2012


Also 2007 was when the Big Bang theory came out popularizing geek culture, Great Recession began, History Channel began showing non-history shows, AutoTune became more popular in music, hipsters and non masculine themes became cool,cetc.


>Am i getting older or the internet is getting more and more silly?

15 years ago you had to have some level of intelligence or skill to access the internet. That kept the majority of the normalfags out and the quality was good. With the invention of smartphones stupid, normals got more access and started using it more and shitting it up

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