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Share the stories of how you found this site.
For me it was someone on 4chan. (back before it was shit)


/dep/ was linked on 8chan's suicide board


there was an ad on a furry site and I've been here ever since :3


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I found the original site after the GG controversy and was surprised to find a place for people like me. Been a regular ever since.


First round of recruitment on 4chan. They were advertising on /r9k/ of course, /g/, /a/ and /jp/ possibly?



nvm i interpreted your post wrong, ignore


In early 2013 I was scrolling and sighing through r9k attempting to find something relatable in the middle of a sea of ever increasing normiedom, as it was the closest thing to this place I knew of. Opened two threads that seemed like they might be passable in their own tabs. The fourth or fifth reply to one of the threads, after some "man up faggot" and "just b urself man" posts was someone linking OP to Wizardchan. I've been here lurking and posting off and on ever since, and have never returned to r9k.


Through kc /int/ around 2013. This place fits better. /int/ has always been an incel circlejerk.


Heard of it during the whole GG fiasco, didn't start browsing here until a bit later though after I realized how terrible 4chan's /r9k/ was.


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