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You always hear about the stereotypical schizophrenic conspiracy theory believer, but I don't think I've ever come across any.

Does anyone know of any Youtube channels that are run by people with actual paranoid mental disorders?

Note: I'm not talking about Alex Jones tier, I am talking about people who are actually mentally unstable.


Terry Davis


Was hoping for someone outside of him. He's not that paranoid anyway.



incredibly comfy. thanks wiz


Not paranoid, but VERY unstable



It was like watching some very low budget but nonetheless inspired movie which appeals mostly to the viewer's imagination. I wish I had some weed on hand for better immersion.
Too many references to popular space franchises like mass effect though, so could've been better with more originality. But it was apparently made by a chink so no wonder.


The last video is a parade of copyright breaches btw. I wonder why no one bothered to report him yet. Or maybe the chink section of youtube is exempt from copyright laws.


the concave earth aussie guy


>watching yt while browsing
>Click video thinking it was an image (to enlarge)
>Instantly stop caring and scroll up
>here weird background noise
>pause video
>"what the fuck?"
>scroll down


Take a good look at this nigger and have a good listen to the things he says and tell me with your most straight and honest typing face that he's not crazy.


Another dumb ass crazy Christ tard.

The only thing he's right about is the ongoing european genocide.


Just search "gang stalking" and you will find people who aren't right in the head pretty quick.


Double_Spaghetti4 months ago
>Talks about white people going extinct.
>Contributes to the problem by not procreating.
Classic Alex.
Reply 32
You know what to do, wizards



Gang Stalking is a real phenomenon, but I am not sure if most of the people claiming they are getting gangstalked have been made paranoid because of the gangstalking or they have been paranoid before.

It just takes an extended friend circle and a private social media group like on facebook or whatsapp in order to gangstalk someone or gangstalk multiple people. Mind you I don't like the term Gang Stalking since it implies a gang of people are constantly following you putting you under survailance 24/7. It's just constant bullying and harassment outside from a school or work environment.


Someone like CWC or various lolcows are living proof that it's possible and does happen.
I think it's also obvious that something like the CIA or FBI could and certainly has done similar things. But would they really go after some deranged lone 40 yo succubus who thinks they're working with literal demons or something?


Some people were destined for fame I guess.


how about any channel promoting "russiagate"


Not schizoid, but either funded or gullible


Rare shit here OP. Dude sees hands/claws holding cylinders, structures and lots of fingernails too. He does videos on the things he sees while looking at space related stuff, puts out a lot of content but not all of it has commentary.

I've been watching his videos for a while, at least all of the voiced ones. I hope nothing bad results from me posting this here it here since he actually seems like a decent guy but I find the videos strangely comfy so maybe others will too.


I am not talking about if gangstalking is a real thing or not.
What I am talking about is that A LOT of the people on YouTube or who run blogs about how they are being stalked then to be totally and undisputedly nuts.
Like clearly have clinical psychiatric problems such as schizophrenia and paranoid delusions.
There is no subject I can think of that brings people like that out more.



CWC doesn't give a fuck because he gets free money for his trouble.

The gangstalking thing is a tonne of people on YouTube posting videos of people walking around on public, claiming it is evidence of targeted harassment by hired actors, and hundreds of comments agreeing that the video in fact depicts said harassment. There are thousands of these videos and 99%+ are just shit like this or nonsense rambling but occasionally they try to confront someone thereby confusing them.


>CWC doesn't give a fuck because he gets free money for his trouble.
Barely, and only recently.
Before that he had people taking pictures of him randomly, even the whole pickle suit incident would be text book street theater in gangstalking jargon



There are so many reasons why you want to gangstalk someone.
I have an uncle who worked for the government about avoiding intrusion of different groups wanting to have influence into the government and other sectors of public life, most notorious Scientology. He also told me other political groups from the KKK and antifa try to get access to government files and they all try to make a network to spy on the public and single individuals. They work in pharmacies, doctor offices, Hotel lobbies etc. too collect data about everyone. Especially since smartphones are a thing spying by "private" groups has increased tremendously, the government can no longer keep it in check.


Oh, so your uncle told you
Yup, seems totally legit


Well, yeah. You're 100% spot on there, these people ARE irrational and very unwell.

The thing is, though, it's become pretty obvious that people who are completely nuts do get followed, observed, and sometimes manipulated or otherwise interacted with by groups which do not have their best interests at heart. And sometimes this actually does involve government agents, just generally in the Rezwan Ferdaus kind of way and not the MKULTRA super intense mindgames kind of way. Paranoia and eccentric behavior goes hand in hand with amphetamine abuse, but being followed by law enforcement goes hand in hand with being on amphetamines and/or behaving oddly in public, some of these people probably got spooked by cops at some point and just sort of stayed spooked for years to come. And schizophrenics draw attention and gain reputations which cause them to draw further attention all the time.

So, yeah, gangstalking videos and stuff is an easy way to find people who are nuts. But being completely nuts is the very biggest possible reason for anyone to pay undue attention to or target someone, so I'm kinda ambivalent about the question of whether it's all just a delusion, or just mostly delusion.


Also here we do kind of tend to use gangstalking as a pejorative for internet harassment, forum trolling and occasionally just cyberbullying rather than for any sort of real life stuff and that's probably made me more willing to consider the idea of real life stuff. Maybe it's a power of suggestion and word association thing.

When there's a protracted case of gangstalking (our cyberstalking-inclusive definition), as with CWC, there is an easily accessible mountain of evidence that it is real and has an observable impact on the target. When there is a protracted case of real life gangstalking (normal definition) there is usually little credible evidence at all.


>Someone like CWC or various lolcows are living proof that it's possible and does happen.
Do you think CWC ever went to a therapist and told them about the literally thousands of people who greedily analyze all his online interactions, who go to his house and take photos, who film him in the community and use public channels to find out about his life? With his poor social ability he would undoubtedly come across as mad, but it's 100% true, he's is maybe the most harassed individual on the planet. His whole life has been documented and used against him.


I'm sure it does happen from time to time to political activist and government employees but these people on YouTube working some minimum wage job claiming they are being gangstalked are almost all out of their damn mind.


Rezwan Ferdaus:
Schizophrenic, and not one of the high function hollywood kinds. Catatonic schizophrenia.
Wears adult diapers even at his most present
Has never had a friend.
Has never joined a group.
Has never held a job.
Can never do any of the three.
Convicted of terrorism charges by the FBI, after a sting operation, in which they identified him as a schizophrenic, and decided to have an undercover agent pretend to befriend him and teach him about Islam, who manipulated him into a terroristic plot that he clearly did not and could not understand.

Another success for law enforcement, high fives all around.

Since the feds pay that level of attention to catatonics, it's really not all that unbelievable that some party, police or otherwise, might be much less interested in people who are much more active and engaged with the world. The bar actually is just that low.


An athlete in my country suffers from depression and tried to kill himself and loads of people from his club sent him text messages telling him he was too useless to even kill himself.


Got any verifiable Source on that?


No, only Vice Magazine, Slate, Huffington Post and Fox News and all the other outlets who covered the case when it happened about half a decade ago. Probably naive on my part, trusting the sensationalistic mainstream media about domestic terrorism issues.

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