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How do you look back at the early 2000s now? Specifically the years 2001-2006?
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It seems like everything, especially tech-wise, was moving incredibly fast. I got a new computer and it was already shit in a year and a half. Games that came out just a few years ago seemed old and outdated. Every year my internet got significantly faster and faster. Now everything is stagnating for years, I have the same internet speed for the past 5 years, graphics card I bought nearly 3 years ago not only handles everything that comes out now, but even costs almost the same it did back then.


Two years ago though I could play slither.io alright, now it lags and they broke the low graphics option. I'm interested how they managed that, because development tools for the web as well as for the system have improved so much in the same time, and all the other software I've got now runs same or faster compared to its older versions or equivalents.


Music was worse then. I see 1995 to 2005 as a dark era where popular music was purely made to extract profit from sensationalist cattle who buy only whatever is popular. Small-time artists got buried under the sea of commercial shovelwave and ego-pump rap. It still holds true today, but platforms such as Bandcamp, Youtube, and internet radio let us dive below the surface of shit and explore the ripe reef of colorful and diverse sounds below, even the stuff from before the tidal poisoning took hold.


Liquid Swords, The Fat of the Land, The Slim Shady LP, Toxicity, Meteora, Demon Days?


never heard of those except that overrated eminem album


Mainstream music has always been shit. Also discovering new music wasn't a problem in early 2000s, soulseek has been around forever.


To generalize mainstream, you have to at least be familiar with its examples. When I listed these albums from memory, I checked that they were near the chart top enough to be easily recognizable. Overrated or not, they are quality, and if you dig deeper you can find lots of good songs from around 2000.


2000s were better than the 90s by my experience, I miss the peak of edgy internet content before edgy became boring.


>Specifically the years 2001-2006?
Tons of 80s and 90s nostalgia because even people back knew the 2000s sucked ass. I remember everyone and their mom wanted to go back to 1986 again. The 2010s were different. The 2010s finally had it's own style again, even though it's shit, and you can define what the 2010s were (Social media, Hipsters, Instagram filters, Identity politics, nigger Trap/emo music), but I remember back in 2009 people couldn't define the 2000s. Very lazy and random decade.


File: 1553723080157.png (2.02 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 2341234.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Very lazy and random decade.
Oh yeah except for the technological advancements. Seems like it's slowed down now in this decade. A smartphone from 2015 is still more than enough today, but a mobile phone from 2005 (like pic related) would be outdated in 2009.


idk, rich retards buy "light" phones, which are really just fancy looking dumbphones, as a means to escape smartphone addiction… functionally, they are probably less so than any phone from 2005.


>as a means to escape smartphone addiction… functionally, they are probably less so than any phone from 2005.

wrong, many are touch screen, or have other mandatory features. tbh, i dont understand how you NEED a phone that badly for anything but making calls


The 80's had a ton of 50's nostalgia, the 90's were all about the 70's. The 60's are there in both decades in some form or another be it mod revival for the 80's or flower power motifs for the 90's. Stendhal novels from the 1800's have characters who wish they were born in the 1500's. It's a universal feeling.


Pretty shit, but still better than now.


I honestly think the 90's are even harder to define than the 2000's without being extremely reductive. It's just easier to identify its cultural touchstones with the hindsight we have now.


I have quite fond memories of the early 2000s, but I'm not deluded into thinking that they were this wonderful utopia. My most fond memories were on the internet, where I spent all of my time playing flash games, watching fan animations, and listening to music on youtube in 240p. Also, I appreciate the Sum 41 pic, considering they were my favorite band around the time.
I find it genuinely concerning that internet culture and memes went mainstream. Whenever someone would post degenerate content back in the day, they did it because they knew it was degenerate and that stuff wouldn't be acceptable in reality. However, the Gen Z kids don't have that disconnect, and treat this degeneracy like a lifestyle. Hentai has become socially accepted (kind of), edgy teenagers are unironically becoming neo nazis, and people are being arrested for doing insane shit in public just for a couple of views on social media. Sure, people like us are degenerates, but I'm sure outside of the internet, most of you are either recluses or very polite, well mannered people.
I've often seen people look at the things I've just said and say "oh God what have we done?" But I don't blame the average shitposter for causing this mess. I don't know about you, but I was just having fun. It's not my fault the social engineers made this stuff go mainstream so they can control the population.


>inb4 the 20s is literally alt-everything social media
>make our way back to the backcatalogues of Craigslist all over again
>press alt+f4
>press alt+f4 you fucking normies!!1
>"Like" our alt page

Facebook ruined the whole concept of the Internet.


It was great.

You didn't have the nu-internet users who try and insist that everything they say is absolute truth, no matter how spurious the comment.

The internet was a place to share ideas. There were trolls, but now "trolling" is just being a piece of shit and all the phoners and instagrammers do it for fun.


Imagine using the internet in 2002 and thinking the entire thing would be coopted by people who have never had an original thought in their life, and want you to think -exactly- like they do. Even the esoteric places are now normanfests without the slightest room for anything interesting or fun, ever.


When they started talking about "internet 2.0" was when it was obvious it would all end.

That's what we have now– an internet, an entire culture, made for teenage succubi, boomers pretending to be teenage succubi, boys of all ages pretending to be teenage succubi, the one guy who fucks all the teenage succubi, and then five guys who pretend to fuck them but only got to once when they were drunk.


Same thing here. I was 13 in 2005.
I didn't knew anything other about the internet except some weather forecast sites and a few game forums, although I played MS flight simulator and Il-2 12+ hours a day since first grade.
Really miss the fact that I've never knew any imageboard back then


it's probably for the best, a child shouldn't be viewing content like 4chan


It certainly is for the best. I like imageboards, but they're not made for children and will turn people's brains into mush if they cannot think critically.


based old anon. why do I always tear up reading old anon's posts on imageboards?


>How do you look back at the early 2000s now?

Every night before I go to sleep I think about what I did during the day, not in general, but mentally retrace every step I took, to the extent that I live every day twice.

At the end of the week, I do the same, but for the entire week.

I can sense there's something perverse about this reminiscence of very recent things… but what is it?…


File: 1554956393348.jpg (50.62 KB, 980x552, 245:138, Nokia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

early 2000s for me
>I a was skinny and very small child with short hair who got bullied in the school
>I had some friends outside the school that time,we had interests in common
>I played a lot of Yu-Gi-oH!
>I won A Playstation 2 as a Christmas gift and got amazed with the games such as Devil may cry,prince of persia and resident evil 4
> I used to listen to a lot of music , bands such as linkin park, SOAD, evanescence and papa roach
> there were some video rental shop/store in my town and every weeked I would rent some movie ( Underworld, some tarantino movies, lord of the rings and others)
>I had extreme restric acess to internet that time
> I had one nokia cellphone and played a lot of that snake game
> one of my dreams during that time was to have a cellphone with a camera
> I had a gameboy and played a lot of pokemon
>I had hope in the humanity


High five snakewiz.


File: 1555025531839.jpg (240.72 KB, 563x750, 563:750, bfd18e5daf3c492c87668cc4d9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I remember those days,
>mom would not let me get vidya console "it will melt your brain"
>parents would not get me cell phone (all the "cool kidz" had them)
>Used to play snake on moms phone
>thought phones with features were really cool (camera phones)
>Family got a computer, and I found out that I could play games on it before parents got home from work, IIRC I started playing runescape sometime around then and thought the idea of other human beans in a game was neat

IIRC I also had "friends" who were all the other spergs who were more into vidya and science then sports, we got made fun of for being geeks/nerds, I heard from a family member that one of them is a neet now (dropped out of uni and moved back in with his parents and just plays vidya).

I ended up getting a phone right before I graduated school because my parents got a divorce and I had to call them to get rides.

I also played the pokemon, but then I lost my game cartridge (I think someone in school stole it). I was middle class poor, but I went to a rich kid junior high school, then an inner city high school. I saw the worst of normies both rich and poor, and decided I did not want to play any of their stupid childish games.

Now I just don't give a fuck, I dropped out 3 years early with a GED then decided to go to UNI, worked hard to get a scholarship while working full time.

Now I can spend my evenings all alone with you wizzies. Protip, never reveal to normies that you are a volcel wizchad. I sperged and did during a workplace conversation about dating, and people asked me why why I am single despite being intelligent, fit and having money, now everyone makes jokes about me being a virgin… jokes on them, I can quit whenever and I am doing most of the work anyway, so the business would probably go under without me there, my resume is good enough that I get a lot of job offers, but I really don't need more money or more responsibility, and I am unapologetically unambitious.I will probably make some spaghetti and watch anime now, and that is not something I ever thought I would be doing in the early 2000s


it took me until the end of high school to become conscious about fashion or the fact certain clothes were in/popular. so of course back then i was oblivious. i had the timeless american little boy haircut and normal clothing my mom bought for me. i remember when i first got cargo pants i thought they were so fucking cool i could zip them off to become shorts and stuff the pockets with anything. i managed to squint in class so i never got glasses until i was way older. i often wore succubi shoes because light blue was a nice color and no one told me otherwise. was just starting middle school back in 2000 i think. i remember all the other kids had spiked hair but i didnt know about hair gel so i thought they just didnt bathe properly for a few years. i would play pokemon games on the bus, get home, play playstation 2 games, watch cartoons, and repeat. i think it was the end of your timeframe in 2006 i got into runescape and then mmorpgs, internet forums, imageboards, etc eventually. the best time was when everything on the internet was new and i could explore anywhere and learn something or be entertained.


lol that picture
>I can get validation from people irl who ask me to go through all the necessary social graces and superficial judgements before they even consider giving me the privilege of letting them hear me out, or I can get validation from people online who will engage me on an intellectual level right away


>people asked me why I am single
What's the best answer to this? I reckon you can just say that you're asexual if you're in a tolerant western country. Don't know about others though. Maybe come up with some bullshit like "I'm not ready for a relationship yet/Had a bad break up/Haven't gotten over the last one"


"Haven't found the right person" is a pretty straightforward answer that shuts down most subsequent questioning.


usually my response, but after a long night of memeing, and lack of sleep, I basically lold and made some stupid comment about being a volcel


"Why don't you ask your mom about that :^)"


"i have autism"


Just brush it off as a joke with dodgy answers. Don't show your discomfort. If you can't do that just tell them you are not comfortable with the question.


"dont worry about it"
really, whats it to them? if im not asking personal questions, or even talking to people, i shouldn't be expected to answer any fo their bullshit.


I feel an increasing fondness towards it. Personally I think video games and internet were at their peak during the early 00s. Movies weren't as good as the 80s or 90s but at least everything wasn't Disney shit.

The thing I miss most about it is that people were more innocent and friendly back then. I'm not claiming it was all sunshine and roses because it wasn't but the average person was much nicer in the earlier 00s. Smartphones and social media addiction have desensitized so many people, we're living in a society full of cynical assholes now.


Even a computer from 2012 is still enough today. The most problems you'd have is hardware decoding not functioning for youtube and such if your videocard is too old. Otherwise I'd still be on my Radeon 6950.



What is it good for?


Without reading other comments first so I have some more clarity on my perception. In 2007 I had started highschool so in 2006 I was in my last year of middle school. So I was 4th grade in 2001? Anyways it was pretty shitty like the rest of my childhood previously due to my parents and the cascade of shit making me an outcast all over probably stemming from that dysfunction. I tried to follow some trends but I just couldn't connect to any of it and in 2006 that was when I was beginning to realize I wasn't gonna be having a normal life. I remember just after that 2007 sitting on my first day of highschool in the cafeteria with breakfast alone thinking to myself "yup it's fucked alright." and so the ride on the train of multilayered self destruction through the state of confusion began. I was never into popular media because I was never able to feel a connection to it in the past outside of what my parents plopped me in front of to shut me up so I was off the beaten path there occasionally happening to like some popular things in the process like some metal bands I discovered or maybe an anime that was more mainstream in its own bubble. Guess I had no way of not becoming a wizard in the first place thinking back on this mess.


File: 1565813773888.jpg (711.77 KB, 4691x3182, 4691:3182, TJOLvSD.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny that this thread came up: two months ago I made a sort of "going away comic" to these Paper Mario OCs me and my 4th grade friend did for one another from elementary school to the start of High School (2001-2008) https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=74987256

When suddenly I came across my old middle school diary and found (of all things) a preview for a comic I made for him meant to parody Alien (we did a bunch of parodies like Willy Wonka, Jaws, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Grinch, etc.). It's crazy how the world works.

This was, of course, my middle school mindset, so not for the faint of cringe.


What a trip in time, that reference to the Rasmus really ties it together


That first paragraph hits uncomfortably close to home. I hit one too many walls this year with a deeply personal creative hobby i've been carrying with me for most of my life (oddly enough, since the 4th grade too) and coming to terms with it and that same feeling of "corruption" you describe has left me feeling emptier than i've ever felt before. The broth has been spoiled for too long and I don't think it's likely it will ever happen, but I really hope either one of us can find that "light" again someday


I feel my life is also too corrupt and it's too late for any decent hobbies anymore. I hold a small journal myself online but it doesn't get much because my mind feels broken most of the time. Almost paralyzed now often, I don't know how to describe it well besides that. A perpetual state of shock? It's the most I can do now, pretty happy just making it to one comfort or another every week that grounds me a little.


This is actually pretty endearing and somewhat poignant at the same time.

The "Good night (my) Nigga!!!" at the end made me laugh out loud, the word "my" written in ink as an afterthought in particular.


You real want to go back to the 2006 internet? you want to go back to broadband or ADSL?


I still not only have ADSL for over 10 years now, I have worse download speeds than I had at the start of this decade, probably because more people live in my area now, but there was 0 progress regarding internet infrastructure. And in 2010 I thought that by 2015 we would all be on Fibre optic, and look at me now.


for me the early 2000s was
>anime boom
>yugioh cards
>pokemon games
>hip hop becoming mainstream
>internet becoming mainstream
it was a nice time but in retrospect you only see the good things

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