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Does anyone here in the USA have food, housing and money provided to them by the government due to a successful disability claim?

How much do you get per month, and what is the standard of living like? Also, what are the financial requirements, such as maximum assets allowed, or required attempts to gain employment?

I'm sure I could get on disability with a good lawyer, but I am reluctant to do so yet due to the time and money required to prove I have autism and drag it through court, and am worried that they'll just put me in a shithole apartment in a shithole neighborhood, can't have more then $2000 saved and only afford shit quality food. If that's the case then I'd just stay with my parents and ride it out 'till the wheels fall off.
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Me again. Forgot to add that I’m in the US. If that makes a difference.


you overreacting they always send them.


No I get that. What I’m asking is, like does it really matter how I word certain shit? I mean I’m not gonna lie on it or anything, but is it a life or death situation, and am I in danger if I basically fail to dot an i or cross a t?


they are very specific. ive had some mistakes made where i got cut off temporarily. that said best option is to get a someone who handles your finances so you dont gotta worry about bills and paperwork.



i need to get a rich person to fund my hermit lifestyle and give me land

henry david thoreau was basically a garden hermit. he lived on emerson's land and didn't work. he lived with his mother after living on emerson's land until his death


That is such a strange idea. Man as garden ornament.


i get autismbux but i left the country, reformed myself and joined an army. nobody has any idea and i still get the $11k a year. scrubs.


$920 a month, since I don't live with people with money. Most goes to helping my parent's rent and keeping myself in school full time taking difficult classes at once that I would not be able to take on if I had a job.

No one suspects a thing because I'm easy on the eyes and look normal, but I have genuine problems with depression, agoraphobia, likely schizotypal or autistic, and simply suck at relating to people. All of that was enough to qualify despite the fact that I am physically and socially capable of work now, though I was definitely not when I first got on it. Furthermore, work is hard to come by for me due to my age and gap without lying on my resume, so like others said, you do get stuck in a cycle of dependency.

I remain on it to focus on school without being bogged down by working for slavers and accrue additional revenue on my parents behalf. Also,
you don't need a lawyer, but a therapist that can vouch for you. They were the ones that set up the process and my dad meets with social security on my behalf. The system is broken, but accelerating its faults is ultimately for its good.


Alright, so, I got a continuing disability report form a couple months ago. After the initial anxiety spell wore off enough for me to be able to fill it out, I did so and sent it in. I didn’t hear back for like a month and a half/two months.

The other day, however, they sent me a consent form so they can look at my records. Which I’m like 99.99% sure I already consented to when I filled out the original form, but I’m just like “meh okay whatever, at least they’re communicating.” Today, however, I got some bullshit “adult function report” packet thing. The questions are all shit I DEFINITELY answered on the initial form, shit like “do you prepare your own meals? If not, explain why?”

My grandpa, whom I live with, got the same form, except it’s asking her the same questions about me. It says to not have me answer for her on hers though.

What the fuck is going on? Is this a bad sign? Did any of you ever have this shit happen to you?



Stupid auto-correct


I don't think it's much which honestly if it just enough I don't care but that whole not being able to have over 2000 dollars in savings is what puts me off of even trying even though I have no idea how they would even enforce such a stupid policy.


I have not had NEETbux, but You could keep your Bank Accounts at a low Balance whilst building Savings by withdrawing Banknotes and purchasing Bitcoin, if your Stomach will suffer its ever-shifting Price.


I get about 750$ a month and I'm 32. I live with my parents, sister and her kids. I'm the same guy people have talked about in the anti-natalist threads where someone screenshotted a big post I did about my family.

I got my SSI back in 2014..or 2015, can't remember. My parents have been trying to get my sister on it but its apparently way harder now.


That was quite the story in that thread. Have things improved for you since then?


I got that same functioning report packet during my original claim.

That claim was denied and I've filed an appeal with a lawyer, who advised that I'd get the same packet again. So it's normal m8.


Also, my mother received an identical copy herself which dealt with me.


If that claim was denied, I wonder if that means me getting this packet is a sign that they’re probably going to stop my benefits?

Little backstory: I applied a few years ago and have been receiving benefits since 2016. Most of the people I’d talked to about it who received benefits themselves had told me that they’d probably deny my claim at first and “they make you jump through hoops.” That never actually happened to me though. I got approved on my first try and didn’t have to do any appeals or anything.

Have I gotten better since then? No not really. If anything I’d say I’m WORSE now. But I’m absolutely terrified because I feel like if I’m not absolutely perfect, it’ll screw me. I’m operating under the mindset that they don’t want me to have it, and will look for any tiny little thing to stop my benefits. Like, anything that’s worded slightly wrong. I’m scared because I don’t know if my answers will be airtight.

The government isn’t good at much but they’re REALLY good at screwing over vulnerable people like us. I NEED that money. I wouldn’t last a week at a “real” job. I used to work retail, and was on the brink of suicide in less than six months. I can’t go back to that.


The way the law is written, it's quite hard for them to kick people off for medical improvement. They like to pull shit like forcing you to go to some godforsakenly distant place for a CDR. The big thing that gets you kicked off is having any sort of income stream or trying to work legitimately (even though you're allowed to by law, in practice they don't want you to do so).

If you can dodge the traps and stay on top of paperwork, I think you'll be fine, at least for the next few years. They know that once they cut the checks by any significant amount, the economy will tank hard, so they're just doing this harassment to shit on people around the edges.
It's a shit system and not how I wanted to live my life. I wish there were an alternative because I'm doing better now than I was, but there is no way I can work a 9 to 5, because such positions largely don't exist for people like me. It's all gig economy shit and temp work, and vocational rehabilitation just straight up refuses to work with people like me in any serious way.


That actually makes me feel a lot better.?I’d be more than happy to get a job, if I could make more money doing that job than I am with this.

But it’s gotta be on MY terms. Nobody else’s. I can’t handle when other people try and impose their will on my life like that.


If you're up for review, you probably shouldn't. Maybe some time after the review would be a good time. Best to be careful and keep documents of what you are doing. I don't want to scare you into not working because you do have a right and it can happen, but you do have to watch your back and be certain that the alternative you have can last, or you're willing to take on the risk. The work incentives are intended for people working standard jobs for a company rather than self employment, rules for self employment are super arcane because they really don't like people going down that road.


Also I should have done math, it's normal for them to do a review 3 years in, then every 7 years after (though they basically stop caring after the first review, it actually took close to 9 years between the first review and the second.


I really wish I could work, get my own money and do something productive However I am very clumsy,dumb and have no social skill.

Find a job is extreme hard for me so I will live with my parents for now


I get $3,057.13 a month. Free health, vision and dental for life. With no assets cap. Its pretty nice for the neet life, but I had to lose alot in life as a young man to get it. So, I dont know if its a good trade or not.


>major depressive disorder and schizophrenia
Not American, but I would say its pretty good. I dont know how its there though, here in Europe they will nag you about wageslaving in literal slavejobs made just for retards to keep them out of negative statistics.


How good are my chances if I have a learning impairment stretching back to when I was six, traumatic events and emotional instability? This is all documented by school and a mental health clinic by the way.


Were you in the military anon?


Holy shit, if you can get that much money for free every money by joining the army, I'm gonna sign up and shoot myself in the foot.


It doesn't quite work like that - most people don't get disability at all from it. You need quite a few different conditions that all limit your ability to hold a normal job to get disability and they don't stack the way they should - if you have two conditions that qualify for 50% disability then you only get 60% instead of 100%. In addition it's based on the rank you held last before getting out. They also will not pay for something you deliberately do to yourself like shooting your foot.


Do I have any chance of getting NEETbux in Canada (Quebec) if I've held down a job for the last couple of years?


File: 1563041020455.jpg (76.4 KB, 368x537, 368:537, 1536117015097.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yea, I was in the Army in the 2000's

Not everyone gets 100% from the VA most people only get 10-20% after 4 years of services and that is only like $150 with no benefits.


another veteran "wiz", very nice.

…did you see action in iraq or afghanistan or something? what do you mean by "losing a lot in life as a young man"?



i lost both my legs blow the knees to an EFP IED.




Rip wizlegs


File: 1563948256119.jpg (51.03 KB, 780x585, 4:3, u.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I thought you couldn't collect disability if you leave the province/state much less the country, don't they check on your dwelling?

> keeping myself in school full time taking difficult classes
> I have genuine problems with depression, agoraphobia
sounds like you have some real srs agoraphobia problems fren

>The questions are all shit I DEFINITELY answered on the initial form, shit like “do you prepare your own meals? If not, explain why?”
That could be whether or not to classify the money they give you for rent is "board" (shelter+meals) or just "shelter" (no meals) to decide whether or not to give you hundreds a month for food or dozens as an allowance.

>You could keep your Bank Accounts at a low Balance whilst building Savings by withdrawing Banknotes and purchasing Bitcoin
I'm not sure what you mean by banknotes. If they see your bank records they will see you bought bitcoin and then probably demand to see those records. Only withdrawing cash tends to work, and if they suspect what you do with it, they might start asking for receipts for stuff you buy with the cash.

> That never actually happened to me though. I got approved on my first try and didn’t have to do any appeals or anything.
Me too, made me really regret not applying earlier. I kept thinking I had to "prep" to become super-pathetic. I missed out on tens of thousands… I could probably be skating near the asset limit owning my own vehicle if I'd began earlier!

what's a CDR?

>no assets cap
Not possible, I don't believe you, show me the laws for that. Also 3k is crazy, even ODSP only gives something like 1100 instead of 700 like OW.

TBH a big reason I'm trying to build lots of bux contacts (not just my caseworker, but any specialists they will refer me to) is to get enough references to join the army. Then I'll legit probably get injured (I'm in horrible shape) or if I end up witnessing violence, probably have a legit breakdown, and then get more sympathy when I go back on bux.

Sorry fren but no idea how Quebec works. I think as long as you didn't voluntarily quit the job you're fine. But they will expect you could hold others and expect you to be applying for them, and probably demand evidence of it.

> lost both my legs blow the knees to an EFP IED.
pic related


do they bully virgins in the us army?


How would they know you are a virgin if you don't tell them first?


they can smell them


Not really unless you are stinky and look antisocial


Is it feasible to live with a reasonably comfortable lifestyle on bux in Sweden? I’m a citizen but I’ve never lived there.


I have schizophrenia and major depressive disorder. I also have extreme anxiety and adhd, but I’m on disability for schizophrenia. I get 197 in cash and 192 in food a month. I also have a cat with an ESA certificate. His name is Tablescraps.


here in sodomwest the take is 925$ + 160EBT every month + full medical and other benefits.
Just sell your soul to the great satan and you will be on the gravy train for life!


File: 1567708052988.jpg (18.84 KB, 480x320, 3:2, mpv-shot0001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sweden sounds like wizard heaven i heard two norpers talking about how they went sweden and it was too boring.


poor kitty !


Anybody how the system works in Norway?
It would seem fun to be up in Northern Norway in a comfy cabin set up for life.


Lottery fantasies seems more acceptable


Why is the cat called Tablescraps?




How can I make a little money with minimal effort without wageslaving?


I have a PIP assessment coming up soon and I'm trying to get it so I can move out and find my own place (need assisted living and PIP makes that happen in the UK).

What's other wizzies experiences with moving out?

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