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Does anyone here in the USA have food, housing and money provided to them by the government due to a successful disability claim?

How much do you get per month, and what is the standard of living like? Also, what are the financial requirements, such as maximum assets allowed, or required attempts to gain employment?

I'm sure I could get on disability with a good lawyer, but I am reluctant to do so yet due to the time and money required to prove I have autism and drag it through court, and am worried that they'll just put me in a shithole apartment in a shithole neighborhood, can't have more then $2000 saved and only afford shit quality food. If that's the case then I'd just stay with my parents and ride it out 'till the wheels fall off.


File: 1541313973714.png (1.99 MB, 1600x1091, 1600:1091, 9bbc6a581c37a8d9575edb3c6c….png) ImgOps iqdb

I live with my one surviving parent and due to my legitimate shitty health issues I receive on average around $750 ZOG bucks per month from our Jew controlled government, though sometimes the number creeps closer to $800 such as the $798 figure I believe I received (if memory serves correct?) around two months ago.

Also you won't need a lawyer if you're genuinely fucked up but you will need a doctor of some sort to vouch for your fucked uppery.

Well ok I guess you could still need a lawyer if you live in a particularly shitty anti NEET healthcare state (probably some red state somewhere I'd be guessing).

Yeah though in my case all my doctor had to do was say or write: "Yep holy shit he's fucked up, give him the money" and I was in the system.

I think in some cases and states you can get a fuckton more money if you've ever worked before at a sweet job (job where you made lots of money) but yeah your mileage may very as I've heard of cases where people worked before, needed disability money and barely got as much as me a person whose never worked before.

Probably because they own lots or decent amounts of so called expensive assets ie cars, trucks, house, property, etc.


Disability isn't for autists. It's for people with real problems who can't survive other wise. Don't go on disability for the sake of an easy life, it creates a dependency and keeps you stuck in a loop of unproductive situations.

About the same numbers here. Winter means if it's below 0 on average they give you an extra $75 for heating costs. This happens every other year for a week or two.

There's multiple tiers of disability. There's "get a job in a year or we cut you off". "He cannot work most of the time but is functional" and "He's a potato". Depending on what group you fall into depends on how much you get and what they expect of you. Autism will get you in category one and they will force you to train and get a job as a cashier. Group 2 is the master race but requires a real medical condition and doctors evidence. There is an assessment and if they think you're faking even slightly they will force you to work instead.

Your assets do matter but not to how much you get. If you have more than $10,000 assets they will cut off your benefits. They expect you to use what you have before they give you more.


>they will force you to train and get a job as a cashier.
If I had to guess, I'd say most people here are functional enough to work shit-tier jobs, even if it would destroy their souls in the process. As long as you're perceived as capable of working the most humiliating slave-tier jobs, the government will try to take you off of welfare.


I qualify but I never filed. I don't need some female social worker knocking on my door every six months all for a measly 700 bux a month. I'll probably have to when my breeders croak, though. Make sure you look into whatever welfare programs your local and state government has set aside for you in addition to the federal programs. A lot of those liberal cities help you get a pretty decent apartment if you have genuine mental illnesses. With SSI, EBT, SSDI (if you ever worked) and the various local programs you can still eek out an okay living when it's all said and done. If you go down this path try to find a social worker to talk to, they know the ins and outs of the system to help you maximize your bennies.


Also look into charities and good will stores and the like you can get so much stuff there for free in addition to whatever gibs you get.


File: 1541658414318.gif (742.71 KB, 250x350, 5:7, toad creek gif.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Well the main issue is my autism + host of other issues and not having a quiet/comfortable place to sleep regular hours prevent me from even being able to get a job. I'm almost 30 and accomplished basically nothing my whole life, so I'm already coming from the most dependent and unproductive timeline you could imagine. Thing is I look mostly normal and unsuspecting, until someone walks too close to me or tries to look at me or talk to me.

What I'm hoping for is to be given a safe and comfortable apartment to stay at, and directly set up with a job, not just told to "go apply places" with my 5 year employment gap, zero applicable skills and incurable autistic personality. There is literally, literally no way a private employer with hiring power would ever choose me over anyone else, unless it is arranged for me and all I have to do is show up and work, not compete with other people just for the non-existent chance of getting a job.

Suicide is preferable to full time wage slavery, I will stand by that. But I can accept being poor so long as I only have to work part time and the system takes care of food and housing for me. My state has expanded medicaid and all I need is a financial audit for that.


I got on SSI right after high school (extensive school record of being a fuckup meant I could get on without much legal hassle), eventually got on SSDI because I started working after getting on SSI and my father became disabled. (Don't ask me, it's a fucked up system and I didn't even know about SSDI until the case worker mentioned that I was eligible.)

I don't know how people get on without a school record (because it's the government telling the government that I'm a fuckup), but I know a while back they closed off access for mode sped students and turned the process into a nightmare to get on.

I lived with my mother the whole time until she died, and now I'm living alone in her house, which I am barely able to afford. I'm thinking about trying to work again, but this time I'm looking at self-employment since I'm unhireable for Porky. The SSA takes a really dim view on self-employment though so I have to be careful about what I do, and SSDI has different rules about working which make it harder than it was on SSI (they don't care and are happy to get you off if at all possible). From what I know now though, once you're on for mental health reasons they really start fucking with people when they start working, even for SSI. It wasn't like that over ten years ago but it's apparently a thing now.

They probably won't put you in a shitty apartment if you have some alternative, but that may be different depending on where you are. Here, they can't be arsed and apartments are filled mostly by people who were formerly homeless anyway, so the arrangement I made with my mother (technically I was renting a room) stuck. I also get a small amount from food stamps but it only went up slightly when my mother died. The government doesn't really bother me except for a yearly re-assessment from the state HHS office. I heard once they were trying to pull some shit but my mother was alive then and threatened them (she had quite a bit of experience with their bullshit and how to deal with social services).

I wouldn't recommend it and I'd trade disability for a stable job bringing in approx $15k a year, assuming healthcare wasn't a problem (I think at that income I don't have to pay the Obamacare penalty anyway.) That's the problem though, stable basically doesn't exist any more for anyone, and in my situation I'll be the first fired every single time.

For SSDI your assets basically don't matter as far as I remember. It's a messed up system. SSI is ridiculous and forces you at the edge of poverty at all times (I still have to deal with the asset limits for state programs but I don't have much and there are ways to get rid of the surplus if you fall into getting a lump sum of money / property).


File: 1542022798461.jpg (36.19 KB, 396x402, 66:67, Outkasted___front.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i get 750 a month 192 food stamps 26 cash assistance and free healthcare. i had to go thru alot of of hospitals until i got to use it. not to mention shitty programs run by the UN as well. i signed up for a public housing list took me over 2 years but rent is a 3rd of your income so im paying 250 a month


What's the apartment like? I'd like to sign up for one but I don't want to be put in a section ape situation, it would not be liveable for me.


I got nearly €200 a week for welfare in Ireland. I got hassled every week to apply for a job and I did.


I don't have a section 8 apartment but my dad did. He lived in new york city and it was a 1 bedroom apartment, with a bed, couch and tv and a small table to sit. You could fit 4 king sized beds in there, it was plenty of space for a wizard though I wouldn't preferred a little smaller space to be comfy. The kitchen and appliancs and bathroom were old but everything worked fine. It was in a safe jewish neighborhood with mostly white people, but some of the section 8's there are buildings full of niggers and gang members. I don't know how he got it, but he's a baby boomer and was very old and dying.


what are your health issues?


It's been over 10 years since I was in high school, this was the early 2000s before autism was common knowledge, and they just called me weird, quirky, disruptive, etc. If I was a high schooler in the current year I'm sure I would be called autistic as much as I was called faggot back in the day, and the school counselor would refer me to a psychiatrist.

So now I'm going to contact the county public health department and other agencies to see if I can get an evaluation and diagnosis. I am concerned that I'll appear too normal, since sitting at a desk talking to a shrink they won't see how dysfunctional I am out and about in public and interacting with people in a non-controlled setting. Hopefully my lack of emotional inflection and self-descriptions of autistic behavior will suffice.

>They probably won't put you in a shitty apartment if you have some alternative, but that may be different depending on where you are. Here, they can't be arsed and apartments are filled mostly by people who were formerly homeless anyway

I thought this might be the case. Would try explaining how yes I do have a place to live at the moment, but the environment is too disruptive to get enough sleep or sleep normal hours.


they have multiple sites some multifamily homes some brick buildings some towers. im in a single bedroom with a balcony in one of the newer developments. where i live its mostly quiet elders. i cant speak for the rest of the sites though.


Do your neighbors know that your autism bux case?


What about "group homes?" Section 8 & public housing is always full with a long waiting list, usually priority is given to families anyways. For one individual wizard, might not be so bad.


File: 1544772992638.jpg (494.04 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, SW1-269.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've heard of high-functioning autistics being placed in group homes and /or some sort of assisted-living facilities.

For example, this place I link to below in northern California is an autistic community. I believe the majority of the people there are lower functioning, but there are HFA / aspie types there, too, as I understand it.

There are all sorts of state and private initiatives around America for autists, you just have to look. There aren't enough places and programs for everyone, to be sure. But it's worth looking into for autistic wizards who need a place to live.


That genuinely looks like a luxury compound to the kind of group living situations set aside for the mentally ill. Why couldn't I have been born autistic instead of schizoaffective.


I applied but it was a shit show and got denied. Guess its going to be suicide after all. Dying is the only way to save this train wreck of a life anyway so I am not too bitter about it.


tell us more wizkid


that only houses 16 people. that's more of an exclusive scientific study than anything even remotely viable for autists


Do minorities in US get preferential for welfare bux even if they are lighter cases/healthy?


My mother used to work in assisted living/care and nursing homes. She saw a few younger males (30-50's) who had autism living in them and it was usually the ones who were not prone to agitation and what I'd still call aspergers.


Someday, videogames, movies, tv will get boring and most people in your age group will be working, raising a familly and paying for a house. You will no longer be young and you will feel left behind as your life experience diverges further from your age group.

Financial independence is only half of the struggle. Once you achieve it you will have to find something meaningful to do with your life or else you will struggle and despair.It is a different kind of hell. Passive entertainement wont be able to fill the void anymore. When I say you will have to find something meaningful to do in your life, i dont mean it in a kind of selfhelp personal growing bullshit. I mean it in the you will become suicidal and despair as you have nothing to do and others move on with their lives. It is paramount that the financially independent person find something important to do and makes an effort to keep on doing it if he is to survive.


Truth post. Take heed apprentices.


Norman post. Take heed failed normans.


Not really.


File: 1545028041562.png (1.22 MB, 918x615, 306:205, DKC Collectibles.png) ImgOps iqdb


Fuck off with your pop psyche bullshit normie.

I'm one of the oldest wizards here and I'm doing just fine doing nothing at all which disproves your little theory.

Humans are shit, have consistently proven to me to be shit and I have no desire in attaining some Christ fag/theistic like "purpose" in helping them further ruin the world whether its via engaging with Jew capitalism or helping repair mentally and or physically broken normies so they can continue the awful natalism life cycle.

The only "purpose" Wizards who may actually need one to get by is the one put forward by the VHEMT group (voluntary human extinction movement) and that is to never breed or encourage the act thereof and whenever an opportunity arises attempt to convince another person who may be willing to listen to them to not do the same even if said person remains a sex haver.

They can have all the sex they want just get their tubes tied/nuts lasered so that they cannot bring anymore children into this foul world and equally vile uncaring universe.


you're older than 68?


No he just turned 20.



You sure sound like a well-balanced person. I'm sure you enjoy your life.


>>152506 dayum…and i thought i had a low opinion of bipedal hominids. wow, just wow. at 68 years of age i have to say that i see zero (0) hope for humanity in this current existential venue. children, you are to young to be so redpilled and burned out. but i can say that i understand your feelings regarding the neotards that are the majority of the hominids. it is a sad thing to watch and i feel as tho i have seen it all before. it is sad to watch a species die of its own stupidity/non-adaptability. maybe the creator will approve kzinty as the next incarnation of intelligent life. (TIC) <I;P


File: 1545124443803.jpg (54.03 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Harvey-A.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Not quite as old as Cali Wiz but disturbingly too close in age to him to feel good about it (no offense though elder Wiz).


Shit, I wish I was still a 20 year old Wizkid. No serious health issues and retro games still carried a special magic to me that goes far beyond the simple tactile enjoyment that I get from playing them now.


Why are you still here succubi? Don't you have an instagram account or web cam show to attend to in order to whore yourself out to greedy crabs for sheckels???

Dogfart and Bang Bus no longer hiring??

What gives toots?


Apologies if the post I responded to was you elder wiz or even another genuine/actual wizard. My vitriolic reply came about because to me that post read like one of these smarmy succubi cunts we've had running around the site at times, who has clearly just taken a psychology class or two and now thinks she knows everything there is to know about each of us and our individual situations.

Its just not true.

Hell as Bugman continually points out to me /dep/ wizards are most definitely NOT to be used as an example for ALL wizards meaning not ALL of us are suicidal or having ideations of suicide, etc.

Anyway if that person's post be they wizard or succubi psychology student's above post were in any way true ACROSS THE BOARD OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE then why in the hell do so many normies and rich Chad celebrity rock stars and movie stars kill themselves via overdose or deliberately via hanging or other means??

They've got it made right? As many girlfriends as they want, money, big house, status, societal respect and admiration, a so called "future".

So why didn't that keep the rapper Mac Miller from drugging himself to death and the Linkin Park and Soundgarden guys from hanging themselves??? (well I think hanging was their method but correct me if I'm wrong fellow wizzos)

Anyway whoever made that post needs to understand that making one size fits all blanket statements like that towards complex human beings are always going to end up to be false.

Wizards have posted proof of various Wiz-heroes over time who have deftly refuted said posting such as the North Pond Hermit and Uncle Ted not to mention this other guy whose name I don't recall who lived by himself in a cabin alone in the woods and even did some voluntary work for the government or local government monitoring the weather or some shit until his death in the 80 something years old age range.

Even Christ fag clergy members have refuted this indvidual's post especially those solitary monks Wizchan Jesus freaks always post and drool about the life of every few weeks.


>Shit, I wish I was still a 20 year old Wizkid.
This is just your time, but this doesn't apply to every WizKid out there. Gen zs are depressive.


>>152523 with what i see every day in this pestiferous shithole i have the greatest difficulty in seeing a future that anyone will find acceptable or survivable.
it does not look good for anyone.
be aware, watch your 6.
never in all my years have i seen so many dangerous violent whack jobs and 647M-51-50's.
the fires dumped the worst of the nutters in our '20 and no one has a solution for it. i have never had so many people who want to challenge me or fight me me on a physical basis.
when you have a 6'5" monstrosity screaming in your face for no reason that you can perceive you know it will not be a good day. (think of a 320 lb walking dead but with a brain).
i am moving to the deep mountains as soon as i can.
i have seen shit that would make normies blow chunks.
these freaks become more common by the day.
a good time will be a thing of the past here with 30,000 refugees on the loose.
i don't need the paperwork from taking any of them down.
i am tired of the nonsense.


as for gib/neetbux etc the free ride will not last forever.
be careful with what you have.
it can go away at some paper pushers whim.
i have seen it happen too many times in this "socialist paradise".
i hope it works out for all of you.


OP here, thanks! I will be looking into things like this.


If anything the system is slightly advantageous towards white males, at least for SSI/SSDI.

The rest of the welfare system ironically punishes you for trying to get off of it, until they kick you off and throw you into the street. Since they force work requirements, they pretty much make sure you wind up in jobs that will never allow you to be self-sufficient (there are no jobs anyway, jobs are for people with social connections, the rest of us have to settle for the most precarious of employment if we're lucky). The social workers seem to trust men and particularly white men more than they trust succubi (and I've heard of some brutal cases where social workers really walked all over applicants over petty shit), but it's never going to be smooth sailing unless you're disabled and only going for the bare minimum from human services (and even then they try to pull shit, like scheduling interviews that they know a disabled person will have difficulty making. Social Security pulls that stunt too which makes it difficult for someone legit disabled to stay on without a support system, but they only check every 7 years (was actually 9 years for me last time because of their insane backlog)

I was in school during the late '90s (left at 17 in 2001). Some time shortly after I left, the government noticed an epidemic of ASDs applying for disability and changed the rules, so it's way harder to get on now.

A lot of the people in my age cohort have either died or long since learned to shut up and just take the check. I entertained thoughts that this was just a temporary thing until I could sort out something, anything other than public assistance, but after 2007 and the collapse that is virtually impossible.

The way it usually works is that the school marks an ASD at an early age or pushes hard to put the kid in sped, and that's the basis for their eventual disability claim. They (and me) never have a chance, from age 1 they were saying I was condemned to autism. Whatever state you are in or not in doesn't appear to be relevant, so much as the legal status assigned to you at a young age. They made damn sure I remembered my place. Today I'm in much better shape, but I still have no education credential whatsoever and no ability to secure meaningful employment of any sort. All social connections were exhausted a long time ago, no one is going to hire me.
You really, really don't want to be put in the places they want to put autistics in unless the alternative is the street, or having your check confiscated by abusive parents. For the longest time I paid my mother half my check as rent, rest was for food and other stuff. When she died, I get to live in the house by myself, which is super cheap and puts me in a far better position if I have any thoughts of getting off the system, and just in general.
Group homes are the literal worst, usually run by some unscrpulous bitch who takes your whole check and gives you little more than feeding. You can also lose a lot of your legal freedoms and personhood. I know a succubus who wound up in a place like that after her "friend" ratted her out to APS, her life is a nightmare now and she was begging for spare change on the street when she could just so she could remember what it's like to buy things.

One good thing about SSDI bux is that it's quite difficult to be kicked off, since it's such an old system, back when Burgerland was at the forefront of this social democracy thing. SSI is pretty hard to lose too since they use the same criteria. It does happen (again, often because of the asinine appointment requirements and reporting requirements every 7 years, that they know damn well disabled people will have difficulty doing, so the people who do lose it are typically the people who are the worst off). I don't know how bad it is in Yurop but I've heard some horror stories in Bongland where people are cut off by the same sort of this Burgerland does with the privatized parts of the welfare system, which doesn't seem like a good sign of things to come. Yurop does pay more though.


In Belarus they don't just cut you off if you miss appointments, they start charging you for your unemployment and for all you've received so far.


Do any wizards have experience with bux in Sweden?


I've heard stories of that happening in Burgerland too, when people were judged "never disabled" and asked to pay back a ridiculous sum of money. And, when it comes to mental health cases, the way it's set up is to assume you were born defective or you're not defective at all, there is no middle ground (legacy of eugenics and all). I worry about that happening to me, although supposedly the system has changed to prevent that from happening as much as it used to happen. (I've heard of disabled people in wheelchairs with purely physical disabilities being forced to repay every dime they ever got from disability, which is cruel beyond belief.)


> people in your age group will be working, raising a familly and paying for a house.
I am a 35 year old neet and honestly this does not bother me. I really don't give a shit of what other people are doing and keeping up with them seems quite meaningless at this point. They never gave me anything but pain and misery when I interacted with society so I don't feel the need to compare myself to them anymore. We are essentially two different types of organisms that can just barely fathom that the other exists even if we do not understand why.

You are correct that things such as t.v or whatever you are into can cease to be entertaining though. There are tons of other hobbies though so picking up something new shouldn't be that hard.


File: 1546219760745.jpeg (163.08 KB, 1536x1157, 1536:1157, F6A7E777-332C-4D62-9F76-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I have never been diagnosed with anything, but I believe I suffer from OCD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, and perhaps some kind of thyroid disorder. I understand it looks like I’m whining or begging for attention by listing so many health issues, but many, if not all of them, are connected. But again, I’ve never been diagnosed.

That said, what are the chances of me getting bux? I don’t need a lot, just enough. I’m able to apply in either the USA or Sweden, if that makes a difference.


What I've learned reading about psychology/hypnosis is that it's all based around the words and images you make in your mind. See the mind saves everything as images, yes even sound and your own imagination. Your existence is a constantly writing echo of the past. Every moment the mind reenacts past event with present words.
Different cultures have different emotions, because, as one theory goes, the words themselves and how you learn how to act out those emotions for social peers is linked to specific words via memory.
It's not like you can rewrite yourself in a day, but it's how you think all the time that's causing you to experience the world a certain way.
There are 17,000+ studies on google scholar about how expressive writing helps people. I think this is because they begin to get in touch with their own meanings behind the words.

tl;dr- most people don't choose misery, they convince themselves of it.

I looked it up because I was interested, Sweden's total population is 10m and 1.5m are on some sort of benefits. They have specific benefit applications too like housing assitance, here in the US it's a literal lottery wait list that you sit on. I'd definitely try sweden, be as honest as possible about your situation and the case managers will roll out the carpet for you. If you lie, chances are that not only will you not get help with your situation, you'll be worse off than before because you've exhausted your best chance at help.

>if not all of them, are connected. But again, I’ve never been diagnosed.

Check out the books on libgen The UltraMind Solution or anything by Mark Hyman, and The Plant Paradox. Plant Paradox is hogwash at times and shaky science at best, but most of those issues are autoimmune/gut related which means good diet and good thinking. It's not a well know fact, but nerves carry memories, and there are tons of nerves all over your body, including your digestive system. You can think yourself ill and to good health, to an extent, but to what extent is not understood yet from what I've read.

Doctors will tell you everything about an antidepressant, what they won't tell you is that exercise, fasting, meditation, expressive writing, and reducing screen time(any screen) improves overall health.
I've had lot of issues, diabeetus, weight, anxiety, depression, etc. and it really didn't improve much until I started to do all those things.


Thanks for the advice, wiz. I’ll look more into Sweden.

I’ve read a little into gut health and it does seem plausible. I mean no disrespect by this, but if I could do all those things (meditation, exercise, etc.), I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. It’s an endless, self-sustaining cycle of misery.


I steal money online, I developed methods to steal whenever I need now using fake crypto stores


File: 1546322691971.jpeg (112.92 KB, 700x464, 175:116, muricaflipfingereagle.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


>thinking whether getting bucks would be easier in Sweden or in Burgerland

In Sweden, I'd reckon you'll get a fair shake, and if your troubles are serious enough, bucks will ensue. In 'Murica, from what I hear (a sure tell of a credible source, eh?), you have to jump across all kinds of hoops and be a borderline retard to warrant any benefits. Where the hell do you live? If you have both USA and swedish opportunities, I'd really pick the latter, unless, of course, you're the "GONNA MAKE MY OWN BUSINESS GO BIG!"-type of guy, which doesn't seem to be the case here.

tl;dr: Sweden takes the cake for bucks, but it all depends where you're living now.


>Doctors will tell you everything about an antidepressant, what they won't tell you is that exercise, fasting, meditation, expressive writing, and reducing screen time(any screen) improves overall health.
Normalshit platitudes. These work to a certain extent and that’s it, and fasting is not for everyone. If they fix all your issues you likely didn’t have that many to begin with. And again with the meditation meme, what is it with all this new age crap? It’s fucking everywhere


>You can think yourself ill and to good health, to an extent, but to what extent is not understood yet from what I've read.
For 99.99% of people it is most likely negligible. But sure, if you tell someone sick that “its all in ur head” and to “just be positive :))) “ you will probably do manage to make them feel worse than they would be without your christian science-tier mumbo jumbo. There’s a reason this line of thinking is more popular with succubi.


It is basically impossible for me to get bux, even living in the liberal wonderland of Canada. I've never been diagnosed, and I know I wouldn't be able to fake it and besides, from what I've heard, bux are basically non-existant here unless you are genuinely potato-tier. I've never been able to hold a fulltime job for more than a week, it's just so miserable. And my lack of education means I'd be stuck working a low wage job anyway. My only hope is that I can work part time and beg my parents to let me pay rent. But how pathetic would that be as a full grown adult? I can only blame myself and my own laziness that led me to this situation.


Canuck here too. I was on bux for a few months because I was face-to-face with homelessness, but they only gave it to me if I promised to find a job through their program. I was actually willing to begin work though. The problem was I was 20 kilometres from their office without a vehicle so I missed one appointment and they cut me off without inquiry. I too had to negotiate paying rent just in order to qualify. The real stupid thing is, I (unfortunately) can name a few people who have been getting Ontario Works for years without obligation to get a job or even see a doctor. They're all drunken females who DON'T pay rent. Some even get the bux while working full time, adding $7k+ annual on to their $30k salary.

Apparently It's going to get harder for single non-immigrant males to save money as the libs are in office. Taxes are already highest for us and with overpopulation in the GTA and surrounding counties, not only landlords but now employers for menial no-skill labour can pick and chose from hundreds of candidates. No Facebook for them to look at? Must mean you're a creep or criminal so you don't get the job. This country is a third-world nation.


Absolutely, the job market here is in shambles. Maybe getting unemployement is my only option at free bux but since the end goal is to work as little as possible it doesn't make any sense. I've heard about people getting rejected for not having social media, how big is that really? It's not happened to me yet


>I've heard about people getting rejected for not having social media, how big is that really? It's not happened to me yet

They probably won't flat out say that you weren't accepted for the job because you lack a social media profile, but not having one is seen as a bad sign above all. It's mostly for jobs which require consumer relations and working in groups. If multiple people who are equally qualified on paper apply for the same job as say a gas station attendant, the reviewer will go beyond standard criteria and use the process of elimination by their own fabricated (often sensible) criteria to chose the best person.

You have 4 guys who graduated from the same class, have the same work history, and fit the same slot of the diversity quota, but only one can work there. So you run their names through social media and find that two of them talk rudely to people online, so they're now placed at the bottom because despite how they presented themselves at the interview, you know now that they're bad eggs and not suitable to deal with customers. Another guy shows signs of depression, so maybe he's going to bring the other workers down. Then the last guy you don't find any profiles for.

The last guy's lack of a social presence can be interpreted as anything negative, but it will always be regarded as "not normal" and therefor a bad trait when working with people, because now that most people have social media, to not have it leaves the question of why. Employers will likely assume the worst and shy away from those who don't indulge in something trivial that most other people do, and as a result this candidate gets placed below both the rude guys and the depressed guy, because while those are problems which can deduct from an employee's performance, they wouldn't surface as surprises during the employment because the reviewer had a chance to learn of them beforehand. But what potential problems the online ghost guy might have, as bad as they may or not be, can only come expectantly, so there's too much of a gamble to consider him as suitable for work.

That's the sensible way to see it though. The real rising issue is that reviewers, often HR, are given total control over who comes and goes from the company. They will likely put before others those who they personally like, for whatever reason, and opt to hire potential friends over capable employees. It's a bias that most people have. I mean, if you had to chose who you had to work next to from a list, wouldn't you pick the person less likely to be someone you hate on a personal level? HR is dominated by females though; ones social enough to have trudged through schooling for the job OR had enough charisma to get it upfront. Because of this, no wizard or even regular Joe sans Facebook will be up to the personal standards of whatever sociopathic hambeast is in charge of hiring a new toilet scrubber.


That's weird. My cousin has been getting NEETbux for years now without any real issue. You can always try Uncle Remus's Guide if you're desperate at least.


what's the best way to get the bux if you have a mental illness? i just checked all of the programs in my city but it is a little overwhelming. am I best off just contacting a social worker?


I suffer enough anxiety/depression that I deserve bux, but these tend to go to succubi or effeminate males who whine more and do fake suicide attempts than guys who just habitually swallow their feelings.


>you will have to find something meaningful to do with your life or else you will struggle and despair.It is a different kind of hell. Passive entertainement wont be able to fill the void anymore.

Passive entertainment is books/comics/TV

Active entertainment is vidya/wikis/PBP.

You are probably thinking stuff like I need to try and romance a succubus and raise some kids another guy put in her though, right beta?


normal cross-legged sitting meditation is largely BS, but holding static postures like yoga as one form of exercise is pretty decent. Focusing on body alignment distracts your mind and 'empties' it better than cross-legged thinking. IMO most people can't do the latter until they do the former. The lazy "just sitting" meditation is what old yogis did because they were too tired from old age or other physical activities done throughout the day to do crazy postures anymore. People under 50 need crazy postures to use up their energy to create calmness.

Doctors will also not tell you EVERYTHING about an antidepressant, like how it can increase being suicidal, make you gain weight, etc.

The irony of those is they apparently decrease libido but normies want us to take them to make us more normal like them, which requires having a libido to make you want to be a wageslave to buy succubi stuff so they'll spread for you. I'm already hyposexual (funny how the asexual community hate that world, pathetic absolutist fucks) so it would probably make me even more hypothetic. I think my libido/test are the only reason I bother to exercise or do chores or talk to people at all.

My mom's older brother and his son are on bux, for merit of being morbidly obese. My choice to eat less food and exercise results in my being punished by being denied those luxuries.

what you're describing sounds like Ontario Works, not sure what the equivalent is in other provinces. This is largely why I don't apply, because I know either they will say I'm not applying for enough jobs, or some shit job will accept me and when they fire me OW will say I didn't try to keep it and cut me off. Meanwhile I will have let them enter the living space to give my mom's BF reason to rage at me and mock me further, increasing the risk we spiral into violence. It's like my mom wants change so badly she'd rather I be in jail. My cousin who stole a fucking car and produced bastards and beats his mom gets all this admiration compared to me, simply because he wageslaves in some cuck job he probably only got to fill ethnic quotas.

I think the drunk females get away with not paying rent because they lie about it and people are afraid to investigate them.

I didn't know they reject people for not having facebook. I'd make one and just not use it, but not actively updating with pics of food+family+GF would probably also work against you.

Have you never been rejected for work? They're not going to actively TELL you that they're rejecting you for that reason, it's behind the scenes.

> lack of a social presence can be interpreted as anything negative, but it will always be regarded as "not normal" and therefor a bad trait when working with people, because now that most people have social media, to not have it leaves the question of why. Employers will likely assume the worst and shy away from those who don't indulge in something trivial that most other people do, and as a result this candidate gets placed below both the rude guys and the depressed guy, because while those are problems which can deduct from an employee's performance, they wouldn't surface as surprises during the employment because the reviewer had a chance to learn of them beforehand. But what potential problems the online ghost guy might have, as bad as they may or not be, can only come expectantly, so there's too much of a gamble to consider him as suitable for work.

I think we need to put together some kind of guide on recommended efficient bare minimums for putting together a pseudosocial life on Facebook. Just schedule stuff to put on there, and find ways to feign friendships with minimal effort and maintenance solely for the purpose of impressing future employers.

Maybe 2 antisocial guys could team up for that, like if you both got a cheap gym membership, post pictures of each other lifting and act like meatheads. Have people tease you about your friendship being homoerotic. Maybe it seem like you are failed PUAs. But in reality, this seems like the safest and simplest way of filling up an 'updates' thing. Also you could post lots of boring pictures of tuna, but be eating the tuna together, so it seems like you are social. Losers, but social.

You need a diagnosis. But psychiatrists cost money. It's a catch 22.


Aren't there public mental health departments you can go to for evaluation/diagnosis?


I'm going through the system currently, and it has reached federal court levels. I had a lawyer right now with 40 years of experience who is semi retired. It's been hell to say the least. Funny thing is the lawyers argument in favor of denial to the federal court that I was denied was for my high intelligence which is considered discrimination by Social Security's own rules. At this time I am waiting for a judgement, but if I get denied there could be a discrimination lawsuit where I will sue them for everything I can get. If not then I'm going to take me life.



Is it possible to get NEETbux for Borderline Personality Disorder or Dysthymia?

I don't think I could fake an autism diagnosis with the stuff of my record.


File: 1549240305739.jpg (8.94 KB, 182x276, 91:138, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I live in Canada and neet-bux pay for my 450 dollar a month shitty bachelor apartment, a meager 275 bucks a month for expanses, a free bus pass, most free medications. My doctor helped me get it because of major depressive disorder. The best thing to do is go to your doctor and ask for anti depressants and a be put on a waiting list for therapy of some kind. This will get the ball rolling, after that is done you need to contact the welfare folks and provide documentation of you trying to get better.


I was in DBT for a while but it was a requirement that I be in work or school 20 hours a week and I couldn't keep a job.

There aren't any other DBT therapists near me on my mom's insurance and normal therapists refuse to see me now.


That's not nearly enough. Do you have a job as well or do your breeders help out as well?


no, since they'll compare you to other with BPD and see that they're functional and have jobs
also, personality disorders usually aren't considered for neetbux tier worthy here


File: 1549586601463.jpg (13.42 KB, 220x308, 5:7, 9b9c9e05d4bd56b1bce059f1a9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Is it possible to get NEETbux for Borderline Personality Disorder or Dysthymia?

No. See, you have the idea (having a diagnosis), but you're clinging to the wrong symptoms/diagnosis. If you have BPD and Dysthymia, you're more than likely to have more serious psychiatric shit and you haven't noticed it yet (severe depression, psychosis, disorders related to addiction, ADD, autism, the list goes on).

If you aren't legit crazy yet, and want NEETbux, you'll have to pretend you're crazy/retarded. Faking a suicide attempt and getting into a psychiatric hospital for it, is a 100% sure guaranteed way to get give you a good first step on autixmbux. Heck, you don't even have to fake to attempt it, you can just say your radio keeps telling you to kill yourself and harm someone else and that you're scared. They might force-feed you meds you won't want for a good couple of days though.


So how good are my chances if I have a legit suicide attempt and then have another legitimate suicide attempt and still survive?
Should I for broke? Sweet oblivion or NEET life?


>a good couple of days though.
closer to a week to a week and half now
I had to go the shrink ward last fall, it was awful.

if you've already done it twice you probably need to switch to hammering out more diagnosis with a clinical psych or psychiatrist, which can take a couple months
but a third time can't hurt


>I had to go the shrink ward last fall, it was awful.
I feel you wizard brother, I had to stay for a week for a psychotic episode. Everyone was cruel to me, I live in the third-world, picture a third-world psychiatric hospital. Everything smells like piss, scratches in the wall, nurses and psychiatrists treat you bad. I was involuntarily injected cocktails of anti-psychotics. Ironically there's no 5150 equivalent where I live. When I attempted suicide twice and ended up in the ER of a public hospital, doctors couldn't force me to go to the psych ward of its hospital, so I just left within hours, when I made sure I was fine.

>So how good are my chances if I have a legit suicide attempt

>and then have another legitimate suicide attempt and still survive?

Chance would be good, add in psychotic symptoms (lie), read about it. It increases your chances tenfold.

I am suicidal myself, I have attempted suicide, but it would hurt my heart to see another wizard brother leave life like this. Don't do it brother, we're brothers, we're here for each other.


File: 1550585467781.jpg (6.29 KB, 275x183, 275:183, MB for PP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have proposed at https://wizchan.org/meta/res/48432.html that this topic deserves its own board. Really we should have individual threads for different nations and even states/provinces to discuss localized specifics of how to optimize our bux, as well as generic threads. This is such a necessary party of NEETdom which correlates with wizardry that it should not just be lumped together and lost in the shuffle of regular topics.

Remus' guide would seem to be the key to upgrading to ODSP from OW. Apparently if you can get on OW they might even help you advocate for ODSP. A prereq is getting psychiatric care though. If Health Ontario won't cover psychiatry, maybe OW will? I already own books on depression and anxiety that a psychiatrist had recommended I buy, but this treatment was before I changed my name and over 10 years ago so I don't know if I should bring it up.

>bux are basically non-existant here unless you are genuinely potato-tier. I've never been able to hold a fulltime job for more than a week, it's just so miserable. And my lack of education means I'd be stuck working a low wage job anyway.

Who did you hear this from? What province are you in? Is it possible harder to get income support in other provinces? Do you now have the equivalent of Ontario Works? Even if you can't hold a job, getting them and losing them still would count as seeking employment to fulfill the criteria for getting assistance.

>But how pathetic would that be as a full grown adult? I can only blame myself and my own laziness that led me to this situation.

That's a judgment we can each make for our own lives. I do not blame myself, I blame parental neglect. I would be much more confident and successful if, for example, instead of having a 2nd sibling, multiple pets, multiple vacations, unnecessary luxury furniture upgrades, superfulous laptops, etc. my mom had instead bought me a car, maintained a college savings fund, bought home gym equipment, etc. We build up for the examples set for us, so I would say you should only blame yourself if your parents set great examples, gave you lots of resources, and you still failed. But even then, you can still blame society.

>I think so but pretty sure they have requirements like you need to be self-harming or at least threatening it. I haven't quite worked up to doing that. Drawing attention to myself may not be wise, I believe there are people who hate me in the police force and I don't want to come to their attention.

> 450 dollar a month shitty bachelor apartment

What fucking province do you live in that you can afford an apartment for that? I can just barely find a small ROOM to rent for 500. One thing I hate about Ontario Works is that it's a fixed cap despite rent being ridiculously higher in the southern developed regions. In fact, people in the northern areas where rent is low actually get a BONUS for some reason, possibly because it costs more to get transportation or food, I guess?

>275 bucks a month for expanses

https://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/directives/ow/6_2_OW_Directives.aspx means I could get 343, but I can't earn this if I'm paying "board" (since it includes food) so I think I need to try and re-negotiate to just paying rent so I have more control over things. If I can get by on 32 cans of tuna a month and buy them for 1.25 each then food should only cost me 80 a month and I could save 195/mo up for a car or something?

I'm thinking perhaps I could go to food pantries and get free food and only pay for it when they're out? Immigrants are going to come and take that food anyway, I may as well try and get some since I was born here. I'm the one who the Jewish doctors took the foreskin of, whose father was alienated by government theft, I deserve compensation more than succubi and uncircumcized foreigners with intact families.

>go to your doctor and ask for anti depressants and a be put on a waiting list for therapy of some kind. This will get the ball rolling, after that is done you need to contact the welfare folks and provide documentation of you trying to get better.

What anti-depressants are safe though? I don't care if it lowers libido or anything (probably a benefit) but I don't want something that would make me suicidal, I hear that happens sometimes. How strict is Canada with compliance? If someone was just flushing pills, would they have any way of finding out, like a blood test? Can they even measure serotonin in your brain to find out if you are taking prescribed SSRIs?

huh, when I was at psych in early 20s I got recommended to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) but hadn't heard of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) until now.

> it was a requirement that I be in work or school 20 hours a week and I couldn't keep a job.

So were you in school? 4 hours per weekday is shorter than the usual schoolday. I had somehow managed that after dropping out of high school when doing some PSW training. Ultimately my psyche couldn't handle the idea that I could be working with HIV patients and they had no legal obligation to tell me that so that I could opt out of it though. Also the risk of going to jail if some elder/retard chimps out and tries to kill me and I defended myself, fuck that. Plus I am horrible with people and only entered the program because my mom's mafia drugdealer ex who bragged to me about how he curbstomped guys heads pressured me into doing it at my mom's behest.


What are are my chances of getting approved for SSDI have major depressive disorder and schizophrenia?


anyone knows how to obtain neetbux/autismbux in Europe? I'm from UK but willing to relocate to somewhere where bucks would be given to me so I can have a peaceful existance. I heard Spain is good and Ireland. But can someone who is not citixen get bux in European countries? I have european passport. Is faking schixophrenia good way to get bux? I can add other stuff like depression etc because I've been seeing psychiatrists and can get papers proving that


with brexit coming up your situation in a eu country might get much more complicated in the future. I wouldnt bet on having much luck with foreign authorities when it comes to that, they legislate both at european and national levels in order to avoid having to deal with people like you who seek to take advantage of other countries’ social system.


Rereading this post I realise that it may come off as rude, but I mean no offense by saying that


no offence taken, still if anyone knows much about welfare in europe then please post knowledge or sources to educate oneself


The problem with seeking welfare in other countries is that they have mechanisms to prevent you from doing exactly this. For example in Finland even if you buy a house and relocate there and apply for bux, without a proper reason to stay there you WILL be deported. I actually messaged the Helsinki city council with this inquiry as I was seriously considering this as Finland has probably the best welfare in the EU.

It might seem like the EU is one giant federation, but it's not, citizenship is still playing a vital role in these matters and there are systems set up to prevent all off Bulgaria or Romania to emigrate to Germany or Denmark and leech off their welfare.


This isn't problem with non-white asulym seekers. They will get all bux they want in Finland.


I'm a 20 year old American wizkid and have been officially diagnosed with what feels like every major mental issue under the sun- schizophrenia, autism, ADHD, depression, etc. and have been on and off meds since 11. I've been NEET for the past 3 years except for a brief period of about half a year where I had a part-time job I got through essentially nepotism. How easy will it be for me to get on bux?


>Don't go on disability for the sake of an easy life
this board is already infested with disgusting normies


As a disability bux permaNEET I dont support Yang because I dont think normies should be given free money, only the mentally ill and wizards deserve it. Normies should work for me.


File: 1552173936911.jpg (127.28 KB, 978x768, 163:128, 1550692975940.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, I wonder what's his grand reason.
Guess I should just sacrifice 33-75% of my life instead, because it's the right thing to do.


someone needs to help with my application. its been 15 days since I should've sent one in. I tried to make an appointment with a doctor to get a signature but they gave me a time in august. I won't be able to survive til then, im so pathetic.


can you teach me? I'm an internet thief, myself. I've sold counterfeit products and scammed off niche websites. Can you give me your contact information?


congratulations you're healthy!



don't even waste money on food. dumpster dive for food


Is that the reality of what to expect or are you just making a joke?


I don’t know if this is already discussed in here or not, and I’m stressing too hard to actually read over all this stuff. So I got one of those “continuing disability” packet things in the mail. Those things that they send out to decide whether or not you still qualify for bux. I’m really stressed about filling this thing out. I don’t wanna lie on it, but I ALSO don’t wanna make myself sound too good either, and they cut me off. I’m sure I’ll have to get a job at some point, but it’s going to be on MY terms. My question is this: how much danger of losing my bux is there in filling out this form? Like, do I have any valid reason to be panicking like this, or am I overreacting? For clarification, I was immediately approved for NEETbux (most people get denied and have to appeal), and my condition is still relatively the same as it was then.


Me again. Forgot to add that I’m in the US. If that makes a difference.


you overreacting they always send them.


No I get that. What I’m asking is, like does it really matter how I word certain shit? I mean I’m not gonna lie on it or anything, but is it a life or death situation, and am I in danger if I basically fail to dot an i or cross a t?


they are very specific. ive had some mistakes made where i got cut off temporarily. that said best option is to get a someone who handles your finances so you dont gotta worry about bills and paperwork.



i need to get a rich person to fund my hermit lifestyle and give me land

henry david thoreau was basically a garden hermit. he lived on emerson's land and didn't work. he lived with his mother after living on emerson's land until his death


That is such a strange idea. Man as garden ornament.


i get autismbux but i left the country, reformed myself and joined an army. nobody has any idea and i still get the $11k a year. scrubs.


$920 a month, since I don't live with people with money. Most goes to helping my parent's rent and keeping myself in school full time taking difficult classes at once that I would not be able to take on if I had a job.

No one suspects a thing because I'm easy on the eyes and look normal, but I have genuine problems with depression, agoraphobia, likely schizotypal or autistic, and simply suck at relating to people. All of that was enough to qualify despite the fact that I am physically and socially capable of work now, though I was definitely not when I first got on it. Furthermore, work is hard to come by for me due to my age and gap without lying on my resume, so like others said, you do get stuck in a cycle of dependency.

I remain on it to focus on school without being bogged down by working for slavers and accrue additional revenue on my parents behalf. Also,
you don't need a lawyer, but a therapist that can vouch for you. They were the ones that set up the process and my dad meets with social security on my behalf. The system is broken, but accelerating its faults is ultimately for its good.


Alright, so, I got a continuing disability report form a couple months ago. After the initial anxiety spell wore off enough for me to be able to fill it out, I did so and sent it in. I didn’t hear back for like a month and a half/two months.

The other day, however, they sent me a consent form so they can look at my records. Which I’m like 99.99% sure I already consented to when I filled out the original form, but I’m just like “meh okay whatever, at least they’re communicating.” Today, however, I got some bullshit “adult function report” packet thing. The questions are all shit I DEFINITELY answered on the initial form, shit like “do you prepare your own meals? If not, explain why?”

My grandpa, whom I live with, got the same form, except it’s asking her the same questions about me. It says to not have me answer for her on hers though.

What the fuck is going on? Is this a bad sign? Did any of you ever have this shit happen to you?



Stupid auto-correct


I don't think it's much which honestly if it just enough I don't care but that whole not being able to have over 2000 dollars in savings is what puts me off of even trying even though I have no idea how they would even enforce such a stupid policy.


I have not had NEETbux, but You could keep your Bank Accounts at a low Balance whilst building Savings by withdrawing Banknotes and purchasing Bitcoin, if your Stomach will suffer its ever-shifting Price.


I get about 750$ a month and I'm 32. I live with my parents, sister and her kids. I'm the same guy people have talked about in the anti-natalist threads where someone screenshotted a big post I did about my family.

I got my SSI back in 2014..or 2015, can't remember. My parents have been trying to get my sister on it but its apparently way harder now.


That was quite the story in that thread. Have things improved for you since then?


I got that same functioning report packet during my original claim.

That claim was denied and I've filed an appeal with a lawyer, who advised that I'd get the same packet again. So it's normal m8.


Also, my mother received an identical copy herself which dealt with me.


If that claim was denied, I wonder if that means me getting this packet is a sign that they’re probably going to stop my benefits?

Little backstory: I applied a few years ago and have been receiving benefits since 2016. Most of the people I’d talked to about it who received benefits themselves had told me that they’d probably deny my claim at first and “they make you jump through hoops.” That never actually happened to me though. I got approved on my first try and didn’t have to do any appeals or anything.

Have I gotten better since then? No not really. If anything I’d say I’m WORSE now. But I’m absolutely terrified because I feel like if I’m not absolutely perfect, it’ll screw me. I’m operating under the mindset that they don’t want me to have it, and will look for any tiny little thing to stop my benefits. Like, anything that’s worded slightly wrong. I’m scared because I don’t know if my answers will be airtight.

The government isn’t good at much but they’re REALLY good at screwing over vulnerable people like us. I NEED that money. I wouldn’t last a week at a “real” job. I used to work retail, and was on the brink of suicide in less than six months. I can’t go back to that.


The way the law is written, it's quite hard for them to kick people off for medical improvement. They like to pull shit like forcing you to go to some godforsakenly distant place for a CDR. The big thing that gets you kicked off is having any sort of income stream or trying to work legitimately (even though you're allowed to by law, in practice they don't want you to do so).

If you can dodge the traps and stay on top of paperwork, I think you'll be fine, at least for the next few years. They know that once they cut the checks by any significant amount, the economy will tank hard, so they're just doing this harassment to shit on people around the edges.
It's a shit system and not how I wanted to live my life. I wish there were an alternative because I'm doing better now than I was, but there is no way I can work a 9 to 5, because such positions largely don't exist for people like me. It's all gig economy shit and temp work, and vocational rehabilitation just straight up refuses to work with people like me in any serious way.


That actually makes me feel a lot better.?I’d be more than happy to get a job, if I could make more money doing that job than I am with this.

But it’s gotta be on MY terms. Nobody else’s. I can’t handle when other people try and impose their will on my life like that.


If you're up for review, you probably shouldn't. Maybe some time after the review would be a good time. Best to be careful and keep documents of what you are doing. I don't want to scare you into not working because you do have a right and it can happen, but you do have to watch your back and be certain that the alternative you have can last, or you're willing to take on the risk. The work incentives are intended for people working standard jobs for a company rather than self employment, rules for self employment are super arcane because they really don't like people going down that road.


Also I should have done math, it's normal for them to do a review 3 years in, then every 7 years after (though they basically stop caring after the first review, it actually took close to 9 years between the first review and the second.


I really wish I could work, get my own money and do something productive However I am very clumsy,dumb and have no social skill.

Find a job is extreme hard for me so I will live with my parents for now


I get $3,057.13 a month. Free health, vision and dental for life. With no assets cap. Its pretty nice for the neet life, but I had to lose alot in life as a young man to get it. So, I dont know if its a good trade or not.


>major depressive disorder and schizophrenia
Not American, but I would say its pretty good. I dont know how its there though, here in Europe they will nag you about wageslaving in literal slavejobs made just for retards to keep them out of negative statistics.


How good are my chances if I have a learning impairment stretching back to when I was six, traumatic events and emotional instability? This is all documented by school and a mental health clinic by the way.


Were you in the military anon?


Holy shit, if you can get that much money for free every money by joining the army, I'm gonna sign up and shoot myself in the foot.


It doesn't quite work like that - most people don't get disability at all from it. You need quite a few different conditions that all limit your ability to hold a normal job to get disability and they don't stack the way they should - if you have two conditions that qualify for 50% disability then you only get 60% instead of 100%. In addition it's based on the rank you held last before getting out. They also will not pay for something you deliberately do to yourself like shooting your foot.


Do I have any chance of getting NEETbux in Canada (Quebec) if I've held down a job for the last couple of years?


File: 1563041020455.jpg (76.4 KB, 368x537, 368:537, 1536117015097.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yea, I was in the Army in the 2000's

Not everyone gets 100% from the VA most people only get 10-20% after 4 years of services and that is only like $150 with no benefits.


another veteran "wiz", very nice.

…did you see action in iraq or afghanistan or something? what do you mean by "losing a lot in life as a young man"?



i lost both my legs blow the knees to an EFP IED.




Rip wizlegs


File: 1563948256119.jpg (51.03 KB, 780x585, 4:3, u.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I thought you couldn't collect disability if you leave the province/state much less the country, don't they check on your dwelling?

> keeping myself in school full time taking difficult classes
> I have genuine problems with depression, agoraphobia
sounds like you have some real srs agoraphobia problems fren

>The questions are all shit I DEFINITELY answered on the initial form, shit like “do you prepare your own meals? If not, explain why?”
That could be whether or not to classify the money they give you for rent is "board" (shelter+meals) or just "shelter" (no meals) to decide whether or not to give you hundreds a month for food or dozens as an allowance.

>You could keep your Bank Accounts at a low Balance whilst building Savings by withdrawing Banknotes and purchasing Bitcoin
I'm not sure what you mean by banknotes. If they see your bank records they will see you bought bitcoin and then probably demand to see those records. Only withdrawing cash tends to work, and if they suspect what you do with it, they might start asking for receipts for stuff you buy with the cash.

> That never actually happened to me though. I got approved on my first try and didn’t have to do any appeals or anything.
Me too, made me really regret not applying earlier. I kept thinking I had to "prep" to become super-pathetic. I missed out on tens of thousands… I could probably be skating near the asset limit owning my own vehicle if I'd began earlier!

what's a CDR?

>no assets cap
Not possible, I don't believe you, show me the laws for that. Also 3k is crazy, even ODSP only gives something like 1100 instead of 700 like OW.

TBH a big reason I'm trying to build lots of bux contacts (not just my caseworker, but any specialists they will refer me to) is to get enough references to join the army. Then I'll legit probably get injured (I'm in horrible shape) or if I end up witnessing violence, probably have a legit breakdown, and then get more sympathy when I go back on bux.

Sorry fren but no idea how Quebec works. I think as long as you didn't voluntarily quit the job you're fine. But they will expect you could hold others and expect you to be applying for them, and probably demand evidence of it.

> lost both my legs blow the knees to an EFP IED.
pic related


do they bully virgins in the us army?


How would they know you are a virgin if you don't tell them first?


they can smell them


Not really unless you are stinky and look antisocial


Is it feasible to live with a reasonably comfortable lifestyle on bux in Sweden? I’m a citizen but I’ve never lived there.


I have schizophrenia and major depressive disorder. I also have extreme anxiety and adhd, but I’m on disability for schizophrenia. I get 197 in cash and 192 in food a month. I also have a cat with an ESA certificate. His name is Tablescraps.


here in sodomwest the take is 925$ + 160EBT every month + full medical and other benefits.
Just sell your soul to the great satan and you will be on the gravy train for life!


File: 1567708052988.jpg (18.84 KB, 480x320, 3:2, mpv-shot0001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sweden sounds like wizard heaven i heard two norpers talking about how they went sweden and it was too boring.


poor kitty !


Anybody how the system works in Norway?
It would seem fun to be up in Northern Norway in a comfy cabin set up for life.


Lottery fantasies seems more acceptable


Why is the cat called Tablescraps?




How can I make a little money with minimal effort without wageslaving?


I have a PIP assessment coming up soon and I'm trying to get it so I can move out and find my own place (need assisted living and PIP makes that happen in the UK).

What's other wizzies experiences with moving out?

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