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Wizards or apprentices still living with your parents, this is our thread.

How's your life situation? Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason? Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year already trying to dodge the "when are you going to get a job" questions?


How can someone do this? Expose it's own son to ridicule and scorn like they did it its monstrous.


dad getting fired, immediate future uncertain, but it very looks grim, etc

my strengths in this situation are my refusal to drive, unsocial tendencies, and general complete dependence on my parents for survival. they know if they kick me out they are basically throwing their baby boy into the depths of hell


Nice picture of a breeder with his breeders.



dont believe anything you see in the news.


you are begging to wind up homeless. You think it cant happen?


I'm alright for now, my mom enables my neetness because she wants a goodboy to make do things she doesn't want to(cigarette/pill fetching, cleaning, cooking, etc).
Ideal situation would be that I somehow end up in a easy job that pays well enough for a room and comforts(I havent looked for work in a long time).
My dad is the sole provider for our family at a shitty job with long hours, I wouldn't be surprised if his body gave out soon or he divorced my mom(she is pure shit and me and my brother are failures but I think he would prefer this than the unknown).
Worser scenario is that my dad dies/leaves and im left with my bro and mom, bro gets SSI and I would probably have to get a min wage job to keep us above water in a dingy room.
Worst case is that I get kicked out from worser scenario because I will probably get pissed about my mom/brother wasting money and end up homeless.


> You think it cant happen?


Live with NEET mom and sick grandma.

Our monthly income is basically from my grandma's elderlybux, although it's a lot of money, she spends half of it with health plan and from time to time my uncles come begging for cash, saying they're starving and then spend it all with travels and luxuries.

My mom doesn't want to work, so if grandma dies I'm going miserable.


File: 1547724731542.jpg (162.07 KB, 500x731, 500:731, 1483468053102.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been a NEET hermit for about 12 years now (got my NEETbux about 6-7 years ago, with included backpay), but have, more or less, depended on my parents my entire life and was, even at a young age, a very reserved & clingy child. I've always had some form of a comfort zone here (as imperfect as it could be at certain times in the past), which essentially never made me want to leave or do anything else. Nothing ever mattered to me, other than remaining in the safety of my space. Not going to school, not making friends, not making money. Just staying here. From the day I was born that has, and still is, been literally my only goal/wish in life. On that note, I do truly feel that I was simply born with the essence of a hermit woven into me. Maybe I was a Hindu or Buddhist monk living in a cave in a past life and I just carried that attitude verbatim into this one. Ludicrous, of course, but it's a fun thought to entertain regardless. Almost the only explanation that makes any sense, frankly.

I only made it as far as high school (dropped out after the end of my first year, after very sporadic attendance), which then followed with a brief stint at a video store that following Summer, before I withdrew completely from the world. That was pretty much the only one real job I've ever had in my entire life (outside of being a paperboy with my brother as a little kid). My time there was quite brief (about two weeks, I think). I was never pressured to get the job and was really just looking to get some extra cash for myself, but quit after I couldn't be bothered to get there anymore. I was a pretty big fuck up at that job, though. Let a customer go without paying, accidentally took the store keys home with me because I forgot that they were still in my back pocket, broke the bathroom sink after I was tasked with cleaning the store's popcorn dispenser (etc.) Sometime afterwards though, once I was starting to regret my decision to quit (it was a pretty laid back job all things considered and the video store itself was quite nice and even stocked lots of fan memorabilia, figurines & video games), my mother ended up telling me that, apparently, the manager himself had actually phoned here at one point, in the brief time while I was still working there, and was genuinely curious to know if I had a learning disability, or not. It actually explained a lot, to be honest. The guy did seem to have a lot of confused disdain for me. As if I was the dumbest cunt he had ever met. I recall him scolding me for not using the "right" broom when I was sweeping up one night. I mean a broom's a broom, who gives a shit. According to my mother, it would seem that he was literally on the verge of firing my ass for gross incompetence, so basically, unbeknownst to myself at the time, me quitting robbed him of the opportunity to do so. But, oh well. Knowing that, I'm just glad I was able to be such a nuisance to him on my way out the door. Hope he had fun fixing that sink. Prick.

Anyway, aside from recently upgrading my PC with some new hardware, I don't really spend my monthly NEETbux very much, if at all. I am "saving it" in a way by reinvesting the money back in improving/renovating my parent's house, which will eventually be my house someday (assuming the damn thing ever gets fully paid off, that is). If the mortgage wasn't an issue then, short of societal collapse (which itself is a very distinct possibility to happen within the next 10 years, frankly), I'd more or less be set for life. My parents have never had any qualms with my being an inert hermit and are, more or less, the perfect guardians for one such as myself. They fully accept that my WizNEETing isn't really a choice at this point, assuming it ever really was, and that I was more or less just born & destined for this life and, thus, accept me for who I am, as we all take care of each other the best we can. They're more than happy to leave me the house, but again, I just don't see how the mortgage will ever be paid off before they die unless either I or my parents (who are relatively old themselves now, Mom is mid 50's, Dad is early 60's) get a sizeable inheritance of some kind or we otherwise win the lottery, so in the end it's all somewhat of a waste. Hopefully the dominoes will all fall the right way for things to work out, but either way what can you do. I do sometimes wish I had caught the shooting star of the bitcoin craze somehow. Then we could all be living in a nice big three story house with total financial security. Like most who fantasize about easy fortunes they missed the boat on, it hurts quite a lot to think about.

There's also the possibility that my brother might end up subsidizing my existence after my parents can no longer do so, since he makes quite a lot of money doing research at a private firm and making knick knack furniture in his off time for bored rich people with more dollars than sense, and is going into a career in medicine that will probably make him even more money. Maybe he'll end up paying for everything, but again. Who can say. All depends on how the chips fall. Tossed about just like a ship on the ocean.

Ultimately, the only thing I want, or have ever really wanted, out of life is security to my NEETdom. Aside from my aforementioned gaming oriented PC, I have zero appetite for anything else. Not drugs, not food, not other miscellaneous consumer goods. Nothing. Ever since I was a kid, I've always had a startling lack of desire for the material. Maintaining & preserving my small comfort zone, while filling it with a few modest distractions (relative to the insane greed & gluttony of your average normo), is something I have been, and still am, more than content with. I just want to live out the rest of my life in this dusty house, living my very close to literal Oldboy-like existence (as I have been for the last 12 years) and then die.


>mom is extremely religious and is 50+
>dad is 70 year old angry barely able to suffice for my education
>sister have mental illness
>I am 19 will be 20 at 21st June
>I am in college at the moment doing a paramedical course
>I have a feeling I will be very lonely my whole life can't connect to generally everyone
>just wanna die to be honest can't die cause love my mom
>only dream is to save enough money to buy a PS4 and Nintendo switch or a pc
>every hobby/dream I have is in the end not being able to suffice due to lack of money in family.
>dad's a lawyer people expect me to be super rich.
>but he is way past his prime and is not making much
>literally just want to have a accident so that I can escape from my own reality and die.


You shouldn't consider rich family members as a NEETing option, not even blood siblings. All's well until they realize you're gonna be an inconvenience for their whole lives and they pull the rug from under your feet.


Currently its great or about as good as it can probably get.

My health seems to be improving and the ZOG bucks keep on pouring in.

The only thing that could possibly make my life any better at this point is if Wendy's re-locates to an easier part of my nearby city to access, since currently its by the hospital and a traffic nightmare to navigate to if I want to get my precious Baconator fix.


Well thats not entirely true (my last post I mean).

My life could get even better still if extraterrestrials ever decide to land and are benevelent and decide to mass heal humans with their no doubt superior technology.

Then I can have other grating pesky and nagging health issues eliminated and live the perfect Wizards life hopefully extended well into my 100's until I finally keel over with an orange in my hand similar to Michael Corleone's death in Godfather III.


my elderly father drives me nuts, i want/need to move out because I'll probably end up beating him to a pulp in a fit of rage but I'd rather be dead than working a job and paying rent


You should, it's not your fault it's his.



You're right, of course. Being honest, I'd imagine my brother would, if push ever came to shove, much rather stick me in a halfway house somewhere or, better yet, simply leave me to rot in the streets. Either way, unless he'd be willing to fork over money for the mortgage payments to my parent's/my house, despite already long having a place of his own, once they can no longer do so, then nothing else would really work, since there's not a damn chance in hell I'd ever live with him, and I'm sure the feeling's mutual. Like I said already, barring some extreme stroke of fortune financially for my family, I'm firmly fucked and am basically watching whatever time that's left in this place tick down, depending on the continued safety/solvency of my parents.


Life situation is currently great. I do minimal chores and errands and my parents only occasionally ask me to get a job and/or mental health help.

However for some reason my parents have decided to get divorced despite being over 60 years old. I'm anxious that this will negatively effect my future as a neet. I'm hoping that it will end up being to my benefit and i'l get 2 neet nests instead of just one.


File: 1547815117175.png (32.38 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 1519128093646.png) ImgOps iqdb

32, still live at home. I have two degrees and work retail. I could move out, but I make enough to make rent, utilities, and maybe some food. I can save money while living home, plus have money to blow on trivial stuff.

I have a good relationship with my parents. I can do what I want with little question. Luckily, it involves little more than wagecucking and playing video games


I look at that image and can instantly tell they are russians from a russian TV show. Am I right?


They don't look either Slavic or Asian.


No, they are American. It's from the somewhat recent "scandal" when parents evicted their adult NEET son via legal process or something and it made the news.


Must note that he himself is a parent, temporarily unemployed, and lawsuits were his thing initially. Genius idea to sue his employer for gender discrimination because he was working Saturdays while single mothers weren't. Of course the media didn't even focus much on his previous or current personal troubles, instead just kept bashing a late bloomer parasite strawman, people apparently enjoy reading such crap.


File: 1547908330870.gif (24.75 KB, 120x115, 24:23, 1544398849580.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I still live with my overly protective mother and my mildly emotional abusive father. I work as a cna/cma in a ltc facility and don't really care there. When im not working, I helping at the recently bought antique business my parents were dumb enough to get into and that's gotten them into a lot of shit. Because im a rather large and strong individual, I mostly do the heavy lifting and sometimes fix the computer problems. I work there for free because I'd otherwise be bored for that nothing interests me.c I'm trying to get into the whole antiques and have invested money in some items, attended auctions, and picked through estates, but that's all taking a toll already in the very short period of 4 months that we've been at it. The only thing I've taken away from it was an interest in collecting marbles.i know I said I had no interests earlier, but this is a very not active interest, add I just keep the marbles I find.

Im actually rather sick of it All. At 24, I'm unsure if i want to continue in this direction. Time will tell, I suppose.


> sue his employer for gender discrimination

guy in europe won case like that with that lot of money because he got denied promotion


His parents gave him $1k to leave and he took it.


mom takes cares of me, almost every whim I have, I realized thats why I grew up as rotten spoiled shit.says she likes me but I feel like she is tired of

my shit especially when influenced by my elder brother. brother more sucessful and would kick me out for sure if not for mom. dad is completely crazy

with mumbling nonsense all day, he is pretty much torturing me and mom with his behavior.
we cant ration money, they blow it on cigs and useless decorative crap, mom is too naive and wastes money on frauds while flat falls apart. Im

scared to put my saving into repairs since I dont want to fix something that would get snatched by my brother. I pay and loan them money from time to time since most of the time we cant make it and I guess its better from me than a bank
due to my non existantant social abilities and lack of experience Im unable to work anything else than mini jobs for few days.
Cant afford to move out, but its like that bad for everyone not ultra rich in my state. I would need to be ten times more sucessful to do that.
Would like to live a better life but without money its not possible and even with full time job it wont change that makes it the worse.


link to show?


Learn to write properly.
fuck you mod, delete yourself not my replies


Gave up on this family about 6 years ago and have been wanting to get the fuck away from here ever since then. Since I pretty much gave up on my own life for a period it didn't mean much anyway, but now I have projects that I'm working on, thus a reason to care about my life more. Otherwise I would've probably just gone homeless, which I've seriously considered doing several times.

Right now my main concern is to GTFO and never see this fucking family again and try to forget about them as much as possible, but accomplishing that isn't so easy in this shitty world. I've worked as a welder apprentice for 6 months now, but the wage is too low to live on. So it's pretty much just one big fucking wait now, I just have to sit and wait until I finally complete my education and get a real salary. Could probably get a flat if I took up a loan, but if I'm gonna live in a shithole I might as well stay at home until I can afford something better. I might have to seriously start considering the flat option though, because I'm just too disgusted with everything at this point, this last Christmas in particular was just wrecking havoc on my mental health, when my sibilings came home for a visit. I seriously don't want to experience that fucking crap again this year. Unfortunately this world is just so shitty that you can't even get a decent place to live in peace on your own, without spending many years and degrading yourself to get such a basic thing. So I don't even fucking know man, I'm too fucking old and tired of this shit already. If I didn't have my projects I would've just said 'fuck it' and gone living out in the streets or something.


The guy in the picture had children.


If you don't mind me asking, what's with your family?


I live with my stepmom and dad. I have an associate's in accounting that is worth jack shit for now because I live too far away from silicon valley to take advantage of my degree (even at the lowest rung of work, bookkeeping and such). I only discovered it near and after my graduation because most of my career counselor's advice was "be yourself" and unironically had me do informational interviews (which ended up going nowhere as well).

I worked dishwashing for 6 months, full time until my hands were eroded to the point that I would easily cut myself on a whole lot of things that shouldn't be cutting me (buttons and such). Injuries became more common and every time I got an infection that would be 2 weeks of work down the drain. If I got cut protocol was wash+bandaid+condom the finger and keep working. It wasn't feasible. That was the only job I got in 7 years of searching.

My dad got me on board with his work, I started off as a laborer. For one day of work. After a day of testing and a day of work I got pulled aside by my boss and he was accompanied by HR. The conversation went something like this:
>your supervisor says you're not aware of the danger
"Okay, was there anything I specifically neglected?"
>l-let's focus on the problem rather than specifics
>we're terminating you
>you didn't do anything wrong
>go get some experience somewhere else and then come back
Which if I were to follow their reasoning it would be "go get hurt somewhere else" or the more likely "we just don't like you." Either way my father was pissed at them.

I will probably go back to dishwashing (albeit less often so my hands don't start infecting as often again) since we are moving into a house that we will own, and that requires money.

Overall I would say I have evaded the questions reasonably since most of the conflict is instigated between my stepmom and him, and only really agitated by our financial struggles (which I don't help out very much with). I try to make myself useful and don't cause trouble so I earn notably less ire from family despite my complete apathy for socializing and social normalcy. Theoretically if dad were to split off from more of her money mismanagement (i.e. wanting to take a vacation to hawaii and stashing money instead of using it to reduce house payments to ~$800/mo) and constant feuding he would try to get a trailer closer to his work. If that scenario were to occur I would probably stand to gain more despite the house situation imploding. Otherwise I'm still stuck out "in the boonies" in a small town where the only people willing to let me in so far is for that dishwashing job, and complete radio silence/automated-rejections from everyone else.

All I care about is living, working and dying in peace. There's nothing really worth living for, but there's also nothing worth dying for.


My parents are relatively good people. They let me laze around and have accepted my incompetence when it comes to functioning as an adult. I'm grateful for this but I also feel like it's their only choice if they want to continue to pretend to be good people.
It is after all completely their own doing that caused this. And not just once either, a total of 4 children they had, none of which are capable of living independently.

I honestly believe the total suffering from these 4 fuck ups will easily exceed that of a murder. They should be living in absolute regret for what they've done, except of course they don't. Because they're parents. And one of the givens of being a parent is thinking these sorts of outcomes are acceptable.


i live with my mom and dad in the basement of the house. it is not bad but I don't total freedom.

My dad have mental sickness and my mom have obsession with cleanliness.

I wish I could live alone but I don't have enough and I can't get a job because of my lack of social skills and low intelligence.


I'm 32 yo and also a third world citizen. Mom and my aunts go easy on me because they know I'm fighting to study and get a degree or technician degree after years of failures and isolation.
I think I will start a electronics technician degree next semester if I pass on the admission exams or if I fail I will try pass on college admittance exam and start a computer science program or electrical engineering program focused on energy generation.
I have few mental health issues, take anti psychotic drugs and I'm working hard to have a career so I can have money enough to take good care of my mom and aunts. I know that those programs will be ultra hard for me because I never was good with Math, but I have no choice since humanities programs here in Brazil are a one way ticket to poverty.
I would love not have suffer so much like I know I will suffer if I start those STEM related programs, but I have no choice at all since they mean a solid career and money enough to have a decent life.

I feel like I'm going to fight a war against myself for 6 years to be a engineer or computer scientist or just study two years, get the technician degree and stay forever as some blue collar worker that don't have money enough to live.


I have a job, but not a full time job. I have no reason to leave, as my father wants me to stay to conserve money. I can't even get a degree, lucky. I can't even graduate from a community college, which I've been there for like, 5 years.

I'm done with school mentally. I can't do this shit any more. It makes me sad to see mages who can actually get a degree while I cannot. It hurts me.


I live with my parents & their constant "encouragement" for me to take more overtime hours.

It's because they're planning on eventually "selling" me the house and they'll move to some hicktown in the middle of fuckall nowhere.

In the meantime I'll be stuck with their "encouragement" as well as my royal pain in the ass little brother…god help me.


>I feel like I'm going to fight a war against myself for 6 years to be a engineer or computer scientist or just study two years, get the technician degree and stay forever as some blue collar worker that don't have money enough to live.

I feel you, in Latam unless you are well connected to get into politics or open your own bussiness with dad´s cash then most career choices are just a waste of time unless you are willing to sacrifice your life and go into STEM to be a pajeet but at least get a living wage out of your slavery.


I dropped out after a second try to get my master's degree (long story, i'd have to explain the eduction system of this country: it was a special program), I have a bachelor's degree. After the summer vacation my parents urged me to get a job, which I found rather quickly. I work at a company as a software developer.

By now I'm already working for two years, I earn a bit less than 1500 euro a month. At first, like maybe half a year or something, i felt more or less ok (ok actually depressed as well tbh, but less). But then I started becoming more and more depressed.

So now I'm now working at the same company and even though I learned a few things, I haven't advanced a bit as to my wage, I also never asked for a raise I have no energy or desire to do anything, and I hate my job, and I feel like a cuck throwing all my time away, and working at this job I don't care about at all. I only work because of inertia, because my parents urged me, because I have to.

I have saved some money let's say 25k but my life goes nowhere, I don't look forward to anything.

I just wish I could disappear and stop existing.

At some point I did my driver's license theory exam, some time after I started working, and I drive to work with my dad (his job is close to mine). But I have no energy to pursue it further, to get an actual driver's licence. It's funny because I told all my colleagues that I will try to get it as fast as possible. And, it's been two years :D. Now all my colleagues are asking where are you gonnna get it, and I answer soon, they kept asking it over these two years as I'm working there.

I could move out, but I have no energy, desire to do anything at all. My life is now basically work + whenever I have free time I just lock myself up in my room and browse the net: boards, discord, …


i smell a normalshit


Can you explain, I'm a virgin, and I have no friends at the moment and nothing goin on.




I like your writing style wiz


i kind of want to be homeless but i am afraid my mom will come and find me.

i tried to leave once and she came to find me and embarrassed me in public. she thinks i'll commit suicide or something. i guess you have to be on the verge of suicide to want to live homeless



The broom thing struck a chord with me.

I never picked up a bunch of unstated rules I think. I've been treated like a moron for leaving cupboards open, and my parents have an odd fascination with making sure my curtain rails are perfectly straight.

Why the hell does any of that matter?


Hell, the constant bickering about the mistakes I make all the time makes me feel like I need to defend myself even here.

So, closing cupboards maybe looks a bit neater, and perfectly straight curtain rails might too. Might as well do those if you can remember. What I don't get is how it can be so important to people. My mom looked at me like I had just strangled the cat when I said I was fine with not having curtains in the kitchen window.

Is there some kind of norman acceptance rite that underlies stuff like that, or do people really get really unhappy when they notice that the curtain rails sag a bit? I would never notice stuff like that if it wasn't pointed out.

Am I crazy for thinking it's weird when people put a ton of importance on stuff like that?


File: 1557960949007.jpg (92.16 KB, 700x1110, 70:111, vagabond.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been living with my parents since I dropped out of high school, and then again out of college. I’m 19. Most of everything I have done is a result of laziness—a fear of working. Any intelligence I have is wholly focused on taking the path of least resistance, almost subconsciously, so that I can do what I want to do. I knew my parents would support me if I dropped out of high school, and so I dropped out. I convinced them to let me stay until I tested for a GED. That I did, and soon applied for college. Once there, I withdrew from two consecutive terms, despite it being my “one last chance”. Well, here I am, back in my house, pleading for one last chance. If I’m lucky, I’ll be going back to college again for the fall. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me that after all this, I’ll decide to drop out once again.

I really hate the idea of a job, especially some menial, minimum wage existence, slaving away year after year until you die. What a life. That’s been the impetus for my college attendance. I figured it’d be easier than a job, but it’s really not that different, in terms of being menial. It just takes up less time. If my parents didn’t have money, I’d probably be normal. Instead of striving for this strange state of pseudo-NEEThood I’ve grown accustomed to, I’d be striving for life without homelessness with the same fervor. I’m completely shaped by my circumstances, and am always flowing towards the lowest, most comfortable niche to settle in, as if I were water.

I really do idealize the life of a hermit. I wish that I could be infatuated by certain things, such as mathematics, or philosophy, and even reading. I tried for mathematics, somewhat. I wouldn’t care to distinguish myself. I’d be happy playing around with numbers and abstract things, all in my own little world. I’d be a wizard, content with the solitude of his tower, spending life contemplating esoteric symbols and magicks and spells. I look upon the masters, genuine masters of anything really: wood carving, zen, maths… I see them walk around with the same eyes, as if they were all reaching for the same thing through different mediums. Most of what I say is probably bullshit, but I need something to keep me going, or I’ll just end it. No, even that may be bullshit, since I’m a coward. But I’d like to believe it isn’t, else, well, who knows.



Things are getting worse and worse for me and I'm starting think about go to France and try join the French Foreign Legion since my body is in good shape. Continue living here in Brazil is not an option and I don't see a point in almost kill myself to get a STEM degree because I'm 32 yo and will end my degree old as fuck.

Fuck, I think the only solution is go to France and pray to be accepted as legionaire.




Dunno if you have ever heard of remote accounting. I have heard of firms that offer jobs like that but I dont know if theyre a scam/meme. Anyway all the best wizfriend.


File: 1562363924370.jpg (3.66 MB, 3200x2323, 3200:2323, 1555818116333.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am 19 and plan on enlisting in the army.
I know I will be surrounded by normals but honestly I don't care, i'm surrounded by normals here too.
I have $22 to my name and my only expense is dipping tobacco. Recently my father surprisingly allowed me to take his car for drives which has improved my life a lot. Whenever I feel the intense stress of my family moving around the house and the shame of living here, I drive up to the forest and sit there for a bit. I know im ultimately just wasting fuel and using another persons vehicle which is a bit shameful, but for that moment I feel as though I am my own person.
I try to train physically every day, with MWFS being pushing movements and TTS being pulling movements. Honestly, I have been slacking a lot due to depression and often I will put off training and sit in bed. Its a bad spiral but I hope to get out of it.
I look forward to when I am strong enough to confidently enlist with an airborne or even possibly ranger option, though it will be about a month. Just one more month of this, and then I will be constantly given something to do.
I find that when I am being forced to do things I do them quite proficiently but when I am left alone I collapse into staring at the wall and browsing chans very fast. Couple this with the fact that I will never chase sucubi and do not value material possessions, and the military seems to be a good option for me.
I am often told i'm useless and told to enlist immediately as opposed to ensuring that I am strong enough to do so. This certainly bothers me but I likely do not receive treatment as bad as many wizards because my older brother is a drug user that plays vidya in the basement all day and screams with his friends online.
My parents sometimes open my door and ask "are you depressed" to which I respond "yes" and then they say "clean your room you'll feel better" and leave.
If you do wind up homeless, don't associate with other homeless. They will do anything they can to get 10 dollars for a tiny bag of narcotics.
My condolences, I hope you aren't forced to wageslave.
sorry buddy. The world has been shit since all the land came under the ownership of somebody or another and human beings became dependent on the things civilization offers.
why do you think it is that nobody these days can live independently? is it economic or social or both?
If it makes you feel any better, I dont think I would do well in an environment as relaxed as college either.
every time I borrow the car they think i'm killing myself too. Why cant they understand that if I wanted to I wouldve done it already. Best of luck if you do go out on your own, if you really want to get away hop a train.
You sound a lot like me, except I didn't go to college because I have this weird thing about being indebted to people, even if unofficially. I want to be a hermit as well one day, but I don't want to look at the world as a foreign and scary place but rather do my best to understand it and withdraw from it. I would recommend that you begin doing things that are uncomfortable for you. You're not a coward, you are the smart kid that knows he doesn't have to do as much work as the normalfags to get a roof over his head and food on his plate. The problem is that at some point an intense shame will come along (at least it did for me) and suddenly comfort wont matter at all.
I look in my parents freezer and see that astronomical amount of food and I don't feel thankful but rather like I am stealing.
That's my plan if the army finds out about my lifetime of sadness. I heard a guy talking about how they didn't let him in even though he passed all the physical tests because he was american and the amount of Americans that desert is too high. I dont know how I would get around that. Maybe make up some story about abused or something i dunno. Either way, you are doing the right thing. I have a real affinity for anybody that wants to be a soldier, I don't know why. Probably because I want to be one, and also because it shows that a person doesn't really care about money or relationships. Then again there are tons of people who join up in an attempt to get attention from civilians, and some people do actually join up for the money if the alternative is absolute minimum wage. Still, it's not shooting for some grandiose life full of possessions and connections. You can stay on base 24/7, never go to bars, and let all the money pool into an account for retirement as a hermit living humbly.
Good luck to all wizards trying to escape their situation or trying to live with it. God bless you all.
I wish I could believe in god.


That's about the worst thing you can do to your NEETdom.



Somehow I got a good score and will start the electronics technician degree, I'm quite happy since mom and all my parents are happy because I will leave the NEET life, start learn a trade and since the campus is about 7 minutes of my home I think will be really comfortable.
I think I can rest easy until my classes start and my new life begin.


I'd recommend treating it like a job or absolute necessity.
Normalfags go to college to "find themselves" and often fuck up massively. Autists will also fuck up massively because they get distracted by all the normalfags.
Just remember to keep your mind on your work and always give it your all. It will help you out in the years to come.
Im happy for you wizbro



Thanks for the advice, you are right. I'm happy since I'm really into electronics and study such subject will not be hard. I can't wait to learn it enough to create interesting stuff.


I've been faking uni for year since I'm too cowardly to tell my parents I actually flunked. I've been crippled with depression and laziness for almost a whole year, never thought flunking would feel so shitty.
Luckily a distant relative of mine who I've always been friendly with is looking for someone to take over his house for a few years while since his job is making him spend a few years in another country.
I've also been hooked up on a gig at the airport thanks to an old classmate for 3 days a week with good enough pay to live of off.
After summer is over I'm going to put on the big boy pants and finally work after a lifetime of school.


I live at mommys because its comfy
No need to take care of anything
gives me more time to slack away doing nothing


27yo living with mum and step father here. I've been depressed and struggling with anxiety for most of my life ( diagnosed when I was 12 ). Things have been pretty bad lately. I've been feeling extremely depressed these last few months and to top things off my step father has been diagnosed with MND just recently. He's been given a few years left to live so I'm going to have to bite the bullet and really start trying to secure a job. I've worked in the past but always end up back at square one due to depression and taking too much time off work. Suicide is a daily thought but not an option because I can't put that pain and pressure on my mother.
Hopefully I win lotto soon. That would solve all my problems


Anyone else here have a sibling who still lives at home as well? Very frustrating. My brother's 6 years older than me and is probably going to be sticking around for another couple of years despite making decent enough money to fuck off somewhere else.


The thing is I already had 2 jobs this decade. One was off of nepotism and the other wasn't exactly worth it due to its on-call nature.

If you're going to pressure someone to get a job simply because you don't like yours dont expect them to respond to you with anything other than "go fuck yourself" (or,if you want us to still believe in manners "GIVE me a job then. You cant? Then dont blame me because they're not worth it").

We're not exactly living in the 60s-70s anymore when they practically owed us a living rather than a dying like they do now.


I'm 24 years old, been leeching of my parents for two years now, and some time before that too. Applied to state college this year, but didn't make it. I could always go to private one and pay huge amount of money but I could barely afford it and end up with no money at all or get a loan and be unable to save anything for years. So I was thinking of working abroad, since working in my country without profession makes it impossible to save anything at all. The problem is (and I don't know whether it is a part of my mental illness or not) that I'm basically very, very lazy. Not all the time, but when it gets to me all I can do is waste my time lying in bed with my laptop, masturbating, playing games and eating junk food and it goes for several days before I care to become productive again. Maybe if i had a strong kick in the ass, like bills to pay it wouldn't happen, I don't know.
My parents are good people, so I don't mind staying with them for as long as it's necessary. They want to move to the countryside and my dad even proposed to me to live with them and take care of the house, animals and possibly guests. But I just see myself staying with them and never really growing up.


How do normalfags move out of their parents home so quickly? Whenever I read a story of somebody who had a rough childhood or crazy relatives, they always say that they moved out with 18. But with what money? Where?
I am 22 and still living with my mother (about to be homeless), this is absolutely baffling to me as I am a sonbasket with no idea how the world works. Can somebody explain this?


They might lack money but they probably have friends or they have good interpersonal skills which gives them the ability to find places to crash, work part-time jobs and generally survive. In succubi's case, they'll just live with their partner.

The average person is capable of being on his own at 18. They might not have the best life, but they'll always be able to find shitty cheap places to live and shitty jobs to work. The one thing that can hinder you in this is the lack of interpersonal skills and lack of any social capital i.e. people you can rely on, which is usually the case for wizards.


normalfags are crazy psychopaths, they find ways to make money no matter what


>They want to move to the countryside and my dad even proposed to me to live with them and take care of the house, animals and possibly guests.
Thats sounds kinda great except for the guests part. Why "grow up" if you can sustain yourself like that, I dont know if you have siblings but if you are dependent on that little farm I sure your parents will inherit it to you.

Dont feel stupid living like that, thats what the majority of people in history lived like. Wagecucking is no virtue and you shouldnt look up to normalfags. You could even make it your normalfag killing farm with pigs after you parents die.

I dont know, this doesnt do it to me. Why am I not able to find some cheap entry job or a place I could afford?


also they take huge loans and spend 4 or 5 years in college without worrying about money



For third world people there is only two options for young wizard apprentices: study to be a military or study to begin a civil servant. Is almost impossible to someone without social skills leave parents home with 18 yo in third world countries because you will end up living at slums, ghettos or if you are a Brazilian like myself you will end up living inside a favela full of drug lords.
I think is easier for people in first world countries find a burger flipper job that you make money enough to pay the rent, but here in Brazil is impossible rent if you don't make about three times the value of the rent and have two guarantors that have a home totally paid.

I have 32 yo and have almost zero social skills, never had a bank account, still living with mom and I think when I finally have money, a bank account and money enough to leave mom's home I will be a 38 ~40 yo man. I truly envy how things are a little bit in first world countries, but I recognize that our suffering, the wizard suffering is the same and worldwide.


not being an asshole but you would never make it far in the military, somebody like you would crumble under the pressure.


Even when I was working I didn't make enough to live on. I was paying $400 monthly for medications which should have been covered by work insurance which I was also having money taken out of my check for. One time when I did use work insurance for a few trips to the chiropractor, apparently it was made public because the fat blob dyke in HR had a big mouth. She sat there on her ass all day in an office while people did physical labor 40 hours a week. She also made me close so I got home at 11:30PM, then made me open, so I had to wake up at 5:30AM. I'm pretty sure this was illegal. I'd rather live as a hobo than work in retail and there aren't many jobs where you can work alone. I don't even have reliable transportation anymore. When my mom passes away, I think I'm just gonna walk. I have siblings, but they have their own financial issues. One of these days you will see a bearded man shouting obscenities at a street corner. That man will be me.


just get the rope


I've thought about it many times, but I'd prefer to exist to make life hell for cunts. When normal people have off days, I want to be there to smear shit on their cars as they wait in traffic.



How hollow.


exraterrestrials ever decide to land and are benevelent and decide to mass heal humans with their no doubt superior technology.

Why heal? Killing everyone would be better


I found my first job I stayed a long time at by just sending out applications everywhere except fast food places because I can't deal with that shit. Other than that I believe it's just connections and having that big net to fall back on. I can't find shit cheap either, I'll be lucky to live on my own at 35+ comfortably given shit doesn't hit the fan in my life far sooner with parents in my already tiny family. I just expect nothing and try to be ready anything even though because of the fragile state of my health and personal diet I built around it I probably wouldn't last very long homeless. Right now it's all saving and surviving, I either make it till I'm old enough to cash out in a shitty apartment for the rest of my days or fail in my early 30's due to family issues that crash me down with them and leave me homeless.


Mom's job is changing owners so she's probably going to get laid off. She's already old enough to collect social security but she may want to delay a few years to get a better payout. I have enough savings that I could help pay for things for years, but this probably means I should find employment.

I have a bachelor's degree in CS but job opportunities are limited where I live. It would probably be unwise to attempt to live on my own because I have schizoaffective. Should I use one of the freelance sites to do web dev? I almost think I might make more working at Wal-Mart. Anyone have any success making and selling apps? I know the video game market is saturated so I know I probably wouldn't have much luck doing that.


I live with my mum and step-dad, almost 28 years old. Graduated back in 2013 with a degree that is near useless to me now, worked a few jobs here and there, but have been unemployed for about 90% of the time between then and now.

I can't move out because I have no money, even though I greatly desire my own place. My parents rent their apartment and get assistance from the government to pay rent & bills (they're NEETs too), so they aren't as harsh with me as they probably should be when it comes to getting a job and getting my shit together.

No real idea what to do at this point. It doesn't help that I live in one of the most expensive cities on the planet and minimum wage is less than a one bedroom apartment in my area. I never wanted to be a NEET, but I couldn't handle working and now that I've been out of the labour force for so long, it's incredibly difficult to break into it (and even if I could, I'm not sure I can handle the only jobs I can get, such as retail, fast food, etc.)


It's that expensive here in one of the most expensive states. The best I was able to find was some one bedroom shithole where the rent alone was just over what I make in a year. Can't drive so a lot more ideas go out the window.


I am an immigrant kid living with mommy and daddy in western yurop
daddy said he will work for another 5 years and as soon as he gets pension, he will pack his bags and head back home. My mother will probably go with him.
He will get about 1500$ in pension. For eastern yurop this is about 5x the median wage.
However, his savings is just about 80 grand and he will need this for future renovations of his house. My mother will not get much more than maybe 500$ per month.

I have no idea what I will be doing past that time. I cannot read the russky hieroglyphes and I don't want to be forced eventually into becoming a 12hours per day wagie for 300 dollars per month of wage. and the thought of living with mommy and daddy evokes a deep fear inside me. I have no idea what I should be doing.

I have lots of savings left from my last 2 jobs but after those are spent I have no idea what to do. Or for example if my father should become ill and his pension falls away, who will care for my mother then. her pension will be eaten up by medical bills already.
I cannot even take care of myself let alone her.
and I feel like total trash that I am incompetent at doing house chores and I cannot imagine my 75 year old mother to still be doing my laundry in the future.

Honestly, I thought of packing my bags, stashing a lot of cash with me and just going to a big travel for one last time. If I die at some faraway place, better for me. To some place warm. Then there to just become a vagabond. Or travelling to the next place. I mean you get tourist visa for most countries up to half a year. You could just hop from one country to another. If I like one place I could go ghost there as well.
Or even dying, I don't want to die in shitty yurop. At least I want to die on some nice place. Not freezing to death like the homeless often do.


File: 1574746526773.jpg (272.32 KB, 800x600, 4:3, worlds-of-haruhi-homeless.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>AITA for making my son homeless?
Backstory: Me [53/m] and my wife [49/f] made the tough decision to kick out our adult son [25/m]. This is not without reason, and we have given him multiple notices and enough time to sort things out and save money, find an apartment, devise a budget, and figure out what he wants to do. He went to a local college as soon as he finished high school, but dropped out after 2.5 years after switching his major three times: from graphic design, to accounting, to biology. After dropping out, he worked at a local deli department for about two years until he was fired. Our son has ADD, but is otherwise incredibly bright and friendly. At times he gets overloaded and has had many incidents of not properly filling out customer orders or being too slow. Me and my wife sympathized and encouraged him to look for something else. This was three years ago, and our son has not worked at all.

He has not put even the slightest bit of effort into finding a job or returning to school. He has become overweight and spends all his time in front of the computer or playing video games. It got to a point where I had to sit him down and explain that he needs to look for a job, because me and my wife are planning on downsizing to a smaller house and will be unable to support him. He never took our conversations seriously. My wife would talk to him several times a week about job applications, only for him to go "Oh, mom…" and ignore her. I've sat him down, and tried to reason with him. I was willing to give him a few years to save up money so he would have a safety net to fall back on, but still nothing.

He claims to suffer from depression, and while I can see that, I felt that it would be better for him to try and face the world head on. He's seen psychiatrists, has been on multiple medications, and will need his own insurance next year. I became so frustrated with him that I finally felt enough was enough. I woke him up, packed his bags, and drove him to a homeless shelter. I told him that he needs to find a job, and that me and his mom would not let him back into the house until he has one. I gave him all the essentials: razors for shaving, soap, deodorant, toothbrush kit, and etc. I kept his belongings in storage and would unpack them if he came home.

It has been over a month, and we hadn't heard from him or seen him. He has no friends that we know of, so we thought it was unlikely that he would be staying with anyone. I then receive a call from of our neighbors, who then told me they saw our son, with a scraggly beard and unkempt hair, walking around aimlessly near a shopping center, before hunching himself over beside a building. I cannot believe what I heard. I drove back up there to check if he was still there, but I couldn't find him. He has no phone or means for us to contact him. I am now feeling extremely worried that this was not a good decision. Am I the asshole?


I fucking h8 google. They nuked alex jones, who gave this huge boomer pep talk to op's image dude. some of the funniest and most awesome things have been unexisted by the liberals.


I'm surprised that most of the reddit comments are sympathizing with the son (on the basis of his "depression") and calling the parents assholes.

I disagree and understand the parents viewpoint. What are they to do? They can't keep supporting him forever while he rots away, so why are they being unreasonable?


I could understand their point of view if they were assholes and were tired of their son's shit. However they seemingly were fucking stupid enough to think that this "tough love" (in the form of suddenly dumping their son onto the street with apparently no plans to keep in contact with him or support him even on an emotional level) would actually help their clearly very isolated and depressed son somehow.

Keep in mind, this is only their side of the story. Who knows what really happened. I doubt that they were good parents up to this point, people don't just become depressed shut ins for no reason. I can't help but read this situation as somebody just trying to rationalize their actions so that they wont have to feel any responsibility for their part in the destruction of their own son.


why would they bring a new life into the world if they were not going to support it


>lets just push this already weak person over the cliff
>that will help him grow as a person
it fills my heart with sadness to sea those things
if his parents are ashamed of their son, they should have taken the problem in their hands and released him from his suffering.
they created the problem, so they should take care of it


>people don't just become depressed shut ins for no reason.
they fucked him up
faggot father who failed to mould him into a man combined with overprotective mommy
of course he became a failure.
then even this ADD thing on top of it, as if he was not already fucked

if you shit out a child into the world you should take responsibility for it. If you cannot support your child you should at least have the dignity to end his suffering and let him find peace


File: 1574801528733.png (260.05 KB, 468x386, 234:193, 1400208775737.png) ImgOps iqdb

>op's image of a guy with a kid

I'm living with them though myself.

Oh me too anon. I've literally throttled him before because he gave me too much shit from finding bottles in my room (drinking). He found them when I was on a bender, he did that one too many times. I've gotten so close to beating hiim over the head with a bat when he's not looking, washing dishes manically in the kitchen the way his OCD ass does, all day long. It's like he's asking for it. He used to pick my lock and vacuum my room randomly at night while I slept even. He abuses his wife too. I think of neither of them as my parents.

I'm 30 myself and dropped out of a community college and have never worked. Good for you.. then again I hate people that contribute to the system of which I find backwards and insane.

>another one that works while living with his parents


So would I. I'd buy a motorcycle off of craigslist and just live in a tent.


indeed op is faggot and has me hyper mad


I didn't look at the comments but the guy sounds like a retard who went from 0 to 100 in the application of pressure on his son to get a job. He pussyfooted around for years without offering actual help (at least that's what I get from the post) or taking a stand. Then he throws him on the street because he thinks it's "better for him to try and face the world head on" which is a pretty massive fucking leap to take just because psychiatrists and meds weren't helping him get a job. And he seems to expect that things will magically work out.

To top it all off this guy is posting on fucking reddit and asking people to resolve his quandary of "who was in the wrong here", rather than going out to look for his son, notifying police, or doing literally anything else to get in contact with him. He even claims at the top of his post that he's using a throwaway account because he thinks his son uses reddit, so he's possibly also destroying what little chance his son has of recognizing and contacting him. I don't think he could make it any clearer that he gives 0 actual fucks about his child, he just cares about validation from people around him.

This is all from just reading his perspective and without much backstory, who knows what their earlier parenting was like. I'm guessing it was the same pussyfooting and lack of support though, which snowballed into this.
Spend no time cultivating your kid and you're likely to get back a shit kid. Common sense. Your fucking turd offspring aren't going to just fall into the lap of success and normality because "oh he's so bright, look at how well he uses the computer!". And that's doubly true if the kid has a predisposition to mental issues.


His parents should have kicked him out sooner when he was young enough to adjust to the new life. By age 25 or so you're mentally frozen forever regardless of what older egotists would tell you. Psychologically you're done by mid 20s and he was 30. Why suddenly kick someone out at 30? That's worse than kicking them out at 15.


Sexhavers have never been known for making rational decisions.


I tick all those boxes should I just end it now?


>Sexhavers have never been known for making rational decisions.

wizchan 2019, where we think of ourselves as a different species than those who have sex. Homo wizzapiens sapiens.


This has been a thing forever. Lurk more.



Yeah. When you are younger, there are more resources available for you, people are more willing to help, you can adjust to changes easier, you haven't lost your naive self-confidence from bad experiences, etc.

Too many parents are just way too lazy and stupid and let their boys drift through the ages of 10 to 20. Then somehow they are totally surprised their son turns out to be a loser living in their basement when he's 30.


This is one of the most retarded things I've seen on this site. The entire point of wizchan is distinguishing between "sex havers" and virgins.


>How's your life situation?
It's bad
>Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason?
Don't have job. Had one,lost one.
>Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year already trying to dodge the "when are you going to get a job" questions?
No. I dont have college.

I agree with evrything you said


cant really work I think I am too fucked up but also lacking motivation. We ended up moving to some bumfuck isolated town and there is nothing but god awful minimum wage trash jobs. I was expecting to deal with this to a certain degree before when we lived closer to the city. The thing is where we lived before there was a chance to move up to better jobs but here its minimum wage until the day you die or over dose on drugs. Entire town is like one big fucking ghetto its depressing as fuck.

Now my dad has leukemia and because the dumb fucks moved to the middle of nowhere continuing treatment isn't going to happen and he will face an awful death. Was originally planning to kill myself after both parents passed on but I don't think I can wait probably going to pull the trigger after my dad dies. Feel kinda bad for my mom but they both ultimately did back stab me and I told them for ten goddamn years if we ever moved back to this shit hole I would kill myself. They chose to ignore that so fuck it im out.


File: 1578099709276.png (721.93 KB, 716x709, 716:709, Screenshot_20191123-195617….png) ImgOps iqdb

>are unable to move out for some reason?
I love my parents very much, but at least 50% of why I'm still here is because we use the same bank account.
The account is in my name but one day my mom just took my card and said "yeah health insurance will jew us if we don't hide our inheritance (from my grandma) in here"
I don't have the freedom to leave, which I want, the feeling of being trapped here makes me want to commit suicide. I know for a fact that if I don't get out soon that my siblings (who both moved out) will leave me the task of helping them in their elder years strictly up to me.
This is horrible. This is worse than not being able to leave because you're poor. At least some normies will understand that!


Make another secret account, and slowly siphon money off into it.


Living with my mother, staying a neet in hopes of getting on disability. I can't function in any capacity so if that fails, I'm fucked.


I work part time and take community college courses, will be moving out in the fall to become a full time undergrad at age 26. I’m not excited about being surrounded by 20 year olds but it’s an easier life than trying to get a full time job with no degree and limited experience. Especially living in the San Francisco area where we have some of the highest cost of living in the world. My parents are very excited about this development after years of me cycling between working part time/low wage jobs and NEET living, so they will help me out financially. No idea what I will do after graduation though. My parents seem to want me to go to grad school and become a professor, still clinging to their concept of me as “smart” despite all evidence to the contrary. Oh well, maybe I will work up the courage to kill myself by then, or the world will be blown up by nukes or something.


File: 1582115459632.jpg (231.65 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, DSCF1367.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I enjoyed reading many of the posts here. It is nice to see proper Wizards of age, but I also felt weird seeing too many <25, even <20 apprentices. I'm in no place to advice, and worst vice is to advise but still… Take care of yourselves young wizs, both physically and mentally and financially. Just because you can do something at your late teens/20s doesn't mean you can do it in future with impunity, there is also a possibility of long term consequences. So do what everyone tells you to do, brush your teeth, eat healthy, excersize etc. I know it is cliche, but they are cliche for a reason. Think long term. If you want to live as a NEET thats fine, but what will happen to you in next 5-10-15-20-30 years? Plan accordingly.

I'm nearing my mid 30s now. You really began to settle more or less, your life will be unchanged, provided you don't have a crisis, after your late 20s. My condition is okay. My parents are still in their 50s, they had me when they were young students, and they still work. They make around 50k-80k$ depending on the jobs they take (both retired and work as freelancers now). This is quite good given the fact I live in a shitty third world where minimum wage is 5000 dollars a year. We also own some properties, if all of them are rented out (except one I live in) it would net me a 1000 $ income per month. The average living cost of one person minus rent is around 500$ per month.

It is quite a comfy set up, with one problem. With thirld world comes the chaos. I always remmeber the words of an elderly Norwaygian couple who moved to Argentina. They hold me how in Norway everything was set up for you, from where you born to where you will be educated to when you will retire etc, life was predictable. They complimented on how chaotic and unpredictable Argentina was and their whole life was an adventure now.
Which might have been true, given they were retired on 1st world money on a thirld world country. But chaos also has it downsides. Really nothing is predictable, you are one disaster away from total financial ruin. A coup, a civil war, earthquake, insurance fucking you over. All of these are far more possible and likely in thirld world. A way to circumvent this is to move your money out, but my problem is that I don't have enough of it. If I sold everything it would net me around 250k$ which after tax/costs would be a very small amount. Most first world investment opportunities don't consider anything below 500k$ at start.

So there is my dilemma, I'm rich enough for thirld world but not rich enough to move that money to first world and live off as such. My fate is binded into the chaos I'm living in, and I'm one civil war away from ruin. I spend my days worrying about this and trying to come up with a solution but I can't. Maybe I should be grateful that I don't have to wagecuck and live off of anime and vidya all day.
My parents always supported me. I think they give up on me having a family and all that jazz but I never had the siutation that is OP's pic. They also chastise me about worrying too much and that I should enjoy life to the fullest.
I always tell to them it is easy for them to say that, given have good jobs/carreers and can find work anywhere, while I'm a fucking neet with no usefull skill at the age of 30.


File: 1582119790700.jpeg (25.92 KB, 196x257, 196:257, 91BDB72F-DC81-471E-B608-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How's your life situation? Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason? Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year already trying to dodge the "when are you going to get a job" questions?


I have a PhD in Classics. Unemployed for the last 1.5 years. Given the nature of the job market and my shitty alma mater, it is unlikely that I will every find a job.
I told this to my parents again and again, on how academic job market was terrible and unless you belong to top 5-10 schools you wouldnt be able to land a job. They refused to believe it then, but I think they are coming to terms with it now.
I still pretend to search for a job, even apply to some but I doubt my condition will change.


Apologies I accidentally posted before I had typed anything.
>How's your life situation?
It is okay but that will change quickly, my dads work is shutting down after he had worked there 20+ years and was our only source of income,

>Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason?

I had one through nepotism for a year once so I have a healthy savings and car.
>Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year already trying to dodge the "when are you going to get a job" questions?
No, I think a degree would be too financially risky for someone like me, if it was cheap or my parents paid I would probably be like this.

I’m not sure I will be in a desperate situation but this will definitely lower my quality of life when he is unemployed. I also live in a fairly small town so there isn’t a lot of work for people who shouldn’t be customer facing. I want to kill myself before I end up too desperate.
I have quite a bit of social anxiety and I think people see me as creepy or strange so I’m not really sure how I’m meant to make money.
My dad will be out of work in about a month and I haven’t done anything to prep for it, not sure what to do.


>Phd in Classics
Cool what's your thesis about?


Lets just say it is about the reception of classical works by Christians.


>How's your life situation?
I'm still pursuing my degree in computer engineering (if anyone is wondering how old I am, I turned 28 a few days ago). To be honest, I'm not in love with my major and I hate university life, but what else can I do? Meanwhile, I draw porn for money.
>Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason?
If I move out, then I'd have to split my money between my family and me. Since I don't make that much money, we would all live miserably.


FUN FACT: not everyone gets to have life. nature does its own eugenics and like it or not, some people just dont get to have good lives and that is a good thing. the problem is, you think you are a superior specimen so having a good life should be easy for you, but it isnt. so you should be fighting with everything you have to prove that you deserve a better life. you should be denying that you have a broken brain with "mental illnesses", that is an acceptance of weakness.


File: 1582171935607.gif (1.52 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1530408687424.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year

Try 6 years


Then let us have euthanasia then. Instead the elites want us to stay alive to exploit us for money.


do you not want to be strong? why arent you fighting your weakness? why just lay down and die?


fuck off nigger


As if you get to choose how your life is.


File: 1582207441015.jpg (364.37 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Green-Pond-Water-Animal-Na….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>How's your life situation?

living with my parents since 2017, they are ok with me staying at home but I might have to get a job if dad stops getting his pension
>Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason?
I have no real skills or relevant job experience to apply for any jobs (I can draw but not good enough to make a living. working on my art skills! )
>Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year already trying to dodge the "when are you going to get a job" questions?
I have a meeme one year diploma it is completly useless and the previous job was so stressfull that I quit & turned into a neet. The only way for me to get out of neetdome is if the economy crashes and dads pension stops or I get a job using my art skills (i highly doubt it at my current level of skill )


i'm living with my single mom and my brother. both of them are retarded. my mom is retarded and also a cripple.
i'm subsisting entirely off of their disability checks. it ain't pretty.

i've had three jobs in the past and held them for very short periods of time (i think the longest was a year at a call center, shortest was one month at a grocery store).
i quit my most recent job just last month and i'm barely surviving and the "when are you going to start looking for a new job?" is beginning.

i don't think simply eating less and not asking for any money will help me here because my mom wants me to get a job just based on the principle of the matter and less because she actually needs money from me, although she does need money as well…

i'm just biding my time and trying to be very nice to her. she's an easily pleased succubus and she's used to my flat affect. she even considers me something of a comedian which is fucking insane to me. i wear an angry scowl on my face basically all hours of the day.
but it can be so hard to be nice when you're an internet addicted freak. i mean i'm basically in something of physical pain when i'm not sitting in front of the computer if that makes sense. like i'm so addicted that even just going to get a bottle of water for 15 seconds makes me fucking furious and uncomfortable. i have to try VERY HARD to be nice to my mother considering that, and i fail sometimes, but she doesn't seem to fault me for it.
my mom has done basic research on the psychology of people abused as children and living with a single parent and understands the short temper symptom and so i think she blames herself for it whenever i act like a faggot.


oh, i meant to add to this but i got sidetracked by describing the mom situation.

so basically i'm thinking that because i have demonstrated that i'm incapable of holding down a job that it may be time that i file for disability as well. i'm seeing a therapist once a week now on welfare insurance.
it's fucking with my head because the therapist seems to not be taking me that seriously and seems to be unconcerned with how severe my situation and life story is.
i don't know if it's just training making her hide how shocked she is by me, or if she's genuinely unbothered by it, but it's freaking me out that she's treating me like some normalfag. i fear she may not think i'm applicable for disability.

i told her i went 4 entire years without talking to anybody except my mom, i told her about the child abuse, i told her about the hallucinations, i told her i have an imaginary friend, i told her i'm angry and have obsessive thoughts all day every day and anxiety so severe that i'm incapable of focusing and i have 1000 thoughts in my mind at the same time all the time.
and she concurred with all of this and seems to have noted it into my permanent record, and yet she continues to be unfazed and talk to me like as if there's hope that i can improve, and talks to me like as if i'm one step away from securing a job and becoming normal.

i haven't suggested disability to her yet and i don't think i should until i've "proven myself" further.

i'm also concerned about if it's even possible to have three people living together who are ALL THREE on disability. i have this bad feeling that there's some law against that or that they'll put us under scrutiny and sabotage our disability or something. i mean it is pretty severe.


Never went to collage, still living with my parents, I have a ok paying job that I hate.


I am entirely cool with my parents wanting me to leave. But they know if they did I'd just wander west until the elements kill me.


I've been looking for a freelance job for the last few years, still nothing.


They don't want you to get on disability. I got denied about 6 years ago even though I had no record of being able to work because I didn' totally flunk out of school. They likely think you are faking to milk the system.


Do not fall for that pressure man. Parents are trying to manipulate you and force you to do something you do not want you, by applying humiliation pressure with such questions.
Do not make such a mistake. I felt for that and now I am a cripple. Because I agreed to go to a job I did not like. And when you do something you do not like you are guaranteed that something bad will happen to you. Fuck those parents who make children from selfish entertaining reasons and to make the next wageslave of the capitalist class.


Completely agree. Fuck breeders. It is enraging that they and the whole of society demand we must wage, when we never asked for existence. Plus, feeding and housing a NEET costs next to nothing.


Did any of you looked for any courses?
It's what I use to take while roaming helpless sending CV's…


File: 1582530848075.jpg (89.19 KB, 502x639, 502:639, m_70391.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I live and work on my parents farm, my living with them is probably in most a matter of time efficiency (although money and comfort is there as well), there's 6 houses on the estate, 4 have tenants and one is sitting empty. They seem rather satisfied with the situation though, one of the big reasons they even bothered to have a kid was probably to get someone who could keep running this operation when they got older, I was basically put in a tractor as soon as I was tall enough to reach the pedals, recall having to use a bucket as extra step to be able to climb into that thing, and fair enough, nowadays dad is too worn out to do any work besides administrative and mom has always worked elsewhere, I bring them a considerable income so it was probably a worthwhile investment.


Society demands that we wage because our wages goes into taxes which keeps society intact. Hence, they are not entitled to our money!


That's a nightmare. I would love to get a PhD in political science. But I never was good in school. Always Ds and Cs in highschool and uni.

I see stuff like this all the time where PhDs cannot get jobs because of over saturation or coming from a poorly ranked school.


I'm the same way. No dad and single mother always at work from 8 AM to 10 PM. So nobody was here to act as a parent. I'm 24 now and literally don't know how to do anything productive. I couldn't tie my shoes until I was 21 because I'd use strap ons and never leave my room.


This and porn have ruined my attention span and given me ADD I suspect. I can't type out comments as long as yours because of it.


You can't get ADD from porn. ADD is either genetic or a result of early exposure to neurotoxins.


It's hilarious for me because I was just left in my room with videogame consoles my whole life, actively discouraged for going out, then my mother talks about other people being bad parents for doing essentially the same thing. She herself does nothing except wageslave and watch TV


My mother somehow discovered her "Eat Pray Love" calling when I was in my 20's and hates that I never want to go anywhere or do anything after she did exactly that. Even today she always blows up my phone when not responding to her every random yell.


I had practical gaps like that too from no one teaching me anything but on the flip side it made me do everything in a way that made the most sense to me and I realized it doesn't matter how I do anything as long as it works and the rest is social brainwashing. They actually activated my wizard trap card even though the rest of my life was ruined anyways.

I always got mixed messages too. I wouldn't be allowed to do anything yet I would occasionally get punished for not doing anything else with myself when all I had was video games and dial up internet. My mother was the total embodiment of all the boogeymen she made up that literally everyone else was apparently but our family.


> I always got mixed messages too. I wouldn't be allowed to do anything yet I would occasionally get punished for not doing anything else with myself when all I had was video games and dial up internet.
My parents did that too. Everything I did or wanted to do was wrong or I wouldn't be able to do it because x (in between saying I could do anything I wanted and how bright I supposedly was) and they never taught me anything but the most basic skills. At the same time they somehow expected me to just be an independent and well-adjusted person. They kept it up into my 20s (while telling me I was so independent and a man and need to make my own decisions). The slightest disagreement with my father induced galactic butthurt. My only escape was staying in my room and trying not to make any noise because my mother was sitting on the other side of the thin wall where she could hear what I was doing.
Now it is kind of huge mystery to them why I have no confidence and no interest in doing anything but sit at the computer.


File: 1582742892349.jpg (56.55 KB, 768x614, 384:307, 2bazZ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Most relateable. Not too long ago my dad suggested I should "engage myself in something" while in the past effectively shooting down and mocking anything I ever took interest in. Stuff like this tend to lead me to questions like what it means to be an adult, when is a person grown up or mature. I've seen this sort of hypocrisy, selfishness and pettiness in most of my elders (there's a few exceptions thankfully, bless them). It seems like most adults are just very old children or teenagers at best, without any clue about what they're doing or what they actually want but with plenty of opinions to go around.


You see it because it is true.
PhD's are basically cheap labor for university, they hire teachers/graders who work for 5-6 years for minimum wage. They don't care about whether they can find a job or not.
It is depressing. I'm lucky that I have a safety(which is not that safe but still) net that I can fall back into.


youre 19!! everythings going to be ok kid!!


i graduated from parents to live with my sister. it's the bomb. not a sibgle person has entered my room in the basement for this first year. when new people visit, her kids tell them to not interrupt me or knock on my door. no one shouts at me, can eat junk food all day pretty much, dont have to do chores. all i do is babysit a few hours during weekdays. neeting was precarious and anxiety inducing for the prior 6 years at my parents. dad was regularly losing jobs, unable to retire, mom talking about suicide everyday so dad could retire, old parents with random disastrous medical problems every other month, debts, god i wanted to just fucking kill myself sometimes. really i thought it would only get worse, there was no possible way for my situation to improve. thank god for family though. i feel nothing for family but everyone else seems to feel some sort of obligation to support me, makes no sense. anyway life is great now, its like a permanent vacation. we'll see how long this lasts, im still in disbelief i neeted with my parents for so long, so if that is any indication im gonna be mid 30s before i really have to worry about anything again


That's a very kind sister, do you pay for anything at all in the household?


in last year of uni, doing exams remotely from basement due to corona. and no real job lined up for after i graduate. i will live NEET life.


I hate the wizards of the first world, I live in the third world and don't have those facilities for people like me


Just illegally migrate to germany or sweden or canada and they will have no choice but to accept you.
Grow a neckbeard and pretend you're muslim


Pretty dangerous with facial recognition. My fingerprints are in the EU database as well


Only a small percentage of wizards get neetbux, the rest of us are fucked if something happens. I got rejected for SSDI.


I really didn't go into the interview with the intention of bombing it since I thought it'd be obvious, but I guess I should have answered more of the questions wrong, but it was reflexive when I got asked who the president of the united states during the civil war was. I just wish I had said Mickey Mouse or something. I know I bombed the shape questions, but apparently getting the verbal ones was enough to make me seem "not disabled enough".


21 years old NEET here, still living with my parents, of course. Never had a job, and even now that I want one I can't find any because my mom dragged me to this shitty small town. She's a NEET, got this nigger that she calls "husband" inside our home, which is also a fucking NEET too, and we all live with the elderlybux of my grandfather, 93 years old, Alzheimer.

I managed to enter college, a math degree, and my classes are probably starting mid-April, if the virus stops spreading here. I don't think that I'll finish this course though. If my grandpa dies, I lose my home, and that's very likely to happen before graduation, so… I'm screwed. Probably.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1585293093574.gif (319.26 KB, 255x184, 255:184, giphy11ç.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>21 years old NEET here
> my classes are probably starting mid-April


I'm a passerby on this website, but anyways, you're 21. You've got time to get your shit together, go to school and don't give up on your education.


File: 1585315386222.png (315.11 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, 77dbc50684dd7bac0843d637c5….png) ImgOps iqdb

>I felt for that and now I am a cripple. Because I agreed to go to a job I did not like
You basically me. But i kept working for another job, untill became not only physically but also mentally done, with real diagnosis.


As I said, didn't started yet, but yeah, probably not a NEET anymore since I'm actually looking for education again.

Yeah, anon, I'm never going to drop my studies again. I already did that in High School, ended locking myself inside my room por 2.5 years. It's not a solution, just a cope.


even here the term has become meaningless now, let it go.


File: 1585325894917.gif (538.39 KB, 245x269, 245:269, 1575570386464.gif) ImgOps iqdb

21 year old.

I am in my last year of a pointless degree in an entrepreneurial course. I had decided when I was 18 to take up my family business and went ahead with this course per my father's recommendation. I don't want to do it anymore. Within the 3 years I've been in college, my father has let the business go to hell. The sales are down hugely and he doesn't care anymore since he just wants to retire. He has money made from real estate and other investments that has secured him for life. I work part time in the business during my breaks from college. The workers there are nice but sometimes they get frustrated with me because of how useless and dumb I am. Oh well. There's no way I could possibly run the business successfully but I am going to have to try.

My real passion is greyhound racing. Odd, huh? My father has trained greyhounds as a hobby his whole life and I've been doing it with him since is as a small boy. I love it so much. I wish I could just do this for the rest of my life. But the industry is dying on its feet and probably won't exist in a decade or so. I really don't know what I'm going to do if that happens. The only joy in my life will be gone for ever.

My relationship with my father has always been good, but it's declining. He's starting to realise how much of a loser I really am. I am not smart, I have no friends. I'm a disappointment to him. He won't say it out loud, but I know how he feels. I guess I should be content that he is still kind to me for now at least.

I have a much older brother who is a NEET for two years now. He dropped out of college twice. He won't get a job or do anything. My mother is really fed up with him. I think he has autism or something. He would make his NEETdom so much simpler if he just accepted he was a total fucking loser but for some reason he still has an ego. And a bad temper. I guess that's what spoiling your children does. All of my siblings are like this lol. They are all dumb minimum wage workers with bad tempers and egos. Ironically, I am considered the good child of the family even though I don't feel like there's anything good about me.

The future doesn't look good for me. My relationship with my parents is deteriorating gradually since they are fed up with me still being childish. I'm just trying to live quietly and not cause them too much trouble. I don't ask for money and I try not to ask them for any favours at all. At least I'm lucky that my father is wealthy and financially secure.

I bought Stein's Gate for my PS Vita a few weeks ago before all these coronavirus shit happened. I played it in my college accommodation while classes were cancelled. It was the happiest I'd been in years. Just lying down in my bed, drinking Dr Pepper, eating snacks and playing my game in dark quiet room. If only life could always be that simple.


If you've the capacity for it, I'd say take up dog breeding, or some other aspect of hound racing. Gambling and hobbyist type things are pretty hard to kill completely, so even if hound racing declines it'll probably still exist.

If you've found something you genuinely like, go for it. I know I'll be called a normalfag for saying this though.


I mean if it's viable to live off of dog breeding, then it's better than working in an office or neeting until you're homeless, but I imagine there are a lot of start-up costs associated with that.

Maybe try horse racing stuff instead since it seems to be dying slowly.


i have no job im a drug addict. im all day on xnxx 4chan 8chan(now 8kun and its dead) sometimes here and im only on boards to jack off or /pol/ to let out my deep hate on muzzies kikes and niggers


>soprano poster is only 21



there's probably more than one person who posts the sopranos.


but how many use 'lol'


Fair enough.


it'd be rich if >>166378 was the op of the wageslave threads all these years

>He has money made from real estate and other investments that has secured him for life. I work part time in the business during my breaks from college. The workers there are nice but sometimes they get frustrated with me because of how useless and dumb I am.

poor little thing


is that a joke?


Im sorry, but does education mean knowledge


That's all he was banned for? Claiming he was a NEET while being enrolled in school?


yeah that's odd…


no, shes got a nice job so i guess im not that much of a financial burden

hopefully her bf doesnt ever wants to marry her so i dont get kicked out. i can already see it and the new guy is gonna force me to abdicate my comfy throne. that would suck


bump for explanation, what was this poster banned for?


Look up what NEET means.


I can't see why this post deserved a ban,he just said he was a NEET that was trying to escape that situation,no hate against NEET or hikkis,he's still a NEET until he actually goes to school.

Meanwhile the faggot mods keep the "I'm a gay wizard,succubi have been throwing themselves at me and I consider myself very handsome but I'm still a wizard xD" posts around.


lol this makes no sense, there are much worse offenders out there, and they only get a slap on the wrist at most, if that.
maybe something in that poster's history warrants a ban but then why would the mod slap a "user was banned for this post" message instead of purging his post like they usually do


>Ban a user for a perfectly reasonable post
>MeanwhiLe the wizard LARPers and normies keep posting happily.

The faggot mod clique does it again.


Based mods.


Modscum have been recently energised by the fear and loathing in the world

It feeds them




File: 1585650343077.jpg (770.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, panda.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Careful with that advice. I'm 21 and I was completely miserable in college. Don't get me wrong, I loved the content I was studying (Applied Mathematics) so much so that I would constantly be reading textbooks even in my free time. But, it got to the point to where I wasn't learning anything from the university and I was paying thousands of dollars for it (even after scholarships, out of state tuition). I had to show up to class with attendance being mandatory / graded, and I felt all of the assignments and exams were laughably easy. I wasn't being challenged at all.

Anyway, my point is not to brag or anything along those lines. I don't claim to be smart. In fact, anybody can learn anything if they put in the time because all the smart PhD-having lads have already written the books for you. My point is that I would highly recommend NOT going to university unless you want to get into research. If it's a job or something that requires a Bachelor's, you can self-study and build a good portfolio – most jobs require a Bachelor's OR equivalent experience, which can be demonstrated by solid projects in a portfolio. If you just want a job with decent pay, just go to a trade school. To go one measure further, go to a trade school related to programming so that you don't have to be milked by universities and so that you have a good possibility of getting a good paying job that allows you to work from home.

The choice is still yours to make, obviously, but I felt the need to share my two cents.


It's the speed of skill acquisition that matters. If you devoted 24 hours a day to learning something you might learn with a lot of effort, but if you're not able to compete with the other people in the field, it doesn't matter. That being said, you are mostly right that most learning in university doesn't take place in the classroom. However, HR requirements in economically lean times will stress formal credentials unless a technical person controls all the hiring.

At this point, people with portfolios are a dime a dozen, so you'd have to be good at something most people can't do.


>At this point, people with portfolios are a dime a dozen, so you'd have to be good at something most people can't do.

The whole point is to be good at something most people can't do. The HR requiring degrees thing one can get past by claiming "Equivalent knowledge to B.Sc in (x)", as long as you honestly feel you've studied an equivalent amount. Personally, I would say diving straight in to Junior and Senior classes on MIT OCW would achieve this (most courses begin with a refresher on required knowledge for that course, no need for a full length course prerequisite unless you begin struggling). Another way would to be listing the relevant courses to the job posting instead of putting an education section.

I'm not joking either, I left university empty-handed and landed a job as a Data Engineer, a position which prefers a Master's in Computer Science or Statistics, by having built a competitive portfolio.


You are not painting the whole picture, what happened after graduating? Or I guess you are about to graduate in June?
If you were bored during your Bachelor why not go on and do your master, maybe even a PhD? You could expand into Computer Science, Engineering or Descriptive Geometry, whatever you like really. If you are good and promising I am sure America has plenty of funds that would accept a Scholarship, this is a much more constrictive thing to make a portfolio for than some fuckshit rip off company that doesnt give a fuck about you.

Companies only care about their returns and its a very mundane and boring occupation, whatever they pay you its not worth your actual input and they will always try to squeez every hour possible out of you. Managment is disconnected and incompetent because they arent actually engineers, biologists, craftsmen etc. but just greedy economy students. Why work for these suit wearing fucks?
Trades are even worse off, you are working your ass off for change and no matter how much money you make the company they wont give you more. With 40 you will have your first physical problems and it generally just sucks. Sure you could start your own company but how do you think people do that? They borrow money, not much different from a student loan. And even if you dont fail you will still work your ass off.
This is all worsened by the fact that most of your income goes to your horrible government which is either pushing right wing authoritarianism or left wing lunacy on you.

My point is that working by itself is not a virtue and especially since we wont have families, whats the point? You wont retire anytime soon and inflation steadily fucks your savings anyway. You really are just a cuck and I would rather be an academic doing freelance work or working on some big project with my peers which can turn you into a millionaire overnight. Fuck working for some company and rotting in your office, its not a place for wizards.
About student loans; what do you think how these wagies buy their homes or start companies? They all borrow money, you wont get around it. I feel that there is this misconception that debts at a bank will cripple you but thats not really true. Nobody will knock on your door and demand the money, banks dont lose the money the lend they keep it as assets and they generally dont care about collecting because they already collect interests. Seriously, every nation on earth and most companies are in debt who gives a fuck?

Now I wont say what I say is the absolute truth, nobody can give that whether through experience or information, I am just saying working as an intellectual will make people here more content than some mundane trade. But what I do want to say; whatever you do, do it properly and complete it. Dont slack off and dont abort your studies/work, dont end some deadend wagecuck.
But if you have the choice, I feel that Uni is the better option.

>I left university empty-handed
Well obviously you didnt leave university empty handed but with an impressive portfolio if it got you past those HR whores. Are you >>166539 ? because if so then your story is even more ridiculous and I would find it hard to believe because with that talent you would be in the actual MIT, paid by multiple funds and a shinning prospect as a great Mathematician, kind like somebody else we worship here…


Okay so you're just particularly good at it and it must be something rare you did for the portfolio. This isn't really applicable advice to most people who aren't that great at math or whatever aspect of programming you mastered.


File: 1585685660490.jpg (125.95 KB, 617x376, 617:376, 20200329_213707.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not really.. just made a DCGAN which is heavily documented throughout the web and already implemented into Python packages for convenience. As mentioned before, all the smart people have already done all the hard work and heavy lifting for everyone.

If even half the time spent lurking these imageboards were spent reading or making shit or doing literally anything productive you or any wizard could do the same. Just find an interest and make it a point to become one of the best.


You are full of shit


File: 1585687233665.jpg (75.55 KB, 365x348, 365:348, 20200331_003255.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't actually take out student loans, I worked full-time and studied full-time and made my payments monthly. I also only work for a company for as long as I still have money to invest into my land, and it's a solar company of about forty or fifty employees so I feel significant enough where I'm at.

My personal goal is to essentially become a farmer with a computer lab, and I've already got some land with my first shipping container and have the insulation installed into it. I plan to have two shipping containers connected for a living space, one for growing food, and one for a computer lab with a small server. I have budgeted $12,000 for each shipping container, and have spent $7,000 on the land. This has come out to a value under the average mortgage and I talked with my bank to take one out under modular housing (I agree with your view on debt/loans, it's an investment). Within a couple years I should have my own solar powered off-grid joint and be completely independent from society apart from clothing, and I figure if I need money I can do online programming work. Sure I work for a business, but it wouldn't be for any significant amount of time relative to my whole life.

Anyway, I do not mean to tangent onto what I'm doing with my money; rather, if you feel working on a project with peers or doing academic freelancing is the appropriate choice, then I truly believe university is definitely not the choice to go unless there is already a research group you have your attention put on AND what you're doing requires expensive lab equipment. Otherwise, just become an independent researcher. Everything you need can be gathered from arXiv, nature, etc., and paywalled articles can be accessed from scihub.

Of course, university is the right choice for some people but these days it seems the average person doesn't know what they want to do, they simply decide to go to university without any game plan with hope of getting a good paying job coming out. Go into university only if you know exactly what you're doing from there lest you get milked for every dollar you own all for information you could have simply gathered yourself either online or from a library. Again, this is just my opinion but honestly dropping out from university was the greatest decision I've ever made.


> JUST werk hard and be successful and highly-paid in a low-cost area. It's so easy how could anyone not do it?


My mom sees me as a pet with a bank to borrow money from with zero interest and an unused patch of land far from the city. They don't seem to mind as I only keep to what I have, I wish I would enjoy doing exercises in highschool books, as I have many of them that are given away by schools.


>The sales are down hugely and he doesn't care anymore since he just wants to retire. He has money made from real estate and other investments that has secured him for life
What a shitty father. But that is actually pretty expected, mostly stupid people breed

>poor little thing
Fuck of pal. You deserve to be banned for this type of posting and not >>166344



>Anyway, I do not mean to tangent onto what I'm doing with my money; rather, if you feel working on a project with peers or doing academic freelancing is the appropriate choice, then I truly believe university is definitely not the choice to go unless there is already a research group you have your attention put on AND what you're doing requires expensive lab equipment. Otherwise, just become an independent researcher. Everything you need can be gathered from arXiv, nature, etc., and paywalled articles can be accessed from scihub.

>Of course, university is the right choice for some people but these days it seems the average person doesn't know what they want to do, they simply decide to go to university without any game plan with hope of getting a good paying job coming out. Go into university only if you know exactly what you're doing from there lest you get milked for every dollar you own all for information you could have simply gathered yourself either online or from a library. Again, this is just my opinion but honestly dropping out from university was the greatest decision I've ever made.

Listen to this wizzie. Don't go to college unless you know exactly what you want to do for a career. Otherwise college is just for networking and socializing. On occasion you may get direct experience with some equipment, but its way cheaper to just read on your own than have someone hand-hold you through.


Context: Ive been living with parents for 10 years (im 28) and I pay 400 a month in rent plus 200 for car lease and 200 for student loan
My mom has undiagnosed OCD and my Dad is diagnosed bipolar



>800000+ views channel


Most of that was off of one stupid video I made


Thanks for sharing. You'd think the fact you pay rent would entitle you to some basic respect and decency.

Are you working or on some type of bux? Do you plan to stay with your parents longterm?


File: 1589911048940.jpeg (60.2 KB, 600x439, 600:439, 1587225804220.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 33 yo and life where I live is absurdly tough, and mom has cancer… looks like she will die next months or years. Also, my country soon will collapse economically and politically, and I think electronics will be so expensive that only really rich people will have money to buy a computer or a new smartphone. My plan was get my degree, build a solid Github, improve my English communication skills and apply to jobs outside the hellhole nation that I live, but I don't know it will be possible thanks to my old age and lack of experience. I don't have hope for tomorrow.


Ive been working the same shit retail job for 10 years, im at my breaking point my living situation. About to go as far as putting my shit in a storage unit and living in my car. I have about 6 grand saved (thanks trumpbux) and a 10k student loan left


what did you go to college for?


General math science assosciates and meteorology


File: 1589931065065.jpg (368.88 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 656_8___30434.1445547461.1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 30 and am practically forced to live with my parents because they're too retarded to take care of themselves. I live somewhere I've hated my entire life. Hard to explain the hatred burning inside of me over this particular geographic location but it has been sucking my soul for twenty years.
After dropping out of highschool I spent my twenties moving all over the place, trying to escape and find a good place to call home. I'd move somewhere new and start from zero, wageslaving at labour/trade jobs. When it didn't work out I'd somehow still end up back here. Only bright side has been that 1/3 of my twenties was spent NEETing off my savings.
In any case, my dad is an alcoholic and my mom a six year NEET - they're both too lazy to do anything so I do most of cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, fixing things and also helping with the bills. The old man can't afford the mortgage on this giant house but is too lazy to sell/downsize and refuses to rent to roommates. My parents are split up but somehow mom still lives here for free. At one point I was living on my own and still giving my father $500 every month.
Anyway, in two years' time they're selling everything to move back to the old country and retire and when that happens I'll be completely alone and finally free. I'm too tired to try and "make it work" anymore so I will sell everything I own and take up the traveling bum life for a while. Maybe max out my 41k worth of credit. Once all the money runs out I'm cashing in my days and checking out of this shithole world.


You better post a comfy thread about this when it happens!!
Too many larpers here, we need to show at least ONE /travelwiz/ truestory, or the larps will contine


Anyone know what NEETdom is like in Japan? Since East Asian cultures value success and conformity more than us Westerners, wouldn't NEETs face even more social rejection/isolation? I can't imagine Japanese parents being okay with their NEET children living with them.


they do have this hikkikomori 'pandemic'


My city is especially vulnerable to the Chinese virus and my lease was up right when our city had to shutdown. I don't know how fucked the economy is going to be a few months down the line. It's a tourist city so even when we do reopen up social distancing and a thriving economy just aren't compatible. I'm also an idiot so maybe I'm just talking out my ass, but with those reasons in mind I decided to move back in with my parents. I've been living with them for about a month now and it's pretty awful. To make a long story short, all the reasons that drove me to leave still exist.

I had enough money to live comfortably for a few months in the event I did get laid off, but I just didn't want to be sitting there burning through my savings. However I don't know if my mental can take it. I'm looking at other options. Kinda wondering if I can maybe live cheap in like eastern Europe or Asia or something. Anyone have experience with this? It seems daunting because I've never even lived outside my own city, but even with my measly $25k saved I think this can last me a good while in many other countries.


>they do have this hikkikomori 'pandemic'

Hmm, how bad is it really though? Is that media fearmongering or is it worse than the West? Are NEETBUX easy to obtain in Japan? Any Asian wizards here that can shed light on how East Asians perceive NEETDOM? Like I said with the whole concept of "honor" and holding "face" that must mean a lot of parents harbor shame right?


You're right about the fact that it's considered very shameful, but that's part of what causes the issue.
The shame, especially on the parents' end, leads to a lot of them never seeking help even when they obviously need it since they're too ashamed to admit to anyone outside of the house that their child is a mentally ill fuckup. That attitude makes it very hard for anybody to get better once things have become really bad, and is why so few hikikomori ever make real returns to society.

I think the biggest reason this kind of thing happens so often is that Japanese culture absolutely cannot tolerate any kind of conflict. The lengths to which Japanese people will go to avoid uncomfortable situations makes it really easy for these sorts of problems to fester, because when a kid starts to withdraw, or even before that when he's just having problems at school or his mental state is deteriorating, rather than cutting it off early before it gets really bad the parents simply try to pretend it's not there. And then when he locks himself in his room for 3 years, rather than start a fight with him the socially correct behaviour is just to leave him his food and maintain the peace.

Also related to the above, in east Asian cultures dependence on family is a positive thing rather than a negative like it is in the independence-focused west. The societal attitude is that your parents are obligated to take care of you for as long as you need it, and then you are obligated to reciprocate when they're old farts (I think "amae" in Japanese is basically a word for this concept). It doesn't matter if your son is turtling in his room, you HAVE TO keep taking care of him because you're his parents.
I don't actually know this part for a fact but I'm pretty sure the bux situation in Japan is extremely crappy, but it doesn't matter because they have their parents to support them.


Great post, friend. Thanks for thoroughly answering my question.


It's been a nightmare since the pandemic isolation began. I no longer have peace, silence or privacy at all.


Is there any chance we will ever get UBI NEETbux in our lifetime? Let's be honest that would really help most of us wizards.


No. The outcome is more likely to be like Soylent Green.


In some other country maybe. In USA lol no. Instead of voting on a second round of stimulus bills senate decided to fuck off and go away for memorial day weekend (which is an entire week for them) and they may be considering walking back some of the extended unemployment benefits. This is what they do during a crisis. Can't even imagine what would happen in a catastrophe.


File: 1590578435540.jpg (2.71 MB, 4990x3572, 2495:1786, world government.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The strings attached to UBI will be a nightmare from what we know now about the incredibly pervasive surveillance apparatus being installed and the continued degradation of constitutional rights. So called UBI would absolutely be nothing more than leverage to force people to do what the government wants.
>give up all claims to privacy and opt into contact tracing
>use this digital certificate to prove you've had all the vaccines we tell you to get
They'll probably scale it off of your social credit score for maximum dystopia.



Fuck, that's depressing… Society really doesn't care.


Hopefully assisted suicide will become legal in the same time frame


File: 1592757020663.png (188 KB, 1216x1283, 1216:1283, 160865-20453.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Can somebody explain this?
If you're from the U.S. or any other third world country, you can move out at anytime but you will be living from paycheck to paycheck. To normalfags that is a win because they can do whatever they want at their own place even though they are living from paycheck to paycheck. Party, get some succubus pregnant, bring another life to put through hell and repeat.

The main reason most of our generation still live with our parents is due to wages stagnating while inflation grows in the U.S. (aka capitalist Venezuela) for the last 46 years. In other words we are all being scammed but everyone's okay with it because AMERICA FUCK YEA. Most people are not fortunate enough regarding education and job connections to land them a job that generates enough money to offset inflation.

Look at the 1950s and most of the 1960s where the average young couple could afford to buy a home in their early twenties, still have money to buy a car, send their children to university and go on vacations. Pretty much anyone who worked/working from 1970s to NOW is being robbed of their time & their life.


as long as i can sit on my ass and play games on my computer nothing matters


>partying normalfag's living expenses = reclusive wizard's living expenses
I was able to live very comfortably on minimum wage while building up savings. If the government intervened and forced my employer to raise my wage I probably would have gotten fired since it would cost more to keep me on that what I was producing. All minimum wage laws do is force businesses to outsource jobs (impossible for small businesses, yet another bottleneck to keep power in big corporations' hands) and/or raise prices, which eventually drives inflation up.


So you would willingly give your boyhole to them, just to look at pixels on a screen and avoid doing anything useful, even by your own standard?


What job did you have that you could save on min wage?


only way you could save much on min wage is super low rent

i dunno what "comfortably" means though


The only reason I still live with my parents is because they told me at 18 to either go to college or they were going to kock me out on the street. Now Im 28, have 10k left in loan, my dad has 65k in savings and refuses to help financially because "tHeY ArEnT mY LoAnS" Because God-for-fucking-bid you would want your kids to afford being actual adults. Its so fucking absurd. I seriously had no other options.


Does the specific job really matter if I specified the wage?
It was a secretary job for an old guy, I helped him do computer stuff.


jesus christ, these fucking homo retards again


I bet it's a samefag.


i don't know what it means to be independent, my future has never been so uncertain and it scares me.
a child in an adults body



That would last you in Eastern Europe about 4 years.

I often wonder why people don't move here. It's safe here, and SOO cheap compared to the west.

Let me know if you want me to tell you more how you could make it in EE. It's actually a cheap, safe paradise.


Four years is nothing, and not worth the hassle of moving to another country.

You should be glad your shithole isn’t being infested by entitled foreigners with too much money to burn. Wouldn’t be so cheap then would it.


Are you aware how difficult it is to get permanent residence in another country? Need to learn a new language and wageslave in a high-demand job for 5+ years


Can you post comfy EE apartments $500/m?


I moved out of my folks place relatively late at 31 and despite it being pretty rough initially, I can still say it was one of the better decisions I made in my life. Living away from family really does give you a taste of that independence that I don't think I'd be willing to give up.



Living away from home sucks if you have to get roommates. With normalfags, there'll always be clashes. Well people in general if you are asocial.


That goes without saying.


I'm 28 years old and never moved out of my childhood bedroom. I've had about 5 or 6 jobs since I graduated, but never for very long except once (one lasted a year, the others several weeks) and I've more or less given up on employment. I've been a NEET continuously for about 18 months, but about 95% of the time cumulatively since I graduated.

It's not so bad, but we are poorfags and neither my mother nor my step-dad work, so everyone's home in our small apartment all the time and it feels like I don't have much privacy. I wish I had my own space, but that will not happen for a long time, perhaps ever (mother is in good shape for her age, I don't feel like I'm in great health). If I had my own tiny apartment, I would be perfectly content though. It's the only thing I want, aside from a PC.


Indeed. It's like going out of the frying pan and into the fire, except now you also have to pay for it.

Living alone is ideal, and yet doing so increases the financial difficulty significantly. Still doable with a half-assed decent job and disciplined spending habits.

I have a particular problem where I can't justify moving out because I hate it here. It would make little difference having my independence in a land I truly despise. And I don't have the qualifications to work anywhere else as in a different country. Such is life.


>Can't even imagine what would happen in a catastrophe.
they go to their bunkers and pass the time with Jeffrey Epstein's succubi


1. Okay I guess not homeless or a loser drug addict living on the streets but i am beginning to hate sharing a room with my mom right now but theres not much space in the apartment we live in now. 2. Lost my job due to Coronavirus outbreak but it was only part time and my supervisior was a fucking bully to me so i just collect unemployment right now. 3. NO never finished college.


Why don't ya just take the money, cancel the account and leave? I don't see the point here…

But hey, you do not pay taxes, water or light. Right?


File: 1595225473575.png (198.35 KB, 744x497, 744:497, 1470938677952.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 26 and I'm barely finishing my bachelor degree. I'm so fucking slow compare to my other peers from high school who got their shit together. I dont know but everything I do I feel like I'm just wasting time, I'm slow at everything and I'm so tired of being slow. I know that I shouldn't think about catching up to anyone, but I can't help but feel I'm so infantile at anything I do. Even to now, I dont even know what the hell I am going to do with my degree. I just want out.


33 and still living with the rents.I make money but nothing else going in life so no incentive to pay rent somewhere else.


File: 1596914057864.jpg (82.72 KB, 708x698, 354:349, soda_dog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Never compare yourself to them. They can fuck off. Just focus on yourself and getting a good start in your career. Don't let the feeling of infantile or falling behind get to you. Think about it like this, in a few years from now when you are into your career, they will be getting fat and falling for the "have kids and get married" meme. Normans fail hardcore because of this where us Wizes could shine. While you are enjoying a good career with money and free time after work, they will be in a house full of screaming kids, bills, mortgages, and most likely a failing marriage.

No worries, wiz. Focus on your school and then your job, be savvy with your finances (like FIRE saving method for example) and get ready to enjoy a succubi free life. Best of luck.


File: 1596939690914.jpg (165.72 KB, 800x1040, 10:13, 1574708562676.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not only my life completely lacks perspective, now I have to deal with mother and her retarded husband banding together to tell me that I'm useless, lazy, stupid.
Even if I get a job tomorrow and suddenly become a "functional" person, this wouldn't be enough for them. I know for a fact that my stepfather still would pressure my mother to throw shit at me because that's just how he is. He loves finding small reasons to convince himself that he's better than others.


I live at home with my parents at 24 y/o and our money situation is quite bad,my dad works a high hours low pay shitty job and my mom is a meme psychologist that gives shitty therapy from time to time and she doesn't make much,so pretty much all the money goes is spent food and nothing else,I haven't bought any clothes in like 2 years and the house needs some repairs (thank god the house is ours and not rented)

I have a engineering (IT) degree but I'm still a NEET that doesn't have a job while literally everyone else I went to university with have decent jobs,part of the reason why I'm a NEET is that I know I'm quite dumb and incapable of doing what employers expect from people like me (got the degree out of pity and because some schools will give you anything as long as you keep going and paying fees) and no one would hire my for my shitty abilities so I just keep trying to evade reality with anime and videogames.

Honestly I don't know what's in store for me in the future I can't see myself getting a decent job in my area unless some kind of miracle happens so I will have to settle for some shitty retail job or something like thatm my parents will obviously hate that and people may wonder why an engineer with a degree is stocking shelves at walmart…oh well.


*so pretty much all the money is spent on food and nothing else.
Fuck when I try to edit something to reorder my ideas shit breaks even more.


sounds horrible
spend years at academia to do what high school teenagers do already

>wasting time on escapism and ignoring real life problems

we all do it …


Well, at least you got your degree. I studied engineering too but my shitty third world public college kicked me out because I got a virus and didn't show up in two months.


How'd you get your NEETbux?


That's a perfectly normal situation for a young person today. You have one of the best degrees and are extremely young. I'm 29 and live with parents and don't have any degree or career prospect. You don't belong in this place.


It's like that little shit is complaining for the sake of it. We've got no money but we own the house, my parents could afford to send me to an engineering school, my mother's a psychologist… what a joke.


What the fucking hell dude? How can you say that I don't belong here when I'm as much of a virgin as you are? The fact that you have a much worse situation than mine doesn't mean that my situation isn't bad per se.

I already said that they gave me my degree because I kept paying for it (something not difficult at all considering it was a public university with very low tuition) and that I actually suck at it.

In the US it may be extremely hard for someone to actually own something (because people pays for everything with debt) but that's not the case in other parts of the world,yes we own the
house but it's not a big or luxurious house at all,it was mostly an inheritance from my grandfather to my mom anyway.

Also I think you misunderstood,when I said I went for an engineering degree it was from a local public university,not the MIT or Stanford or something.

My situation is bad,not the worse possible situation but still bad,the only good thing is that at least I won't end up homeless.


>I'm as much of a virgin as you are

Not him but there's definitely a sense in which he is more of a virgin than you are - you are not even 25 to his virtual 30. The site was originally intended for 30+ virgins so maybe take it easy on getting offended. In addition, it's not just that you're less likely to be homeless due to your degree, but also the fact that succubi (when you are trying to date them) will make life hard for you if you don't have a high IQ degree/some sort of earning power. Therefore, if you decided to make it your mission to have sex, you would have an easier time, ceteris paribus, accomplishing that goal than he would.


>we inherited the house
>from grandpa
<richfag detected
you people need to understand that a house has a normal life cycle of 30 years. After 30 years you can only bulldoze the entire thing and build new from scratch

Even if anon inherited this thing 20 years after it was renovated, he would have about 10 years before the entire thing falls apart over his head.
My father had some problem with insects on his vacation home for example. Some insects that eat wood and they were eating away his roof. If he did not detect it early, the roof would crash down one day

Or another big problem is the pipes of plumbing water and what not. If those ever freezed or were destroyed you are in for big trouble.
There is just so much trouble with home ownership. you have to be paranoid about all these things and you pay taxes on top of it (you are renting from the government). So why not skip this shit entirely and rent from the beginning


>a house has a normal life cycle of 30 years. After 30 years you can only bulldoze the entire thing and build new from scratch
Maybe they build things different wherever you live, but I have entire neighborhood near me that were constructed in the '30s. A house that is even remotely maintained will last a long time.


in most jurisdictions, you can calculate real estate in your books with a depreciation of 100% over 30 years. Sometimes linear, sometimes in percent points. The land on which you build has no depreciation (tax deductible). So you have to calculate that the house you build today will be trash by year 2050. But of course the land it sits on might appreciate by 200% or even more. Real estate is often a gamble

>A house that is even remotely maintained will last a long time.

here you have it
I calculate without maintenance costs
because if you have maintenance that would feel like a kind of rent
you buy a house to live rent free

But of course you are right. If you keep your house well maintained, you can probably have it for 90 years. But what is then the point of owning your house. It would just be another type of rent in my view


>But what is then the point of owning your house. It would just be another type of rent in my view
Maintenance is far cheaper than rent, and the fact that your house lasts a long time. Building or buying a new house every 30 years is far more expensive than just taking care of the one you own.


23 yo wiz apprentice, I feel like I need to leave, everyday I want to murder my mom and brother(who are also neets).
I was raised by a druggie mom and a absent dad, I want to kill myself because I cant imagine ever being happy and I feel like ill be homeless soon.
It sucks to know that the conditions you were born under(poverty and neglect) basically guarantee that you are going to have a miserable life.


every day I learn new stuff
who says internet will only make you stupid


you can give in to desperation or you can use your anger as fuel to get your life unfucked

Even if you failed, you could in your last moments say you tried everything and you don't regret anything

There is lots of stories like this where the underdog fights like an animal and even succeeds. I think someone posted a Mike Tyson story like this


>you people need to understand that a house has a normal life cycle of 30 years. After 30 years you can only bulldoze the entire thing and build new from scratch

This must be the most bullshit comment I've ever read here, it looks like something straight outta /pol/

Maybe in the U.S where your Mcmansions fall apart after a heavt storm,but in the the rest of the world a well built house can last decades or even centuries.


No, even in the US the only "houses" that fall appart after 30 years are trailer homes, cheaply put up housing projects, and certain prebuilts.

Normal houses last about 100 years with regular maintenance in most cases.
Though modern buildings made according to current building codes will probably last even longer.


That dude was clearly from the third world, not the US. They have building codes and shit in the US that would make sure the pipes never freeze. Houses last as long in the US as any other civilized country that has building regulations.


File: 1598046668875.jpg (140.72 KB, 752x1080, 94:135, I shiggy nanachi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That has been a thing throughout the entirety of human history.


True, but in the modern age, adults still living with their parents makes them look incompetent.


> look
Are you a gir.l by any chance?


I'm 29 and haven't worked since oct 2019. I've been milking the trump bux and im just holding out for the 300/wk lost wage assistance boost. my dad empathizes with me and so there's no problems or tension. I occasionally do the dishes, help keep the car maintained, pick him up from work, and help however i can. My situation is lucky. my stepmom doesn't pay for anything so she has no ability to say anything about me being here


You know that this site has gone to shit when this post is still up.


>How's your life situation?
Materially okay, emotionally at odds

>Do you have a job yet

I lost mine at the start of Summer, employer couldn't afford to keep me on.
First time since post-high school I've been full-time NEET.

>Are unable to move out for some reason?

Can't now because of pandemic. Haven't really tried to prior.
My excuses are mostly economic, as I didn't/don't make enough to live alone. Why live with roommates if it's virtually the same experience except with strangers.
I'm also poorly socialized. I haven't had a real life friend since the start of high school. Internet friends don't seem worth the effort at my age. I hope once this stupid pandemic gets under control I can start to consider it again.

>College diploma

Never attended, never had plans. Family was too poor for me to even consider it, even though they had aspirations of me attending.
I wanted to go to trade school or equivalent, but they put it in my head that I was "better than that". Based on what? Even better is that most in my family have substantial student debt they'll never pay off, but somehow I was different.
Needless to say, I put off making a decision and have been working unskilled/semi-skilled jobs. In my mid-20's, I have no idea what direction to take in my life.
All I know is I'm starting to get really tired of the one I'm living.


File: 1599766553329.jpg (278.48 KB, 1000x1008, 125:126, 1541978960967.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

final year student apprentice
>parents have taken good care of me and did what they can to cover me from discomfort, for which im grateful
>on the other hand they birthed me, causing all my existing and potential future discomforts
i appreciate their care, but i would prefer if they didnt concieve me at all


I'm 29 and still love with my mother and younger brother. I always held an unskilled job since highschool, but don't know how to break into an actual career.

Honestly, it doesn't bother me because I don't intend to ever have a girlfriend or kids. Plus I've helped my mom completely remodel the house, including painting, flooring, bathroom vanities and toilets, new lighting, and stone patio.


Why not try contractor/construction work if you've got experience in remodeling? Unless you're considering that as unskilled.


File: 1599839470400.gif (3.69 MB, 800x533, 800:533, lain dance.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I am lucky enough to live in a shared apartment with another wizard, and in my country I am getting the neetbux pretty easy (for at least a while), except money for smoking I don't need that much, so I even save a bit in a month


Im 29, turning 30 in November. Im a NEET who lives with his parents, but managed to get some coronabux and food stamps. My parents are getting old and wanting to retire, Im just a strain on them at this point, but I dont want to work or get a job. I smoke weed all day and do nothing but browse the chans. I have no degrees or work experience, Im pretty much fucked at this point socially. I should just kill myself.


>Lain poster

The state of wizchan 2020


I have a degree but it hasn't helped me at all. You're lucky to get coronabux though. I got fucked on that. Otherwise we're the same.


i was too lazy to even file for corona bux, i had the shit all in front of me, parents begging me to just do this shit, but i went to that website and saw all those fucking forms and no way i coudln't do it, that's how fucked i am as a neet lol


File: 1599855442992.jpg (45.6 KB, 640x392, 80:49, 1548766564506.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>post of no value

The state of wizchan 2020


File: 1599856519978.gif (927.73 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 1585776726402.gif) ImgOps iqdb


go back to 4chad


You're probably a female. Only succubi who pretend to be schizo-depressive like that shitty cartoon.


holy shit is that photoshopped??


your post reminded me of this female underage who had lain as her avatar and attention whored in a videogame forum I was back in my high school days. She posted similar gifs and pictures of lain. Never talked to her but she showed up in almost every thread in the off topic section, and then later on was a drama she got in with the some other users that wanted to be friends with her but she rejected lol


I would have to understand it in the first place to like it
It's interesting regardless
maybe it's just pretentious trash and nothing but hot air
But you can't ignore the fact that it predicts quite a lot of the problematic developements like reality and internet intermixing


>Wow she's just like me
Literally the same dumb bitch behind that avatar, every time lol

I'm sure it has some value, but like everything else on the internet, if succubi or normies find it, they eventually ruin it.


File: 1599911627491.gif (140.21 KB, 560x315, 16:9, oom3Nduc1sdbgk2o1_640.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>finished media from years ago suddenly becomes worse because normies get their hands on it and somehow influence me.
hating something based only on popularity is no different than liking it because of it, I'd prefer judging formed from my own experience.


File: 1599915452905.jpg (873.93 KB, 714x960, 119:160, comment_1592089546q60hZqSY….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

living with mum and brother
working at fart factory
now im going to arts university, done first year and 2 years to go
the only thing that stops me from moving away is job
if I could find a better job at bigger city i would move, but now its almost impossible due to corona, and bureaus dont accept any new applicants for practice

im 32 lvl


that's not how this works,
you don't "hate" it because others like it, you "hate" it because you used to like it and now find others like it not for it's intended reasons but rather because it's cool to like it

and, again, hate is the wrong term here it's more like an extreme disappointment and sadness in the same way you see a tree wither away and die before your eyes as you grow older


doesn't change the fact that you don't like the medium because others like it for their reasons. I definitely agree that liking something just because it's popular is stupid, that's on the individual though, the medium has nothing to do with it.

like then you aren't disappointed in the actual tree that withers away, rather in the reasons that make him die. Would rather describe it like watching people pissing on the tree, and then blaming the tree for it's full of piss.


What's a fart factory


No you are wrong and just trying to appear morally superior, it's obvious


shit-tier job at factory without any perspectives, basically a slave


>Basically a slave

There's that word again, I don't think you know what it means.


yes goyim keep thinking you're not a slave
you work 5 days a week with just enough time left on a day to cook a meal and play a game. then it's the same thing day in day out for 50 years, producing income for the capitalists who give you peanuts. after that you're retired and chronically ill, being milked from any and all saving by the medical industry, care homes etc


Still don't seem to know what slavery actually is.


No one's forcing you to do any of that. Subscribing to that type of life isn't slavery, it's just stupid. There are many many other paths you can take in our society, and no one is going to kidnap or kill you just because you decided not to do wage labour.



We strongly disagree.



The worst part about this is the uncertainty. I have no idea when they're gonna kick me out. They threatened in the past when they got pissed at me

People say be as nice to your parents as possible if you're in that situation but honestly, if you're acting nice and doing favors for someone out of fear, it destroys your self esteem. just like working


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