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Many of you despair at the state of the world and modern consumerism society, but I am here to tell you not to fear because the world that you hate so much is about to end.

The truth is that the data coming back very recently, within the past few years or so has confirmed what climate scientists feared when we first found that methane levels were rapidly rising with no discernible cause: the arctic sea ice is melting and releasing trapped methane into the atmosphere.

Now if you don't know what that means, basically methane is like this evil carbon dioxide you hear so much about except a hundred times worse in terms of the amount of global warming it will cause. As the ice melts, two things start to happen that will result in a runaway rapid warming effect that will completely destroy the current peace and cause billions of deaths including the extinction of other species besides humans. The first is that the physical presence of the ice over a large area in the arctic acts like a kind of reflective mirror that helps reflect some of the energy coming in from the sun. With that melted, that light no longer gets reflected and instead absorbs onto the surface somewhere and radiates heat into the atmosphere. The second thing is that pockets of methane that are trapped in the ice shelf will release into the atmosphere. Both ice on land and in the sea contains large amounts of methane and any instability in that ice is game over and the ice has been destabilized. The last time we had a mass extinction, an event where over 95% of all species on earth went extinct, the cause was because of rapid increases in methane from the arctic ice melting. We're already seeing mass extinction happen with estimates of the current rate of extinction at about 1000 times higher than usual.

Most of our climate change models predicted a slow and steady linear increase in temperatures, but that's not what the data show is happening at all. The effects appeared slow and linear for a while, but now we're seeing a sudden acceleration that is corresponding to an exponential increase, not a linear increase in atmospheric methane levels that has been happening for over 10 years now. We fucked up. It's too late now to ever prevent large scale social collapse. There will be famine and drought and war, billions displaced and starving. No doubt there will be a revolution and the current order will fall.

Here is a good paper about this by a scientist who has dedicated his life to studying this issue. I encourage all of you to read it: https://www.lifeworth.com/deepadaptation.pdf

Now what does this mean for the depressed wizard who hates the current world? For me it means that there is hope that you can survive to see a new social order arise out of the ashes of our current society. Assuming you survive anyway. You can safely ignore the concerns of normies now knowing that they are in denial and are just wasting time while they still can. Any plans for the future need to be made with the knowledge that the future will be on fire and the things you rely on society for like food will no longer be guaranteed which makes the concerns of normies trivial and insignificant. We have to figure out how to live in a sustainable way like our ancestors did, assuming that's still possible in the new climate. Do not lose hope wizards, this era of bullshit wageslavery is almost at an end.
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I don't understand how NZ is safe in a scenario when ocean level rises and anywhere near equator human brains will fucking melt.


File: 1563815371359.jpg (176.92 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, Hand-Luggage-Only-2-4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Auckland looks cool.
So many places i could have been born, but didn't.



People posting this kind of thing seem to forget that heavy machine guns exist.

I'm not trying to sound like a /pol/ invasion here but whitey is going to learn pretty quickly how much he loves refugees when they start screaming to get into his country by the million every day. You're just going to see massive electrical fences, killer drones, and (as I said) heavy machine guns).

Oh new york is going to drown under water with all the degenerate groids?

Oh no. please. don't let it happen. I'll be so sad I die.


It would be closer to a total collapse instead of any organized action as time goes on.


Honestly what you would want to bring is a group of people tied together with a strong religion to enforce loyalty to the group, ingroup vs outgroup sentiment, cooperation between the members and maybe even a sense of destiny. A bunker isn't worth much, can be acquired at any point with enough resources and would be difficult to defend alone, building lasting multi-generational social trust is much harder. You just have to look around how much people are alienated, atomised and how fickle the bound is between them, if they couldn't slave for techno-capital, they would die swiftly, unless they can find someone else to slave for. They are literal domesticated human cattle, but at least cows and bulls can form groups and fend for themselves.

That said the Super Rich (while not all of them) do have group they belong to, and often very old ones dating back from the Middle Ages (old aristocracy/haute bourgeoisie often of some Christian denomination, various Hindu caste and jati, Jews and other minorities like the Parsi or Chinese and former Samurai clans). It wouldn't surprise me that some of dissolution of social bounds were not just an unintended consequence of managerialism and the industrial revolution, but also deliberate attack from the ruling class against the middle and lower class to prevent any kind of collectivisation that would threaten their wealth and more importantly power over society.

I haven't looked into who exactly is buying those bunkers, but it wouldn't surprise me that the Super Rich who own them are mostly people who got rich very recently in the last decades, and because they lack this network to rely on for survival, they have to fall back to individual method. If that's the case, while they have an head start, they aren't in much better position than the rest of humanity.


True in long term but if we are talking about 100 years from now rich people will absolutely be better off than all of us in a massive scale.


God like massive scale. They all are better off us than a massive scale. Actors earn peanuts compared to them. That's only the money part.


>world is finnished
>because climate change that has existed for 1200 years and more
>not because our financial system is designed to implode every 50 years


the average world temperature went up 1 degree in a century, if it did that for 1200 years it would now be 1200 degrees hot


That is not remotely how it works


File: 1566506795268.jpg (3.14 MB, 2563x3366, 233:306, 40382d2c-480d-43e3-9d8d-7e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Been getting back into studying climate change and disaster scenarios and came across a new book. The guy who wrote this NY Times op-ed just published a work on existential risks, “End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World.” Could be a cozy read for a certain type of wizzie!
>A Giant Volcano Could End Human Life on Earth as We Know It
>Why isn’t anyone taking this problem more seriously? Unlikely isn’t the same thing as impossible, even though it’s human nature to conflate the two.


I know I am being nitpicky. But what this book implies from it's text is quite false. Humans were actually largely uninterrupted from the Toba eruption compared to what pop scientists liked to talk about the le bottleneck theory. Every natural disaster was and will be unable to end the human race itself quickly. It would still be able to destroy the industrial society as it has done in the Americas but a total extinction of the human race would take quite a while.


What do you expect them to do? Lay down and die?


Don’t post that bitch here im sick to death of that green millenarian shit


I think normies have a lot of self-interest in eating and having their cake. They want to squeeze this Earth for all its worth, and yet also have kids and grandkids and pretend there will be something left for them. I mean the Right uses the exact same arguments when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

As Wizards we don't need that doublethink hypocrisy. We can be honest. Yes we are using up the earth. Drinking up all its resources. Pumping billions of gases into a very delicate equilibrium. Nature isn't infinitely free and resilient. Conservationism actually shares a lot of the same logic as conservatism just applied to nature. Upsetting a delicate equilibirum, stewardship, no free lunch, unintended consequences.

Lets just admit that we are wrecking the earth, and that sucks for the kids and grandkids of normies, but largely wont affect our generations of wizards.

As virgins and anti-natalists we have a self-interest in using up as much of the Earth for our pleasure as quickly as possible. Normies have a genetic interest in leaving something for their grandkids, although they often behave as wrecklessly for the future as though there were childfree.


File: 1566596986108.jpg (407.96 KB, 875x1600, 35:64, Lone-Sloane.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hellfire is already here. Just look around at this global culture: at these ugly boxes we call buildings, at the brand-worshiping children, at the succubi who are men and men who are succubi, at the utter corruption of politics, at the decay of artistic quality, at the legalistic bloat, the creeping relinquishment of freedoms, the soullessness of everything around us mass-produced, the crisis of various physical and mental obesities, the mind-control through increasingly effective and insidious mass medias. We are burning! The apocalypse slipped in under our noses. This little digital place is like a minuscule island in a sea of magma so small you can only fit one foot on it at a time. What we have now is hell and whatever weather may come to trash it, regardless it will be better than what we have now. So I welcome with open arms all coming catastrophes, blights, and obscenities that might topple that wretched god, economy, so that we may forget our sciences and find again sanity.


Individuals aren't usually supportive of such destructions consciously. But the capitalist industrial society compels all of humanity to take part in destruction like how the titanic crashes down.
Also why should we intentionally use up more resources? The industrial consumerist lifestyle is incredibly degrading for the individual. There is no reason to intentionally waste our lives being selfish and using more resources if we are true egoists. A true egoist who tries to find joy would best gain such by helping others as some studies show. Why do you wish to intentionally leave yourself and others to suffering when you don't need to?

even the so-called apocalypse will not wipe out the disgusting rotten culture and the remnants of civilization. Historically, such apocalypses failed to truly change the brutal hierarchies and former societies into a completely different way. Only conscious revolutions are able to change anything as we had observed throughout history.


sounds retarded with all of le hypothetical super ai meme


My notion of apocalypse is purely that of civilizational decline, not necessarily accompanied by flashy weather events, nukes or whatever. I perceive a coarsening of the global culture accelerating in pace. This is terminal and should be encouraged, like putting down an injured horse as there is no going back in time. I am not convinced of mighty technology coming to save the day. We have seen in recent centuries how technology has only transmuted work into new forms; yes increased productivity, but with human inefficiencies greedily sucking up the excesses to the detriment of our and our environment's health. People more depressed now, working more than ever despite these supposedly life-easing objects. Perhaps we see in technology a kind of nascent artificial intelligence. Our tools prop up the cadaverous culture, which in turn reproduces tools. A basic survival instinct? In this sense technology has become a competing entity already, not necessarily sharing humanity's interests. A nascent AI already here, like a tumor on us. Slowly sucking our vitals until it splices off the drained husk, fully self-sufficient.

Catastrophe, something drastic, I think is necessary as a catalyst to shake people out of the stupor, a savagery to remind us of technology-obfuscated truths of our condition, paving the way for conscious revolution of sorts. Thus the catastrophe marks the end of the apocalypse.


I guess if you want something done, you have to do it yourself huh?


Personally, I'm really conflicted about the whole thing. Humans, in their essence, are such promising species: as far as we know, we're the only organisms who possess developed sentience, who can, ideally, live their lives more or less rationally and in moderation yet for one reason or another chose not to and now deserve to die because of that.
It's the same as seeing a child savant become a drunkard and lose all of his potential, it's a feeling of both pity and regret for what could have been and disgust and vicarious shame for what they have become.
And, at the end of the day, you can't turn back time: a drunkard shall remain a drunkard and a rotten society shall continue to decay and fester, their deaths will be a gift.


God can't do all the work after all.


why do you think apes aren't sentient? Also wouldn't it be more rational to see sentience as some sort of a arbitrary grouping of certain phenomenons by humans? Every form of "importance" is ultimately relative and created, not essential.


there will be another intelligent species at some point. someone has to be on top of it all


maybe or maybe not. If you define humans and apes as the intelligent species for some reason, Earth lives without them for 99 percent of it's existence.


we need more posters like you


Apes are definitely less sentient. Also it's irrational to assume that just because a thing is relative and created it therefore must be arbitrary.


How are they less sentient? They are able to feel things and perceive objects and react to them. How do you even measure sentience when the way of perceiving objects and reacting to them are all different?


>as far as we know, we're the only organisms who possess developed sentience
What? No, many mammals are known to be sentient and some even have similar levels of intelligence. Some of the great apes are as smarter than the average nigger. If they were raised as a human, most likely they would be able to speak our language and work jobs. It's only a small subset of humanity that allows humans to pretend that they are great masterminds, while in reality most people are little better than an ape, some less so. If you ask me, it's foolish of us to assume that we are the most intelligent because we chose this path. If we destroy ourselves, can we really say that we have proven to be the greatest species? You might say that it was an accident that we fucked up, but maybe not. Maybe this is inevitable for those who follow the path of industrialism, large societies, agriculture, etc. Personally, I don't believe humans are even the highest mammal. I wonder sometimes if the other mammals like elephants, orangutans, dolphins, have discovered a meaning in nature that we rejected.


"highest" mammal is unironically relative.


That's what I;m saying, basically.


> but largely wont affect our generations of wizards.
But it affects future wizards


I fucking hate this world, man. Reading this is depressing as fuck


the problem of this world are rich people and they must die


blaming individuals are deluded


I blame the visible cause of all our problems

the invisible cause is the demiurge


You are obviously poor in spirit to obsess over the material so much.


enjoy your ban


enjoy your servitude


I didn't report you for blaming rich people but because you were a refugee scum


You are obvioulsy rich in material to have the luxury to not have to vare about it.


Don't spoil the illusion.


File: 1567194490387.png (229.16 KB, 519x351, 173:117, Screenshot from 2019-08-29….png) ImgOps iqdb

So a lot of us say "i want to see the collapse" but how exactly would you see anything - that requires some stupid reporters to do the thing rather than saving their own lives, or even internet providers keeping stuff together.
>Look outside the window
>some punks stealing booze and TV panels
>an apocalipse we deserved



Yup, we're fucked. The methane release from thawing permafrost is way worse than anyone anticipated it would be. This is probably what's causing those mysterious rises in atmospheric methane we've been detecting.

This is it. This is one of the feedback loops that will send up past the point of no return. The arctic is on fire, the Amazon is on fire, both release soot into the air which increases the amount of heat radiated back into the atmosphere, all this heat just makes the forests dry out more and they burn even more. As ice melts, the water on top absorbs sunlight rather than being reflected by the white of the snow. The arctic just keeps getting warmer and warmer, methan levels just keep increasing more and more, stored carbon in forests is released more and more. We've been checkmated already imo.


>"The sky is falling". Said the 10,000th person in the last 100 years.

Wow, its so unfortunate that all those previous doomsayers throughout history falsely predicted the end of the world therefor discrediting all future doomsayersbutactuallyisrightthistime from really being believed. Oh well, look on the bright side, the world deserves hellfire more now than ever.


not an argument


we will hear it throught dueling propaganda messages, all of them lies. but within the lies we will induce truth.


Did the other guys have trained scientists from hundreds of different fields doing rigorous scientific studies? Did they have satellites in space that can take precise gravometric readings of ice on Earth? Did they have thousands of bouyes in the ocean constantly monitoring sea levels? Did they have thousands of temperature probes around the world showing the global temperature is rising? No? then why should we think that because those guys were wrong in the past, the guys doing the science now are wrong?



Now the UN is saying that it's too late to do anything about climate change. Of course when the great barrier reef started dying off they should have already known it was too late.

>Unveiling the latest report in Monaco on Wednesday, panel-member Valerie Masson-Delmotte, said: “Climate change is already irreversible due to the heat uptake in the ocean.

>“We can’t go back, whatever we do with our emissions.”

>Hans-Otto Portner, another IPCC expert, said: “There are large uncertainties about tipping points that may be ahead of us, but for some systems, especially biological evidence in the oceans, we have already evidence that the tipping point has been passed.”


It's called fearmongering and it works every time. Let's see what taxes and shitty policies they're going to implement to make the world ending "manageable". I'm sure it's going to be very expensive, being the world ending and all.

It's not going to be too late to invent new taxes and garbage bills to charge you out the ass, you can be sure of that part.


Just because the corporate elites (who are responsible for the overwealming majority of carbon emission) want to take advantage of the situation to subjugate the masses even more doesn't mean that climate change isn't real.
Climate change is real AND the elite want the ones who pollute the least to take on the biggest burden, so we're double fucked

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