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>succubi not having sex
What a joke.


The hunter-gatherer era had higher sexual inequality/more polygny than the post-Neolithic era. Hunter-gatherers had extended family units, based on bands of men and their multiple wives. Neolithic era/agriculture led to the sedentary nuclear houseold replacing these nomadic polygynous bands as society's basic unit. Monogamy/nuclear family was just a more practical way to organize farming societies, but it suppressed mankind's natural tendency toward polygny/succubi's tendency toward hypergamy.

So, ironically modern society is moving back toward the more natural pre-modern/pre-agricultural patterns.


If we've had monogamy for the past several thousand years, it's time to question how long a behavior needs to happen before it is considered "natural".


Oh god. Why are people talking about how to encourage/facilitate reproduction? I'm guessing some people here want to have kids without sex or who knows what?


How am I supposed to NEET if no one has kids to keep the system running?


are you really expecting to live 18 years+


Well I'm already more than 18 years old, so yes? I'm not suicidal like most of the faggots here, and if I plan on living to 60 I'll need at least a generation and a half to keep things going.


I meant from now. Why do you expect people will let you NEET for that long? If you're on disability, eventually that'll get cut. If you have some sort of stockpile of assets, then it makes more sense.


Train gropings are common in Japan.


Okay but what does male virginity have to do with train gropings and female only trains? Is he saying virgins grope succubi?


I doubt they're virgins. They're probably married dudes. Virgins are too timid to do that shit unless they're going all out like that guy who shot up the disabled people in Osaka.


>Virgins are too timid

Prove it.


Men have a tendency towards tribes while being less extroverted. Obviously tribalism for men is more suppressed in todays society.


succubi screwing over other succubi including their "friends" is a common enough theme


oh, I thought it meant men who put down other men in search of pussy. Like a crab in the bucket metaphor


That is what it means. The mods here are openly hostile to the users.


can we ban the word sex its unwizardly


That's how babies are born




The internet is a powerful tool to hone your wizard powers.
Without it, I'd probably have continued my futile quest of becoming a normalfag, and maybe I would've even started a relationship with a morbidly obese single mother.
"Eternal virginity is a valid life choice" never even crossed my mind before I started chatting with some like-minded people on the internet.


File: 1594940964345.jpg (19.22 KB, 360x203, 360:203, th.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I fear about being outnumbered by crabs, who would setup their so called uprising and chase us for not agreeing with their policy


Even a wizard can be targeted as a victim for wrongdoing by succubi. Never forget that. You should really hate crabs because they give the inferior gender too MUCH leeway, and ultimately want to work with them or come to a cohabiting compromise.
t. accused


> crabs who would setup their so called uprising and chase us for not agreeing with their policy
dep in a nutshell, delete it before it's too late


This. Also, abortion poisons the womb and it warps the values of the children who are raised by the very person who murdered their siblings and was never punished.


Triggered brainlet


So abortions are a murder? Bitch please


They are and it should be punished with the death penalty.


What do you mean by 'warps the value'?


If your are raised to love and respect the same person who murdered your siblings, then your entire value system will be inverted without you being aware of it. Even if you are taught traditional morality from the Bible, you will still make stupid and fucked up decisions.


Not really, abortions are great and should be required for some people


The death penalty should be required for all succubi who have abortions and for all medical and administrative personnel who participate in the abortion industry.




Also, if you murder your child and then rationalize that murdering your child is justified you will not value the life of any children you happen to have in the future.




no, abortions should be required and be even less expensive and encouraged. It is not a murder.


Once the child begins generating brain waves, there's no difference between abortion and murder. Otherwise there'd be no logical reason not to allow infanticide. I assume you don't want to allow succubi to dash the brains of their infants?


For such an antinatalist site it’s interesting to see people against abortion.


Abortion causes succubi to become more evil than they already are. And it causes suffering for children who are gestated in poisoned wombs and raised by murderous whores.



this is because a number of wizards are right-wing LARPers, polacks, MAGAs, etc. It gives them the sensation of power and being 'elite' (don't get me wrong, I believe in a lot of /pol/ related things but I know that in the end real polacks would want to gas wizards)

For anyone being raised in a broken family, by only mothers, by old parents, etc (as many wizards are, there have been multiple threads on this), you would expect more objective comprehension of the dismal fate of humanity.


So would you support straight-out legalizing all murder? It would reduce life and therefore reduce suffering, right?
If you actually are against murder you need to explain why violently taking the life of a thinking human being that happens to reside inside a succubus's womb isn't actually murder.



People have become more shallow and self centered through internet era. Before internet era succubi have to meet men face to face and there was effort.

Now , it is just few clicks and touch to get a man to your choosing. Modern succubi are not worth the effort.


Easy come, easy go.


Yeah, a lot of the time, idk how dedicated these are to remaining wizards. They like to talk about nuclear families, preserving culture, etc.


>gas wizards

What made you think so? I also have my /pol/ish side but… such things?

The fact of being a /pol/ and /wiz/ is, that even being antinatalist, you'd wish that breeders do not end screwing up much what they're still decided to do while breeding, so you support eugenics and similar things…


actually redpilled poster
worldsystemspilled, even


But what is the benefit of breaking up nuclear families? The kids more likely to end up as criminal and eventually the whole society falls apart.
You can't rule people who revolt against your system, even out of a criminal tendencies. You can't enslave criminals.


Without a family to support you you're much more likely to be willing to let the government take the role as your parent – vote for increased welfare, increased taxation, bigger government, less freedom, etc.


Brain waves are electrical activity in the brain, that control bodily functions. They have nothing to do with consciousness on their own. Vegetables have brain waves and no consciousness. It's not murder, never has been. If you're below 80 iq it's not murder either, it's a net positive to the world.


Well okay, as long as you're consistent. Killing infants and toddlers isn't murder either, right? And where are you getting the 80 IQ number? Are all the Africans who have less than 80 IQ okay to hunt for sport? Do people who have higher IQ have more rights than those who have average IQ?


they are not enraged about the not having sex part
they don't care if you get your dick wet
they don't even care if you have a roof over your head and food in your belly

but when 30% of males give up on sex it means that the marketing industry cannot sell them designer clothes, brand perfumes, sports cars and gold jewellery anymore because they have nobody to impress

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