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File: 1554510427990.jpeg (645.15 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Cell-karyotype-exhibiting….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm wondering how much of our condition is genetic.

I have an uncle who is clearly a sperg, he doesn't do eye contact, he stims and flaps his hands, he isn't social and ignores his family (except me because he's known me since I was a kid).

Although unlike wizards he is obsessed with programming and hobbyist technology (soldering etc), he has a GitHub at 65 years old and his job is repairing commercial refrigerators. Anyways, do you have any family members who you suspect are wizards?


>Although unlike wizards he is obsessed with programming and hobbyist technology
>unlike wizards

There's a whole board dedicated to hobbies of that sort though.


The threads on programming are dead


They're slow, like most threads on /hob/.


File: 1554515395716.png (7.59 KB, 200x200, 1:1, C74B67F9-B4A2-4379-B465-63….png) ImgOps iqdb

Not particularly close ones. Half of my great uncles have/had some issues, ranging from suicide, severe schizophrenia and a bunch just never married. In my generation I think only a cousin and I have more severe problems.


everyone in my family is a complete normalfag, somehow I just got born extra crazy by chance


My dad works a solitary job, long haul truck driver. Just him and the road for weeks. He has no friends and spends his down time on the computer. My dad's dad was a vagabond of sorts, collecting empty bottles off the street, stealing shit from people's cars. He was a drunk and died on a bus in his sleep from a heart attack. Pretty wizardly characters I'd say.


there is a difference between genetics and EPI-Genetics.

basically genetics are the programs on a system, and epiginetics are which ones are currently running (and certain combos will fuck you up).

While there are a limited number of genes, which ones are expressed is basically unlimited.

You forget that spergs were literally forced to integrate into society by parents as little as 50 years ago. Temple grandin (one of the foremost speakers on autism) talks about how her mom would not allow her to be a sperg and forced her to socialise and learn manners and communication despite her severe autism.


Mental illness is partly genetic, it's been proven.


You mean autism?
Or are you implying being a wizard is a medical condition with a genetic component?


Family history of bipolar and schizophrenia, recluses, hoarding… and then I'm close to being a full blown hikikomori with no friends no life been NEET for 8 years. Yeah, I think there's a genetic role in wizardry.


They both got laid, how exactly are they wizardly?


Yes, autism could be one factor. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc could also be some. I suspect most wizards are depressed.


Same family history and similar life situation, I also just so happen to suffer from one of the aforementioned illnesses as well. Getting hit with a genetic illness like this really puts the whole idea of genetic determinism and naturalism into perspective. Life is nothing more than a genetic lottery.


Hang in there brother. Yeah I agree about life being deterministic. Best thing we can do is find some comfort and wait it out. I hope there's something better waiting for us in the next life/world/whatever


My uncle isn't a virgin but only ever had one girlfriend. His only friends are his brothers, he is unemployed and he stays up till 4 am every night. He left school at an early age, is quite stupid and ill-educated though. Most other people in my family are intelligent.


So do you think that if such mental illnesses and disorders could be treated then most here would not be wizards?


not him, but i wonder. at a certain point as a wizard you develop a philosophy or reasoning for this isolated lifestyle, and you see its benefits. once this mindset is established, i don't think any depression, anxiety, autism cure will change your behavior. the real question is how many people here have actually done this, how many seriously lead a life of virginity and social isolation by choice through critical thinking, unemotional reasoning? based on /dep/ posts and how popular that board is, which is unfortunately part of wizchan, it doesn't seem too high.


File: 1554818614581.gif (687.3 KB, 224x168, 4:3, 2D8E7364-A5C5-4B1E-A5A5-9A….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I’m pretty sure schizoid withdrawal can happen to anyone who suffers enough, the point is that most people here are wired in a way that they are going to suffer in society naturally unless they seek such a solution, either because they are too sensitive to socual pressures or they just can’t fit or adapt no matter how hard they try.

As for doing it out of own volition, there is religious asceticism, but that’s still quite different anyway. It’s a path that doesn’t seem very intuitive to people because we are born in human communities and society is set up in a way you depend on it for a living. For most people this would just be a path of suffering and they would see no point to it.


No, most here then would be happy wizards.




Yes, absolutely. Therapy and medication can help a lot.


File: 1555009542924.png (707.63 KB, 769x819, 769:819, Wizard Mickey.png) ImgOps iqdb


>Anyways, do you have any family members who you suspect are wizards?


I think my little cousin is going to end up a Wizard.

He's had a similar upbringing to me.

Brainwashed with Christ insanity at an early age, burdensome overprotective parents and in his case grandparents (the grandparents mostly raised and spoiled and overprotected him to the point of narcissism but he's still a nice kid).

Anyway the raising of him caused most of the other boys in school I believe to distance themselves from him and even begin bullying him.

At which point my older cousin who is his father and his wife removed him from that school and placed him in a church school where the kids or at least most of them seem to like him but again its a church run school so he's still going to be under the Christ tard empathy brainwashing which dog trains what would otherwise grow up to be a normal healthy happy male or Chad into a womanly, hand wringing, low T cuck and loner ie a Wizard so even though he's got friends now (I myself also did as a child) I'm quite certain due to the way he's been raised and the brainwashing he's been through he's destined to become one of us.

I just hope he doesn't go full Elliot Rodger or Harris and Klebold when he gets older and finds out that Christ insanity and liberalism/feminism are lies he's been fed in order to control him and subvert who he would've or could've actually been as a person and man if raised in a healthy, normal environment of rationality, skepticism and just plain old truthful information and not pleasant sounding lies as well an environment near entirely free of coddling and handholding so he could learn what works and what doesn't and again develop as a normal human male should into adulthood.


Therapy is a dumb meme. How in any way would a so called friend, a paid friend help you out they are only there to listen to normal ppl talk about their so called problems that's it. They dont care about you only reason their willing to listen to your bullshit is cause of the money their earn from it. They are no diffrent from a normal person they're just as ugly on the inside even tho they try their best to hide it


I don't know where or who you went to but they aren't your friends, don't pretend to be your friend, and make it really clear what the professional boundaries are to avoid dependency, unhealthy, or unproductive relationship or thoughts of such a relationship forming.
They are acting as a outside objective analyst ideally. Someone who helps sort your subjective experiences into a different perspective that you can use to essentially fix yourself.
At least that is how it is with good ones. The shitty ones will ether just look for ways to push pills or they have been indoctrinated with bullshit that they will then push on you until you fit the progressive agenda.


Only went to one recently and comfirmed my thought about therapists,i thought you needed to go to one to be able to get neetbux. I told the bare minimum i needed to say and when i learned that i you dont need to go to get the neetbux i quit the first moment i got. Nothing personal with the therapist himself wasn't a useless succubus and i guess decent at the job to comfort normal people. I just find them all useless for me personally I know my problem and they're permanent i dont need some fucking normgroid to tell me what i need to do ,i tried my entire life to be normal to not be angry over small things and have panic attacks cause of anxiety. I was fuckt from birth cause of my mother. She drank and smoked among other things when she had me. A therapist can't fix permanent damage. Im living the best possible life i can and the only permanent solution to my problems are sucide. The only thing i need now is neetbux and im set for life.


A lot of my aunts and uncles are still dependent on their parents. On one side, it's because they are unable to function properly due to mental illness, on the other it's either some cultural family thing or laziness. The latter certainly are happier, they genuinely enjoy being around each other, it's like stepping into a sitcom.


>do you have any family members who you suspect are wizards?
My older brother is like a 10 years older version of me. With some differences that can be just attributed to generational stuff.

However I think it's more of a nurture thing, in my case at least.


Oh yeah, forgot to say that as far as possible wizards, I have an uncle in his 50's still living with his mom. Fucked up his brain on inhalants, apparently diagnosed schizophrenia (though personally I don't notice any signs of it), essentially just a burned out happy stoner type who lays in his mattress on the floor playing videos games and watching TV in a room of horded trash. As a kid, my parents stopped allowing me to go in there which sucked because I wanted to play his N64. No desire to go in there now. He also introduced me to Runescape when it first started, which also caused problems with my parents because they didn't like that I was chatting as kid. When they're really disappointed in me they call me the second version of him.
A while ago he was joking about how he was smart for never getting into a relationship. Funny guy, sounds really dumb like a semi-retarded Tommy Chong, but most of the people around me are pretty dumb too.


There's nobody in my immediate or extended family like me as far as I know. My brother is actually autistic but he's chipper and motivated. I've always been an adhd sperg, and eventually a permanently depressed NEET. Why? Maybe some heavy metal or plastic toxicity when I was a kid. Maybe it's because my mom didn't breastfeed me. Maybe the docs fucked up when the took me out of the c-section and squished my head like a baked potato. Who knows, but I sure as fuck can't fix it now.


I have a cousin who is nearing 60 and has lived with his parents his whole life. He’s an only child, he has a university degree but has never had a job in his life, has no friends, has never dated, and pretty much stays in their basement most of the time. He’s really smart, but I suspect he has autism because he is very analytical to the point where he will offend others. It seems he lacks the ability to empathize. I also think he has social anxiety, like me.


My father didn't want to marry untill he was 35 , but his family literally forced him to marry
He has no friends , even his family neglected him and barely anyone asks about him
He is a math teacher , from school to home and from home to school , 24/7
When he have a spare time he sleeps it or watch tv , nothing more
On my mother side , a lot of aspergers , down , and whole other shit , so i think i have a very good cocktail
God i don't know why they fucking married


My cousin has schizophrenia and his wealthy parents were even paying for a tard wrangler to visit his apartment every day to make sure he was showering and taking his meds. He also got involved in the late 90s club kid scene and did ungodly amounts of x and heroin, which contributed to his condition even being worse. I have bipolar disorder myself and he's honestly my inspiration for living the neet life and taking it easy. He used to be wicked smart too before he finally broke down in his mid 20s, completing a master's degree in physics. Reminds of Terry Davis in a way now that I think about it.

The demiurge is real and he hates us all in his own special way.


Not sure why I find this hard to admit but everyone is pretty much normal, with the bad luck of having abusive fathers and mothers who get cancer, without exaggerating, it happened to my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father and me of course.

This cycle of trauma that started over 100 years ago, kinda nuts to think about. Well anyway the cycle stops with me, im young at 26 but my life pretty much over as i've been hikiNEET for so long.


>dinnertime at grandma's house
>for some reason uncle brings up "queer eye for the straight guy" but mistakes it for being about virgins rather than homosexuals
>jokingly ask if he brought it up because he wants to be on that show
>he responds with "no, i ain't a virgin"

Just thought it was funny.


> I have a cousin who is nearing 60 and has lived with his parents his whole life. He’s an only child, he has a university degree but has never had a job in his life, has no friends, has never dated, and pretty much stays in their basement most of the time. He’s really smart, but I suspect he has autism because he is very analytical to the point where he will offend others
Literally me except I'm 29


File: 1565404725943.webm (692 KB, 720x404, 180:101, cat4.webm) ImgOps iqdb

My cousin was a wizard until he started dating this land whale succubus (now his wife) at 32. Like me he's a sperg who has (or had) similar mannerisms and interests to me.
We use to talk for hrs almost everyday about our interest, which was usually: rpgs, obscure movies, philosophy, conspiracies and esoteric mysticism.
Now he's your typical pussywhipped humdrum normie who only talks about his romantic vacations and job. I have since stopped picking up the phone when I see his #.
Pretty soon i'll be the only wizard in my family.


I don't have any relatives with confirmed mental disorders but something is obviously wrong with my father, and some of the darker traits he possesses transpired in me as well.


My father has similar withdrawal problems, though they only got serious with age. He was a turbo normalfag when he was young, and he didn't do the things he does now when I was a kid. My brother's fucked but a completely different breed, and everyone else is very normal.


Yeah you were never awizard. Having friends is not wizardly.


I think my parents were virgins until they were both almost 40, they married, moved out (they lived with their parents until then) and had kids. I don't thing they ever had sex after that, I've never seen them perform any kind of affectual act towards each other but it's not like the would divorce either.
I believe they got married because of social pressure from their families, my father told me how my mother's sister talked to him into asking her for marriage. I found some old letters from my father where he talked with one of his cousins about my mother not wanting to get married.
They are not reclusive but they very rarely speak with anyone outside their family, they don't have any friends.
I'm fairly sure my sister who is in her late 20s and has a lot of mental problems is also a virgin.


We were forced to socialize as kids since our parents were close. It's not like we did it out of our own volition.
I agree that having friends is not wiz like but he was a blood relative. At 28 I have never made a "friend" on my own accord. So please spare me your purist bullshit.


Well definitely not my case. Absolutely everyone in my dads side of the family are too much into prostitutes and cheating on their wifes, even having TWO families at the same time. They also suck at lying you see. They all have trouble with their marriages and divorce. They are all alcoholics too. Shit, even my old man. Onless you have actual assburgers Wizardom isn't a genetic thing


I'm far and away the most asocial and sedentary person in my family, possibly the local area. Older brother used to be (as I'm told) quite similar but he's since melded into a conventionally normal lifestyle.


>I'm wondering how much of our condition is genetic.
pretty much most of it
a chihuahua will always be a chihuahua. He can do as much coaching as it wants but it will not transform him into a bulldog

for me the family tree goes:
>father is your typical spineless beta faggot
>mother is mentally ill suicidal shizo
>uncle (mothers side) is alcoholic good for nothing who lives off welfare, has had 3 years of work history of his entire life. He is 66 years old now btw and has been living his entire life in an appartement that his mother gifted to him.
>aunt (mother's side) diagnosed shizo, batshit insane
>uncle 1 (fathers side) is a typical arrogant and rude guy, does not talk much and has a history of being a troublemaker all his life
>uncle 2 (fathers side) is your cliche chad. had a successful business, had succubi all over him, alcohol and parties was his bread and butter. died early, probably STD related
the list goes on and on but the tldr is that my entire family is subhuman trash specimens.
if the axis won WW2, there would be no unhappy subhuman loser people on planet

This is why I prefer my DNA to die out with me
nothing good comes out of this

>family members who you suspect are wizards

my cousin in canuckistan is pretty much the typical anime neckbeard but I heard he had a gf at some point


>you choose not to
Yeah, that's the point. This your first day here?


Uh, why would I want to give away my mana?


How do you know he has never hired some prostitutes or escorts?

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