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What was your school life like? Was it hell? I came close to dropping out like four times.
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In college, I feel like a goddamn robot in remote learning.


School was alright but my current mental state has sure made my college life hell.





I really hated the first 4 grades of the elementary school, it was like hell, and I don't remember too much from it (gypsies bullied me a lot). I know it was crap. The 5-8 I attended in another where the community was better. I missed that. High school was shit, I got bullied a lot, even by the end I was called virgin by chads. University was good, except I sucked with a lot subjects.


Dropped out of highschool twice and finished around 3 years after my peers. I was already somewhat of an outcast when I first dropped out but changing schools obviously didn't improve the situation either. Just kept my head down, did my work and stayed out of trouble.

College hasn't changed much either, besides being forced to interact with others more often due to mandatory group assignments. The pandemic has improved things drastically though, at least I don't have to leave my home or work with other students. That being said, I've never felt as stupid and close to resigning as right now. That being said I have absolutely 0 plans what to do if I don't make it, so I somehow have to get through. (b.s. computer engineering)


I read it. How old are you (answering approximately is fine) because when I was in 5th grade, people weren't obsessed with sex at all. It sounds terrible. Shit's fucked up.
You mentioned becoming a recluse in 8th grade. I just realised that 8th grade is like a turning point look at these other stories:
>>158921 (until 8th grade, so something changed?)
I'm not sure why 8th grade is like that.

Here's my story.

My country calls "grades" years, from Kindergarten, then Year 1 to 12.
Also, I need to note that both my parents had degrading mental health the entire time, my mother plateaued with this, but my father spiralled down. And constantly had explosive rage and anger over anything, on top of being extremely unreliable.

I was bullied so badly in K-6 (Primary) school that I repeated a year, year/grade 2. I'm still angry at the teacher that made me repeat. It wasn't because I was falling behind in grades, my work was good. IT was because I 'wasn't socializing enough'. I had 3 friends, and I was really happy with them. But repeating that year meant that I was basically totally cut off from them because year 3s go to completely different part. GREAT JOB. A kid isn't socialising enough so you CUT HIM OFF from his friends. I still kept in contact with 2 of them after that, because they were good friends. But it was harder. I don't have contact with them now.

Recently, I saw a photo of me when I was 5 or 6 when my grandfather was taking me to school, and I already looked depressed, looking down at my shoes while my sister and grandfather are smiling at the camera. 2 boys tried to molest me (on separate occasions) at that first school I went to.

After that I changed schools, got bullied terribly at the next school, I literally had sloppy dog shit smeared on me. I made 1 friend there, but I didn't keep in contact with them, because I left after that year was done.
The 3rd school I went to was hellish. Pretty quickly all the succubi-in-training started treating me like shit, it was hell. If you've ever been treated this way, I'm sure you can relate. It was more than the normal disdain for someone nerdy. It was extremely malicious. It was like I was made of shit, they wouldn't touch me, any of my stuff, constant looks of disgust, brutal verbal abuse. I tried to kill myself when I was 11 due to this. It got so bad that after a year and a half a teacher did something. After that it basically stopped, but I just wanted them to leave me in peace. I found out it's because shortly after I joined the school someone had spread a rumour about me, but none of them could remember what it was, they just bullied me constantly due to it having become a culture there.

Year/Grade 6 had some light bullying but I was already supremely fucked up by this time.

Year 7 was when highschool started. Bullying continued, especially as these twin boys from my first school were there and they just decided to bully me again. I attempted too. I'd never done anything to them, ever. I'd never really done anything to anyone really. I tried to keep to myself. Soon I just started walking out of class. By year 8 I was walking out of class even more often and spending time in the school library. Half way through the year I stopped going to school. They couldn't motivate me, I was too depressed. I did get out of home, I'd ride my BMX bike to the town library to get away from my crazy parents.
(there's Year 8 mentioned again!)
So I regard year 7 as my last real schooling. There was an attempt at distance education for what would have been grade 9, but that failed because my own father bullied me. Screamed at me for not doing work, when I had done the work. So I just stopped doing it. he couldn't bully me to do it more.
I went to hospital later that year, they said that I couldn't live at home. There were some more attempts to go to school but I'll gloss over those, I left home at 15 to live with some foster parents, but after 9 months they sent me back to my real parents. I then tried again in year 10-11, but didn't complete anything and left school mid way through year 11 to go to a nearby technical/vocational college here we call TAFE. I then spent the next 7-10 years trying to complete courses there and failing every time. The first time I only failed at the end, but I didn't really realise it but I had huge PTSD from all my school experiences. I was actually damaging myself even more by forcing myself to go to this college. (The government also wanted me to go). So each year I'd drop out sooner and sooner, because my anxiety was growing stronger and stronger.

Now I have a crippling traumatic complex around school. I can't go back there, it sends me insane. I signed up for university this year, got accepted for a course that was 3 months away, and became such a giant stressball that I had to drop out with only a month before it started, because in the 2 months up until that point I'd become such a gigantic ball of stress that I was impossible to be around, I was very quick to anger too. I had to tell the university that I couldn't start the course. As soon as I did that I instantly felt relief, but it's taken me over a month to even 'recover' from that. I was in fight-or-flight mode the whole 2 months, complete with nightmares and tension headaches.

School was hell. I'm COMPLETELY uneducated in a time when there's 0 opportunities for people without educations, and I can't even get an education. TEN YEARS. TEN YEARS OF TRYING COLLEGE. FAILURE. Will it take me 10 years to sort this horrible anxiety complex out? I can't even express it; it's just a horrible dread that consumes every waking and sleeping moment when I know school is in the future. I can't even imagine what formally 'knowing stuff' is like.


I think puberty is the turning point and where social hierarchies naturally develop based on sexual and social characteristics. Some succubi develop larger breasts and ass early so they get more attention and popularity; same thing happens with some guys becoming more aggressive and athletic. Naturally, the ones that win the genetic lottery start dunking on the "losers" and reap all the social benefits.


Self loathing since I was a child meant I never tried once to do anything but sleep in school until dropping out in highschool.

I never got to college due to reasons.
I did not even want to drop out bt the universe chose for me.
I was always strange and bullied as a child even by those younger than me but for some reason it changed when I was 13-14.
I still got treated weird and bullied in a sense yet I did not actually care about being weird and embraced who I was.
I was always depressed but as it was part of who I was for my entire history I never related to the emo kids in school and thought they were faggots although the fashion for succubi was cool.

I remember I had one much older teen bully me on my way home daily when I was a still in elementary school and it was very important for me as I came to understand how your actions that harm others continue on and spread throughout the world like a domino effect.
The teen who bullied me was a loser as well who was bullied.

Normalfags claim that bullies are always bullied but this is not true at all however in this case it was.
I started doing drugs by 12 and drinking all to self medicate.
Life never got good but I never tried so I cannot complain.

I would describe myself as a normie in many ways yet I expect wizards to disagree I just feel my ability to blend into the normalfag world is something that a lot of you do not have.
The world is not worth blending into


I'm not particularly interesting, but either way
I don't remember much here, but I think it went OK. I do think I wasn't as connected with the others but there was no reason for worry back then
This time is pretty much the root of all my problems. You see, I was the kind of kid that started speaking relatively late, but when I did, it was pretty much full sentences. People did NOT like the fact I was ahead. Not so much the kids, but teachers and parents.
A little background: we used to live in this village close to the city. It was a pretty normal village, except for that fact that the northern part (everything above the train tracks) was really posh. One of the richest villages of the country, even. Of course, we lived in the pretty average southern area. The school, however, was in the north. Big mistake.
Parents of other children complained and told my parents they were from the wrong zip code, and teachers did not know what to do. This also rubbed off on students. Pair that with the fact I was a pretty bad autist and yeah, I left that school within 3 years. At that point I had already developed quite a disconnect with other children, and got tardrage outbreaks often..
>Primary, episode 2
I was put on a christian school in the southern area of the village. In general, that school handled me far better - the teachers etc were OK with me. However, my mental situation got worse. Thinking back at it, I was probably unsufferable. Not only was I generally an autist and had tardrage outbreaks, I also constantly replicated computer sounds out loud. I don't know why - perhaps just a lack of connection w/ the outside world. I was bullied a ton, and the friends I thought back then I had, in retrospect, didn't care much about me. Over time, this school kinda turned me from a relatively extroverted autist into a very introverted one. While that would seem a good development, I'm not sure it improved me mentally. By 10yo I'm quite sure I was aleady very suicidal (I mean, I tried) - a anorexic sister didn't help either.
>High school
Of course, I was given the "gifted kid" treatment and placed on a gymnasium, and pretty much failed instantly. While honestly I'm sure I would be able to pick up the subjects quickly had I put in effort, I simply didn't have the energy for it at that point. I failed gymnasium, and was moved to a different school at a slightly-lower-but-still-high level, where I made 0 progress either. Parents had me put on cram schools, which just made the burnout far worse. I got psychosis somewhere around that time. I was moved to yet another school, where I did make some progress, all the way up to the final year, at which, week 1, I already couldn't go. It simply wasn't happening anymore.
fucking boring innit


File: 1605099690358.png (251.02 KB, 1118x667, 1118:667, kueby.png) ImgOps iqdb

>You see, I was the kind of kid that started speaking relatively late, but when I did, it was pretty much full sentences. People did NOT like the fact I was ahead. Not so much the kids, but teachers and parents.
What age are you talking about anon?
My memory of being young has largely withered away but when I read this I thought to myself perhaps you live in a place full of developmentally challenged people.
Do kids not speak in full sentences aside from when they are still fully retarded?
> Not only was I generally an autist and had tardrage outbreaks, I also constantly replicated computer sounds out loud.
keked irl desu.
As an adult do you still feel the need to do autistic things?
I do what some may say is autistic for fun like trying to dance pretending I am an anime succubus and talk in meme speek for fun but have no issues socially interacting normally if I choose to.
An example would be picking up a mango while dancing slightly and saying to someone.
>num num bigu mang-goo num num

I do not think your story was boring wiz. Normalfags have boring ass origin stories as they are nearly all replications of themselves without anything unique.


Elementary: Uneventful. Grades were good, top notch even since I received a few awards and such. Never talked to anyone I didn't have to.
Middle School: The stress takes hold. I ended up suffering panic attacks which exacerbated my pre-existing asthma. Ended up being home schooled for the latter half of 6th and all of 7th grade before finally returning for 8th. Did the absolute bare minimum, no home work whatsoever only class work and tests but still managing to pass with a B- in most classes. Any attempts at interaction with others fails spectacularly including the first attempt at female interaction which leads to public humiliation, ridicule and a fall down a flight of bleachers.
High School: No fucks can be given anymore. Skipped most of 9th so I had to repeat it and just quit on the second go. Got my GED within two months of leaving since it was ridiculously easy for what it is.
Post School: Self imposed isolation for over a decade. No work, virtually no contact with others, sometimes months spent without leaving the house. This has only recently changed do to extenuating circumstances but I still have no job, no license, no friends, and no interaction outside of family and the occasional cashier asking if I want a receipt.


>What age are you talking about anon?
Mmmm, don't remember exactly. It's more that while other kids were still reading letter by letter out loud, I could already read and speak with ease, knew the alphabet proper, etc
>Do kids not speak in full sentences aside from when they are still fully retarded?
It tends to take a bit, at least. Apparently, for me that time in which you only speak words was very short, and within a short time I could also hold conversations and read signs, even before going to school
>As an adult do you still feel the need to do autistic things?
I still do it quite a bit, albeit more in my head. I tend to spend a lot of time every day just playing UI animations and their sounds in my head. I use my hands to do it too, I'm glad nobody can see me doing that nowadays.. That's probably where my skill in UI design comes from as well, I guess


>I read it. How old are you
I'm 22 now.


Yeah, by that age I could see my future, but couldn't stop it and nobody took my fear seriously.


File: 1606473638614.png (414.9 KB, 379x500, 379:500, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Society knows what to do with those succubi, and chads. Now our society is so normcore that wizards and their potential are just ground up and tossed aside.
In the past there were places for spergs an other weird people, you'd go to a monastery to be with your own kind. There, they made some of the best beer in the world, not to mention preserving knowledge and other activities. There was purpose.


I started puberty first in my class (I was the eldest) was still at the bottom of the hierarchy and bullied by everyone else


I'm in the same boat as you.

I just never had a real goal or any sort of plan for my life.


File: 1608441689267.jpg (62.18 KB, 512x404, 128:101, buena park high school.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't fall for online reviews saying there are no bullies in this school. That's complete bullshit. Got pushed in the shower by one.


monasteries were mostly for the elderly,they were like retirement centers. sperg kids were more likely to just "get lost in the forest" one day and the family will never talk about them again and the townspeople would know better than to ask


I lost a full ride scholarship because I got MDD with psychosis. My first ever psychotic depressive episode was during my third semester. I ended up skipping all my classes, attempting suicide, and getting hospitalized. Failed all my classes and was kicked out.


I did drop out when I was 16. But I came close to dropping out 3 times prior. I missed 80+ days of the previous school year. I always missed classes or was in detention for fighting. I regret not dropping out sooner.


Wizard gets dominated by a mexican manlet simply by existing.


Because puberty did not make you physically dimorphic enough (at least at the year you’re taking about) to put you higher on the social hierarchy. If you had become more dimorphic enough then you would have gotten a boost in status. At least until others’ puberty boosts raised them back above you.


Something I noticed is that males dont really achieve puberty dimorphism until junior year of highschool. Instead succubi become instantly super dimorphic around middle school years. Whereas the males still look more like children than like adult chads. What I think is that competition increases due to all the older chads starting to compete with the succubi’ peers during those years, and that creates the vicious toxicity of social hierarchy which we start to see develop during middle school years.

For example. I was normal height at 5 foot 9 all the way until sophomore, junior and senior years. Those years everybody got growth spurts. In my grade I was among only a handful of guys shorter than 5’11, and there were three men (out of like 200 men) that was shorter than 5’8. I would say the vast majority of my grade was above 6 foot. And I got made fun of it very often, people would legit pick fights with me over it. I became more excluded than ever before.

But going back to middle school for a moment. Yeah, I remember almost every single succubus going out with college aged and highschool aged dudes. (Like dudes aged 16 to 28). I think that sharp increasing of competition is what drives middle school aged males to become aggressive and competitive with their peers, and not their own puberty. Anyway at least thats my theory. I also noticed in middle school succubi start to become extra vicious to their male peers that they think are lowest status in the status hierarchy.


>dropped out of high school
>earned a GED
>went to college
>lasted two semesters
>dropped out and never finished
Some things never change


For the most part enjoyed most of it, with the exception of seventh grade which was the only time I was randomly bullied. Near the end of high school though, my last year, I got involved in drugs a bit and failed and had to graduate in summer school. Didn't even have a graduation ceremony. I think everything was pretty much downhill from there. I feel like I had a pretty decent social life as a kid/teenager, it wasn't until school ended that I become a real loser. I tried to go to college but I just wasn't feeling it. Too many different classes required group activity things. Instead of study I just wanted to drink. All in all, I would rather return to that time compared to hell my life is now.


unfortunate you didnt have the guns


Based on my experience, boys and succubi seem to be experiencing puberty earlier with boys slightly later, but with males it seems like more of a crapshoot as to what traits we can inherit. There were succubi who got the short end of the stick relative to other succubi but they didn't get anywhere near the amount of shit boys of similar status did.


what country? 5'10" is completely average adult male height for americans. i cant believe you got made fun of for being 1" below average height here.


i tried to fit in by acting like a clown throughout primary school and for the first couple of years of highschool but that didn't work out.
spent the rest of my time there mostly alone or with other autists in quiet spaces, highschool left me bitter towards teenagers.
my grades were decent despite not studying but i never used them to get anywhere in life.


Probably a Nordic country or an upper middle class area in the Anglo-sphere where everybody is tall

Height is important for males in most cultures but I've noticed it's REALLY important in Germanic societies, they are obsessive about it.


In all my years of schooling from elementary to dropping out of college I remember maybe 2 instances where a student was made fun because of height and it was just some teasing, nothing major. Ironically one instance was because the person was too tall. I'm not saying those things doesn't happen but for some odd reason IBs tend to have a high amount of people concerned about height.

I'm average height and I never even thought about my own or other people's height until I began using IBs because there are so many people talking about this.

Being fat or ugly however, I can remember several instances going back to elementary school of kids, both boys and succubi getting teased real bad over being obese or ugly.


I went to a male Catholic school (La Salle). Throughout highschool I was always the youngest student at my class, and the gap between me and the older students grew steadily as years went by, and grade repeaters were incorporated to my class. When I graduated at 16, some of my classmates were as old as 20 or even 21. On top of that, I was one of the shortest guys at class, I was also fairly skinny and had a (non so severe) acne problem. Bullying wasn't really a big issue at that school, nonetheless I was looked down and bullied in subtle ways, many times, for all of these reasons (short, looking younger than my age, shy assburger etc).

Had strong social anxiety and was very shy and insecure, to the point that I somatized it by becoming a "low talker"; as I said, I was never really bullied but I was belittled a lot because of that, and I became sort of an outcast except for two or three """"friends""" (acquaintances with whom I would walk home after class or make group assignments).

Academically speaking I performed decently, got average to good grades, and even got the best score for my school at senior year, in something that could be said is the equivalent of SAT in my country. After highschool I was one of few students within my school to qualify for the best public university in my country. I got a college degree from there after 8 long years but that's another story.

I didn't do so bad in sport class. As I said, I was short and skinny, but I have never been really bad for footy and other sports. Of course was never close of being part of the highschool team either.

Of course I didn't have any relationship with succubi at all, but I jerked off a lot to porn and fantazising with a couple of teachers (which weren't even hot or anything but I was horny kid). I discovered porn through some of my older brother magazines and videotapes. I was a fairly horny kid since age 12 or so.

Nowadays I sort of get along with a few of my former classmates, I don't really hold any grudge towards any of them.

sorry for bad English.




>tfw the kids who made fun of us for being weird and socially awkward are now having kids of their own, passing their feelings towards wizards onto them


Middle and high school were pretty boring, but I wasn't bullied. During university I realized that I could just not go to school, so I didn't. Took two years of terrible grades until I found a balance of attending as few classes as possible but still do decently well. And now I'm a neet.


My dad went to la salle






primary school was bad, bullying and all that. kids can be cruel to those that are somewhat different from them (I'm quite sure I am some kind of sperg or autist or schizoid idk)
then I moved to a different country and it was better I was mostly left alone. I had good enough grades to get into uni. there I tried to act normal but failed. at least I got an ok job now out of it so I can wageslave and go home to shitpost



It happened today wizzies, I ran into a friend from school for the first time in 12 years. I don't know how I've managed to avoid it this long. I was right outside my house on my way to the pharmacy to pick something up for my dad when I ran into him. I tried putting on my best normy facade and asked how are you etc. But then he asked me if I had a job, my eyes fell and I said "…yeah, I'm working in a sh-shop" after that I think he picked up from my bodylanguage that I didn't want to be having this conversation so he said "anyway it's good seeing you" and we parted ways. I also felt extremely short the whole time.


That's too bad. It's always best to prepare for these situations mentally by rehearsing your excuse for immediately leaving before any questioning can begin upon meeting an old school acquaintance. Never ends well.


Yeah, I got that idea from Littlefinger in Game of Thrones.

He says a smart person has already played out all the scenarios and otucomes in his mind a thousand times, so nothing comes as a surprise.

I can barely even plan a shopping trip, let alone simulate people asking me questions.


just completely blank them and tell them to fuck off if they approach you, you don't owe a normie conversation just because you went to school together


That might just make your life harder. People talk.


I've seen people from my high school that I kinda knew, it pretty much went similar to that, but it was more like just as I was walking by I just "hey" and gave them a little wave and head nod and kept walking, they usually just say "hey" back and we just go on our ways. Only one person actually initiated a conversation with me and he just asked if I had discord and I told him I didn't, then I asked him what he was studying and I told him what I was studying (at the time) and then I just wrapped it up, said his career sounded cool and said "see ya around", smiled, and said I had somewhere to go and walked away



TFW I will never live in a comfy abbey with other wizard friends. TFW when I will never preserve ancient knowledge through illumination nor be on the cutting edge of research in the medieval world. TFW I will never drink excellent self brewed beer made by me and other wizards.


My family moved if not every year, then every other year. I think I went through 10 schools, one of them was even back in my mother country. If that didn't happen, dunno maybe I'd be a normalfag

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