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Any wizzies here exercise? Whether calisthenics, weightlifting, cardiovascular, or other. Share the reasons why you do/don't exercise, what you do, etc..

I tend to agree with Socrates: “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”.


socrabtes never said nor wrote that.


Xenophon quotes Socrates as saying such, in Apomnemoneumata.



Tried doing some basic training today, some push ups, sit ups, etc.
20 min working with +1min breaks. In the end I was almost having a cardiac arrest.

A few months ago I was training hard, teaching myself self defense skills and trying to build some muscle resistence. I live in a violent neighborhood so I need to be prepared for everything. Depression made me stop, but now I'm willing to try again for basically the same reasons plus I've got really fat and my health's declined to risky levels.

I'll keep going with the basic stuff til I'm good enough for an advanced training.


i'd like to but im extremely weak, also cant do anything that involves putting pressure on my wrists.


I live with my last boomer parent and the house is falling apart. I do yard word for exercise. Things that changed, I felt good having a set goal with things that needed to be done (ex. mow grass, cut down limbs/wild trees, pull weeds, weedeater overgrowns parts of yard, fill in holes, pick up trash, repair siding/flashing, paint, etc) and the sunlight with fresh air was okay. The benefits, however, quickly are overshadowed by the negative. I now have sunburn, my body aches, insanely lowered libido for some reason, headaches from unlimited amount of work still needed to be done, poor sleep (maybe 4-5 hours and then I'm awake), constantly needing to shower otherwise skin is clammy and gross when trying to lay down. The problems have piled up but my autism in wanting me to see something to completion, so I'm stuck doing it at least until my ideal vision is completed for the outside of the home, nevermind the inside being a hoarders hell house (thanks dead dementia father and crazy psychopathic mother!).


>“Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit."
Notice the besides.

Everyone begins weak wizzie. Continue steadfast and soon you will no longer be weak.

Sunburn can be managed with sun block. As for body ache, I find the pain enjoyable. And lower libido is a positive thing in any case.


I have done powerlifting routines and light cardio for several years on and off. I started running as a teenager after being motivated by a visual novel, then after ~1 year of that got into weight lifting. College and wageslaving have interrupted it a lot, just I got back into it again this month after around half a year wageslaving that took up almost all my time. Gained a lot of weight from stress eating so I'm trying to lose it while also bringing my lifts back up to what they were previously.

I enjoy exercise primarily as a stress reliever these days, lifting and jogging help to clear my mind. Plus it feels physically good for me to hit my body hard.




I suspect the OP made this thread partially to get reactions like this and complain about them.


File: 1564051371438.jpeg (94.63 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, 85ABBFE9-C3BA-41EA-A864-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

gotta hit the gym after work brah


Hey I pulled a muscle in my arm, I don't actually lift but in some freak accident carrying something heavy it happened and it seems to be from a downward pull on it. I can move my arm now fully and it's been around a week and right around the shoulder in certain position conveniently the position they are in on my side when I sleep is where I feel the most. The worst thing is when it's agitated the pain will radiate for a while too. How long does something like this take to completely heal? The painsomnia is driving me mad.


Have you never masturbate anon? The high from an orgasm melts away tension and allows me to sleep or just to 'relax'. Having zero libido is terrible if you rely on it for sleep and are just in general dopamine seeking (ie. addicted).


I do kettlebell swings, easy enough to do and they do built a stronger back muscles. Basically fixed my back posture now if only there was something to help me fix my neck.


Dumbbells and basic calishenics.

I've been sedentary for years now, getting tired of being a fat fuck who can't find clothes.

Problem is after some progress i'm hitting a wall on all fronts, Guess it's my diet but i can't wrap my head around it in terms of cooking cheap and easy meals that don't require a gajillion ingredients.


I get more than enough exercise from working. Really don't see the point of wasting time to achieve peak physical form when every morning I call for death.


Me too, plus I don't drive and carry a lot often so there's that too. The gym is pretty useless to me. I take a weird peace of mind in being overly physically exhausted though.


I've been doing Convict Conditioning for almost 3 years now. I altered the program a lot because I recently did get some more noticable aches in my elbows and left upper leg and that made me question the competence of the author overall. I found big form improvements for all the basic bodyweight exercises like raising the heels when squatting down and doing knuckle pushups/dips, keeping the hand "vertical" instead of the standard horizontal. A bunch of other stuff. I started doing handstand pushups (facing the wall, seems better and I can't even get up into the starting position otherwise) and some light wrestler's bridges for some neck and posture gains. I haven't gained much size in these 3 years which made me realize that literally 50% or so of the male population is on steroids kek but whatever. Life is fun right now.



I also do kettlebell swings. Ive been adding reps and going up in weights slowly for the past couple years. I havent had any back pain for a long time now. At this point my goal in working out is just to reach a level of intensity that puts out endorphins and doing a bunch of consecutive swings wears me out like nothing else. I also have a pull up bar. I do circuits of kettlebell swings, pull ups, push ups, and kettlebell squats which seems to hit everything hard and exhaust me in the right way to consistently trigger mood boost for me.


File: 1564903137914.jpg (76.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ping pong night.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got through another workout today that was really good. Big lifts are all steadily going up. And also gradually increasing weight of accessories as well. Should be back at my original numbers within the next 2 weeks if all goes well.


Not true necessarily, it’s very hard to gain mass with body weight


Yes, I'm at 285 bench, 315 squat and 335 deadlift. Been doing it for about a year now, embarrassingly enough because I decided I wanted to look like a character from an anime.


>embarrassingly enough because I decided I wanted to look like a character from an anime.
You still have less embarrassing motivations that all the gymbros who only lift for succubi approval, which accounts for probably 80% of the people you see in there on a daily basis.


Currently my bench is 100 lbs, my squat is 100 lbs and my deadlift is 100 lbs. Overhead press is also 100 lbs.

Can you guess what the max weight of the set I have at home is?
I really don't want to go to the actual gym but I am also not make of money and my vinyl weight set was cheap as fuck. Even if the bar can't handle more weight than came with the set.


I don't think it's really anything to be embarrassed about, here at least. I've gotten a lot of my motivation for working out from otaku media.

Impressive bench btw, but I'm confused as to why it's so high relative to your squat and deadlift.

I've always gone to 24 hour gyms at around 1 or 2 in the morning when no one is there. I hate working out around people.


I started exercising about a year ago. I don't do it hard or often enough but still I'm considerably stronger now. I've always been very weak compared to other people, but a few days ago my sister was testing a blood pressure thing for my dad on me and she said "your arm is so big now". Pretty good hearing that.


I only lift to look like Big Boss from MGS3.


that's an impressive overhead press when you take your other lifts into account


Exercise destroyed me. When I didn't exercise I could at least distract myself with hopes of getting fit and strong, but after trying for years I know it is absolutely impossible and that even on a physical level I am absolute garbage.


thats pretty commendable, in many ways you are actually initiating your body for the first time into physical labor that many men have destroyed their bodily well being by. You will adapt, and that autism serves you and I well, you will see this through no matter what. The pain and the end of a days honest work are irreplaceable feelings most of us never experienced. The saddness, and melancholic depravity from being static furthered our softness over time. Keep going man


File: 1565386632788.jpg (955.76 KB, 4096x4096, 1:1, 2469924-heihachi_mishima_4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love calisthenics, it exercises all muscles really well, and helps me deal with the self imposed cabin fever that comes with isolation. I really recommend it if you have a park in your area equipped for it (most parks do), or maybe get a bar for your house if you can afford it.

For anyone who doesn't exercise, even if you don't like calisthenics, do any kind of exercise, indoors or outdoors. I don't know how to describe it, but building up energy day after day with no relief is detrimental for your mental health.

We all have our heroes

Can you elaborate?


File: 1565387189314.jpg (63.41 KB, 634x793, 634:793, 1561780634435.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't go to a gym or leave the house. Will a treadmill (or bike) + dummbells (how heavy?) be enough for health and weight loss ? Or do I have to do fuck with situps and pushups, which there is no way I'd be able to do correctly.


Although I go about cycling at least once every week, I do not make any other kind of physical activity but walking downtown to buy me tobacco and tea. I should be lifting or doing some other kind of activity - maybe Yoga or some martial art. The problem with lifting is that it costs money, and besides being poor I have no job. I do not think that it would be nice to ask my mother to spend the house income on this, we have other priorities. Maybe I could be cycling more than I'm currently doing, but I have some kind of muscular condition in my thighs that make my knees a bit weaker, this condition should be addressed by only oriented physical exercise, at least is what I heard from doc.


It should be enough, though you'll want to look into doing more exercises to build more muscle, or rather turning all the fat into bulk. From what I understand, when you get seriously obese not all of it is going away. It is much better to transform it and get a big - bulky body type than ending up with fat flaps you'll have to remove with surgery.

In any case, it all depends on the diet. No amount of exercise helps if you do cheesecake every day.


I'm a cyclist. I try to bike at least 100 miles a week with ride 5-6 days of the week. I typically do between 20-50 miles daily. I wanted a way to be outside without having to interact with people and cycling was the perfect way to do it.

I've been biking since 2017 and can count on my hands the number of times I've had issues with cars. Being on the bike feels like freedom and really lets you get away.

The hardest part is actually getting out becasue my mind constantally says "i don't want to do this, I don't want to do anything, I want it all to be over" that coupled with a constant feeling of despair can really be a hinderance and has cost me months off the bike but I always go back.

As soon as I'm out all the bad feelings go away and I'm at peace.


That stuff would be a great start for anybody who does not exercise. As for weights you can buy a set of dumbbells that is more than enough for a beginner for not too much money.

If you are looking to lose weight I would recommend not really worrying about that for a little while and first try to build up endurance and strength. The reason for that is because it's basically not really possible to build any muscle while losing weight, and exercising is extremely unpleasant while you are weak and not eating as much.


> Can you elaborate?
I don't know what more there is to say. It was a disaster.


What type of bicycle would you recommend? I dream of riding of into the distance.


I've been exercising about 5 days a week for a few months now. Usually an hour on the elliptical and then 30 minutes lifting. Is there a smarter way to work out? Yes. I really haven't done any research and I have no idea why.


File: 1565443688628.jpg (63.64 KB, 1113x625, 1113:625, Caloi-Andes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mine is a common 16v bicycle, not one of these with larger wheels that people use to travel larger distances. Cycling can be a very enjoyable activity, as the other wiz has said. But take your time and don't over exercise, your legs may suffer from this. I also advise you to adjust your seat so your column wont be bent while you're cycling, for although it won't matter at short distances, it will damage your posture in the long run - especially if you have to deal with holes on the asphalt or speed bumps.

I have a bicycle very close to this in the picture.


Any entry level road bike should do. Just make sure you get the proper frame size and get a proper fit, you can do this yourself with the help of the internet. if you get an incorrect frame size or have a bad fit it could really ruin your experience with pain and such.


I skate every day. My classes are really far from each other, have to walk like 20 minutes to get to class.

I can't do tricks though, i suck.


File: 1565715461685.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, terrydavisdance.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Eggs are really good. If you don't mind you can just crack them open and drink them raw. Chicken is also pretty good, you can prepare it pretty easily. Also oatmeal with peanut butter. You might also wanna push yourself a bit more, you're gonna want to ache a bit. Hope this helps Anon.


Skate as in skate board or roller skate?

Both are kind of fun but in different ways.

Raw eggs give me the runs and has the texter of snot. They are so easy to cook so I am not sure why you wouldn't cook them as they taste a hell of a lot better that way.
Even microwaved eggs are better then raw.


I think I am going to give this a try.
I do normal weight lifting and calastetics but this system seems compleatly diffrent and maybe can apply directly to martial arts.
So I will give it a shot for a month and see how I like it.


File: 1566293788241.pdf (2.43 MB, strength_how_to_obtain_it.pdf)

Ok, this was a lot harder then I though. Workout really kicked my ass.
Basically the workout is based on flexing rather then weight resistance.
I think once I get it down, I will modify some movements, add in some, and take out others to better reach my fitness goals. For now I am just doing the routine as laid out.


My job at a distribution center has me doing a lot of movement & heavy lifting, and on my days off I tend to walk around my university campus just to get some exercise.


That sounds cool man.


I exercise for health but it seems to be a losing battle these days.


Never knew meal prep could be that easy.


He doesn't look like a wizard.


No one said he was.
It is about the information presented.


Please tell me that's a parody video.


Nutrition doesn't have to be super complicated (otherwise dumb jock types wouldn't be able to into fitness) and although the presentation is a bit humorous in delivery it appears that the information isn't actually wrong.
Yeah you can just buy shit, roughly measure out pre made meal boxes in a few minutes, then have a set of meals ready to go that don't need any real effort to prepare.
That said he makes it look easy because he already has knowledge and experience of macros and correct portions to the point where he can just eyeball it.
Don't know about you but I still need my measurement cups to avoid overeating, especially on a cut.


Youtube can help you with cheap and easy cooking. Praise the lord if you are not an Asian and have to negotiate for a piece of chicken breast.



jealous as fuck of those numbers man, 180 / 245 / 270 right now and finding it hard to stick to the routine. Haven't bothered going up in a while. awesome bench.


I only do an upper body routine twice a week because I am very lazy. I really just enjoy going for the pump.


Just throw in a few squats so you don't get chicken legs. It isn't much more effort than you are already doing. Even bodyweight or dumbbell squats help.


Anybody practicing eastern methods of self-improvement like tai chi or qigong?
Please share your experiences if you do.

I practiced qigong for a few months and had no observable effects, other than for the first time I could do one leg squat, and had a peaceful feeling for a short time after exercising. Dropped it because I've got strong focus problems and not paying attention while practicing makes it pointless and even harmful.

Also, five tibetan rites is a great way to boost your energy and improve your overall vitality.

If you know any exercise or set of these that improve overall health, please share.


>Anybody practicing eastern methods of self-improvement
>like tai chi or qigong?
No, not anymore
>Please share your experiences if you do.

I do martial arts (and not old people non-martial tai chi which doesn't really count) as well as occasionally meditate.
Exercise wise it is pretty straight forward and probably doesn't need much explanation on how and why it improves myself.

I have in the past experimented with qigong when I was interested in energy work for "magick" reasons but found it wasn't what I was looking for and didn't serve my "particular" uses well.

>If you know any exercise or set of these that improve overall health, please share.

I feel like trying to give instructional fitness information in text form is probably irresponsible, especially if it is martial arts related. At least with my limited skill level of explaining things.


Any bjj wizards here? I've heard about it on Joe rogans podcast from his guest. Seems like a good sport to subdue non-wizards. At the very least ofc.


Haven't seen any mention it in the martial arts thread so I doubt it.


Can you lose muscle if you're in a caloric deficit but still eating enough protein?


You can but it depends.
If your workload is the same and you have proper protein muscle loss will be minimal unless it is a drastic cut cal.
The only way to 100% avoid muscle loss during a cut is roids though. But like I said if you are doing everything right loss is pretty minor and will quickly come back at maintenance.


Oh, forgot that I also used to do yoga too.
Pretty good for you but I got bored with it so stopped doing it years ago.


do they let you wear ear protection in BJJ?

although, perhaps wizards should aspire to get cauliflower ears to repel succubi?


This is half true. Eric Helms has some good videos covering it. It depends on what level of fitness you are at. If you're losing weight at about 1.5lbs per week or less and have been lifting for less than 6 months and up to 2 years, you can actually GAIN muscle while losing weight. You also benefit minimally from bulking, eat at maintenance.

The reason why, is that your body isn't in a caloric deficit all of the time. It alternates between caloric surpluses when you recently ate, and deficits when you haven't. During the surplus you gain muscle/fat vice versa.

Basically, unless you want to compete, just lose the weight you want to at a reasonable clip or eat at maintenance. Going through bulks and cuts are more trouble than they're worth. You can end up getting fat or making yourself unnecessarily miserable for minimal gain.


When did I say anything about bulking.
Dude asked about being in a caloric deficit, presumbably as a diet to loose body fat, and that is what I was talking about.
At no point did I bring up bulking as I have never had to do it so I know less about doing it properly. It isn't relevant to the hobbies I have/had while knowing how to properly cut while maintaining performance is.


File: 1571412741836.jpg (76.86 KB, 450x324, 25:18, skeletonjelly.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If someone were to tell me that my muscles are currently made of jelly I would have grounds to believe it. I think I've never been so feeble in my entire life as I am right now. Today is friday which means I've tried to exercise for a full week now on a pull-up bar I've installed on my bathroom's doorframe. I wouldn't blog post about this but this shit is so funny I can't avoid it.

Let's start from the beginning. I'm 6' and 154lb. On the thinner side I guess and my upper body is skin and bones pretty much. I had a pull-up bar gathering dust somewhere and decided to begin exercising. Just attaching the thing to the doorframe was embarrassing enough. I fixed it too high at first but didn't realize. I hold onto the bar, let my body weight drop and to my surprise (cause I actually believed I could do pullups for some reason) I couldn't flex my arms to pull me up no matter how hard I tried. Now imagine a fish flapping around with its mouth hooked to the fishing line. That's how it looked like pretty much. I would try to help with my legs by swinging up and down but to no avail. I decided to help myself with a small jump so I could at least get my chin over the bar once. This time it worked but, like I said, the bar being too high, I actually knocked my forehead full force against the doorframe. Noise was so loud it sounded like I had punched the wall.

I did 6 pullups before my arms gave up on me. 6 shitty form pullups, starting with a jump and arms already halfway through. That is the maximum amount I can currently do. If I try to do more my arms simply won't work and at a certain point I don't even have the strength do hold onto the bar anymore. Having done that, I decided to work my core muscles by hanging on the bar and lifting my knees towards my chest and holding it as long as I could. Turns out I can hold it for 6 seconds, 6 being my magic number for exercising apparently. Again if I try to do more, my legs simply refuse to lift and hold position. Time exercising before total burnout: About 13 minutes.

Next few days all I managed to do was hanging myself or jumping and holding my chin above the bar for a few seconds, my body is so sore, any attempt at flexing pullups is futile. Everything hurts, you know how it is. Finally today I felt well enough to try more pullups and knee raises but this time around I managed to do only 5 of each and in the shittiest form you can imagine. Jumping, touching the floor on the way down, etc. Someone told me to do squats on the crawl thread and I can actually do 3 squats with a single leg, which is surprising. I guess I don't have that much weight to pull so it's easier.

Anyway that was it for the first week. I lifted a small bottle of water today to drink and my left arm actually hesitated a little bit. Hilarious. Let's see what fuckups I can pull off next week.


Hey did you posted that image years ago didn't you?


File: 1571420004422.jpg (23.77 KB, 367x550, 367:550, 61irQrNjgnL._SY550_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

don't give up anon :^)


I started doing a copious amount of daily pushups since I got triggered by connor Murphy's videos.
I want to put the VOL in volcel.


Just keep at it with the body weight exercises.



you should really only work out two or three times a week. Half of growing muscle is exercise, the other half is recovery and protein. The day after you work out where you let the muscle rest is just as important as lifting


Human torture machine. Volunteer for human torture machine. Sit in torture machine until you don't feel it.


how do i get out of poverty bench? i'm 225/315/365, my bench is so horrible. it doesn't help that i have shoulder problems and i think i also have long arms


File: 1572216179639.png (343.73 KB, 597x322, 597:322, sj.png) ImgOps iqdb

Probably, yeah, I was the one seeding Fort Thunder comics for many years on several torrent sites.

Thanks, just to let you guys know I haven't given up. I can only do 5 pullups right now but at least they're in a decent shape and guess what, I can actually pull myself all the way up starting with arms fully stretched now. Progress! I might be going crazy but I think I can actually see more muscle in there. You know I'm so scrawny that pulling my weight a few times for the past 10 days might actually had some visual impact. It might now though, I never really checked before starting those, maybe it was already there all along. Anyway.

Turns out my arms are not the weakest part of my body, it's my abdominal muscles that are truly pathetic. I think I hurt myself a little bit already (because of course) right at the center of my body, 4 fingers above my bellybutton I feel a sharp pain unlike the usual sore you get from exercising. It got better and then I went over myself today and it's hurting. I might doing just the squats for the next few days and give the time to whatever I did heal itself.

Shitty blogging out.


i do something similar to dips using the front of my chair, it just affects triceps. sometimes i lay on the ground and lift the chair up/down. ill also do pushups, crunches, and squats. the easiest exercise though is doing the calves, just lift the back of your feet up/down repeatedly, gojng from tiptoe to foot flat on ground. you just have to do an assload of them, but like most things in calisthenics to make it harder/faster you can do it one at a time

the only cardio i get is from doing large volumes of these relatively light exercises. i want to try using jumprope sometimes, maybe i can build it

i do calisthenics because i dont have money, even if i did it seems wasteful buying equipment. going to a gym isn't desirable because i'd rather not have to be around people, it isn't like i have a way to reach a gym or afford it also. so calisthenics are alright. you wont get huge or look like a bodybuilder doing calusthenics casually, and im thankful for that, but your body nonetheless becomes stronger


File: 1572233330495.jpg (9.99 KB, 276x182, 138:91, men.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been doing calisthenics for 3 hours a day, taking cold shower daily and walking 20km a week, all happened right after I quit smoking 13 months ago. You can't sit on your ass and remain a neet after choosing a smoke free life. Also I've learned that I am to be enlisted in the army mandatory military service, I'll turn myself in in 5 days and be relocated as a mountaineer commandoequivalent of USMC rangers in an active terror location.

Tt feels awesome that I've finally found a purpose in my life, an utmost dedication to fulfill the empiness that we the modern men had been taught by the wrong people surrounding us. Everyone around me feels bad whenever I talk about this, but contrary to fear, I feel pride and joy.

sorry for my english.


File: 1572238433314.jpg (20.24 KB, 352x500, 88:125, 1566313308607.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I want to be happy for you but your situation is actually horrifically depressing since you are just being callously and cynically used by your nation's version of ZOG as yet another disposable cannon fodder tool/weapon of unnecessary warfare.

You've essentially been shit on so much your whole life (like the majority of us Wizards) that in a way you've come to like it and ask for seconds when the pile of shit already placed ontop of your head by an uncaring society no longer feels heavy enough.


File: 1572286025153.jpg (265.78 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Screenshot_2019-08-30-23-4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

that's right, even reading this makes me happy. I accept my fate, because I already have a crime record in the past and I have zero chance to be accepted by the fucking society anyway, I am sick of being judged by even the worst lowest life forms out therr and am tired of explaining myself for what I did in the past. To be honest I still carry the sociopathic urges within and I am well aware that it doesn't have to be that self destructive, so long as I keep my -tendencies- on terrorists and the other freaks which are branded as what they are and be legally -dealt with-. And you guess right that I will be paid handsomely for my troubles and sacrifices that will be made. contrarily to what I sound like, I am not like those unstable freaks who abuse substance and be edgy all over the surrounding. even though I am well aware that how fucked up it is, I still thibk I had a considerably fun life and I would have no second thought before going to my death.


Best of luck brother. I hope you destroy those terrorists.
Gök girsin kızıl çıksın!


File: 1572369359211.gif (639.24 KB, 765x759, 255:253, 1454679814770.gif) ImgOps iqdb


i bought an exercise bike like a month ago but i've been too lazy to set it up. For dumbbells im doing 50 of 6 kilo per day, I'm much weaker than I thought so I don't how much long until I do more.


are you hoping to lose some weight?


yes, i've lost 35~ pounds already from adderal and drinking energy drinks (was 240 now almost 200) but I'm hoping to lose some more. My diet is pure shit and I'm really weak and fatigued so I'm working on that as well.


Stay safe wiz


Stay mad /pol/fag.

Türk wizard'lar burada!


Didn't mean to tag >>161627, sry about that brother.


Haven't gave up yet. Currently I can do 15 pullups in perfect form and can hold my knees to my chest for about 20 seconds.


I think bodyweight is the best. quick,efficient,fun.
swimming is also great.
but yeah,stick with basic bodyweight excercises for high reps


Barbell is the greatest piece of workout equipment that has ever been created.
Nothing gets better results in a more efficient manner.


So a new development on this happened past week. The gym close to my commieblock had a super promo that even I could afford. First 3 months you pay only a 1/3 of the price and you can quit any time you want, no extra fees, etc. I decided to give a try and see how it goes. I picked 10pm-11pm hours because according to their chart is the least busy hour they have (in fact there was only 4, 5 guys in there for the 5 days I went last week from 10-11pm). The instructor gave me this training where I use a bunch of machines and 15 minutes of treadmill. I disliked he completely ignored when I said I was interested in calisthenics and free weights. I guess since I had never been to a gym before he figured I would have less of a chance to fuck myself using the machines.

It's actually not that bad. Nobody gives a shit about you and once your training is setup you can do it in your own time with no one bothering you. I had to be with the instructor for the first couple of days just so he would explain how to use all the machinery but once you figure all of them work pretty much the same it's all cool. He asked what my objective was (you can pick hypertrophy, losing weight or physical conditioning, which is what I picked. Here's a rundown of the stuff I have to do;
3x15 - supine chest press
3x15 - leg extension machine
3x15 - bicep tricep pulling thingy
3x15 - shoulder press machine
3x15 - that tight squeeze thingy
15 min treadmill running and walking

I don't know how good this is and I've read those machines are not as good as body weight exercise for your overall health but fuck it, I already paid for 3 months in advance.
My skeleton jelly status is once again confirmed. I was a retard and forgot to take notes on how much weight I was doing on each machine but believe me it was not a lot at all. For the leg extension thing I think I was doing 50lbs and that's the strongest muscle in my body I think. I also had to rest longer than a minute to pull all the reps, not sure if that's allowed or not but didn't want to call the instructor on it.

All in all not terrible but not worth the full price I don't think, We'll see.


machines are definitely not as efficient as freeweights, but if your gym lacks freeweight equipment, it'd be best to use the machines that engage multiple muscles groups. while they are few and far in between, if your gym has any, they will help you progress way faster than isolation exercises


They do have it, it's just the instructor won't let me use them. I'll be on that program I wrote for 3 weeks before changing anything, or that is what I understood of it. I don't feel like I can make a case for myself using free weights though, I'll just do whatever I'm instructed to do and see how it goes.


File: 1576582393768.png (144.42 KB, 500x546, 250:273, 50A38C83-370F-4352-88DD-23….png) ImgOps iqdb

>paying to aimlessly move crap over and over like a factory worker on an assembly line
what’s the point


If you read the thread people already gave their reasons why they work out.

If you aren't interested in the topic then scurry off back to /dep/.


Working out in sweat pants when it is cool out is the fucking greatest. So comfortable with full range of motion.
I love working out in sweat pants.


Everything is better when you do it in sweatpants.


I go for daily walks. In the winter, I use mom's exercise bike instead of walking around the neighborhood. I do it to pass the time, as it is boring staring at a computer or video game all the time, or working.


it feels good afterwards
when your arms and or legs are dead tired


I can feel the same by walking, hiking, cycling or doing light exercises at home, it's free and more useful in day to day life than being a muscle chad for cosmetic purposes.


What served you better in helping with magic spells?


Exercise is megacope, like you are a hamster on a wheel that needs good chemmies in your brain to function

Look at monks, they don't need any of that shit and have the highest levels of mental clarity


maybe you should become a monk so you can achieve the mental clarity to realize those two statements were completely unrelated


I will, eventually, im still climbing maslow and i have some interests that need to be pursued before that


File: 1579510949971.jpg (35.96 KB, 634x286, 317:143, article-0-1AC5CD12000005DC….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a pretty pathetic routine that I can just barely keep consistent. I'm an agoraphobic hermit, (garbage bags taped over the windows & everything), so the extent of what I can do exercise-wise is somewhat limited by that. I'm also 5' 10", weigh 168 pounds and am pretty much the definition of skinny fat, with a bit of definition in my arms. As it stands, I do 10 sets of 10 reps of kettlebell swings with a 36 pound bell, with a 30 second rest in between each set. I then do 2-3 sets of 10 reps of goblet squats with a 25 pound kettlebell with, again, a 30 second rest in between each set. I was also doing 3 sets of 10 reps of leg raises, but stopped when I realized I was doing them completely wrong and that it was generally worthless to keep doing them even if I did them right. The same goes for a lot of other exercises I used to do, but don't anymore (Turkish get-ups, planks, kneeling rear leg raises, ab wheel stuff, etc.)

Essentially the only sort of exercise I can get right are the kettlebell swings. I'm a fucking retard when it comes to proper form and it's the sort of thing that utterly destroys any desire to do anything, given how completely hopeless & incapable I am of simply following basic movements & instructions. I always suspected I was doing the goblet squats completely wrong and after just looking them up again, lo & behold, I completely was. I don't give a shit man, fuck this. I don't why I bother to even try. Fuck it. It's retarded & basically rhetorical to ask, but is it even worth doing an exercise if you say have only 40-60 percent good form? Aren't you basically just wasting effort & energy for nothing?

At the end of the day, it's really the ultimate definition of a meaningless gesture, since, truth be told, I don't really care that much about exercise as a hobby and I've never taken it seriously. The benefits of serious exercise are also quite slim for me considering I'm just a hermit. It's equivalent to the protagonist of Oldboy, which I essentially am in most respects with me having spent less than 200 hours outside in nearly 13 years, if he never got out of the room he was trapped in and was essentially only exercising as a means to kill time and maintain sanity. Which, next to revenge, was essentially all he was doing it for, I suppose. I can just as easily do that browsing the internet, gaming, jerking off, or sleeping, none of which I like very much aside from sleeping. Exercise is a very arbitrary and fickle thing for me. It'd be nice if I could actually take it seriously, but I doubt I ever will.

Dumb aside, but I heard about some succubus who's only a few inches shorter than me who can deadlift over 400 pounds quite comfortably, apparently her max was just over 500 pounds, and is basically 3 times as strong as I am, if not more, which I find to be both surreal and a little emasculating as well. Jessica Buettner is what I believe her name is. Some cutesy looking little succubus like her could probably tear off my arm if she wanted to. It's pathetic on multiple levels. Both how weak I am for a male and the fact that I'm even mentioning something stupid & unwizardly like this at all.



I always just exercise in my underwear. To be honest, I never wear any clothes unless I have to go somewhere, which itself is basically almost never as well.


That's not comfy when it is cool.
It is winter here and I use heat sparingly.



>That's not comfy when it is cool.

It is to me. I'd say that exercising in winter is actually the comfiest, since, at least for me, I don't have to worry about getting too sweaty or overheated, since the lower temperature acts as a way to keep me cool in itself. Outside of exercise, I usually have a blanket wrapped around myself, like right now, and if I get really cold I just turn up my electric standing heater to the max. I have access to as much heat as I want, but I prefer to actually keep things a little cold to be honest. Being constantly in my underwear is just what I've gotten used to at this point. Even as a fairly scrawny person, comfy casual clothes that one wears around the house I find to just be suffocating and can even lead to heat flashes given how restrictive they feel to me on a base level, when compared to simply being in my underwear with a blanket that I can put aside at any time.


How to exercise without become attached to it, that's the goal, wizards dont exercise unless i'm wrong, they use the power of thought to construct their body, one day you'll see


I'm just so lazy. I can only train technique in punching in 10 minute spurts at random times. I think I have pretty good technique, but I have literally zero body conditioning. I spend too much time in bed. I think I will just have to go somewhere so I can spar people and actually have a reason to keep moving once I get tired because as it is I always just stop.


I just want to be really big so I can treat people like shit with no fear of reprisak. Anyone else?


Go away dickwiz. You belong back on /b/.


hmm 'dickwiz' i can see where your mind is, keep it clean mister or back to /b/ with you :))



oh wonderful, you found it ok, enjoy :))


my only option is walking at night, i don't have a bike/gym ticket unlike normies on this thread
i don't even have a proper pair of shoes


Calisthenics is always a option.
With progressions you can get quite strong/fit with calisthenics and you don't need much at all.
The basics only require cleaning a bit of space for yourself to do a work out or going out somewhere that you can do it.

No excuses man. Don't cheat yourself. When you play yourself and cheat you are the one that loses.



Any comments on how I can improve or otherwise maximize the routine I have? Such as what additional exercises I could try or how to improve my form? I feel like I can do the goblet squats properly now and, in truth, I'm pretty sure I was doing them right all along, just that I wasn't keeping my back as straight as I could be.

I'd say my main exercise goal would be to get rid of what remains of my stomach fat. A lot of it is just excess skin at this point though, so will exercise really help get rid of saggy/somewhat flabby skin?

Just as an aside, but do most wizzies even take the time to read posts as long as mine was? If not, then that's really just depressing.


All that crap is a scam to con people into wasting their time and destroying their bodies. Nobody ever got fit by doing that stuff. There are people who have always been fit and people who will never be fit, in the end you can't change your body.


File: 1580213270652.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.58 KB, 219x230, 219:230, D914FE84-3D8D-4963-A913-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>No excuses man. Don't cheat yourself. When you play yourself and cheat you are the one that loses.
So true bro
No excuses bro
Just lift and shit already bro
Work hard play hard bro


you should probably get on gear if you want to be that big or just be a big fat strong guy


I am not really sure how to give advice on improving form over the net in the form of text so I didn't reply.
Depends on the thread but speaking for myself I do read longer post on the site if it doesn't look like the poster is up to some trolly bullshit or copypasta-ing from somewhere.

Is is possible for you to do the movements with the videos or pictures you are using for refence in front of you?
Do you have a mirror or camera that you can watch yourself and check your own form?
Those two things can really help with enough practice.

The best thing I thing that is for you is developing your Proprioception. Get used to moving your body and getting it to do exactly what you tell it to movement wise.
Stuff like dance, yoga, and martial arts are good at training that sense of body control and you may find them fun to boot.

As for what is missing from your routine, it sounds like you are missing your upper body and could stand to train your core a bit more. Try adding in push ups or maybe curl&press using the bells you already have. Seems like a simple enough motion so I think with a bit of practice you could add it in.


those bench and squat numbers don't compute with the poverty lol deadlift number. I call bullshit


Training to failure with light weights is starting to get real old real quick.

I think I might need to look into making weights or something because my workout sessions are getting too long for me to maintain focus or drive.


Use heavier weights


I don't have heavier weights.
The max I have for barbell is 100 pounds (was a set), and the max for dumbbells is 20 pounds(a different weight set that can't combine with the barbell set).

My only option is ether to dramatically increase volume, or make my own weights on site somehow.


Get heavier weights. Weightlifting is pointless with lightweights.


Do you just stop reading after the first sentence?

Also far from pointless, just sub-optimal.


Incorrect, there a very famous bodybuilding book written over 50 years ago on using light weights weight hi reps and muscle tension


Volume is better than intensity if you want to get good


Whats your motivation behind getting ripped?


not trying to get ripped, only healthy. Low body fat and good cardiovascular health increase my conciousness, no more brain fog and i am more energized overall so quality of life


looks, nine times out of ten though no one ever admits it.


of course that too, theres a saying "they treat you how you look" so if you are a fat slob they will trat you like shit if you look decent the will treat you decent. thats usefull on daily life even if you dont want succubi


Not so much about "getting ripped" (which is more about diet anyway) and more about being in better shape for my hobbies (mainly martial arts) and making my work significantly easier.

Plus being strong just feels good. Make me feel secure in myself. Like because I am stronger then average due to training I feel like I can handle whatever comes my way in all aspects of life. Maybe it is because working out lowers stress or something, but there is a inner calm that comes from having a feeling of mastery over your body. A feeling of calm of being strong.



>Depends on the thread but speaking for myself I do read longer post on the site if it doesn't look like the poster is up to some trolly bullshit or copypasta-ing from somewhere.

Yeah, fair enough. A lot of wizzies appear to have quite a bit of contempt for this thread. Here I am trying to take the topic seriously, what with me looking for suggestions about how I cam improve, and, aside from you, I'm just completely ignored. "lol, go to reddit or a health forum then. why u ask for fitness advice on wizzychan, lol", as I'm sure some random idiot here might say. Well, I refuse to. This is the only website I post on. Full stop. Having said that, this is quite literally the only place I can ask.

>Do you have a mirror or camera that you can watch yourself and check your own form?

I don't, unfortunately. Like I said, the exercises I'm doing now, while not a lot, are mostly pretty straightforward form wise. Anything more complicated is where form starts to become an issue. For instance, Turkish get-ups are a particular exercise which is pretty much impossible for me to do, considering the fact that I can't follow the proper form that's needed to actually get something out of them.

>Stuff like dance, yoga, and martial arts are good at training that sense of body control and you may find them fun to boot

Anything you'd recommend for an agoraphobic hermit? Keep in mind, that I can't leave the house. Anything I can do is fundamentally restricted by that.

>As for what is missing from your routine, it sounds like you are missing your upper body

Umm, what? I'd say that my upper body is what is getting the most attention. Kettlebell swings pretty exactly target that area, do they not? As I said, what would be the best exercises for someone looking to target residual stomach fat?

>could stand to train your core a bit more.

Yeah, I agree. That's mainly what I've been asking for advice for here.

>Try adding in push ups or maybe curl&press using the bells you already have.

Push-ups would be a waste of time, since I wouldn't be able to maintain proper form. Curl & press with a kettlebell, like in that video, is actually something I was doing not that long ago, stopped for a little while, until your post here reminded me of it. As a result, I've been doing 10 reps for each arm with my 25 pound bell. Is that enough? Like I said though, that's not really helping all that much with my core area. Curl & press also feels kinda redundant when I'm already doing kettlebell swings.


>Get heavier weights.

What would be considered heavy enough? I have a 36 pound kettlebell I do swings with and a 25 pound bell for anything else. Is that too light? I find those weights to still challenge me, to be honest. Is that just indicative of how weak I am?


I just want to lose the residual fat that's stubbornly clinging to me around my stomach area. That's basically it. I guess you could classify that as being nothing more than me wanting to improve my look physically, but whatever. Is that so bad? My mind's already fried & destroyed from years upon years of continual depression & anhedonia, so better physical health hasn't really helped me much there, I'm afraid.


>Anything you'd recommend for an agoraphobic hermit?
Dance and yoga can both work as long as you can follow along with instructional videos.
There is stuff that is baby easy all the way to crazy master show off level stuff and everything in between. All from the comfort of your own home. So you can start at any level and progress as far as you want.

>Kettlebell swings pretty exactly target that area, do they not?

They mostly work the lower body, and while they do partially work the upper body there are a lot of mussle groups that aren't stimulated enough by swings alone. Which is why I suggested a exercise that targets the bicep and shoulder as well as the core.
>As I said, what would be the best exercises for someone looking to target residual stomach fat?
Putting down the fork.
You can't target fat on particular areas, only reduce overall percentage of body fat through diet.

> [curl&press is] not really helping all that much with my core area

Engage your core muscles to keep your back stright and don't lean to the side of the weight. That will engage the core.
Also I don't know what kind of swings you are doing but KB swings are 80% lower body work out. They don't really work the upper body that much at all. Most of what they do to the upper body is related to muscles in the back.

Anyway a strong core is just good in general so here is a vid of simple KB exercises that could work for you.



>Dance and yoga can both work as long as you can follow along with instructional videos.

I see. Well, no offense, but I just don't see myself doing those sorts of things. Yoga, or some form of Tai-chi, maybe, but dance? I'm a hermit in a fairly tiny space here. That alone not only excludes that, but many other possibilities as well. What about prison cell workouts? Is there any validity to those sorts of things?

>Putting down the fork.

>You can't target fat on particular areas, only reduce overall percentage of body fat through diet.

I barely eat anything, though. I also eat extremely cleanly as well. All home made meals. No bread, no sugar, no red meats, no fast food or processed food, and almost no dairy. I also only drink water. And yet, despite it all, I still have noticeable belly fat. Do I have to fucking starve myself, or something? Some of it is admittedly just skin, but at least a good half is fat. I've heard that for men, stomach fat is the most difficult to remove, even with dieting & regular exercise. Is it possible that for some men, like me, this shit will never go away? Also, for reference, and in case you forgot, I'm 5' 10" and weigh 168 pounds.

>Also I don't know what kind of swings you are doing but KB swings are 80% lower body work out. They don't really work the upper body that much at all. Most of what they do to the upper body is related to muscles in the back.

Really? When I do swings I mostly feel it in my biceps & shoulders. Are you saying swings should be felt most in one's abdominal region?

God damn it. After watching a video, I just realized I've been doing my swings without bending my knees. Therefore, all the strain has been purely on my arms. Fucking hell, man. I'm literally retarded when it comes to exercise and this is perfect evidence of it. I watched a video about how to do proper KB swings only a month or so ago. How on Earth could I have not only forgotten what I saw, but then gone on to screw it up so badly? God fucking damn it. This is all very discouraging.

>Engage your core muscles to keep your back stright and don't lean to the side of the weight. That will engage the core.

I appreciate your advice, but I give up. Just seriously fuck all this bullshit. I can't do anything right. Even if someone were to literally lead me by the nose every step of the way, I'd still find some way to make a mess of it.


Yoga is great for small space.
I strongly recommend it for your situation in particular.

>What about prison cell workouts?

Didn't you just say you can't do pushups?
That is 100% calisthenics based workout which revolves around honing your form and progressing to increasingly complicated variations. If you think pushups are hard how do you think you will progress to unsupported one arm hand stand push ups?

>I barely eat anything, though.

It is about being in a caloric deficit.
Find out what your maintenance daily calories is, then eat slightly less then that.
It is literally just doing a tiny bit of math then having the will power to stick to it for a few months. That will lower your bodyfat percentage, and will thus get rid of your belly fat.

It sounds simple, and in theory it is, but actually doing it kind of sucks. I love sweets too much so I am builtfat myself. My goal is to eventually be bear mode by cutting a little then focus on building even more muscle, but enough about me.

>How on Earth could I have not only forgotten what I saw, but then gone on to screw it up so badly? God fucking damn it. This is all very discouraging.

Try it in the same way people do home aerobics.
Pick out a work out along video, then do it work out while watching the video (pausing and rewinding when needed). The beginner ones usually point out all the things with form, so after working out along with the video a few time the repetition will ingrain it in your memory for much longer then just watching the video once.
Then as you work out with more advanced videos it will act as a refresher to what you learned before. By that point you will not need the instructional videos, but the workout along videos can still help with motivation and some are pretty fun due to the personality of the person doing them to boot.

Literally the only time I watched my grandma's old taebo videos was because it was fun and Billy's energy and enthusiasm was infectious.
My point being even after you get to the point where you don't need the video for reference it still can be a great tool to get you to work out more and push yourself in a good way.

In summery my overall advice is to workout with your reference material, give yoga a try, and count calories to lose belly fat.

Don't be hard on yourself, it is just a matter of getting practice in.



>Didn't you just say you can't do pushups?

Yeah, that's right. You're acting as if I even knew what prison cell workouts were. I had heard the name, but I had no idea what they entailed. Now that you've explained a bit of it to me I'd agree that, that sort of stuff wouldn't work for me. I guess I just thought prison cell workouts, meant workouts that could apply to a hermit like me, since I spend all day in a small space, like a prisoner. Workouts that are especially heavy on push-ups and stuff are beyond me though, as I said.

>It is about being in a caloric deficit. Find out what your maintenance daily calories is, then eat slightly less then that. It is literally just doing a tiny bit of math then having the will power to stick to it for a few months. That will lower your bodyfat percentage, and will thus get rid of your belly fat.

I don't get it. Should I just eat apples & drink only water then? I have no idea what my daily calories are, but I don't think it's all that much, considering how clean my diet is. Either way, I'd have no idea where to start counting calories. I suffer from dyscalculia and can't do even the most basic arithmetic. I used to weigh close to 300 pounds and the way I was able to lose it all was simply by only eating one small meal a day. I guess I should just go back to doing that then, but this residual belly fat I have is god damn stubborn. I feel like even doing what I did before wouldn't be enough to get rid of it completely. Plus, eating that little had me suffer from ETD there for a little while (eustachian tube dysfunction), becuase there wasn't enough fat in my left ear to properly regulate my eustachian tube.

>Try it in the same way people do home aerobics. Pick out a work out along video, then do it work out while watching the video (pausing and rewinding when needed). The beginner ones usually point out all the things with form, so after working out along with the video a few time the repetition will ingrain it in your memory for much longer then just watching the video once.

Then as you work out with more advanced videos it will act as a refresher to what you learned before.

I hate videos. I'll admit that they're inherently useful to most people, but for someone like me I just can't apply what I'm seeing into something I can replicate. I think it's partly a learning disability on my part. I'm just not a visual learner. Even if I rewatched them, slowed them down, or whatever else, it wouldn't matter. I'd literally need someone right next to me, making comments on all the things I'm doing wrong. Then, after however many attempts it would take to correct my form, I'd finally get it right. Even the videos you've already posted, are pretty much useless to me.

>By that point you will not need the instructional videos, but the workout along videos can still help with motivation and some are pretty fun due to the personality of the person doing them to boot.

Well, that's another thing as well. These ultra fit gorillas in the thumbnails of the videos you've posted thus far feel extremely off putting to me as well. Most fitness videos involve the sorts of individuals I find utterly repugnant on pretty much every level, so having to bear listening to them becomes an extra challenge in & of itself. Their personalities, and the personalities of all people, are like sandpaper to me. It only serves to irritate me & make me unwell to the point I can't focus on what they're actually saying.

>In summery my overall advice is to workout with your reference material, give yoga a try, and count calories to lose belly fat.

Thanks. I remember years ago when my mother kept trying to get me to watch this old yoga/tai-chi DVD we had lying around, with her thinking it would be a nice thing for me take up doing. I always scoffed at the notion, since I've long assumed yoga is just stupid, worthless, new-age tier bullshit. Speaking of now however, there'd probably be some value in it. Even having said that, I won't do it because it's unfamiliar and I still think it'd be largely useless. Yoga's all about form, right? Well, fuck that. Why would I do something like that when I'm so retarded with that sort of stuff to begin with? Well, it doesn't matter, because the whole video thing, and getting irritated easily, would apply just the same, so it'd be too much effort either way. Plus, yoga won't help me loss this stomach fat, so it's pointless. Doing it for its own sake is not something I'm interested in.

As far as the belly fat is concerned, I guess if I really want to get rid of it, I need to go back to the one small meal a day thing. I've suspected that's what was necessary, but I guess I was trying to fool myself into thinking I could do a few small & easy exercises to get rid of what remains, instead of having to put myself through one meal a day again.


Seems you got a excuse for everything.
The problem is your mindset. You have failed before you even tried. Your mind, your will is currently weak and you need to work it out and make it stronger.
You are bullshitting yourself. Cheating yourself out of the results you say you want by making up weak contradictory and increasingly absurd excuses due to mental resistance to change, not change of your body but change of your dysfunctional mindset.

Stop committing yourself to failure, stop giving up before you even really got started. Stop cheating yourself out of the results you actually want and being the bitch of whatever status quo the whore known as fate has tried to stick you with.
/dumb pep talk

Now to actually address your dumb excuses.
>I don't get it. […] I have no idea what my daily calories are
Write down what you eat on a note pad or something. Look up how many calories are in each thing, or look at the label.
Write that down.
Then put the numbers in a calculator to get the total.
If at that number of calories your weight is staying the same then that is your mainence calories per a day. Eat slightly less calories then that each day and you should lose fat as long as activity level stays the same. I could get into macros and more complicated stuff but lets keep it simple.
If however on your current diet you are already lossing weight, and that weight is fat, then keep your diet the same calorie wise and wait. If this is too slow for your liking then increase your level of activity with exercise.
If you are gaining weight on your current diet, and it is mostly fat, then you need to reduce your calories by a bit more then if you were eating at maintenance.
You can use a calculator right?
You can tell when a number is bigger or smaller right?
You can type food names into google and understand what serving size is when written on labels right?
Then you can count calories. If those big dumb gorillas that you hate looking at can do it you can probably do it too. It isn't complicated, just kind of tedious.
>Should I just eat apples & drink only water then?
That's dumb and you know that's dumb. Don't waste ether of our time typing out dumb shit like that anymore.

>I hate videos

Use books. After all this reading and writing you can't claim to be illiterate.
>but for someone like me I just can't apply what I'm seeing into something I can replicate
been over this.
By doing activities to increase your proprioception, along with practice you will be better able to get your body to do whatever you want including follow instructions or imitate what you see (with practice, it ain't sharingan or something lol).
>I think it's partly a learning disability on my part.
Were you professionally diagnosed?
Odds are it is just you being new and having no exp or reference point to start with so your proprioception is really low right now. Luckily it can be trained and I have personally seen many people who stared out in a similar state to you when it comes to difficulty with replicating movements eventually learn to move their bodies.
You aren't disabled, you are just a newbie with apparently shit self-esteem. Don't worry, as you eventually get better your view of yourself will also get better.
> I'd literally need someone right next to me, making comments on all the things I'm doing wrong.
You don't and you are using what you know for a fact you can't get as a excuse to not even try.
You are ultimately on your own (unless you get your mom/whoever you live with to spot you lol). You have to be the person meteorically next to you holding yourself accountable and correcting your form when it deviates from the reference material.
Book, video, whatever you use to learn the movements, as you are just starting out keep the reference material close at hand. Check it before you do the exercise; check it after; if you can even check it during. Check it often and adjust accordingly. You are learning a new skill, it isn't going to be easy and you will make a lot of mistakes. As long as you aren't injuring yourself that is ok. If you notice a mistake just do your best to correct it and move on until you make another. That is both how you get better and the process almost everyone who has ever done anything gotten better.
I don't know why you think you would or should just magically get it right for the get go, or that there is something wrong with you just because you have to check back while still learning to get the hang of this stuff but that isn't how it works. That is how it is man, you will do everything wrong until you realize it is wrong change, probably still be doing it wrong, but just slightly less wrong, until you get to the point where you are actually doing almost everything right.

>These ultra fit gorillas in the thumbnails of the videos you've posted thus far feel extremely off putting to me as well

Yeah, they know the thing you want to know so if you want to know what they know then get over it or find a alternative source of the same quality information that you find less "off putting".
Don't bother with such petty excuses anymore. At least not with me. Just assume I don't care, because I don't. You have the whole internet to find similar information in whatever form you could ask for. Don't use "big muscle guys make me uncomfortable" as a reason to give up.
You say it is a challenge, then take up that challenge with the mindset that you seek to win, to conquer that challenge, to beat it and come out on top.
Exercises is a challenge but you do it because you have goals right?
Not eating shit is a challenge but you do it because of your goals right?
So getting the correct information is a challenge, think about your goals and beat the shit out of that challenge by getting that info where you can get it, applying it as best you can at the moment, and getting that much closer to your goals.
Think enough has been said on that.

> I won't do it because it's unfamiliar

You seem unfamiliar with moving around your body in general, which is why it keeps getting suggested to you. Beginner yoga is basically a tutorial on how to move your body around, the thing you keep complaining is holding you back from being able to exercise properly.
>Why would I do something like that when I'm so retarded with that sort of stuff to begin with?
To get less retarded at moving your body.
You have to start somewhere, yoga just happens to be one of the easier options for someone with space limits.
>Well, it doesn't matter, because the whole video thing, and getting irritated easily, would apply just the same, so it'd be too much effort either way.
How about you quit being a little bitch.
Did you try that?
But seriously this is a example of failing before you even start. You gave up before you even tried and have a shit mindset so you never get any better or any closer to your goals.

> Plus, yoga won't help me loss this stomach fat, so it's pointless

It will help burn calories and strenth your core.
But the main reason it keeps being brought up is because it will make you competent in moving your body so that you can properly exercise.
The lower your body fat percentage is the harder it is to keep it going down without losing muscle with calorie restriction alone.
This is long game planning dude.
Learning calorie counting will get you most of the way there through caloric restriction but eventually you will run to a plateau where progress will slow down. It is at that stage that increasing calories burned will get you out of that plateau and change your body composition to your lean goals of low fat but still having muscle definition. As you said you currently have difficulty with exercise, which I deduce is from low levels of proprioception. If you work on that now with something like yoga, while also modifying your diet based on monitoring your calories then you can move on to whatever exercises you wish around the same time that you hit that plateau stage, thus achieving your goals.
Do you get the big picture now?

>I need to go back to the one small meal a day thing. I've suspected that's what was necessary, but I guess I was trying to fool myself into thinking I could do a few small & easy exercises to get rid of what remains, instead of having to put myself through one meal a day again.

You don't know how to moniter your macro or micro nutriants and unlike when you were fat there is far less margin for error, which means that with your current level of knowledge you will likely seriously hurt yourself with such a plan.
You ether need a new plan or need to dramatically upgrade your knowledge on nutrition.


lol at micromanaging every single piece of food you eat and shit out
do you also use these dumb wearables that monitor every single breath you take 24/7? What kind of life is that? This weird obsession over health and fitness is making people completely neurotic


Counting calories is a staple if you want to lose weight anon.


no it's not, i've lost a lot of weight some four or three years ago and didn't have to resort to such a ridiculous technique. it's a staple for succubi magazines, no doubt.


File: 1581529945517.jpg (51.76 KB, 565x514, 565:514, 1480101168152.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hmm, well. Whatever. You berate me repeatedly for being a defeatist little bitch, yet have you forgotten what website you're currently on? You're seriously gonna bust out that sort of insufferably jockish, "get motivated" tough talk here of all places? I'm not sure how insulting me repeatedly is supposed to "motivate" me to do anything differently. But, hey, if it made you feel better to rib kick on some retarded wizzy like me, then all's the better, I guess. I'll admit however that I was the one who initiated all this, so I really shouldn't complain about what I ended up getting. I don't really know what I expected, or really what I was looking for.

In between all the macho male, "stop being a weak little bitch bro" sort of stuff, it bears mentioning that you've provided some meaningful information. If ever there comes a day when I'm ready to do this sort of thing seriously, then I'll try to remember & apply some of the suggestions you've made to me here.

Well, in whichever case, sorry for wasting your time.

>Were you professionally diagnosed?

For the learning disability? Not exactly, but I do have a clinical diagnosis for autism. Part of that diagnosis indicated quite conclusively that I was an extremely poor visual & auditory learner. Whether it's watching something, reading something, or even listening to something, the information just doesn't seem to stick. The only way I seem to be able to learn is by essentially finding my own way to do something, even if it isn't anywhere near to being correct. This itself explains why I screwed up these exercises so badly. I learn best when someone is making comments right next to me & I can adjust what I'm doing in real time. So, basically put, unless someone is leading me by the nose, I'm hopeless. That's why I've thought that a personal trainer would work best for me, but it's a complete impossibility. I'm an agoraphobic hermit for one thing and I also get irritated whenever anyone tries to show me something, since I get frustrated at myself easily. Therefore, even under ideal conditions, I never tend to learn anything.

>Not eating shit is a challenge but you do it because of your goals right?

Not really. Losing all that weight was sort of the goal when I started, but now, after having done so, it's just kind of an inert habit. I also have a very weak stomach, so the diet I have now is easy to maintain due to that as well. I also find my affinity for healthy food has grown to such a point where I simply find it to be tastier than anything else. The thought of eating fast food, or greasy/sugary food, or even most kinds of meat, makes me downright nauseous, frankly.

I'd say my lack of a goal is partly the issue here. I mean, yeah, losing this residual stomach fat is kinda the goal for me now, but it just doesn't seem to provide enough steam for me to get it done. Like I said, I really only lazily brute forced my way to losing weight by only eating one small meal a day. I eat very healthily now though and that itself is a bit of an accomplishment, but more one I just kinda lucked into without much effort.

I've tried to apply myself to exercise, but I'm too stupid to really make something of it. I've actually tried quite hard in my own way at exercise, but it's mostly been a lot of wasted energy for nothing. You know that saying, "Work smarter, not harder"? Well, not only do I not work smarter, I seem to make a concerted effort at working dumber, as well as harder.

Anyway, like I said, I think I'm just gonna go back to the one small meal a day thing. You're right that I might end up causing issues for myself going that way (I mean it's pretty much a guarantee the ETD I mentioned previously will come back if I go that route), but I just don't have the wherewithal to go about this properly. I'm utterly disillusioned with exercise and being anal/meticulous about my calories is too much of a task for me to undertake.

Well, either way, I'm glad I could bring all this up here. Asking about this sort of thing anywhere else, given my "attitude", would've gotten me even more grief, I'd imagine.



If you choose to fail then you choose to fail. That is all there is to it.


That's what you get for trusting improvebrahs and their overinflated ego.


Away to /dep/ with you.
He ain't yours to drag down with you into the bucket.


…their inflated ego and their messiah complex.



Yes, I suppose that goes without saying. No need to be so flippant about it. Well, better to be armed with the additional information that's been provided thus far, than without it. Like I said, perhaps I'll make use of it someday.


Well, I appreciate him taking the time to offer some general suggestions & information as to what I could try. At the very least, it's something for me to consider & even pull from at a potentially later point, whenever that might happen to be.


I'd consider myself to already be someone who suffers from severe depression. As a result, there's nowhere for anyone to drag me down to, since I'm already there, and have been there, for quite some time. No need for the /dep/ bashing. Personally, I consider /dep/ to be valuable to me, mostly as a means to vent & to relate to other wizards in similar predicaments to myself. Not everyone in /dep/ is a crab trying to pull each other down, anon. Things that are considered "valuable" or "productive" are also inherently subjective things. Everything in life is just one arbitrary time killer after another, until we die.


hater and envious pessimist


Envious about what, being a patronizing cretin? Pessimist certainly, so what lol, as if there's anything wrong with that.
I look forward to your reaction when >>164750 inevitably outs himself as a normalfaggot, here or elsewhere.


You are only here to troll and lash out at anyone that makes you feel bad for being such a pathetic loser.
You have given up on yourself so it pains your ass to see others that haven't given up and reap the fruit of their labor.
The classic hater who is nothing, was nothing, and never will be anything but nothing.
All you can ever hope for is to be a drag and try to get other to give up and fail because it validates your sad shitty non-functional worldview.

The real thing you probably can't wait to see outted is you from your miserable life. So keep coping hard and suffering harder due to your own thoughts and actions while lying to yourself about how it ain't your fault you are such a miserable shit.

Meanwhile people like me will be training alone and getting better every single day while you decline.
Hate all you want, be jealous all you want. You will never be as happy as I am on the path you have chosen.


What pains my ass is the moralfag stance and proselytizing. This general tone and writing style (>>164750 is pure cringeworthy self help cancer) is a dead giveaway and isn’t exactly new either… Even that poster you supposedly meant to help picked up on it, although to his credit he is being very polite about it.

Now I figure the next step is to go ask the admin on meta to make a /positive/ board so you can crap out self-aggrandizing posts under the guise of “helping” others? If it sounds like a normalshit it most likely is a normalshit.


I think my chronic sleep desperation is starting to catch up with me.
My recovery from work outs has slowed to the point of ridiculousness.

I am still sore and feel the effects of stuff I did last week. Not injured or anything, just not recovering like I usually do. Moral of the story is rest/sleep is just as important as getting your nutrition and working out.


try cold showers, it helps with recovery.

Starting bouldering tomorrow, wish me luck, was trying to get into a new sport since i stopped 4 years ago


I am going to try sleeping at least 6 hours a day first and see if that helps.

I don't even have hot water on tap where I am living, lol.


Finally a no bullshit simple way of explaining weight loss and fitness.


I gained some weight again after another all time low in my depression. Well the only way is up, I think I'll go back to running mostly and weighlifting secondary (I'm already skipping days because I absolutely hate it and can never get over my plateus/end up hurting myself). I'm gonna try to keep my BF levels below 10% and be more athletic than strong, I couldn't protect myself in a fistfight, so maybe its better to just aim to be better at running away.



>As far as the belly fat is concerned, I guess if I really want to get rid of it, I need to go back to the one small meal a day thing.

no, there is no such thing as spot fat reduction. fat distribution is entirely genetic, so the only way to loss belly fat is to keep losing fat overall. if you're skinny but you still have a belly, then you're just skinny fat and you have to deal with it. there is a way to make belly fat less evident, which is to get big again, which you can do with either fat or muscle (or both if you're that body type).

>Yoga's all about form, right?

all exercise is about form insofar as to say you cannot exercise properly without having correct form. yoga is no different from weightlifting in this sense.

>Why would I do something like that when I'm so retarded with that sort of stuff to begin with?

no one starts anything ever being automatically good at it, even running. someone could be fast but that doesn't guarantee they're a great runner. this is simply just an excuse. you wanna only do things you're good at? aren't most of us wizards because we're failures and not good at anything?



>if you're skinny but you still have a belly, then you're just skinny fat and you have to deal with it.

Really? Huh, I didn't know that. I actually hadn't considered that my body might literally just be incapable of losing the weight in that area. I am quite scrawny everywhere else, so it actually makes a lot of sense now that you mention it. Then again, I'd have to think that if I lost another 20 pounds, or whatever, that the residual belly fat would go away. Although, I'm 5' 10" and 168 pounds right now, so to lose an additional 20 pounds would definitely make me kind of a bone bag. I wonder though, say I lost 20 pounds, or whatever, until hopefully the residual fat went away, then gained back a bit of weight more slowly until I was 168 again, would the belly fat return as well? I mean, yeah, it probably would I'd imagine given that's just how my body distributes whatever fat it has.

>there is a way to make belly fat less evident, which is to get big again, which you can do with either fat or muscle (or both if you're that body type).

I guess someone like me could never have a flat stomach though, right? It would be more like a muscle gut or something, correct? Well, either way, I'd rather not try to gain weight. I'd need to start taking exercise very seriously were I to go that route and I know I don't have the wherewithal for that. Not to mention that I barely eat anything and what I do eat isn't enough to get "big" on which, in some ways, is kinda nice, since it allows me to hover comfortably at the weight I'm currently at now.

>all exercise is about form insofar as to say you cannot exercise properly without having correct form.

Yeah, this is what depresses me. It just goes to show that unless you have pitch perfect form when exercising, then you're essentially only wasting your time & energy. Unless proper form can be achieved, then one may as well just sit on their ass and do nothing instead. As a result, since I'm too retarded to achieve proper form, it's better for someone like me to simply do nothing. At the same time, even if you're doing an exercise badly, at least you're still moving & exerting yourself, wouldn't you agree? Even those KB swings I was screwing up, I was still able to work out my arms at least, right?

>you wanna only do things you're good at?

No. However, I don't posses the capacity to get better at it, or to even preform at the base level of acceptability. Why do something you can't get better at and will only waste your time & energy? Someone with no legs doesn't get better at walking after all, no matter how hard they try. This is very unique in the sense that I have no concept of whether I'm doing it right or wrong. Unless someone is there to tell me, I have no idea what I should be doing and will come to the conclusion that I'm doing whatever it is correctly, even though I'm actually doing it wrong. It's impossible for me to self-correct for this, since I can't understand where it is the error happens to be.

>aren't most of us wizards because we're failures and not good at anything?

Well, that's why I'm here. I've found that wizards such as myself seem to be an object of contempt & ridicule on wizchan these days, which really turns the nature of what this website should be completely on its head. Dumb & useless wizards like me shouldn't be persecuted because I have a sour attitude about my abilities. I'm just trying to be realistic with myself and I still try hard in my own way, even if it just leads to me doing something wrong in the end.


>Yeah, this is what depresses me. It just goes to show that unless you have pitch perfect form when exercising, then you're essentially only wasting your time & energy. Unless proper form can be achieved, then one may as well just sit on their ass and do nothing instead. As a result, since I'm too retarded to achieve proper form, it's better for someone like me to simply do nothing.

That's wrong and you probably know it is wrong.
It seems like you are just fishing for anything you can use as a excuse to give up and wallow in your negative confirmation bias.

It seems like you already predetermined that you will not exercise so can you stop wasting everyone's time and go back to /dep/ where you clearly came from and feel most comfortable.
You have no interest in the topic of the thread, you only have a interest in excuses and self pity on why you won't exercise.


File: 1582281858725.png (224.19 KB, 544x438, 272:219, 1469761868512.png) ImgOps iqdb


>That's wrong and you probably know it is wrong.

Well, I really honestly don't know whether it is or it isn't. I mean, if you included the rest of what I said, I already indicated that even an exercise done semi-badly or inefficiently is still better than doing nothing at all. It's just that I get confused when everyone says how important form is, which it is obviously, but it's hard not to see it as literally being the end all & be all of exercise in regards to the way I've seen some people describe it. There's a lot of exercise elitism & memes surrounding the importance of form as well which further muddies the water about it, at least for me.

>It seems like you already predetermined that you will not exercise

But I am still exercising. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the KB swings correctly now and I'm also still doing some KB squats as well. As it stands, every other day I do 50 swings with the 36 pound bell and 20 squats with the 25 pound bell. I'm going to try and really master those two exercises before I think to do anything else. Even just doing that still gets my heart going & muscles burning, so it's still not super awful as an exercise routine. Even simply upping the reps/sets would be good as a way to continue.

Anyway, believe it or not, I'm trying my best here. Maybe that's not enough to most people, but, as a hermit, exercise has become one of the last ways available to occupy myself with. In my nearly microscopic world, there's very little else to keep my mind from slipping further than it already has into full blown insanity. When you sit & do nothing long enough, as I have, reality really starts to become warped inside ones head. It's hard to think straight and you feel awful all the time. Exercise doesn't exactly help all that much with those things, but it's at least something I can do. Something in the day I can point to and say in my head, "Why don't I exercise? Yes, that's what I'll do. Yes. Just focus on that. It's something to do. Yes. It'll distract thoughts, but won't, but sort of will, but won't. Laying here hurts head too much, so me do, even though head still hurt.".

Ideally, I'd like to exercise every day, but I'd need to try & switch up what I do, so I don't overwork the same area, since rest is important. Well, I'll try to see my way there, without tripping up elsewhere, hopefully.


You need therapy way more then exercise, shut in or not.



What a disgusting thing to say.



Yeah, yeah, sure. I'm just a crazy hermit who needs therapy. Seriously? This site is a fucking joke. Either way, I'll admit that I should have never posted in this thread to begin with and I wish I hadn't. I'll just have to make do with the best of what I can manage, which itself is something that applies to both exercise and many other things as well.


How so?
It is the truth. Dude has far more mental issues then physical ones. Therapy would be far more beneficial for him then any exercise he could do.

Just because you are a shut in doesn't mean therapy is out of the question. There are several in-home options that should be considered. There are limits to what exercise can do for mental health. You have past those limits if you have been honest here.
Please get the help you really need before it is too late.



>Writes whole essays on how he is too mentally ill to properly work out
>Says repeatedly that he can't do things without help
maybe you should get help for the mental health stuff
>How dare you improbra normie chad cuck buzz word no no person
>The only correct answer is to give up and let the darkness overcome you
>Fuck you for even suggesting that there is anything within someone's power to improve their situation


These people are sick. You throw your pearls at the swine and they turn around and tear you to pieces.



>Just because you are a shut in doesn't mean therapy is out of the question.

Actually, it is. Don't pretend to know my situation.

>There are several in-home options that should be considered.

Is this a joke? Because I sure am laughing.

>There are limits to what exercise can do for mental health.

Yeah, so what? That's never been the primary reason behind why I exercise.

>Please get the help you really need before it is too late.

Uh huh, how very considerate of you. I feel like I need to do a double take right now just to remind myself I'm not on reddit. You're basically just telling me to "seek help", even though I have no need or desire for that sort of "help" in the first place. Not to mention that, largely speaking, therapy is simply a scam & a racket for pill pushing at the behest of pharmaceutical companies. It's a nice thought in theory, but the practical application of it fails miserably. And just so you know, I speak from experience.

Anyway, this is now just become total bullshit. All these dumbass posts, including this one;

>>165057 (Yes, you're right. This is what I get, indeed.)

should be reported & removed since they have nothing to do with the thread and are simply an eyesore for others.


So, according to you, depressed wizards are nothing more than stubborn, contemptible swine just becuase they refuse to take this sort of lazy, poorly thought out, shitpost-tier level of advice to heart? Give me a break. It's not the swine you should be harping on about, but the normalfaggot dogs of which this site has fallen to & that they treat as their personal chew toy.


>It just goes to show that unless you have pitch perfect form when exercising, then you're essentially only wasting your time & energy.

this is just categorically incorrect. top weightlifters have worse form as they approach their heaviest possible weight, that's just how it works. you keep working on it so that you'll be able to perform heavy weight with perfect form, it's literally just practice.

>As a result, since I'm too retarded to achieve proper form, it's better for someone like me to simply do nothing.

you're already bad with logic, so on these terms you should just stop thinking in general.

>Someone with no legs doesn't get better at walking after all, no matter how hard they try.

this analogy makes no sense, in fact the point i think you're attempting to make only works if you have no legs. even if you have no legs, you can still work out anyway, but it doesn't seem like you're legitimately physically disabled so this "analogy" works against you for the sole purpose that you do have legs and can actually work out. sure, someone with no legs can't walk, but people with legs and arms can walk and also exercise, so what's your point?

>Dumb & useless wizards like me shouldn't be persecuted because I have a sour attitude about my abilities.

i agree, but when you use shitty logic to defend your attitude don't expect anyone not to give you shit. you can just acquiesce without posting, but "rationalizing" it with the dumbest reasoning will always make someone point out how dumb you sound, no matter where you go. there's nothing wrong with being dumb, but attempting to rationalize is completely different, it just makes you sound arrogant and not wizardly at all.


Wow, proof that you are nothing more then a energy vampire with bad intentions to begin with.

Do us all a favor and leave this thread and stay in /dep/ forever.

You sure trolled everyone good and got so much attention though. So I guess good for you. One more step in the advancement of /dep/'s take over of /wiz/.

I have seen this tactic before but never seen someone play such a long con of it. Ask for advice then shit down the mouth of anyone who replies, all while acting like you are the one in the right, that you are somehow morally superior for acting like a complete scumbag.

You are the embodiment of the very worst this website has to offer and proof of how toxic the crab in a bucket mentality is.
Go fuck yourself you hateful destructive asshole.


Try to keep name calling, outsider accusations, and other hostilities to a minimum.
Complaints about the collective quality of Wizchan or any particular sub-board belong on /meta/.


Oh so we are just supposed to put up with people intentionally destroying threads they don't like because they hate the people involved and the subject of discussion?
Good to fucking know.
Guess exercise can't be discussed because a few assholes dislike it.

Anything else of limits for discussion because it make someone butthurt?

Whatever, probably just going to lock the thread and ignore the trolling.


I walk daily because I need to keep my ass healthy.


You have a pet donkey?



got a gym membership but cant take advantage of it couse my general fitness level is pretty lame at this point. What do you recommend me to improve my fitness level? Cant run properly couse one leg is shorter than the other, my bike is a shitty one but i try to do 60 km when i can do it.
Help please


I have a pet butt xD


How far away is the gym?
If it is in walking distance then walk to the gym every day, then turn around and go back.

If it isn't in walking distance then go to the gym, do one exercise once, then go back. Do this every day.

This builds the habit of going to the gym regularly and should be a small start in getting you used to moving your body.


what kind of equipment does your gym have? machines? weights? treadmills?

i don't think you need any level of fitness to start working out. there's a really fat guy at my gym who comes in at least 3 times a week, albeit with a personal trainer, but he puts in the effort without complaining and it's very admirable.


Are you really asking if you need a get in good enough shape to work out?
Unless your doctor told you that you are too weak for exercise or you got some kind of major crippling disease you should be just fine walking in as you are and working out a bit. You body will tell you if you are taking on to much, and if you are really clueless one of the trainers or staff can tell you how not to hurt yourself.
If you do have some sort of heath problem then maybe stick to going easy on the elliptical and stationary bike. Light low impact cardio to keep the heart healthy.


I have a new goal with my shitty 100 pound barbell set to train up to.

I will train to one arm overhead press the full 100 pounds. Really need to work on my technique but I think I can do it with a month or two of training. Maybe less.


He's just scared the norms will lambast him for being fat.


Most have enough sense to realize that if a fat person is in the gym they are actively working on not being fat so they don't make fun of them and actually are usually encouraging, but there are occasional assholes. Usually they just talk behind someone back then end up quitting a few months later anyway. The actual gymrat types and even the stereotypical dudebro kind of guys are actually pretty positive about anyone who shows interest in their hobby, as long as you aren't rude about gym etiquette or act like a creeper to the gym thots. Generally the people who spend a ton of time in the gym tend to be super chill in their natural environment.


Just because they probably will be friendly, it's extremely hard to dispel the notion that everyone looks down on you for being weak. Even if it's all in my head I can't get rid of it. It's why I can't bear to exercise publicly.


You already payed for it. Get your money's worth and don't let the fear of stupid normies who probably don't even give a fuck stop you from doing what you want to do.
That or just go really early or really late with the other few people who just want to tune out the world, not interact, and just get their workout in.


I was actually laughed at by actual gymrat dudebros at the gym (several times, not the same people) who made fun of how weak I was, what I was doing, must have been following some dumb program, etc. I'll never understand the point of coming on the internet and lying about how asshole chads are actually super friendly.


To put it bluntly I simply don't believe you even a little.

I have been to dozens of gyms in my travels and training and never have I seen that kind of behavor from such people.

Why do you come here to lie on the internet in order to make people who already have anxiety problems feel even more freaked out by making the outside world seem way worse then it really is?
Seems like a really sick troll and it makes me sick.
People like you who pray on others insecurities in order to keep them down are the worst kind of people in the world. To call you a bully would be shameful to bullies.


>To put it bluntly I simply don't believe you even a little.
No surprise, you don't bully your own and you won't see what you don't care about.
>Seems like a really sick troll and it makes me sick.
Literally had two early 20s chads in an otherwise empty gym just quietly laughing at me, "why even bother", "he's here all the time, what a waste", etc.
Another time it was some middle aged roiders 3m away just openly laughing about my body and what I was doing, "they do too much lower body these days", "if I were him I wouldn't be doing squats lmao" (I was the only person there doing any squats)
Another time some fuck reported me for stealing weights because the gym didn't have plates smaller than 2.5kg so I bought my own on ebay and brought them with me in my backpack.
Such memories stand out like your reply, reminders that high school never ends and that no matter what I do there's some chad waiting to shit on me and then bluntly deny it ever even happened.


>if I make up even more utterly absurd lies people will believe me

Fuck off troll.
You are probably that asshole before that was trying to disrupt the thread with your bullshit.


>aggressive replies totally indistinguishable from anything that would appear on any chad bodybuilding board
Of course that's the whole point of this thread, after all.


You were here before spending days trolling this thread.
No one wants to play your games.
If you hate the topic and the people who actually engage in working out then fuck off back to /dep/ with your festering rotten crab in bucket bullshit.
You are up to no good, only ill. You have proven that time and time again and you need to fucking leave.


>paying for this
why not have some light equipment at home, you can prolly get some for cheap or free from ppl seeking to get rid of it off the internet


>You were here before spending days trolling this thread.
I don't even know what you're talking about. I purposely avoid this thread for the most part but your post about gyms being safe/friendly places was too much.
Anyway, sorry for being bullied by gymchads like you at the gym and relating that experience here.
Hope you have fun trying to pick out the wizzies at the gym for you and your chad gymfriends to bully irl.
That's what I did after the awful gym experience, but even with that it was all a waste in the end. Just like those guys said.


i've been harassed by a trainer once in the years i've been to a gym. granted, it was fucking awful and i ended up crying in the gym but everyone else in the gym is generally very supportive and helpful. even the really stacked, intimidating dudes tend to avoid conflict. it also helps that i go to a legitimate fitness gym and not a cheap "fast food" gym like planet fitness. it sounds like the gym you went to cultivates shitty roid culture.


that sounds really difficult. the hardest part of a one arm overhead press with a barbell is that most of your strength is going to be devoted to balancing the bar in your hand. do you have dumbbells? i think you could reach that weight faster and more efficiently with just dumbbells


I’m not that other wiz. I know I’ll never get over it so I don’t buy gym memberships.



i am in a fairly good shape (can do 40 push ups in one go) but never done weight lifting and my agility is pretty lame, im asking because i dont want to loose the little agility i have if i start the gym too hard. What do you do to maintain or increase agilty while going to the gym


I just walk. It makes a big difference to me. However it's impossible if you're in a bad area; it needs to be enjoyable. Difficult.


What do you mean by "bad area"?


what do you mean agility? read up on RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), if you want to work out but don't want to feel exhausted, you should keep your RPE below 8 (on the modified RPE scale) for any exercise you do.


somewhere where there is nowhere nearby that you enjoy walking


>that sounds really difficult.
That is kind of the point…
>the hardest part of a one arm overhead press with a barbell is that most of your strength is going to be devoted to balancing the bar in your hand.
No it isn't. The hardest part is actually the technique under load to get the bar up into the extended position. It is a very technical and challenging lift that takes both precision and raw strength.
It is a old carnival strongman lift that is rarely done anymore. But since I am limited on ways to progress with the amount of weight I have on hand, I can instead progress by doing increasingly difficult lifts.

>do you have dumbbells?

They are a 40 pound set (20 pounds each dumbbell)
And most importantly the technique for a one armed overhead press of dumbbells and barbells are totally different.
As I said, it is a highly technical lift that requires practice to pull off under load.

Overall it is just a challenge I set for myself that gives me a goal to keep getting stronger.


File: 1583173728524.jpg (244.82 KB, 898x700, 449:350, muh abs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cause of work I can only go cycling on weekends, feels pretty bad.
Been thinking of getting one of those pull up bars you install on the door frames. Are they worth a damn?


Depends on the door frame and the bar you get.
I have yet to live in a place with suitable door frames to use one of those.


we have one in my house that's been there for decades and it does it's job, but it depends on your door frame more than the handle.


Up to 75 pounds for my one arm barbell overhead press.
2/3 of the way to my goal.

Progressing faster then I thought, but will chill for a bit because of muscle soreness. Hand stand pushups (using the wall for balance) really helps out when it comes to increasing strength for the overhead press. Still refining the technique but I think I have it mostly down.


nothing special about my door frame and i've been using the 20$ bar I bought off amazon for years now.


after gym gymnastics and calisthenics i think i found my sport… BJJ. anyone practice it? practitioners have a very good general shape and i will need to spend the next months adapting my body to have a good start in the sport what do you recommend for torso and general full body strenght?


I did a art with a lot of crossover and had fun rolling with BJJ players.

It kind of sounds like your body is already developed enough to start the sport. Eventually endorance and compouser become a major factor, but the kind you need can only really be trained by extended grappling sessions because that is how you learn how to pace yourself for that sport.

Still if you are interested in full body strength I always recommend the power-lifting trinity of barbell exercises. Squat, deadlift, and bench press.
Surprisingly they do work the core quite a bit too.


i've thought about trying BJJ. Is it as intimidating for someone who has no experience with martial arts as I assume it would be, or am i just over-thinking it?


I tried a free trial of it once. It seems easy enough but all the close physical contact was fucking gay. I don't even like hugging my own mother, it was not my thing.


Being intimidated is entirely subjective and personal experience.
I will say that if tons of physical contact with strangers makes you super uncomfortable no matter the context then it probably ain't the sport for you though. But if that isn't a problem then most places are welcoming to newbies and chill as long as you are chill.
Watch or take a demo class to see if you like the feel of the place first. That is probably the best way to ease yourself into things and see if it is right for you.


It helps with depression and brain fog, keeps me busy and feels rewarding. I started to do it when my life reached a new low, i needed to escape my own mind. I try to wake up at 5am and go to the gym when it's almost empty, not that i care about normies but it's nicer when it's quiet and i like the feeling of having the rest of the day for myself. Then the next day/same hour i only go for a 30 min run in the woods. I get very productive if i manage to start the day this way. For now i do it mostly to lose weight but do some pushups/crunches/dumbbels/wall sits too. I still struggle with discipline, still smoke and eat unhealthy food so the results are not that great after 3 months but i'm feeling better overall and can lift heavier weights, run a bit longer etc but i'm sure it could be better.


I mean it is a grappling martial art. You probably want to strike.


My honest opinion about height and weight lifting: Short men with a lot of muscles look funny and pitiful. I personally can't take them seriously because everything about their look tells me that they try to compensate something (most likely lack of confidence due to their short height). I'm pretty sure this is what most people subconsciously think if they see muscular short men.

I don't say that you shouldn't work out at all. It's alright to maintain a certain level of fitness and athleticism. But you should do it for the sake of your health and not to impress anybody.


File: 1584189991149.png (335.42 KB, 426x640, 213:320, photo.png) ImgOps iqdb

can I perform the turkish get up if I'm only 163cm and using a human instead of a kettlebell?
That's my only question.


If you're as short as a little succubus and want to lift a little succubus with one hand, why not aim for doing one-handed handstands? The added balancing factor would help tone your back too and you wouldn't have to pay a succ to help you exercise (which is pretty much the same as hiring a prostitute)


No. You can't. Stop posting 3DPD.


File: 1584194718792.webm (1.77 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Hobbs & Shaw.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I'm curious to know if it's possible for a guy of my short stature.
I don't plan on learning how to do it. I just want to know if it's doable. I don't even exercise anymore.


Probably, though I am not sure why you would want to. Not a fan of the exercise, and humans come in quite small sizes.


I started swimming.
Being in the water calms me down and I go very early in the morning so I have the pool to myself most of the time.


Swimming is great.
You do indoor or outdoor pool?


the pool itself is outdoor, but they cover it during autumn and winter because its too cold


Decided to add 30 pushups and 30 squats every day for this month in addition to my normal workouts.
Just something easy to get me in the habit of doing something ever single day even when I don't feel like it.
Because it is so easy and fast to do I can not rationally come up with a excuse not to do it unless I completely forget. Thus cementing the habit.


I would walk around 5 km day on and off, with the following (calisthenics) exercises, three sets each:
* 10 pushups
* 10 squats
* 1 minute planks
* 10 sit ups
* lay on the ground under a bar and try to pull my body up 5 times (too weak for real pull ups)
Then corona happened and I stopped.


I work out (weight lifting 3x) because it makes my pp go diamonds for longer when i decided to edge on the weekends.


File: 1587929731701.png (22.62 KB, 693x352, 63:32, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you're a wizard,a warlock, you must tone your body to perfection,tune it to perfection,literally just free time in a room, overcome gravity.
you seek the pleasure of food?Workout for metabolism,you'll be able to eat more.

you can cheat the whole internet but the man in the glass is gonna come for ya, can't cheat no man in the glass.

pushups,dips,jumping squats, chin ups and pull ups. 1000 reps a day! why not? Look at the grim reaper in his eye-less sockets,die was a warrior

We must all slave the chad in ourselves so the hikki may roam free.


What the fuck are you talking about. I look at the mirror and see a fucking kid except for the dick and hairy balls. I'm a 162cm male that's 5'4 so there's no man in the glass there's a weak kid that's growing older and older and that's all there will be in that mirror whether I train or eat more.


jus chang bruh and b urself trust me bruh you'll be fine i swer.


File: 1587945687835.png (62.66 KB, 340x323, 20:19, Juandissimo_Magnifico_Stoc….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've seen guys that size get obsessed with lifting. The frame is typically not well-suited to that. They remind me me of this fairy from Fairly Oddparents.


unironically read the sticky of 4chan's /fit/


someone post the "why lift when it's all about the face" compilation (loads of pictures featuring awkwardly framed ugly faced men posing, leaving the viewer with the impression that some people are better off not trying)


posting compilation of normalfags is some crab shit even though I agree with this guy
I'd probably also end up in one of those as I'd look like one of those roided soyboys with a baby face.
I do lift, but I've been going in circles on what's considered beginner weights, because I don't eat properly, and I don't make gains properly. I also absolutely despise it. I barely ever workout 3 times a week, 2 times tops, sometimes 1.


I've been doing some lately. What I have available to me are two sets of free weights so I use those, two 8lb and two 25lb dumbells. I don't like the steep graduation and will either get to where I want with the 25s soon or get an adjustable set cheap/ a set of 15s. I don't do so rigid a pattern. My goal is to be able to do many reps with the big 25lbers. As it stands now, my left shoulder gets that "okay this is strain territory" after the 12th rep or so (left has been weaker since it was broken years ago) so I have focused on the 8s. I do all kinds of reps of various kinds at various paces in bursts through the day, doing more every single day, and totalling hundreds of reps all together. I am noticing an overall increase in arm strength and muscles of all kinds with the variety I do; I hope to be strengthened enough by early June to do bursts of reps with the 25ers without the clear strain of too much on that shoulder, then supplemented with quick reps with the 8s.

I've also begun eating overall way less and protein when I do. I have been living off of tea (cutting down sugar) water and meat for the past few days. I also want to lose some fat. Working out in my own fashion of my own accord and noticing the improvements little by little in strength and hardness of muscles has been satisfying in its way.


> look like a character from an anime.
>all these replies and no one asked the most interesting question
Which character?


I'd love to exercise, but it's ramadan and I live in a muslim household, so my family doesn't make any food until sundown so I only get 1 meal a day, and I don't know how to cook so I can only eat what they make plus snacks and cookies.




Got up at 6am and debated going jogging, but there's a powerful barrier stopping me from doing stuff like self-improvement, I'm considering getting an overnight job to change my life.


I usually run 6,21 miles, after that, few pull ups and abs exercises. I do this three times a week. I do this to keep my sanity.


ugly and fit is better than ugly and fat or skinnyfat. The way people treat you will also change if you're muscular. Being fit makes life a lot easier


It makes sense if I'm not killing myself to live the best way I possibly can, I do want to start exercising and have a good diet, I'm going to try and start slowly, no soft drinks and lower my reliance on caffeine.

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