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Does anyone on here order things online? Does anyone use amazon? I always wanted to try an Amazon gift card online but never got around to it.


amazon won't deliver to my location, so i use walmart dot com instead

walmart delivers directly to my door. if i order something from ebay, i have to drive to the post office to get it. fuck ebay and fuck amazon


Yeah I order a lot of stuff online. I mostly use specialized shops and not amazon though.


>was gonna order some games off of Amazon
>they wanted bank account information and other personal shit
I'll pass thanks.


never used amazon i dont get the hype its never the cheapest for the random stuff i order online


All the time, almost obsessively since 2008. Amazon and eBay are good where I live so It's easy to get many items with 2-day shipping. Most of the junk I order is stuff I can't find on a shelf. I think the last 20 things I ordered were either some waifu good or hobby component. I buy guns and explosives online because I fear gun store boomers will hassle me. When I have like $3.00 in my bank account I'll buy some electronic component from eBay China with drop shipping and forget that I did so by the time it arrives so it's always a neat surprise.

>i have to drive to the post office to get it
That could be beneficial for some, especially if you live in the same house with nosy people. I'd rather the package be sitting at the post office than out on the porch for the elements and coons to get.

>they wanted bank account information and other personal shit
Well obviously if you want to spend money for a delivery they're going to need to know which card to charge and where to send it.


I don't have a credit card and I don't want some liberal commies at Amazon or Google looking at my personal information.


Good stuff if you don't mind giving away a lot of personal information, you can buy giftcards and have it delivered to a post office to circumvent those. Getting a replacement for whatever you order is really easy, at least from my experience.


Yes, I haven't bought anything in a retail store that wasn't food in at least 5 years.
Online has cheaper prices even if you take in account shipment costs, you also don't have to leave the house to get the goods.


Yes but I'd never fall for the Prime scam.


Is this a gift card you already have? Because they expire.


>wanna buy a game on Amazon
>plan is to buy a $25 or even $50 prepaid visa at Wal-Mart or convenience store
>too anxious and nervous to go through with plan out of fear of being ripped off or Amazon screwing the order up


I'm gonna download some ps1 games on my ps3, which games do you recommend?


I buy my vitamins on there and other small things. It's also not bad for pc parts, nothing I ever got came broken.


it's pretty good if you're a normalfag with disposable income, my mom has it and she orders me clothes sometimes and they arrive in like 12 hours, it's crazy, something knocks on the door when the package arrives but I never see/hear a car or a person when I get to the door, it's like magic


My country is so fucked it's cheaper to buy alcohol from Amazon than from the local store.


Ordered a $226 guitar the other day. Came in pristine condition and 5 days before it was supposed to arrive. I don't know if it was either the store i bought it from or Amazon, but that is some good service


Is Dino Crisis a good game?


If you can tolerate the tank controls, yes. Not an amazing game but it's alright.


File: 1565745415542.png (653.81 KB, 806x495, 806:495, brainlet.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sure most of us do, i'm stingier with money than most though.
obligatory recent purchases:
nothing crazy, just nootropics/benzos for anxiety and motivation
I am a decent guitar player and whim purchased a $58 dollar bass that is apparently pretty good. Bought with money from selling mommies stuff on ebay that she was going to throw out.
>fender rumble 40(amp for ebay bass)
this one is maybe more questionable since it's unnecessary and kinda expensive at $200 but if I regret it amps don't lose much value, not sure I could sell the bass though.


Yeah, I'm always ordering things online and usually from amazon since that is where I buy the majority of my videogames from.


I have some gov bux that needs to be used up soon. Any ideas for things to buy that could improve my life? Ive bought a new keyboard and mouse, some clothes, and a nice blanket.


It is good for what it is in the context of the genre of the time.
Probably not great by today's standards.
I remember enjoying it as a kid but I remember how clunky and annoying replying similar survival horror games from the same time that I enjoyed was, and think if I played it again I would probably feel the same.


I order things online a lot but I use amazon less and less.
Between the increase in shipping, the inclusion of tax when almost everywhere else doesn't charge tax (fuck the government), them changing the search function to make it harder to find the cheapest version of the stuff I look for, and the censorship just make amazon less and less appealing to me.
That plus the security of other sites have improved dramatically.
Now the only time I order from amazon is when I need some random thing that I don't already have a preferred site for, shipped super fast from a local warehouse. Like I need a part for something, or to replace something I use a lot but can't get at store.
I think the last thing I got from them was certain warning stickers to label a lock box that it had explosives in it (needs label for liability reasons, and to give idiots a heads up). Because it wasn't something I could get at the local store, but I still needed it relatively fast, my options were ether to find and vet a specialty online retailer and probably get ripped off in price and S&H, or get it from amazon at a reasonable price but have to pay tax on it (managed to find a merchant that had free shipping).
If I ordered from one of those Chinese based competitors then it would have taken a full month or more to get the stickers.


How much money are you going to spend? This depends on your situation. If you live with your parents and don't really need anything you could look into current or new hobbies.
If I had spare money I'd change the broken oven, exhaust, kitchen fires and buy new pans since the ones I have don't have a handler.


Tax is only applied when the item is sold from a state where tax is collected. Amazon itself doesn't implement any tax.


They collect sales tax which is applied to the state you are buying in too.
Changed that policy like a year or two ago.


i stopped being a consumerist along time ago.

I only buy shit i absolutely need, and i try to find the cheapest alternative

i try to find stuff(like books, movies etc) for free online. i don't really need anything. i am content with just having internet


>i am content with just having internet
This is wise. Every bit of knowledge or entertainment is available through the internet in one way or the other. It's no old folk's joke to say that the internet is where most people communicate these days. It's truly superior to in-person communication.


I plan on ordering a computer case from amazon so I can get started on a new build for this 6 year old pre-built toaster that is slowly starting to malfunction more and more. I'm just supremely lazy when it comes to actually doing anything, even ordering on Amazon.

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