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File: 1565513985897.jpg (543.05 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, JzsH5vwn4bZ4g5MtfLKL6M.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Like does it have any real reason to exist? What really, is its sole reason of being? Without intelligent life, the universe doesn't have a chance in hell to make sense of itself.

Are there any popular theories out there? This is driving me crazy. I just think it's so easy for nonexistence to be the natural state of things, that the existence has to have a cause.


Not that I know of. If there was any point in our existence, wouldn't we have known already or be told? All we have theories and religions that can't really be proved. You'll have to make your own meaning.


the universe was created for me to shitpost


life is nothing but an experiment.
currently the only officially
approved group is all the varieties of Cats.
(God loathes 'dogs')
humans are an unauthorized non approved CF.
sad; but true.
clean-up will begin soon.
then things will continue as they should have from the beginning.


File: 1565555999063.jpg (24.17 KB, 600x243, 200:81, spook.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I swear there was a thread for this discussion already on /wiz/

>Are there any popular theories out there?

yes, lots and lots. I believe the most popular ones are religion based.

Ultimately I believe there is no intricate meaning to conciousness and life, abiogenesis was a boltzmann brain situation.

I like to entertain this theory of creation though, mostly for sci-fi pastas I write → The entire universe is a giant unconsciously self-aware entity conjured from fluctuations out of a random state of thermodynamic equilibrium. Life was created by universe for the sole purpose of witnessing reality and adding meaning to it.
In layman terms, universe created conscious beings because it wanted to add meaning to reality. Conciousness is a tool of self-examination.


I do you one better. Why does it need a reason to exist? We have the answers to almost anything, but we start feeling suicidal when we can't figure something out no matter how simple the answer might be. It doesn't need to hav a reason to exist, neither do you.


I believe that we can't really know as our human minds would go full lovecraftian insane IF there is one and we could possibly reach it. Create your own meaning anons


>>159315 why would you go insane simple logic governs everything even if you are too ignorant to comprehend it.


you will find the answers in the Qur'an


thank you so much…
i really needed a laugh…
the queer runs is pirated from 2 dozen plus compendiums of religious ass wipings.


I disagree, the existence is based on chaos, if greater beings could be detected with such level of superiority, our minds wouldn't comprehend them in things like shape, color, etc


>Without intelligent life

There's no proof of this. maybe far superior being have observed us and realized we were not worth the contact.

Imagine if an alien form tried to make contact, there's a good chance the government would shoot down the craft or do something stupid

Considering that race even had the technology to reach our planet that means their weaponry is far superior to ours and we would just get destroyed.

Ask yourself, in our current state are we really worth it. The technology and intelligence the other race would posses would make us seem like mongrels. What could we even do?


To add on there is other life out there but perhaps they don't possess the technology for space travel either or if they do we're such an astronomical distance away that we simply haven't been found yet.

Considering space is near infinite the chances of intelligent life not existing is zero.

Even our own universe, the scale is unimaginable. In space there are galaxy so large by our laws of physics they should not exist and this is just what we can observe. Imagine the shit out there we haven't laid eyes on yet you simply can't comprehend it.


No one can know for sure and everyone who says they know is a liar.



File: 1565893530987.png (56.23 KB, 500x467, 500:467, circularconditions-e139594….png) ImgOps iqdb

gotchu fam

Long story short of course the universe has reason behind it why else would logic exist in a comprehensible format. So now lets go over why the universe has pure unadulterated purpose behind its. Take everything you know about time, space and energy and try to imagine the beginning of existence as we know it. Since all three of the most important elements needed for our existence are finite in nature we can deduce some kind of beginning for our reality. I'll use the "big bang" as an example here for the timeframe.

Now we ask the most important question. What exists outside of space and time? Is there a before? What is a dimension without time even like?! We are stepping into the theoretical world of metaphysics here much like the ancient greek philosophers of a bygone era. Fun fact the greeks theorized water is what caused first movement thus starting the chain of events leading to our existence. They simply din't understand gravity at the time so they thought water was straight magic.

Anyways now that we have set up a foundation in which scientists believe in first motion (big bang) and the greeks believed in first motion (water lol) we can actually start deducing what caused first motion. So here we are, standing at the very edge of our existence looking over the edge like a child at the grand canyon. The question is can we explain first motion using elements from inside our known reality. The concept of nothing exploding into something would still constitute being part of the material world. Now we need to talk about what actual nothing is.

What is absolute nothing and is it real? Is it the unoccupied space around you? Is it what existed before first motion? My answer to all those questions is no. The concept of nothing is a term native only to our three dimensional reality. So now stop and imagine the requirements for absolute nothings actual existence. Can you believe in absolute nothing?

Spoiler alert absolute nothing does not exist because you are reading this post right now. In order for absolute nothing to truly exist it has to not be in correlation with anything else that exists. If absolute nothing is juxtaposition next to a something it is no longer ABSOLUTE nothing. This is a hard concept to wrap your head around at first but it not impossible. The beauty of metaphysics is that we can play with concepts outside of our known reality using nothing more than simple logic. Absolute nothing requires an unconditional state of being is basically what I'm trying to say.

Okay hopefully you made it this far. Now that we have determined that absolute nothing was not what our universe spawned out of we have to start thinking about what kind of force could cause first motion. This is where a lot of the work was already done for me as people have been trying to piece together this puzzle for thousands and thousands of years. We are going to slightly switch terminology now, everything I said above is basically just to explain exactly why our universe is not self actualizing. Since our universe is clearly unable to cause its own incarnation the label we will be using for our reality is Conditional Reality.

What force is able to push a first domino when space/time aren't even in play. What kind of force can ignore E = mc2?
The answer is simple and yet very complex in and of itself. I'm not here to tell you what your purpose is or why we exist all I'm trying to explain is how there is motivation behind our existence. Anyways to answer my first two question the driving force required to cause a conditional reality to actually manifest has to be an Unconditional Reality.

Now I know what your thinking and no I'm not a christfag. People get so fucking triggered as soon as you bring something more powerful than the material realm into the picture its simply hilarious how much baggage these guys carry around. Anyways I'll explain a little bit more before I'm finished my hands are legit getting tired.

The idea behind conditioned and unconditioned realities is actually quite simple. I'll toss a picture on this wall of text so there's a visual representation but long story short. If all of the realities that existed outside of our own were conditional it would cause an infinite paradox where none of the conditions would actually be met ever and nothing would manifest in the first place. AKA without first motion from something not even stuff outside of our reality could exist.

Okay Ima wrap this shit up with something iv assumed for a while. Iv explained this to people before and their response is "well maybe the unconditional reality" pooped us out by mistake?!?!?" Which is legit fucking retarded. If you are in a state of existence outside of both space and time that removes any and all chance of random chance or flux occurring.



File: 1565909520321.jpg (228.69 KB, 569x752, 569:752, 65947896_2519283668121683_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

these people thought they had the answers, they are almost all dead now and no wiser for all their drugs, gurus, muzak, and etc.


File: 1565911540377.jpg (118.79 KB, 420x500, 21:25, thinkdeeply.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The universe is basically a sandbox survival game on hardcore mode. The player (you) is given a consciousness and rational thinking which will allow him to judge and thus decide what kind of life, if any, is the right one for him.

It's you make of it.


It'll get even more fun. Leaks from insiders tell us that the admins are preparing a big event called "Great Filter" for the end of this century.


If only it was so easy, if only i could do so.


The mere act of existing gives an object meaning. Meaning being order, order being form, form being existence.


For many people like OP this is not enough. I guess they want some form of omnipotent creature coming down from the heavens and telling them exactly what they want to hear.


I do play my life like a video game to make it more fun, really that's all the meaning I assign to it besides being a point endlessly taking in information and outputting more like just typing this out right now in response to something. If I say just sit in my chair and observe looking at the screen in front of me I just lose a major part of myself and feel a constant integration into aspects of everything around me. It's like this is the end game, you just feel stuff fluidly related to your current observance until your character moves on and plays something else.


Believe me when i tell you that it is just that easy.
the evil ones have deceived your kind for endless generations with the lie that life exists after death.
they have robbed you of all motivation by giving you false hope of something better down the way.
life is what you make of it.


>life is what you make of it.
This is repeated over and over. No one has the freedom to do something like that. It's fun to pretend we don't live in total submission to an uncaring environment though.


right now i have the possibility of being able to hike/backpack for the rest of my life or until i burn out on it.
yeah, no joke.
i have $ coming in that would allow me to do (almost) whatever i want within my financial limitations.
the thought of the almost endless trails just in the jew-blighted states is so inviting. peace/quiet/minimal bs with moderate expense.
i am horribly tempted to pack it all in and head out, to lose myself in the endless trails of the US and canada.


i would have relative peace and quiet (YAY!) and as long as i avoid the big parks and freeway type trails (AT, PCT, CDT(?) and similar obscenities i would have as much freedom as one could reasonably hope for in the festering mess that Nor-Am has become.
You have posted in the forums about the viability of such a lifestyle.
i think it can be a reality.
If i can do it on a projected budget of $920 US a month, maybe some of you can find a way to do the same?


>as much freedom as one could reasonably hope for
That's the key, it certainly is reasonable but that amount of freedom is nothing. It's good if you can be content with it but I certainly can't.


Life is a video game to test volcels in the face of all temptations


File: 1566106851850.gif (3.63 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1565893552660.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Without intelligent life, the universe doesn't have a chance in hell to make sense of itself.
stupidest thing ive read all day. does a rock care if it understands itself?


>the existence has to have a cause
human need for a meaning is natural
kids fulfill it by getting attention from their parents (so they find their meaning/worth for someone)
adults seek meaning making up sophisticated theories about universe and so forth
but it's just a concept created in human brain, an 'extended version' of one's identity, i.e. his meaning in a group.
everything is made up and we are all mad


File: 1566115628156.jpg (61.77 KB, 420x417, 140:139, 1565801836923.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At no point did I specify an omnipotent creature.

What I'm trying to grasp is…is this it? How can there really be nothing else? Why is matter existing rather not-existing? Why is life even a possibility? Is the universe conscious?

Trying to turn this into a religious thing is brainlet-tier trolling. Fuck off.




I dont think people give a shit about it though. Reading this types of discussions usually have a watered down version of a dumb argument theyve heard as a teen.


Since we don't know either way there's not really a point in asking the question. You might as well ask what happens when you die. While it may occasionally suck to live with big unknowns like that, it actually makes it so that these potentially massively important things have zero impact on you. Which is much easier to live with.
In the end people would prefer hearing an answer they like over an answer that they can't understand either. So if you think about it you'll only arrive at convenient variations of the former, only valuable in how much they soothe you.
Personally I just put my bet on nonexistence being possible and I have already been given enough information to know that no reason can exist that justifies the universe. The exact how and why of it are more like trivia than something I actually care about.



So you start with an assumption and then do nothing to explain it and then pretend you wrapped it all up nicely? There's good reason this explanation isn't in wide circulation and acceptance yet that's for sure.


>There's good reason
and that reason is?
You made absolutely no point yourself and merely implied that there is a reason without providing it whatsoever.


File: 1566152019022.jpg (29.7 KB, 686x143, 686:143, 1313132132123.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>There's good reason this explanation isn't in wide circulation and acceptance yet that's for sure.
The concept of Unconditional Reality is actually very widely circulated in the realm of Philosophy and is considered a cornerstone of Metaphysics. Let's also not forget that the theory itself pertains to the fundamental beliefs of pretty much every organized religion on the face of the Earth that involves any "supernatural" elements.


ah, but compared to be around normies and fwits day in and day out it is a most excellent choice an existence! no tv, no shitty muzak blaring out 24-7-365, no car-tard's/harley-tards rev'n their motors say and night. peace quiet low level of idiocy (not count'n ultra UL'rs and eco-freaks),


say= DAY durrrrrrrrr…

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