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Hi, I'm a 27yo french neet wizard who've been put in mental asylum by his father two years ago.

Psychiatrics gave me antipsychotics drugs with a needle in my ass.

I'm out of hospital right now but I have a mandatory case who said if I don't get the needle every three weeks, cops come to me and put me back in asylum.

I've met the judge twice but he says I'm mad…

There are more than 100.000 people every years put through strength in mental asylum each year in France. Doctors says everyone of those is insane, they says 12.000.000 people have mental disease in France.


my experience at a mental hospital is they only inject your butt if you're causing trouble and acting crazy/yelling/disturbing the place


Remember that "video game addiction" (as in "he spends more time playing WoW than his gf would preffer") is a mental illness registered with the W.H.O . If prodded and questioned enough, everyone, even Chad Norman would have a "mental illness". Doctor's don't want to risk writing someone down as sound-of-mind because if that person commits an act of indecency later on and is then examined and diagnosed insane, that doctor will be held accountable for not diagnosing any mental ailments prior. So doctors give everyone a generalized all-encompassing mental illness to avoid that possibility. America is the same. Get evaluated > get diagnosed mental > get perscribed > take your meds or go to jail. Sucks you have to get a shot. Do they at least come to you with the needle or do you have to go to them? How do you feel after the shot? Do you have a history of mental issues, or did they just bullshit your diagnosis?


In France it's more common. If they suspect you to not wanting to eat pills, they inject you.

Every times I met psychiatrists, I said I wasn't insane. And they wrote it was a symptom of my madness.


>Do they at least come to you with the needle or do you have to go to them? How do you feel after the shot? Do you have a history of mental issues, or did they just bullshit your diagnosis?

I need to buy drugs by myself go to a proximity hospital to get injected.

I feel bad after the needle… I had an accident with my bike, I lost consciousness while riding.

I have no history of mental illness except little depression when I failed my exams.


>I need to buy drugs by myself go to a proximity hospital to get injected.
i do that every month, what drug are they injecting?



My dick doesn't get hard anymore…


why do they think youre crazy?


Reading your posts I get the impression that French psychiatrists are a bit overzealous in their work; I wonder if pharma industry is as big in France as it is in the US, this might explain it. Also, your father must have provided some unsavory details, fake or otherwise, for them to put you into a mental institution and force you to take antipsychotics utilized primarily to treat schizophrenia.
You have my sympathy.


This is the definition of tyranny. No one should be forced to take mind-numbing medicine against their will. If I were you I'd either flee the country or have a last stand and take down as many of those niggers as possible.


My dad said I was a potential far-right terrorist. And french authorities doesn't laugh when it's about nationalism terrorism…

I was doing ball-trap sport and so I got a shotgun for it. My dad said I planned to do a mass-shooting with it (rofl).


Maybe you're crazy after all since you let them do all those stuff to you for such a stupid reason. You could just explain and argue logically on how that your political views and hobbies don't mean that you're planning a violence or you could make a scene and seek support from other right wing sympathizer or just get a damn lawyer, there should be some kind of free legal aid organization in a first world country like France.


there is no point in taking antipsychotics if you are not delusional.


>thinking that logic works against government spooks


Why do you buy real instead of fake drugs?


Psychiatrists says everything I said is "delirium".

I have a lawyer but he says it's something difficult to resolve.


Your dad deserves serious revenge


I am not telling him to narrate an essay about psychiatry, he just have to make a sound argument on how he is harmless and in control of his faculties. Question how he breaks the law, argue why you're not in the wrong, accuse others of malpractice, etc

You can't be too passive with these guys or they'll parade your asshole around town to be fucked. Asked how it is delirium and maintain that you're sane. Don't be outwardly aggressive or emotional either since they can use it against you. Research the law and don't go with everything your lawyer says but don't make him hates you more than he already has. Even if it's pointless make it as hard as possible for them. Take the fight to them damn it. I get a feeling from reading your posts that you're being very submissive. If that's true then you won't be free any sooner.


>Take the fight to them damn it.

You don't understand. If I don't cooperate and not getting the needle once, they call the cops.

French cops came to my house with automatic guns (H&K UMP, Keltec KSG, Sig Sauer Pro) and balistic plates, they put their guns up to my head ! It's serious business.


He's a crazy old boomer, I don't care about him anymore…


Were you into clay pigeon shooting before you wanted to buy a gun? Did you express any extremist political sentiments around your dad and do anything dumb?


My dad known I was browsing revisionist and white supremacist websites/online forums.

But I was also reading leftypol and marxist facebook groups. I'm just curious about political compass.


Kinda weird, the "right wing mass-shooter" stereotype wasn't quite established until last year or so, I think. I believe you must've done something that made your father extremely alarmed.


No, during 2017 presidential election in France, medias where talking about the rise of far-right terrorism.


>Kinda weird, the "right wing mass-shooter" stereotype wasn't quite established until last year or so
Not really.


if this was actually true you could contact literally any journalist and theyd happily write about this and expose this shit

i wouldnt want the attention but it would probably work


whats in this "needle"?



>literally getting hospitalized in a mental asylum and then castrated and lobotomized for being a nationalist rightist
wew, what an age we live in


Sounds like your dad is crazy. Try reporting his symptoms.


as a turkish warlock I found this thread extremely hilarious. in 2019 Europe, you will be put to sleep like animals or locked into asylum if you want to just read things or just try to be a man. and you can't do anything about it.

goodbye glorious Europe the pinnacle of the civilizations. I never could have imagined that I'd be happy for living in the middle east, because I would never be found guilty for killing someone who thinks i'm insane and tries to stick a needle into my body. sorry for my bad english and little bit of attention whoring.


I thought Turkey is pretty extreme with the usual Islamic eccentricities. Speaking out against Islam is a definite call for trouble but I'd imagine in a conservative community not doing your daily prayers would probably get you alienated too. How pervasive is the annoying Azan calls, religious persecution or just stupid Islamists starting shit? I don't think I'd be any different if you're on the wrong side of the majority rule.


thank you for replying. the last time I went to mosque was 17 years ago, I am 26 now. no one can force anyone to do anything including praying, fasting or worshipping secularism, the laws protect non muslims and I can call myself one. Most of the Turks believe in Islam because they believe they'll eventually end up in heaven no matter how fucked up they are, but do anything the religion abandons.

according to islam, one drop of alcohol is haram, you might get whipped in arabia for that. according to turkish society, if one drop is haram, then drinking the whole bottle must be the equal haram like one drop.

no one allianates you no matter how weird you are, there is no introversity or bullying the different guy in turkish society, actually people wont leave you alone. "enemy of my enemy is my friend" kinda mentality doesnt exist in turkey, people will fuck you up seriously if you try to teach a lesson to other guy. in some districts police can't get into some neighbourhoods and arrest the person of interest. because people wont give up the guy and western media will call the situation "erdogan's police tearing gas onto kurdish civilians."

the most extreme thing would be getting beaten, but they will be the one who bring you to hospital and talk like "bro, If you wanna retalliate, I will not raise my hand.".. basically Turks are extreme in every condition, you might get randomly slapped for asking a guy a direction, but you might also get a free ride to wherever you wanna go, even if the driver has no business there.

lets say if someone would try to stick needles and if that would be heard, I would be 'rescued- by my neighbourhoods who doesn't even know me, and burn the fucking hospital down. even if I was wrong, they would defend me.

sometimes it's fucked up, sometimes I enjoy it. check how turks defend the guy next door;



Psychiatrists are allowed to break human rights legally for bullshit reasons even in 1st world contries which kinda surprises me always. And people seem to even trust them like any other field of medicine. At least OP doesn't get literal lobotomy but a chemical one.


I was in a clinic for a month. I behaved quite nicely, got along with everyone, didn't have to take any pills.

Protip is to act like the normies who work there, because then if they call your behavior insane, that means they're insane too and they don't want to think about that.


>first world country
Its a decaying shithole with a corrupted academia that empowers shit that is done to OP. Psychology is a pseudo science that shouldnt hold any authority anywhere, especially not the law. But that would require leftist Jew paradises like Austria or France to admit that their pathetic intellegista are a bknch of Frauds who have accomplished nothing.
They still do lobotomies in France, OP needs to get out of that 2nd World craphole.


There are 70 million crazy people in France


>no history of mental illness except little depression
They wouldn't prescribe antipsychotics for "a little depression".

Can you give some examples of the things you said, so we can judge for ourselves.


This shit sounds crazy…and high profile. How the fuck haven't you spoken up? Isn't there a conservative party in france?


They only give "booty juice" if you act up. Why were you being a problem?


stop lying OP.
telling half truths only fits your profile.

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