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Way back when I was in middle school and we had to do volunteering, the principal suggested given my interest in WW2, I might like volunteering at the senior center. I was sour on it at the time, but actually it makes a lot of sense.

I've found that I relate to older people more, maybe its because I'm lost in the past and more interested in their century than our own. Or maybe because I'm a person of the mind not body, I relate to people whose physical side has worn itself out.

They are the only ones still alive who care about my aspie interests, the books and magazines I want to read at the library are only checked out by seniors.

I've never went to any events specifically for seniors, but I find that everything that I show up for from the Church to activism to discussion groups are always filled with older people, with not just me, but even my dads' age being the youngest one there.

But lately there hasn't been much going on in my town. And I was thinking of volunteering at the senior center. Give me something to do. Do a good deed. And maybe get a little human interaction in a non-normie way.


I've spent a lot of time around old people, most of my experiences were quite positive. Also, my parents both had jobs that involved working with seniors. I'm autistic and seniors were always much nicer to me than kids and adults. Be careful around some of the ones in nursing homes, though. Some there are unstable and prone to bizarre or violent outbursts.


We had a day at school where we had to talk to old people before a school play, I had nothing to say or talk about. Didn't have the social skills to talk to old people.


File: 1566113410413.jpeg (46.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ED95E25E-046A-4C71-B143-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate old people, or at least the current generation of them. Bunch of stupid fucking turbo-normgroids that couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag.


Humans being humans, they'll eventually start asking the reproduction questions…

Do you have a wife? No?
Well do you have a girlfriend? No? Why not?

What will you say.


Post WWII old people are just salty baby boomers


I cant believe the whole WW2 generation is almost all dead. Back in the 1990s, the youngest vets would have still been in their 60s.


old people have changed a lot since you were in middle school.

all they are now are selfish inwards thinking angry normalfags who will scream at you about their money and inquire about what you're doing with yours. that's all they care about.


Working with people is shit, working with old people can go both ways, but the ones I meet are usually bitter, jaded fucks that blame shit 'my' generation does, even if it's contradictory to previous statetments or me personally.


Are you trying to pick up a GILF?


I volunteered to be a buddy for old lonely people. Because I sometimes read stories about oldfags laying dead in their homes for months without anyone noticing. My expectations where that I would help some very lonely old people but the reality was that I was hooked up with a shallow widow who had plenty of social contacts already. I gave up disappointed. I guess the serious cases of old people will not even consider getting help at all.


It really depends on the person, some come across as bitter like the world stopped making sense and they will openly judge you for not checking off items on the life checklist.
I like talking to old hippies though, they can be cool.
This thread makes me feel bad though, there was an old succubus who was really nice to me when I still had a job and I told her I would write her and never did. It's been over a year, is it too late?


It's only too late if she's dead.


you would prefer what, the WW2 who thought dying to fight our German brothers to form Israel was a heroic thing?

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