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File: 1567455587468.webm (3.3 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 25c216cfafe7aebd4208d0b81….webm) ImgOps iqdb


I really miss being a kid, lads. I'm a bit of an oldfag and grew up before the internet and smartphones dominated our lives and I just have feels when I think of the innocence and optimism that will never, ever return to me.

Tell me about your childhood lad.


I wish I was a little boy again every single day, not like my childhood was any special or even that great, being an adult just sucks


File: 1567464711354.png (684.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Cleo]Higurashi_no_Naku_Ko….png) ImgOps iqdb

Oh boy, I sure miss being too weak to defend myself when my dad starting beating me with the giant wooden beam. I miss being so innocent and optimistic that I believed I was going to hell when I was 7 and cried myself to sleep listening to the voices in my head jabber away. And who could forget getting manipulated into bad social situations by normalfags who knew I was too autistic to realize what was going on? No, no I do not miss childhood. I didn't want to be a kid then and I don't now. Childhood fucking sucked, the best day of my life was when I smashed my fathers hand at age 15 and he never tried to beat me ever again. I'm not stupid enough to miss being small, ignorant, and powerless. Bonus round: I just remembered that when I was 5 my mom slammed my head into a coffee table repeatedly telling me she was going to kill me.



Also the thing I miss about my childhood the most was the different feels that I am no longer able to feel.


Honestly my childhood wasn't all that great to me. I much prefer being a adult, but I don't look forward to getting old.
If I could stay in the physical condition of my 20s or 30s that would be the best thing ever. It is all downhill from there physically speaking, which means it will effect some of my favorite hobbies. Hobbies that I couldn't even do as a kid because I didn't have my own money and couldn't do anything on my own.


File: 1567467894734.png (22.12 KB, 572x496, 143:124, kekuna.png) ImgOps iqdb

No. I routinely laugh as I drive by middleschools and see kids trapped in their little prisons. My childhood wasn't bad per se, but growing up has only afforded me better things, not worse.


…you win.


back to /dep/


Fuck childhood


Yeah I do. When I think back I remember times I was genuinely happy. Like reading a photorealistic fantasy picture book on Christmas with a hot bowl of buttered rice my mother made for me. All I had left from my childhood was this autistic story I imagined in my head, it was like this one cord that connected me to my childhood. I ruined it by having the main character die like his father had so that his children could "continue the cycle" then regretting that so having him resurrected through some ass-pull storyline. Ended up ruining the whole thing, it seemed like a joke after that. I regret it, it's honestly one of my greatest regrets and that says a lot given how much I've fucked up along the way.


File: 1567498261333.png (180.11 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I miss the innocence of being a ignorant child and the rich emotions that come from it. I don't miss my childhood, but I do miss the period of time that I lived it. Just wish I could sent my mind back in time to my "old" childish body.


nice pedo .webm


I was asked for my opinion and I gave it. What more do you require?


What kind of ghetto do you even come from?


not him, but that's the ghetto 90% of the world lives in


Southern Virginia


I thought it was funny how cheesy and of it's time it was. Didn't seem particularly sexual or titillating. Just bad pop music with bad outfits and bad dancing.


So much. One of best memories is just sitting on the floor of parents old house watching the light stream in through a coloured glass window. Must have been 3 or 4, without a care in the world.


As an aspie childhood was really no different than any other time in my life: the greater the high the greater the low.

The difference here is that I don't exactly look forward to being an elder the same way I looked forward to being an adult when I was a child (middle ager, maybe).


chidhood was okay, just pretty boring. we didn't get a computer until i was around 12, and even then it took a while until we had internet. i learned to use computer and to draw in mspaint from the windows 95 machines we had in school. i thought computers were awesome and that was the only fun thing about going to school being able to use them

before computer/internet i just played games on the playstation/xbox, built random things with legos, and i watched cartoons, discovery channel, and the history channel on tv. sometimes i played outside with my older brother but as soon as we had a computer that stopped, we both took turns playing games like warcraft 1/2/3, starcraft brood war, the sims. didn't play an MMO until late into highschool, but when i did that signaled the death of single player games for me


i've only been stupid, but never innocent. that's what internet does to you.


I genuinely want to know more about your life, please tell.


I don't miss my childhood at all. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. If I really think about it, it was dull and miserable. I had no friends, my parents ignored me, my siblings bullied me, and I always felt bored or frustrated and left out, especially so by the time I was 9-13.

I feel happier as an adult/young adult since I have freedom run my own life and the mental ability to understand how/why I feel and construct rationalizations, worldviews and ambitions for myself as coping mechanisms, but am not yet old enough to have lost hope or become jaded and broken. I wouldn't say my life is perfect or happy or enviable, but I think when I am older I will remember these days as the happiest in my life for those reasons alone.

I might actually go as far as to say idealizing one's childhood is a "normie" thing to do, but I think that might be a tough sell here - and I don't incline much toward TrueWiz™ finger-wagging anyhow.


Definitely, school was shit obviously but I could still get fully immersed in video games/movies back then.


Does anyone else miss having no responsibilities? I remember the small responsibilities started at 16, all of a sudden I could drive so parents expected me to be able to go places for them, pick them up from places, etc. Responsibilities have only piled on more and more since then, now I'm expected to get a job or go to school for a degree, or just do something in general, I just want to sit at home, play games, and let my parents make all the decisions for me. That's why I wish I was maybe 10 or 11 years old still, all I had to do was go to school, then I came home and did whatever I wanted, maybe it was boring, but it's not like I'm any less bored now.


I just miss some aspect of it. No grown up shitting on you 24/7 about you need to be productive and be a family man, no constant depression about near future, no need to put up faces and join awkward social situation,…
Aside from those my childhood is completely forgettable.


I miss the childhood I never had and I don't even know if I want to do it again on earth. But this sucks anyways so either way yeah. This planet gets increasingly hellish every year and worse for everyone.


It was great to have wishes and hope for the future. Rich fantasy worlds and deep emotions. Feeling much more mentally and emotionally dull as an adult and not very optimistic for tomorrow.

What's the name of that song? Somehow familiar sounding.



You sound like someone with a big beardless moustage


sounds like a limey


File: 1567626425160.jpg (79.53 KB, 485x662, 485:662, zvxoq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I wonder who could be lurking behind this post…


Seconding this, I wanna know what that song is.


File: 1567664122536.jpg (225.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1565818598800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i am so tired, i will never get rest again, like i used to


Did you use your tard strength to break his hands?


I miss everything from my childhood outside of compulsory schooling. My summers growing up provided me with some of my fondest memories of my life.


Can't tell if you're joking, but basically yes.


Yes im joking but also legitimately asking. Based, boomer btfo.


those were the worst days of my life. the only entertainment i had was the stupid shit on the TV and i'd die of boredom. always hated going out, and now i can do a lot of shit online from the comfort of my home. my quality of life just went to the roof

i also liked smartphones. they didn't change my life, but made people more or less disconnected from others, and a bunch of social behaviors that i used to hate died out because of it. society as whole became less insufferable to me


File: 1567716602295.gif (461.68 KB, 240x180, 4:3, madballs.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've been binge-watching commercials from my youth lately. Anybody else ever do that?


File: 1567722164735.jpg (68.91 KB, 748x748, 1:1, 233423425053.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No i do not miss my childhood. Parents were not the best and did alot of shit but becides that school for me was a living nightmare constant stress constant fighting. I always avoided school to the best of my abilities calling in sick etc trying to get as many days off as possible. I didn't enjoy fighting but it was the only thing i knew how to do. it went on like that until i reach 9th grade (16 years of age) were if i keep going like this i could be subjekt to get severe punishment for doing stupid shit like that and now i could not do the only thing i learned to do from my childhood. I tried to change , eventually joining a
college. first couple of months went by and i began building up alot of stress. The constant passive aggressiveness and the so called banter just took a toll. I was called names as always but this time i could not fight back all i could do was say something back and keep the trend going. It was really hard for me i was not used to this stuff and ik it wasn't bullying at least in the traditional sense but i coudn't handle it . I was always the wierd guy i had so called friends backstabbing cunts who couldn't care less about me. Only true friend i had was another wierdo like me,an social outcast who i had meet in college. He eventually dropped out. Anyways i tried to change but i just couldn't i began to hate myself more and more and eventually began cutting myself on the arm like a fucking idiot. It helped deal with the massive amount of stress and emotional pain by letting me focus on the physical pain but still was a dumb idea. The few last day i was there i begun to completely isolate myself falling deep into despair ,anger,sadness and hatred on the last day it was gymnastics and i had cuts all over my arm that ive been hiding so far. You can't really hide it when changing clothes or with the current gymnastic clothing i had so i just decided this was my last day and i dropped out. I feel alot better nowadays. On my way to getting neetbux and my life might not be perfect but it's alot better then when i was young. I don't want to die everyday, i dont have panic attacks. I sit back play the games i enjoy watch youtube browse wizchan etc. Might not last forever but this is the best life i can get.


I love topics like this.

Thank you for making it, OP.

So to begin…

Like anything else in a Wizard's life my childhood was a mixed bag of both bad and good.

Since other Wizards have mostly focused on the bad in this thread I will instead for now focus on the good of my own childhood.

What I miss about it is the breezy cool and carefree days with nothing other to do than play videogames with my one best Chad friend and eating a large messy pizza with him at night in the back of I think it was his grandparents van?

Anyway I also enjoyed going over to this best friend's house which was only two houses away and playing games there while my father was outside doing various work be it home or yard maintenance or his just messing around with his own idea of having fun which I think usually involved tinkering with small machine parts he was working on or picking up various yard debris like pine cones and or discarded bottles and cans he'd find across the road from our house, as it at one time had two baseball diamonds where people weren't always the best about putting their trash in the garbage where it belonged or in the case of these cans and bottles taking them to a store and recyling them, though yes I do believe my old man picked up actual trash these people left too, like probably candy and chip wrappers/bags and maybe one or more times those big disposable styrofoam beer/drink coolers you can buy at Walmart probably among other stores.

He was always seemingly working on our lawnmower perpetually in our garage and the issue almost always seemed to come down to something being wrong with the spark plug or it needing replacement, I as a typical Wizard hated the outdoors whereas my father loved it so whenever I'd go in the garage to get some pop or maybe food he'd always happily and optimistically say hi to me followed by saying my name like "Hi so and so!" and I think I would acknowledge him at times with a grunt or a slightly respectful nod of acknowledgement but now that he's gone (deceased) I can't help but feel like I was a mean prick/dickhead and should've been nicer to him when he did that by either going out there and asking him what he was working on or just taking some time to chat with him or simply at least some of the time say "Hi" back to him as optimistically, jovially and happily that he always said it to me. Don't get me wrong though guys, my dad wasn't a perfect father nor was I a perfect son, we had our issues with eachother but yeah I do have regrets regardless of anything bad I ever thought he did to me.

Moving on to a happier note:

I liked it when my father would go bowling on Mondays (which I think was with his league's day to bowl) as he'd sometimes bring me home vending machine snacks like little Dorito chip bags and when we'd go bowling together as then I could get a hotdog and fries from the little built in cooking area for just that purpose. It'd be wrong to call it a restaurant or a concession stand. To best describe it, it was set up sort of like those food trucks are but it was built into the bowling alley itself so people could order small food items and order fountain drinks, etc and I think it did have some barstools to sit at if you wanted to eat your food at it's counter.

Anyway getting back to earlier in my post since I'm an old fag like OP to give you guys an idea of the type of carefree days I'm talking about with the great kind of weather that I loved you can check out some old 80's horror movies such as Halloween 1 and 2 and Silver Bullet if you're interested as those capture what I remember about my own childhood environment during the best days of my youth.

Well minus the homicidal Michael Myers and werewolf preacher psycho killers anyway.

Oh and additionally there is a great scene in I think Halloween 1 where Jamie Lee Curtis's "Laurie Strode" character is in her bedroom and wind blows her curtains open that captures my young 80's early 90's best childhood environment breezy day memories well and even the town her character lives in or rather it's peaceful calm before the Michael Myers Halloween Night "storm" aura with the only real difference being the area I live in is I'd say more of a tucked away type of neighborhood with far more trees and fewer houses so close together. I probably would say I live more in a small village kind of environment whereas her character in the early Halloween films lived in your standard suburbs.

Anyway, videogames like Super Mario World, Street Fighter II and Super Mario Brothers 3 literally felt magical to play back in those days as did the Legend of Zelda.

I think back then I was amazed at the graphics or bright colors of Super Mario World despite having only shitty RF back at the time lol and also I think we oldfags were all simply amazed by being able to have our own copy of the immensely popular Street Fighter II arcade game at home to play on the old Super Nintendo.

I'm grateful my dad hooked up Super Mario World for me at the time because as a child RF was confusing as fuck to my kiddy brain even though I think now its a relatively simple thing to hook up. Had we the SNES AV cables and an AV ready TV back then perhaps I'd of been able to hook things up for myself due to the simple color coding scheme of match color for color and then plug it in? {{Sigh}} I'll never know now…but its alright since I enjoy the memory of my father having hooked the game up to play for me.

In following with this theme I think he liked my NES more as my mother would tell me he would play it often when I went to school which cracked me up. Together we would play the great Konami game "Rush N' Attack" and I think if memory serves correct he'd playfully brag about being able to get to a higher level/stage of it than me and also we of course played Duck Hunt together if memory serves correctly and probably the original Super Mario Brothers game on the NES.

As for childhood memories of my mother she made me what I feel to be the greatest Christmas a little boy could ever have. She wrapped my presents up in bright shiny fancy wrapping paper and put my coveted soon to be my new SNES games that I wanted in a literal Santa stocking (wrapped of course but their identity as SNES games was unmistakeable due to that wonderful rectangular shape) and also she had a glorious stuffed Rudolph "The Rednosed" Reindeer complete with a light up red nose waiting for me right ontop of I believe a giant present box which was also of course for me.

Also we had a real tree as our Christmas tree due to my father's basically being a woodsman/outdoorsman/blue collar type of individual and if memory serves correctly he couldn't wait to get into the woods to pick out the damned thing and chop it down for us which he basically did every Christmas in my youth for so long as we decided to have a tree up.

I suppose like many other families we were lucky the damned thing never went up in flames and burned our house down because even though neither of my parents were smokers and my father secured it strongly and had it sitting in a pot of water (it was a pine tree I believe or whatever Christmas trees generally are comprised of when real) and that can go up in flames easily when exposed to even the tiniest spark of a flame and of course we had those dangerous pre-LED Christmas lights that got super hot and were definitely a fire hazard and probably outlawed now or at least discouraged for Christmas tree light stringing purposes (I would hope).

So I suppose thats my happiest childhood memory of what my mother did for me or at least off the top of my head it is.

My happiest childhood memory of what my father did for me was hilariously enough bringing me home a sack of Mcdonalds food which if memory serves correct was a Sausage Egg Mcmuffin with Cheese and a hashbrown. I don't think he got me a drink to go with it but thats alright since our house was usually well stocked with pop and related soft drinks anyway which of course as a portly plump fat fuck of a Wizard I am hopelessly addicted to but I do want to break the addiction and become a slender Wiz or at least slenderer even if still a fat fuck, etc.

My happiest memory of my childhood Chad friend?

Probably when he offered me his dry shoes when I'd stepped in freezing cold snowy water and we had a decent bit of ground to cover to get home. I think he may of wore my soggy and frozen shoes home in a totally selfless act on his part. I admire him to this day for that act of kindness even though we already consider eachother as brothers.

I think he saw I was paranoid about developing frostbite and since he was the type of Chad who "just didn't give a fuck" he practically risked it himself just to set my fears/mind at ease.

Though really he nor I probably really risked frostbite since it wasn't THAT far we'd have to walk to get back home but as a dumb little pre-teen or early teen kid (don't remember which?) I probably genuinely felt as though I or rather my feet were in danger of frostbite at the time.

Anyway if I don't get a bunch of bullshit "TL;DR's" and Wizards and or lurkers actually read and got some entertainment out of this I may make a part 2 of the bad side of my childhood.

Well in all honesty I may just do that anyway if I get bored enough, heh.


I liked this, wiz. And I knew exactly what you meant when you referenced the weather from those movies! My parents usually didn't have money for fast food and snacks. It was truly wonderful on the fairly rare times I did get to pig out on Burger King. To eat a Whopper while watching a new X-files episode on a Friday night after a week of being bullied at school was great, the world seemed okay for a little while.


>eat a Whopper while watching a new X-files episode on a Friday night after a week of being bullied at school

The feelz are strong with this one.


I don't know if I miss being a child but I surely hate that I've become an adult. How fake grown ups are and how detached from a simpler life they are is genuinely intriguing

Also when you grow up and realize how shit the world is and how you're lied since day 1 human existence looks like a horror story


>sit back play the games i enjoy watch youtube browse wizchan etc. Might not last forever but this is the best life i can get.

Looks like you're living the dream, me jelly.


File: 1567936986167.jpg (58.63 KB, 1280x706, 640:353, qqqq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> i just decided this was my last day and i dropped out
Made me remember that amazing feeling when i did the same, like i could finally breathe deeply again.


File: 1567965607065.jpg (2.1 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, Arby's food sack.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>I liked this, wiz. And I knew exactly what you meant when you referenced the weather from those movies!

Thank you brother, I was hoping at least one person would get something out of my post and if so it was worth posting after all, heh.

>My parents usually didn't have money for fast food and snacks. It was truly wonderful on the fairly rare times I did get to pig out on Burger King. To eat a Whopper while watching a new X-files episode on a Friday night after a week of being bullied at school was great, the world seemed okay for a little while.

Damn sorry about your parents not being able to afford good food for you at all times brother Wiz. It was always one of my major goes to in addition to videogames to escape the cruelties of the normie world and it's near constant desire to hurt and or harm people like us.

In anycase I thank you for your response post as during my post I was strangely struggling to think of more good things my mother did for me in childhood which I'm saying is "strange" now because she actually did more for me than my old man in this regard but for whatever reason while making my big post in the thread my mind drew a blank about stuff she did for me other than the great Christmas she put on for me.

Anyway your post made me remember another happy memory of what she did which was for a good long while in my childhood it seems she would go to town while I was in school and once I got home from the bus I forget how it went exactly ie whether she was already home or arrived shortly after me but I digress, whats important is I must of had a hardcore Arby's habit back in the day because she'd regularly bring me home an Arby's food sack heh heh which I would happily and gleefully gobble up and suck down while watching the old now defunct Global Wrestling Federation's matches some of which I believe featured the late but still living (obviously) "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and I think a pre-Harlem Heat black tag team duo then known as the "Ebony Experience". So even though WWF was my major promotion to watch (before it became WWE) as a child along with WCW neither promotion had a show that was on TV right after I got out of school like the GWF had, hence my watching of it until it went out of business.


Things are really fast moving these days, if you arent on board with it then prepared to be an outdated model.


i look the same what the fuck?


me too, truwiz genes restrict chin development


i require further explanation


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