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I understand that expressing one's disdain for memes is perhaps a highly peculiar thing to be doing on somewhere like an imageboard, which is completely antithetical to the whole experience, but hear me out for a second. You'd most definitely see a greater variety of thought provoking or genuinely funny memes (more OC too) thereby making the signal to noise ratio relatively high. But, in my view atleast, this has led to an incubation of a progressively elitist culture in various parts of the internet. This whole notion of "I know this funi imag and you dont!!" is propagated everywhere, from imageboards to fucking reddit. It's no longer a form of "art" like it used to be (in the sense that you could have a single image sum up an incredibly complex societal issue), but rather an "oopsie" (or whatever kids call it these days) that some faggot with millions of subscribers on youtube made (pewdiepie, however good a person he may be, is a perfect exemplification of this). More importantly, its the newest form of social signalling, and its prevalent absolutely everywhere on the internet, the blatantly contrarian or edgy for the sake of being edgy memes given the most priority.

It's most akin to the downfall of universities and academia as a whole. 30-40 years ago, universities truly were a place where one could educate themselves and feel comfortable in doing so in any school. Now it's all about where specifically you went, what sort of degrees you were doing (whether you enjoy it or not is irrelevant), etc. It's only purpose really is limited to social signalling now. If you want to educate yourself, you can do so off the internet very easily (like that dude who taught himself the MIT Computer Science & EE course in a year off the internet, OSSU, et al).


Extending to this, meme culture is quite literally a sort of hivemind, bolstered by sheep needing a new concept to copy and paste to their friends on social media wherein you need to "keep up with the trend", shit like boomer/zoomer/whatever are good examples of this, where children don't know what the fuck they're talking about but will repost it nonetheless to show their worth as an integrated member of the herd.


It's just people killing another 5 minutes with a joke, and you're trying to dig 2deep >incubation of a progressively elitist culture
holy shit


The issue is, they aren't just used as jokes anymore especially in more mainstream parts of the internet. Take a look at the youtube comments section of any video (or don't, actually) and you'll see multiple occurences of the same template bullshit >hold my beer, we'll have flying cars in 50 years, blah blah


They used to be jokes. Now they're just propaganda. And now regular jokes are called memes.


>or don't, actually
exactly. it's your choice to give it attention or not. why do you?
ok, let the dumb kids be brainwashed, no need for you to care.


>or don't, actually
In saying that I meant to spare you the trouble of visiting the shitfest that is jewtube.

>exactly. it's your choice to give it attention or not. why do you?

I would but unfortunately it's hard to ignore something so pervasive somwehere I spend the vast majority of my time on (the internet, not necessarily this site).


We unfortunately live on the same planet and use the same series of tubes that they do, it's something worth caring about.


You need to give me more specifics of where do you go, cuz it sounds like you are into mainsteam bullshit from the start.


I go here. And even here you get people saying soy, cringe, and redpilled. And these same people live in your country, making your laws.


GDC, bisqwit, ben eater, 3blue1brown and other /hob/by related channels. I scroll down to see if there's anything useful or constructive, but as aforementioned, its the same garbage.


>people saying soy, cringe, and redpilled
pretty rare, and it's not like a spamming shitstorm of pictures like i imagined you mean
also, this is an imageboard, not a british physics fans forum or whatever, you know where you came
>these same people live in your country, making your laws
ugh, that's so far stretched i'm not going down there
>its the same garbage
You now it, so don't scroll down.


To clarify, I don't hate good memes. Rather the low effort copypasta people post so very frequently, and why they do so- for many its not even to have a laugh but >>160095


>that's so far stretched i'm not going down there
It's really not. you have to live on the same planet as these people, no matter how reclusive you try to be.


File: 1567719260680.jpg (676.5 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1553177236931.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


this might be the first time I've ever heard of someone who agrees with me on this. I've begun to hate memes, it's all shallow copy-paste political-cartoon-tier humor, people don't tell jokes anymore, they just regurgitate memes in their IRL conversations, and it's starting to infect everything else out there. You need to know certain memes to be "cool" as a kid growing up now, and pretty soon there's going to be a generation of kids who will fondly remember looking at dumb twitter jokes as their comedy. It sucks to have to watch it happen


>pretty soon there's going to be a generation of kids who will fondly remember looking at dumb twitter jokes
Judging by how well memes from even just a few years ago hold up, in all likelyhood they're just gonna cringe real hard at it.


What a beautiful well thought thread. I enjoyed reading your post op.


File: 1568129204287.jpg (230.42 KB, 623x484, 623:484, st.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>mainstream bad, society bad, culture bad, dumb normie kids bad, sheeple bad…

Yes, yes, we get it. Surely you understand that most people here agree with you? It's not hard for the culturally alienated to spew out world-salad polemics. You see it on this site quite often. Such things don't get you anywhere. Focus on your own erudition, create your own culture, and pursue your own meaning.

That you choose to be bothered means you're no different than the people you criticize.

>these same people live in your country, making your laws.
The fate of the world will ultimately be decided by retards. The intelligent ones will find their way.


Fuck off, failed normalfag.


>The intelligent ones will find their way.
Having unwarranted self importance ≠ being actully intellegent, fedora.


I don't really like this ironic "edgy" humor that has become so popular. I'm referring to those kids that have an profile picture of Patrick Star doing a stupid face or whatever, have shitty grammar and spelling skills, and post "edgy" comments because they think they are le epic troll, but the moment anyone actually says something edgy and hilarious, it triggers them to the point of where it unmasks their pathetic online persona. It's basically "Let's pretend I'm retarded because its so funnie"


Agreed, but that wasn't what I wrote. Care to develop that point a little?

Were you the one shitposting earlier? I thought it was funny. What made you so upset?

Why do you let it bother you? I'm curious, >>160099 asked OP the same question and didn't get a proper response.


I've never much liked memes because they're just short term entertainment at the cost of long term quality. People find memes funny and spam them which in turn destroys the noise to signal ratio. Most communication is sub intelligent by nature and memes just push that to the extreme.


>Why do you let it bother you? I'm curious, >>160099 asked OP the same question and didn't get a proper response.

OP here, sorry if you felt my previous response wasn't sufficient, I'll try to reiterate what I meant.

Why do I care so much? Well the answer is quite trivial, the internet has become my source of entertainment, information and "refuge" so to speak, and honestly I don't think it'd be far fetched to compare my thoughts about the internet the same way an animal thinks and cares for his territory, an almost primal instinct. I don't share the same level of complacency and general indifference toward a construct I have interacted with extensively for the vast majority of my life that you may have. I'm assuming everyone here knows about the "eternal september", because that phrase gets dropped around this site very frequently, but as a consequence of the increasingly trivial nature of technology and the lower barrier to entry I feel the internet as a whole is nearing peak degeneracy. The previous generation always thinks of the next as less intelligent, sophisticated and cultured. But only a fool can disagree with such a sentiment now, we can genuinely see a massive difference between people like us and the young of today. A decade ago, only the outcasts had the time and dedication to access and use the internet frequently (given the substantially higher barrier to entry as previously mentioned), because they were desperate to find an aggregate of like-minded people, and not the cesspit that was the real world and the associated social minutia.

Now any child can hop on their Samcuck or iJew devices, open up a botnet like chrome and search up whatever regressive and degenerate shit catered specifically for them. And I'm not only talking about memes. Mainstream social media has fucked us all, and this shit seeps out everywhere. From virtually every online game to even this site. They've already taken over 4chan years ago in their attempt to find garbage to put on r/greentexts, xD! Teenage succubi can send titty pics from the comfort of their bedroom. And all 30 year old succubi need to do to is turn on a webcam and stream minecraft, exposing their breasts very slightly and voila. They'll have hundreds of 12 and 40 year old orbiters alike with their dick in their hands and their mother's credit cards out. That is quite literally their sum total contribution to society, yet NEETs are vilified? I'd rather lobotomize myself than become an "influencer".

Excuse the catharsis, this is nothing new and you've seen this perspective hundreds of times here. So perhaps you're right, why give a shit when this is inevitable?
I don't really have a concrete answer for you.


OP I agree with everything you're said so far. We live in the society of the spectacle. I think a better way to look at it is that the internet going to shit; it can motivate you to pick up hobbies. I've started painting and reading a lot. Maybe try to find new forms of escapism? Just a thought


nothing in life just happens, nothing is inevitable. It is all a reaction and someone can subvert it if they try hard enough.

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