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Everyone knows this movie is real, but not everyone has taken the time to truly appreciate the veracity of its concepts and how it REALLY works, in a bit greater detail, particularly what the Matrix programs deprive us of.
I think most of /dep/ is too controlled for this information, so I'll post it here on /wiz/, but even here I don't expect a very good reception due to the amount of self-reflection needed to truly appreciate this sort of information.

Source is http://www.universe-people.com


THE FUNDAMENTAL TYPES OF CONTROL PROGRAMS (which comprise thousands of concrete CPs):


The main – bearing control program is “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” – i.e., ISOLATION AND SEPARATION OF PEOPLE TO “GROUPS, CLASSES, LAYERS, CASTS, POLITICAL PARTIES …” and it is based on SETTING PEOPLE AGAINST EACH OTHER. In such a situation, people are nicely controllable. Everyone knows this well, it isn’t necessary to write in detail about it, this program is used everywhere and in all circumstances, and it forces ALL people to also control others so that the appropriate control structure and hierarchy can be established. The fundamental elements are millions of EXTERNAL ORGANIZATIONS (EO), where is leader with benefits, and other subordinates – THE CONTROL PYRAMID. Part of this CP are forced CONTRACTS (CT), which by their own nature put people in the position of liars and deceivers. There exist no such things whatsoever in the True Creation.



Another essential control program is the “PROVIDING-FOR CONTROL PROGRAM”, which thanks to millions of years lasting fabrications of human physical bodies can work very well – human has to slave very laboriously and toilsome in order to provide for basic necessaries of life – THE FOOD (yet much of the food and drinks is unused and ineffectively excreted), CLOTHES, SHELTER, HEATING, LIGHTING, TRANSPORT (expensive, coarse vibrations and noise), etc. In case of food, there is massive MEAT-BASED CONTROL PROGRAM. There are thousands of types of meat meals, but in contrast, very few types of meatless meals (which are aligned with Laws of love). Moreover, people poorly flavor these meals (this is deliberate controlling so that these meals WOULD NOT BE EATEN MUCH) and so the meals are that tasty. Scientists claim that meatless food is unhealthy, and so schools and media keep enforcing these lies and untruths. For more information, see message 1764 – THE TRUTH ABOUT HUMAN FOOD. In the True Creation, True beings (Angels) have not excretory system of our type (they have minimum excesses of energies which are excreted in form of radiation and fragrance), the environment on their planets is always exactly adapted to the needs of their bodies, so they don’t have to heat, light (there is light emitted from everything and everybody, heaven lights, soil shines, bodies of Angels shine), etc. Bodies of Angels can travel among planets, stars and Universes; The Cosmic people – Angels from the fifth, seventh and like dimensions use mother space ships with small scout ships; they are capable of levitation and moving by thought, they can also move objects by thought. The Cosmic people – Angels from higher dimensions (particularly immaterial – the intermediate and spiritual heavens) need no space ships – they can completely move by thought among universes, dimensions, galaxies and planets.



CONTROL PROGRAM OF IGNORANCE means „NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING, NOBODY WILL GET TO KNOW OR LEARN ANYTHING“. Part of this program is human birth into the absolutely powerless, impotent and ignorant body of toddler. As a result, it is easy program Earth man at schools in such a way that he would puppet and slave in the pseudo-society without learning anything whatsoever about his real state and state of humankind and his origin on planet Earth. In adulthood, the human being is by means of THE CONTROL PROGRAM OF BUSYNESS and THE DISTRACTING CONTROL PROGRAM constantly kept in controlled ignorance. In the True Creation, there is no ignorant state, everybody has internal as well as external 95 % access to all information.



This CP is built on the following idea: if you employ or make a human being busy (with anything), she WILL NOT have time for herself, for her spiritual growth, development of relations with other people, for visiting nature, personal education etc. NOBODY HAS TIME – this can particularly be seen in big cities (e.g., Prague). Being busy, the human cannot liberate from the trap of the negative state – he constantly slaves, is tired, but also mad that with his earnings, he cannot buy what he would like. In other words, he has coarse vibrations. Part of this program is a program of OCCUPATION – UNEMPLOYMENT – the rule here is: either you will slave a lot, or you’d have existential problems. At the same time, human is employed with insignificant activities in terms of his spiritual growth, and so HE MISSES TRULY ESSENTIAL THINGS IN HIS LIFE ! E.g., when the Czech republic was entering the EU, Mr. Klaus announced: You will still work hard. I.e., WORKING TIME WILL NOT BE REDUCED – YOU’LL STILL BE SLAVES OF MATTER, and, in addition, workload is more and more often designed for MORE than 8 hours of work a day, so the one hand, people create values, but on the other hand, they DON’T HAVE TIME TO USE THEM. Moreover, a considerable part of their working energy is taken away and used for negative purposes – particularly TAXES – system of manifold taxing (over 50 %) for state system – health service – a big hole, education system – senseless controlling curriculums (e.g., complicated grammar of the Czech language – this is a control program, too), continuing with business – products and services – negative expenses for advertisements, storage houses for products, pointless accumulation of private property everywhere you look (mainly in flats) which is inappropriately and little used (lots of idle private cars parked in streets and garages, immensely expensive and dangerous car transport which, in addition, devastates living environment, nature and people themselves, etc.) In addition to all this, for the purpose of better control, the massive chip control systems are being introduced into all spheres of human life. And again, this expensive system is paid by taxes of people themselves.



If a human thanks to his own spiritual growth acquires true information and, by means of the true work of light, he liberates from the trap of the negative state, the Forces of darkness apply THE DISTRACTING CONTROL PROGRAM (which belongs to the group of ESOTERIC CPs). The aim here is to distract and lead the human being away from the work of light – the help to one’s fellows – positive acts and steps, and to make her busy with EXTERNALLY LIKE ACTIVITIES which, however, are no more the work of light and the help to one’s fellows, but it’s some masked form of control of other people, who are thus braked in their spiritual growth (particularly dangerous and extensive activities are in the information and the healing field !!! It involves e.g. most of esoteric actions which are under control of the Forces of darkness).



The goal of this program is to liquidate THE TRUE INTERNAL COMMUNICATION VIA ONE’S SPIRITUAL HEART – THE FOURTH CHAKRA – SENSING, and replace it with whatever technical form of EXTERNAL – CONTROLLED COMMUNICATION – e.g. MEDIA, so that a human draws an impression he has plenty of true and correct information. But in fact, HE HAS PLENTY OF CONTROLLING INFORMATION. The important parts of the program today are TVs, cell (mobile) phones, computers, which cunningly LEAD people AWAY FROM USING THE COMMUNICATION MEANS IN THEIR WITHIN TOWARD USING THE COMMUNICATION MEANS IN WITHOUT. This program is very cunning and very dangerous. In addition to PROVIDING-FOR CONTROL PROGRAM AND DISTRACTING CONTROL PROGRAM (human has no time for himself, nor for nature (she opens the heart chakra)), there is plenty of supporting control programs, which, by negative energies, are designed to CLOSE and keep CLOSED the heart – the fourth chakra: coarse-vibratory media, various fears, stress – unhandled situations in one’s life, free and paid advertisements – directions for doing evils and falsities, wearing cell phones on the chest, irradiation by TV and computer screens, cell phones, RADIO, MILITARY RADARS and many others. Virtually any device (including cars) degrades by its coarse vibrations many bodies of people and closes the heart chakra (cordiality, honesty). All engines are built on negative principles – the explosion at combustion engines, the fissure at nuclear reactors… and these processes again create the coarse-vibratory energies. People are not allowed to use devices for measuring these vibrations, noise, poisons – chemistry, radio-activity etc. (military and doctors do have them, but don’t use them in a positive way). For example, repeating news in media about ticks in nature is intended to induce in people fear of nature, so that people won’t visit nature, or visit it minimally having thick clothes on themselves and being spread with chemical repellents, and so that moving in nature won’t be pleasant and comfortable ! Nevertheless, even after having been attacked by tick, positive people could not be infected by disease, for their love and high vibrations protect them from anything negative.



The entire human history is built on MONEY and BUSINESS, or more precisely on “PROFIT” (as if no other “profit” existed), and, at the same time, schools are massively teaching that moneyless society is a primitive simple society where barter trade takes place. This is a huge lie and deception – another control program applied upon people so that nobody would ever try to live that way. The way of living where products and services are offered according to the necessity WITHOUT exchange – without trading, that is, FREE OF CHARGE, without requiring something in return, is not being discussed here by anybody (excluding exceptions) whatsoever (we don’t even have a term for this in Czech language – the grammar is again product of the Forces of darkness). Why ? Because this the important path toward liberation from the trap of the negative state ! In the True Creation, nobody trades with products and services and nobody ever thinks about that in their high CONSCIOUSNESS. Nevertheless, in Czech and Slovak Republic (and surely in other countries of the world, too) are expanding SELF-SUPPORTING ACTIVITIES which, although having no or only negative support from the media), succeed in corrupting and interfering with the monetary system and help liberating from the clutches of money. For example: http://letokruh.webpark.cz , www.ecn.cz/gaia , http://ekonomika.tvorivo.sk and many others. Our web-site www.angels-heaven.org is also built self-supportingly in a great degree, and you will find here THE PETITION FOR MONEY ABOLITION (message 1885) and THE PETITION AGAINST MICROCHIP TOTALITY (message 1622). The Forces of darkness prepare “money abolition” also, but only physical money abolition, which means that money flow will be completely transferred into electronic computers systems and networks – which enables the chip totality which has been diligently built for already 50 years. With this system in use, the controllers expect a higher efficiency of control and the higher degree of enslaving people !!! Every individual shows in his every day life his relation to either the monetary or moneyless system, so the excuses “it didn’t work other way” or “I didn’t know that” are not applicable. A significant part of monetary control program are also thoughts of money – calculations, speculations and such.



It is kind of operative control program, whose purpose is to DISCREDIT or MOCK or MAKE A FOOL a human who exposes the ugly face of the negative state and who at the same time presents a positive solution – liberation from the trap of the negative state. This control programs is particularly used when other control programs have no or only little effect. This control program is, therefore, primarily applied upon people who successfully advance in their spiritual path and thus liberate themselves from the trap of the negative state by means of love, goodness and wisdom.





This is again a group of widely used control programs which, by means of so-called INTERCONNECTING CHANNELS, LINK or INTERCONNECT human with whatever negative events – scenes which already took place, are taking place or will take place. By interconnecting the coarse vibrations of given scene and a human, the human’s mind and his bodies get penetrated and flooded with these energies and so vibrations of the mind and bodies degrade and become disharmonious. The role is interconnecting means is largely played by the MEDIA (TV, radio, press – newspaper and magazines), INTERNET (just mere www = 666 = interconnection to pseudo-creators), CELL PHONES, BOOKS, PICTURES, AUDIO, VIDEO DISKS, CD DISKS, ADVERTISEMENTS. (the highest densities of these are in shopping centers, big cities, along highways etc.) THE NAME OF A COMPANY interconnects to the within of the company – to company’s data and particularly to minds of company managers, who are mostly directly controlled by the negative entities of the dark worlds !!! As an example unknown to people, we can quote names of last automobiles of the SKODA-AUTO company – OCTAVIA, FABIA, SUPERB – these names interconnect to Roman commanders and murderers (Octavius, Fabius, Superbus) and thus to warfare events they commanded. The protection lies in non-watching of advertisements and minimum using of names of companies (where necessary, one can rename them in one’s mind – e.g. Delvita – Delphina – the positive interconnecting means).

INTERNET has in recent years become the basic means for advanced control, where puppets get faster, easier and more effectively hooked on other elaborate control programs (98 % of Internet content is negative). A transition from wired to the wireless networks take place – this is the keystone of the CHIP TOTALITY together with implanting chips to everything and everybody. Cell phones and PDAs belong here too, offering today high-quality screens and high-speed data transfer.

COMPUTER SOFTWARE is also supplied by the Forces of darkness in MANY AND LOTS OF VERSIONS so that users CANNOT easily exchange and convert data and disseminate it swiftly. Users are braked and stolen of energies by TOILSOME CONVERSIONS among many versions and kinds of software environments – monopolistic tools, e.g. WINDOWS, OFFICE (WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK etc.).

Another manifestation of interconnecting control program are BAR CODES which again contain harmful symbol 666 interconnecting to the pseudo-creators (two outermost and one middle line = 6, determinative lines of specific products were introduced jointly by world trade companies). Some healing-oriented magazines published articles about harmfulness of bar codes, but in fact, harmful are only those separating lines 666 which link to pseudo-creators (this wasn’t written in those articles). These articles give directions: “Devote yourself to bar codes” – cross them through or stick a little heart on them etc. – this is another control program – because you DEVOTE yourself to them, not only are they irradiating you, but also you interconnect to them in our mind when you’re devoting yourself to them !!! Moreover, the time you devote to them, cannot thus be used for quality life, relationships etc. – this is another form of slavery. Moreover, factories of companies like INTEL, TOSHIBA, etc. began producing trillions of “fleas” – 0.3 millimeter-sized chips, which are to be built-in to packages and then to VERY products (starting with big and expensive products, and continuing to smaller and smaller ones, including food), and those sixes are there too. Now you see what the control program about bar codes from the group of the ESOTERIC PROGRAMS it is to devote your time to this. Yes, these “healers” have measured these energies (just like scientists did), but they have no positive solution for that. Articles in healing-oriented magazines have grains of truth, but, in overall, they are fallacious and misleading – the esoteric control programs. Because there are no other – truthful alternatives to these types of articles, many readers consider them to be correct. A really truthful magazines doesn’t exists here, because it needs a lot of money and money are in hands of controlled people. The efficient protection is a POSITIVE, LOVING LIFE – minimization of visits of shops (especially the big ones, we try to stay there a minimum time possible), which goes hand in hand with modesty and humility (minimization of things one needs in life, the flat is not a storage of things (“for worse times” – mistrust in the Prime Creator of all and everything), but it should be rather empty and neat), self-sufficiency (own products and home-grown food, if possible) and mutual support (people help out themselves mutually out of the monetary and trade system).


Citizen stand down before you are articusimulated.



This are, again, very cunning people control programs from groups MYSTERIES, FANTASY and U.F.O., which are based on human ignorance and foolishness and whose purpose is to interconnect human mind to highly coarse-vibratory sources (directly negative extraterrestrials and their Dark worlds are the most dangerous ones). By means of this interconnection, human beings who forgot about love and good, truth and wisdom, are thus definitely being prepared and oriented to descend down to the Dark worlds of the zone of displacement. These control programs are manifested here in guise of many movies (e.g., Star wars), books, magazines, lectures and TV series (e.g., X-Files). This is one of the last, the most coarse-vibratory and the most manipulative sort of CPs which is ONLY followed by direct fall downwards. These CPs are actually entrance tickets and open doors to Dark worlds for controlled humans who choose this themselves. They are very dangerous. However, not everybody gets caught by this program, human being has to be first sufficiently prepared by other CPs so that she will be sufficiently controllable and will not be able to discern between truth and lie, to sense (lots of blocks, more than 95 % controlling) and so that she virtually won’t be able to recognize and defend against this downward fall (she has to sufficiently “stupid”, so to speak).


Well, that's about it. I've read this many times and each time it made more and more sense. It's literally how the Matrix works IRL.


artificially inseminated?


As long as you're thinking you're in the matrix. Move from conceptualization to actualization and you will see ___ aka (said in lies) "reality". (real is lie too)


File: 1574031120826.png (1.8 MB, 1254x656, 627:328, mx2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well here you have some pointers on how not to be fully immersed in it. Unlike in the movie the real Matrix is not as pervasive.


It's easy to become attached to the pointer concepts and move to one illusion to another without seeing Truth.


Which is why you never treat ANY piece of text or teachings as the sole truth, also because language is imperfect and what the author said vs what the author meant can have different meanings. But some texts are much more promising than others and adhere to the truth very closely. I firmly believe what I read on that site is very close to truth and so far I haven't seen it buckle under pressure.


at the first glance it's all "preaching to the choir" but the text itself is deeper than that


>very few types of meatless meals (which are aligned with Laws of love).
You are not evolved to consume plants only and there no such thing as "laws of love", new age faggot.


>Scientists claim that meatless food is unhealthy
And it is, look at your typical vegan


>Nevertheless, even after having been attacked by tick, positive people could not be infected by disease, for their love and high vibrations protect them from anything negative.
This is dumbest shit ive read for a while.




It's true. The "placebo" effect has been shown to be capable of curing cancer and genetic diseases. It's perfectly feasible that someone can prevent from getting infected with lyme through the power of their mind.


>"placebo" effect has been shown to be capable of curing cancer and genetic diseases

wheres the source for that one? i`ve only read about it being able to lessen the impact of side effects, like reduce pain and nausea, stuff like that but never curing them, the placebo only reduces the suffering somewhat, which makes sense, just feeling less anxiety and stress after taking a pill will help a bit in no making the situation worse.


File: 1574214478122.png (544.12 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


they live longer on average
Also since when do you trust groid scientists on food in this day and age?
Are you a wizard or not? Medfags call it "Factor X". Basically two people with the same condition will never behave the same even with the same treatment.

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