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I've been thinking about it and I think i figured out why normie advice is so shit (Just be happy, talk more, be youself). Normie advice is always shit because they've never faced a true outcast of society. The two examples I have off the top of my head are social skill forums and 'just be your self'

Most people on social skill forums are simply average people (social skills, looks, everything) with confidence issues or lacking a bit in one skill. They post on the forum melodramatically with stuff like 'I think everyone hates me', 'I'm ugly', 'I can't talk to people', and they come in with their bandwagon anxiety/depression shit. I'm not saying their emotions aren't real, but they're only real in the 'teenager crying over not getting an iphone because they don't know what true pain is' real.
So to fix their problems normies go into social skill forums and come out with 'just be confident and talk more' because thats all they really need. They're just slight odd normies who need a pep talk. The problem is when a true outcast or wizard comes in.

The wizard/outcast complaints of 'everyone hates me', 'I'm ugly' ,'I can't talk to people', and barrage of mental issues gets categorized as another melodramatic normie. Even melodramatic normies try to debate they're not melodramatic normies so the wizard can never explain why normie pep talks don't work on him. To make it even worse you can't debate normie advice without getting a 'oh you're just cynical' because edgy/melodramatic normies have tried to co-op the idea.

'Just be your self' is standard advice given in childrens movies. The advice works if the charatcers self they are hiding is just over something they are to self conscious, in the standard melodramatic normie way, or it's something only literal boomers would hate, people thinking they are weird for liking 'mario'. This is what normies assume someone is like when someone doesn't like themselves, so when an actual outcast comes in it's brushed over as another 'melodramatic normie'. To bring myself as an example I want to change some of my interests (I like obscure stuff in general) so I can have a baseline of communication with normies (watch some MCU ore read up on pop culture). I tried to look for resources on this, but I was booed away with 'just be yourself'. They probably thought I was some 'insecure with liking pokemon' dude, but I was 'all my favirote artist have <1,000 views' type dude.
What do you think wizards?


Of course, I've known this for years. Same thing with therapists and psychiatrists. They are good for retarted normies who can't consider any perspectives or challenge their own thoughts, behaviors, or rationality and need to pay other normies to do it for them.


That image is so outdated and only someone with serious issues would think that.

Like, the japanese entertainment industry is fucking huge, billions of dollars a year huge and only second to the burguer entertainment monopolies (hollywood, Disney, etc). If japanese media and videogames are too obscure and autistic for you in 2k19 you are the problem, i can only imagine the type, guetto trash that only listens to mumble rap? undeucated latinos that only know reggaeton and Chavo del 8 exist? who the fuck else would fit the archetype?, possibly boomers maybe because even turbonormies from gen X onward already take anime and videogames for granted as mainstream forms of entertainment even when they only casually indulge themselves. Not to mention all turbonormies are simbiotic beings attached to a fucking smartphone screen 24/7 so its not exactly an argument they would make unless they suffer from cognitive dissonance, it may be the case, i´ve seen plenty of millenials who think they are boomers or something.



even though i agree with >>162090 your point is still valid. Normies live in a bubble, and have never faced truly isolated people. Its also not their fault, they are hardwired in a way in which they cant possibly understand you or any wizard. I´d say it´s a combination of stupidity, ignorance and shortsightedness.


>why doesn't piece of conventional advice X apply to highly rare circumstance Y, fuck normos amirite?

Social skills is 99% blending in and doing what is expected. If you are a genuine weirdo, doesn't matter how good your jokes are or how interesting your personality is - you'll be automatically off-putting to most people. Dress like a normo, talk about normo things and react "properly" to things i.e. laugh at people's jokes, pretend you're interested when they bring up something personal and don't engage in debate because 99% of people think it's "rude" (despite being more interesting in my opinion), they prefer when you say "Oh, that's cool", "That's nice", "Haha wow and what happened next?" enthusiastically so they have an excuse to keep yapping about their lives. You can boil down most social gatherings as just a bunch of people pretending to be excited and interested in each other's lives.


>stupidity, ignorance and shortsightedness.

i agree on the ignorance part because of course they are, they have no reason to understand me or other mentally ill rejects, if they are succesful and doing fine sexually and socially it adds nothing of value to their lifes to put themselves on the shoes of people who are not, it can only harm their wellbeing in fact, it pollutes their sanity. At least if we are talking about normies who are well adjusted, productive and generally think positevely of their lifes, of themselves and are optimistic of the outcomes of their actions, i envy them, i don`t consider them stupid or shortsighted at all, they are simply healthier and better adapted to social life as our species is supposed to.

But just as with everything there are shades, there are normgroids who do fall on the lowest common denominator category and get no benefit or added happiness to their lives of complacency and low standards, like slumdwellers and trailer trash and some religious fundamentalist from the boonies, they are just comfortably numb and could probably benefit from more self awareness, theyd just wait in line for some wii u game that puts them into debt instead.


No, normalfag advice is shit because normalfags are literally caveman tier retards, they are simply not sentient at all.


Anime is famous for the past decade.


i believe serious mental illnesses and personality disorders combined hover around 2 to 2.5%. and some people in this category are so low functioning they're either in prison or in jail or rambling to themselves in a stupor while being homeless or dead. so it's no surprise if you're in the 1% that has some mental problem that literally 99% of the advice you read doesn't apply to you. and of course therapy doesn't either. therapists literally have no idea how to treat schizoid personality disorder and will even tell these people flat out that there is not much they can do for them.


>The wizard/outcast complaints of 'everyone hates me', 'I'm ugly' ,'I can't talk to people', and barrage of mental issues gets categorized as another melodramatic normie
because thats what you fucking are you retard. literally nothing differentiates you from a melodramatic normie. you have a belief that normies have normal brains, and your brain is broken and no matter what you do, you will never overcome your problems. and you will never overcome your problems, because you believe that your thoughts are fabricated by the physical world. it doesnt matter whether that is true or false, but that belief leads to thinking that you have limited control over your mind. for example, a depressed faggot that is depressed will say on the topic of his depression, that he must wait for the depression to pass or be cured, and then he can be happy again (a very submissive feminine and faggy way of thinking). but me, i believe if i am in a bad situation and i want to be happy, being depressed and doing nothing about the situation wont help me. i am going to stop being depressed for just a second so i can try to fix whatever is making me feel that way (taking control, very masculine and unfaggy). depression is such an illogical way of thinking, being mopey does absolutely nothing to help your situation.

to respond in a different way to the quote from OP. if the differences between you and a melodramatic normie arent mental, then my next guess would be that you believe your problems are 'realer' than theirs and only you have the right to be depressed. but why does the realness or difficulty of a problem matter? not being strong enough to overcome a problem will not benefit you at all, it sounds obvious right, but you accept that you are not strong enough to face the problem. if an incredibly difficult problem comes my way i will not be thinking "this is so unfair, why me" or "well i guess its time to give up". life does not care if you are not ready to face a certain problem or if you are not strong enough. my way of thinking is that difficulty is a part of life and that many challenges will be forced upon you so why just give up? and now we have a full circle.

there are two circles of thought, one will make you happy and one will make you depressed and it is your choice to think one of those two ways.


NORMAN's advice is shit because society at large is designed around the primordial instincts of man. When you are allowed to exist without the need for critical thinking skills the reptilian part of your brain becomes dominate and before long you can't tell the difference between signals of the mind and flesh.

I remember a time on this site where typing the word "normie" would be enough evidence of newfaggotry to get you saged out. O how times have changed….


Most humans are shit, and you're interested in learning about their specific kind of shit so you can fit in among shit, as fellow shit. Disgusting. Develop your own interests and pursue your own culture. Acquainting yourself with normals and their culture will do nothing for you, neither will their advice. Here's a good starting point: do not let others dictate your self-worth. The best thing you could do for yourself, right now, is stop using the internet.



I fit somewhere between super fucking weird and a normie. I'm actually pretty popular at my school (that or it's just a lie I tell myself). I don't fit into one social group but just about every social group. There's more to it than just acting like a normie, because I act /very/ far from normie. In fact polar.

I straight up yell at people in the hallways, I openly ask people what they're most insecure about ('on a scale from one to ten how insecure are you about your relationships'). I challenge what the teachers say and people accept and like me for it

I don't get invited to shit because everyones already kinda figured out that I don't play that shit and I don't know how to socialize past surface level clown-vibes. I don't hit on people and drama repulses me. Its not something that I'm willing to overcome because the world that you end up in is fucking retarded once you do get over your issues with hitting on people. At least in high school

I'm excited to go to university. I'm a senior (so yes, I'm 18+ and a virgin).

Theres a way to have social skills and not do whats expected I'm trying to say. Sorry, I'm a longwinded person



People most likely pay attention to you so they can laugh at you in public, then talk about you amongst themselves in private in the security of their own well-established friendship bonds. The reason you ask people weird questions and challenge authority is probably because you do not have a strong familial structure, or you have a single mother who tells you that you are a "misunderstood creative genius" or words to that effect.

When you attend university, you can expect to go to a few parties during the beginning of the semester when everybody is in a new environment and finding friendships, but sooner or later they will see your awkwardness for what it really is, not a product of cultural differences but of some undefined psycho-social malaise that will throw up red flags for them.


File: 1574391852660.png (889.56 KB, 800x598, 400:299, untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

> "I'm not really part of any group, I can hang with anyone"
> My off-beat ostentasious makes people like me
> People just don't invite me to things because they know I'm too cool for that

This post is hilarious. If you aren't trolling/pasta, I actually feel bad for you. I can't imagine being past 18 and still not "getting" it.

What >>162173 said. But I guess it's possible we aren't getting the right picture.


you sound like you have very little self-awareness and an overinflated ego


One of the reasons I never come here anymore. Bunch of bitter know-it-alls trying to tear fellow wizards down.


This whole site is normies calling other normies normies now.


I was 162226 and I'm definetely not trying to tear him down; I hate to see it myself and it's a key reason I avoid many sites.

Based on what he wrote I think he's a highschooler with a warped view of himself and his rank. Based on my experience it's just not how it works.

I remember a thread from 4/5 years ago on this site where many wizards realized thay shared a distinct commonality of being a "class clown" type character when they were younger, and then becoming quiet loners once they moved into their teens. The image I used was, I think, the OP image, and I recalled that thread when I read 162172's post.

We ultimately reasoned that the reason for this trait is that wizards are fundamentally emotionally stunted and socially distant, so they only relate to people on surface level; this isn't a noticeable problem when we are younger, but as our peers get older being the class clown doesn't cut it and we can't hide our lack of actual social skills anymore. This is actually a very common pattern of development for loner types.

It sounds to me like the poster above is just another schizoid-clown husk, but has deluded himself into thinking he is popular, liked and socially dominant while at the same time having poorly developed self-awareness, conformity, and social involvement (i.e. that's he's winning the game without playing it) just because "people like him for who he is".


If you construed that as bitter wizards tearing him down then I'm glad you don't come here anymore.


Nice post, wiz. I also remember that interesting thread.


Stop avatarfagging


If you are posting on this board then you would have to change yourself to be a social success with norman. Are you willing to drag yourself through the pigsty to feast at the common trough?


>just be yourself

Follow it, then. Show your autism at its top and do not ever try to fulfill their expectations at you. Talking when you have really nothing to say is such a vanity…

"I think everyone hates me"
-Take cover, then. Don't even care about winning the hearts of some psychos.

"I'm ugly"
-So what? The need of being loved because attractiveness is an inner sickness, but also attracts superficial normies without morals.

"I can't talk to people"
-Make it the way so they be the ones who need to talk to you. Don't desire what you can't have, do not strive for vanities only because loneliness hurts. Embrace it. Drink your own tears always.


You are just an entertainment. They could easily get tired of you….


>I remember a time on this site where typing the word "normie" would be enough evidence of newfaggotry to get you saged out. O how times have changed….

Good observation on the normie thing. Totally forgot about that. However the way I remember it is that the term was very much a part of wizardchan in the beginning and only began to lose popularity at some point due to the general internet public subsuming it later on into their vocabulary and memes. Once regular jackoffs started using that word is when negative connotations formed around that word here. Or maybe I'm just getting confused because I'm getting old.


File: 1574664810431.webm (3.82 MB, 800x450, 16:9, normalfags.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Most people make the distinction between normie and normalfag, the former being the normalfag friendly version of the word.


You do realize that people just tend to shorten the words when they type and your elitism with language gymnastics is kinda stupid.


This. This thread is the embodiment of what this site has become


You have no idea what it's like to be depressed for longer than a day, do you? What about a month? Years? Longer than a decade?


a lot of normies think depression is just to have a bad day or bad time, they dont understand the part of the inner world of a depressed person, because you dont see the inside of a person.


wizchan 2019


I do not understand why the average Wizard thinks normgroids are happy
and living in blissful ignorance.

The truth of the matter is that normgroids are just as toxic and crabby as the average imageboard user, but their toxicity affects them so much that they need some therapy over
the most minuscule stuff. Although this site likes to jack off over the idea of genetic determinism, the mind can also be a powerful prison. This is why you also have millionaires who are miserable with their lives. Why does the mind become like this in the first place? The mind is made to find problems in our environment, no matter how good it is. We are never satisfied with our current situation, which is why we always find ways to fix our environment. Our ancestors didn't hide in a cave and woe is me'd about not having the speed of a cheetah, and the strength of a mammoth. They went out there, created their own weapons, and fought the animals. But we didn't stop there. We continued to improve up to the point where we can destroy this entire planet with nukes if we wanted to. But the average normgroid and wizard aren't like that. It is much easier to wallow in self pity than actually change our habits for the better.

>I'm not saying their emotions aren't real, but they're only real in the 'teenager crying over not getting an iphone because they don't know what true pain is' real.

The thing is, their minds sees it as true pain because their
standards are higher than that of an average wizard. To give off an example, I had a friend
who lived in poverty his entire life, and he never understood why people are scared of a recession. For him, living in a recession was no different than the lifestyle he grew up in. Then you have people from middle class families who killed themselves because they lost their houses and their savings. It all has to do with how you perceive the world at your hands. There are Christian monks who love living in isolation, then you have NEETs who think their isolation is destroying them(which is somewhat true if they're watching anime but one can spend their time learning a skill instead). Also, what is true pain™ to you anyways? Not being able to socialize and go out of the house because you got abused by your parents? I can name a lot more people who are probably in a way worse condition than you are, but that's the beside the point. I'm not saying "JUST BE POSITIVE BRO", but rather ask yourself why you don't like your situation and come up with solutions to fix that current situation you're in. Being
negative all the time does nothing but make you feel bad in the presence as time goes by. Sort of like drinking poison, and expecting your enemy to get affected by it.

It is a myth that normgroids are all positive know-it-all gurus. The majority of them are just as miserable as your average wizchan user or even worse. People love optimistic people. Look at those who write books on becoming 'optimistic'. They become rich because optimism isn't a natural state.

I too used to think that maybe normgroids don't feel true pain™ like wizards do in terms of emotions, but have you ever heard of normgroids who start doing hard drugs because they broke up with a fiance, or those people
who can't get over a death of a loved one? Their emotions get in the way so badly that it starts to affect their physical health. Yeah, it affects them that BADLY because they can't control their train of thoughts. Stress
is often a contributing factor to a lot of diseases, so it's no surprise why these same people end up getting said diseases as well.

The reason why normgroids give this 'just be yourself' advice is because they don't actually know how to fix their mental problems either. They are also told 'just
be yourself' but they don't follow it. Reading a self help book may change them for a week and then it's back to misery. If normgroids were all happy and joyful then
anti-depressants wouldn't exist, and the biggest consumers of anti-depressants are normgroids.

Everytime my normgroids relatives come over, they have to complain and whine about how bad their lives are. My normgroid coworkers often complain
and whine about how terrible their lives are. It's not really about the situation they live in, but the toxicity
that they give off. Do you really want to be with these kinds of people who always bring you down? At least on
imageboards, you can find ways to distract yourself like literature or exercise, or talk to other people who share the same hobbies as you do.

Oh, but tell the normgroid something along the lines of "Just exercise, and
have some changes in lifestyles so you can at least feel a bit better" and they'll bombard you with some "IFL science" tier arguments about
how depression and anxiety can't be fixed and we are all miserable forever boo hoo, but to be fair this website isn't different either as you you'll
also get a reply from some crab saying genetics is everything therefore depression. Not many normgroids are aware of positive feedback loops and negative feedback loops.
If one is constantly reading exaggerated news articles, hanging out with bad influences, reading sad statuses on social media, and constantly thinking about how bad they have it, it's only a matter of time until they get depressed.
Sort of how that happy kid who hangs out with the emo crowd and suddenly finds himself depressed over issues he never thought of in the first place.

Normgroids being happy and their problems being just a simple fix is only a facade. I know
this post may have sounded like a normgroids are evil hate post. I have met some normgroids who are genuinely nice people with a good heart, but I just needed to point out that
it is foolish to think that most normgroids are any happier than you are with no effort.


so basically, you took away absolutely nothing from my post. read it again nigger. i will say the main point again, if you want to stop being depresses, stop being depressed.


I think normalniggers can be depressed, too. In fact, anyone can be depressed. I'm just starting to realize that I don't have real depression and neither do most people, normal or wizard. I think it's dysphoria, where you get some or most of the symptoms of "real" depression but to a lesser extent than it could be.
>reading exaggerated news articles
>hanging out with bad influences
>reading sad statuses on social meida
Real depression is where you can't get out of bed to get to your computer, when you can't even be bothered to turn a smartphone on if you have one. You can't move enough to get outside and social media doesn't exist for you. That's the thing I'm realizing is very, very few people have "real" depression and they're not posting online, they're not showing up in therapist's offices or going to group therapy. They're rotting in a miserable pile or they're in a long-term psychiatric hospital.

Mental illness, in general, seems overdiagnosed to me. It's normal, like you said, to be pretty miserable on occasion. It's normal "enough" to even have a hallucination or stay awake for a few days once or twice in your life. Conspiracy theories which would get people labeled schizophrenic, as delusional, are extremely common and normalized. The general public just doesn't see what the illnesses are actually like and doctors/psychiatrists are busy prescribing meds because they make fuckloads of money from pharamceutical representatives (an old psychiatrist of mine made $15,000 extra in rewards over 4 years for prescribing the "right" meds). There is a huge spectrum of human emotion and behavior and what many consider disordered aren't really that bad. I think the same can be said of, for example, autism and aspergers. Certainly some spergs are on the spectrum but many kids get diagnosed when they're really just awkward and a bit different.

If you judge "boohoo no iphone" types, it's only right to judge most wizards. If you haven't spent months in bed, getting bed sores and blood clots, covered in bugs and your own excrement, dying of starvation and dehydration, then you can' really be depressed, I think, in the old sense of the word. You're melancholic or dysphoric at worst and that's not to say you don't suffer but it shouldn't be discussed in the same plane as "real" depression.
>feedback loops
Look, that works for rational people. The thing about mental illnesses, real ones, is that they are irrational. There are patterns of thought and who knows what, honestly, that trap people in ways we can barely imagine. No amount of self-talk will change a delusional mind and depression is pretty close to a delusion in that it doesn't fit reality 99 out of 100 times. Pills don't really work for some cases, CBT and talk therapy is usually shit, self-care like exercise/diet is out of the question because you're usually too feeble or bedridden. There is just about nothing for the people with "real" mental illnesses. It's a shame they're still ignored and cast aside like trash.


>The thing about mental illnesses, real ones, is that they are irrational.
The only real ones are the ones that present biomarkers like Dementia, Alzhemiers etc.

The rest, including schizophernia and "real" depression, are psuedoscentific nonsense.


>just stop being depressed bro


It's literally that simple for some people. Some people just need to stop focusing on an emotion and move to another emotion, some just need to recast a struggle as a challenge or overcoming and their mental state is transformed. Other people cannot sustain those mental states with their current material composition so suffering cannot be contained as an object to overcome inside their mental landscape, and others experience the breakdown of basic human experience such as intention, movement, will, and internal consistency.

If you are experiencing serious dysfunction the internet cannot provide you accurate human communication. It sucks because depression includes activation of the negative social experiences but you must train to be a total individualist because our culture cannot produce or sustain an accurate account of these different experiences yet, nor can the individuals in it maintain an emotional harmony when confronted with the complexity of it.


fuck off from this website. this site should seriously be absolute minimum 21+ i swear.


>wizards are fundamentally emotionally stunted and socially distant, so they only relate to people on surface level
Stupid and a lie, only emotionally-stunted insofar as not being obsessed with the latest normofuck media and low-tier shit and having no interesting hobbies, thoughts, or feelings. I listen to my normofuck coworkers and they talk about the stupidest shit. I could not imagine my brain functioning on the level with which they communicate. "Aw hell yeah brotha that's so tight." What is going on in your head? I like to talk about intellectual stuff like political philosophy but that can never happen with these people. I know 2 people who can have these kinds of conversations and say something interesting I haven't thought of. It's not that I can't connect with them, they can't connect with me. And so I don't try to.

Also my stupid normo boss just got fired for looking at a succubuss' normiebook pics at work and showing off her tits to our coworkers. I am still laughing about that.


File: 1577644901198.jpg (10.33 KB, 480x360, 4:3, agent smith.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

what the fuck happened to this site


Maybe is broken communication, a lot of it, from both wizards and normies, sound like "look at me I'm special" at worst and at best as "I overthink a lot about my issues"

Take OPs example, he feels he's shunned for liking obscure shit, but that's actually great stuff (he's pretty much a curator) as long as you don't try to force the conversations towards things you like all the time.

Just be yourself is the golden staple of this broken communication, here it means you shouldn't be ashamed of what you like unless it's stuff that is clearly harmful to others or insinuates harming others is cool.


I think normies are driven by a "result-based" ideal. So by "being happy" and being happy, are the same, but in reality, they differ a lot. One is to be seen as happy so it's easier for your peers to ignore you, or to be happy and you wont care what your peers think.
Or the other way around. If you're sad, the normies want you to be "not sad" because that is the result of their comfort. If you're still sad after comfort, it didn't work and it reflects poorly on them. Cue the whole charade of "my experiences and this helped me" so you should just comply and conform.
If you don't you're broken and have no value. Until you learn and just adopt the "norm" and become the result they all wanted.
It's a cheap trick and dirty.


Oh fuck the femoid from Italy is back


if you are constantly thinking that you cannot stop being depressed, then you will not be able to stop being depressed.

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