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This thread is for the wizards who are already homeless or are about to be. Please be sure to give useful and relevant tips and information for survival and safety.


Please people, keep this thread alive.


I'm not homeless nor in danger of becoming so. What do you want from me?


Should have linked the last homeless thread and used a imagine for the op so it would be easier to find in the catalog.

The lack of attention is because you chose to be lazy in making the thread.


File: 1577442368085.png (1.24 MB, 880x1024, 55:64, 1574570434043.png) ImgOps iqdb

I goofed


Here's what I have written down so far; how does it look and what else could I expand upon or improve?

Backpack (one of those big travelling ones)like
Maybe a shopping cart? Big maybe.
Water bottle (big one than can be easily refilled)
Food (granola, trail mix, canned, easy to pack, soup kitchens)
Bags (plastic, garbage)
Tools (fork, spoon, knife* can opener, bug spray, medical kit, anti infection, band aids, mini flashlight, nail file and clippers, string, needle, lighter)
Clothes (jacket, gloves, knitted hat, regular hat, couple pairs of pants, sweater(s), shirts, plenty of socks, wool socks, plenty of underwear, shades, blanket, shoes, boots?)
toiletries (deodorant, razor, shaving cream, body spray, body wash, sponge, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss)
Accessories (library card, money, I.D., membership card, electronics?)
Stay the fuck away from drugs and booze, waste of money and time.
Get a P.O. Box so you have an address. get a gym membership so you can access showers and have a locker to store things; preferably 24 hour one so you can hide when it's cold or rainy. Laundromat so you can wash your clothes. Salvation Army and churches are your friends. Do not beg unless you absolutely need to.


Bivy Tents are a great homeless accessory


My number 1 quality of life tip is don't carry around too much junk.
Once you get the hang of a area you can get most of what you need without too much trouble so there isn't a need to carry 50+ pounds of gear around. Instead keep things light minimize what you have to move around or protect. It will make things easier on your body and easier on your mind since you have less to lose.


Thank you for the advice.


I live in Canada and I'm going to need some extra layers for the winter; how many pairs of sweaters, shirts and pants would you recommend? I have plenty of socks and a few extra pairs of undies, I also have a few pairs of gloves to later on each other.


I'm in some pretty fucking bad circumstances here, I really would appreciate some help.


you're gonna have to explain more than that if you want advice.


>The lack of attention is because you chose to be lazy in making the thread.

The "lack of attention", at least from me, is because I was never homeless therefore I have no right at all, to give any advice.

if you still want my advice, ok..

* I would say, try to get some basic income, but as a NEET, it does not feel right.
* Do not trust other homeless people. They will rob you and kill you.
* Do not trust people who say they are your friends. Majority of them wants to fuck you over. At least that's my experiece.
* Treat people like animals, that's what people are. Do not hesitate to kill animal if nessecary.
* get some weapon.
* use trains to travel for free.
* always move from city to city, town to town. Do not stay for more than few days.
* carry water. Always.
* always try to look clean. Steal clothes for that purpose. You will avoid problems with police. Ironic, isn't it?
* food is easy to obtain by stealing. If you will always steal from different places, it should not be a problem. I steal all the time and I'm not even homeless. At least not yet.
* wear glasses and face scarf to avoid detection by cameras

As others said:
You could get a tent and sleep in a tent, you could possibly store your things somewhere. You could shower in a gym. Or swimming pool (?)


I've slept outside in about -20 celsius and I found that my torso and legs didn't get cold and remained quite warm. I was wearing a t-shirt and a light jacket with sweat pants, but this might be dependent on body fat.

The major problems were toes and fingers, even when I was wearing two layers of thick socks and thick winter gloves the cold would seep in and freeze my digits raw with time. Invest some thought into a solution for that, maybe technology like "hand-warmers", etc.


Being homeless is super easy. Just don't think about it, the universe will take care of you. I have experience that this is true.


Hand warmers? Got it.


Happy New Years, good luck fellas.


I have experience to say that isn't true.
Now what?


>cold would seep in and freeze my digits

This is your body conserving energy for keeping your internals warm. If your feet are cold, cover your head better. No matter how thick mittens you are wearing, your system will sacrifice even fingers when major organs need the warmth.


>Water bottle (big one than can be easily refilled)
>* carry water. Always.

Not planning to go homeless below freezing then, eh?


I'm gonna wear layers underneath my clothes. Gonna wear two shirt, a hoodie and a jacket, a pair of pajamas or sweats underneath my jeans, two or three pairs of socks and three pairs of gloves.


Good point, but keeping hydrated is important.


File: 1577921749988.jpg (38.6 KB, 500x524, 125:131, okurwa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just said that because some homeless guy said that in some video. I might test the validity of my claims soon.


If you keep in in your pack then it shouldn't freeze due to being insolated from the cold.
Though honestly if you are sitting around totally exposed to the cold and not moving or anything then you will freeze long before the bottle of water does.


What kind of travelling bag or Backpack should one use? Something that's durable and can pack lots of stuff?


Don't pack lots of stuff.
It will become a major source of pain rather then comfort.

If you have options then look for what feels most comfortable to wear for extended periods while fully loaded.


- A tent heater; condensation will form in your tent overnight and over the days making everything wet, you can use candles in a lantern, oil lamps get soot at the top of the tent. Propane heaters are good but you have to buy more of the canisters, just buy a big propane tank.

-Have a storage tent outside your main tent for your backpack and muddy boots so the dirt doesn't get in your sleeping area.

-Another anon said that putting trashbags down on the bottom and around the edges of the tent is good because condensation forming on the tent will drip down onto the bottom edges of the tent and espescially on the floor.

-A pair of industrial ear muffs is good for blocking out noise, the dog bark, and car engines while you sleep, con is you cant hear anything coming up on you, but if your homeless its going to be hard as fuck to sleep and if someone wants to put you out of your misery then let it be while your asleep.

-get food from dumpsters behind grocery stores, every single dunkin donuts in America throws all their bagels, croissants, and donuts away at the end of every day, theyre dumpsters are not locked. Any grocery store that is upscale usually has a trash compactor which is not accessable, stores like publix and whole foods. Look for grocery stores that have rented out a building in a strip mall, rather than large chains that have their own prebuilt store like Walmart or publix. The leased buildings will usually not come with balers and will have accessable dumpsters. The optimal time to go dumpster diving is between 11pm and 5am when employees are not there and the streets are empty.

-Get some window blockers for your car if your sleeping out of it, I recommend going to michaels and getting some black foam paper material that comes in a roll, get about 3 rolls, along with Velcro. Stick the Velcro on the car windows and cut out the shapes of the windows in the black foam material, then add Velcro to the foam, attach the window blockers. Note: Condensation and rain will form on the windows unsticking the Velcro, not sure how to fix this one its annoying as fuck.

- Make sure to keep a window cracked open at night while sleeping in the car, carbon monoxide can make you unconscious because its a tight space.

- Good places to park are anywhere where your not the only vehicle in the parking lot, park in the vicinithy of other vehicles and don't be loud.

- make a makeshift toilet out of a 5 gallon food bucket, add a pool foam ring to the top as a seat and put in a trash bag and shit in it, dump In a dumpster.


I can tell these are things you read somewhere rather then did.


no you cant tell, ive never been truly homeless but lived out of a car for 2 weeks, and regularly dumpster dive.


Sounds like fucking torture.


File: 1578187891196.webm (936.81 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1578175603678.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>candles in a lantern
>oil lamps
>Propane heaters
>just buy a big propane tank.

Do you want to get me killed, fellow wizbro?!!!



You only really need to bring lots of good socks. You only really need like two pairs of pants, two shirts, a sweater and a jacket.


>that first paragraph
Has to be a troll
>having a mini tent outside your regular rent
>When you're homeless
Who the fuck cares about dirt in the tent? You're already gonna be dirty
>trash bags
Is this real or what?
>ear muffs
Sounds like a good idea on paper, but in practice, you leave yourself vulnerable
>dumpster diving
Super illegal and probably not as easy as it sounds/looks
>can afford a car
Pick one


File: 1578552543477.jpg (24.44 KB, 640x400, 8:5, cropped_man-asleep-office.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I lived in my workplace for a month. I was sharing an office with 3 other people, in a private room. The office had water fountain, and a small kitchen at first floor. While I was at 6th. Behind two closed doors (had to open one to get into a hall 3-4 offices and open another door to get into mine, bathroom/stairs/elevator were outside hall). Here are my tips for living in office.

-Get a foldable foam matress, much comfortable than airbed, you can get a cover for it too, roughly cost me around with cover and sheet and it was very comfy, I felt much better than the shitty mattress I payed 350$. With a cover you can basically chug it under your table and it can act as a comfy ottoman too.
-Scout ahead, are there any cameras? Any night visitors? When are the cleanings take place. Usually bathrooms are cleaned daily while offices are cleaned weekly, learn the schedule. Also learn the access, can you access kitchen after daytime? etc
-Be invisible, if cleaning lady comes on wednesday evening, do not always greet her pretending to be working. Watch for cameras, avoid moving a lot after 5-6 pm. Prepare your meals as if you are just brownbagging (if office has a fridge thats great) I ate breakfast when my job was starting and ate dinner around 4-5 pm. You can put comfy clothes but only make your bed right before you sleep. Have a tight schedule based time people arrive. I always went to bed at 11 and woke up at 6. Ventilate your room. when you wake up
-Leave your stuff in your car/storage room. Having 1-2 shirts in office is okay, having your entire wardrobe will raise suspicion, only bring what you need and you will realize you will need just minor things, some toiletries, a ziploc and fork/spoon for eating, few clothes and a water jug can take up only a small amonut of space.
-Use gym to shower, change clothes etc. Showering is a must, even if you are not a regular shower guy do it if you are homeless. You and your clothes can get dirty/smelly x4-x5 times faster than normal.
-Be invisible, never tell anyone you are homeless, again cleaning ladies are the eyes and ears of the building, be very careful around them. If you are ever get caught just tell them you are crashing/or crashed here since its too late(remember to time your sleeping schedule, this is for surprise visits at 3 am) NEVER acknowledge your homelessness.
-Your lack of rent will be brought down by having to dine out constantly. If your office have a fridge buy your daily meals x5 or x7. It will seem like you are on a diet/regiment and having a program that you just follow in your office. Learn to love microwave food.
-Again scout, scout, scout. Preferably before going homeless. If you are homeless in April try to stay late in March, to get a hold of cleaning etc schedules. Do bring food to office when you have home, so no one will suspect anything when you just continue.

All in all it was an interesting experience. I saved a lot of money, I eaten healty and lost some weight and was really accustomed to living like that in the last two weeks. But I do admit I was lucky enough as a-I had a job b-I had an enviroment that allowed me this lifestyle. Don't try this in an open office witeh no kitchen and cameras everywher


This is a good post. Thank you for posting, wiz. How do you find a job where you can do this?


>roughly cost me around with cover and sheet
$100 with cover and sheet*
I was just lucky I guess. There were a lot of budget cuts, but the money was so tight they weren't allow to innovate either, so we had style offices behind close doors, and no camera/security, we also had a ktichen. I even had mail delivered to work

I really slept well, relaxed well and eat well, I kinda miss it. The place I moved in has terrible traffic noise outside and I have to commute 45 minutes to get to work. Oh well.

Do google and yotuube 'living in office' there were some blogs/videos on it. It was really an interesting experience and in some ways much comfier than my current living conditions.

The only reason I moved out was due to the possibiltiy of company discovering my ass and firing me.


lol you can be sure soon enough employers will look favourably upon wageslaves who live in their workplace, if that's not already the case. No absenteeism, no arriving late, can't say no to overtime..


>I've slept outside in about -20 celsius and I found that my torso and legs didn't get cold and remained quite warm. I was wearing a t-shirt and a light jacket with sweat pants, but this might be dependent on body fat.
Total bs, you must have been off your face. I've slept in 0ish and it was horrible even with a big coat.


keep it simple, check out ultralight hiking websites for tips on best gear and useful skills.


Anyone busk/beg? What's your advice?


What was your job and how to find this comfy situation?


does it take a lot of extroversion to be homeless?


As in interaction? You can definitely avoid talking and looking at people, but that could leave you vulnerable.


Fuck no.


I work as a staff at a public university. Which was perfect, enough amenities/offices since it was build a century ago. But no cameras/security guards since they have been budget cutting like hell.

I was really a joy to live with no rent, but I think everyone suspected that I was living in office.

If I was a professor, I would seriously think living in office, just to cut costs. But I must say detection is inevitable, one way or the other you will be spooted.
Though there is a blog that claims he lived in his office for 500 days, there was also a mini youtube series about a guy who lived in his office for quite a few months,until they decided to transfer him or something. So yeah it can be doable.

I also had a mailbox in university so I could deliver any packages too. The only things I lacked were shower, washing machine/dryer and a stove.


I worked at a university too and can confirm that the cleaners and guards know when people are living in offices and it is discussed in meetings. I don't think they really did anything unless the person made a nuisance of themselves but it still attracts attention.
I wanted to do it but the cleaners were based in my building so there were lots of people coming in and out from 4:30am and again in the evening, making it impossible to reliably move around undetected (e.g. not easy to go to the toilet or get food from the kitchen). I'd also never know if someone was going to enter my office for some reason.
Likewise, security would check on offices if they saw lights on or signs of activity. They also ran a regular report of after-hours swipe card usage, so anyone whose name kept coming up would be noticed and potentially marked to be checked on.
You can pass off a couple of detections as "just working late" or "had to come in early to pick up ___/finish ___" but if it becomes a pattern (or if you're caught asleep) they will know.


I don't doubt I might have eventually found out. But I wasn't caught.
I had also solved light situation, my corner was luckly enough at a corner looking into highway, and we had hardly any security patrols.
Moreover, I used desk lamp after 7pm and I had checked whether any light was seen from outside. It really looked like there were no lights on when I pulled the blinders and only turned on the desk lamp.
I also timed my sleep specifically to 11pm-6am for your reason.
We also had no cards. Man I love the budget cuts.


>went to store today
>saw a little kid, had to be no older than twelve, had a sign saying he was homeless
It pained me seeing him like that, I gave him two bucks and wished him luck.


You know what to do




Honestly this just tells me so much about the people on this forum, here i am offering simple options for if your homeless not even really options just entertainment,and you have one retard doubting that someone goes into trash bins, like its some herculean feat. Fucking LOL.


File: 1579719371861.jpg (140.72 KB, 752x1080, 94:135, I shiggy nanachi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Woah faggot how the fuck can you tell? Oh a beta cunt bitch with a fridge full of food and watches animu plays vidya in a heated home in a safe neighborhood talking big clairvoyant talk. Why dont you dumpster dive for a day or two and eat shit bud

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