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This thread is for the wizards who are already homeless or are about to be. Please be sure to give useful and relevant tips and information for survival and safety.


Please people, keep this thread alive.


I'm not homeless nor in danger of becoming so. What do you want from me?


Should have linked the last homeless thread and used a imagine for the op so it would be easier to find in the catalog.

The lack of attention is because you chose to be lazy in making the thread.


File: 1577442368085.png (1.24 MB, 880x1024, 55:64, 1574570434043.png) ImgOps iqdb

I goofed


Here's what I have written down so far; how does it look and what else could I expand upon or improve?

Backpack (one of those big travelling ones)like
Maybe a shopping cart? Big maybe.
Water bottle (big one than can be easily refilled)
Food (granola, trail mix, canned, easy to pack, soup kitchens)
Bags (plastic, garbage)
Tools (fork, spoon, knife* can opener, bug spray, medical kit, anti infection, band aids, mini flashlight, nail file and clippers, string, needle, lighter)
Clothes (jacket, gloves, knitted hat, regular hat, couple pairs of pants, sweater(s), shirts, plenty of socks, wool socks, plenty of underwear, shades, blanket, shoes, boots?)
toiletries (deodorant, razor, shaving cream, body spray, body wash, sponge, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss)
Accessories (library card, money, I.D., membership card, electronics?)
Stay the fuck away from drugs and booze, waste of money and time.
Get a P.O. Box so you have an address. get a gym membership so you can access showers and have a locker to store things; preferably 24 hour one so you can hide when it's cold or rainy. Laundromat so you can wash your clothes. Salvation Army and churches are your friends. Do not beg unless you absolutely need to.


Bivy Tents are a great homeless accessory


My number 1 quality of life tip is don't carry around too much junk.
Once you get the hang of a area you can get most of what you need without too much trouble so there isn't a need to carry 50+ pounds of gear around. Instead keep things light minimize what you have to move around or protect. It will make things easier on your body and easier on your mind since you have less to lose.


Thank you for the advice.


I live in Canada and I'm going to need some extra layers for the winter; how many pairs of sweaters, shirts and pants would you recommend? I have plenty of socks and a few extra pairs of undies, I also have a few pairs of gloves to later on each other.


I'm in some pretty fucking bad circumstances here, I really would appreciate some help.


you're gonna have to explain more than that if you want advice.


>The lack of attention is because you chose to be lazy in making the thread.

The "lack of attention", at least from me, is because I was never homeless therefore I have no right at all, to give any advice.

if you still want my advice, ok..

* I would say, try to get some basic income, but as a NEET, it does not feel right.
* Do not trust other homeless people. They will rob you and kill you.
* Do not trust people who say they are your friends. Majority of them wants to fuck you over. At least that's my experiece.
* Treat people like animals, that's what people are. Do not hesitate to kill animal if nessecary.
* get some weapon.
* use trains to travel for free.
* always move from city to city, town to town. Do not stay for more than few days.
* carry water. Always.
* always try to look clean. Steal clothes for that purpose. You will avoid problems with police. Ironic, isn't it?
* food is easy to obtain by stealing. If you will always steal from different places, it should not be a problem. I steal all the time and I'm not even homeless. At least not yet.
* wear glasses and face scarf to avoid detection by cameras

As others said:
You could get a tent and sleep in a tent, you could possibly store your things somewhere. You could shower in a gym. Or swimming pool (?)


I've slept outside in about -20 celsius and I found that my torso and legs didn't get cold and remained quite warm. I was wearing a t-shirt and a light jacket with sweat pants, but this might be dependent on body fat.

The major problems were toes and fingers, even when I was wearing two layers of thick socks and thick winter gloves the cold would seep in and freeze my digits raw with time. Invest some thought into a solution for that, maybe technology like "hand-warmers", etc.


Being homeless is super easy. Just don't think about it, the universe will take care of you. I have experience that this is true.


Hand warmers? Got it.


Happy New Years, good luck fellas.


I have experience to say that isn't true.
Now what?


>cold would seep in and freeze my digits

This is your body conserving energy for keeping your internals warm. If your feet are cold, cover your head better. No matter how thick mittens you are wearing, your system will sacrifice even fingers when major organs need the warmth.


>Water bottle (big one than can be easily refilled)
>* carry water. Always.

Not planning to go homeless below freezing then, eh?


I'm gonna wear layers underneath my clothes. Gonna wear two shirt, a hoodie and a jacket, a pair of pajamas or sweats underneath my jeans, two or three pairs of socks and three pairs of gloves.


Good point, but keeping hydrated is important.


File: 1577921749988.jpg (38.6 KB, 500x524, 125:131, okurwa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just said that because some homeless guy said that in some video. I might test the validity of my claims soon.


If you keep in in your pack then it shouldn't freeze due to being insolated from the cold.
Though honestly if you are sitting around totally exposed to the cold and not moving or anything then you will freeze long before the bottle of water does.


What kind of travelling bag or Backpack should one use? Something that's durable and can pack lots of stuff?


Don't pack lots of stuff.
It will become a major source of pain rather then comfort.

If you have options then look for what feels most comfortable to wear for extended periods while fully loaded.


- A tent heater; condensation will form in your tent overnight and over the days making everything wet, you can use candles in a lantern, oil lamps get soot at the top of the tent. Propane heaters are good but you have to buy more of the canisters, just buy a big propane tank.

-Have a storage tent outside your main tent for your backpack and muddy boots so the dirt doesn't get in your sleeping area.

-Another anon said that putting trashbags down on the bottom and around the edges of the tent is good because condensation forming on the tent will drip down onto the bottom edges of the tent and espescially on the floor.

-A pair of industrial ear muffs is good for blocking out noise, the dog bark, and car engines while you sleep, con is you cant hear anything coming up on you, but if your homeless its going to be hard as fuck to sleep and if someone wants to put you out of your misery then let it be while your asleep.

-get food from dumpsters behind grocery stores, every single dunkin donuts in America throws all their bagels, croissants, and donuts away at the end of every day, theyre dumpsters are not locked. Any grocery store that is upscale usually has a trash compactor which is not accessable, stores like publix and whole foods. Look for grocery stores that have rented out a building in a strip mall, rather than large chains that have their own prebuilt store like Walmart or publix. The leased buildings will usually not come with balers and will have accessable dumpsters. The optimal time to go dumpster diving is between 11pm and 5am when employees are not there and the streets are empty.

-Get some window blockers for your car if your sleeping out of it, I recommend going to michaels and getting some black foam paper material that comes in a roll, get about 3 rolls, along with Velcro. Stick the Velcro on the car windows and cut out the shapes of the windows in the black foam material, then add Velcro to the foam, attach the window blockers. Note: Condensation and rain will form on the windows unsticking the Velcro, not sure how to fix this one its annoying as fuck.

- Make sure to keep a window cracked open at night while sleeping in the car, carbon monoxide can make you unconscious because its a tight space.

- Good places to park are anywhere where your not the only vehicle in the parking lot, park in the vicinithy of other vehicles and don't be loud.

- make a makeshift toilet out of a 5 gallon food bucket, add a pool foam ring to the top as a seat and put in a trash bag and shit in it, dump In a dumpster.


I can tell these are things you read somewhere rather then did.


no you cant tell, ive never been truly homeless but lived out of a car for 2 weeks, and regularly dumpster dive.


Sounds like fucking torture.


File: 1578187891196.webm (936.81 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1578175603678.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>candles in a lantern
>oil lamps
>Propane heaters
>just buy a big propane tank.

Do you want to get me killed, fellow wizbro?!!!



You only really need to bring lots of good socks. You only really need like two pairs of pants, two shirts, a sweater and a jacket.


>that first paragraph
Has to be a troll
>having a mini tent outside your regular rent
>When you're homeless
Who the fuck cares about dirt in the tent? You're already gonna be dirty
>trash bags
Is this real or what?
>ear muffs
Sounds like a good idea on paper, but in practice, you leave yourself vulnerable
>dumpster diving
Super illegal and probably not as easy as it sounds/looks
>can afford a car
Pick one


File: 1578552543477.jpg (24.44 KB, 640x400, 8:5, cropped_man-asleep-office.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I lived in my workplace for a month. I was sharing an office with 3 other people, in a private room. The office had water fountain, and a small kitchen at first floor. While I was at 6th. Behind two closed doors (had to open one to get into a hall 3-4 offices and open another door to get into mine, bathroom/stairs/elevator were outside hall). Here are my tips for living in office.

-Get a foldable foam matress, much comfortable than airbed, you can get a cover for it too, roughly cost me around with cover and sheet and it was very comfy, I felt much better than the shitty mattress I payed 350$. With a cover you can basically chug it under your table and it can act as a comfy ottoman too.
-Scout ahead, are there any cameras? Any night visitors? When are the cleanings take place. Usually bathrooms are cleaned daily while offices are cleaned weekly, learn the schedule. Also learn the access, can you access kitchen after daytime? etc
-Be invisible, if cleaning lady comes on wednesday evening, do not always greet her pretending to be working. Watch for cameras, avoid moving a lot after 5-6 pm. Prepare your meals as if you are just brownbagging (if office has a fridge thats great) I ate breakfast when my job was starting and ate dinner around 4-5 pm. You can put comfy clothes but only make your bed right before you sleep. Have a tight schedule based time people arrive. I always went to bed at 11 and woke up at 6. Ventilate your room. when you wake up
-Leave your stuff in your car/storage room. Having 1-2 shirts in office is okay, having your entire wardrobe will raise suspicion, only bring what you need and you will realize you will need just minor things, some toiletries, a ziploc and fork/spoon for eating, few clothes and a water jug can take up only a small amonut of space.
-Use gym to shower, change clothes etc. Showering is a must, even if you are not a regular shower guy do it if you are homeless. You and your clothes can get dirty/smelly x4-x5 times faster than normal.
-Be invisible, never tell anyone you are homeless, again cleaning ladies are the eyes and ears of the building, be very careful around them. If you are ever get caught just tell them you are crashing/or crashed here since its too late(remember to time your sleeping schedule, this is for surprise visits at 3 am) NEVER acknowledge your homelessness.
-Your lack of rent will be brought down by having to dine out constantly. If your office have a fridge buy your daily meals x5 or x7. It will seem like you are on a diet/regiment and having a program that you just follow in your office. Learn to love microwave food.
-Again scout, scout, scout. Preferably before going homeless. If you are homeless in April try to stay late in March, to get a hold of cleaning etc schedules. Do bring food to office when you have home, so no one will suspect anything when you just continue.

All in all it was an interesting experience. I saved a lot of money, I eaten healty and lost some weight and was really accustomed to living like that in the last two weeks. But I do admit I was lucky enough as a-I had a job b-I had an enviroment that allowed me this lifestyle. Don't try this in an open office witeh no kitchen and cameras everywher


This is a good post. Thank you for posting, wiz. How do you find a job where you can do this?


>roughly cost me around with cover and sheet
$100 with cover and sheet*
I was just lucky I guess. There were a lot of budget cuts, but the money was so tight they weren't allow to innovate either, so we had style offices behind close doors, and no camera/security, we also had a ktichen. I even had mail delivered to work

I really slept well, relaxed well and eat well, I kinda miss it. The place I moved in has terrible traffic noise outside and I have to commute 45 minutes to get to work. Oh well.

Do google and yotuube 'living in office' there were some blogs/videos on it. It was really an interesting experience and in some ways much comfier than my current living conditions.

The only reason I moved out was due to the possibiltiy of company discovering my ass and firing me.


lol you can be sure soon enough employers will look favourably upon wageslaves who live in their workplace, if that's not already the case. No absenteeism, no arriving late, can't say no to overtime..


>I've slept outside in about -20 celsius and I found that my torso and legs didn't get cold and remained quite warm. I was wearing a t-shirt and a light jacket with sweat pants, but this might be dependent on body fat.
Total bs, you must have been off your face. I've slept in 0ish and it was horrible even with a big coat.


keep it simple, check out ultralight hiking websites for tips on best gear and useful skills.


Anyone busk/beg? What's your advice?


What was your job and how to find this comfy situation?


does it take a lot of extroversion to be homeless?


As in interaction? You can definitely avoid talking and looking at people, but that could leave you vulnerable.


Fuck no.


I work as a staff at a public university. Which was perfect, enough amenities/offices since it was build a century ago. But no cameras/security guards since they have been budget cutting like hell.

I was really a joy to live with no rent, but I think everyone suspected that I was living in office.

If I was a professor, I would seriously think living in office, just to cut costs. But I must say detection is inevitable, one way or the other you will be spooted.
Though there is a blog that claims he lived in his office for 500 days, there was also a mini youtube series about a guy who lived in his office for quite a few months,until they decided to transfer him or something. So yeah it can be doable.

I also had a mailbox in university so I could deliver any packages too. The only things I lacked were shower, washing machine/dryer and a stove.


I worked at a university too and can confirm that the cleaners and guards know when people are living in offices and it is discussed in meetings. I don't think they really did anything unless the person made a nuisance of themselves but it still attracts attention.
I wanted to do it but the cleaners were based in my building so there were lots of people coming in and out from 4:30am and again in the evening, making it impossible to reliably move around undetected (e.g. not easy to go to the toilet or get food from the kitchen). I'd also never know if someone was going to enter my office for some reason.
Likewise, security would check on offices if they saw lights on or signs of activity. They also ran a regular report of after-hours swipe card usage, so anyone whose name kept coming up would be noticed and potentially marked to be checked on.
You can pass off a couple of detections as "just working late" or "had to come in early to pick up ___/finish ___" but if it becomes a pattern (or if you're caught asleep) they will know.


I don't doubt I might have eventually found out. But I wasn't caught.
I had also solved light situation, my corner was luckly enough at a corner looking into highway, and we had hardly any security patrols.
Moreover, I used desk lamp after 7pm and I had checked whether any light was seen from outside. It really looked like there were no lights on when I pulled the blinders and only turned on the desk lamp.
I also timed my sleep specifically to 11pm-6am for your reason.
We also had no cards. Man I love the budget cuts.


>went to store today
>saw a little kid, had to be no older than twelve, had a sign saying he was homeless
It pained me seeing him like that, I gave him two bucks and wished him luck.


You know what to do




Honestly this just tells me so much about the people on this forum, here i am offering simple options for if your homeless not even really options just entertainment,and you have one retard doubting that someone goes into trash bins, like its some herculean feat. Fucking LOL.


File: 1579719371861.jpg (140.72 KB, 752x1080, 94:135, I shiggy nanachi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



this post reeks of feminine typing. everyone can tell you are a succubus, your retarded succubi way of thinking is manifested so deeply within you that you cant hide it. also, you are not obliged to respond to every post directed towards you.


File: 1579937069137.jpg (437.3 KB, 2008x1503, 2008:1503, 1578889372566.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't feed the trolls, please.


File: 1580152885345.gif (495.72 KB, 400x361, 400:361, 1551980125497.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Do any of you try to go to school while homeless? I've been studying at a community college for 2 semesters now and I will be living in my car again soon. Before when I was homeless and not in school I never told anyone and had no problem but now I'm getting money from the government to go to school and I'm afraid they will stop paying for me if I don't have an address to use. I've heard that if I talk to a homeless shelter person and ask if I can use their address I will be alright if they let me use it, but I'm too shy to ask and I don't have the money to rent a p.o. box. Anyone with similar issues? what did you do?


Some churches and shelters are cool with you using their address if you tell them your story and that you are actually trying to get back on your feet.

I am guessing you can't reach out to any family in town to at least accept your mail even if they can't/won't house you.

Thing is, when it comes to shyness you really have to get the fuck over it in certain situations even if it makes you uncomfortable if you want any chance of getting off the streets.
It may be hard but it ain't no where as hard as the shit you end up having to go through living on the street for extended periods. Just get it over with and talk to the people you need to talk to so you can be done with it and be on track to a better life. Don't trap yourself due to bad decitions related to avoiding mild social discomfort.


Did you have to explain your entire life to them or do they just want proof of your homelessness with a short story? Will something like "I live in my car and need an address" work? I really don't like talking about personal life, even on here I'm hesitant, and telling them about my entire life just to get a fucking street address is unimaginable to me, I would break down in shame.

If it's just a little backstory about my situation I may be able to muster some courage to do it, but I'm not willing to talk in deep detail.

All my family lives in other states or overseas. If I use their address then I won't be able to apply for in-state tuition here, which would make school unaffordable for me. I hope bernie wins so I won't have to deal with this fucking scam anymore.


I stayed in a homeless shelter for a while and I wish I took more advantage of the drug connections I had while,in there, I fucked up


When I said tell them your story I meant closer to the "I live in my car and need an address" part. As in you are just trying to get on your feet and work your way off the streets rather then just be a bum or street person. A tiny bit about your past in the form of a sob story might help in some cases but usually isn't required and you can also just make something up.

Another thing, you have all your documents right? That makes a lot of thing such as getting benefits and getting certain jobs easier.


File: 1580319005331.png (570.61 KB, 650x487, 650:487, 1526321503595.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm tired of being looked down on and treated like trash by everyone around me. We live in an evil society and system if they treat it's most vulnerable with such disdain. They make it clear that they want to do to us the same as what nazi's did to the jews, a final solution and murder all of us instead of help us. I don't have any support or anyone to go to, just give me free housing so I can pull myself together instead of leaving me to die. Not more shitty shelters or reduced price housing, but rent should be considered theft because it is like paying to exist and it is like a parasite that makes money from me without doing work.
everyone treats you like rat scum so no.


The worst thing is when I see people bragging about how to make a "passive" income, just rent or buy stocks. They literally make money for being richer than everyone else, and they don't have to work for any of it. It is the ultimate form of parasitism and these people are the richest in society and looked up to, while us homeless are called parasites while owning nothing and we can't even make an income through welfare by not working like the capitalist property owners do without people complaining we need to pull our bootstraps up. If society allows people to be rich parasites by socially constructed property ownership and act like dictators of the resources of the earth the least they can do is spare its most vulnerable a few crumbs from their horde, but the capitalists don't want that because then they won't have desperate workers that they can abuse and pay less.

I don't know how any homeless person can defend such a shitty system as capitalism or even any wizard for that matter. We have more homes than homeless people, but because we live under capitalism I can't get a roof over my head. The only people that genuinely want to help me and don't treat me like scum, seeing the systematic issues are the anticapitalist, communists that want to get rid of property ownership, no more rent, free food and all the stuff you need to live. Fuck everyone that is a landlord, banker, stock holder, property owner, politician, or capitalist. The genuinely good people in society have always been persecuted. Just like how they hate the communists now they hated jesus for helping the poor and just how jesus was against the ruling class just as the communists are against them today.


File: 1580325066408.jpg (45.44 KB, 948x597, 316:199, come on in and suffer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trying to make this a political thread is a bad idea friend.


If you think communism would just give you shit for free, then you don’t know anything about the system you are advocating.


I never said I would get stuff for free, work is a part of life. I just don't want the means of life to be privatized for people to get rich from without ever working to exclude the unfortunate from, I have a right to live too, and I don't want to live in a system where people can get exorbitantly wealthy from "ownership" and never have to work while I don't work but live in constant struggle and people complain if I get pennies of welfare.

It's hypocritical actually because the only system where people can get stuff for free without work or merit is capitalism. All I have to do is buy a house and rent it out or buy stocks, and I can live off the money from my extraction of the workers that pay into those properties without ever having to work myself, and then get filthy rich from it. You can be rich and never have to work under capitalism and be a parasite that people praise and look up to, but under communism these people would be seen rightfully as parasites and have to work for their income like everyone else and stop hording all the resources so homeless like myself can survive. There is enough homes and food for everyone but capitalist market systems create conditions where people like me can't live. On top of the wealth you get from property ownership, you get power over peoples lives too just like under feudalism, this system isn't so different from it if you think about it. If that weren't true then there would be no need to call the wageslave thread wageslave, it would just be the wage thread if this was not like a feudalist slave society.


lol you are wasting your time by trying to argue with mentally disabled people. He will probably reply with some meme response so there is no real point in trying to engage him.


>actually wishing he became a pill junkie or crack head
Get your head on straight.


> It's hypocritical actually because the only system where people can get stuff for free without work or merit is capitalism.

Not necessarily. Humans always gave stuff for free without work to children and disabled since prehistory. But since advent of class societies, there always had been a class living by other's labor not only capitalism.

> On top of the wealth you get from property ownership, you get power over peoples lives too just like under feudalism, this system isn't so different from it if you think about it. If that weren't true then there would be no need to call the wageslave thread wageslave, it would just be the wage thread if this was not like a feudalist slave society.

Fedual societies are different with capitalist societies in the way that it has created freedom for workers to move and become exploited where they wish to be as how we see industrial revolution "freeing" the serfs in order to fuel the factories. Capitalism is similar to fedualism in it's nature as a class society based upon domination of majority by minority, but it is also greatly different that all sections of society has been turned between dispossessed and the capitalist unlike the fedual era where peasants were still largely self-sufficient rather than being dependent over wage.

Capitalism had crushed slavery to asiatic production to feudalism into a single system across the world, and it had also produced the finial end of every class society in the same time.

With capitalism, workers are unlike their former peasantry or slaves as they are concentrated in cities and how they are functionally "dispossessed" as how you or me or majority of the population won't survive without wages while peasants would. With this conditions, capitalism had also paved the finial conditions for man's liberation in the same time.

For example, there were thousands of peasant revolts and slave revolts but not even a single one, not even a single one of them had truly achieved victory. But with advent of capitalism, the wage workers are fundamentally different from former exploited class as they are no longer tied to their land or hold "anything to lose". This is clear if we simply see how while the peasant's means of life is tied to land, modern workers are dependent on wages instead of "his" plot of land. As he is no longer bound to land, "the dispossessed"(proletarian in german) has a natural affinity for finial abolition of private property.

> You can be rich and never have to work under capitalism and be a parasite that people praise and look up to, but under communism these people would be seen rightfully as parasites and have to work for their income like everyone else and stop hording all the resources so homeless like myself can survive.

Communism wouldn't mean some section of people being seen as "parasites" as there would neither be capitalist or worker.

This is incredibly clear when you realize how modern liberal revolutions didn't create a society of peasants but of society without peasants OR the lord.

Abolition of slavery implies abolition of the MASTER along with the SLAVE and same applies to capitalism.


> I have a right to live too, and I don't want to live in a system where people can get exorbitantly wealthy from "ownership" and never have to work while I don't work but live in constant struggle and people complain if I get pennies of welfare.


The state dictates that everyone has to get by with whatever means he has – and in this, the state recognizes everyone equally. It is the state which in the first place forces the “employed population” to carry only their skin to the market and to spend their whole lives doing it. And this is precisely how it guarantees the real owners that they are sure to find this human material which serves to increase their property. Freedom and equality – these are the fundamental rights that a class society dictates and consolidates.

Class society – nobody wants to hear about that any more. It is supposed to have been overcome since the state freed the workers from their initial lack of rights. No longer are there different rights for different classes, as in feudalism: the state did away with its one-sided preference for the propertied class, and instead transformed into a constitutional state which no longer grants special rights according to income or status, but bestows the same rights on all its citizens quite neutrally; namely, equality and freedom. The worker is also entitled to the protection of his property, is no longer exposed to the whims of the factory owners but can assert rights against them, and can even defend himself – to some extent, which we will soon talk about – with the help of a union. But – has the state then done away with classes and their conflicts? First, a few more comments on the subject of “property and ownership.”

Communism will also abolish bourgeoisie ideas of rights and equality as how capitalist revolutions destroyed divine right to rule of absolutism.


Everyone in this country is called upon – in addition to, alongside, and apart from the usual pursuit of their interests (when “job creating” just like when working for a living, in family life, as tenants or as landlords, etc.) – to practice consideration, to show responsibility, and to not just make use of others, but show them respect.

This call for moral behavior presupposes something about the nature of legitimate interests in this society: they are in conflict. The success of one is the failure of the other. Competitive interests are assumed if – next to and in addition to them – morality is taken to be a necessary corrective to them.

The call for morality is the uncritical self-criticism of the competitive subjects. It is uncritical because it does not openly make the real content of interests a subject of investigation (then one would quickly arrive at freedom, equality, private property) but takes them for granted. On the basis of these interests, one demands that they be pursued within a certain degree of self-imposed restriction – which then should lead the world towards Good.

The desire of moralists for a decent world, which would correct itself if only everybody would restrain themselves a little bit in regard for others, remains illusory: the conflict of social interests exists nevertheless – but nobody wants to deny them their legitimacy; which is why morality is forever in demand.


> 164244
How could cause of homelessness be discarded in a thread about homelessness?


>children and disabled people got free shit so when capitalists give able-bodied people free shit it's no different

You're being dishonest if you think someone perfectly capable of working is the same as raising kids or disabled who are not capable of working.

>capitalist has created freedom

The freedom to choose a master is not freedom and you're making a mockery of it to believe this. The day when I can work without having to sell my liberty to others, and in a relationship of equal social status is when I can say we have freedom, otherwise this is just a little bit better than the last option,a lesser evil but still an evil.

>people have nothing to lose now since capitalists own everything

Yeah and so no one in this homeless thread has no trouble being homeless and the wageslave thread workers don't mind being slaves.

The lord and peasant, master and slave, just became the capitalist and the worker these days.

>the state recognizes everyone equally
lol you live in complete fantasy. All the homeless in this thread and even not homeless can tell you that the state only protects property owners and people with power. In what country do you live in that people are equal? You have never been homeless before to think this nonsense and if you were you would see just how equal you are to everyone else, which is not at all. Rich people never get prosecuted like the poor and the richer you are the more you can skirt the law.

>the state enforces property rights and so the mass of dispossessed have to sell themselves to survive

> calls human "material" like they are objects to be bought and sold and whose only purpose is to be a cog in the machine to service the rich and wealthy

>freedom and equality is protected by class society

What freedom? the freedom to enslave people and horde wealth so that people like me are homeless? I don't see any freedom and as I said above, we don't have equality either. You have to be sleeping to believe either of those things or have a malign view of what they mean.

You talk about class society and the state being some neutral arbiter of justice only tells me you have no knowledge of history and read the constitution like a bible, despite everything in reality contradicting it's claims about "freedom" and "equality", even non-communists will tell you this which is why radical liberals like bernie sanders is so popular. And there are plenty of capitalist countries with kings and queens, the bourgeoisie only prefer the "representative" government because they are easier to influence, although they have tendencies to constantly centralize power through time.

And you talk about unions like they exist anywhere in the world anymore. They don't exist, the capitalists with their in-equal social status won the fight against them with their propaganda and state influence. The ones that do exist now don't even represent workers, they are ran by people that have no stake in the workplace and make 6 figure salary deals with the capitalists for the people at the top of the unions benefit not the rank and file, operating more like a business selling labour power than a union.

>Everyone in this country is called upon – in addition to, alongside, and apart from the usual pursuit of their interests (when “job creating” just like when working for a living, in family life, as tenants or as landlords, etc.) – to practice consideration, to show responsibility, and to not just make use of others, but show them respect.

what the hell are you talking about? You just came to derail a homeless thread to speak obfuscated nonsense no one here can understand and for what reason? Stop speaking like some elitist philosopher and speak like normal people talk if you don't want to be seen like some psuedo-intellectual prick.


File: 1580345824721.png (113.19 KB, 278x266, 139:133, mildly disappointed cat.png) ImgOps iqdb

I tried to warn you.



>Food (granola, trail mix, canned, easy to pack, soup kitchens)

in the short term these things are cheap but in the long term they are expensive

you buy bags of rice, beans and potatoes and find a way to boil them

you want to live on less than 30 dollars a month. buying bags of rice, beans, potatoes and oranges(occasionally for vitamin c) will you to do that.



will allow you to do that*


canned food is a waste of money. you can get a pound of pinto beans in a bag for the price of a can of beans


you wouldn't want to have potatoes every day. only like one day. you want to eat more of the food that is the cheapest. that would either be the rice or the beans. probably the rice



one a day*

so you can stretch the bag out


when you get employment save up for a neet nestegg, because you will eventually get laid off. this is what i have done. i saved up 2k before getting laid off


after my first two jobs i don't trust employers. i save every penny in case i get laid off. i already have everything i want or need anyway. i bought everything during my first job


That's why you go for a union job where they can't get rid of you unless you do something drastic.


Cooking any of that while homeless is kind of a pain in the ass.


You can't cook that shit when homeless.


Can't prepare and cook dried beans when homeless.


That isn't remotely true.


>get your head on straight
why get your head on straight? when you can get some crack and send it flying high


Those foods won't have vitamin B12 in , or vitamin D,iron and probably other stuff like calcium


What will that help with? 2k will last you like a month or two at best.



if i am homeless and i am not paying for rent, 2k will last months if not an entire year



meant to respond to this person



all that nutrition stuff is a scam anyway
i never follow that shit


there are inuits who live on nothing but meat and they live into their 50s and 60s


the people who say you need b12 and all this crap tend to be supplement salesmen. they are trying to make a buck


if you're worried that much about it, drink a v8 every week


File: 1580450344489.jpg (41.39 KB, 680x510, 4:3, 016.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I always see a lot of romanticizing of being homelessness and general idealism in these threads ("This is much better than being a wageslave/living with my mean parents/etc") and thought I'd stop by for once to introduce a bit of realism: being homeless fucking sucks. I was homeless for over two years and it fucking sucked. Years later I'm still dealing with the residual health problems. No amount of money spent on """preparation""" like buying a good coat or some worthless bullshit multitool is going to adequately prepare you for long term homelessness. You're not going to feel empowered and free, either– THERE IS A REASON ALMOST EVERY SINGLE LONG TERM HOMELESS PERSON IS AN ADDICT OR SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL.

Your physical and mental health will sharply decline. You will feel drained constantly. You will completely rely on normals to keep you alive (unless you're Ted Kaczynski and self-sufficient, which you aren't). You will be much unhappier in that situation than wherever you are now, I guarantee it.

Get a job if it's that or homelessness. Any job that allows you to have a home and that fundamental step on which to take care of yourself is better than the alternative. I will HELP you get a job, I don't fucking care. I was a NEET for years and loved it, but being a wageslave was still better than being homeless. Don't let posters on the internet try to convince you that such a life as being homeless is going to be easy when I would bet money that 90% of them saying it's a good idea are actually sitting in their bedroom at a desk and having a laugh.

If you truly have no other choice then being homeless is still something you need to claw your way out of immediately. Just because you're forced into it from poor circumstance doesn't mean you have to let yourself stay that way– the longer you're in that situation the worse it's going to affect you.


You found a job while being homeless?


Good post by the way. These are the kind of posts I would like to see here. People giving advices



i used to half debate squatting in ghost towns if i ended up homeless. Now i realize it's not practical, there's no food around, hence them being ghost towns. And, the ones that are liveable are probably under video monitoring by the people with money who bailed to a near by big city.

My back worst case scenario now is finding a dumpy trailer home i could buy free and clear while i wage slave.


I think about it all the time since it's probably only a matter of time until I am homeless and hopefully those years up to it keep my min wageslave job and in the end can stay somewhere as cheap as possible for a while but even that here is not cheap. If my family can just not be stupid for a few more years I could be in the clear for a good while if I keep working since it's not like it's that hard. Can't drive a car but maybe a trailer home? I would but don't know how to go about it. Looks like the cheapest of the cheapest there is my only future option though and I wouldn't mind if I can live on whats left of my savings and fade out when I'm older anyways given I'll also have a million health problems.



not an RV, i can barely drive a car. I meant a mobile / trailer home, the ones that never actually move anywhere


Have any of you been to a food bank/pantry before? I've never been there but they say you get a bunch of free food and all the videos I see about them on youtube show people eating tons of good food, more than I can afford in a year or a couple of months. I've heard that you have to have proof of residence and an i.d. for some of these places, but I don't have anything but a drivers license and I've never paid rent in my life. I haven't had a job in years either to prove my tax to them so I'm afraid they might send me away.

If they won't give me free food front the pantry a lot of the churches around here also provide free food on sunday and I might try to go, but on the local churches website it says they have opportunity to socialize in addition to the food. I just want the food, not to talk with people, and I might not go because of that; I'm not some normie homeless that wants to waste my time and anxiety talking to people, just feed me.


Yeah, they are amazing if you have a place to store everything.
Food from such places kept me well fed on many occasions, including when I was growing up still living with my broke mom.

They are just the best when it comes to getting a full week or two supply of food for free. Almost always good quality healthy stuff too.


What did they request from you in order to get food?


On the church thing, you should know better by now that their food isn't free.
Sometimes you have to sit through a religious service or a meet and greet. Sometimes they have members running around trying to get converts. You don't actually have to engage though. Plenty of dudes just stand/sit totally silently, ignore any attempts at interpersonal communication, grab whatever is being handed out, and go.
Some of them littrally can't communicate normally anymore.
When you get hungry enough you will get over your super petty fears and do what you need to do to fill your belly.

Oh, and as for the food bank thing, if you don't have a way of storing and preserving all that food it will mostly go to waste. If you are on the streets and can't even scam out a address then you might be able to beg a meal or two but you really shouldn't take a whole box in the first place. At the very least find a place to squat or something. Or if you are a car/van/rv guy then use a dummy address, preferably of someone you are on good terms with in the area.

Overall if you want to better your situation you are going to have to get over yourself and being afraid of petty bullshit.
Oh no, the 80 year old church lady said hello and god bless you as she handed you a whole loaf of bread. So scary, what ever am I to do.

This shit isn't a fucking game. If you don't get over yourself the streets will kill you. First your spirit, then your mind, then finally after unendurable suffering your body goes. You could be unlucky and ot only take a few days, or you could be VERY unlucky and have your mind and spirit die early but your body takes years and years to catch up. Shuffling around as the living dead.
Btw, stay the fuck away from drugs and alcohol. Tobacco too as it is a waste of money and something that can be used to manipulate you later on.
I don't care how much you like them or what justifications you want to use. Do not touch the stuff until you are stable and have all your other needs met first. Not even one beer or hit or whatever. Priorities, get them and stick to them.


What is your current situation and do you have all your documents?


I am living in my car, a full time student at a local community college, and I'm living off my savings from previous jobs and student loans. The only documents I have are my license, passport, and social security card. Looking online it looks like I'll need an address to put down in order to get food so I think I'll pass on it. I spend about 6-10 dollars on food a week and I have enough in savings and loans to never really have to worry about going hungry, but still, the foods that I see in these videos are a lot better than what I eat. I haven't had meat in months. Usually it's just canned beans, near expired bread thats half price off, and whatever fruit is on sale (usually bananas). It's pretty boring and I would rather eat what I see in these food pantry videos I'm finding on youtube.

The dumpster diving looks interesting too but I'm hesitant because I used to work as a janitor at a local grocery store and they only had one dumpster for everything, including the bags of shit from the toilets I cleaned and spill from the floor, so all the perfectly edible food they got thrown out was in the same bin as my bags of shit from the bathroom and it smelt like death just throwing it away. And the markets around here are too busy so they will probably stop me before I get to do anything.

I'm not that desperate yet and I don't think I ever will be. If I was then it would be easier to talk to people, but with my current conditions I'd only go if what they were serving was really good. Most likely, some well cooked meat would convince me to override my anxiety.

I remember after being arrested I had to volunteer by court order at a local church to not go to jail and the food they served me for free was great, but not enough for me to want to spend an hour or so listening to their brainwashing shit.



hope you're in a warm climate. Good luck out there Anon. i dont know what i d do without my comfy bed. have you tried seriously squatting? Hook up with the squatting/anarchist community, they may have or know of homes/buildings that are being used by them to squat out of. i was the guy half debating ghost towns. I was into urban explorer shit for years and years, there are entire towns out there that have just been given up on and no one lives in them anymore. I was debating it, but not at my age and health. There are more risky places, like abandoned homes and entire subdivisions, but the subdivisions attract druggies and trouble maker teen normans. The abandoned houses are usually creepy as fuck, some empty farm house all by itself out in some woods or some weird prairie.

i finally decided the most realistic idea is a trailer home in a sad trailer park. it's 4 walls a floor and a roof, yea the people are poor and probably all druggies, but it beats the alternatives.


>he desire of moralists for a decent world, which would correct itself if only everybody would restrain themselves a little bit in regard for others

Isn't this what Plato's Republic was essentially arguing for thousands of years ago?


How can 2k last you an entire year?

Need a cost breakdown for this one


>unless you're Ted Kaczynski and self-sufficient, which you aren't

How do you know i'm not an aspiring Teddy boi?


Aspire all you want, doesn't change reality at all


though this could fit the thread
youtuber that takes vacations as a vagrant hitchiking and sleeping in bushes or under bridges
thers only 5 videos on the last one he trainhops from seattle to cali


You know that 2/3rds of the population worldwide lives on less than $5 a day, right?


And those people live in countries where food costs cents and housing is dollars per month because they're all impoverished.


Best of luck to you, anon. I've been thinking about embracing that sort of life for years now ever since I first learned about Kaczynski as a teen. Over time my wish to follow in his footsteps has only grown stronger and stronger, especially after reading people like Ellul. I have one life to live and I'm not going to waste it in wage-slavery. I give it ten years, max, until I totally drop out of society.


This 100%. Consider government benefits as well if you can't work. I got on SSI myself for depression/anxiety. No its not enough to live on, but it will help, and if you're at risk of being homeless it gets fast tracked I believe. It will still take some time but throwing away some pride in exchange for being able to live somewhat comfortably is well worth it.
There is a special program called section 811 too if you happen to get on SSI. Its basically section 8 only more restrictive in where you can live.


Does anyone remember that youtube video of that wiz who went to paris and slept in a park or something and had no money?


Ha, i'll show you townie!

I will do this and build my supreme shack, you can't tell me any different :))

I will then research the finest of quantum physics and esp literature, to complete what teddie couldn't


What does that have to do with anything?


Thanks anon, someone who gets it :)

Drop out and spend your time cultivating your brain and locked potential energies, it's the only way to be free

And thank Pappa Teddie for showing us the way!


>Hook up with the squatting/anarchist community
Don't do it. Crust/gutter punks are the worst human beings you could ever be unlucky to meet.
The biggest most fucked up assholes in the whole fucked up universe.


yeah these people are disgusting in more way than one. stay the fuck away


This only applies if you're a carless homeless. Living out of a car is much more comfy


I would probably find a nice and comfy isolated spot and just lay there, waiting for death.


File: 1580967806120.jpg (128.27 KB, 1200x888, 50:37, sai-blog-december-prayer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've lived both the wageslave life, and the homeless life. And being homeless is so much better than being a wageslave, as long as you have money for what you need.

You're right that it sucks. It's boring, it's hard, it's a lot of negative things. But it sure as hell beats putting in 40 hours a week for pennies then arriving home too tired to do anything but have a miserable meal and consume media. Repeat this routine times 40+ years (more or less depending how old you are).

At least while homeless you can make an adventure out of your life. Sure it sucks, but it sucks less than wageslaving away living the same day on repeat for decades.


This is something I'm starting to accept more and more


I've been homeless and a wageslave at the same time and, to me, it was better to be homeless while a wageslave because at least then I could save my money and splurge on eating out to restaurants and buffet's often. If I had rented then I wouldn't be able to save anything, my bank would be near empty and my boss at work would have more power over me because if I get fired I would have no means of sustaining myself.

The most trouble though is the winter. I've always had my car while homeless, so it has been better than most, but sleeping in a metal box will do nothing to prevent the seeping cold from freezing you. I had to sleep under a mountain of layers of blankets every night just to stay warm, which was always a struggle to keep tidy and out of the way of my other possessions that I tried to fit tidily in my tiny vehicle.

I can't imagine how hard it would be to be homeless without a car though. They face the full brunt of nature head on like naked warriors, while at the same time being elusive to the oppression of the people with homes that would rather have them not exist. Most people can't handle living in constant struggle like this and eventually are driven mad from trying, they lose hope and the will to fight.

For this reason, if any of you are wageslaves that can foresee the misfortune of homelessness becoming yours, then consider buying a well maintained car. This way, when the dark time comes, at least you will not suffer as badly as you would without it. In fact, for most of human history until recently people, besides the rich, lived in mud hunts and straw tents which, no doubt, provided even lesser or just as much protection against the elements as the modern cars we use for the same purpose. If they could survive in those conditions and prosper, then it shouldn't be so hard for us. We have become accustomed to luxury to adapt this mindset. However, that does not mean that it is right for homeless to exist when we have more empty homes than homeless people. Only a society that puts property before people would think so - only a capitalist shithole.


>In fact, for most of human history until recently people, besides the rich, lived in mud hunts and straw tents which, no doubt, provided even lesser or just as much protection against the elements as the modern cars we use for the same purpose.
that sounds like a very broad statement, source?


I say this based on the information on a webpage, that I forgot the name of, which was explaining the history of self built homes. At the time I was interested in living off the grid and wanted to make my home by hand like our ancestors did. I came across youtube videos about what was called a straw bale home and sod houses, and that led me into more research explaining how people from thousands of years ago lived in houses like these, albeit with more primitive architectural sophistication. If all the land was not privatized by rich people and governments, then it would be interesting to see people finding a healthy plot of land to build these types of homes and live off the land under it.

If it weren't for the government and rich people consolidating all the means of life, I would be living in a mud house to escape society as the ideal wizard should do, but instead I'm robbed of that experience and forced to rot into my cold, metal car, living like a rat under societies feet.

The alternative is to be a slave though, which is arguably just as bad. I value my freedom more, so I would rather be a free rat living on my feet, than a slave rat living on my knees to capital.


> lived in mud hunts and straw tents which, no doubt, provided even lesser or just as much protection against the elements as the modern cars
Wiz, mud and straw are great insulation. Metal, a conductor, is not.


Why do you see yourself as a rat? You are buying into their illusions like that


Ill just start upping my favourite threads of the last two years


File: 1581260118683.jpg (66.98 KB, 638x960, 319:480, mOAz-ed_J9I9gDMUernT-OLgEP….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck anti-homeless architecture. Where am I expected to sleep? They put spikes under the bridge, spikes under the stairway, bars over the benches, the cops harass me when its the sidewalk. A dumpster perhaps? But they even lock those up now and its dangerous because I could be picked up by the garbage truck and smashed and torn apart with its compactor. They really want us all dead. I wish we could revolt against these bastards like what happened at the end of the strongest man Kurosawa manga.


File: 1581271928071.png (194.54 KB, 540x405, 4:3, smug scrappy.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Where am I expected to sleep?
In a house.


This is the first time I hear about such thing. Anti-homeless.. architecture..


They make anti-anything buildings. Lots of benches have dividers so homeless can't sleep on them, low walls will have little pieces of iron jutting out so skateboarders can't grind on them, hand rails will have bolts in them for the same reason, etc.


You can't escape "civilized" society and it will taunt you for it.


>low walls will have little pieces of iron jutting out so skateboarders can't grind on them, hand rails will have bolts in them for the same reason
this is great idea, if you like jumping around that much just go to the circus


Dear wizards who are about to be, or are homeless - some advice from an idiot who spent some time on the streets: never talk to or get noticed by the other homeless. These people are very mentally ill, traumatized, and paranoid. As nice as they might seem, as tempting as it might be to band together to get off the streets, never trust them. I had what little I had robbed, my dignity stolen. If you have family, go back to them. If you remember anyone from your childhood, try to get in touch with them. Even if you don't get along with them, a roof over your head is better than the streets.

I know most of you reading this probably already know this, and it probably seems obvious to you. Maybe there really is absolutely nothing you can do due to some disability you have or all your social relations are violently abusive or just non-existent, but if there's any way you can escape homelessness - take it. I will pray for you, and pray for your family. No one deserves to be homeless, and I wish you the best of luck.


I dont understand how you can be homeless if youre not a drug addict or an illegal


I have a host of mental problems


Why dont you seek help from relatives or the government ? Theres programs and welfare for that.


There are a lot of ways to end up homeless, including your place burning down and not having insurance or money for a new place.

Also not everyone has family that they can crash with, and the government is set up to help succubi and people who are mentally competent enough to fill out paperwork and play the system. Not everyone has a vag or the skill set necessary to deal with bureaucracy. Plus depending on where you are and what documents you have or don't have you can very easily be shit out of luck.
They also don't just hand out housing, especially to homeless men.


Why not get a job and rent a place ?


You think my family cares?


And welfare ?


not every country on earth has that and most of those that do make you go through hoops to get what amounts to a pittance, if that

see >>164577


Well, what country are you from, anon?
What about getting a job and renting a small room?


Not him but
No car
No license
No High school diploma
and on top of that I'm socially retarded and probably low IQ


There are many jobs someone unqualified can do such as waiter, cleaner or dishwasher


Sleep in the woods or forest.


Labor jobs don't need any of that, nor retail jobs if you ain't physically capable.

I worked as a farm laborer to get off the streets. After a year I found a better job, better place and my life is better then before I was homeless. As long as you got the will there is someone out there to pay you for your labor.


>he desire of moralists for a decent world, which would correct itself if only everybody would restrain themselves a little bit in regard for others

Isn't this what Plato's Republic was essentially arguing for thousands of years ago?


for now


File: 1581499656068.png (44.55 KB, 825x697, 825:697, Screenshot from 2020-02-12….png) ImgOps iqdb

if i put enough money into cryptocurrency i can make it so my wealth regenerates when i take 20 or 50 bucks out

this would be a good idea if you're living in a van


if you have 5k in cryptocurrency you could probably take out 20 bucks every 2 days and live as a neet forever without having to work


and for the next 25 years if we are being realistic.
I know you are implying that all the jobs will be taken by robots, but as someone who actually keeps track of the progress of this kind of thing in detail it is abundantly clear that most jobs are still going to be safe for awhile.
Long enough to earn enough cash to get off the street and look for a longer term career.

Stuff like this is why you are poor.


Does anyone take these kind of posts seriously? Theyre like motivational garbage youd hear on tv.


Scurry away back to your bucket.


Scurry away back to your cubicle salaryman.


Shit, I wish I earned a salary and worked a easy job in a cubic.
Still, better then being a lazy broke bum with no money, no plan, no hope, and just waiting for death.


He's telling wizards how to avoid homelessness which is alors always associated with pain


Which is worse, tent inna woods or salary in a cage?


I just ignore them. Working serves no purpose for me. People work so they can afford all the normalfag things that make them happy. For me I would just work a miserable job so I could continue to work a miserable job.

You might say that arrangement is better than being homeless, but I can't imagine how living and working among normalfags 24/7 is somehow better than being able to do and go where you want, alone.


Thing is, can you actually do or go where you want with no money?
Can you actually be alone with no space of your own and no door to shut the world out with?

Forget the fantasy bullshit, to be homeless means to be totally dependent on the minimal kindness normies to live. It means no privacy. It means few options. And it means little actual freedom.

You can lies to the fools who never lived on the streets but the people who have been through it can see through your stupid bullshit.
Being homeless isn't some fucking game and it isn't fun. Everything is hard and everything fucking sucks. The few glimmers of things that ain't shit are always crushed by the torrent of shit that comes just after.

But no, you want to say dumb shit while playing the truewiz™ neet4life bullshit while selling retardation and lies to people at the hardest and lowest point of their lives.

Go roleplay somewhere else kid. Adults are talking.


I've been homeless before. Take your normalfag shit elsewhere.



I lived out of a car for 3 weeks. There's an adjustment period, but it wasn't long until I was comfortable shitting in gas station bathrooms and cleaning myself with wet wipes. Normalfags are honestly pathetic. Many of them say they will kill themselves if they ever end up homeless. As if life isn't worth living if you don't have a microwave.


>everyone that doesn't play along with my role playing is a normalfag
Fuck off with your bullshit.


Interesting that you act so incredulous toward such a boring, ho-hum story about someone living out of a car for a couple weeks. Do you challenge every boring thing you hear or read?


File: 1581531578065.jpg (215.72 KB, 955x500, 191:100, bullshit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You have already outed yourself previously in the thread by talking foolishness without knowing it.
Go play your games somewhere else. Your ignorance ain't cute and it ain't funny.


Yet you aren't now, so you did not like it. Stop trying to convince anons its a good life. As I said the only people who stay homeless for long are drug addicts and illegals


Wagecucking will drain your will to live and leave you a soulless husk. Living in a van and having a part time job is 100x better. Living in a van and not having a job at all, if possible, is much better still.


>Living in a van and having a part time job is 100x better
Why aren't you doing it?


Because I live with my parents right now. Living with your parents is better than living in a car, which is better than living in a car with a part time job, etc.


So living in a home is better than being homeless?


I believe that working a full time job should be avoided at all costs.


I believe you have nothing of value to contribute to this thread and should fuck off already.


Shilling for wageslavery isn't any better.


I really don't care. I'll always avoid work if I can because I never enjoyed wageslavery. The happiest times in my life were when I was a NEET, and the most miserable, a wageslave.


the truewiz™ neet4life bullshit is grossly inappropriate for this thread and your role playing needs to stop.


About to be homeless after 4 years of NEETing out. Wish me luck. I don't think its going to be that bad.

Got a gym membership for showers.
I have a car which I will sleep in.
Im in a warm place.
I dont drink or do drugs.
I know how to box, just in case I run into other hobos.
I have a phone with internet.

Here's a question though. I have a microwave. Should I bring it in my car and plug it into any outlets I can find to warm up meals? I could save $ by buying canned food and warming it up in a microwave.. How could I find outlets to plug a microwave into? Or am I being retarded and should I just throw it away? Do people buy microwaves?


Why would you willingly become homeless ?
Have you never heard of camping stoves?


camping is a very common temporary form of voluntary homelessness that people engage in all the time… some people want to get out of their house and be outside. van dwelling can also be considered homelessness. the biggest reason i can think of is to save money by not having to pay for rent and stuff


Going on a camping trip and being homeless are two totally different things.


Just sell it and buy a bike with the monies


If you are gonna be homeless for a short time, go and bikedwell.
I managed to survive for 3 months using warmshower and couchsurfing app, only maybe 7 nights I didn’t get a adres to crash and used my tent. The bike could fit all my bags and would have a meal and shower at every stay, met nice people and got to see something of the world. I biked prox 3000 miles, lost weight and did only spend something like 400 dollars. Sometimes I could just ask people for a refill of water and a banana when on my way, people would think i was on bike holliday.
It gets lonely, I’m not a people person but I did miss my mom and brother.
Now I’m living at home again, mom is going crazy, who can blame her with a deadbeat 30 year old NEET son. Mygambling addiction has again rid me from all my money, I will have my NEETBUX talk soon, they might shorten me since I broke some of the rules. Guess I might have to make another round on my bike soon. See you on the road friends.


I'm going to travel on foot, where to, I'll probably go west.


Just buy or Get a bike and an attachment so you can carry all your stuff along.

I've seen one homeless guy do that in my town and he's always got a big smile on his face


Got anymore stories of being on the road?

Any trouble with normies?

Have to steal food ever or something?


>got anymore stories
Yeah lots. Was a hell of a ride, I did make a short video with impressions, if youre interested I could link you to it.
>any trouble with normies
I was still a apprentice at the time but I did already have the ability to become invisible. So yeah, I can blend in somewhat with the cool kids. I did get my dizzy spells when interacting but the do or die / eat or starve situation Forced me to keep going.
>did you have to steal
Yeah I stole, after a view weeks I got the hang of it, every where I stayed I talked my way into taking a rather large Goody bag which would sustain me for the day, but sometimes I had to go to shop, would By cheap stuff, maybe 2 pieces. And would stuff all my hidden pockets with food id steal. In the end I did also steal from the people who I stayed with, kind of feel bad about it sometimes, I managed to play off as the nice guy and they would let me stay whilst they were out to work, and entrusted me to lock the door and stuff when I would leave. Grabbed a couple dollars on my way out, but hey.

I started out thinking I would die somewhere along the line, but I found a renewed sense for living while on the bike, I managed my way back to my NEET room and livestyle, but as Said earlyer I see things turning for the worse again.


>Yeah lots. Was a hell of a ride, I did make a short video with impressions, if youre interested I could link you to it.
post it



It's not willing. The house that I've been NEETing is being sold. Also I'm leaving the country in two months so it's temporary.


What kind of clothing would you recommend? I'm in Canada too mind you.


Merino wool shirts are great. They can be worn more regularly without smelling bad.



Will heeoin kill all the pain of being homeless




No, only make you care less about the pain while you are high, and feel even worse when you are not, while making it much harder to improve your situation out of homelessness.

Generally drugs are a bad idea but expensive super addictive hard drugs are REALLY a bad idea in a homeless situation.
If you apsolutly must use something to take the edge off then booze in moderation or a little weed is probably the best of the bad choices.

Also if you don't smoke cigs don't fucking start. Shit is a massive waste of money and every homeless person that smokes will tell you they regret getting hooked because it makes their lives harder with almost no benefit. I am talking hardcore drug adicts. Crack heads, meth monsters, junkes, stoners. If you asked them which thing they regret taking the most it is usually cigs. It is a shit high compared to all the downsides and it eats up money that can be spent on other shit. I had a crack head joke around saying he wished he didn't smoke so that he would have more money for crack that night.

Anyway, heroin is a bad idea, same with pills and the like. If you get your hands on any you are better off selling them or trading them.


You're trading present, transient pleasure for future, extended misery. Don't do it.


Thanks for the advice, atm I'm feeling suicidal living in my father's house locked in my room, I've been homeless before, in a shelter not on the street, and I honestly don't know how I'm going to get out of this situation, had bad anxiety since I was sixteen, 22 now, and to be honest I just want to die, and I'm so sure of it that I'm done talking to people about it, because when you're so certain that there's no other choice you just feel like you're bringing the other person down and they can't really commiserate with you so you're just annoying them, at this point I'm struggling between becoming an addict or killing myself, I have some money, not a lot, but if I can experience perfect peace with a drug before I die that would be nice, but I know there are risks to trying it, and I don't do well around addicts because I'm very trusting and I've been stolen from before, but hopefully I can just end my life without going down the drugs path but its tempting, idk, sorry for the rant.


If you’re looking to experience peace, I don’t think heroin is not gonna do that. It’s supposed to make you amped not laid back. Also I know you said that you’ve essentially decided you’re gonna kill yourself, but you’re still very young. You can always kill yourself later.


Drugs cannot be used by schizoid personalities because the effects will always be shit on your psyché

Normalfags get to enjoy both sober life and drugs. We are not allowed that.



>Drugs cannot be used by schizoid personalities

So this is why Drugs don't work on me.


No, drugs work on schizos. They just make you feel worse rather than better.


File: 1582249685657.png (1.57 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 8748927349823.png) ImgOps iqdb


>Normalfags get to enjoy both sober life and drugs. We are not allowed that.

I can confirm this. I suffer from anhedonia, anxiety, OCD, paranoid delusions, and major depression. Tried marijuana as a means to relieve the anhedonia caused by my depression and it only lead to extreme mental duress & panic. I'm not sure how I'd take to other drugs, but I'm sure the results would be catastrophic in their own unique way, given my pre-existing issues.

Anyway, I'm still quite butthurt about coming to realize this. I've sometimes seen normaloid drug users say online that, "You should only use drugs if you're already a happy & well adjusted individual. If you're not, then you should stay away from them." Great. So someone like me who needs the pain relief afforded by drugs the most, can't ever use them without it causing me even more pain & agony, but some partying carefree idiot neurotypical cunt who's never suffered an ounce of mental/emotional anguish ever and thus needs the pain relief from drugs the least, is paradoxically perfectly suited to use them & enjoy them. I swear it's like a fucking bad joke and I'm the punchline. There's no end to my suffering. It's not their fault that I'm like this, but I still hope all these happy idiot drug users OD & die horribly on drugs that should rightfully be mine and not theirs. Let this useless & horrible world burn & fall away into nothingness as soon as it possibly can.


Oh no, you can't destroy your mind and body with poisons. How sad.



>Oh no, you can't destroy your mind and body

My mind & body are already destroyed. At least drugs, assuming they actually functioned beneficially for me, could afford some modicum of pain relief. Marijuana is a fairly safe form of pain relief for many, but it was nothing short of a nightmare when I tried it. This is complete fucking bullshit and, yes, I hate the fact that this is just way it is for me. To suffer in stone cold sobriety until the day I die. Most avergae people couldn't last a month, or even a week being sober with their lives/thoughts, yet someone like me is forced to bear the brunt of sobriety for every single day of whatever remains of my much more awful & worse existence. This is excessively cruel & unusual and nearly proof enough for me to believe that this universe was designed to torture me & mock me in my suffering.


That's not true at all though, Dissociative drugs are the most schizoid thing i can think of, They make you disconnect from this reality seeing things more "from the side" rather than as an involved person.
Psychedelics are hard to adjust to but once you do they knock you out of that schizoid robotic mindspace partially, It's pretty weird but enjoyable.
Weed is just trash and gives me anxiety as well, That's not just a schizoid thing either.


Demiurge theory my painedfellow

There were many who understood this in a time before our own


Y'all niggas do know this isn't dep and you guys are getting way off topic right?


As a mentally ill person who has tried most drugs, I can add my own experience:
alcohol: depression increased and obsessional thoughts
Uppers: paranoid delusions x100
Opiates: insane mood changes and anger issues
Xanax: physical addiction in less than a week
Shrooms: I only managed not to fall into crazyness because I had Xanax

Long story short dont do drugs if youre gonna be homeless. People are homeless because they have a substance abuse problem


Being homeless is inevitable for me. I wish I weren't born fucked up


Any advice on hitchhiking?


Sign helps, as well as looking friendly and in a good mood, and most importantly it will take major patience.
The rest is basic stuff like picking the right spot with slow enough traffic in a location that people can safely and conveniently pull over, with people going in the right direction. That kind of thing. I only did it a few times myself but I got pretty lucky and got major distance. Also succubi and most minorities will not pick you up, so keep that in mind.

If it is short distance then you can maybe try stuff like gas stations.
Rest stops are great for longer distance but if you piss off anyone you will get kicked out.

Basically if you are fine standing by the side of the road for hours at a time without it getting you down, and you feel confident you can defend yourself from possible threats then it can be a hell of a lot better than walking.


I sometimes wonder what having a normal brain at the least with more freedom and a fully functioning body is like. I'm so sick of playing this cripple balancing act where every week is just another week I'm one job firing or family screw up from it being game over for me. This is what makes me believe in immortality though, I somehow always by the skin of my teeth pull through and it keeps going. I'll get another breath of life just at the right time that's just enough to let the game continue. Seriously there was a time where a 20 dollar bill on the ground and a scratch off win saved me, never happened again. What is this?


Day 4 of homelessness.

Tips so far:

1.) Gym membership must be maintained at all costs. Homelessness is straight up comfy if you have a place to take long shits and shower.
2.) Don't tell anyone you know that you're homeless. It makes the whole thing way less depressing and more like a "temporary adventure".
3.) Don't drink or use drugs. Being addicted to something would make this very horrible.
4.) Stay away from other homeless people.
5.) Practice sleeping on the floor BEFORE you're homeless.
6.) Get somewhere warm. If I was somewhere cold, this would be way gnarlier.


ha, it reminds me of the idea that if the sun starts cooling just as the effects from human caused climate change begin to peak (in the 2030s for instance) that would be some evidence in favor of simulation theory.



>Homelessness is straight up comfy if you have a place to take long shits and shower.

Can you describe how it's been comfy for you? I'm interested in your day and situation. Where are you in the world? How warm is it? What's your day like? Are you clean? What do you do about laundry?



How do you plan to stay secret homeless while taking your daily shits at the same gym every day?


I just quit my job after 2 weeks being employed. I have to tell you that if being homeless is worse than being employed than life is truly not worth living and I will kill myself.


Pretty sure he's talking out of his ass.

Hypothetically, sure, being homeless COULD be considered comfy for some, but even then, you would go nuts from lack of security and boredom.


Living out of a van can be comfy.


Any chance for a van-home?


Granola bars
Trail mix
Peanut butter
Canned food (preferably ones you can open without a can opener, unless you have one)

What other foods would you need?


What sort of tools would you need?

Stuff like a Swiss army knife is important, but what else?


What are some good videos on homelessness?

Preferably from actual homeless people, talking about their experiences and maybe giving out some advice and tips.


No it isn't


Homeless IRL streamers have lots of content on the streets.



A lighter or matches


A comfortable bag is good, and a roll of duct tape helped me out a few times.


This video sucks, just two faggots arguing over zoomer shit.


I'm making a checklist for stuff I need when I'm homeless, what should I have?


Stop posting the same question over and over again and read the threads.


Idk how you do it wiz, i feel like i would be the dinner of some experienced hobo in 2 days if im homeless in this shithole. Maybe in the fisrt world you can be homeless but i dont think a true wizard would last very long in a place like this.

Where have you been homeless??


Sell everything you have or steal something to buy like a bus ticket to some place better.
If the border patrol shoots you, well, why bother at this point.


I feel bad for the homeless people during the quarantine.

Probably just wandering around, or just waiting to die.


or experimented by norms as times before since they have no one who cares


I admit I was homeless in a first world country.
While it sucked it was certainly doable and at no point did I feel like I might die, ether from lack of resorces or violence. I did stay aleart and there are a few situations where if I didn't handle them correctly it could have ended bad, but mostly I stayed fed and most people ether steered clear or were nice. Only a few were assholes and none got to the point of violence with me.


here's some tips on how to stay nice and dry when it's raining or snowing or whatever when you're homeless:

Could always do the classic Al Bundy thing and just hangout in the grocery store.
Just but a cheap package of gum so they can't kick you out for loitering. Maybe have a basket with you and put one of two things in it, act like you're looking at the products.

Go to your local 7-11 or any convenience store and buy a lottery or keno ticket, that means you can sit inside for a little while with an excuse. Added bonus if you actually win money.

Go to the hospital waiting room, read some magazines or use an electronic device if you have one, if they ask, just say you're waiting for somebody. I've personally done this many times and the staff is usually too busy to notice or really care.

The library is an easy choice; read, play on the internet, clean and wash up in the bathroom, just be careful they don't catch on that you're a vagrant.

Grab a used Starbucks coffee cup, find a quiet area, don't bother anyone or stand out, and you can chill there for a while. It's better if the store is busy so it's harder to keep track of people. You can do that at McDonald's too, but I usually just get a dollar drink and get free refills. All the free McDonald's coca cola I want, a comfy little spot in the furthest corner, maybe a nice newspaper or book to read, or even do some shitposting online? Who wouldn't say yes?

Wandering around shopping malls is fun, and if you're quick or brave enough, you can snatch food from someone at the food court when they're not looking.

If you're going to shower, be it at a gym, shelter, or wherever, get some flip flops.

Get clothes and sometimes supplies from thrift stores, even before I was homeless, I always shopped at salvation army and other stores like that. I'd say prepare more for the cold than the heat

Get a P.O. box so you have an address and can store stuff

This corona business has thrown a lot of people out of their cycle, myself included, I just want this shit to end so I can go swimming at the community pool. Gotta do something when you're a bum.


>Get a P.O. box so you have an address and can store stuff
P.O. boxes aren't accepted as addresses for a lot of things and you most certainly can not use it to store stuff. You put anything that isn't mail in there or leave mail in there too long and the postal workers will remove it and ether send it back or trash it.

It is also better to get cloths for free from donations which are just as available as thrift stores.

Also snaching food from people is a good way to get thrown in jail over something really fucking stupid. Malls have cameras everywhere and the security hate homeless assholes who make trouble so they will make it their personal mission to make sure charges are pressed.

The #1 rule to laying low as a homeless person is not starting trouble, piss people off for no good reason, or act like a jackass in general. Do not yonk people's food at malls.


society and capitalism doesn't care about the homeless.

Nothing is open. The library is closed, I can't stay in McDonald for internet, I can't take a shower, no fast food places or even star bucks will let me in to use the internet, barnes and nobles is closed, the college campus is closed. I can't do anything and have nowhere to go. I'm attending college and they shut all of our classes down to go online, but I have no means of getting the internet. Right now I'm in my car camped outside of a house that never locks their internet, but my battery will die soon. I haven't been able to study or finished my assigned homework because of this. I haven't took a shower in almost a month because of this flu. I was getting all A's and thought I would graduate, but now I'm going to fail all of my classes because I have no means of finishing my work without a reliable power source to charge my electronics and internet access. I've been sitting in my car using up the last of my rechargeable battery blocks on my phone every couple of days since everything shut down and after today it'll be finished up. I can't even get free bags of food from the churches anymore since this flu shut down everything. After my battery dries up, I'll only have myself and my car, nothing internet escapism to take my mind away from suicidal thoughts anymore. I'm going to fail school because of this flu only lets rich people with homes able to do work while all public places are shut down, but even if I try to look for a job, with the economy crash from this pandemic it will be unlikely for anyone to hire me. I don't have any choice but to kill myself because of this flu.

I also heard that they are enforcing lock downs in some places and you will be fined for being outside. What about the homeless with nowhere to go? I live in my car and don't have a home to lock myself up in so what do they expect me to do? I hear some of the fines are hundreds of dollars and they may even throw you in jail if you don't have anywhere to go. They're effectively punishing people for being poor and homeless, while the richest in society have no problems. The rich will be able to call uber eats to deliver for them, they have homes to go back to so they won't be fined, they don't have anything to worry about like me.

Because of this flu I can only see my future on the street, killing myself, in debt due to these quarantine fines, or in jail for breaking the quarantine and being unable to pay the debt from the fines. I've been to jail before but never for extended periods of time, only misdemeanors and I didn't serve time but only had to do community service to get it off my record.

Have any wizards here spent time in jail before? Maybe it won't be so bad considering my other options. At least they get regular meals and I can lock myself in solitary confinement until this flu is over and then maybe I'll have the motivation to start again. Or I'll just kill myself when I get out.

I can't even apply for jobs without internet, I can't charge my phone with no outlet for a job to call me, and they will call the cops on me if I go door to door asking for work.

Maybe I'll catch corona myself and die from it. That wouldn't be so bad in times like these.


you can't contact the school/professors somehow? if you were really getting A's and you tell them your circumstances maybe something could be done.



I don't want them to know I'm homeless, its none of their business. And what can they do anyway? My school is shut down and the best they did was let people check out laptops until this is over, which is useless for me because I need an internet and outlet to use the laptop. I don't have any options here but to get fucked.

At least I'm used to this happening though so my deppression from it is mild. I have had a wizards luck all my life and constant failure no matter how hard I work. Having a wizards luck has numbed me so I am better able to cope through tough times without completely mentally breaking down.

Stuff like this happening is just part of being a wizard, nothing new. If I live for a long time, I bet I'll see worse.


i dunno, if i was investing in school like you say you are I would do everything in my power to get some leniency; after all, these are unusual circumstances we're living through and many people and institutions have to admit that normal rules do not apply.

you should put away your pride and look at it from a detached perspective, the rational thing to do is to give them the full reason why you can't complete your coursework. i cannot imagine a school not trying to help a hardworking homeless student, explaining your situation to administration is an obvious low hanging fruit which stands a good chance of preventing the drastic shitty outcome you see yourself spiraling towards.


meant for >>166592


File: 1585790799603.jpg (226.92 KB, 1908x1146, 318:191, 18459134-0-image-a-68_1568….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>wouldn't help a hardworking homeless :^)

>implying society cares about the homeless

you must not be homeless if you think they'll help me when they can be helping more valuable members of society with homes, especially since I'm the most likely to catch corona. Society barely helps the homeless and constantly tries to destroy our lives during normal times, so why the hell do you think they would bend the rules to help me in times of a pandemic? At most I was thinking of trying to get a refund on my tuition because I signed up for in real life classes and not online classes, but the government is paying all of my tuition so I doubt it would happen.

Capitalism is evil and turns people into beasts. There isn't any room to help people at the bottom of it. Not in normal times, and especially not in worse.


>society and capitalism doesn't care about the homeless.

Nobody cares about losers in any society on earth.


File: 1585807412117.jpg (42.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, solidarity.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

we have empty homes that no one uses and that I can be living in but the police would arrest me for squatting in them because a capitalist has to make a profit off of them. Profit is worth more than human life under capitalism, and rampant homelessness is direct a product of capitalism privatizing the earth so that I can't find a plot of unused land to live and work on like humans did for our entire history before private property rights existed. We can structure society in such a way that resources go to who needs it instead of who happens to have the most money, but not under capitalism. There are better economic systems than this, but it works really well for the rich and powerful that brainwash us to think that nothing is better. Just like how the kings brainwashed the peasants into thinking nothing is better than the monarchy.


There's a difference in caring and actively making their life harder in hope they suicide.


Whiny cunt, just tell your school you need electricity oh yeah you made that shit up fucktard troll.


Every single system in the history of the world has benefited the rich and powerful. The idea that there's some "other" system that would turn everything into a utopia is so naive and childish only a teenager could have thought of it.


You must not study history because in any introdutory anthropology class you will learn that for the majority of human history, 50k+ years humans live in egalitarian non-hierarchical tribes, and even 9000 years ago to present their exists some non-hierarchical egalitarian cultures that still exist today , see the Zapatistas in mexico and Rojava for example. To deny this is to deny reality, but you could just be ignorant of it, having a European centric education that typically never teaches you anything about non-hierarchical people because they don't think they are important so all you learn about are statist, hierarchical societies.

Just the statement alone "every single system in history ever has benefited the rich" shows your lack of knowledge and ignorance of the world outside of statist societies, so I am probably am right in saying that they were purposefully excluded from your education so that you could grow up thinking there is no alternative way to live and that humans have lived this way for all of history, when in reality hierarchical way of life is an anomaly next to non-hierarchical way of life in terms of the span of the history of the human race.

here are some examples if you want to educate yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rojava https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Commune https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibbutz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cher%C3%A1n https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebel_Zapatista_Autonomous_Municipalities https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spezzano_Albanese https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popular_Indigenous_Council_of_Oaxaca_%22Ricardo_Flores_Mag%C3%B3n%22 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marinaleda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fejuve None of these places are capitalist and in all of them the people live better lives comparatively than those in the capitalist parts of their surrounding regions.


> people live better lives comparatively than those in the capitalist parts of their surrounding regions.
Yet they’re all still third world.


I haven't read all your links yet but power is clearly centralized in Rojava.
>The politics of the region has been described as having "libertarian transnational aspirations" influenced by the PKK's shift toward anarchism, but also includes various "tribal, ethno-sectarian, capitalist and patriarchal structures."[121] The region has a "co-governance" policy in which each position at each level of government in the region includes a "female equivalent of equal authority" to a male.


Cherán too.
>The community elects a 12-person Council, "K'eri Jánaskakua," and has about 180 fogatas (campfires / community fires) in its four neighborhoods.[11][12][10]

>The Third Council (Council of Elders, High Council, Consejo Mayor, Consejo de Keris) was named in 2018.[13][10] Other representative bodies include a youth council, a succubi's council, neighborhood councils, and a communal territory council focused on business development.[10]


Kibbutz too, there is also a hint of the existence of authority on Paris Commune. My enthusiasm to read the rest is waning.
>Louis Auguste Blanqui had been elected the honorary President of the Commune, but he was in prison during its entire duration.

>Although major decisions about the future of the kibbutz were made by consensus or by voting, day-to-day decisions about where people would work were made by elected leaders.


Yeah there are some minority elements of capital in them, but those capitalist elements are a minority and this would be obvious if you read more deeply about Rojava; its egalitarianism is heavily documented, widespread and a quick youtube or google search of its society would reveal this with plenty of documentaries and books written about its success in direct democracy and community self management. Rojava is mostly influenced after a social, political, and economic system theorized by the libertarian socialist Murray Bookchin called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communalism which basically means decentralized, autonomous, fluid democracy communities that scale up through federation where power comes from the bottom up. Here is a good documentary on them if you want to learn more.

What's your point? The majority of the world is third world, but they live better than those that choose to be capitalist in the areas around them, showing that there are superior ways of living. Additionaly, Marinaleda in Spain is a nice looking town and looks better than a first world country in my opinion. Spezzano Albanese in Italy is very nice too. I would rather live there than a first world country where I have to be a wageslave in a pollution factory while barely I can afford to live. The greatest example of a non-hierarchical society in the first world relatively recently would probably be Catalonia during world war II, but they only lasted for a year because fascists killed them. However, they were highly industrialized and first world for their time and were recorded as living better lives than their capitalist past.

This is a confusion because you don't understand different forms of political organization. What you see in cheran is something I mentioned before, called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_democracy liquid democracy in which they vote on delegates that are given direct mandates by the community and which are instantly re-callable.


>they have a president and a delegate because no one wants to be at meetings all day

Once again you're showing that you have no knowledge of how direct democracies work. In reality, no one fetishizes being at meetings all day, no one believes that, but they should participate as equals if they desire to. So they elect delegates in which they give mandates to act for them and which they instantly remove if those mandates are not followed, but they can at anytime choose to participate at anytime if they desire (also called participatory democracy). Also if you read more closely, the Kibbutz started moving away from egalitarianism since the 70's, although they are still very egalitarian, and they utilize private property with many of the inhabitants owning corporations outside of the kibbutz to maintain their wealth (and they are very wealthy), but before that they were almost fully egalitarian and that was the period I was talking about, not recently. Once again, you would be interested in learning about different forms of direct democracy, which all of the links I provided practice. Here is a good book on the period of the Kibbutz I was referring to https://www.amazon.com/Living-Revolution-Anarchism-Kibbutz-Movement/dp/1904859925


I read all of your links and power was centralized in every one. In some the group only remained in power for 2 months. Did you expect to overwhelm me in links that I wouldn't read, and then get intimidated and admit defeat? I have nothing to do all day. I'll read all your dumbs links and prove you're an idiot.

None of these organizations are special. None produce anything of note or create a utopia that you dumbasses keep blathering on about. The idea that humans lived in egalitarian societies throughout history is so laughable it doesn't even make sense. Keep cherry picking slow brain


You're just outright lying now and being purposefully ignorant, or maybe you are too stupid to tell the difference between a truly centralized political organization and a decentralized one. My guess is you're probably too dumb to distinguish between political systems.

>The economy of Fejuve resembles syndicalism and mutualism in that there is a high degree of worker's self-management and common ownership despite operating in a very localised market economy. Councils are also able to pull together resources to build parks, schools, clinics, housing, cooperatives and install water connections, sewerage outlets, electrical cables and garbage collection services to fill the hole that the state and private sector have left

How is this "centralized"?

>The town operates a farming cooperative with 2,650 workers. Marinaleda is surrounded by sloping olive groves and features a 3,000-acre (12 km2) farm. The farm is located seven miles (11 km) north of Marinaleda, and grows labour-intensive crops like artichokes, hot peppers, broccoli, and broad beans, as well as wheat.[6]

> Land, building materials, and architectural plans are provided to the self-builder through public grants. Free assistance from professional builders is also provided.[5] The hours spent by the resident on construction (if any) are deducted from the total cost. Prospective owners usually donate about 450 days of their work to the construction. Finally, a monthly payment of up to 15,52 euros is arranged with the contractors and the government for the resident to achieve ownership. To prevent speculation, citizens are prohibited from selling their homes.[6]

How is this centralized and hierarchical again? fucking idiot.

>At a local level, people attend a popular assembly of around 300 families in which anyone over the age of 12 can participate in decision-making. These assemblies strive to reach a consensus, but are willing to fall back to a majority vote. The communities form a federation with other communities to create an autonomous municipalities, which form further federations with other municipalities to create a region. The Zapatistas are composed of five regions, in total having a population of around 360,000 people as of 2018.[16] Each community has 3 main administrative structures: (1) the commissariat, in charge of day-to day administration; (2) the council for land control, which deals with forestry and disputes with neighboring communities; and (3) the agencia, a community police agency.[17]



>The Zapatista economy is mainly composed of worker cooperatives, family farms and community stores with the councils of good government providing low-interest loans, free education, radio stations and health-care to communities. The economy is largely self-reliant and agricultural, producing mainly corn, beans, coffee, bananas, sugar, cattle, chickens, pigs and clothing at cooperatives.[18] The communities have abolished private (but not personal) ownership of property and instituted a system of common ownership of land, and they sell over $44 million worth of goods to international markets each year. Given the collective ownership of land and system of participatory democracy, hunger and violence are extremely low compared to other impoverished Mexican communities.[19]

How in the fucking hell did you come to the conclusion that this is centralized? are you just intentionally lying or do you not know how to read?

>After the death of Francisco Franco and Massacre of the Piazza Fontana, there was a significant period of national political debate leading to the rise of libertarian socialism in the region.[4] As such, anarchist organisers in the region have successfully created a 'Municipal Federation of the Base' (FMB) in 1992 as a dual power alternative to the local government. The system is run via a participatory democracy and people are able to directly influence the decisions made about their lives. The FMB has also raised funds for and supported the development of local worker cooperatives and trade unions.[5]

Where is the centralization here? Oh right, liberals are too dumb to read.

>The CIPO-RFM has organised around twenty-six rural communities into small anarchist communities where common ownership and participatory democracy are practiced[3]. If a village expresses interest in the group a delegate from the CIPO-RFM comes to the village and explains how they work before it is put to a vote.[2] In an effort to protect the local environment, the CIPO-RFM has engaged in the sabotage and direct action against wind farms, shrimp farms, eucalyptus plantations and the timber industry. They have also set up corn and coffee worker cooperatives and built schools and hospitals to help the local populations. They have also created a network of autonomous community radio stations to educate people about dangers to the environment and inform the surrounding communities about new industrial projects that would destroy more land. In 2001, the CIPO-RFM defeated the construction of a highway that was part of Plan Puebla Panama. During the Zapatista rebellion of 1994, they shut down transportation lines to slow down the movement of troops, and they also blocked highways and shut down government offices to support the 2006 rebellion throughout Oaxaca.[3][4]

No centralization here either, it was as a described in my previous fucking post a FLUID DEMOCRACY YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER.

>For a former diplomat like me, I found it confusing: I kept looking for a hierarchy, the singular leader, or signs of a government line, when, in fact, there was none; there were just groups. There was none of that stifling obedience to the party, or the obsequious deference to the "big man"—a form of government all too evident just across the borders, in Turkey to the north, and the Kurdish regional government of Iraq to the south. The confident assertiveness of young people was striking

This is from the Rojava article which is actually pretty bad and innacurate. It says that Abdullah Öcalan was the leader, but he has been IN FUCKING PRISON FOR A DECADE and holds no real power. The documentary I linked you in the previous post shows that the real power lies in the communities through federations of localities that are essentially highly decentralized fluid democracies, not fucking centralized democracies.



The autonomous administration is supporting efforts for workers to form cooperatives, such as this sewing cooperative in Derik.

The autonomous region is ruled by a coalition which bases its policy ambitions to a large extent on the libertarian socialist ideology of Abdullah Öcalan and have been described as pursuing a model of economy that blends co-operative and private enterprise.[206] In 2012, the PYD launched what it called the "Social Economy Plan", later renamed the "People's Economy Plan" (PEP).[207] Private property and entrepreneurship are protected under the principle of "ownership by use". Dr. Dara Kurdaxi, a regional official, has stated: "The method in Rojava is not so much against private property, but rather has the goal of putting private property in the service of all the peoples who live in Rojava."[208] Communes and co-operatives have been established to provide essentials.[209] Co-operatives account for a large proportion of agricultural production and are active in construction, factories, energy production, livestock, pistachio and roasted seeds, and public markets.[206] Several hundred instances of collective farming have occurred across towns and villages in the region, with communes consisting of approximately 20–35 people.[210] According to the region's "Ministry of Economics", approximately three-quarters of all property has been placed under community ownership and a third of production has been transferred to direct management by workers' councils.[211]

75% of production is non-capitalist, socially owned by the community property that operates by use rights, and even the small minority of capitalist property operates by use rights. I never said it was a purely perfect society by the way, rojava has made mistakes just like literally every society on earth, but they are moving the right direction and are for the most part egalitarian you fucking moron, not centralized.

> The first kibbutzniks hoped to be more than farmers. They sought to create a new type of society where all would be equal and free from exploitation. Kibbutz members were not classic Marxists though their system partially resembled Communism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both shared a disdain for conventional formulations of the nation state and Leninists were hostile to Zionism. Nevertheless, in the late 1930s, two kibbutz leaders, Tabenkin and Yaari, initially attracted to anarchist ideas,[24] pushed their movements to reverence of Stalin's dictatorship and of Stalin whom many called Shemesh HaAmim ("The Sun of the Nations").

>The principle of equality was taken extremely seriously up until the 1970s. Kibbutzniks did not individually own tools, or even clothing. Gifts and income received from outside were turned over to the common treasury. If a member received a gift in services—like a visit to a relative or a trip abroad paid for by a parent—there could be arguments at members' meetings about the propriety of accepting such a gift.[26] Up until recently, members ate meals together in the communal dining hall. This was seen as an important aspect of communal life.

>The era of independent Israel kibbutzim attracted interest from sociologists and psychologists who attempted to answer the question: What are the effects of life without private property? What are the effects of life being brought up apart from one's parents? Bettelheim suggested that the lack of private property was the cause of the lack of emotions in kibbutzniks. He wrote, "nowhere more than in the kibbutz did I realize the degree to which private property, in the deep layers of the mind, relates to private emotions. If one is absent, the other tends to be absent as well". (See primitivism and primitive communism for a general discussion of these concepts).

> That was the year that residents, most of them indigenous and poor, waged an insurrection and declared self-rule in hopes of ridding themselves of the ills that plague so much of Mexico: raging violence, corrupt politicians, a toothless justice system and gangs that have expanded from drug smuggling to extortion, kidnapping and illegal logging.“To defend ourselves," explained a community leader, "we had to change the whole system — out with the political parties, out with City Hall, out with the police and everything. We had to organize our own way of living to survive”[5]. Thus, on April 15, 2011 a group of succubi and men using rocks and fireworks attacked a busload of illegal loggers associated with the Mexican drug cartel La Familia Michoacana and armed with machine guns. The vigilantes assumed control over the town, expelled the police force and politicians and blocked roads leading to oak forest on a nearby mountain which had been subject to illegal logging by armed gangs supported by corrupt officials.[6][7][8]The new autonomous government is composed of councils elected directly by the people.Community policing has been extended to twenty-thousand inhabitants, and over 27,000 hectares of communal land.[8] Neighborhood watch members partol both the town and the surrounding forests.[9]The Constitution of Mexico permits self government and self-policing by indigenous communities.[10] Following lengthy legal battles, the Mexican government is treating autonomous Cherán as a legal self-governing indigenous community.[6][9] "In Cherán’s unique form of government, the real power lies wholly with the people. There is not a single decision taken without consensus, from who will get a local job in construction, to the allocation of public services and overseeing the spending of the budget. The authority of the community’s assembly is above any other local governmental body."[2]

You're a real fucking dumbass that has no reading comprehension.


Get back in containment thread you retarded narc, its actually incredible how oblivious you are in your misinterpretation so I think you might be legitimately schizophrenic.


>some groups only remained in power for 2 months

Are you referring to the Paris Commune?

I didn't mean to link that one actually because this was a very special case. The Paris commune existed the entire time under siege from the govermnent of France and were eventually outgunned by them, so they could not operate like how a normal country would. Here is a better reading on them to understand their peculiar situation https://robertgraham.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/bakunin-the-paris-commune-1871/ . A country under war can't operate normally because they are too consumed with defending their lives.

>I'm misinterpreting :^)

what have I misinterpreted?


What the flying fuck happened to this thread?
I go to sleep and wake up and some posibly littrally insane commie has spammed the thread to death with unrelated political bullshit.

This thread isn't about fucking arguing about communism you fucking nutcase. Fuck all the way off back to the political thread.


I agree, don't give a single fuck about politics, just wanted a comfy homeless thread


I'm starting to wonder if homelessness is superior to living with these disgusting people (My family).


why not be homeless in rural areas near state parks? Just haunt a small county seat by day to handle errands, retreating to the outskirts of the woods to sleep at night. Every couple of days you'd just move camp. After a couple of months, grab a train to move over a state and anchor to a similar settlement.


During the cooler months it's alright, but in the summer/spring you have to deal with mosquitos, chiggers, ticks etc


I forgot about the bugs. Especially the ticks would be a nightmare. I guess it would be a good idea to stay out of lyme areas late spring to autumn. A fire could keep the mosquitos at bay, but wouldn't always be an option due to weather and need for stealth. I know nothing of chiggers.


I think it's smart to get away from the cities most of the time. Amenities exist in the city, jobs and foodbanks and shit like that, but you have to deal with other homeless people. Other homeless people (and the police) are your biggest problem.

I'm going to stay in the suburban/rural north during the summer if I get kicked out again. Other people are a fucking nightmare


I dunno about the suburbs but Rural cops treat homeless people like garbage and will actively do anything and everything to run people out of town. Most rural people will do fuck all to help you either. Believe me ive lived both rural and in the city and rural people are in no way actually nicer. They are more polite at best but its all two faced. The only reason it seems like they are nicer is because there are so many people in the city that at any given time you will likely see an asshole standing out while the nice people you don't notice just because there are so many people you can't keep track of the ones minding their own business and not standing out, but in the end I believe the ratios of assholes per capita are roughly the same. The cops might be more tolerant in the more depressed rural towns that are nothing but trailers and meth labs but then your just going to be around a bunch of poor homeless people like in the city. Likewise if you can work jobs in the country are non existent for the most part. You might be able to pick fruits for peanuts and be treated like an illegal alien in an Agriculture town.


I'm sorry but are you a normie?


There are less people in rural areas, ergo, less people to deal with. Easier to camp out and avoid society.


I'm really curious on how you think I'm a normie from that comment. Please explain.


Using the word loser in that manner gives the sense that you think you are not one, ergo you’re a normalfag.


I'm not ashamed of calling myself a loser.


Cargo trailer seems like a good option. Costs around 2000 bucks. Just rent a truck for a day to tow it someplace and live out of it. Use an ebike to get around.


Can someone redpill me on rescue mission and other light shelter programs


You can get a actual small camper trailer for around $2000 on the used market, and unless you actually have a truck or good place you are explicitly allowed to park it really isn't a good long term option.

You would be better off renting a room somewhere if you had that kind of cash.


>renting a room

What? Rooms here are like $800-1200 a month. You gonna get 2-3 months of rent instead of a car you can always live out of?


Depends a bit on where you are but in many places the biggest issue with living in a vehicle or mobile home of any sort is precisely finding somewhere to park it for any longer period of time.
There's more people than ever around, most land is owned by someone and of course they're going to get inconvenienced and creeped out of someone camps out on their land. It's a bit as if modern society with all its conveniences has made homelessness plenty more difficult than it was in the past when there was squatters rights and people more scarce.


However, never to be born, is still the best


A good test to see if you are larping is to count the amount of time's you talk about killing yourself.

It's a coping mechanism to avoid the fact


Big LARP there son, you think this is 1853 or something?

Gonna go innawoods too?


1. You have to buy gas
2. You have to do maintenance
3. You have to keep it "road worthy" for the cunts in the government (at least here in Europe its annually)
4. You are subject to harassment from the police
5. No running water
6. No electricity
7. A used car wont serve you long under such wear
8. New, spacious cars will cost you anything between 50k and 100k
9. How are you going to register all this without an address?
10. How do you want to receive letters?
11. Where are you going to park? Excpect a cop to knock on your windows if you sleep on a public lot
This living out of a car meme has been going on for years and its still ridiculous and nobody mature enough to post here would consider it, stupid wizkikds and your fantasies. nooo my parents want to go to college and will pay the rent I am going homeless ;_;


The reason why people are so quick to shut that shit down is due to people abusing the fuck out of squatters rights laws in certain places and it causing horror stories that got super sensationalized.
Now if you park in someones back lot in the wrong part of the country they are likely to just shoot first and call the cops later, because if they don't drive you off they are worried you will try to more or less claim their land.


I guess only first world McDonalds has free soda refill.


some people do this, but jails have been getting evacuated iirc. a jail is usually just the place you're put before you get sent to prison. prison is really bad though.


A car has much lower maintenance than a fucking room. Is this a joke?


Yeah, McDonalds has prestige in third world as in it costs too much for the average person to eat regularly so free refills aren't part of the appeal there.


You cant live out of a car you fucking moron, and yes, it might just turn out to be more expensive than a wizcave.


But you can.


What are you talking about? Why are you so upset about this idea. I've seen some other of your posts and you seem like Van living is your trigger.

Tens of thousands of americans live out of their cars. Maybe hundreds of thousands


>it might just turn out to be more expensive than a wizcave.

No, you're making shit up. Leave the thread. This is about homeless living, Not your tirades.


Homeless living, not your delusional, naive fantasies you will never go through with anyway.
Fuck you.


But I've lived out of a car before.


How long?


Around a month.


File: 1586657837612.png (120 KB, 387x357, 129:119, 1500712074740.png) ImgOps iqdb

Best nutritious foods to buy without needing a refrigerator?




Canned beans mixed with whey + multivitamin & probiotic
Potatoes, apples, onions, cabbage, and canned anything will last long enough at room temperature to hide out for a few weeks

Needs refrigeration and is expensive and gay and dumb


I have a greencard should I move to the US with no qualifications


The idea with a trailer is you don't own a car. You rent one for a day to tow the trailer to a hidden spot where no one can find you. Also in America and Canada you can camp on public land legally for 2-3 weeks at a time before having to move to a new location a certain distance away (usually 5-20km). Living out of a car isn't really a good idea because you need a permanent address for a driver's license, insurance and registration. You don't need any of that crap for a trailer. Just buy a trailer and rent a car for a day to tow it somewhere. A 6'x12' trailer can be had for around $2000 bucks and a 5'x8' trailer is about $600, but you'll need to buy some materials to build it out to a comfortable level as well.


Being a homebum is hell, it is miserable as fuck, stay a NEET if you can. But the homeless vagrant lifestyle (not the homebum lifestyle) is not bad at all and can feel rewarding (as if you were on an epic adventure in a videogame, your own odyssey) as long as:

1. You like adventure. Because every day will be different. Every day will be a struggle to find food/water, a place to take a shit, a safe place to sleep out of sight, outlet to charge your devices, etc.

2. You are fit. Especially cardio fit because you will be doing lots of walking and carrying a backpack that gets heavier the more you carry it. Also it helps to be strong to deter any potential attackers or if you are attacked you can defend yourself. If you aren't fit, you will suffer until your body becomes accustomed to the life.

3. You have money. Like everything else in life, you need MONEY. Not having money is stressful as fuck. You don't need lots of money, but you do need money. I would say at least enough for a trip back home from wherever you are at. If you have no money saved up or an income stream, you can't be a vagabond, your only option is to homebum in cities like New York where there are tons of charities that feed the homeless three times a day and such (but you will have to battle the hordes of other homebums and survive the harsh weather months).

4. You have a place to go. Your breeders/relatives will let you return home or stay over, to catch a break from being homeless. Being out there for lengthy periods of time is not healthy.

Those are my four points on being a vagabond. I don't recommend any wiz be a homebum. It sucks ass. It's boring as fuck. I'd rather wageslave 8 hours a day and get the few stress-free hours after work than be a homebum stressed out 100% of the time. I also don't recommend any wiz be vehicle homeless (like in a car, van, or camper) unless you have a reliable vehicle AND you have mechanical skills to fix your own shit.


Can anyone recommend transitional housing or other group home type programs ? I am in California and a disabled neet and don't want to go homeless

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