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This is a thread dedicated to a queer position I rarely see discussed even here: are there any 5+ year long NEETs who have been jolted out of that position? I'm currently a 25 year old undergraduate because my parents wanted me to do *something*, thankfully I'm studying a cushy humanities degree, but are there any other early to mid twenties people who were long term NEETs that had to find theirselves doing something?


My parents made me study accounting in a meme online college. I passed the first year but this year I might fail since I have no interest in the material and hate studying.
I'm 30yo


im 29 and and have not had a job since 23 due to mental illness. i on impulse applied for a night position as a janitor at a local hospital. was offered a job but backed out last minute.

i don't really want the job, I don't really want a job a general. but first and foremost I probably should not even bother trying due to psychiatric problems. long term I just can't keep it together.


What mental illness do you have, wiz?


Yeah 37 here and been neet since 20. Learning to program to try and escape. I think my odds of making it are poor at best but this is my last shot now. I refuse to work dead end service industry jobs that pay so little I may as well just go homeless.

On the brighter side I am enjoying learning it.


schizo affective disorder. it's a hellish mix of manic depression and schizophrenia


Once you are in, you're in for life



shared my story on here before. Was a Neet for 8 and a half years. My parents got sick of my shit, and told me there wont be a year 10, get a full time job or go be homeless. SO, i had to go back to work, not sure what was worse , looking for jobs or getting one.

Every meme stereotype about being a shy ugly crab waggie is true. I usually feel like KMS every day, and i just sit there thinking all the opportunities i blew off to get rich over the years, where i could of been retired, instead im stuck working like this til i die.


what kind of job you working anyway wizkid



i talk to demons in hell,

they also call it a phone room


My current situation is the following:
>still live with single mother
>no talents and no skills
>no job experience at all; never had a job
>no social contacts at all neither in rl nor online (except for mother and sister)
>I am schizoid
>I have atypical facial pain
>I always feel tired and destroyed

Everyday I hear what an unseless idiot I am and that I should finally find a job.

As I see it my options are:
>continue to suffer
>kill myself
>something elese, but I don't know what


Become a drifter


>Once you are in, you're in for life
>Once you are in, you're in for life
This thread is dedicated to those who unfortunately aren't, whether it be a change in parental temprament, financial situation, or something else. It's one of the worst positions to be in, you're forced out of a life of relative comfort and there is a wretched penumbra of insecurity surrounding you as you are surrounded by people younger and happier than you will ever be.


I am from Europe. Being a drifter would have been an option before the refugee crisis, but now it is apparently a nightmare.

The only other option would be tenting in the wilderness. I was unable to survive in an first world country with all luxuries and technologies. I highly doubt that I could survive on my own. Maybe it would work out in summer but in winter I am hoplessly doomed.


You're still in though, that's the most painful part, you can no longer adapt to the outside and inside constantly struggle with the dissonance for the rest of your days


I've been a NEET since 2013. Years of social isolation has left me so dysfunctional I can't ever imagine having a job or going back into society now, I'd need a lot of rehabilitation to manage it. I'll probably end up homeless when my parents die.



I'm the same way I cannot function in society because of the years of social isolation


File: 1579819718813.jpg (135.22 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1436481231099.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was a NEET for exactly 5 years after dropping out of college.
I got my first job 3 years ago and while it was kinda refreshing at first, it quickly got old and now it's just suffocating. I was one of the top performers in the first 2 years but now I slid back to my old lazy NEET habits.
The feeling of having to wake up at a certain hour, get out of bed and go somewhere / do something is what I loathe the most.


I also didn't last more than 3 years in my first job. I dread looking for the next one.


I'm still working there, but I wouldn't be surprised if I got fired this year. I'm at the point where I willfully neglect my basic responsibilities, it's just a matter of time before my boss finds out.



This is about where i am. Everyday i just sit there wanting to KMS. I hate my commute, i hate my building, i hate my co workers, i hate my bosses all 100+ of them, i hate the fuck knuckles i have to tlak to that try to get me fired all day, and then repeat.

I just sit there and re repeat in my head. Why didnt i learn investing from my relatives who were geniuses at it in the late 1990s. Why didnt i put money in apple or amazon in the mid 1990s. Why didnt i put money into crypto currency BS in the late 2000's. So hear i sit. I was once a nice comfortable NEET, now my fate is to be tortured in this hell. I run like a rat through this hell, the option if i fail is homelessness. If i hadnt been a lazy fuck 20 years ago i d be rich right now, forver Neet, on my own.


what do they do to get you fired?



Let me speak to your manager!


Do you have any investments at the time? If so which ones? Or lets say you would have 100k in which stocks would you invest now?


It happened to me too. I made it less than 2 years for my longest time slaving. Like anon said, it was refreshing at first but then it got old, then it became suffocating. Just save up money and quit, coast for as long as possible and then get another job.



i'd invest in a time machine, so i could go back 30 years and fix my hellish fucking life.


how would you fix?


For what reason do they give to speak to the manager?


tbh, the groids that tell you work is good for your mental health are insane.



cause normie cunts like to fuck with poor people with shit jobs.


i have a whole elaborate time travel fantasy daydream/ that is kind of sort of a plan. i'll try to post it later


File: 1580174250796.png (186.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, pqugv6ptr9bar2kmt4ac.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I always feel tired and destroyed
remove the (((carbs))) from your diet and your metabolism will get fixed in few days
and since you're free all day start jogging
i can't help you with the rest cause idk your situation irl but those 2 tips helped me a lot


>tbh, the groids that tell you work is good for your mental health are insane.
I fell for this meme. Work a menial-ish job in electronics manufacturing. It's shit. I like working but only when I can focus on my task and be left the fuck alone. Not on a production floor surrounded by normies. I quit being a NEET because it made me hate myself for being a leech. To be clear I don't hate other NEETs I just hated myself for leeching off of my dad cause he deserves better than a shitty son. Now I am trying to maybe go back to school as my job has tuition assist, maybe I can get a work from home job.


I did that since September 2019. All I eat is fish, meat and vegetables. I am not jogging but I have a hometrainer. Ever since then my situation improved slightly, but actually I still feel tired and destroyed. The only thing that I haven't tried is sunlight. I hate it to leave the house and I haven't seen the sun since November or so.

But thanks for your advice anyway.


>i have a whole elaborate time travel fantasy daydream

Can you post this now?


I tried doing that but I was hungry all the time and I had diarrhea everyday


I was neet until 22, ended up going back to school and worked garbage entry level jobs for 3 years altogether. Earlier this year I got a still entry level but much better job. I get to pretend to neet kind of since I mostly work remotely. It's still not the same but it feels ok for now.


I was a neet for close to five years in my mid-twenties after dropping out of college.

I enlisted in the military to break though neet-dom. Now I'm about to become a cop.


31 here, had some jobs here and there but nothing that lasted more than a few months.


File: 1581683316811.jpg (27.11 KB, 448x328, 56:41, unhommequidort.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 27 and have been NEET 8 years. Trying for the bux now if it don't pan out i'll be forced to work.


*Never posted
>>164118 Please share it wizzie if you ever come back and see this thread. One of the best parts of wizchan are the schizoidic fantasy realms the posters create. I've got my own.


File: 1581777006716.jpg (27.42 KB, 427x466, 427:466, the offer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sorry been busy. And wasnt sure how to write this out, so will put it in short story mode.

Part 1: The Offer.

The Alarm goes off. Looking at the clock, it's 5:30 am, on the dull dirty alarm clock. Get up to shut it off.

Standing there in the dark cold room.
"Oh Boy" he thought to himself. "Another Day of fun fun funnnnnnnnn in the Hell center."
Turn on the computer, 15 minutes to to glance at the usual sites. 10 minutes to get ready. Back out to the dark and the cold. Usual demons on the toll roads, trying to kill each other with their cars to arrive a minute or two earlier than the other guy. "i probably almost die 20 times a week on here"

Long cold walk to the building. Security guy Grimaces as i walk in, and then looks away so he doesnt have to bother with saying hello or anything that would be considered friendly.

Into the dreary desks to begin to make hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of calls.

I could write what the day is like but it looks something like this, and every day is exactly the same so there is no point in elaboration:


heading home, rinse repeat of the morning routine.

"oh Yea, better check the mail. Why do we have these trailer park mail boxes again?"

checking the mail in the car. "Bill Bill Bill Bill" reading out loud "To our friend at such and such address" (bursts out laughing) Just some random marketing trying to sell me another thing i will never be able to afford.

And Then . . . . . . . .

It fell out, between the other useless junk and garbage. An envelope addressed from THAT Company, that everyone has heard of , that everyone uses. "huh they send mail now?" "The fuck is this?" thinking to himself. "Oh yea, i applied for the warehouse position, probably want me to re apply or something"

fumbling opening it up out of curiosity.


Dear Mr. Anon,

I've been watching you for sometime now. Your talents and abilities i think could be a great addition to a project that we are working on here. Please contact me immediately about the position I have available for you.

Signed Sincerely

Mr. Famous Name

local number in the down town.

Ok, who ever pranked me with this one. it is SO ON. half tempted to just crumple it up right there. But, want to call the number just for a laugh and see how far they want to carry this prank.

Stuffs folded envelope into shirt pocket.

Rinse and Repeat of Another work Day.

12:30: "time for my 10 minute lunch break" "Oh Yea, the letter, this should be good, bet its to a strip club or something"

dials the local number.

"MR FAMOUS NAMES OFFICE" The serious person on the other end of the phone said. "is this a recording?" he asked.

"NO THIS IS NOT A RECORDING" the person said. "Can I help you!?"

"uh uh uhhhh im Mr. Anon."

"Oh!! Mr. Anon! Mr. Famous Name has been waiting to hear from you! Can you get in here in an hour?"

"uhhh uhhhh im uhh at work though." Looking around the dreary empty hallway. Have to be back at my desk in 5 minutes or i get yelled at.

"No Mr Anon. Mr Famous Name NEEDS TO Meet with you today!" the person on the other end isnt use to hearing no or not getting their way.

"Uh Ok fine, i will be there later today i guess"

what the hell, he thought. Mr. Hell Center Boss, uhhh im sick, i need to leave. The Hell Center Boss: usual angry expression, angry grimacing. "FINE , guess you can make up the work volume tomorrow and stay late"

heading for the downtown, well this should be good for a laugh i guess or a funny stor,


weidly similar but i started out as military, dropped out, neeted, then did college but for my brother online


File: 1581819834923.jpg (27.42 KB, 604x476, 151:119, 347274474372742.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was NEET for like 5-6 years after graduating university. Part of that was due to my own laziness & indecision in looking for work, part due to the economic downturn of the late 2000s. Eventually due to a family move & me being unable to continue in the trajectory I was in at the time I had to look for a way out of the situation. Did a free technical training course which was being offered in my city & that enabled me to secure a basic tech job at a fairly livable wage. Now I just wageslave and save as much money as I'm able, since I have no one to rely on but myself at this point. Luckily due to my overall frugality and years of cheap NEET living, I'm used on subsisting on the barest of essentials and thus I'm able to save away a decent amount from my salary. I mostly work the late night shift and thus I don't have to interact with people too much.


Why will you be forced to work after all that time? Un Homme Qui Dort is a great film too

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