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What to do if you truly lose hope? Is it possible to regain, and if it is, did you lose it in the first place?
Are there any ways to "train" being hopeful? Even if deep down you know you're deluding yourself or try to come up with coping mechanisms?
Religion doesn't seem to do the trick anymore. When entire reality seems like hell, you have a hard time wishing for an afterlife.


What keeps someone going is a purpose to fulfill. It can be selfish or generous, bad or good, doesn't matter. Even if you feel like shit you try your best to do it. You can always just commit suicide if you have no hope or something. This world is fucked beyond redemption I think. There is no reason to go one more day if you have no purpose to live for.


Hope for what? What are you hoping for? Can't answer your question if you don't tell us what you're hoping for. One can hope for infinite things. It could be anything. So next time make it specific.


In a word with no meaning, you can make your own meaning, as long as it make you happy. Do whatever you want in order to enjoy yourself depending on your abilities. I respect serial killers for being honest and doing what they truly wanted to do.


For there to be hope there needs to be some comfort too, stability somewhere to build something of your own off of. I like to compare no hope to the feeling of being outside on a freezing cold day when you aren't feeling your best to put up with it. You're completely enveloped in hell, the very air itself brings pain with the slightest push. There is no room for anything else but dysfunction in the presence of the constant unfeeling force of nature save for dissociation from the overload and by then there's just vague comfort and some dreams. I think all anyone ever actually does is cope and take cover from the hopeless lonely danger of the elements. People have hope on their future because it'll eventually bring them more pleasure and possibilities. The possibilities bring man closer to the eternal bliss that is experienced with pure consciousness outside of the physical experience. The goal may just to achieve flow besides it and occasionally experience it through experience to remember and keep experiencing because it just makes sense to experience more with hope and possibilities. I have had one out of body experience and I didn't want to leave that place but got sent back to earth anyways to finish this up. Since then that's what backs my reasoning to keep going often now as long as I'm not constantly in hell which honestly isn't a constant. You state of consciousness is always changing but the worst makes time feel dilated just as much as the other extreme.


Did you lose the ability of studying?


>What to do if you truly lose hope?
Mostly depends on you. You either keep trying or you don't.


I try not to hope. Once you are hopeless, you live in the moment instead of daydreaming about some imaginary world. Hope just leads to disappointment, but once you give up on hope you can learn to affirm the present.


This is not the thread to get political in any fashion but I will just quickly throw out my opinion that before you decide that the entire reality is a hell on Earth, consider leaving the USA and/or the west in general. I know it's probably impossible for many but this idea gives me motivation to save up resources and work on an escape route. I realize life doesn't get easier on the outside I just think that American is presently enveloped in an especially toxic, depressing bubble. It doesn't have to be like this, and in many places it isn't.


>truly lose hope
you won't be writing this crap and attaching crappy pics, you don't know shit about it, kid


>What to do if you truly lose hope?
I replaced it with stoicism and zen teachings of just dealing with it and accepting the things I have no control of as they are.
Hope is not just unnecessary, but actually quite painful and counterproductive at times.
Move past hope and cultivate the mental strength and adaptability to handle whatever happens good or bad.
Such a mindset has changed every aspect of my life and got me through some of the worst and hardest events of my life with me coming out the other end better for it rather then have the hardship break me.
All because I discarded hope and replaced it with something better.

If stoicism and zen doesn't fit you then maybe look into existentialism or objectivism. Those philosophies work well too.
Ignore non-fuctional philosophies that deny personal agency.


Good question, but the fact you never replied to anyone plus that cringeimage shows your wizkid tendencies

Hope is a false dichotomy, but you already knew that

You build your understanding of life around what you experience, then go from there, see the Stoics and the Jains for more on this


Hope is delusion, a lie.
You need to regain your inner peace, not hope.


I think people often conflate having hope, with having a plan to get where you want to be in life. If you just sit there hoping, nothing will happen. Setting a goal for what you want, planning a way of getting there, and enacting that plan is an action. That action may fail, but it's the only way you're going to get what you hope for.


Yeah, the thing is though life is more like an arcade game than a PC. You don' get an infinite amount of tries. You have to pay and both your mental and monetary inventory deplete each time you fail.


It's one thing too know you will fail at life, and a whole other thing to go through it. Especially if you just spent a decade locked in your bedroom. They should all fuck off back to wherever. I'm sure this place will still be for them here later.

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