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Does anyone have any advice on fantasy world creation?

I'm getting into visualisation, drawing and character writing, but i'm more talking about literally living in a fantasy world of your own creation.

It's my hope that in the future my four walls will be covered in imagery from this fantasy world i create and i won't know the difference any longer between the outside world and my imagination.


I can't really articulate any advice right now but a thing I found useful was having objects as well as writings/images. I have a small narrative that is related to my mood swings around being a wizard who was cursed to randomly shift to other dimensions, each of my mood swings being a different world since everything feels different int it. So I have a very crude fantasy world with a story of who I am in that world. I have an object that relates to that though I always wear, a small compass around my neck to remind me that this mood isn't my home and I will shift to another dimension ( mood ) soon. When I see it I'm reminded of the fantasy narrative enough for it to be useful.

I have found that even though I haven't totally shifted over to a fiction yet having the object reminds me of it often, reframing my life in that fantasy world. I suppose I use mine quite tightly linked to my life in a metaphorical sense, I imagine social interaction in terms of other people casting fireballs at me and so on. That probably makes it less escapism but possibly easier to integrate in to life, easier to replace reality with a fictional overlay. I think researching the basics of narrative therapy theory can be useful, that we understand our selves and experiences through stories and narrations of our life.


I'd like to be able to do that, my writing sucks and I can't draw for shit, although I guess the mouse is ill-suited for it and I'd need a graphic tablet.
>It's my hope that in the future my four walls will be covered in imagery from this fantasy world i create and i won't know the difference any longer between the outside world and my imagination.
How I made myself feel I'm in a fantasy world:
I was walking on the street in a december day, and I got myself thinking it was only august and it was such a nice warm day. You see, I was picturing a very cold fantasy world.


These are the types of threads I can't relate to, I don't know if they're serious or just to provide a conversation, if there was an option to live in a fantasy world in your mind I'm sure a lot of peolle would optfor but sadly most of us must not be aware of that option


>don't know if they're serious or just to provide a conversation
>sadly most of us must not be aware of that option

Yeah you answered your own question

Of course i'm serious, sorry you can't ""relate""

The power of the imagination is one of sciences next great discoveries and it's my hypothesis that much of a wizards power comes from isolation and and imagined fantasy world that comes into being


drawing is only good for hentai. I'd keep trying to write though, just save a personal journal you can write in every so often (just about your life and thoughts). Overtime you'll begin to see you write more the better you get, and then before you know it you'll be writing stories you can be proud of. Of course don't think you won't have any bad ones either. Just remember to keep trying because it's a story, you can fix it all you want without ruining the end product. A tip of mine is to start with writing scripts before stories. You can write them on this site called celtx, it's free for one project at a time and it makes it real easy to write in the format of a script. Make this world you desire wiz!


File: 1580689722525.png (701.19 KB, 618x618, 1:1, 1578123233856.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well, that really depends on what and how exactly you aim to achieve. Do you wish to merge your fantasy with real life, or forego real life for the sake of fantasy? These two things can require vastly different approaches to pulling it off.Both are "same-ish" in general, but there are some major key differences between them.

To make your life a fantasy is to intermingle fantasy and real life. Downsides is that you will still include reality, meaning it (fantasy) will have to abide and match up to the reality that you as a cognitive being experience, meaning you won't be immersed in only fantasy, but you will be immersed with your living experience which is sprinkled with fantasy. This one is more of an active approach, since you'll intermingle what you fantasize and actually experience

If you turn your back to your physical existence and disassociate, then it can be the opposite. Mostly fantasy with a bit of reality sprinkled in. If you want the full "getting lost in his own worlds", then this is closer to it, but this is also much closer to a passive/physically vegetative approach.

So if you elaborate, I might be able to throw in my few cents as well.


Thanks man, trying to write scripts sounds like a good idea.


What's the difference between a script and a story?

or is this screenwriting for a play do you mean?


Well for this question, it was most about creating a physical environment that has minimal inputs so that you could overlay a thought-fantasy world on top of it

If you want specifics, then for me it's going to be looking at finding a woodland area and trying to imagine that the whole world is a Tolkien novel with some CS Lewis elements thrown in also.

I'll aim at reducing my contact with people and the outside world, and then build this fantasy through writing, voice notes and downloading musical themes and such, but i'm thinking that there might be mental games that i can play to make is so i really believe it and no longer know what i have created, but instead it then becomes self creating, if this makes sense.

The internet probably wont be able to play a role here since i would be able to search something and break the illusion


File: 1589296480330.jpeg (80.24 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 65246FD0-96AC-4776-A9FD-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

A good place to start is with dissociatives like DXM.

This stuff will whack you out of your mind:

If you’re not willing to go to extreme measures to escape reality, then I question your commitment.


I used to do this when I was a kid. it involved a lot of creative visualization but like anything it takes practice to get 'good' at


Bit is ot pleasant or scary and weird all the time? The only psys Ive done are DMT i got from the dnet. I did that around 10 times and it is amazing and gives you a glimpse of other worlds. The only reason I chose DMT over other psys is the small duration. I was scared to get shrooms or LSD because of the duration. I now know that I can use benzos if I get spooky stuff on a trip. Anyway, I might try DXM some day. Seems a fun otherworldly experience.


I usually just lie in bed with my eyes closed and start to see what my mind does, not controlling it too much at first and then trying to "keep" whatever interests me and gently push more towards that direction. For example, when I do this, my brain usually just flashes garbage that happened during the day, and I have to wait until a desert comes along, a forest or a cave, whatever place that looks interesting enough for expansion, and I gently bend towards that. At the edge of this desert there's an abandoned village, it's empty, there's a locked door, etc. It's a very natural, low effort way of doing it and it can surprise you sometimes, which is the whole point for me. My main problem is I don't keep any records. I've tried to write down or draw some stuff before but I always give up so every time I go out to explore with my mind's eye it's a reset world and I start from pretty much zero. A few things keep coming back like a tower and a wizard with yellow robes and a wood sword but it never really gets anywhere because I'm not actively trying to make it consistent.

One thing that I tried to do was record myself saying whatever was going on inside my head but that pretty much destroys and railroad the whole thing down for some reason.


File: 1595132733587.png (783.56 KB, 1487x891, 1487:891, escaping_macalavay_21317_c….png) ImgOps iqdb

I spent around 16 years creating a "fantasy world" from around age 7 when I began to imagine small objects as spaceships attacking my school which was a massive sci-fi fortress, and the playground around it the nations allied to destroy it. Began to imagine a war on a massive scale between two races called "whos" and "lice" which were the stupid names I came up with at the time. Had characters, Peter and Emily, whose son Orion eventually took over as the main character. I eventually stopped imagining it when I had Orion die, then his children succeed him to continue the generational cycle, then I didn't like having his kids as main characters and didn't identify with his son as an alter ego like I did with Orion (who had my looks and even the same freckle pattern). In fact maybe moreso I did with his daughter who was like Alia in Dune a bit. But I eventually decided she should resurrect Orion so she did so using an ancient nanotech device. After this happened in my imagination during a trip, I felt numb for several hours. Once something "happened" in the story, it had happened and couldn't be undone. It's hard to explain why this is. So now I had had Orion resurrected through some bullshit and the whole story felt like a hack. And now I had Orion, his two children, his mentor and his mentor's daughter as main characters. Too many to juggle. the continuity of the narrative had been disrupted. So I slowly stopped imagining it. Now I am a full time wagefuck who sleeps 5 hours a night and I barely have enough energy for anything let alone the depth of mind it took me to imagine this.

Anyway my suggestion is that while you can become lost in this sort of fantasy world, make sure it is not limited by normal expectations, do what you want with it, make sure it contains enough wish fulfillment, follow it where it wants to go, even if that is weird. If you're not going to share it then who cares? Make it your fantasy world. A dream world. Whatever. But don't make stupid decisions with it, because if you're like me you will not be able to retcon them. Oh and be prepared to eventually lose interest the way that I did.


this was always fun as a kid. Turning your local surroundings into massive locations for your action figures to explore.


File: 1595283137923.png (824.39 KB, 1580x1178, 790:589, skygun_attack_night.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah it was great. Rocks as fortresses, trees as huge cities miles tall, I imagined one outside my house sitting on a huge deposit of uranium that helped it power its super-shields for years against combined bombardment of thousands of ships if necessary. Imagining radio towers as huge "sky guns" that could fire nukes to the edge of the atmosphere and they would slowly fall back down hundreds of thousands of miles away to strike their targets. Imagining cities as mega-cities, billions of inhabitants, industrial structures of unimaginable size and complexity. It really engaged my mind before. Now I barely care. I guess I made some kind cool art, not very good but I like to look at it sometimes.


Can someone explain something to me or at least give advice on doing this specific thing?
>World immersion through visual landscapes
Sometime i get this weird feeling around the back of my head and a heated feeling in my chest that feels like i am connecting with another world.
Whenever i get this feeling, i really want to go outside in the deep woods or something or find a way to enter into this slightly heighten state of being, but to be honest i cant even explain what it is i am feeling, but i know that the 'feeling' can be expanded by thinking about a natural place at dusk or nighttime and floating around the landscape in my head.
What i am looking for is any youtube videos or such (even a short story maybe) that can help these thoughts develop and somehow help increase my ability to connect with nature even thought i am at home.


I think I have had similar feelings but not quite like what you describe. I can't think of any stories to help you but if I think of some I will keep this thread bookmarked.


okay thanks wiz, i appreciate


File: 1596092693946.jpg (6.58 KB, 210x240, 7:8, doomer_sidious.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

These things were the best of my life. You should totally write it.

I didn't really stop mine, yet it got crumbled, influenced by manifestations of my real problems. You know: exterminations, loss of technology, demonic magic everywhere, apocalyptic stances… even the current main character is also a doomer, and lives alone lurking the ruins of what will never be again, and for its own good, would never be again at all.

>>170842 Oh, yes. the shields. Force shields, arcane shields, EM shields… totally destroyed, the basements are all exposed.

Things like "Fel Fire" from WoW and "the Grievous Miracle" from Blasphemous and predominant in my abandoned fantasy worlds, resting in deaf agony inside their now tiny corner of my mind.

I'll let you wonder about what those 2 phenoms can represent. Even the main character is a helpless doomer.


File: 1596142953779.jpg (161.56 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, s-l1600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you for creating this topic. I'm creating a dark low fantasy world in my head but encounter problems with transferring my stories onto paper. Are you using any specific tools and techniques to do it? (apart from those already mentioned in the topic)


Spend some time doing stream-of-consciousness narration to practice forming scenarios into words. Start with the intention of a certain feel of story and just let it happen automatically.


I would very much like to do it and I will probably try it wiz. I think that my worst problems are my wageslaving which kills my creativity on most days and my fear of failure. I will follow your advice though and try to make it automatic.


> You should totally write it.
I did. wrote over 600k words of it but it's all autistic and unpublishable.


Holy shit Who Guy is that really you? Dude I loved watching your videos, art, and stories. They were great. Your stuff was so comfy.


Thanks anon. Makes me sad I ruined it. But I guess all good things come to an end. "Maturity" and "wagecucking" ruin everything.


Isn't that whats always happening though? You imagine a world and you get what you see, but if you're not pleased with it you try for something more. For me, reality looks like shit, I suffer from really bad derealization as a result of stress so everything looks flat and dulled. It all just looks fake to me, and nothing is convincing unless proven otherwise by feeling.

Is reality shit? Yes it is, I know that if I could get proper sleep, expand my mind, then things would look cleaner. But thats not easy to do when you forget how. It can be a very agonizing process. Ive found that the best world is a state of hyper-reality which is like the opposite of depersonalization, its a stage in it where you are able to cope with your environment but extremely sensitive to its stimuli. Eventually it progresses to a numbness where you can no longer deal with reality. You are robbed of its pleasures, and begin to lose yourself within your mind. It becomes a cycle of coping with your inner world to deal with life but just results in a netloss of pleasure.

Video games for instance, I can no longer enjoy them and completely unable to immerse myself in their worlds. Its not because I dont want to, its just I cant take my mind off external stresses that im safe enough to absorb myself into this new world. No matter how hard I try, whatever game, song, film; it never works. You just end up trapped in your shitty reality because your brain is screaming "solve these problems!" But youre too afraid and muddled by that anxiety to face your feelings and whatever might be bothering you. In a way, life can be really awesome, but its only under the condition that you handle it. Else you numb out and have to endure the barrage of shit that comes your way.

Believe me your brain can concoct the most unbelievable shit when pressured to. You just need the right motivation, once you find it, thats the end, and you do the rest.


It's never unpublishable.
Ask once and again until you find some rare editor who values it.

It's what you have and nothing else-.


File: 1605053438737.pdf (1.86 MB, SoW.pdf)

>it's all autistic and unpublishable
Too bad, I'm publishing it.


>each of my mood swings being a different world since everything feels different int it

Is there a medical term for this? Same thing happens to me as well and I've been wondering.


That wizard who sells public domain books on Amazon should try selling these. Maybe who wizard will get a youtube documentary video on his works one day.


Holly hell! They say people are impressed by things they could not do themselves, well damn am I impressed.


File: 1605839281305.jpg (64.75 KB, 960x720, 4:3, example-plushies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i'm schizophernic and this is why i'm a lifelong neet, can't get into real life. i wouldn't wish this on anyone.


your life is more real than real life. "real life" is just the delusion that is being shilled by gangster government and gangster MSM to turn people into nigger cattle.

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