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>People who shame you for being a wizard/neet
>When family stays at your house and disrupt the peace and comfy nature
>When family scold you for being a neet or degrade you
>When your family give you the "Why aren't you sucsessful?" speech
>Getting compared to others who are better than you, basically saying you're not worth shit
>People who act friendly to you, but talk behind your back
>The "You just need some confidence." Pep talk bullshit
>Pep talks in general, it's just someone acting like they're better than you, talking shit to your face
>People who act like the big boss, or act like hotshots
>People who try way too hard to funny
>People who don't wear deodorant or just look like slobs
>People who glare
>People who act like prissy fags all the time
>People who need to constantly entertained or stimulated
>People who act act morally superior
>Trailer trash
>Drug abusers
>Child abusers
>Animal abusers
>Losers, not neet wizard losers, but just scummy assholes and pricks, like that
>Shitty parents
>Pedophilia and retards who advocate for it
>Self loathing crybabies
>Oversensitive people who get offended easily
>Boomers who think they can talk shit to others and get away with it
>The whole "respect your elders" bullshit, unless they actually deserve respect
>Manipulative assholes
>Greedy people
>People who take politics way too seriously and make it their Identity, same with LGBT stuff
>Social Media
>Greentexting on anywhere else but imageboards

That's all I got so far.
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I think people getting pissed off about social distancing is funny.


Whiny people who complain endlessly about petty things and expect others to care.


And masks. I don't claim to know shit about how effective they are, but who the hell cares.


File: 1612309444476.webm (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1606426692032.webm) ImgOps iqdb

they aren't effective at all

I care because it interferes with my quality of life to wear a cuckmuzzle outside everywhere and have cultists threaten me if I take it off for a moment


Like the other wiz said, it's likely not as effective as the average normal thinks. I still wear them for the bare minimum, just the same. If only to not draw attention to myself


dont gotta wear a mask if you dont go outside. i dont even own a mask


>People who use words the other guy obviously doesn't know when explaining stuff, not giving a shit that they won't make themselves understood and only wanting to look smart


Do you have any relevant expertise or are you just guessing? My impression is that is that there's a bunch of scientific debate, but probably leaning towards some plausible (unknown how big) positive effect, since countries are unlikely to have bothered otherwise.

Adding this one:

>People who take sides in scientific debates way above their level of expertise, spamming YouTube videos and the like


that's a good one. perfectly encapsulates the exact thought ive had countless times in the past


>buying expensive brand products when your economic reality doesn't allow it
Thinking that little logo will impress anybody is unlikely considering people don't really look at each other honestly, let alone check the small logo on your Jeans.


how is someone supposed to know if the other person has a limited vocabulary?


>People that don't want to put in the effort to understand specific terminology and want to be spoon-fed non-technical analogies like a five year old

Yes, Jimmy, you see, the cat is somehow BOTH dead and alive at the same time, isn't that swell?


If your point is to make yourself understood when explaining stuff, then it's a sign of incompetence to use words the other guy likely doesn't know. If your point isn't to make yourself understood when explaining stuff, then you're just showing off.

Within my field, I deliberately avoid using word I don't expect the other guy to know when explaining stuff, or explain them, because using them without an explanation would be stupid.


If limited means not likely to be familiar to the other guy, then through intelligence.


How everybody goes apeshit over sportsball. Fuck sportsball. And fuck niggers. Niggers aren't cool.


I agree, and this goes for basically anything considered a sport, including shit like racing and e-sports. I just don't really understand following a team or sportsman. My only exception is the olympics which I'll occasionally check to see which country won what, but that's really more of a political dickwaving competition.


I am sure you have a grasp of what is and isn't cool. 🙄


>luxurious living(buying overly big houses, buying worthless expensive cars, buying yachts)
>gourmet food(spending 40-100 dollars on a meal. wtf is wrong with you?)
>paper books(waste of money in 2021) and people with book shelves(to show how intelligent they are. i hate when so called intellectuals do videos with their bookselves in the back of them. it shows that they are too dumb to pirate their books or download them from gutenberg)
>skateboarders, people with tattooes, and people with expensive hairstyles
>fashion( i hate fashion fags)
>poor people and dysgenic people who have children and then expect society to take care of them via welfare
>single mothers(succubi make bad parents mostly because they can't relate to their kids especially if they are boys. all they care about is buying furniture)
>weak-willed religious fags who don't try to live by the rules of their own religion.you could say they live as atheists but in general they tend to be worse than atheists because atheists tend to be more moral than religious fags who tend to be hypocrites. prisons are full of religious fags
>people who accept conventional wisdom without even questioning it(if all their friends say something is so, they'll just accept it as true. my mom does this all the time. it annoys me)


>>paper books(waste of money in 2021) and people with book shelves(to show how intelligent they are. i hate when so called intellectuals do videos with their bookselves in the back of them. it shows that they are too dumb to pirate their books or download them from gutenberg)

have you considered that money and space might not be an issue for them, and that they would rather own paper books because they find it more convenient than digital ones? it seems like such a strange thing to get upset over. I've stopped buying books if there's a free alternative online, but I'd rather have them on paper you know?

>>gourmet food(spending 40-100 dollars on a meal. wtf is wrong with you?)

meh, again if you have money to burn, who cares. what I would agree with though is the absurdity of the food and culinary obsession in society. like, cooking is now an art form, chefs are everywhere in the media, there's an overabundance of restaurants in every city (screwed over by corona regulations lol) and it's even a matter of national pride now.
i get that cooking is important somewhat but what's with the proportions it has taken?


Agree with a lot of what you said except for the paper book thing, I like to read before bed and computer monitors make me more awake (unlike paper), so I read them with very dim-lights near me


>people who are obsessed with politics and never stop talking about them
>people who get mad when someone else has a different opinion or viewpoint from their's.


People in general. I get pissed just being around people.


I thought people like this only existed in the internet, until my sister brought home a friend of hers. He wouldn't shup up, everything is politics, I've even heard him say some people are fascists because they ate certain foods. I can only imagine what conclusions he drew from me in that half hour we shared a room.


I'm pretty sure those people only exist because they've been indoctrinated by the sensationalist crap on the internet.


Stare at me like I'm entertainment.


They've been groomed since birth with or without the internet. Our cultures are still defined by WW2 almost entirely.


>went to the store to get a soda
>see these two little succubi standing by the entrance (looked about 8 each)
>they see me, they snicker at me and one whispers something into the other's ear
>get my soda quickly, see one of the succubi in the store on the other side getting candy of something
>the other one is still outside, she sees me and gives me a smirk

Goddamn kids, what a bunch of brats.

>this was another encounter that happened in December

>walking around, walk by grocery store
>grocery store has marijuana store next to it
>see these little succubi standing by the door
>one of them says hi to me, I answer back "Hi, merry Christmas"
>fucking bitch turns to other succubus and mocks me saying merry Christmas to her
>this was in front of a bunch of people waiting in line to get into liquor store next to marijuana store
>see their deadbeat dad/guardian exit marijuana store and he walks off with them

Fuck socializing with kids, they're goddamn assholes.


You're a grown man, if you don't want kids to make fun of you, make em afraid of you.


How were you dressed?


Normies often have weak superegos so they act like malicious little shits their whole lives and i feel like losing patience after only a few years of having to deal with them (since joigning the workforce). I'm surprised it's only a few years because it feels like eternity.


How do I do that?

Dressed normally


they're twitterbrains, they get mind broken from all the bullshit on social media


Those kind of people existed far before the internet was even invented.


you wouldn't find them outside a university campus, social media has turned every normie into an "activist"


Their obsession with taking a holiday abroad every year. I think this is one of the things they do in order to convince themselves that life isn't meaningless. Take a polluting flight to a shithole country then spend two weeks holed up in a resort with other tourists, getting drunk on the same beer you have at home, listening to the same shitty music and getting ripped off for souvenirs by the locals. Many normies call it "travel" to persuade others and themselves that it is somehow an enriching experience. Then of course they come back to the office and spend all week loudly bragging about it, as if those who don't want to blow a year's savings on two weeks of the year are somehow unaccomplished.


it's a social status thing in large part, going on regular holidays is considered a traditional middle class flex


I agree with every word


And then they say stuff like "If you haven't traveled you haven't lived"


well it's over now I guess.


It is amazing to think that the global economy collapsed and normies are suffering mental breakdowns in droves all because they weren't allowed to go to the club for a few months. And they're not even in real "isolation" because I know from my work that normies love to have 50 Zoom calls a day, Zoom drinks, Zoom games and whatnot. Funniest of all is that they spend their lives believing the meme that having a family is the only way to make life worth living, then go insane when they're forced to actually spend time together in lockdown.


it's more complicated than that. I don't suffer from the lockdown situations directly since I'm a neet with no social life, but the way things are going and how everyone is going along with it, out of passivity, compliance or both is definitely worrying and anxiety inducing. it's more than merely not being able to go the club the gym or what have you.


Thinking that since they did something and succeeded, then that is the norm and you can do it too. For example, when someone gets job and thinks the interview was easy, so you just have to talk and get the job too! Or when a short guy gets lucky and and finds a gf who accepts his height, he thinks the other short guys are just coping and should try harder.

They don't seem to understand that not all people or results are the same.

This annoys me more than them taking a vacation, because now they are all staying home and flooding the national parks and beaches that I loved to have to myself. The worse is that the ones that gave you that sneering look a couple of years ago when you say you are just camping in the mountains for your vacation are now doing it themselves and making it like a great, life-changing event for them when they brag about it on instazoom.


I've never had the itch to visit another country full of niggers and horrible people, most countries suck dick and are full of shit, I would rather spend my comfy NEETLyfe at home playing videogames and watching anime.


File: 1614331280073.jpg (151.65 KB, 528x900, 44:75, the-old-man-and-death-1863….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>the ones that gave you that sneering look a couple of years ago when you say you are just camping in the mountains for your vacation are now doing it themselves and making it like a great, life-changing event for them when they brag about it on instazoom.
Very true. In a national park near my home, there is a protected and ecologically unique oak woodland which was in pristine condition until thousands of normalfags starting visiting during the lockdown. Now it is in a state of ruin because they stripped all of the moss from the trees to make fucking flower baskets and destroyed the moss and lichen on the ground by lighting fires and disposable barbeques. Normalfags are literally incapable of doing activities that aren't 'interactive' or don't involve some form of consumption, so when they visit a natural site they impulsively destroy and take artefacts from it as souvenirs. The idea of simply walking through the woodland without altering or taking from it does not occur to them. And no doubt every normalshit who visited the place claimed to have "discovered" it when they posted about it on social media.




Won't dox myself any further but yes, you know the location. I love walking through that wood and then over the bleak hills beyond. Looking east towards the road as you walk, you can see the smoke rising from the pub in the distance with no other human settlement in sight. That pub is the one of the few public places I willingly enter: on a quiet day, I like to sit in the corner by the window with a pint and book after my walk. No-one pays me the slightest bit of attention. Unfortunately the whole national park becomes a congested hellhole from the start of April to the end of September as normies flock there with their children for holidays. I generally don't set foot there outside of the autumn and winter months.


reminds me the last time i went foraging. couple of old fucks (not that i have much room to talk) had huge sacks of mushrooms, no doubt just to sell. i just take enough for a few meals. wish i could own a forest and legally shoot people like them.


Normalfags have successfully been conditioned to associate consumption with fulfillment. Taking only what they need, rather than more than can naturally replenish, goes against their instinct.


File: 1614395139951.jpg (697.23 KB, 640x627, 640:627, 2020Harvest.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a secret spot in the woods like a 1.5 hour walk from the nearby road where I leave the car where each year there are heaps of funnel chantarels growing. I take a lot once I go there and dry them on newspapers that way they hardly take any space, but I always leave the mycelium and smaller clusters alone so that each year when I come back the harvest will be just as good. Try to find a place too, far from where they walk. Its hard, but I had the great fortune of having the knowledge of the place passed down from an older relative in exange for me never revealing where it is (and sharing with him of course, which he didnt say but its the right thing).
It saddens me how normgroids have infested foraging and nature to the point where if I want to leave society for a week or so I have to ride hours on a bus up north to be able to be left alone. Their idea of nature is a bug free campsite with drugs, music, sex and roasting some bought sausages and singing kumbaya. They have absolutely no respect for nature and are only there for optics. I saw some succubi had rented a few fishing rods at a lake and one of them had cought a small fish, way too small to eat and of a boney variety. They were all standing around it, no one wanted to take it off the hook so it slowly suffocated with the succubi laughing all around it and taking pictures with it. Then after one cut off the fucking line and threw it back in (with the hook still in) it was already dead, which they realized and instead of feeling remorseful they were joking about it sleeping.


Children fear, like most people, the unknown. Stare them down, they wont do shit after that unless they're insecure and want to show themselves tough to their friend group. I look a fair bit older than I am so I might fit into the scary old man that might be crazy-group so they don't really tease me but I do get looks. Some kids are fine, tought a boy how to get his fishing lure unstuck a few years ago and we got it loose which stuck with me as one of the happiest moments in years

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