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File: 1583570406658.png (430.58 KB, 800x733, 800:733, 1582036019876.png) ImgOps iqdb

 No.165422[Last 50 Posts]

>People who shame you for being a wizard/neet
>When family stays at your house and disrupt the peace and comfy nature
>When family scold you for being a neet or degrade you
>When your family give you the "Why aren't you sucsessful?" speech
>Getting compared to others who are better than you, basically saying you're not worth shit
>People who act friendly to you, but talk behind your back
>The "You just need some confidence." Pep talk bullshit
>Pep talks in general, it's just someone acting like they're better than you, talking shit to your face
>People who act like the big boss, or act like hotshots
>People who try way too hard to funny
>People who don't wear deodorant or just look like slobs
>People who glare
>People who act like prissy fags all the time
>People who need to constantly entertained or stimulated
>People who act act morally superior
>Trailer trash
>Drug abusers
>Child abusers
>Animal abusers
>Losers, not neet wizard losers, but just scummy assholes and pricks, like that
>Shitty parents
>Pedophilia and retards who advocate for it
>Self loathing crybabies
>Oversensitive people who get offended easily
>Boomers who think they can talk shit to others and get away with it
>The whole "respect your elders" bullshit, unless they actually deserve respect
>Manipulative assholes
>Greedy people
>People who take politics way too seriously and make it their Identity, same with LGBT stuff
>Social Media
>Greentexting on anywhere else but imageboards

That's all I got so far.


>People who don't drink RC


OP here, just thought of another one:
>People who take jabs at you for being poor

I had one family member do that to me, fuck off dude, so what if I like cheap hot sauce? So what that all I have is a PS3 and older electronics? Not everyone can afford an Xbox One and the new normie phone that comes out every year, just because you have to pay $100K in income taxes and eat out every single day, you fucking prick?


People who lie.
Dishonest people in general.
Those guys who use terms such as truewiz and wizardly and think watching anime or having waifus is 'wizardly'.
People who throw the word crab/virgin as an insult here on wizchan and had defined in their silly minds what an inncel is so they can have someone to attack and feel superior to, the admin of this site for filtering the word inncel to crab like a disgraceful normalfag redditor.
People who reply with meme words to everything, those are the worst.
The retards who try to give advice to others on this site.


>Every user of this site that I don't like is a normie
Go to /meta/


Guys, let's not turn this into a shit slinging thread.


To not make my post so short I added some things users from here do that also pisses me off.


File: 1583578394847.png (759.64 KB, 760x839, 760:839, 1543880381788.png) ImgOps iqdb

>People who max out 7 different credit cards, some with 45% APR, all spent on consumption, then begs and moans like there's no tomorrow for a consolidary loan when faced with a court decree. Gets a £18k loan under promise to pay back within 4 years, starts off the loan with a 2 week cruise and an onslaught of minor trips, dining out and concerts, and with 1 year and 3 months left of the 4 years have only managed to pay back 23.5% of the total debt.

T-that sort of things they tend to do


I don't know if people who do that are very smart or very stupid. Ever since you can't go to jail for debt anymore there are people like that who just don't seem to give a flying fuck about paying and contracting debt. They just sit on it and don't give a shit. I don't even use credit I'm so paranoid about this owning money.


We have an unsustainable system of fake value where money is created when banks lend what they don't have. Currency that will never exist but is as good as gold. The more credit you have the better your credit score, then more credit offers you get solicitations for. If you max out a card with a cash back rebate and immediately pay it off it will have been less expensive than paying from your bank account to begin with. It's so absurd you should absolutely abuse the system until it causes its own extinction.


File: 1583582701867.jpg (30.71 KB, 555x555, 1:1, 1545556393968.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's probably tons of local differences to it but I think the majority fall into the stupid category as it tends to have pretty negative repercussions. Creditors often have a lot of legal instruments to extract their money, in my part the typical debtor who can't keep up with their part of the agreement get money pulled right out of their accounts (a very small "existential minimum" sum is left for the creditor to survive on) and if that's not enough they'll come around to physically collect assets. There are a rare few who manage to slip through but their economy looks nothing like the average persons.

In the less civilized parts of the world they may even come around for the debtors appendages or family members.
The person mentioned above lived in a pretty good country in that regard as there were some handy legal instruments around to help creditors. Prior to the court decree they had already been given the sweetest deal from this voluntary organization that helps people with out of control debts, they had negotiated with the creditors to freeze all interest and agreed to take a very modest monthly payment til it was all over (£400], but what this person did was to take small additional loans (how the fuck the creditor agreed to that is beyond me) and ignore the monthly payment in favour of buying high priority shit like 1: presents for people, 2: flight tickets/trips to various Rammstein concerts around Europe, 3: other shit like subscriptions to certain fanclubs etc. While at the same time complaining about 1: not having enough money for food, 2: ending up stranded somewhere with no money for even a bus ticket home, 3:not being able to repair work necessary equipment like laptop (gee who could've guessed things break occasionally). So yeah, I dunno, it's too irrational for me to comprehend. You're definitely alright in my book for staying out of it, wiz.


*to help debtors I meant, fug


Yeah I'll go broke but I will never allow myself to go in debt even though most people seem to just sit on it unable to do anything about it. I don't even know how using a credit card works. Like how do you pay it back? Just accumulate the money back, write a check (which I also never do)? It's irrelevant though cause I doubt I'll ever need to know.


>The more credit you have the better your credit score, then more credit offers you get solicitations for. If you max out a card with a cash back rebate and immediately pay it off it will have been less expensive than paying from your bank account to begin with. It's so absurd you should absolutely abuse the system until it causes its own extinction.
Never understood that way of giving people a credit score, in other places they tend to look at a persons income and assets to gauge their creditworthyness.


File: 1583584764907-0.jpg (106.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, thumb-1920-1002614.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>be on nofap
>coworkers start talking about their favorite 3DPD pornstars and frequency of their coom sessions


How many days in?


7th day.



stop using these dumb words
you must be pretty young if it upsets you that much


File: 1583601218911.jpg (8.72 KB, 126x225, 14:25, joker worried.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>people who literally run away from truth
What kind of mindset did the society create? I have observed some normalfags who started to walk somewhere when I tell them a truth. I don't tell it in a mean "you are stupid and here is why" way. I calmly and politely explain that there are some faults in what they had said. There is this one that surprised me the most. I was doing my bussiness at the outside and there were group of people discussing about feminism or something. There is this succubus that was really fanatic about it while other people tried to tell her that she was wrong. I told them I was eavesdropping and explained the succubus that EVERYONE is oppressed and we shouldn't find someone to blame to and instead, we should help each other in tough times. I gave her some statistics about other demographics and she literally just walked away.

It's really scary to think about it. This is just one person with one specific example. Imagine 90% of people blindly following multiple stuff that (((they))) have forced them to believe and think. Is there no way to cure these kind of people?


The other day someone posted about how he argued with people all day in the past and how it helped him see that he was using a "scaffolding of bullshit" to protect his own views on things. I pointed out to him that scaffolding like that doesn't go away even when you change viewpoints but he suddenly got defensive and said that this time for sure he knew truth. Despite that being the exact mistake he was making before, despite the fact he had shown complete awareness of making that mistake. They can only find fault in their past selves or something?


I guess you need to be a strong person to understand and accept your own mistakes. Society created weak men, no wonder everyone is so excited about consumerist lifestyle and are too ignorant to create their own purpose, goals or ideals.


Not really anything specific to be honest since I never have to actually interact with any. I wouldn't exactly consider my parents to be "normie", since they don't judge me for being what I am and actually accept me completely for it.

However, I'd say that I invariably suffer rather ornery moods if I spend too much time lurking in mainstream places (like YouTube, or reddit), or other random spots that otherwise eventually get on my nerves. The act of simply observing other people will sometimes lead me to experience feelings of intense irritation or even outright hatred. Even on wizchan, I find this to be the case. When it comes to a place like reddit, I literally can't even browse to the bottom of the "popular" tab because of how fucking nauseating & disgusting it is. I also can't browse any particular sub-reddit, regardless of its obscurity, for very long without hating it completely after becoming totally incapable of reading the stupid shit all the people therein have to say on anything. What I hate about wizchan mostly just comes down to imageboard culture. I despise the retarded inanity of imageboard culture, but I also despise just people in general. And even on wizchan it's a place filled with people and their petty squabbles & stupid bullshit. Eventually I find a reason to hate everyone, or anything. Usually takes me less than 10 minutes, to be honest. I'll admit I'd say that I'm a good embodiment of the phrase, "If you think everyone is an asshole, then you're the asshole.". Well, I don't care. It's still how I feel. I just hate everyone, I think they're stupid & I hope they die from cancer. I don't really know what to do about it. Hatred & contempt seems to always be brought in me no matter where it is I go.


>People who throw the word crab/virgin as an insult here on wizchan and had defined in their silly minds what an inncel is so they can have someone to attack and feel superior to, the admin of this site for filtering the word inncel to crab like a disgraceful normalfag redditor. People who reply with meme words to everything, those are the worst. The retards who try to give advice to others on this site.

Yep, all that shit gets on my nerves as well, among many other things. Each place has its own reasons why I come to hate it. Outside of things which are genuinely distasteful & annoying, being a near constant & universal misanthrope is just that deep in my bones, I suppose. I'm sure somebody will chide & insult me for expressing how hate filled I am and that it doesn't discriminate against anybody, not even those on wizchan, but whatever. Just more fuel for the fire, really.


>ITT: OP acting like hes better than people who think theyre better than him
The difference is they actually have the balls to say it to your face while you just project your inferiority complex on taiwanese cave painting boards. Being a wizard doesnt mean you have to be a pathetic whiny little bitch.


>taiwanese cave painting boards

what's with all the 4chan invaders lately


File: 1583632157666.jpg (24.07 KB, 433x225, 433:225, 6a00d8341c5e0053ef01a73d88….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Who cares asshole. If us wizards want to bitch about what bothers us then that's our prerogative. No one is saying wizards have to do or be anything beyond virgins that are approaching, are at, or over 30. Quite the contrary, you seem to be the one who's suggesting that wizards ought not to be "whiny", or that if they are that they're worthy of contempt/scorn for being so supposedly weak, spineless & pathetic. Either way, you sound like an outsider piece of shit who needs to go slam their face in the nearest wood chipper they can find. As an aside to that, I'll also say that the OP sounds like a major fucking prick and isn't too far off from yourself, frankly.


Too late. Hopefully one of the mods will clean this garbage up later. If not, then one can always [-] and would probably be better off for doing so.


I don't know but I do feel less worse now. Maybe because I feel like shit after fapping.


>People who got spoiled as children
>People who want the best of everything or the top of the line
>People who bitch and complain about EVERYTHING


OK Chad


People who act like my mental illness is just going to disappear and everything will be fine. I am 37 and had it since 13 the ship has sailed on growing out of it. All I can do is try and cope with it. Currently neet and waged before several times but had really bad break downs as a result. I am going to try again but I keep my expectations low and even if I succeed its going to have to be in some low key job so if I lose that job for any reason getting another one could be time consuming.

Anyway it just gets tiresome they treat this shit like a cut or broken leg that will just disappear in time because its an inconvenient sickness to have. No fuck it sucks its ruined my life I think I know better than anyone else. I try and explain this to my dad and he just rolls his eyes. Honestly just want to kill myself so he finally has to acknowledge the ugly reality of it.


What mental illnesses do you have, wiz?


typical meme Major depressive disorder, General Anxiety and social anxiety as well as PTSD (so they say) And apparently some symptoms of schizophrenia but its kind of on the borderline so psychiatrist admits to being a bit on the fence. I also have a shit ton of depersonalization these days used to only happen every few months now its multiple times a week.

The worst thing is this all just started with regular depression and social anxiety but its actually become worse over the years. I can feel it too like I am losing my mind and grip on the world bit by bit. Doesn't help I am off my meds because I can't see a psychiatrist anymore unless I move with no money.


>Self loathing crybabies

examine your own post carefully


File: 1583653187718.jpg (236.06 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 1580294171817.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

New rangebans, those users scurry off to other sites and if they got banned from there one can guess the overall quality of them. I'm one of them btw.


Claim that you need to independent because it's what defines an "adult", as per their socially acceptable definition. If I don't need to do something to survive and don't view it as personally beneficial, I won't waste my time doing it just to be independent. If I'm deprived of my providers for any reason, that is still fine, I'll either adapt or die, nothing wrong with either result. I take what I can get while I have access to it.


File: 1583689485546.png (575.2 KB, 937x971, 937:971, disturbed mouse.png) ImgOps iqdb

I would tell you to go back but it's really not like this place can get any worse. So make yourself at home.


>people who can't stop sperging about their dreams

it's so irrelevant to everything, please stop


It's the worst when their dream is just to become rich and buy a lot of stuff and have a lot of sex. One of my oldest friends turned into this type of person and I just couldn't respect him anymore. He probably feels the same about me though.


>When someone you've known for years becomes rich or successful and they turn into a different person


File: 1584033454306.png (629.59 KB, 554x553, 554:553, 278.png) ImgOps iqdb

Good thread, OP. Picture is also very nice.

>If you do not starve, you do not really suffer.

>Your depression is from idleness. Get a job.
>Your depression is actually a good thing, because you have time for depression (yes, one retard told me this seriously).
>How can you be so indifferent? This is inhumane!
>Pregnant succubus should be revered as a saint.
>A succubus who takes photos and thinks that this makes her special.
>You should get a higher education, because it is prestigious and because everyone does it.
>Netflix is awesome!
>Game of Thrones and/or Friends is the best TV series in the world!
>A common moral and an unspoken rule that everyone should adhere to it.
>Take any online disputes too seriously and switch to ad hominem or defend your opinion as if it is the only true one.
>In the future, you will definitely change your lifestyle and realize that you were deeply wrong.
>How can you sit all day in your room? This is madness!
>Imposing any obligations.
>Posting a lot of unnecessary and questionable information about yourself on social networks voluntarily.
>Miserable attempts to appear not like everyone else, pursuing the ideas of anarchism.
>A human who talks a lot and does not understand that other people do not want to listen to his shit.
>Family & children is the most important thing in life!
>Illiterate scumbags who shorten words to such an extent that it just looks ugly.


Could you please explain this better?


Do you even try to enjoy disturbing these individuals? that's why they exist, to me.


File: 1584045254451.png (Spoiler Image, 102.75 KB, 500x461, 500:461, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is what is called trolling.
I have already written in another thread that every time I have to deal with people I do not like, and this applies to almost all people, I feel incredibly dirty, so I think that getting food from playing with the victim will not outweigh the unpleasant aftertaste. I would rather watch others do the "filthy work" for me. Fortunately, the Internet is full of relevant videos, pictures and threads.
And the trolling process itself is pretty dull. The person you are mocking just starts to get angry and/or wish you death due to the fact that you do not share his point of view. They do not even try to think that they may be wrong. This is a dead end path for the development of dialogue, from which there is neither fun nor any attempt to discover the truth. Yawn. Boring.
Sometimes there are cases when a person tries to ask questions and understand your opinion, but then the dialogue goes from the trolling stage to something more qualitative, and I can always find high-quality dialogue on the imageboards on which I am sitting, so there is no point in going somewhere else.
But, honestly, I thought about this half an hour ago, and when I saw that you offered me this, I was surprised by such a coincidence. Perhaps I will do it in the near future, because trying something new is quite interesting, although I am not sure that I will like it. I already have thoughts about which group I am going to dive into and what role I will play.


>how do you do fellow wizzies?
Nice freudian slip, normalfag


>wizchan posters who don't have social anxiety or personality disorders yet insist that they belong here while having the nerve to ridicule actual wizards


>People who act like everyone else is the problem except for themselves


What makes you think majority of the stuff brought up in this thread is exclusive to normies?


>Anon who think that there are only non-wizards and "actual" wizards, and who do not accept gradation.
I do not think so. This applies to all segments of the population. Thread is just funny.


>you are problem, its always your fault!
Literally npc behaviour, just parroting rehashes of same lines over and over


>brings up a product or idea that they claim is good, would solve whatever is being discussed, and/or that you'd like
>ask him a question about this thing
>insults you and bitches at you to google it

In this context, they are bringing up an idea that is related to the thread, and they clearly want others to use whatever thing they are talking about. But then they turn around and whine that they don't want to "spoonfeed".
I believe if you want to convince others to use 'thing' you're praising, you should be willing to answer a few questions, or at least provide a link to more information. An exception would be, if someone is asking for recommendations specifically, like "rec me sum annie mays por fakudasaiiiii" in which case, simply giving a name would be generous enough.

Basically I'm mad that someone once posted something like "check out this morrowind mod it's cool I can't play without it" with just a screenshot of it. And I asked something like "can you do X or Y in this mod" and they said "GOOGLE IT FAGGOT" and I will never stop being mad about this.

And I will never. Ever. Download that mod. Even if I remember what it was. That'll show him.


File: 1584307368853.png (698.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Hey, I watch Vsauce, I really love science!
>What do you mean, it is not science?
>You are just trying to stand out from the crowd! Everyone loves Vsauce!
>I am getting smarter!
These people are the worst.


Pop science is still scientific. Just very clickbaity and glossed over science.



Since when was using "asshole" as an insult a faux pas on here, asshole?


There is a huge gap between meaningless facts, which you will forget about in a day, and science, which is engaged in research institutes.


>Pedophilia and retards who advocate for it
How is that a thing normies do? Do you mean normies in the Philippines?


What is it with normies and making any space they inhabit as cold as fucking possible? I honestly don't understand.


But I like the cold.


People who, no matter how toxic or disgusting their/my family is, will still tell me I'm wrong for disliking my family because "they're your family!!"


I don't get the "but they're family!!" thing. Sure, I'd be more willing to help family, or be more lenient with them when they fuck up than I would be with randoms. Still, shitty behaviour deserves to be cut off. Doesn't matter if it's your mom, your neighbour or an acquaintance


If you weren't a skinny succubus that wears skimpy clothes it wouldn't bother you. You can put on another layer, I can't take my pants off without getting arrested.

-wizard who prefers things cold


Yeah, this was the attitude people always had with me. "just grow out of shyness/clumsiness and join the military". It's like they think I'm fucking Forrest Gump or some shit. Well I do get taunted if I try to run with "run forrest run" but he actually improves.


File: 1587925305009.jpg (177.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sociopaths.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Society created weak men
Wicked men created society. Normalfag behavior is programmed by them, popular corporate media decides what normal behavior is. They will look down on you for having different opinions, worldviews, ideas etc but as soon as that idea becomes popular they will pretend to be the biggest fan but only have the most superficial knowledge about the subject that they now claim to love. Everything is a popularity contest to them and the thing or idea that becomes popular is decided by the wicked men who are in charge of our consumerist society. Normalfags never question anything, they blindly believe in the corporate controlled social hierarchy that they have been indoctrinated in, the people who are at the top of that hierarchy decide what opinions are good and should be reward and what ideas and actions are bad and should be punished/made fun of . They imitate the fake personalities who have been propped up some company to sell them crap, normalfags are not real people , they do not have real thoughts ,opinions or feelings , they are just tools for people in positions of power(true chads) to propagate & maintain their control on the garbage society that they created .
>I hate normalfags but I really hate the sociopaths that control them/create the normalfag behaviors


>Society created weak men
Society needs weak men to function. Too many chads and your country ends up like Africa or the Middle East where everyone is at each others throats demanding dominance. Too few chads and you end up with China that becomes to cozy the rest of the world modernizes while the loan chad sits on his perch surrounded by his servile cucks. Western society was able to dominate because it had just enough chads to fight amongst each other, but just enough docile males willing to serve those chads and develop the technologies they use to dominate others.


You can wear a kilt or something similar.


I like this board and the wizards on it.


Sir that is an illegal meme.


Not as much as we like you


>people who can't stand silence for more than a few seconds and feel the need to talk all the time
>people who adapt their opinions on politics, religion or other "sensitive" topics based on the people around them at the moment
>people who act like you know nothing and they can give you advice about anything because they are older
>people who place sexual intercourse above everything else and believe they are superior because they have sex
>people who have no valid arguments and try to derail conversations and/or ridicule you because they have no other way out
>people who fear talking about serious topics and constantly bring down the level of the conversation to stupid jokes or other meaningless shit

These are the main reasons I avoid interacting with people more than necessary.


vaping is for pussy ass bitches


File: 1588268910610.jpg (32.93 KB, 326x315, 326:315, 1538699563274.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Getting angry is a symptom of being hurt. If someone steals from you, you'll get angry. If someone betrays you or hurts you physically, you get angry.

So why would you get angry at someone if they did nothing to you? A reasonable explanation is that these people are hurting you on an emotional level.
Maybe they make you feel insecure. Or you're jealous of them and wish you could be like them. Or they're pointing out something so obvious yet something you've ignored for so long.

Think about this, and you'll understand that you have little reason to get angry at normies most of the time, unless they directly cause harm to you.


It's easy in theory but hard to put in practice. You can only be in control for so long…


I understand. I'm lucky enough to be in a mental state where actions of other people don't anger me unless immediate intentional harm is done. It comes to me naturally, so I can't blame other wizards for not having a similar mentality.
Perhaps doing meditation to achieve mindfulness can help if any wizard wants to get over their anger. However I can not vouch for it as I've never tried it.



Smoking in general is


Well how else am I supposed to do drugs?


Snorting, intravenously, drinking.




Anally, like you enjoy your sex. Normosexual


File: 1588313971295.png (471.21 KB, 701x520, 701:520, k7v3jef2gjyz.png) ImgOps iqdb

i chew nicotine gum and drink energy dirnk at same time


only normalfags use "normie"


i hate niggers and homosexuals. that's all


Only normies use normalfag.


Normies slowly but steadily encroaching upon communities created and maintained by male virgins / crabs.

I.E. discussing their Tinder matches or sexual experiences.


File: 1589866647242.jpg (37.71 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, anime_still_gay_by_rexyrex….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime has always been associated with normies and faggots for me.

Those anime succubi reaction pictures always piss me off.


this reaction of yours makes me think you are still a kid. Back when i started watching anime, i was afraid to speak about it, i was a huge closet weeb. Today it feels everyone watch anime - so in that regard, using anime reaction is more common, but the culture is still there and will always be, its part of the internet.


It was very much a niche until recently, one that normalfags would go out of their way to insult (like randomly dropping by to call anime watchers faggots…).
If it's cool now it's only cool for normans; some loser who watches it will still be insulted for it. As always, who you are determines whether what you do is regarded well.


>making threads about university life on wizchan


I've noticed that a lot normalfags still get mad when they see loli though. Either that or they start with the disgusting post-irony vaudeville.


I don't mind, man. You just do the best that you can do.


they like this song



this song makes me uncomfortable


look how many views and likes this shit has. humanity has to go.


People who follow this guy.


File: 1589980005761.jpg (4.28 KB, 299x169, 23:13, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>People who don't wear deodorant or just look like slobs
>Trailer trash
>Drug abusers

As long as they don't engage in contact with you, you shouldn't fucking care, snowflake.


What a meaningless truism. Of course no one would ever bother you if no one ever engaged in contact with you.


File: 1589997174645.jpg (62.65 KB, 660x495, 4:3, bean disc drive.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What if I shit on your door step every morning but otherwise never talk to you? Would that bother you? I wouldn't be contacting you.


Question is, if i shit on your doorstep, would it matter if i'm a trailer trash drunk fat junkie looking like a slob or a tibetan monk?


>What if I shit on your door step every morning
That is a form of contact dumbass.


No it's not.


File: 1590056900861.jpg (44.88 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 536764b427f31c6a44016048ff….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Normalfags that know me at work or otherwise always make these passive-aggressive jokes that I'm going to go on a killing spree.
I really hate it because I can tell they're not actually joking and I hear it all the time. I hate it because I'm the most peaceful guy in the world and would literally not even hurt a fly and yet because these assholes keep seeing news stories about "radical crabs going on killing frenzies" and because I stay away from succubi and other stupid normie activities it obviously means that I have to be grouped in with that sort of image. I hate it that I'm viewed as some kind of evil person although I haven't hurt anyone or done anything wrong.
Maybe I just lack self-awareness and am doing something to creep them out. But I swear I mostly just keep to myself and mind my own business, all I want is a peaceful existence.

I think this might be the single, most depressive aspect of my entire life. Anyone know this feel?


Yes it is.


>might be the single, most depressive aspect of my entire life
First, if that's the only problem you got you're lucky.
Second, go to HR or boss and explain the situation almost like you did here, ask to retranslate the message to others.

or kill them all


actually going to HR or make a complain wouldn't be such a bad idea. It's better than silence, definitely.

No matter how idiotic it might turn out or cringy, it's worth doing. Just quietly enduring it, might suck even more.


What's with the rise of Onlyfans and Manyvids? How did they get so big and who the hell has enough money to drop hundreds of dollars on private sex videos? With the porn industry in a decline with free porn on the net I'm stunned all these nobody succubi are making bank.


People joked all the time that I would shoot up or bomb my high school. They asked if I had a "list", etc. I skipped graduation and at a bar one of my fake friends told me when I didn't show up to receive my diploma this succubus joked "duck." So mean.


females are sociopathic narcissistic animals who want feminism equality but don't want to work a real job.


File: 1590445802371.jpg (42.77 KB, 511x548, 511:548, r5j8ixesfam31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

some males want to buy their porn from their favorite succubi, and in doing so, get personalized content. Those with enough money to buy the attention and time of a whore will do it because of how accessible and easy it is for them.
Back in high school, some of my classmates visited brothels and used to tease each other saying that they've fallen in love with one of the bitches, of course, this is something pathetic. And I remember even asking them if they kissed the lips of the whores when they fucked them, they laughed and one of them said "don't be nasty" while the rest laughed.

Anyways, something happens when a man fucks a wooman, this guy everyone was teasing explained it to me, since he knew I was a virgin and I had no clue what he was going through. He used a word I've never heard before and can't translate to english… but basically what happens after having sex with a succubus is that their desire for pussy becomes overwhelming and leaves them thinking in nothing but in that succubus. It made sense then that the main subject of their conversations was either bitches or sports.
For example, the guy who sat behind me, used to watch porn in his blackberry and talk a lot about sex.
The guy was funny, and even considered me a friend, but he was so lascivious and lustful, that when he joked he did it in that way too, like for example, he screamed "vagina!" or "penis!" at random times or similar sexual related things in class and laughed to himself like a mischievous kid. Lol, even the guy who had one of the succubi from class as his girlfriend was talking about how he wanted to get a white succubus because they had pink pussy.
In conclusion, the fact that men are horny all the time explains it pretty well. Yeah, the explanation is that men are horny bastards and can get really desperate. Simple as that.


>When family stays at your house and disrupt the peace and comfy nature

That's a pretty annoying one. Like fuck off I get almost no time off and the one day I do (Memorial Day) and they expect me to spend time with the family? Especially on days like today where I have a total of one family member who served and it was during peace time. Seriously, I don't owe anyone my time just because I have the day off.


It's likely your body language and non-verbal communication. The way your situation seems is like you create unease unconsciously and they're trying to disarm it with the jokes.

They just have some way to know that this guy is "weird". That's why I'm always surprised as to how much emphasis people place on race on this site since asocial people from every race are disliked a lot more by every race than people from other races.


Found the slob



>some males want to buy their porn from their favorite succubi, and in doing so, get personalized content.

I understand what both of you are saying, but could you have predicted that men would stop buying porn but instead BUY from internet videos from random succubi?! These Onlyfans/Manyvids succubi aren't even famous. It isn't pornstar media men are paying for. These are just your everyday slutty neighbors, co-workers, classmates. Like what the fuck…


Well there's always been sort of a trend to everyday succubi that seem more "attainable" rather than highly enhanced to meet hollywood standards that wouldn't give you the time of day. Since these guys are probably out more often they probably have to restrain themselves a lot when they get too horny lest they get me tooed.


When normans argue points they have no clue about. Are they just naive or is the average person really this dumb. I would be more understanding if at least the points being made had logic or proof behind them but all they do is throw insults. It reminds me of physiologists and therapists who claimed darker winters caused depression and therefore more sucides in northern european countries which are often claimed as the happiest places to live. Their solution was having special blue lights that somehow made people happier because the reason most people sucide is that simple according to them.


It's even worse than that. Suicides peak in summer so even the basic premise is wrong, let alone a reason reduced down to the accessibility of a specific wavelength.


Most normies are insecure and only do things for the validation of others or to attract the opposite sex, and they don’t even go about doing these things an efficient manner. They think they are good people because they “succeed” by going to college and getting a job which is basically the default life of a neurotypical who does everything other people tell them to do and never takes any risks or creates anything or thinks about the world other than repeating things they hear from the media or college professors. They do all this and then think they are better than us because they have sex and slave jobs. Having sex is maybe impressive if you are a kid who just went through puberty, but as an adult it’s time to grow up and start doing other things. People in their 20s and even 30s will brag about having sex like it’s some kind of achievement and not something that basically happens by accident for most neurotypicals and doesn’t acheieve anything. Basically these people just want to feel good all the time and get approval from each other. Most of them don’t even go about feeling good and reducing suffering in the proper way by meditating or stoicism. Instead they just seek validation, get pills from psychiatrists, have meaningless sex, and watch the news and politics constantly which is all fake and controlled.


We know you're reading this Mr. Daggers.


File: 1590811503182.jpg (155.56 KB, 1090x660, 109:66, bullied loners.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

praise two jocks killing people


Not just dumb but subhumanly dumb


Honestly not so far from truth, animeposters are sure as hell reddit tier faggots.


Creating your own purpose, goals and ideals IS a consumerist thought in itself.


The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.


Guess that it is no secret to anyone else here that the role that families played before are not working anymore. They look at you as an outcast bastard, they don't speak with you, they don't care about you, but at the end when something wrong becomes to happen their only answer is "we didn't know that there was something wrong with him" lol of course you don't


This thread truly resonates with me.


Are you me?


I hear ya, I hate almost everyone in my family, and normies can't comprehend cutting someone negative out of their lives.


If someone says you need to "man up" or "just get more confidence" that means they don't actually care about you or your problems. To them, they see you as weak or vulnerable.


>I believe that just shows that person is afraid of being perceived as boring or uninteresting
>passive aggression is a bad personality trait
>OMG Trump is like the Emperor from Star Wars XD
>In my day we didn't have no internet, I had to walk 15 miles to the tin can factory!
>I love sex! You're a virgin freak!
>Life is how you make it? Yeah, well, what have YOU ever really done, huh?
>Oh, homeless people get abused and victimized on a daily basis? It's kinda like that one Family Guy sketch!


tell you to just work out


Come on bruh. There is literally no problem in the world that can't be fixed by lifting some weights. So hit the gym and your life will figure itself out.


Classic placebo affair: give to the ill person a thing or two to deceive them from the major problem.

You can nofap, make a lot of exercises or whatever, but can you solve the problem in you and around you? That's the answer.


I don't think he was being serious wiz.


How do you know that your so-called problem isn't the real deception?


Entitlement to free shit. Whether it's looting, pirating media, leeching off others, scamming or demanding government handouts, none of it sits well with me anymore. All low IQ subnormans especially are sociopaths.


>pirating media
Intellectual property is arbitrary and unjust because ideas are immune to scarcity. By physically manifesting an instance of an idea which "belongs" to someone else you are in no way infringing on their ability to use that idea, and thus not harming them or their property, not stealing anything from them. It is they who are infringing on your rights when they use the arm of the government or some other coercive means to prevent you from crafting and arranging your property in the patterns that you desire.


um welcome to a website full of NEETs that do all of the above except looting due to anxiety



>pirating media
Found corporate bootlicker.
>complaining about normans and sociopathy at same post


>implying some self righteous witness of copyright is better than sociopath
Honestly if you think about it, fanatics are not even humans


saying normie. if your held down by the social pressure to not say faggot then you dont belong here


File: 1591440395046.gif (988.74 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1444547847925.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Human nature thing, starts with gratitude and appreciation, after a while it gets taken for granted, then ends with entitlement.

I ain't paying shit for my entertainment media tho lol, even back when we had MC and VHS I was pretty quick to get duals for taping over, games were compressed and split up on diskettes, I was probably among the first to buy a wildcard and I blew over $1k on a cd burner (although it was no problem selling compilation discs at 50 a piece so it paid itself off big time), if it's not for free I'm simply not looking at it, ijou desu.


I just hate the fact that normalfags breath around me. The good thing is that normalfags fear me to the point of call the cops on me depending to the place I go, and the cops always think that I have a gun or blade.
What amuses me is that fact that everyone call tell that I'm a dangerous man, but since I don't anything illegal they just can't lock me up, and I roam free causing fear everywhere I go.


And people pretending they were bullied and never partook in bullying themselves


>Cousin believes in karma
>Still sleeps with other peoples girlfriends

Makes me want to smash his teeth.


Do you look like school shooter or like thug?


A what?


File: 1591547366383.jpg (26.58 KB, 460x345, 4:3, swc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1592973926867.webm (1.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, baboon.webm) ImgOps iqdb

how the hell do normalfags look at shit likes this and think things are progressing?


File: 1592976702548.jpeg (199.54 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1_KHxmpYR9LgQbJ7RaCfquUg.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a mongrelized human twerking in front of civilizational ruins - forever




This honestly looks poetic.
Just looking at people who revel at the fact that everything is burning aroud them makes me feel I am more saner than these functioning members of society.


oh its all fun and games until its their property burning and their shit getting stolen by the hoard. Then they will scream for the cops or whites to save them.


Nope. They settle things with hood justice.


pretending to care


pretending to care about people who pretend to care


nig nogs, wip wops, kit kats, and skallywags

can't stand em


>Everything is now political, especially that social/identity politics bullshit that is everywhere now
>Bragging about about the degenerate shit they do/support
>The "I fucking love science" people, who think they are smarter than everyone else because they watch some YT personality and read something on reddit.
>People who dismiss your entire argument online by attacking you personally instead of the argument("crab", "nazi", "loser", etc)
>And >>168477


I like you.


Most those people are thousands of dollars in debt


If this doesn't sum up modern America, I don't know what would.


Far from the truth my Aryan wizard brother. When white society collapses, so will the food supply.
The negresses will struggle to get enough calories, preventing them from achieving such oversized buttockses.
Thus they will have nothing left to twerk and that aspect of the culture will die along with most of America's negro population.


have sex, crab


wtf is crabic about any of that?


The collapse of western society is a good thing. I don't know how any self-respecting wizard can talk about all the stupid shit normans do and then complain about how the society built by and for normans begins to collapse.
He's joking about how succubi say "have sex, crab" when confronted with an agrument, since that's one of the things that >>170131 was complaining about.


Literally all societies are built by and for normgroids dumbass.



>normies can't enjoy staying home and not spending money(they always have to go out)

>normies have children and then complain about them(as if they didn't know having children was a pain in the rear end)
>normies will virgin-shame you when they are supposed to value virginity as part of their christian religion
>they will brag about not being virgins when all the succubi they have fucked are butt ass ugly
>they are endlessly needy(they are never satisfied with anything they have)


That's why it's good if they collapse.


I can't stand them and their Ebonics garbage.
>mup da doo da dat buh muhfugga
>do dat fo real bruh


>I wanna die

Just rope already without involving everyone else.


Collapse is coming for you as well friend, enjoy!


AAVE is legit though.


If you think that the collapse of society is as bad as or worse than death, you're a normalfag and need to leave.


>BRUH dis BURH dat

Zoomer faggots are the physical manifestation of n*urotypical blasphemy.


He’s saying the collapse of society will cause his death you retard. Yours too.


i fucking hate ebonics


Hostility in general since im too beta to deal with it. The worst is being isolated from normies then trying to persuade yourself its the ideal position. No I have never fit in and it truly ruins you, because it becomes a you vs them scenario. Your should be friends become enemies and you can never fully hate them. Because its just failure to get some love and understanding that leads to the rage. When youre that guy that ends up in a murderous fury over a lifetime of fuck overs by normies, you recieve the blame, it becomes
a cycle of rage at how unjust it all is.


Wizchan gets more compromised by the day. Stop posting here and fuck off to virtually anywhere else.


File: 1599926283449.jpg (99.52 KB, 465x640, 93:128, 1592121466985.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>hurr durr nihilism n'sheeet


>>Child abusers
>>Animal abusers
>>Losers, not neet wizard losers, but just scummy assholes and pricks, like that
>>Pedophilia and retards who advocate for it


Don't post this image here


But what if the child consents?


What was the image?


Unfortunately, it feels like there are more and more normalfags who would be happy living until like 80 and want everything to keep going for them.


It was an epic soyboy 4chan meme.


you just answered why the world is how it is


What's the point of having control over such a garbage heap shitdump of a world they have created for us?


wizchan piss me off


>"State of wizchan 2020"
>Calling everyone who isn't exactly like you a normie
>Defining random bullshit personal quirks as TrueWiz


When I had a fb account for a short time and my timeline was filled with people showing off their babies.

It was like a competition. Normies are obsessed with procreation.


>people who act like you know nothing and they can give you advice about anything because they are older
I'd like to tell those kinda boomers how they are not smarter just because they are old and that they don't deserve my respect just because they're old and that they're just as much losers as most other people, but that would make them chimp out and fight and I suck at fighting.


Unironically complaining about not being able to go wageslave at the office if they are doing it at home. They seem to want muh socialization niggery and don't appreciate not having to waste time commuting.


When they argue and bring up being dead or not alive as a negative thing.


one thing that people do that piss me off is using someone's suicide for their agenda, for example, when someone commits suicide they are like "omg he must have depression, mental health shoul;d be funded !!?!?" when in actuality, a lot of suicides arent even caused by Depression.
For example, robin williams, many people still think he hung himself because of "muh depression/chemical imbalance" when in actuality, he did it because he was going to have dementia later in his life (and dementia sucks as shit, especially if you've been raised with so much dopamine like the average rich person). Sometimes there's no way out other than suicide, if I dont get a good job later in my life im ctb and writing a note explaining why so retards dont think its some retarded chemical imbalance that could have been fixed


boomer and zoomer arent 4chan creations (I think), they're names for generation b (the baby BOOM, hence the name boomer) and z (although I am guessing zoomer is a modern creation, but I know it was made way before the whole 'oomer' thing became popular)


Also hate
* People who act like having children's a human right and it shouldnt be taken away - your life isnt going to become worse by not having kids, shut the fuck up you spoilt asshole

* people who praise killers, shooters, etc

* people who call you crab/virgin when the argument wasnt even sexual/sexist in nature



They were not chads they were cyborgs and yes they were bullied.



Gen Z is the worst generation ever.


Talking about sex and making those childish sex/genitalia jokes.
Fucking degenerates.


> People who act like having children's a human right and it shouldnt be taken away - your life isnt going to become worse by not having kids, shut the fuck up you spoilt asshole

this stupid breeder propaganda is fucking mindless, yes breed u fuckers and take more loans and buy more shit for your children for lots of money (*shlomo rubs hands*)


>people who praise killers, shooters, etc
Do normals do this? I feel like it's one of those things where people use a murderer as an example of why we should exterminate an entire race of people, but praising another murderer when that person's on "their side". Lots of casualfags are into serial killer documentaries, and wear Jeffery Dahmer shirts. I appreciate the stealthiness of serial killers, since as a child I always did stealth shit (won't delve in any farther unless someone asks). Mass murderers are just people that don't fear death but don't want to regret dying so they take a bunch of people with them.


I tend to dislike myself more than anyone else really, i mostly dont care for what normies do yet i cant change the way i am nor i cant change other people.


I dont know, that's debatable, I would say Millenials, baby boomers (dont call me an 'oomer' person, thats their actual name), Gen alpha (in the future, rn they're still children or something) then gen z at the bottom. Millenials are the worst because they were the ones responsible for the rise in 'smart'gadget shit (like the iphone, facebook, twitter, etc), they're also annoying and politically retarded (although same can be said for gen z, alpha and boomers). Boomers are awful because they act (or well acted back when they were young) like millenials but even worse since they also fucked up the economy, also steve jobs was a boomer and he was responsible for this smartgagdet crap. Gen alpha because they're raised with smartgadgets (ipads, iphones, smart tv's although I dont think anyone has them except for upper middle classes since they're so damn expensive, etc) and when they're teenagers or adults they will be annoying (you think the rap music thats popular now is bad? Wait 10 years, you'll probably miss the 2010 rap) with their rap obsession, "traditionalism" despite using these gadgets making things seem weird and unreal, make retarded words (more dumber than sus and vibe and what not), they'll be like Gen z but even worse. Gen z's are annoying because they're like Gen alpha-lite, they're obsessed over rap , they like to act 'gangsta' (look at these american high school videos, they always say "nigga" and other slang words), they're obsessed over the 'colorful' tech thing (you know what I am talking about, the slim super bright neon colour gadgets) which look annoying, they're like cavemen with fancy gadgets (also sometimes have that traditional element that gen alpha has), they're also like millenials when talking about science with their whole "sorry but the science isnt backing it up, I frikking love science!??!"…
I can go on and on but I am not bothered


"Do normals do this?"

Yes they do, they (well mostly the g 1rls…) always look at these murderer (shooter, killer whatever) documentaries are like "omg he was so misunderstood), no they fucking werent, they were spoilt assholes who wanted to painfully hurt innocent people that didnt do anything


Forgot to mention tiktok, reddit and twitter. I really hate tiktok, twitter and reddit too much. I wish they were nevermade, they're also what makes Gen-z's so annoying


It's a good fap material


>innocent people
No, just no.


File: 1607566468066.png (14.88 KB, 569x320, 569:320, PC-and-Smartphone-sales-pe….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Millenials are the worst because they were the ones responsible for the rise in 'smart'gadget shit (like the iphone, facebook, twitter, etc), t

Millenials grew up with brick phones and dumb cell phones like flip phones anon Millenials are people born 1981-1994 they are the 80s kids 90s kids and late 90s early 2000s kids.

Although the iPhone was introduced in 2007, for a few years it was seen as a novelty given its outrageous price at the time. The Android was introduced not long after, but it wasn’t really until 2009 2010 that smartphones took off and started becoming common. Smartphones became popular around 2012 before that it was mostly common for people to just have a regular dumb phone and most people still had to use a desktop PC to access the internet back then because the internet on dumb phones was absolute shit. In 2008 the use of smartphones were less than 10% and dumb phones were around 70%. Dumb phones stayed around 70% up till 2010. In 2011 the percentage did start to go down and smartphones just started to go up but dumb phones were still the most common. 2012 was when smartphones took its place in being used more. After 2012 dumb phones were not common at all anymore. What's crazy is that it wasn't that long ago but a lot of people act like it was. In 2009 or 2010 you didn't see a lot of people walking around with smartphones and you would have never really seen 11 year olds watching YouTube on iphones. If you had a smartphone prior to the early 2010s you were probably rich a spoiled kid or someone who was an important person with high social status.

To add to the other claims regarding social media back then it wasn't called social media it was called social networking the internet at that time meant something completely different it was about expressing yourself having fun and making new friends and while i do miss Myspace i will admit it did plant the seeds for what would later become social media. In 2007/2008 most people used both Myspace and Facebook but preferred Myspace because of profile customization. It wasn't until mid 2010 when they got rid of it that people left Myspace for Facebook completely and Twitter and Tumblr may have came out at the time but they didn't go mainstream and take off until the early 2010s.

The 2005-2008 era was the last good era of the internet and the last era where there was actually a disconnect between the internet and real life and you could actually log off the internet completely. When smartphones started becoming more common and affordable around 2009/2010 that was when everything started going downhill and people who didn't know how to use a computer now had access to the internet and by 2012 the old internet was dead.



TikTok Reddit Twitter fortnite snapchat instagram and discord are all cancer if you cant tell from the post above i am not happy with the direction the internet took after early-2010.


small talk
talk to themselves
shout at each other while in groups when they are close enough that they could hear each other fucking whisper
stomping around

just realized these are all noise-related complaints. interesting, i guess i dont like it when people are noisy in general


how is it normalfag to cry? do you mean like a succ over nothing? because I have known many people who would fit in here (online) that cry every day untl they become numb.


>Oversensitive people who get offended easily
Then Proceeds to be an oversensitive bitch getting mad over his family and people around him looking out for him and trying to help him. You're a faggot OP.


Food snobs. People who belittle you for preferring "childish" foodstuff to big-boy "mature" "adult" foods, like preferring "childish" sweet to "adult" bitter, or not liking seafood, a certain vegetable, etc.

>Oh you don't like [x], you must have a child's palate!1!

No, fuck off, I simply just don't like [x]!


it's noisy and annoying? it reminds me of babies and succubi, neither of which thought i want forcefully blasted into my ears


What made smartphones very popular in 2012? Did apple reduce the price or something, or was competition (like Samsung and android) responsible?
I also agree with your point of the internet dying after 2009, but I'd say the death started in 2007. Also dont like Myspace since that laid the groundworks for other social media sites such as twitter, etc


File: 1610314738316.png (547.42 KB, 635x640, 127:128, 1598648933199.png) ImgOps iqdb

>People who don't wear deodorant or just look like slobs
>People who glare
>People who need to constantly entertained or stimulated
h-haha I know right, fuck those normies


i hate this too, especially when people try to say youre childish for not mashing all the ingredients into one bite. its not actually the fact that you dont like the food, its that everyone else is eating it and you arent. if you got these people together for a dinner at your house and fed them squid tentacle, you wouldnt be able to call them childish because all of them agree its weird.


I was like that for a time but grew the fuck up. I cant stand food snobs either


>Food snobs.
I've noticed this has become a big trend among normalfags in the last decade, they all think they're Gordon Ramsey or some shit it's weird


> has become a big trend among normalfags in the last decade
>one of the things the old folk would bitch about in the old folks home when visitors ate there
I really don't think it's a recent thing at all.


Eh, food has always been a snobby thing, but now it's all about the instagram bragging and shit which takes it to a whole new level. My sister fucking pushed into buying and making her lobster one night because that's what all the cool kids were doing during the quarantine.


social media side effect, origin is from cooking shows on youtube and normies taking pictures of their meals when they go to a restaurant to show off

it's not about how the food tastes, it's a status symbol of yes I am high class and in on all the fashionable food trends


>spout infantile forced memes from the twitter diaspora (see "-oomer)
>speak for others
>defer to others
>appeal to morality while not possessing any sort of morality outside of parroting their environment
>try to justify assault because someone "talked shit"
>organise e-mobs against what they see as easy targets like "anti-vaxxers" and flat-earthers, because they have the safety net of outnumbering them and having medial support, patting themselves on the back in the process
>attach positive connotations to normality, for them "weird" is bad, "normal" is good
>health nuts who try and dictate the availability of products they don't buy (see soda) at the detriment of people who do enjoy them
>believe having sex/children is an achievement or something to aspire towards
The first point is especially applicable, even OP is guilty of it. Hopefully the -oomer suffix and every cancerous derivative it has is a ban soon.


>>attach positive connotations to normality, for them "weird" is bad, "normal" is good
They like to think of themselves as "quirky". Pretending to think that they are special, while getting freaked out at someone who is only remotely different from them.


Normies succubus are the ones that always piss me off


File: 1610695006387.png (395.98 KB, 635x416, 635:416, 1514.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

>Talking about how much dope they smoke
>Thinking their cool for snorting coke
>Thinking their rad for shooting up heroine

Talking about porn in public or even between friends disgusts me to no end


File: 1610695385363.jpg (59.06 KB, 728x1095, 728:1095, 1562.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Moeshit/nu-anime reaction images piss me off
However reaction images from quality manga and older anime warms my heart


> >try to justify assault because someone "talked shit"
So, what, you should let people be purposely malevolent towards you and "just turn the other cheek?"
I don't understand this.
This is a thread about things normalfags do that piss you off, not about you not liking things others enjoy.


No, you talk shit back. You not liking what someone says isn't an excuse for assault. If someone hits you, you can do whatever you want back, talking isn't the same.


"talking" isn't a skill most wizes have.


Nor is assault, an impulsive, violent act for devolved animals like normalcattle. You don't need social skills to insult someone back.


Talking shit is also "an impulsive, violent act for devolved animals like normalcattle"


Insulting someone back is neither impulsive or violent. Even if it was then in that case you could just ignore them.


It is both those things you delusional fuck. If you think I'll let someone shit on me for no reason and "just walk away" like a dog with its tail between its legs you're mistaken.
Talk shit, someone will kick your teeth in one day and then you'll learn not to be a piece of shit next time, you social butterfly normalfaggot.


So you are retarded normalcattle, thanks for confirming my suspicions. You whine about every single approach I've offered except being an impulsive, violent chimpanzee (like the normalcunt you are). I already said you could insult them back, which requires absolutely nothing more than that your vocal cords function, and you discarded that notion while claiming it "also" made you normalcattle. Essentially, you're indirectly admitting to being a malignant tumour who should go back to sucker-punching random people on the street like the brain-dead troglodyte you are rather than pretending you're capable of any sort of discourse. Hopefully you assault the wrong person and get your rotten brains blown out.


Jocks? Dylan was an uncoordinated lanklet, and Eric notoriously sucked at sports and had a chest deformity.


>affirming life


Basically thinking that life is anything other than a race to the bottom while trying to stay off the streets and not die from poverty. That sort of thing.


the bottom of what?


normies who think anime and video games are childish but watch noseberg capeshit movies and gmo niggers playing literal kids ballgames.


>people who have children willing and complain when they have to raise and pay for them
>people who get into a shitty financial situation due to greed and when it goes tits up blames everyone around them but themselves
>people who have to spend money all the time to be happy and max out credit cards and go into debt
>boot lickers that worship the government's over regulation but never have to go through said regulations as they're free of the system
>boomers bitching about how easy kids have it these days
>a small percentage of the population breaks the rule or does something retarded so now everyone must suffer


File: 1612251955560.jpg (54.26 KB, 713x720, 713:720, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Virtue-signaling fakes who latch onto whatever's considered woke while being legit shitty people
>Smug insincere condescending people in general
>People who spam reaction GIFs to appear quirky
>People who act like isolating for a while during a pandemic is intolerable cruelty


>Misandric succubi who grossly over-generalize men and spineless self-hating men who reply and agree with them to seem woke


I've been social distancing for years, way before this scamdemic.


>People who act like isolating for a while during a pandemic is intolerable cruelty

'for a while' has turned into 'almost a year' and will likely continue for a very long time
and all because of a relatively mild disease. I'm like >>176231 but I understand the people who are pissed


ah nevermind I guess you meant staying at home for like 10 days because you're positive. well the point still stands, people have got shit to do I guess.


old post in old thread and not that wizzard but I'll try to explain anyways. Basically banks are allowed to lend out more money than they actually have. In stable times this creates a more profitable and efficient system but as soon as people start getting worried they might want their money at home and that's when bank runs start. That's why during crisises there are withdrawal limits



I think people getting pissed off about social distancing is funny.


Whiny people who complain endlessly about petty things and expect others to care.


And masks. I don't claim to know shit about how effective they are, but who the hell cares.


File: 1612309444476.webm (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1606426692032.webm) ImgOps iqdb

they aren't effective at all

I care because it interferes with my quality of life to wear a cuckmuzzle outside everywhere and have cultists threaten me if I take it off for a moment


Like the other wiz said, it's likely not as effective as the average normal thinks. I still wear them for the bare minimum, just the same. If only to not draw attention to myself


dont gotta wear a mask if you dont go outside. i dont even own a mask


>People who use words the other guy obviously doesn't know when explaining stuff, not giving a shit that they won't make themselves understood and only wanting to look smart


Do you have any relevant expertise or are you just guessing? My impression is that is that there's a bunch of scientific debate, but probably leaning towards some plausible (unknown how big) positive effect, since countries are unlikely to have bothered otherwise.

Adding this one:

>People who take sides in scientific debates way above their level of expertise, spamming YouTube videos and the like


that's a good one. perfectly encapsulates the exact thought ive had countless times in the past


>buying expensive brand products when your economic reality doesn't allow it
Thinking that little logo will impress anybody is unlikely considering people don't really look at each other honestly, let alone check the small logo on your Jeans.


how is someone supposed to know if the other person has a limited vocabulary?


>People that don't want to put in the effort to understand specific terminology and want to be spoon-fed non-technical analogies like a five year old

Yes, Jimmy, you see, the cat is somehow BOTH dead and alive at the same time, isn't that swell?


If your point is to make yourself understood when explaining stuff, then it's a sign of incompetence to use words the other guy likely doesn't know. If your point isn't to make yourself understood when explaining stuff, then you're just showing off.

Within my field, I deliberately avoid using word I don't expect the other guy to know when explaining stuff, or explain them, because using them without an explanation would be stupid.


If limited means not likely to be familiar to the other guy, then through intelligence.


How everybody goes apeshit over sportsball. Fuck sportsball. And fuck niggers. Niggers aren't cool.


I agree, and this goes for basically anything considered a sport, including shit like racing and e-sports. I just don't really understand following a team or sportsman. My only exception is the olympics which I'll occasionally check to see which country won what, but that's really more of a political dickwaving competition.


I am sure you have a grasp of what is and isn't cool. 🙄


>luxurious living(buying overly big houses, buying worthless expensive cars, buying yachts)
>gourmet food(spending 40-100 dollars on a meal. wtf is wrong with you?)
>paper books(waste of money in 2021) and people with book shelves(to show how intelligent they are. i hate when so called intellectuals do videos with their bookselves in the back of them. it shows that they are too dumb to pirate their books or download them from gutenberg)
>skateboarders, people with tattooes, and people with expensive hairstyles
>fashion( i hate fashion fags)
>poor people and dysgenic people who have children and then expect society to take care of them via welfare
>single mothers(succubi make bad parents mostly because they can't relate to their kids especially if they are boys. all they care about is buying furniture)
>weak-willed religious fags who don't try to live by the rules of their own religion.you could say they live as atheists but in general they tend to be worse than atheists because atheists tend to be more moral than religious fags who tend to be hypocrites. prisons are full of religious fags
>people who accept conventional wisdom without even questioning it(if all their friends say something is so, they'll just accept it as true. my mom does this all the time. it annoys me)


>>paper books(waste of money in 2021) and people with book shelves(to show how intelligent they are. i hate when so called intellectuals do videos with their bookselves in the back of them. it shows that they are too dumb to pirate their books or download them from gutenberg)

have you considered that money and space might not be an issue for them, and that they would rather own paper books because they find it more convenient than digital ones? it seems like such a strange thing to get upset over. I've stopped buying books if there's a free alternative online, but I'd rather have them on paper you know?

>>gourmet food(spending 40-100 dollars on a meal. wtf is wrong with you?)

meh, again if you have money to burn, who cares. what I would agree with though is the absurdity of the food and culinary obsession in society. like, cooking is now an art form, chefs are everywhere in the media, there's an overabundance of restaurants in every city (screwed over by corona regulations lol) and it's even a matter of national pride now.
i get that cooking is important somewhat but what's with the proportions it has taken?


Agree with a lot of what you said except for the paper book thing, I like to read before bed and computer monitors make me more awake (unlike paper), so I read them with very dim-lights near me


>people who are obsessed with politics and never stop talking about them
>people who get mad when someone else has a different opinion or viewpoint from their's.


People in general. I get pissed just being around people.


I thought people like this only existed in the internet, until my sister brought home a friend of hers. He wouldn't shup up, everything is politics, I've even heard him say some people are fascists because they ate certain foods. I can only imagine what conclusions he drew from me in that half hour we shared a room.


I'm pretty sure those people only exist because they've been indoctrinated by the sensationalist crap on the internet.


Stare at me like I'm entertainment.


They've been groomed since birth with or without the internet. Our cultures are still defined by WW2 almost entirely.


>went to the store to get a soda
>see these two little succubi standing by the entrance (looked about 8 each)
>they see me, they snicker at me and one whispers something into the other's ear
>get my soda quickly, see one of the succubi in the store on the other side getting candy of something
>the other one is still outside, she sees me and gives me a smirk

Goddamn kids, what a bunch of brats.

>this was another encounter that happened in December

>walking around, walk by grocery store
>grocery store has marijuana store next to it
>see these little succubi standing by the door
>one of them says hi to me, I answer back "Hi, merry Christmas"
>fucking bitch turns to other succubus and mocks me saying merry Christmas to her
>this was in front of a bunch of people waiting in line to get into liquor store next to marijuana store
>see their deadbeat dad/guardian exit marijuana store and he walks off with them

Fuck socializing with kids, they're goddamn assholes.


You're a grown man, if you don't want kids to make fun of you, make em afraid of you.


How were you dressed?


Normies often have weak superegos so they act like malicious little shits their whole lives and i feel like losing patience after only a few years of having to deal with them (since joigning the workforce). I'm surprised it's only a few years because it feels like eternity.


How do I do that?

Dressed normally


they're twitterbrains, they get mind broken from all the bullshit on social media


Those kind of people existed far before the internet was even invented.


you wouldn't find them outside a university campus, social media has turned every normie into an "activist"


Their obsession with taking a holiday abroad every year. I think this is one of the things they do in order to convince themselves that life isn't meaningless. Take a polluting flight to a shithole country then spend two weeks holed up in a resort with other tourists, getting drunk on the same beer you have at home, listening to the same shitty music and getting ripped off for souvenirs by the locals. Many normies call it "travel" to persuade others and themselves that it is somehow an enriching experience. Then of course they come back to the office and spend all week loudly bragging about it, as if those who don't want to blow a year's savings on two weeks of the year are somehow unaccomplished.


it's a social status thing in large part, going on regular holidays is considered a traditional middle class flex


I agree with every word


And then they say stuff like "If you haven't traveled you haven't lived"


well it's over now I guess.


It is amazing to think that the global economy collapsed and normies are suffering mental breakdowns in droves all because they weren't allowed to go to the club for a few months. And they're not even in real "isolation" because I know from my work that normies love to have 50 Zoom calls a day, Zoom drinks, Zoom games and whatnot. Funniest of all is that they spend their lives believing the meme that having a family is the only way to make life worth living, then go insane when they're forced to actually spend time together in lockdown.


it's more complicated than that. I don't suffer from the lockdown situations directly since I'm a neet with no social life, but the way things are going and how everyone is going along with it, out of passivity, compliance or both is definitely worrying and anxiety inducing. it's more than merely not being able to go the club the gym or what have you.


Thinking that since they did something and succeeded, then that is the norm and you can do it too. For example, when someone gets job and thinks the interview was easy, so you just have to talk and get the job too! Or when a short guy gets lucky and and finds a gf who accepts his height, he thinks the other short guys are just coping and should try harder.

They don't seem to understand that not all people or results are the same.

This annoys me more than them taking a vacation, because now they are all staying home and flooding the national parks and beaches that I loved to have to myself. The worse is that the ones that gave you that sneering look a couple of years ago when you say you are just camping in the mountains for your vacation are now doing it themselves and making it like a great, life-changing event for them when they brag about it on instazoom.


I've never had the itch to visit another country full of niggers and horrible people, most countries suck dick and are full of shit, I would rather spend my comfy NEETLyfe at home playing videogames and watching anime.


File: 1614331280073.jpg (151.65 KB, 528x900, 44:75, the-old-man-and-death-1863….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>the ones that gave you that sneering look a couple of years ago when you say you are just camping in the mountains for your vacation are now doing it themselves and making it like a great, life-changing event for them when they brag about it on instazoom.
Very true. In a national park near my home, there is a protected and ecologically unique oak woodland which was in pristine condition until thousands of normalfags starting visiting during the lockdown. Now it is in a state of ruin because they stripped all of the moss from the trees to make fucking flower baskets and destroyed the moss and lichen on the ground by lighting fires and disposable barbeques. Normalfags are literally incapable of doing activities that aren't 'interactive' or don't involve some form of consumption, so when they visit a natural site they impulsively destroy and take artefacts from it as souvenirs. The idea of simply walking through the woodland without altering or taking from it does not occur to them. And no doubt every normalshit who visited the place claimed to have "discovered" it when they posted about it on social media.




Won't dox myself any further but yes, you know the location. I love walking through that wood and then over the bleak hills beyond. Looking east towards the road as you walk, you can see the smoke rising from the pub in the distance with no other human settlement in sight. That pub is the one of the few public places I willingly enter: on a quiet day, I like to sit in the corner by the window with a pint and book after my walk. No-one pays me the slightest bit of attention. Unfortunately the whole national park becomes a congested hellhole from the start of April to the end of September as normies flock there with their children for holidays. I generally don't set foot there outside of the autumn and winter months.


reminds me the last time i went foraging. couple of old fucks (not that i have much room to talk) had huge sacks of mushrooms, no doubt just to sell. i just take enough for a few meals. wish i could own a forest and legally shoot people like them.


Normalfags have successfully been conditioned to associate consumption with fulfillment. Taking only what they need, rather than more than can naturally replenish, goes against their instinct.


File: 1614395139951.jpg (697.23 KB, 640x627, 640:627, 2020Harvest.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a secret spot in the woods like a 1.5 hour walk from the nearby road where I leave the car where each year there are heaps of funnel chantarels growing. I take a lot once I go there and dry them on newspapers that way they hardly take any space, but I always leave the mycelium and smaller clusters alone so that each year when I come back the harvest will be just as good. Try to find a place too, far from where they walk. Its hard, but I had the great fortune of having the knowledge of the place passed down from an older relative in exange for me never revealing where it is (and sharing with him of course, which he didnt say but its the right thing).
It saddens me how normgroids have infested foraging and nature to the point where if I want to leave society for a week or so I have to ride hours on a bus up north to be able to be left alone. Their idea of nature is a bug free campsite with drugs, music, sex and roasting some bought sausages and singing kumbaya. They have absolutely no respect for nature and are only there for optics. I saw some succubi had rented a few fishing rods at a lake and one of them had cought a small fish, way too small to eat and of a boney variety. They were all standing around it, no one wanted to take it off the hook so it slowly suffocated with the succubi laughing all around it and taking pictures with it. Then after one cut off the fucking line and threw it back in (with the hook still in) it was already dead, which they realized and instead of feeling remorseful they were joking about it sleeping.


Children fear, like most people, the unknown. Stare them down, they wont do shit after that unless they're insecure and want to show themselves tough to their friend group. I look a fair bit older than I am so I might fit into the scary old man that might be crazy-group so they don't really tease me but I do get looks. Some kids are fine, tought a boy how to get his fishing lure unstuck a few years ago and we got it loose which stuck with me as one of the happiest moments in years


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