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Is it possible overcome your sex drive? I'm 32 years old and I just can't seem to stop thinking about succubi all the time. I understand the pointlessness of erotica but I really can't help it.

I've come a long way to acknowledge the fact that due to my severe schizoid personality disorder I will never have a romantic relationship with a female ever. That thought wouldn't be so problematic if my sexual instinct wouldn't hinder me to live in peace and comfort. I probably spend 2 to 3 hours on workdays looking at erotica - on weekends it's possibly 4 to 5 hours a day. I understand it's a lot and I hate myself for every minute of it. It's absolutely sickening me.

I tried Nofap and lasted for 3 days but ultimately my mind collapsed under the pressure. I rather realized that Nofap is just a meme that may work for normiefags who have already been engaged in sexual relationships before and had the chance to release themselves but not really with a person who's been sex depraved for his entire life.

Any thoughts or methods on suppressing your sex drive? Preferably without the use of drugs and medicine.


dont use drugs for it fool, just rub one out, you endured it this far, youll endure it further
tho im a bit sad it doesnt go away even when youre 30+, oof


>dont use drugs for it fool
That wasn't my intention. Hence that last sentence in my post.

>tho im a bit sad it doesnt go away even when youre 30+, oof



ah sorry, misread the last sentence


File: 1584299383500.jpg (71.33 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1578375675147.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're just an undisciplined pleb just like 99% of the population, or if you wish as much of a despicable phrase as it may be on here, a normie. Funny thing about this kin is that if they somehow manage to kill their drive or give themselves erectional dysfunction or whatever they mostly seem to deeply regret it.
The peak simply isn't meant for most to reach.


You have to figure out what watching porn and thinking about succubi really does for you. It provides an escape from certain emotional pain/suffering that you can't handle, which makes it compelling as an activity. The solution is transforming that pain, not escaping it.

What pains you the most? Find that hot spot and instead of flinching and avoiding it, face it, observe it, break it down into meaningless noise from the body. Perhaps the thought of being alone for the rest of your life gives you this scary feeling that you don't know how to deal with. That's what you have to dissolve. If you examine it closely, it's some bodily response that carries with it an interpretation, a meaning, a rationalization. Practice seeing it as just meaningless noise instead of actual information about the world.


That's rude.


according to wikipedia, schizoids dont desire sexual relations.

cant you just get so lost in your schiozid fantasy world, that you stop thinking about irl succubi?


>normie instead of normalfag
>that prideful tone
You are normalfag yourself


Not all listed requirements have to be met to fulfill the existence of schizoid personality disorder. You can have sexual desire (all humans have) but not desire to engage in a relationship. There's a difference.


long distance running helps with emotional inhibition and whatnot

if you're a schizoid you're probably skinny with long legs, perfect body type for aerobic exercise


>if you're a schizoid you're probably skinny with long legs, perfect body type for aerobic exercise

Lol what? Is there an actual correlation between the two?


File: 1584320052098.jpg (10.16 KB, 226x200, 113:100, Haruhi 3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hmm? yes


Yes, but it's ok.

Keep telling yourself that all the way back to r9k, kiddo


[citation needed]



Acknowledge that it is part of the process called being human.

It's always a choice: to not get addicted to something, otherwise it would lead you to undesirable paths.

The brain to rescue you from the instincts.

the species drive in you doesn't care about the individual (in you)


>Is it possible overcome your sex drive?
how many times do you think that exact same question has been asked on this board alone? you already know the answer to it yet you still ask it. you dont actually want to hear the answer again, you want to hear what makes you feel good. you know that people have overcome this struggle but you want to hear about other wizards failing and telling you about determinism.


What the fuck kind of response is this? If he's hearing people say that he can't and can, how is he to know if he can or not?


>how many times do you think that exact same question has been asked on this board alone?
I think that >>165869 was a pretty good enough response.


I have no idea how to deal with this and it's been years since I spoke with someone who isn't my family.
>Perhaps the thought of being alone for the rest of your life gives you this scary feeling that you don't know how to deal with.


You can't overcome it unless you're too tired. I find whenever I go on little sleep or feel drained from physical activity, I don't have any urge. Also being sick.


the only times ive been able to stop fapping is when i injured my back/neck/shoulder muscle, ironically from my horrible humchback fapping posture. the pain was so great all i could do was lie down. i couldnt even move my head. i had struggle for hours on the floor and tape blankets around my neck to immobilize it before i could even stand up. it was during this two week hell that i stopped fapping and porn. if you physically cannot fap and you are constantly in pain and uncomfortable you dont even look at porn or get horny. once i recovered and was physically able to i resumed my monstrous fap sessions all day

its not really 3d im interested in, i dont think about real people, but its porn nonetheless. burns my entire day, but this is what you do when you have little else to do all day as a neet. raw stimulation, max pleasure, feel good. pretty sure i would need to be crippled or castrated to stop fapping. nofap is an absolute joke for beasts like us op


Very uplifting post, thank you. Literally makes me feel better about myself when I thought I didn't have any hope left inside me.


>schizoids dont desire sexual relations.
The key-word here is 'relations'. Personally though I don't desire a relationship, I still have a sex drive that torments me.


Now I'm imagining people staying virgins until 30 for the clout of being a wizard and immediately doing it after as if it doesn't kill wizard status.


File: 1584510983033.jpg (325.64 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, 15842425184070.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

why don't you guys buy sexdolls ???
i came to this board thinking there would be atleast a thread about them

sorry if im out of place im 29 for other six months, and saving to buy one


There is a thread. And it’s 50/50 people lambasting OP for his crabbery and the other half is cheering him on.


I don't have enough money to buy one and to be frank, that seems like a lot of maintenance. Does using a sexdoll mean you're a crab though?


I can't even buy body pillows because of my parents.


No, most that buy dolls have no interest in relationships with real succubi.
Besides crabs mainly want sex for reasons of validation, which a doll can't provide.


so beautiful
how much does it cost?
if i had this i would disregard them for real


how exactly are you disregarding succubi if you buy dolls made in their image so you can fuck them and feel less lonely?
Even if i had the means I wouldn't buy a sex doll. I don't even take care of myself how will I be taking care of a big doll? Or find the time. It's just too much investment.


Yeah. That's way more effort than I want to put into anything. It can get gross.


I personally will probably never go full doll but man oh man are onahole/sex toys a great time compared to normal fapping.
I tend to get the lower priced ones so beyond cleaning them after use I don't get bent out of shape about maintenance or hard use. If they start to break or whatever I just order a new one and have it delivered without any problems.
Add to that hd porn and lately vr porn (which honestly isn't all that great yet imo) and all of my sexual needs are met with a few great faps a week.
The farthest I might go is some of the more expensive robotic sex toys (I have heard great things about "spinning robot pussy" from a certain sex toy reviewer on youtube that sounds interesting and kinda curious about if there will be good vr games with "special imput devices" if you know what I mean) but as far as actual succubi I have no desire or use for them in my personal life.


well a doll isnt a succubus


How expensive are they on average? I think it would be fun to have one to buy clothes for and dress up


I'm neet so….


File: 1584578386449.jpg (537.02 KB, 1058x1600, 529:800, d3380fa10101f82ad021ad0651….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just your face?


Why is the womb connected with the nipples?


Depends on material and quality you are looking for.

For a mid level tpe doll expect to pay around $1500
For silicone I think they are around $2000-$3000.

That said I have seen some ok looking tpe dolls as low as $500-$800 for people on a budget.

Any lower then that and the dolls start getting really small or really ugly. Usually both.
That say the technology and artistry of the dolls slowly keeps getting better and the cost are slowly coming down. It is one of the perks of the crazy gender imbalance in China. It creates more demand, competition, and any minor innovation anywhere in the industry trickles down to all of the factories because of the whole IP theft thing.
Kind of ashame Japan is kinda slacking. Lot of quality from JP companies but their production and innovation is low and their prices are high.
Then you have the US, who is high innovation but imo makes really ugly dolls that are overpriced.


I strongly suspect you post that picture so that if the mod is only halfway paying attention and deletes it you will use it as a excuse to sperg on meta.
That or you just hoping to shock people for attention.
Either way you are a cancerous faggot.


Nofap is possible, at least for me, if I just dont look at lewd images I dont even get an urge. I dont know if that helps or not. Also being religious helps out too since it keeps ones mind out of the gutter and gives an actual reason to strive towards human excellence.


Failure is part of the process, the hardest part is breaking the conditioning of nightly fap, the rest is breaking the conditioning of porn in your life, for me it was and still is eroge and h-doujins, I do enjoy at times the literary quality of it but that all gets dwarfed by the primary lewdness of it.

Its something I still struggle with, but I'm confident I can do it because I've reached the state where my desire was in control, and I only lost control because I willingly gave it up because I wanted to play an eroge or I just lost purpose of why I was doing the nofap thing and just did it and derived zero pleasure from it and eventually got trapped back in the cycle of nightly faps. But the more I persevere in it the easier it gets to break out of the cycle.


it goes from $650 if your lucky (some anon on 4chan got a chinese one) to $1500 on averange

and up to 3000 or more for highend


I think age will eventually help you. I've noticed my libido declining after 30. I can't fap now without trying to give my self a boarderline heart attack, so now I'm fapping every 3 days instead of every day like I used to.

The really questions I have for wizies is how do you get yourself to fall asleep at night without sexual thoughts? Sometimes if I think of comfy thoughts about being in a hostile storm but held up in a safe cubby I start to feel cozy and fall asleep. Meditation can help to, but its kinda hard and I've developed a bad association with it due to the people I learned it from.


File: 1584636194195.jpg (136.29 KB, 817x1390, 817:1390, 1575961113373-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been jerking off way too much, wizzies. My fucking urethra sometimes feels stressed right after jerking off. It's a minor discomfort that usually dissipates before too long, but it's still annoying & gets progressively more stressed the more I fap in a given day. And next to that, as you'd expect, jerking off just makes me crash energy-wise after cumming. One weird thing is that I always seem to have a small laugh after cumming. At myself, at everything, and even just nothing. Maybe because of a reflex of the dopamine, or whatever.

I largely identify with this wizard >>165985 though. Fapping still makes me feel good, whether for those all too brief moments while cumming, or even in the lead-up while edging. I'd literally need to be castrated to stop fapping. Even slight/moderate discomfort isn't enough to get me to stop. Still, I sometimes get the urge to fap and I feel like I'm just a slave to it. Like in my mind I'm just like, "God damn it, man. I don't want to jerk off again.", but my urge to fap just drags me along to do it anyway, even if I've already done it 3 or 4 times already. If I wasn't so phobic of drugs, then I might be able to replace fapping with that type of thing, but I'd probably just end up doing both, I'd imagine. I only first heard the term recently, but I'm basically just a hopeless cumbrain. I've fried my already shitty brain on both this shit, and everything else, and now I'm just a pathetic invalid with a fapping addiction & a gallery of degenerate fetishes to fap to.


I wouldn't mind one, frankly. I've got the cash for it, but the larger wrinkle is my parents. To be honest though, I don't think they'd mind. They'd be wearied out at first, but eventually just come to accept it. I just wish I could have a lovedoll that looked like pic related. The lovedoll you posted, while not the worst I've seen, is still too uncanny valley for my tastes. Plus, even if I were to get one, what then? Does it come with clothing and stuff, or would I have to buy that separately? How often would it need to be cleaned and stuff like that? I actually have no intention to fuck it and I doubt I ever would. I'd just want her to lay in bed with me so I can hug her and play with her hair or hold her hand. Stuff like that. I also wonder if I'd just start to regret it. Like say it just becomes a meaningless paper weight to me after a week, or something. Acquiring one that best suits what I'm looking for would be ideal, but I'm not sure that something seems to exist sadly.


Yeah, I know what you mean. My parents do my laundry and it'd be super awkward giving them a themed body pillow for them to wash for me. I guess I could always just clean it myself, but another thing which holds me off from getting one is that the body pillow I currently have is pretty shit. I'd need to get a new one before I bought any covers to use. I also want a custom cover, but am not sure where the best place to get one would be.


Why hasn't a mod removed this yet? Is the report feature broken, or something?


>Either way you are a cancerous faggot.

Agreed. Posters like that need to have literal hellfire cast upon them.


Don't do nofap
Fap every other day, possibly without porn
Don't get angry at yourself for failing
Work on self esteem

I will get banned for this but I was a wizard and chronic fapper. Tallking 3/day, even when prostatitis made orgasms painful. I also have schzoid personality disorder.
I got better. You can get better. Fight it. No matter what, fight it. You're looking for purpose in a bleak life, aren't you? That's your purpose. The end boss to your life. Your own limits and fears. Fight them no matter what. It's worth it.


>fight it
Fight what? Sexual Urges?


Talking about real things that lower ur sexual drive. I noticed that when i dont consume meat, my urge to fap is very low cuz i dont have so much energy and honestly dont even need, cuz you know mostly just seating everyday. That might be the key. We eat as much as healthy working ppl but rly do nothing whole day.
Try to hold only on grains for 2-3 days and you will fap like once per 3 days or so. But you dont gonna like it cuz having energy feels good. And evenrgy is fap. Maybe there is a way to find perfect diet to maintain just enough energy to feel good with low fap desire. Also avoid sugar cuz sugar is 100% fap desire.


It's normalfag


When I stopped caring about fapping or thinking it was wrong morally, paradoxically, the urges mostly evaporated. I think the way it works is the idea of fapping is in my attention less now than before because I don't track it or lament it anymore. When fapping is not in my attention horny does not accumulate.


this is probably it


Op, just masturbate twice a week or when you get so desperate that you could rape a succubus. I almost rapped my cousin once because tried this "no fap" bullshit.


>Any thoughts or methods on suppressing your sex drive?

Yes: https://youtu.be/JuyB7NO0EYY
To add to this: Jen Van Meter admitted in one of her works, Hopeless Savages, that there are succubi who have admitted how they wished they had their tubes tied since there IS more to life than having a family. I know sex drive isn't synonymous with procreating, but just remember: the condom CAN break.

Or do what I do and release it by making something, be it a sculpture, painting, knitting, or even prose helps.


File: 1593927118655.gif (663.14 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 300.gif) ImgOps iqdb

> but just remember: the condom CAN break.


This. I'm 28 and my libido is all but gone because I've been hammering my cock daily to pornography for the past decade and a half.


I would buy one but that would require privacy and really deep pockets. I don't think either of those are meant for me anytime soon.


to feed the baby maybe?


>The really questions I have for wizies is how do you get yourself to fall asleep at night without sexual thoughts?
I can only fall asleep if I picture dying. My favourite scenarios are 'I blacked out because of an explosion or falling down the mountain'.


>Does it come with clothing and stuff, or would I have to buy that separately?
not really, unless the shop also provides that, even then it will most likely come naked in a really unsightly position. Dressing it up and buying it clothes is part of the experience. It's a rich man's hobby, real succubi would probably pop a blood vessel if they saw receipts for high end underwear and skirts some absolute madlads buy for their dolls. Eventually that's the doll's main purpose - to be dressed up and posed into pretty poses, you don't even feel like fucking it and making a mess with the lube and the cleaning.


File: 1593947563584.png (1.54 MB, 1032x605, 1032:605, ted8nff.png) ImgOps iqdb

>why don't you guys buy sexdolls ???

I don't have money for a realistic sex doll like that, but I could easily get myself a 3d succubus that will probably get bored of me or leave me unless she grew dependent on me and whose cost will not even get close to a grand.
So what is the point of getting a sex doll unless you can't really get yourself a girlfriend?
If I had the money I wouldn't buy one. How would having a sex doll help me with my life? What am I supposed to do with it? Take care of it? talk to the thing? Fuck it? Pretend that is just like the real thing? You should either go full celibate or fuck off with this compensating and expensive bullshit that's just a waste of time and money. In any case, I'd rather buy 30 different onaholes than 1 big size doll with a vagina. I'd definitely have more fun that way.


Wizchad 2020.


>In any case, I'd rather buy 30 different onaholes than 1 big size doll with a vagina. I'd definitely have more fun that way.
that seems true if you just want something to fuck

call me a faggot but if i was rich enough i'd have sexdolls just to dress them up in various clothes and take pictures, pose them, draw them. i'm not pretty enough to crossdress but my fascination with succubus clothing, underwear, lingerie, swimsuits, etc is strong. again, only if i was filthy rich since it is much easier to just do all this stuff via 3d modeling and doesn't cost a dime


Just find something else to occupy your mind with, it's really that simple. When I have nothing to do, I end up fapping a lot, but when I have something to think about, I pretty much forget about it.

If you have to do it, just do it quick and be done with it.


full silicone dolls aren't even that expensive. I mean, the avarage gaming pc build is like 4k usd. the top tier graphics card is 1500 usd alone.

the problem is that most of the doll stores are scam, and even if not scam, then the quality is shit


I've considered that in the past, with mannequins because I like mannequins and not silicon. Lots of clothes in second hand stores. I'm close to being able to move out, maybe I will buy a mannequin to dress up.


well everything seems expensive to me because i dont have income. but buying dolls and actual clothing, i mean it will add up surely


Nothing wrong with you anon. succubi have deep rooted men controlling aura. Even without their complete absence, you will come across a thought about them. And before you realise, you have a hard on. And you want to hump something now. They havd secret controlling elements that control our dicks. And you know how the saying goes >Men think with their dicks

So you see the problem. Men should masturbate and fucking use their brain when they have got ridden of the hot glue that wants to creampie a succubi


Fucking pathetic crabs


How about don't masturbate at all ignore lust and persue something oh idk wizardly instead of being a horny animal all the time


Never do it, otherwise your immunity system will get wrecked.
Instead of that, just use the typical wizzie tricks: very cold showers, eating less, leaving grains/meat/sugar/industry cr*p, fasting often, may be some sport (or whatever gets you tired)



I don't get how having a sex drive torments so many people across the internet nowadays. I just fap and forget about it like I always did. Everything is bizarro now.


Read this stuff, it might help


you don't think about the other gender
you think about doing your biological imperative. no need to hate yourself for it. you have a stomach and you get hungry. And just like that you get horny if you have a impregnation pipe that is still functional.

once you understand that your body is nothing else than a biochemical reactor you don't have to worry about those things anymore. Everything is just a natural function of the reactor .


how you watch something like porn and masturbate without thinking about doing what you see in porn?
YOu should fap but not to porn, that way you can disassociate masturbation from sex and succubi.


This precisely. Masturbate once a month or so to prevent automated sperm emissions, but do it while looking at or thinking of something beautiful. 3DPD is disgusting and beauty can only be found in the mindrealm, but said beauty is rarely in human form. This is how some become sexually attracted to animals, cars, clouds, tiles - the human form disgusts them so they seek beauty elsewhere, except in this case they can't fathom anything beyond the mundane and are chained to 3DPD. You can do better by virtue of (possibly) being a wizard.


Who said anything about 3DPD? I mean there’s a reason that 3D is banned but 2D is allowed in the fap thread.


only drugs have stopped it in my case. ssris mostly diminished it but had other shitty side effects which made me stop using them. If I smoke weed daily my libido is virtually non existent when I'm not high


I've been on NoFap for years, so it can help me get through these tough times.


The prophet Muhammad ﷺ when walking on the street saw succubi and was so aroused, he ran to have sex with one of his wives. He advised his followers to do the same. Keep in mind this is 7th century arabia so at most you'll see a burka and maybe a hand. Most people these days have more self control than Allah's messenger.

Sexuality can be dealt with but since it is biological, it cannot be completely overcome. Just look at the Catholic church, priests are supposed to be celibate but thanks to repression, they commit evil acts to satisfy biological urges.

The prophet ﷺ had a good idea which is instead of lusting after someone and pursuing such a relationship, to deal with it in some way. Sexuality can be compared to temporary insanity, deal with it as one can.


what's ﷺ ¿


Shorthand for "peace be upon him"


wtf is this thread…

if you desire sex so much I dont understand why you don't just get a prostitute


And for a wizard, this just means to jerk off.
Wizchan 2020


Not him but what are your reasons for being a virgin, wiz?


That or distract yourself. Repulsion is a good way to do that


I have no idea, I've always disliked most people. Was very standoffish, even at an early age. Compound those thoughts 20+ years after high school, while in isolation, and you become a Wizard I suspect. What are your reasons?
Agreed, I've recently started getting into doing a little yard work and building tiny wooden contraptions for fun. The biological urges can be annoying, but we have two hands to choose from which solves the problem readily enough. No need to paralyze yourself with a succubi / job. On a plus note, I will say that as I've gotten older the libido has drastically fallen and you do indeed start to feel much better. It may take longer for some, such as with OP, but I hardly even care now that I am in my 30s. I just feel content.


>And for a wizard, this just means to jerk off.
No! We are not jerking off anymore! You anti-nofappers have gone too far now and wanking is almost a religion for you.
>le nofap is a religion for you
I'm not even NoFap, as yes, that is like a cult religion, but now you have turned the other side into the same, how about choosing logic and seeing that masturbation is simulating a vagina and highlights your desires for sex


Fuck off nigger.


Next time you are wanking yourself, think of me okay


Way to overthink it. You have a sexual urge, jerk off and be done with it. It's simple, it works. You don't need porn or any other stimuli. Just manually chug out the spunk and go about your day. Why is this so difficult? Do you not see that the more you abstain from masturbation the more infatuated you become? I simply do not understand why so many drag their feet, suffer blue balls, have wet dreams, constantly avoid images that might make them aroused, all while thinking they are somehow virtuous or holy? If it is for a religious reason, I guess I can understand. But I'm sure if you love whatever deity you worship and apologize as you wipe the cum cum off your belly, he'll forgive you. :)


File: 1597863971740.jpg (40.4 KB, 617x661, 617:661, gromit_mug.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You can free yourself from almost all sexual desire and longings. It takes time and some struggling, but the long term benefits are substantial. This worked for me so perhaps it can work for you:

Some tips:

First you must do nofap. None of this giving up after 3 day crap either. Stop playing with yourself. Some tips I can give you is just getting business done with quickly in the bathroom whether it is toilet or shower. Just do what you need to do and finish, no wasting time. Also do not just idly lie in bed or something in the middle of the day. You need to actively fight the urge to play with yourself in these situations. After sometime the physical craving/dopamine craving from cooming will began to subside.

Avoid any kind of sexy thoughts or media whether explicit or just suggestive/cutsie. No more erotica literature, pron, pin ups, furry, ecchi, moe anime, sexy videogames, music, etc. Avoid suggestive media as well like asmr, instagram, sexual movies, magazines and tv shows. This will help purge the psychological desire as well. On this topic I will also say do not use internet except when necessary like for work emails or coding for work or whatever. Avoid it unless you need to use it.

Fill your time with doing constructive things. Maybe you can work overtime at your job, start reading some kind of philosophy or math books, go out on walks or hiking. Even things like cleaning your house or doing yard work are good to do as well. Exercise helps a lot too, especially aerobic exercises, anaerobic is good too. Avoid junk foods like fast food, chips/crips, candies, anything with refined sugar, heavy carbs, anything deep fried, soft drinks, alchohol.

My results:

This can be torture for the first few days or even weeks but its worth it. For myself I started with the 90 day noPMO (pron orgasm masturbate) challenge. After the second week my drive was pretty much completely gone. Around the 90th day I had no desire to want to even look at sexual media. My libido went into hibernation but after like 7 months of this "monk mode" I just awoke it again by force with looking at smut and fell back to my old dirty ways, not as bad though. However! Ive developed healthy habits like healthier diet, I can concentrate with books and coding a lot more, I walk 5-10km a day, I keep my apartment tidy, and my anxiety is a lot less too. I also fap and look at smut a lot less than before. I am trying to do another "reset" to see if I can purge myself of this wretched desire permanently.

You can do it wiz or anyone else reading this. Sex/orgasm might be one of the strongest desires but it isnt the best feelings when it happens. Cooming is not like thirst, hunger, or tiredness. Your body needs food, water, and sleep/rest. Sex and cooming are not required to survive. If it were there would be no wizards :) Long term nofap and nopron did have benefits for my anxiety and concentration and going through the struggle I picked up some good habits, maybe you can too. The short term struggle is worth the benefits, the biggest benefit in my opinion was killing that terribly annoying sex drive.

Best of luck, wiz! The hard work is worth it!


>the biggest benefit in my opinion was killing that terribly annoying sex drive.
It is. And at least for me personally, it is the only one I can think of. Nothing else has changed, it has not improved my mental state one bit.

(what's with the 4chan buzzwords 'cooming' and 'noPMO', are they necessary?)


Soon we will have androids which will be stronger and smarter than humans.

Androids will make it easier to lose virginity, so less wizards.


File: 1597875663164.gif (486.17 KB, 498x280, 249:140, autism.gif) ImgOps iqdb

would you prefer it changed to "ejaculating" and "abstaining from pornographic content and self pleasure?"


Yes. I might sound autistic, but you definitely sound like a retard by using these terms.


No! It's because the more you wank wank, the more your body desires it again, it's like a fire that you keep burning in your loins, then you want to come online and denigrate others that are trying hard to break this habit?
No, we will turn away from such things, as they are unwizardly, that was, is and has always been the main point.


Thanks wiz, best post here by far!
>Avoid any kind of sexy thoughts or media whether explicit or just suggestive/cutsie. No more erotica literature, pron, pin ups, furry, ecchi, moe anime, sexy videogames, music, etc. Avoid suggestive media as well like asmr, instagram, sexual movies, magazines and tv shows.
Sounds like you know a lot about the lewd arts lol(i), a cultured individual no less.

This is what the anti-NoFappers don't get, we are trying to stop cranking our genitals but it is a redundant activity.

It is not like shitting or pissing in jugs, it is something to overcome, something to master your hold of, so it doesn't have a hold of you.


Oh ok, I wish you luck in your 'self control' so you boys can finally get your succubi you so desperately want. The pent up feeling in your bollocks is going to give you newfound courage I'm sure!


The true shape of self control in regards to indulgence has always existed in moderation. The extremes on both ends are forms of obsession.
Obsessions aren't necessarily bad, as negative as the word makes it seem. But an obsession definitely isn't an expression of self control.


Don't you talk about my bollocks like that!
We are disregarding succubi, can you not read clearly? No doubt from your hourly crank sessions
We will be the wizards you are too weak to become
Remember me next time to feel the urge to feel a simulated hand-vagina experience, you are to true succubus wisher!


>i'm the truwiz!
>we are disregarding succubi!
You are amplifying sexual desire for succubi through semen retention.
>remember me while masturbating!
Remember what a fool you are when you have to clean the jism from yet another one of your nocturnal emissions.


You're welcome, best of luck in your anti libido journey. Its like climbing a big mountain. In the beginning it is difficult but once you make to the top(libido and desires are no more) it is easy to climb down and enjoy life without horniness.
The point of this is to rid yourself of the desire and urges to begin with. It has nothing to do with "amplifying" desires. Once you realize that you dont need it you just have to become accustomed to not thinking sexual thoughts or wanking. Also I never had nocturnal emissions during the time I abstained from masturbation and pornographic media which was a little over 7 months. Cope harder throttle jockey, go be a crab somewhere else.


>The point of this is to rid yourself of the desire and urges to begin with.
Woah, nice flat out lie. Just take a gander at the thread, those who have tried to follow the nofap lifestyle all had bouts of uncontrollable horniness. Try again.

>It has nothing to do with "amplifying" desires.

False. Straight from the nofap forum (which is also littered with crabs/r9k types such as yourself):

"NoFap is not a sex-negative website. In fact, we believe that quitting porn is one of the most sex-positive choices a person can make. NoFap doesn’t argue that individuals should abstain from sex or masturbation altogether for the rest of their lives, nor do we argue that individuals should “save themselves for marriage.” We might recommend that our users abstain from sex for the limited duration of their reboot. However, we ultimately want people to enjoy sex! We argue that heavy porn use makes real sex less enjoyable by desensitizing the brain’s reward system, which has consequences on sexual performance and intimacy. Most users return to sex soon after their reboots only to report vastly improved sex lives.

>Once you realize that you dont need it you just have to become accustomed to not thinking sexual thoughts or wanking.

Except that is never the case, everybody is bound to blow, either through wet dreams or through manual stimulation. It doesn't matter how it happens,the point being it will happen.

>Also I never had nocturnal emissions during the time I abstained from masturbation and pornographic media which was a little over 7 months.

Congratulation, you are the minority or you're just flat out lying. Tell me about those benefits though bruh, did you lift your metal set a little heavier than usual bruh? Good JOB BRUH!


Nope, still not buying it my crabby friend.


word salad


The comeback of a lifetime




It's actually really simple and easy, just don't do it. Just don't masturbate or look at pornography


You and only you control your actions. Having bouts of uncontrollable horniness doesn't mean your act of PMO is uncontrollable, it's controllable by you.


There is no such thing as moderation with masturbation or pornography. You either really not do it at all or you do it to excess, you do not deserve sex in any form unless another person consents to physically have sex with you, anything else is biologically not supposed to happen and therefore unhealthy. You deserve your sexual frustration and are better off being miserable from not masturbating or looking at porn then if you do masturbate or look at porn which ultimately carries more misery and Ill health no matter how much happiness, release and pleasure it also provides. You are not entitled to sex motherfucker, even from your own hand, no one is


just rub one out when youre horny, and dont fixate on it when youre not.
its not a big deal lmao


Misery comes from PMO.
There is no misery from abstaining for on PMO just discomfort and a lack of pleasure


And you wonder why your life sucks and you're here. It is a big deal, your body can't tell the difference between jerkimg off and getting laid but your mind knows, obviously. Reproducing is your only purpose and you're receiving your body into thinking you've acheive it when in reality your life is as far from acheiving it as possible. You may aswell be sitting in a sewer and shooting up heroin


*Deceiving your body


How much of a coomer do you have to be to care this much lol


Please don't bring the "coom" word here.


File: 1601114864568.jpg (336.68 KB, 1000x669, 1000:669, monkpill.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Reproducing is your only purpose

Then how do Buddhist monks cope?


File: 1601119171039.jpg (13.2 KB, 263x400, 263:400, 41NdoxAktIL._AC_SY400_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


No i am asking if breeding is the only purpose to life, then how do millions of people all over the world not breed and still remain balanced and healthy.


Those people still have sex. Almost everyone on earth either has kids or has sex. Most people who never procreated simply died before they got the chance. We are a vast minority.


Buddhism as is today is corrupted to the core, they're all for money, have sex frequently, have kids, drive expensive cars, eat meat; it has long been being in the era of 末法 eg the end of this religion.


Also in the old days they might have been gay like those in christian which deserved severe punishment both in law and society, and preserving one's life is more important so you know.


this pic reminded me of that


Glad I found this thread because there is some very good advice here to get me through 2021 with less fapping.


I can vouch for this. Ever since becoming mainly vegan my urge to masturbate has greatly diminished, and whenever I eat meat or dairy again, it flares right up. It hasn't solved my addiction to masturbation but it has really helped to curb down on it.


Strange since vegan vloggers often brag about how removing animal products from their life somehow boosted their sex life and performance.


self suggestion in both cases


Learn C++. It will keep you off from jerking off.


I'll be 34 in a few weeks. My sex drive is still there but my penis doesn't work as well as it used to. In my 20s my dick stayed rock hard during a masturbation session but now it switches from hard to soft.

I dunno how this information is supposed to help you, but yeah, its out there.


according to plato the happy man uses his reason to reign in his passions, while the man who gives into temptation is made a slave to his desires and surrenders his control over his own life

im a red blooded 18 year old in the confidence of his youth with ocd and i used to be obsessed with huge breasts after falling down the porn rabbit hole but i am slowly regaining control over my life by realizing that i was made a slave.


enter jhana.

On a meditation forum, someone said that you can't really expect someone to give up physical sensuality without them finding a better source of pleasure.

that better source, supposedly, is jhana


32 years old is still not that much, maybe it will not work for you. But you can try it. It will work for sure when you get older, though.
Sport, I mean really physical demanding and exhausting training where you create a lot of muscle micro tear. The body will be forced to create and use the most even all of the testosterone to repair the damaged tissues and make them stronger so they can get adapted for greater physical demanding activities. Although at the beginning the excessive testosterone may even make your sex drive even higher. Just keep on training and it will be used for body repairing and tissue development.

The other method involves diet and less to no exercise. Veganism was developed and created in monasteries with that simple goal in mind , to help monks in reducing their sex drive. Without vitamin A , retinol , found only in animal foods the body can not start spermoneogenesis , creating of new vital sperm cells. However retinol along with b12 is vital for health in general. So you must be very cautious.


I had my testicles removed 3 years ago. When the testosterone is gone, so is desire. You can have them replaced by medical grade silicon balls or whatever your doctors offer to men who lose a nut in an accident. This way it doesn't feel weird in the shower.



sexual desire comes from testosterone
testosterone is produced by the balls
remove balls and there will be nothing in your body producing testosterone
after a while the testosterone will vanish from your body, that also means that your sexual desire will be gone too
washing your pp without your balls might feel weird, so ask the doctor to put artificial balls where the testicles were


>still haven't got his balls removed
fucking amateurs everywhere


sex drive is not a problem for a wizard with a celibacy insurance.


I'd do that but I don't want to sound like an Eunuch


Don't do that. The guy you're replying to is a larping faggot.Castration wouldn't remove your sex drive, sex drive comes from the brain so castration would only further fuck up your life and induce depression due to lack of testosterone.


I want as few people as possible touching my genitals.


Dude, castration does not just remove your sex drive. It makes you weak, tired, and sickly. In theory, I could see a Buddhist-type who is completely resigned in life making himself a eunuch without regret; but, most will be better off just masturbating and going on with their life.

Testosterone is useful for staying optimistic, concentrating on hobbies and not becoming depressed due to bad circumstances, etc.


If you malnourish yourself it will decrease/disappear because the body will always prioritize survival over reproduction. For that I recommend cutting out as many animal products as possible. Veganism would be optimal for this I suppose. Keep in mind that this is the complete opposite of healthy and you will probably get debilitating diseases in the long term, including rotten teeth and severe digestive problems from what I have heard.


serious question, would a sex doll general here on wizchan be a good idea?



Note the covert aspects of SPD:
- secret voyeuristic interests
- vulnerable to erotomania
- tendency towards compulsive perversions


i can see myself falling in love with a doll like that


This does not mean every schizoid has rhese traits another schizoid trait is being a hebephile also but not every schizoid is likely one nor shares every trait listed.

Schizoids may desire the desire to be able to be romantic and try but fail.

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