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Seriously, i dont get it.

This should be the golden age for disregarding other humans and being able to sustain yourself in a hugbox of your own creation, and yet, after 15 years of trying, i have not made a dime through online work.

> Tried selling on eBay in the mid-2000s, products eventually went out of fashion or competition blew me out

> Tried 'justcodebrah' more than 5 times, including one compsci attempt, we all know how that turned out kek
> The other four attempts were blends of online courses, FCC, codepen, some git stuff etc
> Familiar with basic procedural and OO code structures, yet this was all 10 years ago and may just be a meme now
> 5 years ago looked into ecommerce again and likely got scammed
> Getting scammed is a common occurrence in my online endeavours

I simply don't get it. I'm dumbfounded at my inability to wrangle even pittance out of the norman webuser, yet, it is i, someone who has limitless amounts of time to work on this, that end up out of pocket and frustrated.
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not an online thing but look into adverse possession. only viable in certain states if you want to take over houses, but most states you can establish squatter's rights after a month or so. the process of eviction becomes a lengthy legal shenanigan at that point and most people, especially in cities, try to just bribe the person to leave so they can get rid of their unwanted tenant. if you really wanted to get into the grey area you could establish squatter's rights and then rent it out like on air bnb and shit lol


care to explain to a retarded wizard what investing in the internet means? and how exactly do you gain money from it?
thank you


>a high yield savings
How do I find one of these? My local bank has really shitty interest rates.




>which is a very short period of time relative to the average human lifespan
It's like a sixth of your adult life if you're one of the lucky ones who a) survives to 80 and b) isn't in a home shitting in diapers by that point. That's not "very short".
It's also the best sixth of it physically and mentally by far, since you have no choice but to frontload your working years. Your 30s won't be too bad but decay kicks in hard in your 40s and 50s and by the time you pass into traditional retirement age even happy-go-lucky norman boomers are just idling time waiting until they die.


You're correct. I think something not often talked about is how much better success is as an experience when it happens for the young. There's no universal specific age for when life loses some of its spring/summertime energy, when the highest potential for depth of subjective experiences starts to dim, etc but you can certainly say that 18 is not 25, 25 is not 35, etc. Many people will ardently claim to feel better at 30 or 40+, but in terms of physical and mental shape, it's sort of a stretch. The old quote "if a mathematician hasn't left their mark by 30/40 they never will" comes to mind. Not very long to save, but not very long does the high vitality state last, either.

Also, obviously we are Wizards here, but if you did ever want to have sex, there's hardly a better time for it at 18, at least for men, and yet this is precisely when it's hardest to get laid for those males who aren't tall, good looking, charismatic, etc. By the time those guys have enough status to become attractive to w o m e n, the sexual prime has passed for many - dick pills are necessary for round two, maybe some days you don't feel like it, etc. A far cry from the intensity of teenage lust…passion dies out, it's more transactional, etc. The body struggles to maintain its peak sexual functioning past the end of early adulthood.

So I think that's a pretty powerful fact of the world which serves to demotivate people from buckling down and saving starting at say, 20 or 25 - ages young enough that there's room for forgiveness for not having yet developed an understanding of the benefits of a miserly lifestyle, investing, etc, but old enough that the peak is already passed or soon to arrive for the average person.

None of that is to say that it's not a good idea to save, because age 35 or 40 isn't as geriatric as I'm making it out to be, and you need to not be homeless and ideally relatively comfortable for another 30 or so years even then, but eh. There is a certain amount of wisdom in "life fast, die young".


File: 1598871270891.png (95.93 KB, 692x682, 346:341, monthly net (after taxes) ….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

It's disingenuous to only consider adulthood. Ten years is 1/8th of the average male lifespan who is currently 65 years old, someone younger will likely live years beyond that. However, the main problem with your argument is that you assume that the whole ten year period is wasted when at worst it would only be about 40 hours a week compared to a NEET or for the working population, only the hours worked that amount to the income saved needed to retire, which would be about a third. The sum of this is a short period of time.

We also have to adjust for standard of living. I'm assuming you live off your parents or you're on welfare so your lifestyle isn't equal to working people with more disposable income. To match this lifestyle you would need much less capital and you could retire in a shorter period of time. There are plenty of ways to bring housing costs down or you can move to a country with a lower average income where you would basically be middle class. There are plenty of decent South American, Eastern European and Asian countries with an average of net income of less than $5000 USD annually.

Finally, I don't fucking care. Investing may not be for you, it's irrelevant. If you can't or refuse to save money, it is also irrelevant. Every time investing gets brought up on this site it only gets replies by spoiled wizkids writing blogs about how it's not for them and they either lack the self awareness or are narcissistic enough to believe that it goes for everyone else as well. More independent people or those who spent time in terrible living conditions like the homeless tend to recognize the value of being financially independent or at least having enough money you don't have to beg for food when your parents kick you out. Ignore it at your own peril.


File: 1598871356653.png (166.68 KB, 901x675, 901:675, Net average monthly salary.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


It's impossible to just magically get residency in cheap countries

You have said absolutely nothing of value.

Telling frugal neets 'just get a high or median income and save' helps nobody.

Investing is something you can do when you already have money. The problem is getting started.

It's like you think you're talking to idiot normies that waste their money partying


You don't need residency, some countries allow for virtually unlimited tourist visas and you simply just have to make a run to the border. Otherwise you can just travel to another cheap country at the end of the period, often they're right next to each other.
>You have said absolutely nothing of value.
Motherfucker, this thread is about how to make money online. I already wrote at length about how I do it and what the average person can expect when investing. You've done nothing but blog post and act offended that I even suggested it and somehow had the audacity to imply you could get a job. No one cares that you're not interested, you're not interested about the other money making methods in the thread but yet you're not shitposting about them. The difference is that talk of investing always offends retarded people who act put out that it's not applicable to them and can't manage to just disregard the information.
>Telling frugal neets 'just get a high or median income and save' helps nobody. The problem is getting started.
You're ignoring the part where I specifically talked about minimum wagecuckery. That is where I got my starting capital, I worked full-time minimum wage while living on my own and still managed to save 10k a year. You are not being forced to try to do the same and I'm actually glad you're privileged enough to live your spoiled wizkid life where your parents take care of your every need and you don't have to worry about being kicked out, but don't be so spoiled that you refuse to understand why some people have to consider an alternative option that doesn't involve either working for the next 45 years or being homeless.


shouts go out to you for trying to better the financial status of fellow wizbros. it is sad that some negativitst will always find a way to just call it useless and give up.
of course getting a job is the worst case for many people but I think this is only because they don't have their goal in mind. Like when you go to work thinking
>I do this to earn money so I can buy a food truck so I can have my own takeaway business
you will do it easier because you have a goal in sight and the nearer you are to your goal the more motivation you have. Without a goal your job just becomes retarded grinding.
and naturally you should only use entry level jobs as an inbetweener. being a burger flipper is not a career. it is intended for high schoolers who want to earn some extra pocket money

Also the other problem for many is that they can only get minimum wage jobs so they barely get by month after month and see no point in continuing a job they hate just to get by. But of course this is the wrong mindset. The correct one would be
>how do I earn more
and it usually revolves around either doing dirt work that others don't want to do or getting an education / traiding / a trade
or what some people do is they use their normal job as safety while doing their own online business or freelance work in their free time to earn some extra money

This is why I always recommend apprentices to learn a trade (for the ones who are good with their hands) as soon as possible or to get a degree that pays well (engineering, compsci, for the ones who have 2 left hands)
It is a big difference if you waste 10 years of your life earning nothing or if you have 100K saved by that time already. For a frugal person 100 grand is like a million to a normie.
Also dear youngfags. learn to live the immigrant life. That means, live at your parent's for as long as possible, pool the costs and save as much as possible.
Don't waste your money on games, manga or anime. Having 10'000 dollars stuffed in your shelf serves you no real function in life and could be invested much more wisely.
These games/dvds can be downloaded or streamed for free and when you finally decide to sell your merch on ebay you will find out you only get half of what you paid for.

>all that hate for investing (stock market gambling)

this is literally how the wall street goons are doing it.
if it works for them it must be possible for anyone who knows how to play the game by their rules.
that means to know when to sell and buy (doing what they do too).
and yes you need starting capital and this is what your job is for
work is a necessary evil to get yourself started.

yes, if you cannot prove how you will fund your life there. nobody wants some bum in his country
but if you show them that you have a bank account full of money they will welcome you even. just like they do in thailand
even if it is only for a few years. you just renew this every now and then. or like he said, you just move on to the next country


Incorrect, if you check the rules, thailand needs like 2k a month, 30k in thai bank to even be considered for this shit
Countries are cucking travellers hard at the moment, they should just let all white people travel free everywhere


>Ryan Holiday
I don't understand how people can take people like Ryan serious when he's clearly lying. Same with Tim Ferris, he's really popular for some reason too.


People take them seriously because your average normie is not very bright.
And because they tend to offer lots of easy quick-fix magic solutions with absurd results, people don't want to believe they're lying.
If you promise people they can get ripped in 6 months by exercising 15 minutes a day or make $10000/month working from home on their computer without even starting a business, you WILL sell copies of whatever you're hawking because people so desperately want to believe you that they will block out rational objections because the false hope is worth more to them than whatever you're charging for your advice.


They generate a fear of missing out. Skepticism is diminished because it creates the thought in the back of their head "What if they're right and I'm losing out on easy money?"


Once you get that precious money and buy that shit you wanted - despare and frustration gonna crawl inside again. You'll never be satisfied, thats a human desing for you.


File: 1599296681780.jpg (3.28 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, DSC_0301.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Just take the merchant pill, stupid goyim
I am making a ton of money right now selling cheap shit I jewed from the chinks


File: 1599297155018.png (51.49 KB, 896x235, 896:235, 1598705177899.png) ImgOps iqdb


who is buying that at a mark up?


what's your tax record workflow like, the softare you use? that is what fucked me when i was selling stuff online and i quit. i've been ithout income since so it sucks.


How did you jew them? How??


I never paid any tax in my life
I'm just a stupid wizkid neet


someone posted a link on 4chong /csg/ thread



File: 1599481708994.jpg (363.8 KB, 1280x1818, 640:909, ykohama wallpaper2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i really want to make at least a bit money by doing anime-style drawings, even though the competiton gets tighter every day, i am getting older fast and i have no clue how to market myself, i can still only draw amateurish at best, but it is the only thing i still like doing.

so for now the plan is to draw some fanarts and upload them everywhere, maybe finish some small 2d animation loops or something i don't know


Pick a niche, get a patreon, tag your works with a name. That's how everyone does it.


The only way to make money quickly with that is drawing porn and furry stuff. If you can't compete with top artists and are already set up there forget about it, it will take years if not forever


you will have to sell your soul for actually making money this way. see


File: 1599509354938.jpg (229.77 KB, 1000x1528, 125:191, x18.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I honestly would draw porn if everything else fails, and I have been drawing again for a few years already as a hobby, much of it depends on how much better I can still get of course

And even then the chance is very slim to get recognized yeah, it's just that I give up on everything else almost immediately, while I am still passionate about drawing, all I can do is try until my self-doubt is finally crushing me for good


If you're living with your parents and don't need to worry about money then you have all the time you need to improve and make it happen.


same but i've had to pay tax, how have you not paid tax? when you have transactions totaling over like $20k paypal reports you to irs. i guess it depends what country you are from? i didn't keep track of my shit so when they emailed me saying i reached that point i panicked and wondered what i needed to do

anyway you motivated me. i checked into my ebay and paypal and they both seem good still. i'll sell off all the old stuff i have from years ago and then use that to start another business but this time i'll be properly tracking my sales so hopefully it doesnt bite my ass and scare me away like before. i ordered packaging and should be selling again in a week


A lot of people actually start drawing porn to get in the scene. In Japan several mangakas started drawing doujins


>anyway you motivated me
>i ordered packaging and should be selling again in a week
nice. good luck, friend.
>ebay and paypal and they both seem good still
I think it's sad that you are forced to use paypal when using ebay.
Their jewish fees are really insane, being some 10% per order. It really hurts to see my hard jewed money go to their jewry scheme everytime I get a payment.
Don't know if it's still active, as I remember they have gotten some backlash for it, but they intruduced even more insane policies recently, being when you return money they keep those 10% from the fees.
It's really outragious. Nobody should be using PayPal. But we have no other choice, us poor, honest merchants…
>how have you not paid tax
I will have to probably, when parents force me to wagecuck or something.


Im living as a neet on bucks which covers my rent and food. For actual money to spend on whatever i feel like buying i just do surveys. It pays pretty shit but i tried one day to calculate my earning per hour over a 6 hour time. What I came to find out was that I were making 6 bucks an hour. It doesnt sound like a lot but with my other expenses covered, whenever I wanted to buy something online I'd fill out bullshit on surveys for like 3 hours and have enough money to buy some video game or whatever it was that I felt like buying. I just go numb, and listen to music and watch youtube. In the beginning I got disqualified a lot mid survey which pissed me off but I eventually figured out the meta. The key is to make up a person you use for all your surveys which is an ideal consumerist. I always fill out that im a 30 year old succubus with no kids. Then I fill out some bullshit about which wine is better or whatever for 5 minutes and get a dollar in bitcoin


is that something like amazon mechanical turk? haven't tried that yet


Which site is that?


>The key is to make up a person you use for all your surveys.
Sound advice. Three or fours years ago someone suggested prolific. It was nice to earn some pocket change and the studies were not so bad for the most part, but definitely do not give your real personal information. I ended up deleting my account as I realised there was too much real information I filled out and it made me uneasy. Probably too late anyway but I would never do the same mistake ever again.


File: 1600196676601.jpeg (367.97 KB, 1428x2048, 357:512, EY3xaWkXgAADm6X.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Crab mentality

The biggest disservice you or any other aspiring hobbyists is listening to this shit. Just keep working and learning about your hobby. The worst you can do is get into this mental trap of "making it" or whatever. Worrying will keep you from doing.


The worst part about making money online is the tax part. 9/10 times you're going to get paid through Paypal which takes its own cut and then if you want to take that money to your bank account, you have to fill out convoluted tax forms or even register a company, just so you can earn the privilege of giving the government literally half of your hard-earned money.

Stuff like cryptocurrencies is too complicated for the majority of people, so good luck getting paid through that shit, and when you turn it back into fiat you'll probably get your transaction flagged anyway unless you do a cash exchange.

Any of you find ways of getting around taxes? It seems a lot of you don't pay them, but it will eventually bite you in the ass if the pigs sniff you out.

I've considered buying crypto with Paypal despite the shit exchange rate, but I'm not sure if any authority is privy to Paypal's transactions unless they go through a bank.


It's not Crab mentality, it's reality


>giving the government literally half of your hard-earned money
the trick is not work hard, that way you dont feel bad at all about money being taken away from you, because you didn't even work for it. in that respect i feel the goal should be generating passive income


What I do is that I buy phones on aliexpress that are not available on my country (so they have good demand) I bought a phone for $520 the other day and sold it for $670 and it's quite decent money considering that all I have to do is print a DHL tracking guide and paste it on a box.


>the trick is not work hard

That's true, I guess. Tax evasion, while profitable, also requires time and effort, and likely produces more stress in the long-term than just being an honest goy.

Honestly, I just wish they made this stuff easier. Haven't they figured out that the convoluted forms and bureaucracy just makes it less likely people will pay their taxes?


Tax evasion is very annoying.

I have become a serial tax evader since making some hundreds of thousands worth of crypto, in a jurisdiction where my tax would now be so enormous that it would bankrupt me.

Use Monero (a private cryptocurrency). You can get cash or do bank transfers with peer-to-peer platforms like localmonero.com, localcryptos, Bisq, hodlhodl.com. Some countries have ATMs where you can get cash anonymously.

In the end it is a huge inconvenience, and it is terrible to live with the stress. If your tax is 'only' 20-30% I would say it is better to just pay it. There is a huge cost to tax evading: in terms of time, psychological and financial costs. I have lots of crypto but still struggle just to live since I am afraid of setting off red-flags


well you can always become a sole proprietorship, where you become the business, and your taxes are nothing strange, it's the same personal taxes you do every year


what crypto should i buy for 15$ as a noob?


Stop cryptobaiting, it's not funny


i was serious and wanted to randomly invest the minimum into something, but now i am not interested anymore, don't have a creditcard and there is just too much to learn first


15$ is not an investment.


then there's a different word for it, i don't care actually

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