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Seriously, i dont get it.

This should be the golden age for disregarding other humans and being able to sustain yourself in a hugbox of your own creation, and yet, after 15 years of trying, i have not made a dime through online work.

> Tried selling on eBay in the mid-2000s, products eventually went out of fashion or competition blew me out

> Tried 'justcodebrah' more than 5 times, including one compsci attempt, we all know how that turned out kek
> The other four attempts were blends of online courses, FCC, codepen, some git stuff etc
> Familiar with basic procedural and OO code structures, yet this was all 10 years ago and may just be a meme now
> 5 years ago looked into ecommerce again and likely got scammed
> Getting scammed is a common occurrence in my online endeavours

I simply don't get it. I'm dumbfounded at my inability to wrangle even pittance out of the norman webuser, yet, it is i, someone who has limitless amounts of time to work on this, that end up out of pocket and frustrated.


Running your own online business isn't trivial. Have you considered just getting a normal job that allows you to work from home? Lots of them exist and the path towards those positions is a lot more linear than being your own boss and figuring out the market.


The internet is a platform. Acquire skills/proficiency and use it to deliver what you have produced.


File: 1585140261018.jpg (71.58 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1382669750327.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If it's any comfort I've tried a ton of this shit too and some other business ideas. Pyramid ga*cough*I mean multi level marketing, assorted scams, buying, selling, setting up online stores. Insane amount of effort for pebbles, like way less than some 3rd world child worker. It's quite amusing to think back on, some of those pyramid games were like sect meetings or something lol.


15 years of trying but you didnt buy bitcoin?


Anyone here tried those "view ads to earn money" things?

Anyone here tried earning through youtube videos?


viewing ads to earn money are almost always scams that involve some kind of monetary purchase before you get money of your own, it's not uncommon for people to say "in order to make money you need money" but in this case you're just giving your bux to a faceless organisation that will likely use your payment details for their own ends.

YouTube is hard but not impossible but attaining true success on the platform is often an anomaly, your effort is unlikely to be rewarded unless the algorithm smiles upon you.


Making money online is all about lying, manipulating, and tricking. It's disgusting.

A blogger writes a post and he doesn't care AT ALL about the subject. His goal is A) fool search engines into displaying his site above others and B) fool readers into clicking/seeing ads. Whatever he writes about is completely irrelevant. That's why he just uses generic templates like "Top 10 Blahs" and "Top 5 Reasons You Blah" etc. He just plays internet mad libs and tries to find the perfect combination of bullshit to fool Google's AI and suckers at the same time. If he were to actually write about something he cared about, and actually wrote it the way he wanted (and not in attempts to crack some SEO algorithm), he will never make a single cent.

Similarly, reviewers all review the exact same products, every top 10 list of *product* is exactly the same, with the goal of fooling you into clicking their affiliate links. The reviewers just look at what other reviewers are reviewing and slightly rearrange the list and slightly rearrange the words. Hundreds or thousands of better choices get buried forever because dishonest, lazy reviewers just want to fool as many consumers as possible into using their affiliate links. Just out of spite, if I find something to buy from an affiliate link, I always close the tab, open a new tab, and buy it without giving them anything. (If I'm missing something and they still profit from it, let me know, so I can stop helping them profit)

Videos, gotta fool Youtube into showing your videos and fool people into seeing ads. Hoodwinking, tomfoolery, mystery, I hate it all. Nobody is ever honest about anything at all in their entire lives. Every single thing on the internet is a fucking trick. Nothing means what anyone says it means. Everything is a smokescreen to hide an agenda of some kind. Lies and manipulation and memes and ideas that everyone pretends to adhere to, everyone pretends to follow, but at the same time, they silently agree and accept that everyone knows it's bullshit and it's just a game. "Wow you think you're so smart for pointing it out huh well everyone knows it so you aren't actually smart take THAT". Point it out and that's always the reaction. "Wow you aren't smart" "Wow you aren't special" Know why? Because everything that say and do is meant to make THEM appear smart and special. So they project on you. They assume everything YOU do is to make YOU seem smart and special. So by saying you aren't, they think, "ha, you haven't accomplished your goal!" But you aren't playing the same game as they are. You're saying the truth because it's the truth and you want others to know the truth. This doesn't make any sense to them. Them saying "you aren't smart!" is as valid as replying "you aren't a banana!" You don't speak the truth because you want to make them think you're smart, so it's of no consequence, it's not related at all. Just like calling you a banana would make no sense, neither does "exposing" that you just want to "be smart".

I just hate that any time I read ANYTHING or see ANYTHING or hear ANYTHING. I have to think: "what did he mean by this?" Because I know the words are actually meaningless. He arranged a bunch of squiggles and/or sounds into collections that my brain assigns meaning to and tries to arrange these arrangements into a combination that will unlock my mind and allow him to assert his will over my own.


It's pretty revolting to think about the amount of content that is made for the sake of selling something. Sometimes the even the content itself.
Hoodwinking, tomfoolery and mystery as you said. Stupid hustle culture.


his monitor was already on the verge


As someone with a moderately successful online business, I can say this is 100% correct.

OP, you might as well learn a trade and get an honest IRL job. Only a small percentage of people make a decent income online, the rest are bullshitting.


"just learn a trade brah" is about as productive as "justcodebrah"

someone has to be willing to give you an apprenticeship and they're going to ask what you've been doing


You could try something like fiverr and create logos or something, but I think it would probably involve interacting with each customer to find out what they want. Sounds like a lot of hassle and the pay is shitty since you are competing with desperate third worlders who will do things for a song.


I made 120 euros by selling a cheat for multiplayer game, coded in C++.


like that will go anywhere


File: 1585415502753.jpg (129.03 KB, 1024x760, 128:95, noideasleft.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>normal job that allows you to work from home
Yes, but without experience or a good track record this will be near impossible to achieve.
Do tell me if you know otherwise..
Not that easy buddy
Yep, got scammed by those guys too, all the promises, none of the delivery
Waited until late 2017 to buy-in with all the cash i had at the time. Yep you read that right, another cosmic joke at my expense
Yep, but that is also like (outside) life also?
Lying, cheating, manipulating, all things i wished to avoid my turning my efforts to online. One man, with more processing power than was even in existence 30 years before his time, and yet i am rendering impotent by herd activities that favour social trickery, even in the online space. At this point i just want to innawoods from all this trash, corruption and defilement of the human spirit. Recently one of the religious blogs i follow reeled me into an article that has them selling incense at the end of it. Then i knew nowhere was safe.
>get an honest IRL job
If i had that capacity i wouldn't even be here
>You could try something like fiverr
This reminded me, i did actually try a remote job in customer calling, was literally paid pajeet wages and had to speak to people through a headset, and got disciplined for not saying the right things since they recorded my calls and played them back to me. Cringed so hard i quit on the spot.


I've made a store with 5k sales in a month (1k take home) but it's not even done yet and there's a lot of work. But it is possible. It's really a beautiful thing but you gotta have the desire and mindset.


Or look into neil patel, dropship lifestyle, robert kiyosaki, Seth Godwin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sebastian Ghiorghiu. There's tons of stuff out there.

TeamTreehouse is a good place to learn to code and so is Codecademy. There's so much out there. Most jobs don't require a degree, if you can get your foot in the door anywhere doing anything you can start getting experience.

idena is also a cool coin for NEETs interested in getting money, I've heard it has a UBI aspect to it, I just need to get it working on my server.


There's pluralsight and Coursera too for learning.


but I'll tell you the truth, it's longer hours and more headache and stress than any other job. But if you truly love it, it doesn't matter.


also one more thing, the only truth there is to know about the truth is to know it yourself. There is a lot of predatory stuff out there, don't let anyone else think for you. I wish I could be more profound in writing this, but it's a big concept.


>Yes, but without experience or a good track record this will be near impossible to achieve.

It should be infinitely easier to get employed vs running your own business. It's also much less stressful since you have clear work hours and nothing but your time invested.

All you have to do is apply a lot. Search for 'remote work/position' on job sites and apply even if you don't think you can get the job. Stuff like translation, tutoring english, audio transcription, etc. don't require much education, but the better paid jobs involve a variety of different computer skills like excel spreadsheets, article writing, graphics design, web design, social media management, video editing, software development like small web/mobile apps, etc.

If you're spending a lot of time on the computer, there's no excuse for not using that time to gain different skill sets. You can pirate most online courses and quickly acquire at least rudimentary skills in photoshop, illustrator, after effects etc. you can learn javascript and make some polished beginner projects and share them on github.

Does that seem too hard? Well, imagine everything you have to do to run a successful online business. I mean, even a basic web shop requires several skill sets to get off the ground or at least the effort to learn them on the go while you're also investing a certain amount of capital (domain + hosting + software + professional-looking theme is like the minimum for any online business). Not to mention all the branding, marketing and so on, which requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience with the market. Of course, you can just hire people to do those things for you but that requires a lot of money.

If you just want to make some money online, just get a regular remote job. I have no idea where you got the idea that running an online business would be easy or that anyone can do it.


i like this thread, i thought people would just respond saying that it's a scam, because of it being marketed as an easy way to make millions, but replies seem to be reasonable. Personally as a dropout from school and for other reasons i looked how to make money online, starting from stuff like beermoney on reddit, i made a little bit from surveys, crowdowrking, etc, which already surprised me, cause i didn't expect to make any money till my death. i made about $1000 within i dunno, a few months? but i was half-assing it like everything in my life. that's when i heard about trading, went in, lost $500 in a few days or something, but then i got really lucky and stumbled upon a trader teaching others that wasn't actually a scammer, like a ton of them are. i actually made more money than i thought i ever would, and i thought it would last forever, but it isn't that easy. i lost like half of my capital fooling around doing stuff that's basically gambling because i'm lazy and never want to put in any effort. The conditions were more favorable before, but it still works, at least this year i'm being profitable again. I made a few posts already about who i learned from but from the start people were insulting me and taking me for an advertiser, even though everything i share is freq and doesn't even have to be pirated. well, regardless what you think about it, i'm still trying to trade, but if i wasn't doing it, my second choice would be e-commerce like affiliate marketing or dropshipping, and thirdly somehow making money as self-employed from hobbies like gaming. you could say i've been doing it for years, but i'm not a proffesional, just an amateur, that's also a depressed retard, only reason why it was worth it for me starting with almost no capital is cause i have 0 costs by leeching off my parents. i don't even know if it will amount to anything, because now i have tax problems, so even if you make money, things are not so simple…


Im the guy talking about the ecommerce store. Im going for neetbux, then im putting the company in my fathers name. He should be giving me cash gifts less than 10k so non taxable and doesnt disrupt neetbux. Idena should net me another grand untaxable income (ill never take it out of crypto). That puts me at 20ish grand a year to sit on my ass.


>>166440 is right

Shopify is about 29.99 a month, and you have to have about 200 bucks for a theme. Plus you have to be able to run some ads on google or facebook. If you can get your hands on about 500 bucks it's possible. But it's easier to work a job. I worked countless hours trying to get my store running, and I have loads more work to do. There's over 5k unique products so entering them manually, creating software to automate orders, configuring google ads, etc, can take months and thousands of hours. It's not worth it unless you're like me and would rather be doing this than working per diem. Plus I had to learn a bunch of HTML, CSS, etc, to even be able to understand it.


Also OP, it's hard to do it alone. Having nobody to talk to and bounce ideas against makes everything difficult. A good partner is worth it. Also, I got scammed a lot too. Lost a lot of money on some random currency, and I had a shopify store that never made more than like 20 bucks. Live and learn.


I'm going to guess the best and easiest way is to make games with microtransactions intended for young children.


Honestly there is no easy way. The best thing you can do is adapt the latest technology and most fantastic system in order to create a fantastic service. Something lightyears ahead of the competition . I have a product ive been developing for over 2 years and its in its infancy. People call me a loser and such but i know that im learning and getting better all the time. A product idea wont come to you if you think super hard, its a natural process of finding underserved markets and collaboration with others.


This describes essentially every business, though it does describe Internet business even more so.

Amazon wasn't profitable until the Pentagon gave them billions upon billions in tax dollars via defense contracts. eBay was simply a vessel to monopolize monetary exchange on the Internet with mandatory PayPal use. Domino's pretends to sell pizza as its primary revenue model but is more involved in patent trolling, and more insidiously, the proliferation of a cashless society through their patents. Every livestreaming and communication platform is just a honeypot for detailed facial recognition databases.

Everything is a fucking joke. The only way to be successful in the worldly sense of the term is to be unfathomably evil.


I really started to see this maybe 4 years ago when you have a simple article giving instructions or just a list of something with not a ton of written content or pictures yet for every item on the list you have to go to a new page. I used to think this was just because of smaller smartphone screens (I didn't have a Smartphone at the time) but eventually I realized it was all because drawing a new page means all the advertisements refresh. Its disgusting and incredibly time consuming to read something that in the end has very little content. These days I see a page laid out like that I leave unless I am desperate.

I am currently studying programming and it seems like a good way to make money while working at home other than the fact most jobs seem to want at least 3 years experience even for low level stuff. Heard the best way around this is to lie and say you had your own business or something or worked for a start up that went under. I think thats the final red pill on adult life. The only way ahead is to lie unless you did everything in life perfectly from the beginning and suffer no mental illness or any ongoing problems that hold you down.

It would also seem most the in person jobs have a hunger games style hiring process where they do awful things like make you code on a white board. I highly doubt I could handle that kind of pressure of someone breathing down my neck and then having to write code by hand at the speed of a turtle stuck on a speed bump. In the end ill still try, at this point in my life it seems to be either this or a bullet in the head.

Of course this new economic depression will likely make the game way harder for anyone even slightly disadvantaged.


glad you see things that way wizzie.
now I'd like a detailed description of you, your personal history, medical history, recent atypical thoughts, purchases, sexual fantasies, etc.
No reason to worry since you are a law abiding wiz, right brah?


Public data are saved in a massive conglomeration and not on some spreadsheet available to a commissar.
Demanding data is besides the point and superfocial fear mongering. The only peope who come with this crap are degenerates, extremists, pedophiles and such scum regular on reddit,4chan and other online spaces known for wehement data privacy advocacy. The only political parties who work for it are leftist parties known for their connection to organized crime, terrorism and extremism.
So go fuck yourself and loaded request you third class demagoge.


File: 1585937963122.jpg (750.96 KB, 1100x739, 1100:739, apocalypse_now.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Absolutely nothing to hide? No skeletons? Nothing you would be ashamed of? If you have no family members to be embarrassed by like mom or dad, I envy you. Also
>not on some spreadsheet available to a commissar
I guarantee if you trigger some NSA keyword program (which is quite extensive), you'll have a human look over your data at some point. Also, have you realized that facial recognition is part of a greater profile that's being built of you and isn't entirely in the hands of the wonderful Big Brother government you adore? Or that Big Brother is being ransacked by corporatist leeches that sell your profiles to countless data brokers worldwide, many of whom have a vested interest in harming you and your precious Big Brother? Or that even random cyber criminals that you're so terrified of are getting hold of these profiles in batches and you have to pray and be lucky that someone doesn't social engineer their way into identity theft or fraud? Or that AI is being trained on your data and sure, hard AI may just be sci-fi but there is a small probability that it becomes dangerous enough to destroy mankind and if enough normalfag cattle like you had just chosen to stay away from the botnet, maybe the AI's job of extermination would be a little harder? To be more realistic, there are marketing algorithms taking your data brokered profiles and marketing to you ads and content that you want, which may sound pretty cool upfront, but is directly responsible for the spiraling isolation and close-mindededness that's infecting generations of young people worldwide with targeted ads brainwashing them into pidgeonholed corners of idiosyncratic, schizoid tribe mentalities that will quite possibly doom humankind to eternal, bloody civil wars over petty things like anime pantsu and furry microaggressions?


well facebook is full of data already
take your meds


The native posters here do not use Facebook.


and? So does everyone else. They can gather data from you by extension. Here's a real kicker. So many people are submitting their DNA to companies for their genealogy that police forces are now able to identify criminals that using DNA evidence gathered indirectly. So even if you never get fingerprinted, gave your DNA taken, and keep secure, the government can identify your DNA because likely some relative of yours gave them their own DNA.


Why would anyone be posting social media about me? I don't know anyone other than my parents and even if they did have something to say about me on facebook it would be superficial and inaccurate.


File: 1585967907665-0.png (88.96 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1484581838734.png) ImgOps iqdb

talking about privacy I saw news the other day and looks like google is planning to help the government here with reinforcing the police state by gathering data from cellphones and making sure social distancing is being maintained
if not they'll send a drone up your ass with blaring alarms followed by cops beating you to pulp once located



blah blah.
Give me your data moron. I wanna see that wiz bank account.
Wizzie needs a new computer!


The people that do this are stupid beyond belief


>Absolutely nothing to hide? No skeletons? Nothing you would be ashamed of? If you have no family members to be embarrassed by like mom or dad, I envy you.
Even if one hasn't the risk of ending up mixed into some sort of false registry or whatever is still there and happens erryday with occasionally very nasty consequences.


File: 1586103232091.jpg (29.01 KB, 640x606, 320:303, catfrog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Damn, you assholes really know how to derail a thread good and proper


>I always close the tab, open a new tab, and buy it without giving them anything.

Make sure you are not tracked with cookies.


>unfathomably evil
I've read a lot about 'how 2 make money online.' What makes me the most sick is that the majority of these 'make money online' businesses are also businesses that teach people 'how 2 make money online.'

There was this proofreading teaching business that was apparently doing really well. A marketing business which makes over 10 million a year selling marketing training to businesses and marketing training to marketers so they can also sell marketing to businesses.

I think the part I hate the most is how social it all is. I don't want to talk to people. I want their money so I can use the money to not talk to them.

Which is how I got into "Mom and Pop's Business Funding".

This was my entire last month of life. I would literally wake up and think about how to talk to people the whole day- I wasn't sleeping well, my every thought consumed by how the next conversation with the next customer was going to go. I eventually had a panic attack, didn't make a single sale.

It sounded way too easy for way too much money. Advertise to businesses you have a loan product for them, they say yes you email in their information. Then you get big check.

I mean, that was the fantasy of it. I learned so much about these damn loans even though they are simple as fuck, a business either needs them or doesn't.

I really, really believed I was finally going to make it. I had dreams of 5k checks in my mailbox(average loan for the biz is 100k and as fresh blood I'd get 5% commission so that was a reasonable amount to be dreaming about).

I spent hours everyday spamming email templates to every business owner selling their business. I even made telemarketing calls.

Then I made a site, joined facebook(I hate facebook, but money, so) started running some ads, built up a ton of attention, was sure I'd be successful in a few months just because of attention over time.

Nothing was really in my way- I believed I'd get a check if the loan went through. I just needed the right person to see the page. That was it. They would call me, I was busy rehearsing every possible detail even though the loans were simple as shit in the first place. I attended these twice weekly conferences on the phone with the president.

I thought I was really going to make it. I thought I was going to be the 'guy who got out.' I had no idea what I was going to do with the money, but I didn't care— I wasn't going to be a loser who couldn't pay for himself anymore. I would have pride.

And then I had what might have been a panic attack. Was thinking I had corona. Thought, like for sure, I was going to die. Super cold body temperature. Called 911, my vitals were perfect despite being 270lbs.

I didn't think it had anything to do with selling the loans until I clicked those facebook ads off. I was spending 4 bucks a day because I was going to build my audience up slowly and I didn't want to telemarket, but the moment I turned those ads off it was like chains fell off of me.

Same when I deleted my website and articles I wrote informing people about the loans. I don't know how anyone could have made an easier job for me for more money- just tell some random person the details of a loan, send in their information.

That's the entire job. I knew it in and out, but yet, it crushed me from the inside out.

I wanted money to be free of money. But, all I learned was that I found new ways to destroy myself from the inside without anyone helping.

It's 8 days since that breakdown. I was sick for about 3 days, no idea what happened. I'm glad to be better but my mind feels like a mess now. I spent all this psychic energy towards the promise of a big check- there wasn't even much time investment required! My mind keeps throwing those excuses back to me and thinking 'well maybe I'll go back when I feel better hA hA'

I feel awful. I hate, hate money. I hate what it made me feel, how fearful it made me feel, I hate the people who participate in this game.

I spent so many years looking for 'easy outs' and 'get-rich-quicks' and this is where it all landed me. Straight into misery town.

I spent the last eight days overeating, spending tons of money on food, and watching anime from wakeup to sleep. I know I'm feeling better because I'm starting to think of doing stuff again.

I don't know why my mind is like this. I don't know why I feel I can't do it. I'm stuck in a puzzle I spent years trying to understand, trying to play a game I hate, for a reward that won't help me live much better.

This is the definition of insanity.


OP if you are still here, this video might help


I've tried Swagbucks and earn ten dollars a day, it's easy at least but it's not much. The trick is to play some music in the background. What you can reasonably expect is to click some bubbles according to your personality.


That's probably the most pretentious youtube channel i ever saw

>Look at me i'm a millionaire with no stuff

>Look at me CEO at 20
>Look at me 9 figure strategy

He is completely self-obsessed


Over the years I've come to see the word entrepreneur as sucker who's paying an overpriced course.


>He is completely self-obsessed
You probably have to be to succeed on jewtube in any capacity. People eat that up for some reason.


The info is good so that is what really matters.


Yeah, no, fuck all those guys. G8 bait m8.


Yeah, I learned this the hard way. The dropshipping stuff is pretty scammy and the coding stuff assumes you're a fairly normal person. I was never able to become an all star programmer, but the thing I learned is social skills matter just as much for non-genius positions. I got shat on a lot for the soft skills when I went to a programming bootcamp in ohio. That's also because I got rejected from all the bootcamps in California since everyone else was some sort of otherwise successful professional in those.


How about Amazon's publishing platform? Is it worth it? I've read about people writing or outright pirating shitty fanfictions as drama books and making some bucks


Is it even worth it? What would you make on that? A couple bucks a month?

As I see it the only way for a wiz to make living online is getting lucky on YouTube. Clown yourself on camera for normies to laugh at and hopefully make a living. The thing is you're more likely to fail than to succeed and most of us are camera shy and with no personality whatsoever. It's a tough world for people like us.


File: 1587075784338.png (38.37 KB, 255x136, 15:8, sitdownandbequiet.png) ImgOps iqdb

One glaring point that i missed out is my 'uncaring for people'.
I don't know if there is a word for this. A general disregard for the general person.

How is one to get paid when they don't care about creating value for other people?

>Even if i have the knowledge, why would i write a book?

>Why would i create a course, why would i help people in any way?

This is a great barrier to my money making endeavours. I may be able to do the thing, but to actually have the staying power to go all the way is somewhat reliant on my caring for the social validation that it provides.

Even if you take the 'enjoy the process' argument, does one truly enjoy the process of writing books, learning stocks, finding hacks to advertise their shill products online and the rest of the manipulation tactics out there to scrape cash from the bones of corpses?

I also don't even care enough to do crime and fraud.

I don't want to punish people and i don't want to help them. I just want to be left alone pretty much. Maybe my future is to be a gardener or woodcarver or something comfy like that.


Pascal's quote needs to be updated for the 21st century:

>All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone and offline.


Best thing to do in this case is do it for yourself. Write a really good book for yourself because you believe that story needs to be written. Sure do things to make it marketable as well but mostly do it for yourself. Same with something like writing a program make it because you want to make it to see the results yourself. Then toss in some features you don't give a rats ass about for normies and ship it. Easier said than done at the end of the day I know.

Anyway all work is like this for me. Work is nothing but a means to an end. I clean my shower not because I like too but because it disgusts me when I am dirty. Most people who go to work are not doing it to help anyone or for society. They may say bullshit like that but that is just virtue signalling. At the end of the day they are going for a paycheck and its glaringly obvious when you deal with people as a customer most the people doing their jobs are just going through the motions for the paychecks. Ive even had doctors that were clearly just phoning half their job in and just were doing it for money.

Even when I do work for my mom she cant do or help her I feel nothing. I get no joy out of it what so ever. All that happens is a lose some time and endure some discomfort. If I didn't have the time to lose i doubt I would even do it.



Anon thanks for writing this out. Genuinely felt most of it. Not sure what the word for this is… Dostoyevskian or Gogolian or something, but it was powerful.


Whelp the dropshipbros have already found a way of whoring out corona-chan for their passive income cooming


well the masks were the obvious thing first. this makes sense since masks are saturated but this'll be saturated fast too.


I'd rather poke the doorhandles with my erect dick than buy another one of those keychain gimmick pieces of shit.


The LORD is my shepherd, i shall not want.


Except we can't get chinese knockoffs anymore

$20 for a $1.36 worth of metal, nice one dropshipchad, our saviour!

Do you want the LORD?


Looks a lot like those shitty self defense keychains that were made to get around knuckle duster laws but suck because the people who design them never test them by actually punching stuff with them on.


I earn less in my normal job.
Whats the scam?


I've been trying to make money off of the recent lockdown induced market crash.
I invested my meagre last 6 months of paychecks into oil speculation
I bought stocks in oil companies when the price got to 20 dollars in march and made had over 2k profit at some point.
I thought the opec production cut deal guaranteed me huge returns but the saudis ruined it. I got out with 900 bucks just in time and reinvested into cryptocurrency projects that make sense to me.

Looking back I could have made so much more in the past two month, maybe even enough to be a lifelong neet if I used leverage.
Tesla had a price starting with 400
I could have simply shorted shale industry companies with lots of debts and then rebuy them right after Trump announced he would print money and bail everyone out.
It's always when you look in the past that you can discern great opportunities.
The thing I lacked was cynicism
I thought the crash would not spare bad companies who made risky decisions by getting debts. I couldnt realize in time that the government would just act as insurance for those irresponsible companies
The lesson here is that news should be sold and crisis should be bought, because politics will always use wageslaves tax money to save the billionaires.
But I think it too late now for any significant gain at my level


File: 1587735908760.jpg (118.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If any wizards already have any money, look into buying dividend paying solar stocks and use the dividend to keep buying more stock.

Coal and dirty energy will be replaced by cleaner free energy from the sun. There is no doubt about it. Right now there is some resistance due to lobbying groups of big coal and oil, but in the end, solar will power everything in 100 years as technology improves.

Also look into dividend paying real estate stocks and stocks that have to do with the production of batteries.


Or you can just directly invest in an actual set of solar panels or a wind turbine. In yurop, at the current electricity prices a minor group of panels give you an annual 10% and a wind turbine about 15%


You don't need to buy the stuff yourself ofc, you invest in one being put up elsewhere.


File: 1587751759624.jpg (74.26 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, depositphotos_96875668-sto….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been eyeing renewable energy sectors looking for cheap entry points but my impression is that it's a very long term type of investment, like at least five years or more.
Germany still uses coal
China is dead set on using only the cheapest sourceof energy and right now oil is worth pocket change and natural supply seem to be good to last for at least a 100 years. Interest groups are too well rooted in politics and administrations are cemented on a path dependency type of issue. Replacing fossil fuels would require a colossal work just in terms of bureaucracy and social adaptation, I don't see anyone genuinely ready to make this effort.
The equipments for solar energy production and storage are very expensive and fragile which puts off insurances.
Improvement in that field is needed for renewable energy to truly perform a breakthrough
Now any serious long investment with a legit western company actively working towards a better technology would take years to turn into big money.

So I thought about a stupid but big potential reward strategy
Speculation wise there's this HK company called GCL-Poly Energy, the share is worth pennies right now. It has the potential to be subjected to high volatility and give significant profit if bought under a dollar.
Reason is
1 it's a chinese company and lots of novice investors consider the chinese market to be full of opportunities their interests especially goes towards penny stocks which end up overbought and inflated

2 chinese companies artificially pump their values through fraud and corruption, see Luckin Coffee's case which was just a scapegoat for the CCP

In my opinion the play to make here would be timing the different hype phases and get out right before the bubble collapsing.

It is very risky and my assumptions might be all wrong but I will try someday in the near future


Dude, I am buying oil right now. It is pennies on the dollar right now and unlike solar is actually economically viable and not deepened on china. Now that the OPEC trade war is more or less over as soon as the lockdowns end and the global economy gets going demand and price will go back up. The lower price of oil also massively lowers demand for solar.
Actually now that I think about it I might look into my budget to see if I can buy a few short options in the Asian solar sector. I don't normally like to short so it has to be money I am fine with losing, but it is a least worth checking out.


Sounds like gambling to me


because all of that money grab is for corporations not you. The fact that car industry is booming actually made an individual earning money from car industry harder as monopolies eventually form. Same goes for the web.


China and third worlders have destroyed any sort of ability to run online businesses. Anything you can charge they can undercut you and they don't care if they make almost no profit because their business is entirely family run and they're on benefits at the same time.

Making money online is now really difficult because it's so easy to do all of this stuff, you have to go extremely niche or get a personal fanbase by writing/making your own content. Which is a bad business since it depends on you constantly working at your maximum or losing your place.


I'm very much into online lotteries and sports betting. You can't really earn consistent money but when you do, it's life changing which is what we should achieve, imho. Would you choose guaranteed income of 5k usd a month for 10 years over let's say 300-400k instantly? Fast, one-time payment is always better for me and i think you should try to hit the jackpot instead of being an online wagecuck.


Very difficult to make this work. Way too easy to end up gambling more than you can afford and ending up fucked for it.


Can feel by brain cells dying reading this
What brings you to a stage in life where you think this is viable advice?


Not him, but as a gambler, utter dejection and hopelessness with temporary flashes of unfounded hope


He gives sound advice.


Buy buttcoin with your Trumpbux.


This site is interesting


It's an open forum so if someone is talking bs/trying to scam hes usually called out.

(If it says you're not allowed to view the forum anymore, go Tor)


Can you advise on how to navigate the site and link to the top five most helpful threads for making money online?


Working online is an absolutely terrible living for wizards. I dunno why so many people are so insistant about the idea, or why so many seemingly not-that-retarded wizzies will post the most obvious pajeet-tier scams and ask if they can really earn hundreds of dollars for worthless clicking with no social interaction.
Working online essentially means running your own business. That means high ambition, constant bullshit interaction with your customers, unstable income so you can never feel secure, constantly having to sell yourself. It's all the worst parts of work.

I don't know where you'd get the idea that
>this should be the golden age for disregarding other humans
Getting paid is fundamentally a transaction. If you sell something, be that goods or labour, somebody is buying it, and you have to interact with them. The Internet doesn't magically change the basic dynamic that you have to provide value to somebody in order for them to give you money.

We are in a golden age for hermits, but this is because bux exists in some parts of the world. The idea of the government letting you not work without starving to death is pretty new. Before the modern era, being a NEET was simply not a survivable option for the 99% of society that didn't luck into a family fortune.


>The Internet doesn't magically change the basic dynamic
Are you being dense on purpose?
The amount of transactions that human used to do are almost incalculably replaced by computers that have no humans on either end/ Looking further into ML and automation and you can see this trend continuing.
Technically, you could sit in front of a laptop with an internet connection and rake in millions without ever having to interact with another human being.


That's more theoretical. He's right that most client-based work would require skypeing/zoom/interaction, but it'd be easier to fake it in brief interactions as opposed to being at an office.

He's definitely right that you have to sell yourself in most cases.

The exception is bitcoin and daytrading really.


Whats your online bussiness?


Really depends on the online business. If you're running a web store or you're providing a general service, interactions with users is all done through order forms and support tickets. Some businesses are about servicing a handful of clients and that's where you need to communicate on a daily basis to understand their needs. Otherwise, it's not really difficult to abstract away interactions with your customers and just see them as accounts and numbers.


Basically this. If you want to understand how the internet works, read Propaganda by Bernays, and then Trust me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday. Personally, I prefer to stay away from those kinds of activities and just be a NEET and stay anonymous, but if you want to manipulate the internet for profit it isn’t that difficult. Just look at what’s popular and gets attention and they copy that and then sell some trash commodities like ebooks, amazon books, stickers and t shirts, or whatever related to the niche you select.


File: 1591628898651.jpg (9.9 KB, 255x139, 255:139, cybertrooper.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck it, i'm gonna try and learn web development again FOR THE SIXTH TIME!!
Wish me luck wizzies, you already know how it's gonna go, i have made no real world changes or commitment, but expect something to be difference just because i decided it so.
I can see my own insanity, yet have not been able to overcome this.
I am either too weak too exploit others or just one of the few honest people still around, idk.


Just spent 10min on this and HOLY HECK i'm bored as shit.
Event listeners, redux expressions, selector methods, what is all this bullshit and how to i learn to care about it?
It feels like trying to bake a cake by learning molecular chemistry


It's just trendy javascript crap that has over-complicated pretty much every project I've worked on. It promises a lot with muh elegant functional programming but there's ridiculous amounts of boilerplate you have to write and it performs terribly. It gets painful to implement features unless you can automate with code generation or snippets.

Learn how to make a static web page with HTML/CSS.
Then learn regular vanilla JS, avoid libraries and trends.
Write small scripts that manipulates the page or fetches data and make it more dynamic.
Then learn about server-side backends, avoid NodeJS and other trendy crap.
C# with ASP.NET Core has caused the least amount of headaches.
Stuff like PHP is more simplistic but it's easy to screw yourself over with common exploits if you're not careful.

Not every website needs to be a modern single-page app turd.
Look at wizchan, it works with minimal amount of JS and it's fucking great.


Do projects, if you want something done then you'll care about the expressions to accomplish it. Once you do more things and see more programs you might even start to appreciate good design in and of itself.


Basically this. Like japanese websites that all look stuck in the 90s.

Modern bloated western websites are scat


>Learn how to make a static web page and then do all this shit which fucks it up
You can't bitch about modern standards when you yourself are guilty of the same bullshit. Unless you're serving video you have no need for anything beyond HTML in all but the most extreme cases. A page of text should just be a page of text, not full of tracking spyware and viral loads



crypto, op

i would use only a small amount if you are gonna swing trade it. hodling only works with significant amounts. if you only have 300 dollars you won't make shit. you will have to swing trade it(weekly) and accumulate money that way.


swing trading is very difficult so you want to start out with a small amount to get some practice in and to learn the know how


do you live in europe? just follow https://symfony.com/doc/current/setup.html , you can learn php on the fly, then learn laravel (it's a bit more difficult, but overall the same), and that's it, that is what %60 companies use for shitty "enterprise" systems and "apps"


if you don't like doing that, then you aren't really into it and aren't a fast enough learner. for people that can do it, it's fun for them and they enjoy overengineering shit. I like reading about web dev but hated working on my own projects. it was always easy for something to break and i'd go nuts after it. just too many parts to tie-in to make it worthwhile


From an engineering pov, this post is somewhat correct. But most jobs offers doesn't want good designs. See:
>Then learn regular vanilla JS, avoid libraries and trends.
>Write small scripts that manipulates the page or fetches data and make it more dynamic.
>Then learn about server-side backends, avoid NodeJS and other trendy crap.
>Stuff like PHP is more simplistic but it's easy to screw yourself over with common exploits if you're not careful.
Somewhat good advice if you want to make a good page. Tremendously bad if you want to get a job.
>C# with ASP.NET Core has caused the least amount of headaches.
This is actually a very good advice. There is currently a niche for .NET codemonkeys because of the cloud meme, although I'm skeptical about how long it will last.


I made that post from the stand point of making a website for yourself or your own business with the least amount of hassle. ASP.NET Core has a great set of tools and it will likely be supported for years.

If you just want to get a job, the trendy JS crap pays well because it's, well, trendy. Some of these frameworks have big companies behind them but people forget that you absolutely do not need all that bloat to make a nice looking responsive website in 2020.


This quarantine I've benn solving online tests for high school students and some from college. One of them paid me 22 usd; I know it is not much, but at least I'm earning something.


nice, i did my brother's online computer science thing for him when classes went online. i didn't know if i would be able to pass it or not so i didn't try to charge him but it was pretty easy. i should try charging next time i find someone


I've looked into it and most of the remote jobs now are focusing of full-stack javascript or back-end PHP development.
What do you think about that?
A part of it is learning code for the personal website, but another part of it is that i just need 2k a month to get the hell away from the place i am that i keeping me trapped as an imbecile.
What learning path is best for me if i just want a remote job as quick as possible for 24k a year?



I don't know. It's tempting to just recommend something like the MEAN stack, say take a bootcamp and produce some github projects. And it will probably lead to a well-paid job, a lot more than 24k.

But, will you actually be a good programmer? There's an entire generation of web programmers that completely disregards the fact that their code is executed on a real machine. There's a lot of money in JS but I wouldn't recommend it as a first language.


good programmers jeopardize corporate structures


All i want is 2k a month and to be left the hell alone by the world, by any means necessary


a remote position will likely involve video calls and other ways to monitor your activity. remote jobs aren't usually given to entry-level people.


How so?
Can you explain what you mean?


good programmers aren't easily replaceable

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