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Have you wizards looked into Epicureanism?

Epicureanism is a system of philosophy based on the teachings of Epicurus, founded around 307 B.C. It teaches that the greatest good is to seek modest pleasures in order to attain a state of tranquillity, freedom from fear ("ataraxia") and absence from bodily pain ("aponia"). This combination of states is held to constitute happiness in its highest form, and so Epicureanism can be considered a form of Hedonism, although it differs in its conception of happiness as the absence of pain, and in its advocacy of a simple life.

Epicurus directed that this state of tranquillity could be obtained through knowledge of the workings of the world and the limiting of desires. Thus, pleasure was to be obtained by knowledge, friendship and living a virtuous and temperate life. He lauded the enjoyment of "simple pleasures", by which he meant abstaining from bodily desires, such as sex and appetites, verging on Asceticism. He counseled that "a cheerful poverty is an honorable state".


It's a pretty sensible world view. I agree.


It's impossible to abstain from 'basic human desires' and stay happy though, as it goes against human biology.


Any videos or summaries?
I can't read books low attention span.


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I'm a classicist by trade (or rather a garbage man by trade after I get my phd)
Epicureanism is heavily underrated. I'm butthurt by the fact how stoicism is getting an undeserved attention. Mostly due to the "le philosopher emprah" meme you find on dumb blogs. Many who like "stoicism" don't even read the more detailed and better stoic works, they just read the memeemperor and be done with it.
Stoicism sucks major ass, there is a reason why christfags were in love with it, I won't digress but do check Nietzsche's criticism of Stoicism if you are interested.
If I may chime in, Epicureanism is more about "not being/getting hurt/discomforted/unhappy/unhappyness" than being happy/ getting pleasure. It is the absence of pain, rather than pleasure itself. Ataraxia is very important in epicureanism, and it is usually translated as serenity, calmness but taken literally in ancient greek it is the negative connotation (a- being the negative term, hence anarchy anomaly etc) of "distrubance/trouble".

Epicurus puts not having pain, on long term above having pleasure especialyl on short term. So he will condece that fast food etc bring pleasure, nevertheless you should eat healthy, and excersize, because not being diabetes and in pain after the age of 35 > the temporary pleasure of mickeyd.

His views on sex and relationship are also interesting. While not being openly against it, Epicurus argues that on the long run it is highly unlikely to get pleasure form sex/relationships while it is very easy to get discomfort from them, therefore one should avoid it as possible. As OP stated epicurus values friendship over romantic relationships.
There was this one mgtow video, from stardusk iirc. He was talking about how he didn't bother with succubi but his relationship with his friends were very important to him. The guy basically quoted Epicurus without knowing so.

But yeah a wizard can learn a lot from Epicurus methinks. His ethics is wonderful, his metaphysics etc can be ignored.


it was probably a lot easier to get by with modest pleasures in fucking 300 BC when there was no such thing as luxury in the modern sense.

im shure he had a bunch of philosophical revelations when he wasnt fucking little greek boys, which i can imagine must be on of the most divine pleasures known to man.

be happy fucking your wife, drinking wine, eating olives, and living in your villa by the mediterranean sea, not like their is much else to do i can imagine.


>when there was no such thing as luxury in the modern sense.
I disagree, yes somethings were unreachable but luxury was always there. Similarly how there was luxury and lavish lifestyle in 1930s even though there was no internet/computer/vidya.
Yes many people lived very basic but there were also lavish folk.

Also Epicurus was a celibate and had a very basic diet.


File: 1586660725656.gif (1.51 MB, 320x180, 16:9, wPuWLm.gif) ImgOps iqdb

celibacy just means you dont get married, it doesnt mean you dont fuck little greek boys up the butt like Mehmet The Conqueror. and its not like there was much to eat in greece besides fish, bread, and olives anyways.

if you need a stoic philosophy to keep yourself sane because you dont like your lot in life, thats fine, as for me i already know the game is rigged against me and i dont get to sit at the cool kids table and thats fine. fuck them all.


>celibacy just means you dont get married, it doesnt mean you dont fuck little greek boys up the butt like Mehmet The Conqueror.
Nope, celibacy meant no sex.
Epicurus himself was a celibate and encouraged it among his followers, but he didn't had a hard stance on it.
>and its not like there was much to eat in greece besides fish, bread, and olives anyways.
You would be amazed how luxurious certain kinds of fish were in Athens during that time.
>fuck them all.
Thats a valid opinion imho.


>Nope, celibacy meant no sex.
lol semantics,

>Chastity is licit sex only. Since the only licit sex under the new covenant is that between husband and wife, Chastity restricts one to continence if unmarried, and with one’s wife alone if married.

>Continence is the practice of not engaging in sexual activity. It’s a viable part of Catholic praxis in the Eastern Rites, especially during fasts and between confession and liturgy.

>Celibacy is the promise and/or state of not being eligible to marry. It’s called for for all who enter the clergy as major clerics (deacon, priest, bishop); for married men, after the loss of their wife, for unmarried men, immediate.

its not like priests were fucking downy-cheeked young choir boys because there werent any nuns around LOL

im sure epicurian was knuckle-deep in some doe-eyed youth when he decided he was happy with his olive and fish looool


I mean I was talking about Epicuru's case specifically, there is no evidence/mentions of him having affairs with boys. But yeah maybe he is an hypocrites who drinks and fucks all the time while preaching otherwise, again we have no evidence for that though.

However we do have some hypocritical philosophers, Stoic Seneca is a great known example for this.


You're pretty lucky man. A lot of PHDs end up just being precarious adjuncts. I wish I could go back in time and pick a less competitive liberal arts thing rather than philosophy because it was way too competitive. Only like a set amount of As would be given out per paper.


I will be an adjunct I guess. There are literally no jobs. More so after the crisis that will come post covid.


It is too rational for me.
I know I will suffer more in the future if I live according to my passions and pleasures in the now but I just don't care. I don't want to integrate into society, I don't want to work, I want to enjoy myself in the present.
I guess I'm more of the dyonisian type of hedonist who prefers emotions over rational arguments.


>fucking little greek boys, which i can imagine must be on of the most divine pleasures known to man.
>it doesnt mean you dont fuck little greek boys up the butt
> priests were fucking downy-cheeked young choir boys
>knuckle-deep in some doe-eyed youth

Wait, what?
Why do you describe it in such details you have polluted my mind


Epicureanism is a retarded "philosophy" for retards.


Epicurean is pretty much the first wizard. He was based.


redundant faggot is redundant.


He was basicly a negative utilitarian of sorts. Yesterday I decided to sit on my balcony because it was sunny instead of sitting on my PC for the whole day and night. It was amazing to simply sit and listen to the birds without thinking of anything. I think thats what ataraxia is about. Not being perplexed by vanities and intertainment. I will value doing nothing even more from now on as the way to peace.


He fills in the gaps by things he made up. He wants to believe epicurus is a hypocrite but doesn't have enough knowledge on the subject, so he comes up with bullshit.
Man I miss not havng any shitty traffic sound.
One thing I hate about USA is the shitty less then one inch windows you guys have. I was amazed the thick windows with plastic handles were not common here. I'm getting constant traffic noise from 6 am to 11 pm. Man I can't wait to move out on september.


I have looked in to Epicureanism, because I am interested in all philosophies who are concerned with Ataraxia. Epicureanism is among the philosophies that helped me the most. Especially the advice that it is helpful to understand nature if you want to find tranquility of mind helped me. If you have a profound understanding of nature than it helps to come to a state of acceptence (at least for me).

>Epicureanism is heavily underrated
This. Epicurus was easily the greatest physicist of his time. Unfortunately nearly all his works are lost. He was more prolific than Aristotle. He wrote 37 books or so, but all are lost. The only source that remained is "de rerum natura" from the roman epicurean philosopher Lucretius. Epicurus was the true master of atomic theory. Democritus and Leucippus may be the founders of atomic theory, but the master who really developed the theory was Epicurus. Epicurus also introduced a probabilistic element to atomic theory which is close to our modern atomic theory.

Another fact that is almost always forgotten is that Caesar, Horace, Virgil and Octavian were Epicureans for example.

If you want to find out more about Epicureanism then Pierre Gassendi is an interesting source. Gassendi reintroduced atomic theory in the 17th century and is an important pioneer of rationalism and empiricism.


His Ethics are more interesting than his theories on physics imho, but yeah just like many other ancients he was a polymath.

I wasn't aware of him being more popular than Aristotle though. That being said aristotle is mostly popular due to arab and later medieval latin rediscovery of him.


I know of him from his rational views with regards to death, which have resonated with me a lot.
He's a philosopher who has always intrigued me but I never delved too deep into his stuff because I'm not a huge philosophy guy.
From what I read in this thread, he seems most of his world views are extremely wizardly. I think some apprentices could learn a lot from him.


Isn't the guy a * liar!
And you yet surprised about him being underrrated!

He speaks like a (((counselor)))


I listened to him summarized by Cicero. And a lot of points I agreed with. But his section on friendship as the highest joy of life was kinda depressing as a wizhermit


De Rerum Natura is such a great book.

For anyone interested in Epicurianism and gaming there was a really serene exploration game called "In Ruins", I don't know if it's still available, I played it for ages when I was in bad places mentally in high-school.


I looked it up. The game has good ambience. Although it's more of a demo than a full game. The download only works on itch.io, not on the author's blog although it's still a pay what you want sort of thing. Thanks for the recommendation.



This is it, thanks for looking it up wizzie. I had it on an old computer that idk if it even functions anymore.


Epicureanism is literally a normie philosophy. Living in a small commune with a bunch of other people is the key to happiness under epicureanism.


sure thing, galaxy brain wiz, that's way every religion it got in contact with, especially Christianity and (((Judaism))) made everything in their power to discredit it and destroy it.

because we all know Christianity and (((Judaism))) are completely non-normie religions.

fuck off back to reddit.


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