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Is that all i am doing anything for?
When i disregard other humans and turn to philosophy, is that just a cope by brain chemicals wishing to get some reaction from doing so?
Are these my true rulers?
Is the demiurge in fact the architect of my neurotransmitters?
Then there's the hormones
> Ghrelin
What the hell? I didn't ask for any of this and i don't understand what's going on
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>Why would I wake up in the mornings if there is no meaning or even basic choice in what I do?
Why do you wake up now?
>What would it matter if my eternal nonexistence would come today or in 50 years?
Exactly, why kill yourself now? It matters not whether it's now or then.


>Why do you wake up now?
To attempt to find the answer to this question. Circular reasoning you may claim, true, I have no found the "Absolute Truth". The reason for waking up is to find a reason to wake up. Yet the reason is there, however faulty it may be currently. Without free will not even this faulty reason would exist, rather than wake up it would be better to fill the room with car exhaust and drift off to eternal sleep.
>Exactly, why kill yourself now?
Perhaps I poorly worded that, the point was that the 50 years of nothing is not something of any worth. You would live 50 years, for no reason, no purpose, nothing would be controlled or motivated by yourself, you would not even be a spectator since there is no "you". I would ask if you did even indeed "exist" or if it was a "something" in those 50 years. Immediate suicide is the only logical choice in that situation.


No i understood exactly what you meant. My point is that if life is meaningless, and death is also meaningless, why show such preference for death? There's no rush.


Before I write what I was planning, I ask what preference for life do you give? I assume some "want to feel gud" argument, or is it "because the chemicals tell me so"?


Also don't take my post >>172003 as mocking or aggressive. That was not the meaning, but kind of reads that way I think lol.


It's the default, I might as well ride it out. Especially when I see people on /dep/ constantly lamenting and trying to go through with it but can't. Don't see much of a reason to agonize over it when it's coming for all of us eventually.


Hmm, I see. My written skills from mind to screen might not be good enough to convey this next idea. Never have I been praised for writing, so excuse me.

For myself, I do not see that "the default" as a good enough argument to carry on through the "mundane horror" of life as I think of it. A separation of the material from immaterial; with reason, rational, and free will I can get through what the body requires and implements. The body does not allow for happiness or contentment, for even the extremities of life such as intense drugs are normalized by the body. If not normalized then the body will be slowly destroyed, a fate far worse than a comforting death. Even when your life is threatened, gradually you will grow normalized to it. Beyond normalization and destruction, there is aging itself. The body is rotting within every day making everything harder, painful, and worse off continuously. Novelty too wears away with time, the world not unique enough and humans are not creative enough to stimulate that forever. If I had no external immaterial free will or reason to live, then a comforting death is objectively the best possible thing. To die in my warm bed seems what would be most preferable to anyone with any kind of intellect, at least upon reflection and thought of life. A death in comfort is eternal contentment, compared to a continuous struggle and pain renewing everyday.

Again, not sure if what I wrote is fully cohesive, so I add this train of thought below:

I imagine myself awaking from bed, I have to leave this warmth to the cold. Why? I have no reason to, as to leave this bed is to suffer, if only a minute amount, still I must suffer from the comfort and warmth to discomfort and cold. I comprehend of my own chemical brain, motivations and reasons do not exist, only a slight desire of feel good chemicals. Even after this I must go to eat and expend energy to put together a meal, this is not something enjoyable merely a requirement to sustain myself. Why sustain myself? Sustaining means the necessity of more requirements unending till death. To drift off back to sleep would be nice, then I would not have to get out of bed, or eat, or do anything. Sleep is pleasant and calm, life is not.


I understand what you mean. I guess our differences stem just from how bearable meandering through life is, on a personal level. I don't find it painful enough to warrant suicide, at least yet.


I suppose so. Indeed it could be just the brain chemicals that lead me this way, and yours that lead you that way. My theory is certainly not full proof to say the least, originally it stemmed from a thought of "I would like to exist, but if nothing matters and I cannot make or pretend something matters; I would pick non existence.". Thus I had to allow for free will to exist in order for myself to exist, which comes with a million other ideas such as the existence of immaterial. Yet the never ending search is why I am still here to talk with you, so what can I say, it worked I guess. Especially "the reason to live is to find the reason for live" needs immense work lol.


>If you want to be happy all the days of your pitiful mortal existence then lobotomize yourself, turn on the idiot box, and sit in front of it until you die.
This does not allow for lasting happiness. Should you have an actual method for happiness, sharing it would be infinitely more valuable than any other garbage you could spew and after stating it you would never have to speak again.


If you don't like living then yes just kill yourself. But meaninglessness isn't what makes you not want to live. A sense of meaning can only be instrumental in motivating one to continue living a miserable torturous life


Part of the enjoyment of living is the meaning you grant and create for yourself. It is a net negative on your life to believe free will doesn't exist. Cope or le "bluepill" as you might call it is a preferable existence objectively.


I fucking hate "dopamine" bros and this retarded vulgar neuro-reductionism view. Whole is greater than the sum of its parts


File: 1598048328995.webm (98.33 KB, 640x360, 16:9, you stop that.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>going to reddit
>linking to reddit


>irrational hatred of linking to reddit imported from le epic hacker known as 4chan


upvote bad
no name good


>Part of the enjoyment of living is the meaning you grant and create for yourself.
These are hollow words that do not represent any kind of process that ever occurs. You're not saying anything.
Dying is a gonna be a net positive to your life, regardless of if you successfully deluded yourself into caring about free will like it's remotely relevant to anything. It's not even on the level of a cope, it's a fun thought experiment for a few minutes.


reddit is just forums but at max normalfag levels. it is one thing to link to some specific article that is unfortunately found on reddit when the info int contains is relevant, but that guy has just linked the entire board. for what? you expect other to swim through that shit? fuck that


You normalfags are becoming too obvious and brave nowadays.
What gives you this confidence to out yourselves like this?


No, they are savage animals.


>You're not saying anything.
I am, you just refuse to consider anything else besides what you believe. You aren't nearly as nice to talk to as the other poster, he knew how to have a conversation; so this will be my last reply.


Drug thread is at bump limit and im not one to make whole threads for a blog post

>dropped acid last night for the first time


>veteran truwiz psychonaute, very experienced with DMT/shroomies/salvia/PCP & mescaline
>was real lsd, it passed the simple chemical field test twice and was also completely without taste & its effects lined up perfectly with those iv heard/read about
>had been sitting in my freezer for years so I cant even recall where exactly it was sourced but im gonna go out on a limb here and say “darknet”
>did it while alone in my room and without a phone (intentionally)

I did one hit just to see if it was real but more importantly still “good”. Maybe an hour after the walls started to breath and I was smirking so hard my face hurt I made the judgement call of “okay fuck it” and I stuck the 3 other hits under my tongue.

That was not a bad decision.
But wiz kids don't try this at home.

Despite my blog im gonna stick to the ama format if able


>That was not a bad decision.


Fuck you for trying to derail my thread, you'll never succeed


File: 1598542438322.png (444.33 KB, 724x483, 724:483, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ink and pulped wood, is that all there is?


It was well worth it deciding to get as “high” as possible instead of pussy footing around



Technically yes


but actually no


I also developed a certain of hypersensitive cringe towards similar things.

I once met a guy who had your symptom, he was diagnosed with -schizoaffective disease-

Man, try holotropic breathwork first.
There are so many easier weird solutions out there…


You think i can diagnosed as schizoaffective?
Can i get bux from that?


Can i think my way into high-dopamine states?
Can i control the flow of oxytocin?
Is wireheading the end result of our collective human endeavour?


Yes you can. Try invoking the spirit of Dionysus.


It's too complicated for me to understand so it must be ooga booga.


Yes. That guy did.


Ghrelin (hunger hormone) and serotonin deficiency fucking up my 7 day fast again.

I'm trying to ignore pain as logically as possible, and now I can't focus on anything but the thought of eating food.

Fuck life and how it revolves around appeasing your brain with surges of hormones. No matter how much you try to break away from this it's impossible.


> and I believe it is, whats the deal with ego?

Ego is an illusion. I'm happy about you.


This anon makes a fine point.
Your brain chems and feelings are a means to an end not a purpose.
Your perception of reality does nott equal reality.


honestly friend its best not to even think about this stuff. in this case ignorance truly is bliss. you can go down these rabbit holes of determinism and wrack your brain for years but you will just end up insane. just live as if free will and good and evil exist


File: 1602703166362.png (2.32 MB, 800x1012, 200:253, image.png) ImgOps iqdb


The honest to god truth is that we don't fucking know how conscioussness or the mind truly work, there are like 90 (or even more) theories of concioussness, every single neuroscientist/philosopher/psychologist faggot seems to come up with new bullshit ideas that they can't prove every day, from "consicoussness is an evolutive advantage" to "concioussness and free will are just an illusion" and also "concioussness is a quantum mechanism" honestly they all have no idea, they say they do but they really don't coming up with a complete theory of concioussness is akin to coming up with a Theory of Everything in physics in that everyone seems to "know" their shit but when they try to fit the pieces together everything collapses.

Just because some neuroscientist asshole claims that he can "see" your free will on your brain with fMRI that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, if free will exists (I'm not saying it does) of course it would be on the brain and would manifest itself as neuronal patterns, even a 10 y/o would understand that


File: 1603048287484.png (4.49 MB, 1032x2000, 129:250, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think that pure physicalism can explain consciousness, but who knows?


Demiurge refers to saturn, a god of this world


can any wizard please explain with the function of the contradiction mixer in this image is?


what - not with


Smoke weed (dopamine and serotonin stimulation and regulation and ghrelin mimicker intake) and inject oxytocin, internet socialize, problems weren't.


File: 1605598936245.jpg (68.88 KB, 564x675, 188:225, 1524248427624.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If u keep doing it. Taking it in a pure form orally there really aren't any serious negative consequences. Those arise when u run out or when u do junkie shit like iv it or snort it.
>a former heroin user


would you be willing to expand on your experience as a heroin user? any insights you would care to share would be greatly appreciated.


Yes. It's not a coincidence that most religions use a lot of aesthetical means in their rituals. In the end, all that shit comes down to brain stimulation so basically religions are just about worshipping the release of different brain chemicals. In ancient times they also used intoxicants in rituals as well as ritual sacrifices of animals, which I believe, is quite stimulating to experience. The Greek autists tried to replace common religion with math worship but of course that was fruitless.


actually, your code might produce the same result, but I find it interesting to point out that because of branch predictors, your code is going to execute differently every time you run in even on the same hardware. Detecting hot code paths is a huge problem in this space and the heuristics we have ended up with cause this seemingly weird state of affairs. I wonder if this can be expanded as a concept to the universe metaphorically.

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