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File: 1588269452648.jpg (386.13 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, sloth.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have this huge resistance to anything that takes any effort, like school or exercise. I've been a NEET for 4 years now and I just can't make myself do anything meaningful or effortful. I see all these normies getting a degree and being active and just putting in lots of effort in everything and I don't understand how they can do it. My day consists of laying in bed or playing video games or binging on junk food and that's it, I literally can't do anything. I don't really know how to fix this, I've told my therapist and they said basic stuff like "start small", and the thing is I can't even do small things. For example I tried to learn programming 2 years and I did it for like 10 min, then I took a break and never touched it again. It wasn't even hard it was just beginner stuff like printing Hello World. I really don't know what to do anymore, I want to change, I really do, but I just can't. I never even graduated high school because I couldn't make myself do the work.

The strange thing is, it's not that I don't want to do the work, it's that I can't make myself do the work. I'll spend hours just staring at the assignment, begging myself to do it, but I just can't. It's like the part that connects my intentions to my physical actions is severed.


It's because you're trying to force yourself to do things that aren't meant for you. Don't listen to society's lies, it's completely possible to live a life where your happy and your "work" is a game. It's a lie that you need to break your back to survive. It's a lie that begging or luck is the only way to have a leisurely life. Have faith and the universe will provide, ingest the venom of fear and desperation and the universe will provide the nightmares that you ask of it.


Playing games takes an effort too, i can't even do that anymore.


If you aren't motivated by 3d genitalia, then most actions in our world become unnecessary
You have freed yourself wiz, pursue higher wizdoms


So i live in a hell of my own creation?


So few of my efforts ever achieve the intended result, or really any favorable result at all, that it's hard for me to develop an intention to make an effort in the first place. Usually I give up at the first sign of resistance, because there's no point trying extra hard only to fail extra hard later.


File: 1588345206695.jpg (110.6 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, adderall pills.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why not just do drugs to enhance your motivation?


It's just a bad dream, you can wake up.


Not everyone has access to them.


File: 1588494479809.jpg (28.13 KB, 545x620, 109:124, i seen.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

ive been neet for 11 years now and why change this is the best lifestyle.


You have everything you need. Why toil your life away on the fields? You only expend effort if you feel there is a need.


what happens when mommy dies?


nothing i live on my own and get neetbux.


how did your parents let you being a neet for that long?


Not all parents are assholes.


It's because there's no point to any of it. We evolved to do things that we needed to do in order to survive, now we don't need to do any of those things anymore so what's the point? If a lion was chasing you, you would run, if you were starving you would look for food, but nothing in your life has ever required your effort to do anything other than avoid scorn from others, but that becomes more and more meaningless the further you let yourself slip into social isolation. Who cares what normies think of you when you don't even interact with them in any meaningful way?


Life doesn't reward effort it's not guaranteed for hardwork to be rewarded. If only it was more like an mmo where you gain visible experience and levels. no wonder why people drop out


Actually it does, just that your potentiality is crap like a low tier character who gets 2 points per level while others get 5+


Bad way of looking at dumb luck and circumstance.


Nah it's more like you can get 0 per level and other people get between 1-5.


For me, I'll start on something and even try at it for a while, but I realize I'm not making any real progress, so I just don't want to do anything after that. I can't imagine a scenario at this point where putting effort into anything is good unless I'm noticing progress. Talented people just don't get stuck and have endless problem-solving ability. There are also savants who are good at just one thing, but the type of people you talk about are well-rounded.


>you can get 0 per level
Yeah, if you're lucky you might get to stay where you are instead of going backwards.


masturbate less and less then stop masturbating,then u will have endless energy and will automatically do all normie stuff without effort.


Normies will work out for muscles only to grow old and see their hard work disappear. The human body is full of flaws.


The appeal just isn't there to having them and trying to maintain the figure. People try to max out in their youths because the youth is the prime of life. Rest is just regrets unless you're famous/rich already and can coast off that.



For me at least environment plays a huge role in what I do. When I'm at work in the office I am a hard worker. When I'm in the library I can study for hours without breaks. When I'm at home I'm a lazy slob who does nothing productive, be it cleaning or studying or whatever, unless I find it interesting and fun which is very rare. I see this right now especially with being on lock down and "working" from home; I turned from one of the better workers in the office into a useless shit overnight. I simply have no motivation whatsoever to do anything when I'm at home and when I do try to force myself to do something it feels like my body is going to explode and I stop minutes later. I'd rather experience physical pain than do anything productive when I'm home.

Looking at other people I suspect they also run into the same issue. Why do so many people go to the gym instead of working out at home? It's objectively less efficient, you waste an extra hour going and coming back from the gym that you could be using to work out or do anything else if you exercised at home. But I have a feeling that those people can only motivate themselves to workout when they are in that gym, and when they tried doing so at home they ran into the same issue.

I think it's better to look at willpower not as a constant effort to force yourself to do something but a single moment of effort that lets you shape your life in a way that makes the stuff that you want or that needs to be done easier to do. You don't change the direction of a river by going in the middle of it and trying to push it in the right direction, you change the direction by dropping some earth in proper places, and the water eventually flows where you want it by itself.


File: 1589297887132.jpeg (48.48 KB, 640x270, 64:27, C51ACBAE-99A9-474F-AC55-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I think by “start small”, she meant stuff more like going for a walk a few times a day, eating less junk food, and trying to socialize more, rather than immediately diving into learning a complex and challenging skill. Learning to program is definitely not a small thing, and even if the steps to learn a language are small, they aren’t very rewarding individually. I’ve always found that if one doesn’t attend to one’s basic needs, like getting an adequate diet and socializing a bit (the chans don’t count), then it’s very difficult for one to work on self-improvement. First you must improve your quality of life, even if it’s only in basic ways like drinking more water or going outside more often. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to spend less time on the chans; these places are the epitome of the phrase “misery loves company”.


Used to experience it worse and still experience it daily. I know this isn't posted in /dep/ but I can only relate to it through those experiences. Describing to people looking at your hands and them not moving is hard for others to understand, especially when you may respond to or seek base pleasures that act as distractions rather than pleasures.

One of the solutions I found was around the idea that your brain isn't getting the feedback it should around action. In theory mindful meditation etc should provide the feedback focusing on the sensations of moving, but it didn't provide it for me although I think it is useful. Every morning after a few other things I do a progressive movement program going from moving one finger for 1 minute, to moving one hand, to moving two hands, to making opposite hands touching, getting up, taking random steps, walking to a specific room - all while reporting it to myself with words. "You are moving your finger. You are using your intention to move your finger". Bridging the lack feedback by reporting it back with words.

I can get up out of bed and go to the toilet without issue since this is automatic, then when I sit down I can struggle to move my body to do a chore. Moving the finger for the reason to start that chore is harder than doing the action in itself and it all happens on a subconscious level.

I struggled with doing a simple chore list for a decade but this exercise was part of what allowed my body to "react" to the intention to start doing a chore for example. A lot of people don't experience that breakdown where the body doesn't really react to intention, or the automatic unthought action doesn't really start happening.

Outlining exactly what you intend to do, the values that underline why you want to do it, then doing the exercise to slowly connect your mind back to your body is part of what helped me with this kind of issue.


I also have trouble with effort in most things. But to be fair every time I have ever tried to improve my life and some of those times I worked so damn hard for years its either failed or blew up in my face. The psychological damage I took from those attempts when they failed took me further backwards and has never healed. There has not been one success, sometimes my life improvement projects were small like losing weight over a long period of time and sometimes it was big like trying to get these IT certifications and I liked studying that shit for the most part. But in the end everything I do returns to zero or worse and I end up feeling like a fucking cripple. Sometimes I do everything right and other people like my parents fuck me over.

I just can't anymore I am almost 40 and cannot handle the pain anymore. Its all so tiresome. Last big push to improve is going to be committing suicide I think. I could fuck that up too be really the choice I have in life boils down to Suicide,be homeless or commit a crime on purpose and go to prison. No fucking thanks to the last two of those things.


>I can get up out of bed and go to the toilet without issue since this is automatic,
I can lie in bed for hours thinking about needing to do that, while hardly moving a muscle.


There is a point where your body reacts to the need to desperately pee even if you're sitting there struggling to move towards intentioned action, or you do nothing and soil yourself which I presume you're not saying is the case? Although I know about doing that too. I used to use pissbottles and other things to piss in when getting up to the bathroom was very hard. Becoming a filth goblin because you can barely act is a bad situation but there are gradual ways outs I believe.


File: 1589460183482.jpg (75.24 KB, 700x913, 700:913, aprd3APQ_700w_0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

we seems to be similar
one thing I am trying to do, something you might try, is fixing the chemicals in your brain in a way you want to be

humans are just robots made out of flesh
we are enslaved by our subcontiousness, unable to free ourselves

we, my friend in mind, could try influence our subconciousness' by changing the amount of chemicals in our brains

just like someone who wants to quit smoking misses nicotin molecules in his brain, we could try to do stuff to raise the motivation hormones levels in our brains

to be frank i have no clue how to do that
i will try to abstain from things i like for now
it will take time, much time
but if that process takes only one year, i could have finished that process five times and be happy now

good luck op


It's better to make friends with your subconscious instead of trying to fight or manipulate it.


Stims are the only way I'm functional, I hate the way they make me feel though, not worth selling my soul for success.


I do all these things and it's really not that simple.
At this point I'm 99% sure even winning the lottery wouldn't make me feel better about my life and I'd really have to experiment with happy pills or go through mentally scarring experiences such as narcotic bad trips or near death experiences. EVERYTHING is tiresome, drinking is tiresome because pissing is tiresome, getting enough sleep is tiresome because I have to get to bed early. Walks are mind numbingly boring, I'd have to turn my life around to save it with those half-assed measures.


File: 1589698041239.jpg (12.92 KB, 255x253, 255:253, panjeetproblems.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone have any advice about 'Seeking Excellence'?

I'm tired of being a degenerate, yet i am also too intelligent to be herdcattle, so i am caught in the middle.

Being a comfy boi is wearing down my sprit, yet, sustained effort is also undesired


Suffering is the fundamental setting of human reality. Once you accept this things start to become easier. We live in a society where happiness is the assumed state of human reality. This makes people depressed because they always feel like they personally are worse off then everyone else. It is not personal, this is the normal state. Taking it personal makes you go to the shrink or wanting to improve.


Isn't that given up the the suffering though?
The modern solution to suffering is to take up the challenge and bear the responsibility, clean up your room and sort yourself out.
Do you not agree with this?


No, Mr. Memerson, I don't because it used to make me depressed. I am better off now where I accepted suffering. Without taking pills like that guy did that you impersonate. He went to a hospital in russia and might as well have died. The modern solution makes people ill and drug addicted.


What makes you think you are above average in intelligence?


Have you seen the average normalfaggot? Even a depcrab who whines about being dumb is above average in intelligence.


It depends where you live. I imagine a norwegian normalfag is gonna be a lot smarter than a brazilian one.



How do you define intelligence? I think the word you are looking for is awareness or introspection.



i have the same exact thing. It's because im horrible at everything, and have to work twice as hard at everything because of bad genetics to get the same result as the norm norms. If normies get exhausted they cry and quit and go get drunk. But, my ass is supposed to work work work work work


for some it is. for people like me it s like the video game where the levels get harder and you never level up


i agree, you can be a funkopop office watching bazgina shouting numale (no awareness) while being a 180 IQ machine learning enthusiast. not mutually exclusive


*sniff* *sniff* Smells like a fresh batch of ad hominem my boyo!!
You are better off lying in your own filth than creating order out of chaos?
The 'modern solution' is one that has been proposed since the beginning of time. Go out into the world, take responsibility, find a challenge, and a cause worth sacrificing for.


Tell me about your responsibility. What exactly are you responsible for as a wizard?


> clean up your room
Try being less obvious bruh.


Maybe the larper doesn't even know what he represents anymore. Or it's just low effort.


I am responsible for getting my life together and no longer rotting in my room like i have been for the last 8 years, why are you all trying to put me down?
This isn't /dep/ i'm trying to free myself from my situation
For what? It's good advice, so what, you don't? You just let crap pile up and don't attend to the things you can fix in your surroundings?
Try less sarcastic responses and try being more constructive
As low-effort as your post? Again, try some constructive criticism, or is that too obvious?


You pr—s certainly rustle my jimmies acting like you are too good to improve yourself?
Are you better than i??
I cast out out of my mind forever


Good for you, lad. More wizards should follow in your footsteps.


File: 1590065982169.png (55.39 KB, 400x300, 4:3, c282a255d51de802c60573755b….png) ImgOps iqdb


Thanks, you can see the crabs(in a bucket) go real silent when you give them some hard truths they find difficult to accept


You just don't understand what it means to accept suffering. It does not contradict to care about yourself and your surroundings neither does it mean to adapt the crab life. Actually I know a married father good earner who says excatly that. Whatever, if your narrative works for you then that's fine with me, the purpose is the same I guess.


I have you beat (13 years), father is dead, mommy is working and barely hanging on. Looks like I might be homeless soon. Yep.


well it's fun while it lasts. I wouldn't be able to handle wageslaving instead. it's kind of a bizarre mindset most people have where you have some sort of duty to work when in reality, people are flushed out of working as much as possible. there isn't anyone desperately asking for paid help because that's not how it works, especially in the last 20-30 years with the labor force participation rate.



I have struggled with this for years. Been diagnosed as bipolar 2 (although I only get manic from antidepressants) and it is supposedly a symptom of that as well as of schizophrenia.

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