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File: 1588844602156.jpg (84.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 12-reasons-to-ride-a-motor….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I live in Indonesia where everyone can drive a vehicle such as a motorcycle or car. I am 30 years old and can't drive anything. I once learned to ride a motorcycle when I was a teenager but it seems like I am too scared and sometimes I like to daydream so it never works. Is there anyone here who has the same problem?


I'm clumsy so I can't ride anything either. It sucks. To be honest, if I didn't have these motor skills problem, I could at least learn to drive a truck or something.


I almost killed myself several times due to daydreaming while driving. Eventually I learned to keep myself focused on the road.

Maybe try with mopeds. They brought me a lot of fun when I was a teenager.




How many seats do you take at a time?




apa kapar bli? dimana kamu en indonesia? Saya suka jalan jalan haha


I'm good. I live in Jakarta. Where do you come from?


Yeaah, daydream is my biggest problem, I can ride motorcyle on empty street but with the traffic its really nightmare


I also live in Indonesia. Just bribe the police to get your license and drive slowly and carefully like some retarded emak-emak. You don't need to be good. You just need to be able to get from point A to B without accident. As always, practice makes you less bad.


I'm from London, but i spent some time in Yogya and Bali. I love love the indonesian language and people, you guys are ze best
Wish i could come back, but with the rona it's looking unlikely


The indoneisan police are pranksters to motorists lol, better watch out OP


For someone that also from Indonesia, thank you for your advice. I'm sorry it seems I mistakenly deleted your post.


Glad you enjoyed life in Indonesia


Yeah, police here always took our money


Surprised to see many fellow Indowiz here.
I'm able to drive car/motor but that is long time ago at our family golden age.
Now that we have sold the car and only motor left, these driving skills doesnt really mean shit, because I'm a NEET who have no social skills and afraid to apply Ojek Online job as there seems always little cliques of gojeker hanging out.
If you want to be able to ride motorcycle, first try with bicycle (if you had one) its the basic, learn to maintain balance while rolling forward.
If you already get the "feels" .. motorcycle will be easier as you dont have to gowes.


How did you find wizchan?


also how is life as a reclusive in Indonesia?


Londonwiz here, life in Indo was VERY comfy in my expereince, but this is as a bule so hard to say how the indowizzies feel about it themselves.
Indos are very chill and accepting people in my experience, they like to enjoy life and won't hassle you for just being quiet and going about your daily objectives. If you are polite, they will treat you the same


Question for the indowizzies, where in Indo would be the best place to.
1. Live in a cheap shack and go to market each week but not be bothered by the locals too much, can just live in a 50 dollar shack, have internet on my phone and NEET in peace
2. Find land and begin to trade some fruit and veg at the market and build my own bamboo shack with some help from local, more in the community for one year, then just eat my mango and left alone
Please help?? Makasi baynak


The heat and humidity in these south east asian countries must be a nightmare. I know people get used to it and stuff but how does one live in one of these countries where it's either unbearably hot or raining for weeks or both at the same time?


>>168192 Thanks for your advice dude. I learn to ride bicycle when I was kid & always have accident because daydreaming. But I think I need to learn to ride motorcycle since its hard to go everywhere when Ojek online service is not available during this period


From 4chan

I am a recluse myself with no life experience or knowledge so I am probably wrong but I'll try to answer anyway. Villages and some neighborhoods are very tight knit communities where everyone knows each other. The further into the city you go and the more high income the neighborhoods, the more recluse-friendly the place is. A white guy will always attract attention.

50 dollars shack is really difficult to find. Maybe in some remote villages you can find one, but there wouldn't be internet or even electricity there. I think Javanese villages around Yogyakarta would be the friendliest to outsiders but I've never tried to move there so I wouldn't know. The last village I visit have a population problem from the youths moving to the cities and there is plenty of housing spaces. Maybe you can find a place there but there isn't even cellphone signals and the culture is still very communal. So nowhere really.

Depends on the person. I personally starts sneezing if the weather gets colder than 30 C.


By turning on cooling fan 24/7.
But yeah the summer/monsoon season is unbearable lot of thunderstorm that is very disturbing for an autist like me. I wish I could live in north where there are comfy season like winter and fall.


through hikkichan about 2015 i guess..
I googled about comunity for hikikomori and found hikichan then somehow found this place.
Its sad that HC is dead now
Pretty shitty tbh, no such thing as neetbux/disabilitybux here.
The culture are communal and excarbated by islamic ritual
which obliged to mass prayer every week. Glad the corona happened.


>50 dollars shack is really difficult to find.
Ok understand. By 50 dollar i mean i can rent 50 dollars a month or one years 500 dollars, so for this i think i can at least get water and electricity, but maybe not.
Ok so villages around Yogjya maybe i can get? Because young people move to the cities for fun and motorbike race i know that the elders are left alone in the village.. lampung (?) and would not mind a bule just living in his shack reading my books and playing my phone in peace… I don't know half the time it seems a fantasy to me, before i go to the village and they kick me out, but that only happened once in a village in Bali they did not like bule to come there so now i'm worried for that, but i know Javanese really chill so maybe its okay.
In any case i know it will still be a long time before i can get a flight again i think, or maybe borders will open soon, i don't know if i even have energy to try village life again, already there are curious people of me


I miss hikichan also

I also think yogya is suitable for you


50 dollars a month changes everything. You don't even need to live in village since you can already afford a rented room in the city. Factor in food and internet, I'd say 2,5 mill rupiah or 168 USD a month is enough to live on. Again Yogya is probably the best for this in terms of cost and locals' friendliness.


File: 1589470480813.jpg (226.04 KB, 2016x1512, 4:3, cat standing.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I spent 100+ hours doing driving lessons from 2016 to 2017 and still didn't pass. Failed four times. First time was going through a orange light, second time was speeding, third time I went through a red light, fourth time I joined a dual carriage way too quickly.
In Jan 2019 I tried riding a motorbike, did the CBT (basic training required in the UK) and failed. Didn't make it out into the public roads. A whole lot of stalling and muddling up procedures in an empty car park; the instructor bollocked me on how I was treating the engine and threatened that I'd have to be paying up if I damaged it.
I'm screwed. Always have my good ol pedal bike though.


What the fuck I thought Europeans were supposed to know how to drive manuals? In USA literally any braindead subhuman or 16 year old braindead bimbo slut can drive a car and get a license.

>First time was going through a orange light, second time was speeding, third time I went through a red light, fourth time I joined a dual carriage way too quickly.

Okay never mind.


I was being taught to drive in manual.


File: 1589471044446.jpg (56.36 KB, 670x422, 335:211, License.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Always distressed when I'm reminded that HE has a driver's license and I don't.


>First time was going through a orange light
Your instructor is stupid. You're supposed to go through the orange light, it's dangerous to slam on the breaks when the light turns orange. That's the whole point of it, so people who are far back enough that they won't hit it until it turns green have time to slow down.


File: 1589471409004.jpg (4.69 KB, 164x180, 41:45, filter.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah. Didn't occur to me it was a major fault until explained at the end of the test.
And for the record, the occasion I failed on red light I don't have as much of an excuse for, but it was down to me misinterpreting a filter traffic light.


Its easy to get driver license in my country. I also already have license but I can not drive anything


Who is he?


autistic retard that failed normies make fun of to feel better about themselves.


Ok makasi indowizzies, this corona-chan needs to get better so i can go out into the world again and explore the possibilities instead of rotting in my room


Right, I just remembered. Yogyakarta has a law that prohibits non-native Indonesian from owning land. You probably will just be renting but I am telling you just in case. This extends to areas outside the city as long as they're in the Yogya regency so I don't think you can legally own a shack in some Yogyakartan village.


Ok thanks, if i was going to, i may just have to buy just informally, don't know the bahasa word for it, deal between friends, or as you say just rent, $500 a year is ok, then if i save more, i want to buy a small farmland and be left alone


I didn't know they made wizards in Indonesia. Thought it was arranged marriages and shit.

I can't drive anything either and it sucks in the US.


Nowadays many men did not married after 30 in Indonesia, especialy in jakarta


Just walk bro.


If i want to create a fish farm and sell fish, how much would 1-2hct of land cost for rent each year?
Trying to think of a wizardly job i can have when i get the shack, no rice harvesting though, that shit is backbreaking


Hell if I know. I don't have enough life experience to know real life knowledge like that. Searching fisheries on google bring up online shopping sites like
https://www.olx.co.id/properti-tanah_c4827/q-tambak?filter=type_eq_dijual or https://rumahdijual.com/kota-lain/tanah-tambak where prices range from a couple hundred to tens of thousands dollars even for the same land dimensions. Maybe the location or water quality has something to do with it. Maybe I am just clueless. I don't know, I am just a manchild. Searching rent doesn't give up good results either. I think Indonesians, especially the uneducated bumpkin types that you'd expect to rent a fishery from, wouldn't use online shopping sites anyway so finding them is a matter of connections and asking around. Usually, they're the ones who offer better deals compared to online or newspaper advertisements.


Yes true, i do need to connections, but whenever that happens, i inevitably get dragged into social affairs, volunteering etc..
Never in my life have i seen a situation where i can just pay 50 usd a month and be left alone to tend to my small business
This is all i want from life, and yet it is too much to ask that life not make a slave out of me


I also failed several time to get my license. Keep trying mate


Is there a hikki imageboard or just board thats active anywhere now? 16/2chan had a couple active boards but thats obviously gone


> In USA literally any braindead subhuman or 16 year old braindead bimbo slut can drive a car and get a license.
I thought so too until trying



SAME HERE. It's a plague. Surely my 8yr old version could have finished the book that now is so hard for me.


Bruh, just use the bus or walk.


Learn to ride bicycle first dude.


I'm 30 too and can't drive either. I live in Argentina and was thinking to try to learn and get the license but nowadays is mandatory to get vaccined to get the driving license so I'll stay away from that


>your friends
>rest of the post
wizchan 2020


>waaaaah I didnt break no rule you're just a bitter crab crab crab



How fat are you? You gotta be at least 400lbs

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