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File: 1589595075422.jpg (111.73 KB, 820x720, 41:36, chinawillgrowlarger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anybody else feel like their tastes in life have stagnated? I keep looking back at shit that used to make me happy at earlier points in my life. Rereading the same old books, playing Ratchet and Clank and some old C&C games from when I was younger. I keep looking back at Albino black sheep and reliving those crappy flash animations trying to feel something again. Anybody else reliving the past?


Yeah, but honestly I can't say it's really a bad thing. There is nothing good being made anymore. All the shit dribbling off of the production lines these days is just pure trite. Almost every facet of life has this same aura of mediocrity. The world really did end in 2012.


File: 1589606646354.webm (3.95 MB, 408x264, 17:11, kikkoman.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Only a bit. The things I've stagnated most in are anime, video games, and porn. Especially anime and porn, been watching the same stuff more or less for the past ten years, and my favorites are still the same. But my taste in music has grown immensely and I watch enough new movies to keep it fresh, but I think that's mostly because I never watched a lot in the first place, so everything is new to me and I have a lot of "classics" to watch still. Also
>albino blacksheep
My brother. I still watch a ton of old ytps too.



Anime really does seem dead to me, it's all so formulaic now.


I personally found that todays anime makes me kinda bored, however, i recently started watching the Original Gundam from 1979 and it sure makes me excited. The animation is bad, but thats so charming about it. the sound effect are dope as fuck. I highly recommend it, since the story itself is good.

Im looking forward to watch all of it, and its like 20 billions seasons of it.


File: 1589662205808.jpg (35.31 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1559345691634.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Evangelion would've been watchable had they replaced Shinji with Amuro


Eva doesn't work if shinji is not the main character. That would make it just another mecha anime with nothing unique about it.


yeah you can feel a bit less excited when you replay the same video game. I was replaying some games I've finished 2-3 years ago. Yeah it wasn't as fun as I first tried and it was even easier. I guess that happens even worse with bigger games that take more than 10 hours. Don't worry it's not your fault for feeling something like that, besides, the old shit are still good. I was trying some old flash games that I've used to play, they are replayable stuff so I wouldn't get the "boredom" I had with other games. I was more objective with that and let me tell you, those small flash games are still as fun and I found myself getting hooked and addicted again. Ratchet and Clank is a fun adventure game but since the "adventure" part can be boring when you know what's going to happen with your new replay, you might think it's you that is depressed or something. Try some more "arcade" games like SNES. For example I always enjoy Megaman Zero games no matter how much I play them.


I feel the same op sadly I really have nothing else to say beside this.


Evangelion is a overrated garbage.


I got lucky I love the old 90s game descent and played the first one to death like 20 years ago. I just recently discovered that there is loads of player made content that I never knew existed. Got something to kill a lot of time for awhile.


I didn't
I found new hobbies, or changed my existing hobbies
Back in my teens I loved rpgs and played d&d, nowadays I stil like rpgs but play more complex or rather simulationist games like ars magica or pendragon.
I also developed new hobbies, I started playing Advanced Squad Leader, a very complex hex and counter wargame, actually thanks to a reccomendation by a fellow wizard.
I began to play more complex games, dwarf fortress, distant worlds (still not bold enough to play aurora), ss13 (albeit the simplest of bunch but still)

By complex I don't mean something that requies high iq or anything, I just like them more, there is nothing wrong with playing cawwaduty on xbox mindlessly.

That being said I also began to develop some aversions, ever since I joined the ranks of academia I despised reading, for me reading is work and last thing I would like to do is work.
I stopped reading in my free time in the last 5-10 years, so yeah in some areas I stagnated.

but its just change, not stagnation just change.


I've been playing the same video games since I was 10 and I'm 25 now, Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy XII, Tales of Symphonia, and Pokemon Crystal. I hate everything else, nothing else is fun but those. For other media, my tastes have evolved but it's very slow going. Anime consists of the same cycle of Yu Yu Hakusho, GTO, Golden Boy, and Dragon Ball, nothing has changed in 10 years. If I don't blow my brains out any time soon, I foresee myself consuming the exact same things in 5, 10, even 20 years. I've put at least 5,000 hours alone into FFXII over various console releases. As for why this is, well, I see it stubborness and nostalgia. Change is very difficult, new things new time to acclimate to, and my favorite things came to me when I was going through puberty and most vulnerable cognitively, I'd say. Hard to get those feelings out, no matter how boring doing the same thing is over and over, the memories don't go away or diminish. I feel mostly lucky for having a good childhood and adolescence unlike lots of other wizards. Wasn't bullied until high school but by then I could escape into my childhood past and fantasies. Oh yeah, as for books, I haven't progressed at all. Still read the same ones, like Eragon, Harry Potter, The Catcher in the Rye, Carrie, and that Stephen King short story called Rage. I like revenge fantasies but have long given up trying to become a warlock.


Yeah. Honestly, I think I permanently fucked my brain, but there had always been something terribly wrong with me anyways. It doesn't help that most new entertainment nowadays is watered down and dull. I can't really picture myself living much longer, honestly. Life is just too long if it's going to be like this.


I think intolerance to change is probably the biggest reason we are who we are.


How do I play board games if I have no friends?


You can play solitaire modes, many games have either official or fan made modules about solo play.
You can also find players on places like vassal and tabletop simulator, subreddit groups and discord etc etc.

Yeah hurr reddit discord normie infestion yes I get it but you have to employ those if your game is niche.
I use vassal to play advance squad leader, mahjongsoul for mahjong, but I do have to use discord to play rpgs I like(which are not d&d, man I'm salty about this, go to roll20 and you see 20 games hosting that dumb starting module but I select all the systems I like to play (8-9 of them) and I only get less than 10 results)


it's natural, passion is not infinite, feelings entropy the same way that matter does, if they didn't then we would always be satisfied with the things we started with and probably still be in the stone age


Because I've become so anxious in the past few years I really don't have any hobbies anymore, I'm in survival mode, just trying to get by, so I tend to just watch videos, but I want to start watching stuff I actually want to watch.


I understand that feeling, but the truth is that I mainly relive the feeling of past games and movies and such by listening to the soundtracks from time to time.


How do I find niche discord chats to talk to people on? Every populated server feels so impersonal, I just want a group of people to talk to. It's lonely out there, wizzy


>games from when I was younger
This is normal, modern games are shit (and expensive). They are made with the sole purpose of exploiting consumerism.

>it's all so formulaic now
It has always been formulaic, like every other form of art. In the case of anime it's particularly good, as the most common formulas are made to appease to introverted males. You can find which formulas you like the most, then you have an (almost) endless stream of contents that follows basically the same script but with a slightly different cover.



Disagree with that wiz. My favorite genre is horror so I'm basically screwed in terms of anime. Over the years I managed to find a handful of gems, and that's it. Nothing new ever comes out. There is still a lot of stuff outside of anime of course, but having all the free time in the world I've seen hundreds of movies and it's become so much harder to find something new to enjoy. The worst thing is when you ask for suggestions and people just list the same old shit you've already seen. I try other genres but I just cant get into stuff anymore.


what's your tag? i know a nice small server that sounds like what you're looking for




File: 1594565904934.jpg (73.66 KB, 574x317, 574:317, blaise_quiet_room.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Nice. I started doing the same the last year, watching the original Harlock, then the original Gundam. The original UC 0079 is slow, but it's good still. Definitely watch some Leji Matsumoto. Harlock was also slow, but amazing and epic.

Since then, watched the original Macross, then some more Macross and Gundam OVAs. Currently watching Macross 7, Gundam 0083, and Uchuu Senkan Yamato, by Leji Matsumoto. Matsumoto is a god. Watch something of his. Also, bless [central anime] fansubs.


I like the message, but can not get over:
- The poor crop
- Comic Sans
- Uneven lines
- jpg image loss
- The absolutely bizarre 574x317 aspect ratio (which creates really weird distortions to the text)
- Putting the text to the right side like that instead of the traditional way of putting it against the bottom
- Using the weird beige instead of black background for the text
- Trying to match the background color of the text to the background color scheme of the picture and yet still somehow failing at that
- Using the same amount of space for the text as the picture
- How it "sort of" seems like it fits in this thread but it's really on the verge of being a complete non-sequitar post (particularly given how there's no explanation from you about why you posted this, you just posted this sort-of out-of-place, weird thing)

There's so many poor decisions here that had to be purposefully made that went so wrong. It's like if "The Room" was a motivational poster made into a post instead of a stilted script made into a movie. I usually wouldn't go this harsh on something, but given how many things are off about this post, I just had to point all this out and ask–was this post serious (if so, I'm sorry for going down so hard on it), or just to get the sort of reaction I'm giving right now? It's got to be the latter because of the Comic Sans alone, right? What was your thought process in making this post? Did you make that image? If so, what was your thought process there?


>I like the message
Why? It seems to me like a basic and useless observation. Man cannot sit in a quiet room alone. Existence necessitates otherwise. We can't just all sit together and sing kumbaya.


File: 1594571015731.jpg (56.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, onlygoodmotivationalposter….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That wasn't what I took from it. There's this philosophy of "If you can't handle yourself and your thoughts when you're alone, then Hell will follow you everywhere," that I can really appreciate.


See I like that poster much better. Maybe it’s just the translation that makes pascal’s come off as base.


My life has stagnated into continual use of YouTube and imageboards. I used to be able to rely on YouTube to recommend decent quality content but it keeps recommending all of these channels I have never heard of before that somehow have high subscriber counts and high like/dislike ratios and yet are boring, formulaic and often lacking any kind of point or structure much like my life. That or it's some flavor-of-the-week, 20-second-long reddit meme shitpost. There's no sincerity or effort in videos, only clickbait and pandering to whatever the latest passing trend may be.

Almost all imageboard use seems to be ironic and intended to purposefully ruin boards to the point of unusability.


I agree with both of your statements about Youtube and imageboards. Youtube is just turning into cable tv 2.0 with the way content creators are being outright banned if they have the wrong opinions. Outside of here (possibly on here too) all the users of imageboards are late teen/early 20 somethings that seem to think their life is over because they failed a math test. Being anxious about your future doesn't make you some mentally ill outcast and being single when you're young and inexperienced doesn't mean you're doomed to a life of wizardy. I miss the laid back nature of this board when it was all actual wizards and not ironic larping normalfags.






Comfort leads to stagnation.


The tragedy of modernity.


File: 1600808325165.gif (412.25 KB, 540x301, 540:301, y8ixaMGd1upufo1_540.gif) ImgOps iqdb

fits this thread really, ironic how people here especially seem not motivated to do anything anymore, yet some are enough to go out of their way to shit on anything popular

thankfully i never really had that big of a problem with stagnation, i can watch shows or play games i really like again and again and find something new every time, sometimes i rewatch a show after years and understand it completely different, after i finish something and found it really good i try to consume everything there is about that before moving on to the next thing, also my taste evolves, like i am starting to get interested in genres i have not cared about for many years before.
maybe it has something to do with me feeling pretty hopeless for all my childhood and youth, so whenever i had the chance to get my hands on some anime or games i really could appreciate them, but that's just how it was and still is for me personally.

agree with others opinions on youtube etc., i try to limit my exposure to scrolling through imageboards, reddit, memes, even reading through youtube-comments to a minimum. Just take playing mobilegames, where they want you to come back to work for them daily and click through all the shit to get your instant presents like gacchas. I think that could really fuck with your short-term-attention-span, but younger people will feel that way more in the future maybe, wonder how that will turn out.


That's the hard balance of social media. If you wanna find new things, sometimes you have to engage in it a little. But its very easy to get caught up in whatever petty and pointless culture wars people are constantly waging.
Some call that "discourse brain" and I've definitely struggled to move out of it. I deleted all my accounts and have installed certain apps to hide comment sections.
Makes it easier to actually do what I set out to look for.


My tastes have absolutely stagnated. I haven't listened to any new music in the past 3 or 4 years. I don't watch new anime only old ones that I have seen a million times, same with manga, and I don't play games at all. I have moved one to some more IRL hobbies but even those seem to not have truly taken hold yet. I'm like a crab whose in the middle of switching his shell.

I think what bothers me about it all is that I cannot tell if it's because I'm growing old or if because everything is so shit these days. I guess it doesn't matter, the effect is the same, I'm a jaded person it seems.


This has been happening to me for a while now. I noticed that I rarely watch new movies, but I often rewatch old movies that I like. Same with music.
I don't think it's because the old stuff was better, in fact I think the new things are better on the few occasions where I listen/watch it. But I still get pulled back into the old stuff anyway.
I think my life is so shitty and hopeless that watching old stuff is how I relive my happier times.


I struggle with this pretty bad then binge hard on new stuff maybe once every couple months. Why let it bother you? Older WAS better

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