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I imagine this would be a point of contention but I think its worth bringing up anyway. I've seen many wizards on this site (sometimes implicitly) describe their wizardhood as being some sort of curse, yet simultaneously proclaim their superiority to norps and how they could never stand to live that sort of life (which on its own is fair enough). However it still strikes me as having some sort of cognitive dissonance, why be something you clearly find to be some sort of deficiency? I'm not trying to describe a crab, nor the people who have genuinely been dealt a bad hand in life which is probably a substantial amount of you, but rather the ones with largely pessimistic worldviews aggravated by their current state as a wizard. Personally I am both indifferent to normalfags and I enjoy being a wizard.


Wizard life is the only path to happiness. Normalfaggots are bound to the wills of their superiors, we are not. Depcrabs who aspire to become normalfaggots do not represent this site.


Examples needed
Me thinks you was just seeing separate posts close in time and just assumed they were of one poster


File: 1590026820486.png (473.36 KB, 680x671, 680:671, fuck you kevin.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well, OP.
Some of these wizlosers really wish they were born chads. To hell with them.

>Wizardry is a blessing to free your mind from our manslaving modern society.

However, it's surely not a pleasant path. I believe that the suffering is worth it in the end, but only if your make the best out of your wizardhood.

Those who can only complain about being wizards should honestly just buy hookers and end their pointless suffering.


Of course it's a deficiency. We don't fit into society due to personality, mental illness or just plain bad luck and we're unable to find satisfying relationships with people outside of the Internet. Wizardry is just post-ironic attempt to deal with the inferiority and alienation of being a virgin in a hypersexualized society, simultaneously proclaiming a puritan anti-sex stance while having graphic fap threads and discussing compulsory masturbation. You are absolutely correct about the cognitive dissonance in this place.

The value of wizardry, if there is any, is providing a way out for people like us, finding something more important or meaningful than sex and relationships. It has absolutely failed at providing anything like that because we cannot even define what wizardry is apart from a reference to some obscure japanese meme. The "disregard females, acquire magic" is the closest to a credo and some wizzies are pursuing their own definition of "magic" in self-sufficiency, gaining personal wealth and knowledge, the rest are crypto nihilists destroying any and all value in the world in order to cope.


A book I love a lot, a compliation of short anecdotes written by a wealthy and anonymous businessmen, had a quote. "Marriage is a two person cell, being single is one person cell; both are in prison. Choose".

I don't attribute happyness to one or sadness to other. But I'm also of the age when one more or less accepts who he is and what he is in the society.
I really love how the meme 30, not 25, 24, 20 but 30 as the minimum.


What's the title of that book, wizzie?


'Wizards' for me is a simple term to grasp on and create an community around. To makes us feel we are part of something. I don't take pride in being a wizard, not that im at 30 just yet.

however, at age of 27 i no longer even care about being a virgin, nor have i any interesting in dating a succubus. The perk of this is that all my attention goes to myself, and thats just how i want it. A few of those in my closer life doesnt understand this, but ive so much i wanna do on my own, so much to read, think about, etc. My mind is always active. Im never bored.

2nd, im one of those meditationfags, and i strive for deeper understanding about my own being. Just this takes alot of personally time. In buddism you shouldnt take a partner into your life, since it will only bring pain. Thats another mental term i can shelter my own thoughts behind.

pleasure today, pain tomorrow


Looks interesting, which book?


I've got magic powers. Why would anyone not want that?


You're some sort of psychic being able to read posts and destinguish
>people who have genuinely been dealt a bad hand in life
>the ones with largely pessimistic worldviews aggravated by their current state as a wizard


I would love being a wizard if everybody else was a wizard too.

When wizard complaining its not always about tfwnogf shit. Its mostly about normalfag herd mentality that create unnecessary complications and sufferings.


There is no such thing as a happy pessimest or an unhappy optimist. Quit choosing to suffer.


You are fucking retarded.


File: 1590075180955.jpg (171.52 KB, 1029x771, 343:257, 624595.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im volcel because succubi are dishonest, unpredictable, and easily corrupted. It makes me sad because I can be overly empathetic, but if it's in their nature to be like that… then this existence got to be a horror movie, so the best course of action is to avoid succs all along, and the rest of society, unless you want to try your luck, which I don't want. I don't like gambling.
I'll remain celibate and concentrate on the things that make me less miserable and that can bring a bit of happiness in my life.
After all, this life as a lonely virgin isn't that bad, and it's never been the lack of sex or romantic partner which has made suicidal or depressed, it's more the isolation. Having no friends or someone to share absolutely anything about yourself can be maddening. Have you ever felt like you don't exist? That's a horrible feeling.


It's often quite obvious, especially if you take a look around /dep/.


>Do you like being…


>it's more the isolation. Having no friends or someone to share absolutely anything about yourself can be maddening.
It took me half a year to get used to the isolation.


>Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
>Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.
this a bait thread to get people banned?


Nope, you cant choose to be a wiz. All these wizkids need to fuck off that enjoy this life


File: 1590109078035.jpg (30.65 KB, 309x475, 309:475, 12498546.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Its in Turkish. Titled. To a young Business man. Written in 1995 by a 1% or rather 0.01% gentleman. Beautiful cover also. Sadly it is not translated.
It is part ramblings, part thoughts/advice and part trying to cope with the guilt of being born filthy rich I guess. Closest thing I would say are the two movies made by the heir of Johnson and Johnson.
Excellent movies by the way, albeit focusing on the younglings rather than the true true rich. I'm always amazed by how low profile the wealthy are in 1st world.

Anyways. It is an interesting book, sometimes it shows its zeitgeist, like underestimating internet and suggesting people to not buy "toys that are pcs" but he accurtely predicted liberalization, kurds gaining more recognition and a light islamic party who would rule turkey for a long time. Mind you he predicted these in a time where saying the word kurd was banned and police were locking up islamist politicians left and right. Then he also talked about some high society stuff and succibi, marriage etc, the usually stuff.

Though I still value some of his anecdotes, some are very practical some are fun info about upper class, here are some examples I remember
-Always look for cubic/feet rather than square/feet, yes you bought a mansion but you have the same ceiling height as the peasants. High ceilings are a sign of class.
-Trust should always go from weak to the strong.
-Always remember people will consider whom they are buying from. Yes you might bought a cheap land from a bloody peasant. But can you sell it? Now everyone will be sceptical about why this suited cunt is trying to get rid of this land.


Yes. What is there NOT to like? Even normie males complain about their 'liebesträume' vanishing after a few months of marriage, and divorce after a few years if they're lucky, their dipshit retarded kids that are on their dopamine rectangles all day, having no freedom, etc… Even from a normie male POV, their lifestyle is shit and they have to cope with bullshit 99% of the time to get to that 1% of happiness or whatever (like sticking their dick in some hole once a month if she feels like it, or having a sense of accomplishment about having sent their kids to school 8 hours a day to get indoctrinated by the state for 18 years, etc).

Meanwhile, the wizard life is full of freedoms. Little obligations and responsibilities, full control of your life, the world is yours. I can choose to pursue the interests that I have because I am not an NPC normalcattle. I can choose to live the way I want because I don't have some bitch or shithead kids to take care of. I am free to self-destruct or self-construct.

Lol at "having no friends or someone to share absolutely anything with being maddening" or "getting used to the isolation". I've been alone since I was born. I never had any friends. Not a single one. I went through school as the weird loner mute autistic kid. Sometimes I try to think what it's like to NOT be alone, to talk to some normies about whatever and it is something I cannot fathom. You guys sounds like normie crab types that 'took up' "le wizard meme" cuz you're "le based volcel chad mgtow".


Thanks, wiz.


there's nothing truly bad/wrong with it, so i'm okay with it. the wizard and magic connotations are entertaining and it's nice that i can truthfully participate in wizchan as a male virgin. i look at it like a highscore, so the longer i stay virgin the better the accomplishment. there is no better achievement than being virgin your whole life, you'll be top of the virgin highscores for sure doing that. so that's been… how i think about it, for at least 5 years now, i just want to be as old as possible as a virgin. an old dirty wizard in a rocking chair laughing at everyone else will be a good end


You might have to deal with the fact that not everyone is a clone of you and that some wizards may be more extroverted than others, feeling the need to interact with other human beings that are on the same level, above the herds of normalcattle. Even you do this by being on here exchanging thoughts and ideas with other people.
You shouldn't feel the need to demean them for that.


Nice larp wizkid


>You guys sounds like normie crab types that 'took up' "le wizard meme" cuz you're "le based volcel chad mgtow".
>calls others phonies
>uses the term normie
such irony


no but I hate succubi


I love being a wizard. I can't think of any lifestyle better than my current one. I'm a NEET, a shut-in, have everything handed to me by my parents, and because I ignore succubi I'm rarely ever in a toxic environment. I am truly happy with my life as it is right now.


I enjoyed it when I was a NEET.
I hate it now because I am wageslave.

So if you are a NEET who lives on NEETbux then it is awesome, otherwise it is apparently a nightmare.


What exactly changed?


yes i do.
I also hope time will come when people many years from now, wíll picture people today as mistake. Not only people. The way education works, how the power is shared, justice..


I'm pretty sure the average Chad is happier than the average user of this site. If the average normie is better off, that's a more interesting question. Honestly I think normies have the advantage of having friends, since having social relationships has been shown to make people happier.
Personally I don't envy the average normie at all, nor do I wish I had friends. But i'd definitely like to be more attractive.


The average normalfag compared to the average user of this site might be living a better life. I decided to create a fake fb account some years ago to check on my old classmates, and they are doing fine. The males are either working, and have graduated from university, some have become artists, others sportsmen, etc., even the druggies are doing okay. I noticed that the succubi are better off than the men because they are traveling, eating at fancy restaurants, and partying, and many have also graduated from universities, others have moved abroad, from what little I remember they post videos and photos of their dogs or posts to raise awareness on animal cruelty, climate change, feminism, etc.
I can only give account of about 150 people that were in my grade though.


I forgot to add in my post >>168645 That is only the ugliest of men who are the ones with the less number of facebook friends and who don't have their faces as profile pictures, instead, they have a character from either a movie, videogame, or anime. They also don't receive as many likes or comments as the rest.


Wait until they all hit their 30s and watch the mental and physical degradation.


I think I would be if I could go on NEETBUX. But it is very hard to do in America. I do have some legitimate health issues but getting on disability is hard and hard to live on $500 a month. Thus, I live with my mom which is torture and she ridicules me all the time about my unemployment situation. It's frustrating she knows I have health issues and useless lib arts degrees but she still BELIEVES that I can get a high paying 9-5 office job. Her being Christian leads to this "faith" or as I call it a blind delusion.


Even the average normal is aware social media is smoke and mirrors, people creating their lives as they want to show to people omitting the 'bad bits' at convenience, this is more truly with succubi.
Still, I do agree people with more support will lead happier lives.

I think something like this has to do with the internet becoming more and more hostile.


Dude, you can't be this naive right?


Umm I have this theory that the Japanese don't use facebook because they're sick to death of having to fake in their real life


It's just my life, I don't have any opinions on it or anything to compare it to other than my imagination. I don't really think about it often or have any real pride or shame about it.


One of the few hobbies I have is hiking. I do it regularly and always bring my camera. If I would only upload the best photos to any of the social media websites, I could create a perfect normalfag persona.


I don't really see what you're getting at. If I uploaded the highlights of my life, well, there aren't any highlights so it's sort of a dead end, but I don't see how showing off the best parts of your life somehow makes them fake.


Let me use a funky greentext for that
>be me on vacation in popular tourist city
>on the way back to the train station
>couple walks in front of me
>man looks extremely bored
>succubus looks like she is in a pissy mood
>they don't say a single word to each other for a few minutes
>have to stop at red traffic light
>succubus takes out smartphone and tips man on the shoulder
>both smile and pose like a happy couple while the succubus takes a selfie
>both revert back to being bored an pissy
>succubus does something on her smartphone for half a minute afterwards
>probably uploading the selfie to social media to show everyone how great her life is


File: 1590240542376.png (1.1 KB, 91x37, 91:37, Screenshot_2.png) ImgOps iqdb

i dont know but these succs from high school have albums with 1000 photos, i think it's insane, how do you even live a life taking that many pictures of yourself? But in their profile pictures they get these many likes. Maybe you could try and pass as a normalfag on fb, I couldn't because nobody knows me or remembers who I am.
Another thing, you cannot fake the recognition the normalfags receive by their fb friends, for that, you will first need to have fb friends, and to have those friends like what you post, so they can react with likes and comments.
The most good looking can just post a picture of their faces and get this many likes, they are the ones who also have like 2000 friends.
Yes, they get support and recognition in the form of likes and comments.
Do you think I'm being fooled? Their whole lives are on fb. Yes, you might get a wrong opinion based on what you can see in their profiles, which is only the good, even so, I'm comparing them to the lives of the users of wizchan.


> I'm comparing them to the lives of the users of wizchan.
> The males are either working, and have graduated from university, some have become artists, others sportsmen, etc., even the druggies are doing okay.
You know there are wageslave, university, programming, book publishing, drug threads on wizchan right?
> they post videos and photos of their dogs or posts to raise awareness on animal cruelty, climate change, feminism, etc.
is that supposed to be hard? anyone can do it with some little motivation like attention whoring
How many ones on social media using real profiles openly stated they were raped? having a gangbang? fapping to taiwan cartoons? hiring an escort? being a crab? posting on wizchan right now?


I know a lot of people think most users are LARPers, but it seems to me 80% of the people here are either NEET or wageslaving. Maybe another 10% have jobs they actually like that also pay well. Pretty sure most of the drug users are NEETs too.


ok what did you mean by "working"?


I’m not him so I can’t say, but I imagine he meant jobs where the income is enough to live comfortably, and that they decently enjoy what it is they do. I mean there’s a reason the wageslave thread is on /dep/.


I like being smart. I like knowing things people usually dont know.

if thats what you are asking


> if thats what you are asking
I don’t think it is.


So like, being a wizard does not equal being smart and knowing things people usually dont know?


File: 1590255689411.png (130.1 KB, 908x658, 454:329, 1.-Dunning-Kruger.png) ImgOps iqdb

>being wizard = being smart
heard of dunning kruger effect?


File: 1590258993908.jpg (219.44 KB, 750x643, 750:643, 1589186244631.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I used to, but it's not sustainable. I'm 30 now, there is barely any pleasure at anything in life anymore. I don't think I'll make it past 35. Hell, I hope I won't, there just isn't much else to live for. I just want a fresh start at life, be a child again and go back to when I could actually feel things. I wish I just could be born again and pass this wisdom on to my new life, but it's not possible. Normal life is awful, but so is my life, it's really not any better, and knowing how hypocritical people/society are in general doesn't really make it any better. Yeah, I don't need succubi and I don't need to compare myself to anyone else? So what? It's still crap. Maybe everyone goes through this, but other people can delude themselves into thinking everything will be better by following social expectations. All I have is internet and video games, and they've been getting stale as they now cater to a broad audience. They're just no longer nearly as interesting as they used to be. I just hate the current year/decade in general. The atmosphere was just so much better in the 90's.


No, I did not.
I dont want to fill my head with useless shit


have you considered reaching to young by leaving behind a piece of literature, art , anything sorta like that


Do vidya really stop being engaging after a while? I can't imagine being bored of videogames, I could probably spend 3 days playing fucking tetris without doing anything else before I get bored. But maybe it's just that I'm still relatively young (26).


Even if I did, I don't have any talent or the energy to develop one.

Well, I still play them because most other things are worse by comparison. But they're just a time spender for the most part, it feels like I'm just playing for the sake of it. Might just be something specific to myself, but it's how I feel. It's the case unless it's the couple weeks after a super good new release.


36 here and I am still going strong. Don't get me wrong I do get burned out and cant go 8 hours a day everyday. Most days I play for a few hours all the way up to 6 hours. But I do fuck off and take breaks before bed and sometimes I wont game for a few days.

Ive always got plenty of play too. play FF14 all the time and then go into other RPG's as well as other genre's. I tend to replay a lot of stuff going all the way back to the SNES as well. Got Xenoblade Definitive edition and still haven't even started the new Sakura wars game.

That being said games are an enjoyable distraction and hobby for me. But they are not a life all on their own. They just make passing the time while I wait to die pass faster and somewhat enjoyable. Anime and books get me the rest of the way.


I don't mind being a wizard in the strictest sense. The qualities that cause me to be a wizard are crippling in other regards, which is the frustrating aspect. I'm slow and bad at basic motor skills other people can do easily. I just liked learning things through books and google but this isn't a sustainable thing since society demands you either become a braindead laborer or being a super intelligent social manipulator or enginerd.

I was handed a pretty bad hand in life, but my pessimistic worldview is informed by the fact that most people's lives are pretty shit objectively. It's a very small number of people relative to the population that experiences progression,fulfillment, accomplishment, etc. in a real sense. That's why people fawn over celebrities or watch sports and so on. Most lives have just been full of privation, hardship, with no real payoff and while we're better off in the first world materially, most people are still in fairly dead end situations. They just cope via conventional methods like alcohol, drugs, etc. This also results in people having sex and creating more dead end existence. To be fulfilled is a privilege reserved for very few. I sort of get that some wizards are financially well off and insulated from real world stressors(family owns a house or make enough money), but it's very myopic to dismiss pessimistic views out of hand.

Being a wizard can be a curse in the sense that you fundamentally don't relate to the environment you exist in; I would imagine the lack of ability to survive in the environment is the reason most people get upset. For me, being outside amongst people is like being a fish that's getting airdrowned. I get some people are basically normal or can pass for it outside of not wanting to have sex, but a lot of us aren't.


Are you NEETing? What's your endgame, wiz? Is it suicide? I'm a similar age and a hikki.


Yes I am neeting and end game is suicide. Will never get the bux but I did get some life insurance money from when my dad passed on and I still live with my mom. Once the money runs out ill probably not be able to afford to games or eat decent food anymore so that will be when I shut this shit show down. Might even go before if I get motivated enough.


How long did it take you to get life insurance money? Tbh it's the only form of inheritance I'll have. fml


File: 1590410729912.png (23.1 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


Well my dad died and my mom submitted information to the insurance company. Then they sent each beneficiary a packet asking for info such as where you live do you want to do direct deposit. Then it took about a month to get the checks after they got that. On their site after they get all info it says it can take 4 to 8 weeks to get the money. But its all going to depend on the company.

He passed in march so it didn't really take too long. I will be losing my medicaid as a result and Ill be damned if I am going to spend all this money on worthless health insurance.


How long do you think it'll be before you run out of money, wiz?


If you're reasonably intelligent and introspective, you will inevitably come to the conclusion that suffering and existential dread are inevitable aspects of life, when you ultimately look at raw existence and its inertia. Normies desperately avoid this introspection and try to stave off the suffering by inundating their lives with friends, careers, "being busy," having kids, getting married etc. I think that's actually worse. From my observation, nobody who takes this path is genuinely happy, or they're not entirely awakened to how raw the deal their getting is because of conditioning. Maybe they didn't have a fucked up family or were shielded from trauma, but what I see as "making it" is just multifaceted chains of slavery.

I'm content and that's good enough. I enjoy reading, music, fitness, studying languages, etc. Its all very mentally stimulating to me. Popular culture and what normies find enjoyable is torturous to me. Most of them are retards.


i'm 29 and starting to feel this. I would be able to tolerate life if I knew I never had to work again, but that's doubtful. I think the best I can hope for is working 20-25 hours a week. There's a lot of things I'm interested in like literature, language, music, etc, but working feels like torture to me. I don't understand how people can tolerate it at all (with the exception of self-employment)


You were a literal child in the 90s, though. I'm only couple of years younger that you, but I don't remember shit.


pretty quick because my mom wants me to pay off credit cards that technically we all ran up. Literally told her I will be offing myself when shit gets real but I don't think she cares. Its kind of annoying because she wants some of my money despite the fact she got over twice the amount I got.

Hate where I live and sometimes Ive contemplated just bailing and moving else ware and trying to wage again. Little chance of that working out but staying here is an auto suicide because there are no suitable jobs in this shit hole small town for someone like me. Its all literally customer service hell may as well not even show up to orientation. No comfy night time security or warehouse work. Place is a fucking joke. I am pretty fucked up mentally though so even with a really favorable work environment my chances are piss poor of making it. Should probably be on disability but literally impossible to get while in this shit berg because I cannot even get a psychiatrist.


I'm the same age as him and I remember the 90s pretty well. Mainly through cartoons/malls/wrestling/jordans/webtv though. My dad sent me a letter from the looney bin even though I fucking hate him and he reminded me and it's like yeah I know my life has been all downhill from the past 20 years. Good memories don't mean shit.


File: 1590515862088.jpg (511.49 KB, 1080x1022, 540:511, bu8jcctv6p051.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I've been alone since I was born. I never had any friends. Not a single one. I went through school as the weird loner mute autistic kid.
same, i remember a foid making fun of me because she heard me talk to someone "Omg wiz talked".


File: 1590516054269.jpg (18.9 KB, 236x369, 236:369, f8c78f09b4d727a38c6240f2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>omg wiz talked


Yeah I was born in 89, maybe the fact that I was a child makes me see it as something better than it really was. I do remember much of it fairly well though. I began using the internet in the late 90's, it's been a big part of me since. Much of the 2000's was pretty bad for me personally because it's when the bullying began as well as the more frequent spanking at home, but it was also pretty great in terms of gaming and the internet for a time.


>I've been alone since I was born. I never had any friends. Not a single one. I went through school as the weird loner mute autistic kid.
I think I'm the oddball here, but that wasn't the case for me personally. I had a couple friends until I was around 12 or 13. My life kind of took a nosedive then, and I pretty much isolated myself from the world as hard as I could because I had the sudden realization that pretty much everything I did, even the smallest of things, were inappropriate and subject to mockery in some way. It just happened around puberty, I was just extremely satisfied with myself, my ego and whatnot until then, and everything I had was completely crushed, so I had to seek the internet and MMORPGs not to go insane. Suddenly everything I did became robotic and I had to learn social cues from observation when everyone seemed to have this knowledge innately. It was a pretty terrible moment of my life that lasted until the end of high school. Bizarrely, socially speaking, I could do much more when I was 11 than when I was 17. I suddenly couldn't even make a telephone call anywhere or buy anything because of social anxiety.


It's not that uncharacteristic. I had a few friends until that age too. For 6th grade, I ended up in a gifted class an this is what seemed to happen to me as well. I didn't learn any social cues and everyone was a huge ass to me, even the dorky looking kids. I usually gravitated to them for group work and they were always super upset and passive aggressive about it. I transferred out under the premise of "Independent study" and then the bitch administrator kicked me out and sent me to another middle school and I instantly started getting fucked with. This was until I choked some smaller kid who kept fucking with me. After that people sort of figured out that quiet = possibly nuts. Issue is, that just means you get ostracized in adulthood if they can tell you're fucked up.


File: 1590614571212.mp4 (7.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Acceptance of Fate.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Fundamentally I feel I was just destined to not really enjoy life very much due to my meek hearted temperament. The fact that I'm a wizard is largely secondary to that. However, it bears saying that being a wizard in a world dominated by people who aren't wizards, or how the human body itself is built and programmed for social interaction, does make the path of a wizard automatically more challenging to some extent.

In my case, I feel like it just compounds the issues I already had. The biggest of which is autism and how it went on to inform how enormously depressed and eventually anhedonic I became with everything and still am. I don't enjoy my life very much and haven't for quite a while now, and yeah, I'll be one of the few here to defy the echo chamber and have enough self-awareness to admit that, that's partly because I'm a wizard. All us wizards aspire to be solitary, unfeeling, castrated gurus, but pretty much the only spot of light I have in my life is my family, specifically my mother. Talking and interacting with her is essentially the only thing which keeps me from going off the deep end into the darkest depths of despair and insanity.

The fact is, is that I'm lonely. Lonely because there's nothing and no one which can make life actually enjoyable and worth experiencing for me, yet I still yearn for something or someone that somehow can. My mother helps to keep me hanging on, but that's hardly tantamount to enjoying life and genuinely wanting to live. I suppose you could say it's a cardinal sin to express such a thing here, simply being lonely, but there it is anyway. Blind consumption of media, jerking off everyday, or just mindlessly lurking or browsing the web. All that shit ran out of gas for me a long time ago. I still force myself to do these things, the key word being 'force', since I really, really don't want to and they're honestly no different than work/chores to me now, but I have to kill time somehow. One can only sleep so much in the day, after all. Sitting with myself and marinating in how awful I feel, or ruminating on how empty the world is, is just too painful. The worst days are where I have no choice, but to sit with myself in that kind of position, when I can't muster the motivation to do anything else and the thought of doing so makes me nauseous in itself. These sorts of days are far and away becoming the majority now and I really don't know how to process that kind of agony into words.


>Being a wizard can be a curse in the sense that you fundamentally don't relate to the environment you exist in; I would imagine the lack of ability to survive in the environment is the reason most people get upset. For me, being outside amongst people is like being a fish that's getting airdrowned. I get some people are basically normal or can pass for it outside of not wanting to have sex, but a lot of us aren't.

Yep, exactly. That's precisely how I feel whenever I have to venture outside. As you say, it's basically like stepping into a hostile alien atmosphere without the possibility for any sort of protection. This house I live in is literally my life preserver. Like a crashed ship, or a lone habitation pod on some inhospitable planet like Mars, this is the only place I can actually survive in and take a breath. It's a sanctuary, but also a prison. I feel free, yet hopelessly trapped at the same time. In keeping with the fish comparisons, I'm really just a fish in a bowl here. It can be said that normal people are swimming in an ocean full of trash, micro plastics, ravenous predators, and raw sewage. I won't deny that, but that doesn't stop me from wishing I could swim in a planet of clean, crystal clear water, instead of being forced to reside in my relatively clean bowl, on a planet with a toxic and polluted ocean.

>To be fulfilled is a privilege reserved for very few. I sort of get that some wizards are financially well off and insulated from real world stressors(family owns a house or make enough money), but it's very myopic to dismiss pessimistic views out of hand.

Again, agreed. I'd actually consider myself to have a somewhat financially secure future, despite being an agoraphobe who lives with his parents, but I'm still plagued with feelings of dissatisfaction to the way existence is simply as a default, no matter what kind of circumstances one happens to be in, good or bad. Perhaps that's not what your point was, but that's at least where I'm at, so just thought I'd mention it. Like you said, it takes a very unique mindset or personality to be fulfilled when it comes to one's own life. This goes beyond definitions of wizardry or normalhood. Some people, through the privilege of their genetically predisposed disposition, can just lap up and enjoy the nectar of life no matter what. It's like old kung-fu movies where everybody wants to know who has the strongest style when it largely doesn't matter, since no matter which style they choose, it comes back to the person's aptitude for martial arts, not what style they can adopt that can automatically make them a great fighter. In this sense, although a wizard still has things stacked against them, it still basically comes down to a roll of the dice as to whether they'll find ways to enjoy life or not, same as a normal. You either enjoy life, or have the capability to eventually enjoy life, or you don't. There's really no wiggle room between those three categories, you're either in one of them or you're not. Things like, the ability to take on and learn new hobbies which is largely dictated by intelligence, creativity and willpower, resilience to anhedonia and negative thought patterns or shrugging off seeing the world as it truly is, or ephemeral personality quirks like being able to adopt a position of isolation and detachment from the need for escapism far easier than others can, can all go into informing which category you find yourself in and, deny it if you want, it's pretty much all just left up to chance.


You're Canadian, right? Does your autism diagnosis qualify you for any assistance beyond your autismbux? There's a thirtysomething NEET autistic English succubus I follow on YouTube. IIRC she has a sort of social worker who comes by each week. They sometimes just chat at her home. Other times they go on outings that she'd never be able to handle on her own. For example, they'll go to Ikea together or take a train to the seaside for a few hours. These activities seem to be one of the few things keeping her from mentally unraveling.

Also, do you not have any autistic special interests to keep you busy and that would help you find a community?


i love being a wizard.


I absolutely relate to what you've written. The issue is not being a wizard itself, depending on how one defines it, I personally see being a wizard more of a consequence of my own anhedonia personally, although I understand not everyone will be here for that specific reason. This inability to enjoy things, which arises for whatever reason, I think ultimately leads many here. I think none of us really enjoy people for a reason or another, it's pointless to be around them if you don't get any fulfillment from it, or if you're repulsed by them, or for any other reason.

Let's all be honest, this whole thing is very experimental. We've taken a leap of faith (willingly or not) and while it's good to be free of whatever path society had planned for you, it also means you don't get the confidence that your path will truly lead you anywhere like normal people do. Even if their path is deceitful, pointless and an illusion, it gives them the confidence to keep living. They can die feeling like their life served some higher purpose because they had a role to fill, and I don't think I can feel the same, and their path is not a choice for me either. I was perfectly fine with this until last year, but some recent events really made me second-think everything, and I think I've become unable to be content with anhedonia at this point.

It honestly astonishes me how incapable of feeling the world I've become. Even those situations that made me feel the most intense emotions until some 15 years ago now make me feel ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Even if I expose myself to those situations and try very hard to find it, there is NOTHING. I could travel to the most amazing beautiful place in the world, partake in the most unusual experiences, I would still feel absolutely nothing. I don't get those fuzzy things in my stomach I used to. It almost feels like I've lived a thousand years and seen everything, but not really, I've spent most of my life in my bedroom and I still don't feel like anything is new. At first I thought this is what it meant to grow up, but it seems that's not really the case, it's just that I've lost the ability I once had when I could enjoy living so much, everyone else still has it. All I feel is various degrees of anxiety and disappointment.

Those of you who can actually feel the world, don't let is be lost. Enjoy it, cherish it, protect this ability of yours, this is the most amazing thing you can have as a human being.


>Those of you who can actually feel the world, don't let is be lost. Enjoy it, cherish it, protect this ability of yours, this is the most amazing thing you can have as a human being.

learning languages, traveling to those countries, and trying to understand how different people see the world (whats valuable to them based on their historical narrative and cultural development) keeps me intrigued. Obviously I could never fully internalize their perception or mind state, but there's something to be taken away when you observe closely enough. Everything else, in terms of "making it" is absolutely meaningless to me.


Honestly your entire post is so relatable as that's probably the only reason I haven't taken a lead aspirin yet.
The only measure of peace I can find in life is wandering around distant lands. Far, far from here.


honestly man it means nothing, people who need to signal how cool their lives are on social media are often very unhappy people in private


File: 1590748544521.jpg (494.59 KB, 859x1250, 859:1250, 26.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Does your autism diagnosis qualify you for any assistance beyond your autismbux?

No. As far as I know however, there are no such services available that match this sort of thing. I have a case worker, but I don't believe they can offer the sorts of things as what you've described. To be honest, I'd imagine this English succubus's case worker you just mentioned must be going above and beyond what their actual duties are and are making some kind of special effort on their part for the sake of this person. Either way, assuming such a thing were possible, I'd rather not avail myself of it just yet. I still have my parents after all, so it's not especially necessary in the first place. Not to mention that I'm not sure how well I'd get on with whoever it is that could provide this service for me, assuming I could even get on with them, or anyone else for that matter, at all. Hell, I've never even met my own case worker before and I have no idea who they are or anything else about them whatsoever.

I did dabble very briefly with seeing a local disability councilor at one point reserved for disabled persons such as myself a number of years ago in the hopes of taking some baby steps towards re-engaging with the outside world (it wasn't my parents idea, but they supported me all the same and accompanied me to reduce my anxiety), but, for better or for worse, it never went anywhere. The person I saw did actually offer to regularly come and visit me at one point if need be, but they ended up retiring early from their job, cutting those potential plans short. I've never really bothered thinking about following up on it again, since it just seems like more trouble than it's worth. Besides, their main goal would've been to eventually get me a job somewhere, since that's basically what they did, so that was a rather large wrinkle to the whole thing. As far as someone who just visits me for the sake of visiting me, like I said, I'm not sure if such a thing exists here. I'll also say that my mother is very hyper-protective of me and is very quick to discourage any of these sorts of things. And to be honest I don't blame her since it's perfectly understandable, considering my autistic shortcomings. Not to mention, other people are messed up enough as it is and have their own problems to deal with and are in no position to help anyone else, even if their job claims that they can. In the end they don't truly care about the welfare of others and, even if it benefits them to do so, there are usually very strict limitations on the "help" they can offer. My mother was quick to remind me about this with the disability councilor, on how the only help they could offer me would ultimately be shallow and fall well short of what I'd actually need. I guess you could say that me and my mother are very cynical when it comes to our opinion of most people, but better cynical than being naive and letting yourself be led into a swamp, I say. Still, there will probably come a day where I'll have to take that risk and try my luck at reaching out to someone. For what it's worth, my mother thinks I should just try to meet people online, although I have no idea how I can do that either.


Yeah, anhedonia has done a real number on me too. In my case, I also had tons of other problems that went into informing my situation, like my aforementioned autism, OCD, anxiety, mild paranoid delusions, and depression. All these added up to form their own beast. Like I said in the beginning, I'm a very meek hearted, shy and anti-social person by nature. Growing up all I ever cared about was staying at home, since going outside, and especially to school, caused me great anxiety. All this talk about 'wizardry' when, personally, I really don't give a damn. I'm me, end of story. The term 'wizard' does just so happen to fit my innate mannerisms, but the actual designation could mean a fuck less to me. I don't enjoy my life, but 'wizardry' has no bearing on that, since being a wizard already means nothing to me to start with and always has. In that sense, wizardry is such an empty term that to aside good or bad feelings to it actually just feels pointless and stupid. Ultimately, it's just another dumb word/abstraction, just like anything else people choose to brand themselves with or identify with, (solipsist, hedonist, nihilist, atheist, theist, egoist, or whatever other number of equally empty terms out there).

>I could travel to the most amazing beautiful place in the world, partake in the most unusual experiences, I would still feel absolutely nothing.

Yeah. A lot of what you described actually reminds of something Ligotti once wrote about how major depressives can usually no longer be moved by anything anymore and that all you're left with is a great gray haze hanging over everything and anything. You may, or may not, consider yourself a depressive, but the same thing applies. There's just a resounding emptiness to everything echoing on and on within one's own mind and heart, unceasingly and without fail. I remember when me and my mother would go to look at the stars and gaze at the moon, or how I'd just on a bench and listen to the water and the wind and the trees. It used to fill me with at least a small modicum of peace, even a bit of wonder, but now it's just the same as staring at the fibers of the carpet in my room when my face is down on it out of sheer overwhelming malaise. Everything is colored over with the dullest color of gray. All I ever feel is the usual tension and boredom of my existence. Having nothing that can compel you or move you, even if just in the smallest degree, can be quite agonizing in and of itself. I've only ever been a hermit, so it's not like I had much of a chance to indulge myself very much, outside of escapism. As yourself, considering where I'm at now, I could have the most wild, crazy experiences in the outside world and it'd all be in vain. Years, close to decades, of being the way that I am have hollowed me out and left me empty. Like a character in a story who's had their soul ripped away from them. All that's left is just a pair of eyes, glossed over like a dead fish staring out at what passe for a world to them.


People like you are the reasons I purposely say normie shit in crab threads. Eat shit faggot. If you so craved isolation you wouldn't be posting at all


Then tell me why suicidal wizzies in the suicide thread are still alive and still have not killed themselves yet?


Not him, but a lot of people who do suicide can contemplate is for months or years. It's just a weird wizchan adherence to normalfag thought that everyone who actually wants to do it goes ahead and does it right away as if it were just an impulse and not a rational consideration.


> If you so craved isolation you wouldn't be posting at all
So why is it weird that someone craving isolation would post here?



You're both awful and the two of you serve as clear examples as to why this site can be such a fucking shithole most of the time. One self-admitted shitposting LARPer calling out an obvious shitposting LARPer/obnoxious wizkid for their different brand of shitposting and LARPing. That sure is rich, I tell ya. Wizchan is dead and these are the sorts of guys that killed it.


Yes and no.

Becoming a wiz is realizing that having relationships (romantic/sexual or otherwise) isn't going to make you happy because your depression is existential. So yes wizards tend to be less happy than normies but it isn't a consequence of lack of relationships.

Let's be frank though, a large number if not the overwhelming majority of this forum is LARPing crabs. If the rules were completely enforced wizchan would just completely die.


I'm going to be 31 this week and often I still can't believe I'm a NEET wizard with multiple health problems, living with my mom, and crippled with university loan debt. I would have never predicted my life would turn out like this. I would not say I'm happy to be a wizard. And I feel no solace in the argument "shit could always be worse." Yea, of course it could but that doesn't really make my situation any better. Being NEET might be better than working, but I always feel like such a loser.


It is what it is. That's all I can say right now.


I doubt that one can be an extrovert and a wizard. It's just incompatible. Water and oil.

No offense but it seems that you were on your way to becoming a normal until you gained self-conscience and became hyper anxious and insecure.

Posting here isn't an inherently human thing because it is anonymous, there are no identities, it could even be all me, I've definitely replied to myself before without realizing I was doing so.

I am not a "LARPer". I didn't "kill" anything. I stated my opinion and if triggered morons like you and the other guy don't like it, you can not read it and close it.


Also to reply to you mental midgets, it's funny how you two cringelords didn't reply to my arguments but merely sperged like the triggered liberals you are. "Abloo abloo this guy has an opinion not similar to mine- must freak out not reply as to why I think differently!!". Your programming is showing, NPCs.


Someone who goes through life as the perpetual loner, never meeting anyone they connect with, and ultimately dying alone. I think in theory, there might be people such a person can find and connect with, but the number of those people are few and far between, and due to bad luck and circumstance it just never happened.

Is there some philosophical idea that describes people like that?

There's hikikomori, but that kind of person is defined as a shut-in, so it's no surprise they are alone. I'm specifically talking about someone who does seek out connection but never finds it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hikikomori

Wikipedia has an article for "lone wolf", but a lone wolf implies the cool loner guy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lone_wolf_(trait)

Byronic Hero: This is just a romantic idea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byronic_hero

I've been through school, college, and work. Connecting with someone just never happened. I remember in college, this was the second time I went, I literally walked up to someone and said "wanna hang out", they said sure. Later I approached 2 separate people who clearly had no friends and were always alone and asked them to hang out with us. These people all became good friends, but not me. I stopped talking to them and when I dropped out they never contacted me or asked what happened.

I've never had much of a sex drive, so remaining a wizard isn't a problem for me (it's the opposite; I don't want to have sex, ever). And at this point I've accepted that I'm just going to be a loner forever til I die. But I've always had my mom at least, even though we don't talk much, so I haven't yet experienced the *true* isolation. That's what I have to look forward to. Most days I like being alone, but every now and then, usually when I'm sleep deprived like today, I start thinking about it, and if it's something I'll still be able to shrug off 10 years from now.


No offense taken, I fully expected you to post this already.


>Is there some philosophical idea that describes people like that?
You can probably begin from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog%27s_dilemma


Being a wizard is cool, i feel cool.


Tom : You like Wizardhood don't you?
Wiz: I uh, don't dislike or like.
Tom: Let's go back to 2012, the time you were winding up serving a term of
a number of years, ten years, and written accounts indicate that you told
the authorities "Don't let me out, I can't cope with the outside world."
Do you have a recollection of that? And do you…
Wiz: You're making a desperate plea out of something, man. There's no
desperate plea out of it. I said I can't handle the normalfags outside, let
me back NEET


>Have you ever felt like you don't exist? That's a horrible feeling
shit, you got me there, wizzie


Do you think you would have become wizard, let's say 200 years ago, considering you had known of this site back then, when society was still in an orderly state and succubi had been put into their place.

I don't know when was the last time I played vidya
It's always this voice in my head telling me that I'm wasting time
But this also applies to everything else I do, including reading books
I can't really get invested in anything anymore, it's really weird.
It's always this feel that I'm good for nothing and I end up doing nothing.
It has been going for years like that now.


Ever since I started wagecucking I don't know what I like anymore. I have no desire to fuck and my jacking off has dropped to twice a week and everything feels like a waste of time. My hobbies I did for fun I now daydream about monetizing. Most of my hobbies I've lost interest in entirely. I have around 30k saved because I live at home so what I would pay in rent I just save. I used to buy figurines to paint but I don't even want those anymore. Literally my only goal is to move out from my parents house. As if that is success. I want a job where I can hide in an office and work on dumb shit. Factory work is just shit. I have nothing but dread for the future and I fucking hate my normie coworkers who never shut the fuck up.

Would not being a wizard (having friends / getting pussy) make my life better? Maybe, but if rather go back to being a NEET at this point. I hope i get fired so badly.


If you move (you should be always ready to, but if you do) taxes are at hand.

What you experience is just the typical schizo rubbish energy we all suffer here… If you are wagecucking, your only goal is to find more independence, more autonomy.

There are sure more things you are not just saying, of course but… ¿do you believe in karma?


>If you move (you should be always ready to, but if you do) taxes are at hand.
Like property taxes? I already pay taxes on my income. Or do you taxing experiences? Because yeah those will make my life even worse. Also time seems to be speeding up which of course it is. By 25 (my age) half my subjective life is over. The rest will blur by and soon it will all be over. I do believe in karma and this is me paying the debt for my relatively happy childhood.


Being a wizard doesn't bother me, what slightly bothers me is how society judges older male virgins.
Currently, my life plan is to graduate, hopefully work in a field I tolerate and squander my free time in hobbies and vidya. As long as I have like-minded communities like this to post in, I don't think I'll be complaining too much.


Karma is bullshit.
If it wasn't then why would I still be where I am after enduring horrible childhood and adolescence? 30 years of constant sadness and shame and nothing ever changed, I have to continue a life I never asked for.
I tried to dig myself out of this pit again and again but nothing ever worked. I exhausted myself trying so many different methods but my efforts have been met with cold disinterest and detached disdain, if not open hostility. Honestly I see it as natural human cruelty, as people whimsically kicking the weak back down the hole just because.
I can't just keep getting up to stand alone against the indifferent world, always shunned and cripplingly lonely.
I don't want to keep trying to survive within this human environment anymore, it has demonstrated to me it will always despise me for what I am.
There's no place for me anywhere. I can't relate to anything or anyone, can't find no comfort. It's impossible for me to endure. It's only going to get worse. I can't quell the yearnings so the heartache will grow and grow, as long as I live.
There ain't no karma.
I wish I wasn't.


>continue a life I never asked for.
I tried to dig myself out of this pit again and again but nothing ever worked. I exhausted myself trying so many different methods but my efforts have been met with cold disinterest and detached disdain, if not open hostility. Honestly I see it as natural human cruelty, as people whimsically kicking the weak back down the hole just because.

Exactly, this is what advicegroids don't seem to realise or be willing to admit.
To admit that, for some, the world is irredeemably cruel would in fact cause their worldview to shatter, so they must always make and excuse why you haven't tried hard enough.


You think I hate the world simply because I"m… a fuckin virgin? Really? I've never really cared for succubi, I avoided and disregarded them throughout my youth. Virginity is not a concern of mine, at all. I hate the world because, simply put, the world is fucking garbage. The people in it are fucking garbage. And almost everything it has ever produced has been to the detriment of most of the people involved. It PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF when I see people on here claiming you can only be depressed, sad, etc, if you want to lose your virginity. That's fucking retarded and stinks of larping. I feel that any wizard, any real wizard who chose to reject the world of normalfags, has to have a good reason for it. You don't just choose to drop out of society if you think society is an acceptably nice place. My wizard-hood is, really, not a major concern of mine aside from the personal reasons I have for wanting to remain a virgin. I get sad, or angry, or depressed, not for some stupid fucking reason like wanting to have sex. It's because I suffer from mental illness, multiple physical illnesses, and have suffered from them my entire life, and that would have been ACCEPTABLE if it weren't for the fact that not a damn person around me ever attempted to get me help as a child, and the older I got the more I saw that people actually resented me for my suffering. The world doesn't give a shit about you if you can't give back more than you need. What's more, every year artistic expression gets more and more censored, by seemingly everyone on every side of the political and ideological spectrum, all at once. So now not even my escapism is guaranteed. I don't fucking like the world. I don't want to be involved with it. At best, it's dull and a shadow of what experience could be. At worst it's a non-stop rider of hellish nightmares. And the people in it, the people are so fucking dumb, and dull, and obnoxious. They lack in critical thinking only second to what they lack in self-awareness.

I don't wish that I hadn't become a wizard, I specifically choose this path so that's fairly obvious. I don't even wish that I had been born with a different mind. I'm not evil or wrong just for existing, and fuck anyone who says I am. It's this actively malicious world that I can't stand.


You are the ideal, ignore the raging posts from seething wizkids


It is not one of those leeches what you need.
As usual, the problem is never wizardom, yet psychic warp.
>health issues
it was because of such that these things are posted (specially the last measure): https://wizchan.org/dep/res/223376.html#224312

We should really have a /sig/ section where advices about building self-sustainable bunkers could be shared.

But the state of mind of many here won't allow.


The ideal is realizing that there is no ideal and being who you want to be. If you don't like being a wizard, you can always stop. The power is in you to change yourself and your life.


Yeah, the lack of sex isn't the actual issue. Obviously it's much more about the package that comes with that than the effects of abstaining from sex or succubi itself. It's pretty self-evident that a lot of people here have crippling depression, anhedonia, lack of purpose in life, and worse. Indulging in a materialistic lifestyle doesn't work forever, especially now that everything is poisoned with politics. A different lifestyle was never an option for me, so I'm forever stuck with a brain hypertolerant to dopamine and an endless desire to just lie down and sleep for the rest of my life that is sadly just way longer than it has to be.

I'm just some bizarre creature playing pretend in a world that was never made for me. The game was rigged from the start. In a million tries, the result would be the same. But this is also the only world I know, and it saddens me so much to know that I will never find happiness in it.


>The power is in you to change yourself and your life.
Yeah, that's a load of bullshit. There's no cure for schizophrenia and other neurological disorders, what the fuck am I gonna do about that? Whatever it is I have which has been bothering me since childhood will never go away, can never go away, and by it's very design I cannot just not think about it because it consists of something that directly attacks my thoughts. How the fuck am I just gonna wish my mental issues away? I don't want to fucking have sex. I want to be able to think quietly in my own damn mind.


The idea that you can ignore your past is a delirium of modern society. Humans age like every other creature, by the time you're in your 30s-40s learning new things gets exponentially more difficult, a 20 year old will gain muscle mass 10 times more easily than a 40 years old, learning new languages also gets much, much more difficult. Personality fixes itself by your late 20s too, or even earlier, with little changes. Missing essential steps like teen love has consequences. Living your teen years and your 20s as an outcast can't be undone, it has severe consequences both on your psyche and on how other people perceive you.


>Missing essential steps like teen love has consequences.
lol at essential. this has only been a thing in the last couple hundreds years or so because of coming of age litterature and later on hollywood movies.


Essential in our society. Not going through the warrior rituals in Amazonian society would make you an outcast too, but we live in the Western world in the 21th century


>Couple hundred years.
More like last 40 years. Reading early 20th century novels I have noticed that succubi from the middle and upper class would get married in their 20s without having had previous relationships, usually to older men. Even being seen in a public space with a young man who wasn't your husband without a good excuse could have dire consequences.


That's all probably romanticized bullshit view the author had of how the world should be.


>if you don't like being short just stop being short and be tall. the power is in you to change yourself.


File: 1595342016993.jpg (445.88 KB, 1522x521, 1522:521, eggs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Soviets might have just been trying to justify saving a few kopeks by cutting patient ration expenses.


not this shit again


Same here wiz. I have ambitions as an artist which I hope to fulfill so I don't have to work in the future, but right now I'm content as a NEET without any accomplishments. I love music and literature, and taking walks and smoking weed and my tobacco pipe while sitting in my spot by the river. I believe in God. If I were to achieve what I want to I'd like to spent the rest of my life reading and meditating to see if there's a way to transcend this world. If I were forced to wageslave, that's when I would start to hate my existence.


>if you don't like being short, stop not liking being short
You aren't very bright are you?


9mm or buckshot is good cure through, for any mental illness, or even solution for almost any trouble



To think, the person who drew that is 35 years old now.


>do you like
i just like to have it comfy. not interested in any kind of label or neo-sectarian mindsets

>describe their wizardhood as being some sort of curse

it is that because it is impossible for you to live your life how you wanted it (peacefully in seclusion just minding your own business and normalfags just leaving you in peace until you die). can cannot help but constantly invade in your realms. be it in real life or the internet that is getting eroded away because websites now cater to the billions of smartphone users that are destroying the internet

>yet simultaneously proclaim their superiority to norps

we are superior in many ways. we often have knowledge about the fringe stuff or "unimportant" stuffs of many different trades in life just because of curiosity. your average netizen probably has the common knowledge of 2 or 3 normies by average. Your typical normalfag spends his entire day thinking about how he will get his dick wet and the instruments he needs to aquire to get this said need satisfied.
sex is the lifeblood of the normalfags and they are obsessed with it, which can be seen in their obsession with reality tv starlets, mainstream music and movies and all the crap they buy to enhance their perceived sexual value
their every single action in life is geared towards procreation as

>and how they could never stand to live that sort of life

yes, I could never live that life. Being a slave to your reptillian brain entire life never having the oppurtunity to just sit down take it easy.

>However it still strikes me as having some sort of cognitive dissonance, why be something you clearly find to be some sort of deficiency

because it is not that I am an evolutionary dead end by my own metrics. i see nothing wrong with how I am and my antics. I hurt nobody by being an autistmo. It is the normalfags metrics that render you useless if you are not part of the herd and doing what is in their best interest (being social and doing normalfag stuff)

>but rather the ones with largely pessimistic worldviews aggravated by their current state as a wizard.

the pessimistic worldview comes from just knowing that the entire world consists of 7+ billion normalfags with reptillian brains and that it is impossible to run away from them. they are everywhere and if you ever went to some island they would follow you.
the entire economy is built around serving them and giving them what they want. so you cannot surive in such an environment if you are not one of them. They will get you fired from your job just for being a spree killer in the making creep or whatever fancy new word they have for that now

Life could be literally so beautiful if it weren't for normalfags


File: 1597983709183.jpg (281.86 KB, 908x1819, 908:1819, juan gimenez.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who made the song for that mp4? Tried searching the name of the file but couldn't find it fucking anywhere. I did find the picture though, good artist.


File: 1598014739614.jpg (50.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, original.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't like being alive. Being a wizard perhaps makes life more unpleasant than it otherwise would be, but I don't think it's the essential problem. I have no doubt that if I were a norman I'd still be miserable the vast majority of the time, because our biological and social programming are such that any conceivable way of living in this world entails almost constant frustration, pain, jealousy and anxiety. No one aspect of my circumstances is to blame for that.


I hate living. Wizardry or not. Not being a wizard wouldn't make you not depressed, it wouldn't make you not live in poverty, it wouldn't make you not stuck in a shit job, it wouldn't make you not have a trash family, it wouldn't spare you from disease and genetic conditions, it wouldn't spare you from abuse.
Being a wizard has no impact on how effective you are at coping with bullshit. It has no impact on talent, hobbies or energy. It is simply not that big a deal.


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I started to feel this place sort of a home. What's next, fellow elders?


hmmm. HMMMMM.

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