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(previous thread) https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/162985.html
Post tips and information for homeless or about to be homeless wizards
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>being homeless somewhere

In my experience you only get one of those.
There is no being safe and living on the street. You have to be on edge or you will get your shit pushed in. You can never really fully relax, never truly feel safe, and you are always just a few seconds to shit turning bad.
Homelessness isn't a good solution to a shitty home situation. Which is why only children who don't know any better actually choose to live on the streets because of family shit.


Thanks, I will keep looking. I am hoping tomorrow I get shifts at Mac Donald’s. Tuesday’s are when the rosters Restart. I believe they mostly want me to do night shift on the weekends but it will be nice I guess.

I’m thinking of going for long walks but it’s just hard since my area is back into lockdown again.
I left my phone somewhere the other day my older brother looked through my phone again to see if I have any porn saved but I delete it now. A breach of privacy for me but he gets away with it because he’s disabled


File: 1595243255771.jpeg (13.24 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

New to the site so this is my first time here. But unfortunately not new to homelessness. All I can offer as advice is Pic related for transportation bikes and shelter hammock since it's the most portable and the ground is hard and cold at night. If you can pass for a normal person get a dog from any website that offers them for free there are plenty of people that want to get rid of them. They will protect and wake you up in case of danger(most dogs will some are useless stick with german shepherd if you can). Use Google maps to find grocery markets that don't have an secured garbage bin or look for a charity that gives food. Winter is a disaster and a cave is actually 7c constant temperature and usually that's terrible but if outside you have -10c it could save your life also big cities don't get that cold even in winter.If your in Europa I suggest the south of Italy.


File: 1595244653744.jpg (59.65 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, MV5BYTdlMGVjNjctNTRiZi00N2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone tried asking groceries or butchers for food waste?
I don't want to do dumpster diving, id prefer to directly ask the employees for food they're gonna discard anyway


As someone with autism and who has been around people from all over the spectrum, it really doesn't justify him being such a turd. No offense intended but him being a asshole is due to not being raised right.
I don't know your family dynamic but if my brother did half the shit he did to you I would have full on kicked his ass.

Not suggesting you do that though. Sounds like your mom would probably just use it against you to kick you out.
Shit, really wish I was better at giving advice on dealing with family dynamics and social shit but like I said, autism.

Night shift is the best time imo to work in service industry jobs. Less interaction, sometimes better pay, and usually the work is more straight forward.
Lockdown or not, unless you are in China or something you are still allowed to take lone walks by yourself. Once you got that income coming in you are in the home stretch of getting away and living on your own.

I wish you luck.


Bigger chains give stuff directly to charities that help the homeless. They really don't like giving stuff directly to people for a number of reasons.
That said those charities are not hard to find and are a lifesaver when it comes to staying fed on no money without having to beg or dig in trash.

If you are in a new area ask around at the library and they will usually have info on who is handling out food locally wear they are doing it and when.

Between that and a small bag of "camp friendly" food I almost never even got close to going hungry while on the street. Didn't have to pull a single food item from the trash once.


Thanks wizzie


Useless, how are you going to cook?



you shit during the day so you don't have to shit when the restrooms are closed


I tried to find the site but I cannot find it anymore
One guy was a stealth camper and lived from his tent while doing oddjobs, travelling, hanging out in museums on spare time and stuff like that. He had lots of tips on his website about gear and climates, where to camp et cetera.

I wish I could find it.
For example he liked to get rid of crap and reduce his possessions to a minimum. He also liked desert climate because according to him, wetness is the source of many problems (mosquitos, soaked clothes that won't warm you anymore, drying problem)

He liked San Diego and he had his spot where he would set up camp at night and move away before dawn next morning to avoid being detected.
He also had a story when he was in Nevada and he loved it there because lots of the land is federal land and you can just squat there without anyone bothering you. He said in deserts there are no mosquitos and he could just sleep in his sleeping bad under open sky

He also had a story about trying to spend some vacation time in Bahamas and they did not let him in because he had no hotel reservation
Really interesting stories but I cannot find the blog anymore


Can you please find this blog, i wish to read these stories.
Do you remember any more?


The blog was about stealth camping and minimalistic living
It had like a section
>things you don't need in life
that was the best part of it. For example he said you don't need shaving foam because without water it is useless anyways. He used vaseline for shaving and had many tricks like that to get away in dry climates.
he had an entire section where he philosophed about how useless most things in our lives are and you don't actually need them at all

and I think the general color of his blog was green and it was a rather old style of website not this javascript crap you see everywhere today. He did not post much in the past few years but he was very active from 2010 on. I think he lost his home in the real estate bubble and had to become stealth camper by necessity and then he made an art of it. It was so interesting to read his stories. He travelled very cheap by plane because when he was still employed he had lots of business flights and those miles were collected or something and he had VIP status no idea how exactly it was.

he was a white guy doing odd jobs over internet or something.
He wrote how he was doing more cultural stuff then normies ever do. He would go in cheap cinema broadcasts in the afternoons or he would spend time at museums and libraries and learn about all types of things.

I just remembered he had a story where he was travelling to florida in the winter. He was at the key islands and he shown the best techniques to stay undetected there. I will try to find the blog again this week


Then there was the other guy whose blogs I liked
an englishman who travelled by bike from england to iran and back
this was called bikepacking:
no it was armenia actually



This is his website:

I currently cannot find the other thing he had going
it was something like
>shit nobody needs
or something like that where he would write paragraphs about how useless something is and why nobody needs it

but you should be able to find it on the blog or his website
in any case I go to bed now
I hope you enjoy it


Thanks wiz, i will enjoy this greatly


File: 1596575779285.png (459.87 KB, 979x735, 979:735, 1459944439582.png) ImgOps iqdb

you welcome
I will check it out again too
Got this idea to get my own van living adventure ready
Lately I have been watching RV stuff on youtube too.

I cannot believe people spend 200K on a RV home
If you bought a van for transportation like a postal service uses them, you could just put a 6ft. x 2 ft. matress or rubber mat inside and sleep in a sleeping bag on it. That would be 1/10th of the cost for a new vehicle.
The sleeping bag could be rated for the climate you plan to stay in or if you drive around you could even have extra blankets or something.
You can upgrade it with all sorts of things like a solar panel on the roof

Once you have a van to sleep in, you don't even need a tent anymore unless you plan to do excursions into places that have no drivable roads. Then you are left with about 2 sq. yards of space left for whatever you need:
>travelling luggage with your clothes inside
>water canisters for drinking and washing yourself
>ropes to hang towels or laundry on

I understand why RVs are so popular in america though.
Lots of no-man's land to squat on and gas is cheap and no mandatory insurance for the car
this way you can reduce your costs to basically the fuel costs and costs for maintenance and repairs.


>ropes to
You scared me with that for a sec lol
Yep, if you can live in an RV on some disability check, better than renting



if you mean for suicide, charcoal grills work better in cars then ropes
you have an airtight enclosed space and you will most likely not survive an incident like this

thank you man
this is the one I was looking for

one good point he makes is that most people build their own jail. for example they build themselves a mcmansion somewhere in suburbia for hundreds of thousands of dollars with fancy furniture and vehicles and what not and then they are dependent on a high salary to pay off this crap. If you lost your 100K job in the recession you were not able to pay your mcmansion mortgage anymore and taking a burger flipper job would be a catastrophe for you. the problem is also often that they cannot get rid of their "investment" in bad times because they would not get the price they paid for it, so they are locked out of moving to a place with better job prospects.

but if you lived out of your truck then the burger flipper job will cover your monthly gas and food costs and you might put away savings for car repairs and upgrades in the future while also having the privilege of being able to move towards wherever the jobs are in a couple of days. so a new oil rig opens in texas you just say goodbye to your urban restaurant job and start somewhere new


just started reading his postings again
I cannot believe that stuff he wrote in year 2009 still has its validity even today. it is from his kilroy series


Feel free to post your favourite articles and a short review, it's a comfy topic!


here from his kilroy cafe:

here he describes a phenomenon he named
>taste inflation
basically whenever your income or perceived wealth increases, you are likely to scale your consumption behaviour towards your financial limit until none of that perceived wealth is left over for you in the end

for example you get a high paid silicon valley job but since your fancy hipster appartement in a gentrified artsy quarter of town costs 1500$ and your daily cup of morning coffee costs 8$ and all the other hip and cool stuff you buy eats up all your salary. and any end of year bonus you might have gotten for a good project will be blown for a new sports car or boat which will generate monthly costs for you to pay forever.

In some other article he also made a nice comparison. He compared the modern home to a museum that people built their entire lives. They are not living life as whatever they like to do but instead they become museum curators and builders for their entire life. The house they own ends up owning them.

From a practical perspective it is right. If you have 1 bedroom a kitchen and a bathroom you will not spend much time cleaning up your place. Heating costs will be lower too. But once you have a 12 bedroom mansion you will have to find a maid to keep it from sinking into dust remember that batman movie with bane where christian bale comes from a long travel into his home and all furniture is cloaked in white cloths to avoid getting dust there and you will have to hire some gardener to prevent your garden from becoming a little jungle

Or in one entry on his "things you don't need" blog he wrote down how unnecessary dish washers are.
If you really think about it he is right. You could easily just take the plate, glass and utensils you used for your meal and clean them right away in the sink and let them dry for use in a few hours again.
Instead we add a machine into this equation which in turn creates a new layer of bureaucracy about who has to do the dishes at what time of the week which in turn is perfect breeding ground for conflicts between everyone involved in that bureaucracy.

Today I will read more how exactly he set himself up for this nomad life. I know he has a postal box in las vegas but I wonder how he does all the other bureaucracy stuff. Like, don't you need a valid adress to have a bank account?


Good stuff, do let us know if you come up with any more insights, i read them all!


Not more insights, I am reading his San Diego diary ATM and it is ironic that he got 3 days of rain storms in a row in sunny california just after arriving there. his tent was soaked
but I do understand his rasoning. It is much warmer there compared to Vegas in winter

here is the blog I originally had in mind:
the green colored blog of the other guy who found out that vaseline is a good shaving foam substitute


Is this the homeless guy that was using library wifi to upload his blogs? I've been looking for this guy for years! Thanks wiz, you really came through for me


not sure if this is the one you mean but Glenn used a college library in San Diego as his office and he would post on his blog from there. I mean the lady on the counter cannot possibly know if he is a student or not. that is the good thing about campuses.
also toilet facilities are kept clean every day there and if they have a gym, there will likely be a shower too.

Video from youtube shows another interesting guy I found back then on youtube. He one day just said fuck it, packed his van and drove to Los Angeles to become a music producer or whatever he does. I watched a few newer videos and he seems to have found a group of fellow artists and they seem to have gotten themselves a house now. I wonder if they are a hip hop crew in the making.
There are many other videos on youtube about people like that.

Back to Glenn
So I have been reading his blog now from start to end and I noticed some things with his way of life.
The problem I see is that he is not really off grid. He does have some sort of income more or less regularly that allows him to rent cars, motel rooms or buy disposable sleeping bags at wall mart with. I think buying stuff and then constantly throwing it away is not a very smart thing to do even if it is only 10$.
He has a yearly subscription at a fitness center and it allows him to use their showers and warm jaccuzzi tub in the winters.

Most of the time he spends in the deserts around Las Vegas. He has a spot on federal land where he drives to with his rental car. He sets up an air matress and slips in his sleeping bag and just sleeps in the open.
Deserts have no rain and no mosquitos so he can sleep rather well. If it gets too cold outside or in case of rain he just stays inside his car overnight.

Him having a car at disposal of course helps him cut down his equipment down to 10 dollar air matresses and sleeping bags. The cheap tents he uses are more like anti mosquito mesh nets and do not have to withstand rain. This is why he can use this cheap throw away crap. In case it does not work out, he just spends the night in the car or at motel 6. He usually tells himself that a new 10$ sleeping bag is still cheaper then a 40$ motel room.

While he has some useful tips, I don't think this is the solution for most people here. It is just a too wasteful system.
For example what I think from a money perspective is that spending money on rental cars and camping equipment could also be spent on an appartement. However for people who have some type of job/income and need their car to get to work anyways, car dwelling could be an oppurtunity to cut away rent completely and spend that money on whatever else you want (travel, savings, investments, etc)
But what I like about his approach is his flexibility and how he cuts out everything non-necessary away. For example he does not cook, he goes to buffets and stuffs himself every few days and buys only dry food as snacks or emergency provisions on him.
If you don't have a kitchen, you don't need gas, knives etc.

The big problem I see with this lifestyle is that you don't have an adress so you cannot renew your passport, open a bank account or do anything that requires an address. also if you need insurence for your car or repairs, those can be big bills at once. The next problem would be if you need to renew your driver's license or if your driver's license is taken away from you for whatever reason.
Gas is not free either and the more you drive, the more it costs you. If you get an offroad vehicle it will use more gas even.
Sure these obstacles can all be overcome, but you need to think of a way for it first. It needs preparation and cannot be done just like that.

For van living. I saw a few very fancy vans with even kitches toilets and showers. I mean normies spend like 40 grand on a van and then probably even more to customize it into their camping mobile with sometimes even boilers and solar panels and what not. And when the car breaks apart you can throw it all in the trash. In general, getting a custom solution is usually more expensive then to just stick with something factory produced.
And if your van crosses the warranty period, you can just trade it in for a brand new one while you still get a good price for the old one. So instead of repairs you get a new van every few years.

If I ever tried something like this, I would probably just get the cheapest van I can find, put an air matress inside, get a sleeping bag, blanket and pillow and keep my clothes in a samsonite. Maybe some water canisters for emergencies and that's it. For showers, you can register at a gym but that limits you geographically where you can stay. The other solution is to just move from town to town and stay a few days everywhere and just use the public swimming pools. For clothes you can either use laundromats or buy cheap clothes and keep them until they are smelly only.

Of course your van has shit insulation so in cold or hot weather you are at the mercy of the climate. But that means you just have to drive to whatever warmest climate you have available to you. For Americans it would usually mean southern california and florida for the winter months. The good thing about the USA is that everything is in the same jurisdiction with the perfect climate type for every time of year.
The europeans would most likely spend the winters in spain portugal or greece. you could even take the ferry to the canary islands from cadiz. I also read moroccoo lets you stay visa free for up to 90 days so that would be an adventure on its own. also it would have the much desired desert climate without rain and insects like in nevada. I doubt anyone cared if you set up camp in the desert or parked your car on desert land. It likely belongs to nobody anyways


this guy has everything in his van

and then we have another creative one:

there is generally 2 types of people doing this
those who lost their roof over the head
and those who are either zoomers or millenials and find this as a new sort of lifestyle that makes their travelling easier and cheaper

this one seems to be one from that group:

But I think you cannot blame people for it, the economy is shit and it has been shit for at least since 2008.
However, I wonder if Glenn is still homeless.
From newer entries of his blog he seems to have been selling stock photos from his travels and also he published a book. What he also does is he transports vehicles and pets from one part of the US to another


File: 1596827062297.jpg (8.21 KB, 255x208, 255:208, airshipwizzie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am overly obsessed with being homeless and hiding innawoods, why do i have this obsession?
When getting a job would be much easier for me and not have to deal with cold, criminal and police?
My brain want comfiness but my heart wants homeless wandering


Wow, i'm very ipressed by that homeless guy that moved to LA, i like hearing stories of someone following thier dreams and refusing to wageslave.
Wageslavery kills the desire to try new things or better yourself, the other normworkers drag you down, that's why that always ask what you do in your spare time, to see if you are trying to better yourself and you better watch out if you are.
I would say this has inspired me, but i think it has more inspired a past me, before the hermit misanthropy sunk in deep.


So how does Glen insure his car in the first place?
How does he do so much travelling? (83 countries)
Does he store his car near the airport or something?


Wanderlust is a common thing among wizardly types. You know that you don't have a real home, and that your existence now is hollow and disposable. I think we desire to start over, to both mentally and physically depart from our current situation and try to find some place that you can make yours. Somewhere that you're not sure exists, but will keep searching for.


>cold, criminal and police
the desert is your solution
no humans there, dry and as long as you have a sleeping bag, you will be warm enough for the night
but the problem is you need to get there so you need a car unless you like walking from where you get your water and food every day with all your equipment on bag

>why do i have this obsession?

I think I know the answer. Same thing is true for criminals also. You know that you do not belong to any place. So you come to a new place, try to set up yourself but soon you find out that you don't belong there and vanish one day without telling anyone. I think it has to do with trying to run away from yourself.

I admire him for his boldness to drive across the country and just be there do his thing even if he had nothing there. He said he could get a job at some mcdonalds or dunkin donuts for a wage and then he could afford to "exist" in LA but he would not be doing what he came for there in the first place. In a sense, his hard situation has also pushed him into a corner and pressured him to find ways how to sustain himself and apparently he does video editing and sells youtube merchandise. So this extreme situation activated his survival instinct to do something to get ahead.
If you sit in your comfy bedroom and have no worries, there is little incentive to do anything about it. Why, you have it comfy after all ..

Glenn also describes in one of his philosophy essays that the smelly homeless are just people who are very passive people and gave up completely at life and you cannot suggest them solutions or give tips because they already gave up themselves completely. While the invisible homeless are people who are still somewhat functional and always seek out to find new or better solutions.
The smelly homeless are people who have lost or never had the ability to take care of themselves. Once they were in mental wards but since those were closed in the 80s, we have them on the streets instead. Now San Fran has a giantic poop on the sidewalks problem. Government pays either way for it ..

>the other normworkers drag you down

you know it all comes down to basically crabs in a bucket mentality:
>why can this lazy bum slack off entire day and do whatever the fuck he wishes to while I waste my life in this office?
Huckleberry Finn was my hero when I was a kid. Tom Sawywer had to waste his day at the school but huck lived in his tree house and appreared to live the adventure life every day.

I also watched a doc movie about a group of hippies in La Gomera on the Canary islands. They occupied a cave on the coast and lived there peacefully minding their own business. Until one day some old lady snitched on them
>but we have rules here, they cannot just not follow the rules
hence the laws about "wild camping"
You cannot be allowed to use some unused part of coast to spend your 7 hours of unconsciousness there
They want you to pay 100€ per night in a hotel room of which 20€ will land in the pockets of govts (VAT)

>So how does Glen insure his car in the first place?
From reading his blog, he seems to be homeless even today.
He does not seem to own a car but rather he rents out cars for a week or so. His credit card covers the insurance of the car. He has a storage room in Las Vegas and a postal box in Las Vegas but he uses family or friends sometimes too for receiving govt stuff post.
Also good thing about having a health club or fitness subscription that has offices in many different cities. So you could use them wherever you may come to.

>How does he do so much travelling? (83 countries)

He is a former airline employee and he could fly on standby for free. Standby means if a seat is not sold to a customer he gets it for free.
That helped him to travel basically for free between 2007 and 2011. He only paid for hostels food and camping stuff. Then his status ran out.
Ever since he does not get free air fare but he just hiked the rates for his transportation service. This is one way he earns money. The other is doing photography (stock photos, videos), writing, internet bloggery and the like. I assume he goes out to a new destination, spends a good time there and takes home a few photos that can generate ads revenue

>Does he store his car near the airport or something?

He appears to use rental cars. He gets them for 200$ a week and says it is still cheaper then a motel room. When he has work to do the customers are basically giving him a car to drive for free, paying him for it on top and he sleeps on truck stops or motels on the way. Then he obviously needs no rental car in that time. I think he cleverly times his gigs like fly to NY, move a car to FL, take the next customer there, move his pet to TX and so on. Logistics companies are doing the same and always trying to never let their trucks drive without cargo.


> doc movie about a group of hippies in La Gomera on the Canary islands
Sounds comfy wiz, can you link the documentary?
>the desert is your solution
Yes msot liekly, the only thing is i know i have a high probabilty of dieing out there, and as you said, i have comfiness right now, plus to go to a desert i'd have to go to southern Spain, Canaries like you said, Morroco or Jordan, so pretty sketchy situation over here.
If you can show me some videos of Canary cave dwelling i would be more up for that though, then i can grow coconuts at least.


Great reply, especially on the Glen stuff, it's clever how he did it, again as you said, survival instinct really makes someone creative and can show me a new way to live. Sorry i can't write more i'm very tired right now and have a brainfog


The doc movie was about an austrian millenial.
She lived there as a hippie for like a year with 5000 euros (clearly overstaying her tourist visa)
the name of the place was
>caves of Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera
there was a hippie movement about this in the 60s even and in the doc movie everything went fine until they were snitched on by some lady
the Spanish are notorious for their non toleration of wild campers along the coastlines. They use helicopters to track you and evict you if they find you
This is why I think Spain might not be a good solution after all

Maroc is a 3rd world country but that also means that food is cheap and most of their country is desert. I doubt anyone gave a flying fuck about you camping in the desert. The only real problem there is not getting your van stolen.
About Maroc I also read that you can simply renew your visa for another 90 days just by driving over the border to ceuta (spanish territory on african soil) and just driving back. They don't really care how long you stay as long as you don't cause trouble and have money with you

Far Away in the south I saw an interesting town like Dakhla or something. The climate there is similar to Canary islands but they have lots of wind there (they offer windsurfing to tourists there).
It seems to be the last real town before the desert highway to mauritania

I also read that on the southern most edge of western sahara there is a ghost town right at the ocean
It was an old spanish fort for fishers and Maroc troops abandonned the land there in the western sahara war. They just said it is a shitty territorry that always gets sunk in new sand and they have no interest to project power there so they left. Right on the other side of the peninsula is the city of Nouadibou (Mauritania)

You can get there by the Western Sahara highway and wikipedia says most EU citizens get visa easily
However, I read that you can not cross over to the other side of the peninsula to where this ghost town is. It seems like militans have taken control of the town.
But imagine if you could. It is basically a no-man's land. An entire ghost town just for you.
Just drive to Nouadibou for water and food every few days and you are good to set up camp there forever as long as the militans don't kidnap you.

>If you can show me some videos of Canary cave dwelling i would be more up for that though, then i can grow coconuts at least.

no the hippies don't even do that
that austrian succubus went there with money but some of the hippies have been living there for years
they fund their stay basically through all the other tourists that come every year. They play music on guitars or sell hand made art at the street. But I think if you had some form of passive income, even if only 200€ per month, you could survive there in one of these caves. Of course the government does not like it. If you stay there, they want you to pay for hotels or hostels to give them some money. Even if you buy your own food and what not.


Look, I admire Glenn very much about how careless he is and just does this shit.
But the problem with how he does it is that he has a more or less steady income to depend on. Even if that is small, he can afford to buy all this camping crap and just throw it away if necessary. When you are dead broke, this will not work. Also the other question is what is cheaper on the long run? flying to a nicer climate or driving?
Driving has advantages of course. Your car/van is a natural protection against wind, rain and snow, so you don't need a tent to set up for the night. But the problem of the car/van is that you are bulky. People will easily spot you if you park where you are not permitted to. So to be perfectly safe you would need a parking space you paid for.

I thought the entire week how to make this work what he does. I mean, let's suppose you have a van. Even if you don't need to insure your car and if your car is a lucky one that needs no repairs for long. You need money for gas. So what can you do for money? In a world where getting any type of work is ever increasingly hard.

I mean, you are mobile. You are flexible. This is the selling point of small companies that big companies don't have. Big companies have very efficient processes. Everything is optimized and cheap. But they are really bad at taking work really fast when someone needs it quick. And usually those companies are not really interested in micro orders. For example they charge you based on their standardized volumes and don't care if you don't need it for the entire time or for the entire volume.

So, theoretically you could start a transportation company to earn money for niche markets. Move shit from one place to another, if possible chain gigs from one town to another or optimize your tours to never drive empty. List ads online and wait for work. There is always someone in need of moving some crap to somewhere else. Students, singles who move to a new appartement or maybe some hip startup that needs to transport a very important cargo for one of their customers and needs someone to do it ASAP. You could offer a VIP express service like "order before 3 AM and I am at your logistics hub in 7AM to pick the cargo up" and charge top dollar for it. Or maybe even food deliveries in cities. People are so lazy they don't even want to drive to McD anymore.

So you could optimize your entire possessions to fit in one big sports bag and just keep this in your car. When you are on work, you keep it on the passenger seat if there is no space in your van. When on the road you can sleep at highway rest stations for a night or blow up your air matress and sleep in your sleeping bag a little away from the road. Or alternatively you could offer airport transportation for people with lots of luggage. Like if they have 2 sports bag, 1 cage with dog and one with a cat. Or for people who want to drive somewhere with equipment. Like camera teams who carry recording equipment or something. Of course you would not get rich doing such oddjobs but when you have no other costs then gas and the occasional shower or motel night, you could make it work.

This would be the one method. The other would be to just roam from one small town to another and look for oddjobs.
Like you move to some small town and spend the first night at the motel. You shower, dress up and then ask what jobs they have in this town. Usually everyone knows each other and people can point you to where they need help.
>oh yes, Johnny from the sawmill needs help right now, go there and tell him Will sent you there
If there is no work available you just enjoyed your stay, saw some new stuff and can move to the next town.
Like a never ending road movie

The other problem I see with this is the question about what the fuck you would do entire day if there is no work for you and it is winter. Usually winter will not kill you as long as you are clothed warmly. But the cold is nasty. Its only advantage is that there is no insects and spiders in winter, so you don't have to worry about mosquito nets for half a year. And you could warm up at public swimming pools or spa centers, fitness centers and the likes for a few hours. But the rest of the day you need to spend somewhere. Malls could be a nice warm place to spend the day at. They might even have free wifi and parking for customers. Malls also tend to have nice bath rooms. The thing that the other homeless guy mentions (the teen runaway) is museums and cinemas. Cinemas are nice in summer because they are usually cooled and you can take a nap if you don't like the film. But museums you can only visit once and then you know what they have there and it will not be interesting anymore.

>well, if winter is a problem for you, just drive south

that works for americans and australians very well because their countries span different climates. If you live in Sweden you can drive down to Malmö and still freeze your ass entire winter. The Swedish modern nomad would have to drive south to Cote Azure, southern Spain and Portugal. He would have to pay 100s of euros of gas and there he would be at the mercy of local police. As a tourist you are foreign in the land you are currently in and they have the right to kick you out whenever they like if you don't behave. Because you know, everyone can see his van and if you park where you are not allowed to, they will tow it or fine you. Also you need a place to take a shower because in winter you cannot bathe in the atlantic in Portugal. I think a possibility would be to hop from town to town and stay 2 or 3 nights per town but always at some other place. However, I imagine the cost for fuel would be immense for driving around constantly and I wonder if it would be more price efficient to take a flight to portugal and stealth camp in the bushes at night.

>where do I park my car

probably where one would expect a car to be parked
so a van in the middle of the night next to some forest path would be very suspicious to anyone who drives past
but a car parked in front of a 24h wall mart or home improvement store would be expected there
also in smaller towns it is more likely that parking spots are free of charge because smaller towns tend to have enough space while cities are always crowded and they need to charge for parking to motivate people to go by foot or bicycle
Probably some home improvement store or gardening store in the outskirts of town would offer free parking to customers and you could use it overnight and just move on before dawn

Probably the biggest risk I see in the van life is when they tow your van or take away your driver's license for whatever reason.
Being a freeparker you will probably give them enough reason to fine you. Once you have a few fines, they will find eventually something more grave to charge you with and take your driver's license away. Then you would be fucked royally.
Here again the question is is it cost efficient to buy a van, gas and insurance for it if you never earn money from transportation work and just live in your van. You could also just stealth camp near an airport, use the airport toilets every now and then and travel south whenever it gets too cold for your taste.

As with everything in life, there is no perfect solution


Dont you insult the smartest programmer who ever lived nigger faggot.


Doc movie of the gomera hippies:


What country do I need to set my vpn to watch it?
Is it actually related to the topic of the thread?
Is it even in English?


i tried france on mine and it worked

seems to be about a few different homeless individuals that can otherwise be considered hippies, so yeah it seems relevant

it's in french but the englihs auto-generated subs worked alright


I guess it is either germany or france as the tv station that aired this is described on youtube as being a FR/GER cooperation.

If you are interested in this topic, you can search more. There is some place called Beneficio in Andalusia (southern continental spain) that is like a hippie community. Everyone can come apparently.


Thanks, looks comfy, will watch later


Thanks guys.

While it wouldn't be my personal choice to live like that I still appreciate the documentary.


File: 1597452566786.jpg (289.34 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Long_Beach_Comic_Expo_2012….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Imagine if you lived in the A Team van and drove around town entire day playing the opening theme music on full volume


BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh I remember stumbling upon this site years ago. I've never been homeless myself, but I like reading these type of advice articles, there's a lot of good adaptable information on there. And you never know when you might need it someday. Are there are other homeless survival guides out there?


The bugs are probably terrible to deal with as a homeless person
>bites and marks everywhere
>flies and mosquitos constantly buzzing around you
>sleeping outside will eventually result in waking up covered in them at times


eventually your pheromones change so that they aren't as attracted to you.


Bull fucking shit!


Try both, man. Why so biased?

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