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(previous thread) https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/162985.html
Post tips and information for homeless or about to be homeless wizards


What's wrong with the old one?


I've heard Planet Fitness is a good way to help homelessness because it's a small monthly membership ($10) with access to showers, bathrooms, free food (they have special CHEAT DAY stuff), and open 24/7. I hope this advice helps someone out there.


I see homeless people walking around my town all the time ever since Corona. Everything's closed except grocery stores. They got nowhere to go and nothing to do.


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Will share my tips from previous thread
If you work in an office enviroment being homeless for few months or even years can save you a lot of money. I did it for few months and here are my tips

-Have an unlocked bathroom/water source
-No security patrolling the floors at night / No active cameras
-Having an office kitchen
Literally google level comforts where sleepig in offie is seen normal
-Having shovers, gym in office etc. If you have a cush job as such you probably don't need my advice

Anyways here are my advice
1-Observe before comitting, learn the cleaning schedule (usually daily on bathrooms, weekly on floors) Check whether there is any cameras, security patrolling etc. Stay in office late, maybe go back to your home at 9-10pm see whether you have any anomalies. Leave the light open while leaving and come to work early, see if light is still on
2-If you have a kitchen. Began to eat at office a lot, tell them you are regimented, prepare and eat your breakfast and lunch at work. That why no one will creep out when you suddenly bring a weeks worth of groceries to the kitchen
3-Learn to live minimally, You will realize you don't need too much stuff, but that is far more relevant in an office enviroment, You should have 1 or maybe 2 luggage worth of stuff, you can put all your belongings in dravers, cuboards and stuff luggages at ground or high at top. Be economical. You don't need 10 plates, just basic kitchenware, one cup etc would be fine
4-Absolutely never mention you are living in office, never ever ever ever. Never admit if, If you get caught (which you shouldn't) it should be an exception. You had tons of work this week so decided to crash. NEVER EVER admit to anything. NADA. This is very important.
5-Go on a stealth mode. Go to bed when you are absolutely sure no one is in office, wake up before the cleaning crew arrives. In my office the place filled up in 8 and cleaning ladies would be around in 7. So I always woke up at 6. I woke up at 5 just to be sure. My 11 to 6 sleep schedule was extremely regiemented. With cutting caffeine and drinking some herbal tea (maybe placebo) I managed get into a strict schedule with relative ease. And not waking up at 10 am at weekends didn't bothered me nor made me tired. If anything I felt better on mondays compare to my schedule on weeks/ fuck up on weekends regiment.
6-Do not use airbags, airbags are not comfortable, hard to manually pump and very loud to use a machine to pump. You might get use to it but it is not comfortable at all. Get a tri folding foam matress and buy its cover. Extremely comfortable easy to storge below your desk and could act like a comfy ottoman when you are working. Get a sheet, some pillows and a cover for matress and you are good. It took me 2 minutes to make my bed and 2-3 minutes to pack it back on morning.
7-People might not know, but they WILL suspect. Why you are always staying late? Why in the last 7 moments on the 4 times they came to office to pick up something at 7 pm you were still on your pc? Pretend ignorance, feign it, appeal to pity and how you are so pridefull to not admit it. BUT NEVER ADMIT IT
8-Cleaning ladies are the eyes and ears of the office. Be extremely careful around them. If your floor is getting cleaned on Tuesdays 6 pm, get out. Do NOT bump into the ladies again and again on a regular basis. They will be sympathetic to your plight, but don't think they wont sell you out moment your manager suspect something is fishy
9-Shower, you might not think you will smell but you WILL smell. Showering is essential so is laundry. Your luggage can act like your laundry basket, make sure to clean your clothes. Make sure to go to the gym and shower at least once per 2-3 days. You must up your cleaning habbits since now you are living in office 24/7. An important addendum to this is to VENTILATE your office and prerferably the entire floor if possible after you wake up
10-Always keep a tidy enviroment. This is extremely important. My biggest fear was to be locked out of my office floor or the office itself. If you are not careful act like you live in your home and be all over the place, and also lock yourself out then when people unlock the room for you they will see all your shit out in the open. Therefore HIDE your stuff until the last moment. Do not take out your bed when office goes empty, only take it when you are going to sleep. Always wear some kind of clothing. The line between comfy and sluggish is quite blurry and you can dress in a comfy manner while still looking acceptable. Don't pull out shit you dont need. Always assume you might be locked out. With that being said
11-NEVER LOST THE KEYS. Keys are your lifeline. Always wear them, again remember you are not in your home, you are living in an office where there are doors after doors after doors. I had to pass through 3 locked doors to go to the bathroom. So imagine that while going to piss in the middle of the night. ALWAYS have your keys with you, I had them like a necklace aronud my neck and I always checked whether I took them with me or not on every instant that I went out of my room.
12-My final advice, is to be militant. Throughout I told you to wake up regimented, shower regimented, keep your room tidy etc. Hell since you are going to gym and have to eat a bit decently/roleplay as you have a diet, it might be better to eat health and workout too.

I don't miss living in office but boy It tought me a lot. Being homeless while having a job plus a place to sleep in was awesome. You will be amazed how much of your money goes to rent and unwarranted bills, how much of your time is lost commuting.

That being said all the advice above applies to the lucky few who have an office job like mine.


nobody goes out of their way to help you. they'll let you sleep in -10 instead of lending the couch.


Don't become the guy sleeping on the street, alley, sidewalk. Once you become that it's hard to pullout, especially for one of us. The streets will eat you alive.

If your parents throw you out. Swallow your pride and try to beg your way in to a close relatives basement, attic or garage. But, your neet days will be over with. If you cant do that, find the place in your country with the cheapest housing prices and head there, some shitty trailer park you could live in while you get back on your feet. That eeeeww Grosss, sorry thats out the window, any housing is better than on the street. 4 walls, a floor and a roof, and you can piece things back together. Get government money if it is there. learn the squatting communities. Dont bother with the larp live in a van bs, it's gonna break down, you arent gonna be able to fix it, and you re gonna lose all your stuff.


This is very true.
I littrally prefred to stay on a labor camp with crackheads, drunks, and failed wannabe thug chads then go back to trying to bealy survive on the streets.
Eventually earned enough money to move to a room in a trailer home, and now live on my own in a brick and mortar building.
If I play my cards right I may even find a modest house that I can own outright.

Once you are out there working and staying in some pretty shitty living situations becomes a lot more appealing.
That said, with a income I do think that camper van and RV life is possible, BUT you have to have a income to be able to do it and you have to have some skills to be able to maintain it yourself.


If you dont want to buy a house, just get a $100k class A or B RV and a couple of storage kiosks around the country. You can ask 30-40k off rvs in most cases. Forget dump hookups, just let that sewage drain in the middle of nowhere away from a road. Invest 3k or so in a 400-500w solar array, nice controller with lithium batteries. Get a efficient danfoss compressor fridge that runs off your batteries and you can boondock near indefinitely (within reason). In a cold climate? Dont use propane forced air much, use a electric blanket. Super efficient!

Go out hiking, visit your national parks, visit friends and friends of family. Go see all those places you've seen on the boob tube. Friggin so many free roads, parks, federal land out there anyone can use for months at a time. Fish, hunt… at least get a little .22 to plunk and shoot squirrels and groundhogs. Induction plates/grills are useful, don't forget dual wall vacuum insulated cups, bowls with lids.


File: 1590637265809.jpg (3.67 MB, 4037x2670, 4037:2670, 1589910643747.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you have a spare $120k just buy a cheap house or build one. Blowing that kind of money on a RV is for well to do people who don't have to worry about being homeless when the thing breaks down.

I think the van LARP can work out if you have an emergency fund


What's going on in that image?


the trenchdigger larp


Do anchored trailer homes suffer from same fate as vans? Saw a lot of people buying empty parcel and just renovating some trailer and not moving with it at all


dude you can't shit on vandwelling. what the hell qualifies as an emergency fund for you? you casually mentioned having a spare $120k like what the fuck


Is it harder for black homeless people? Black wizard reporting in.


>Is it harder for black homeless people Black wizard reporting in

Most things are harder when you're black. I'd be afraid of hate crimes and just getting randomly "picked up" by cops or whomever for being homeless then only to find you have a scar on your chest from a missing organ. This goes for all wizards, how are you not afraid of organ theft or some other shady shit from living on the street?


>This goes for all wizards, how are you not afraid of organ theft or some other shady shit from living on the street?
The wizard is not attached to life. He is prepared for death, ready to welcome it at any moment. The wizard dies before he dies.




Another black wizbro?
Hey friend, glad to have you here
Things will definitely be harder for you on the streets, no matter how you cut it


What the fuck are you supposed to do in the winter? How do you not freeze to death, or get severe frostbite?


I'm not an expert or anything but living in a cold place, layers and shelter from wind and wet. Sort of on that subject and worth mentioning, woolen clothing. Wool is so excellent because it retains insulating properties even when wet. Wool clothing is so worth it to try and get if you are facing late fall/early winter somewhere cold outdoors.


Layers of clothing, squatting, making relatively warm camp set ups, using shelters when it hits below freezing, sleeping on vents, camp fires, staying active at the coldest part of the night and sleeping in libraries or other places during the day that have heat, traveling south for the winter, etc.

There are a lot of options to keep you alive. I mainly did the layers thing while traveling south. Also had a sleeping bag that I could warm up by pulling over my head and warm the whole thing up to body temp with my breath, which kept me very far from hypothermia even on freezing nights, but the thing was super bulky and made travel a major pain. It did save my life so it was worth it but still not as ideal as other options. It was just what I had to work with so I made it work.


You move to warmer climates. If you're in America or Europe, you can move south. Or brace the harsh weather like hundreds of thousands of homeless people do each year. Although this is brutal.


I've got a bulky sleeping bag, but i'm thinking of trading it for a small one, becuase i almost cant fit anyhting else into my 65l backpack

Is one of those compression sleeping bags ok, or do i need to upgrade to an 85l backpack

Between my sleep bag, tent, mess kit, water bottles and micro-towel, i have almost no space left in my back for clothes, food or anything else

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