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File: 1590707864558.jpg (114.57 KB, 919x1300, 919:1300, 36170799-marionette-puppet….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Parents are trying to arrange a marriage for me because they want grand children and their genes to be passed on for generations. Any wizards with experience rejecting arranged marriages? How do I do it without upsetting my parents? I've told them I'm asexual but my mom has caught me fapping to anime tiddies before so I don't think it will work….. I don't want to be tied down by a three dimensional pig. They think that if I get a girlfriend I'll start wageslaving and paying for rent…. Any advice? I want to continue to be a lazy NEET without doing any normal productive things like settling in with a wife and a job, I find it restrictive and I won't be able to buy anime figurines if I have to support a succubus with my wage slave paychecks. I saw a few pictures of her and she's ugly as fuck.


Tell them you're trans lol


File: 1590709199866.jpg (37.57 KB, 460x460, 1:1, avoz09d_460s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Your genes. Are they good? If they're trash, tell them that you cannot reproduce because it would be morally wrong.


just say no, you're already a wageslave lmao

what are your parents going to do?


Would you at least read the OP before responding, jesuschrist


well it's a fucking stupid thread anyway. who lets someone else marry them to a fucking pig, how can this be real

if your concern about being married is that you wont be able to buy anime figurines, and not wageslaving itself, then just move out and wageslave and buy your figurines

you basically have a choice between moving out and becoming independent as shitty as that is, or the exact same thing + having to take care of a fucking ugly whale


Go along with the marriage but don't get a job and just ignore the succubus. Whatever your parents think now can be changed by showing them reality later.




It still moraliy wrong to reproduce


File: 1590723992903.jpg (44.38 KB, 468x747, 52:83, f96c31da0aa72d54f72beaaaeb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

no shit, but being genetic garbage is a far more convincing argument against your own than any other.


I call bullshit.


Just say no, they can't force you. Like, they can't grab you by force and take you to an office and sign papers and shit. Or if that happens just go with the flow but do absolutely nothing. The succubus can't force you to have sex, work, etc. Her only way out would be divorce or simply not getting married.

I mean, if there's nothin you can do to avoid it, just doing nothing will solve things by themselves. It's like putting somebody who doesn't wants to drive in a car and expect the car to work.


That's not how parents think. They themselves have kids without thinking about what might get passed down. It's even worse when the most shitty outcomes are only limited to some people in the family, so they see those as flukes.

Very few ugly/unattractive/etc. people internalized how ugly and off-putting they are. "every life is precious and worth living" "do not compare people". When some guy wants to get laid/married to have access to regular sex they will find someone desperate enough to settle for them and it's usually not someone who has good genes either.


To be honest, I've never heard of an arranged marriage that didn't bring some economic advantage to the succubus's family, so this is odd.


are you indian?


How come? This is fairly common in some countries. I know my parents would force marry me to someone if they could.

Maybe his family is better off than the potential wife's.


>the OP is a full collection of neet stereotypes
>no replies from OP


Sounds like third world.


Not really enough most of the time to have her marry a loser. They could get more money from offering her to some old guy which is why this scenario is odd.


If I were you I would get a job and then move away from your parents house. Wageslaving is not fun but getting married to a land whale sounds horrible. Get out of that situation as soon as you can, wiz.


File: 1590938363114.jpg (215.72 KB, 955x500, 191:100, bullshit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't believe OP.
Besides, on the slim chance he is legit he can just say no and deal with it like a adult.


I'm from Colombia, arranged marriages don't exist in Latin America, excepting maybe some indigenous tribes


Yeah, it sounds like trolling, "anime figurines" my ass.


My faith in 2d is being tested.


>we are so special and precious even if our sonny is unable to organise himself in this dog eat dog world so let us find him a mail order bride so we can ensure that our super special genes are given to the next generation

it is beyond my comprehension what normies have with procreating and continuing their blood lines even when they are obviously not special in any kind. like it is an accomplishment to produce children that will only suffer their entire lives

govt should be the only ones allowed to decide what humans we need to be produced and how many of them and with what characteristics


>with children

You may end up cursing every second of your life. You better look for some self-substainance methods and hints for a long a time, then try.

Also, beware of genetics. And beware of a succubus that quickly divorces you and lives from your money until one dies.

You better know where you might be getting into.

>sadistic lulz

Improve your powers, wizzo. Or else.


fake and gay


Arranged marriages are still the norm in many places like the Indian subcontinent. The culture in these places give heavy emphasis on married life and if OP still lives/depends on his parents, in a certain way, they have a say in his life.

Eitherways, parental pressure to marry in accordance to their wishes is quite the norm here. It might seem weird to a Westerner, but sadly, that's the way it is.


I'm anticipating the same thing from my parents in the future. Everyone I've described this to are in disbelief or confused and not sure what to suggest, so yeah OP I know how lonely a situation (even in this thread, people don't believe arranged marriages are real)
It's not something I'm outright despairing though, I can just decline, the only issue I'm anticipating is the awkwardness and conflict and the need to get my own place.


Ar you a poojeet OP or just a very bad troll?


Normalfags who used a dating app to find their spouse had an arranged marriaged, they just don't realise it.


Basically what I'm saying is, your situation is no different to being coerced into using dating software (something that happens to loads of software)

Also this thread is full of retards who are flipping out at the concept of arranged marriage, like it's totally unprecedented. I would've though wizchan would have little opinion on forms of courtship.


Demand of your parents that they provide you with a lawyer to write the most ironclad prenuptial agreement known to man. Make the terms so horrendous that only an illiterate person would sign. Have her sign it, have her inevitably violate it, profit???

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