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What are your favourite wizchan threads of all time?
Link to the the archive/cached page of them


All the threads I have opened are the best.


this, wizchan is a neverending heaven of an imageboard


None they’re all horrible


how dare you


Dare to say something different? Yes I dare.


I really enjoyed reading the "Bottom of the barrel contest" thread a long time ago. Basically wizzies describing their lifes.


None I can be bothered to remember. Like the other wizard pointed out, the threads on this site are usually pretty horrible and even the "good ones" are still entirely forgettable.


The revenge threads where wizards talked about suicide bombing norms


I think the appeal of wizchan isn't so much about individual threads as it is about the general culture and comfy atmosphere. Despite the flaws and all.


How about you link to live threads worthy of archival?


At 👏 least 👏 this 👏 is 👏 better 👏 than 👏 [{redacted}]


Homeless threads are mega comfy


I liked the thread where one wizard killed himself in 2017,there was also one thread a looong time ago about some wizzie that was going to met another wizzie but he ended up being a fucking psycho that called the police on him or something,I remember something like that,someone has the archive for that one?


i liked the fatwiz general, i think we had 2 full ones before we gave up


That was a good one. That guy's last post was a picture of his broken suitcase in some homeless shelter, pretty grim stuff.


Do you have an archive or something like that? I remember that one existed,


I don't.


File: 1590841328876.jpg (10.17 KB, 264x191, 264:191, index.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1590916900228.jpg (189.9 KB, 2835x494, 2835:494, 1423289282921.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



A snapshot from last year.
Pass: wizardsonlypls


Nice, it would be good to have one of these for each year


so much this


>Japan Homeless Bike Wiz Thread
>Brazilian Homeless Knife Wiz Thread
Those were the most exciting that had me checking everyday for updates. Wish we had an archive of them..


not him but its hard to be edgy on a site where antinatalism is like par


why didn't you save 'em, wizzie??!!


Wizfat thread.
DnD thread.
Virgin thread on /b/.
Refuge thread on /v9k/, the one with a funny webm.
The saga of the russian schizo across /b/, /meta/ and /v9k/.
/meta/ threads where crabs pretend to fit in but also try to change the rules. Hilarious.
Any thread that I made.
Most of /featured threads are pretty good as well.


https://archive.fo/AHRZm the wizard who pisses and shits in his sink and shower
https://archive.fo/IUxei the extremely brief groidposting meme left a permanent mark via a meta complaint thread
https://archive.is/OPw91 https://archive.is/mLsoS https://archive.fo/1OxFv the art wiz threads
https://archive.fo/5T8Ux wizardtier movies
https://archive.is/jWxjY https://archive.fo/FiR5o anime screenshots
https://web.archive.org/web/20160907143335/https://wizchan.org/games/res/11116.html obscure games gems
https://archive.fo/IIxlU complaint thread that elicited what is probably the largest responsetby an admin


File: 1600841399228.png (772.96 KB, 1396x1814, 698:907, wizardchan v9k 102986 - Wh….png) ImgOps iqdb

>What are your favourite wizchan threads of all time?


The old wizchan was so much better,this place is now a haven for hardcore wizchad improvebrahs that make fun of anyone not being 1000% happy with the wizard life.

This place used to be so fun.


Just go get a gf already.


ok thanks bro


normalfag proving him right


The Demiurge created normalfags to test wizard apprentices and wizards.


If this is so bad why keep coming?


This is some ploy to digest wizchan and serve it up as a commercialized turd. I trust none of you. You are all probably youtube culture digesters.


I can already see the video with random zoom-ins in rythm to the speech and getty images stock photos with the copyright protection not taken out. Not to mention the xylophone diaper public domain music. Sponsored by ass rash powder except made by overpriced gray hipsters. I denounce this thread and all threads like it.


This wiz you are describing was known as the "precarious living situation" guy because of his OP title. I too remember an archive of the thread being posted.

Other than that I remember that Scandinavian (I think) wizard who committed suicide in his garage (with carbon monoxide afaik) and was posting updates in thread until he went silent. Then there was a report from some local newstation of a body being recovered which matched the details of OP's situation.


We need another one of those


File: 1601017442535.png (1.43 MB, 1340x2808, 335:702, fe9c392d1eebb607680ae764f4….png) ImgOps iqdb

The guy was Dutch. Pic related is the best parts of the thread.

>>Brazilian Homeless Knife Wiz Thread
I don't know if that's the one, but I remember one in 2017 where a wiz was posting about his homeless travels in Brazil.

Another wiz there said that he just lives off of money people drop at him, and when someone speaks to him he just replies
"I don't like to talk to people". And they leave him alone.
That one really touched me.

another homeless one:
Absolute Homelessness Survival (2017): https://web.archive.org/web/20170903160025/https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/123692.html


>dutch guy
Hey that's pretty good. I made sulfuric acid from some ingredients(very inefficiently) when I was a kid playing with chemistry(very stupid, I did dangerous shit), but the formic acid obviously looks like something only a professional could make. Unfortunately buying this stuff would be extremely suspicious.


I misremembered, I never made sulfuric acid. It was a different less dangerous chemical.



There's still v9k just for you inccels.


That homelessness thread is pure quality,the kind of thread that pretty much dissapeared from here.


I'm wondering if anyone has an image of this thread, I didn't see the thread itself but I saw an image of it on 8chan before it was nuked.

It was about this wizard type guy who meets this succubus in a psych ward and they get along but when he leaves he doesn't have her phone number or information, he spends some time trying to find her and eventually finds her high school, he stalks her for a bit before giving her this really cringe letter saying how much he loves her, and in the end she rejects him and says she doesn't care. Does anyone remember this?


Is that to be considered a wizard?
What has been about "disregard succubi"?

I think they do those things on purpose.


File: 1601140830048.png (39.47 KB, 1276x320, 319:80, homeless.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder what happened to all those homeless wizzies,are you still there?


Watching all those posts from 2017 I wonder what happened to all those wizzies with serious problems,they all got replaced with improvebrahs bragging about how much exercise they do every day or how they made millions with bitcoin.

I wonder if they all killed themselves or maybe they just left wizchan before it went to shit,they made the right call if that's the case.


Well I left wizchan right around that time. I used to write really long posts in a lot of threads and I remember getting quality replies, but I saw a lot of low quality threads as well complaining about moderation and the usual truewiz stuff.
I left mostly because life just got worse, and I tried to make attempts at salvaging it. It didn't work, so now I'm a step away from LDAR.

I returned mostly because of fond memories of this place, and to an extent this place is still heavenly in comparison to most of the internet today. It really does pain me to see so many "improvebruhs" that clearly don't belong or relate to most older wiz problems, it feels like a lot of younger folk came here to preach stuff they themselves don't practice and for all the wrong reasons.
Sure keeping healthy and reducing ones suffering is very much wizardly since most of us don't have the guts to end our misery, or failed previously, but some posts here read like:
>just went to the gym with my homies
Posts that are written in similar tone and those that kick wizards that are already down have certainly increased in number.

I got nowhere else to go, I'll just lurk or write low effort stuff like this. I believe effort posting is wasted on the current demographic.
Wizchad vultures ready to destroy and stamp out anyone and everyone, snarky ironic "haha got him" replies is what fuels these people.
I really enjoy reading long-form posts here, regardless of topic, but there is no engagement I feel like. Those who used to effort post likely already burned out by the people you mentioned and also just lurk.
Well at least that is something I'd like to believe.


That was from 8chan /v9k/. The thread wasn't really wizardly and neither was the board. The dude actually killed himself in the end although can't be sure about that because there was no real evidence. Can't find an archive of the thread though.


It's "cringy" or "cringe-worthy", not cringe. Cringe is a verb whereas these two aforementioned words are the adjectives which would suit what you are trying to describe.


This isn't wizchan, but there was this extremely wizardly thread on 8chan /christian/ where a virgin castrated himself because of how he interpreted a Bible verse. I should go looking for that thread again.


Found it. Shine on, wizzie.


I stopped browsing in late 2018 due to life circumstances and when I came back everyone was under 30 and attacking each other. I missed the banter and camaraderie that used to be here.


>I stopped browsing in late 2018 due to life circumstances and when I came back everyone was under 30
This site and its predecessor were never ever in their history a majority 30+ userbase, that has literally never happened and I wish retards would stop thinking this.
>t. been using this place since 2013


It never should have mattered. Once you're past your early 20's (and even then) it's all the same as far as being a male virgin. Lose it or not, the stink follows you (in the eyes of most people, at least - it's social death to acknowledge).


Yeah I don't care, just tired of seeing retards claiming this place used to be some 30+ exclusive website which is total fabricated bullshit


>those negative reactions
Why does castration make people flip out?


The homophobic wizards probably have a clue or two.


well, succubus… you'd know if you had balls.


Hey, I remember that. My posts are in there, what nostalgia.


File: 1613502863957.png (344.89 KB, 1184x498, 592:249, 1340342.png) ImgOps iqdb

this thread was hilarious back then


There was this thread of a wiz who barred the entrance to the basement and wouldn't let a termite inspector come in. If I remember correctly he actualy had his foot holding the door while the other guy was trying to get in. Later some other wiz posted pretending to be the inspector and told the story from that perspective. It was pretty hilarious.
This was a long time ago, I'm not sure if anyone remembers that.


File: 1613519474582.png (1021.13 KB, 1326x5254, 663:2627, antinatalism.png) ImgOps iqdb


>I'm not sure if anyone remembers that.
I do. That one was pretty good.


What a read. I wonder if there was ever a follow up.


File: 1613537419427.png (128.8 KB, 1421x415, 1421:415, flipper.png) ImgOps iqdb



That was quite a read.


So this is the infamous dolphinfag who singlehandedly destroyed 8/r9k/

I expected nothing less


Whats the lore on dolphinfag?


I really want to find - Ima boku wa (2008) from that movie list, I can't find it online ;-;



This is interesting - I'd never heard about this method before. Can the materials be obtained easily? And is CO poising really dangerous to others? I've always thought that was Norm propaganda. It would be days or even weeks before anyone noticed I was missing (my employer would notice when I stop responding to work emails, but I could book days off to prolong that), so by the time my body is found, the gas will have dissipated.


any thread I post in, to be honest
can't be bothered with any others



I haven't seen one in a while but I remember there used to be threads discussing the possibility of establishing some kind of Wizard commune on a remote spit of land. Of course, it would have been a disaster if it had been attempted. But it was fun to fantasise about the prospect of an off-grid sanctuary with no normals allowed.


good threads, I've offered to meet with a good few to go fishing but sadlyy none have ever taken me up on the offer


Complete with a shared bathhouse?

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