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Do you guys already prepared for retirement?

I start working blue collar job from 21 until 31 Y.O.
Actually I hate my jobs but I also have no skill for other jobs. Always feeling down and depressed when I work. Also I'm social retard and have no friend in my working place.

Frequently I think to quit my job but I need money to support myself but it seems I can't working more than 3 or 5 years again since its make me always think to end my life.


funny joke



i havent prepared shit and i havent worked for years. money isnt enough motivation for me to work a job and i have no interests that require income. luckily im able to just live with family. if i wanted to i could go to college and get paid since im a vet, it doesnt expire so if i ever get kicked out ill be able to do that and buy some more time to not work. for the past 6 years ive basically just been waiting for universal basic income to become a thing so i can just live in the woods by myself and have money for basic living. i wish i had a disability, both to blame my current state of affairs on, but also the disability income. ive thought about blinding myself to get disability, or losing limbs. it's hard to feel motivation to 'better' yourself when you're content with neeting, years keep going by faster and faster, i stop to look at the calendar and its the next year already. i dont know. i dont think ive ever thought about retirement, i cant think about the future


I already retired. NEETbux for life. If society starts to decay and they take away my bux then I will shoot myself in the head with a Winchester SXP Defender 12ga pump-action shotgun with 3" chamber and 18.5" barrel using 00 buckshot.


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Retirement is something I'm thinking about all the time. I'm glad to see a thread like this.
I'm 31 years old. My parents are 55. Mother is retired, father is still working. I'm a single child
We have 7 houses, in average all of them are in mid range and in mid quality neighbourhoods.

The houses are awesome as they protect (imho) me against inflation, I don't "expect" to buy at 1 and see at 10 and become richer but at least I can predict that average rent from average houses in average neighbourhoods will be enough for me to survive. My big problem is that I live in a 3rd world country and I am one war/civil war/natural disaster even away from losing most if not all houses. Selling all of the houses and converting the cash to dolalr will net me about 400.000$. Which is a lot for 3rd world but very mediocre to retire in first world. So even If I converted it to dollars I would have to put it in a 3rd world bank which has its own problems.Moreover, dealing with houses is a job in it itself, its hard to call yourself a NEET when you have to deal with finding a renter, dealing with his issues fixing the house etc etc. It's basically another job, and we don't have that many "management" companies as in west.

So in a way I feel lucky. My parents are in the top 5%, even in USA standards they make more than 75% of the populace which is nice. But on the other hand the currency differenciation is fucking me a lot. I wish I Had 1.5-2 million dollars, I could easily move the money to 1st world, have a very low risk low return investment and just live off by withdrawin maybe 10$ a year. So a %2-3 return would be enough for me. But I'm not rich enough to do this, however I'm rich enough to worry about what will happen to muh shit, I do have the petit bourguise cowardace.


How many of these houses are completely yours though?
If either parent lives into their 90's you'll be near 70 before you gain complete control of it.


I will inherit all of them.
I don't complain about not owning them right now. I hope my parents live long enough. I can mooch off from their retirement bux and have them manage the houses instead of me. I doubt they will se their 90s though, both are obese and father is a smoker. But I believe I have at least a decade and maybe a half before he dies. Smokers tend to die around late 60s early 70s. So I beleive I will be around 40-45. Both of them will probably die when I'm in my early 50s.

I get along really well with my parents. I live quite frugally and they seem to save as much if not more than they spend. I'm truly grateful.


people in similar situations as you often invest in crypto or foreign stocks. i personally would just buy land and turn it into a prepper fortress. just because your country is shit doesn't mean you can't make a little slice of heaven in the shithole.


damn dude dont do that you know theres still hope for you no matter what


File: 1591688022780.jpg (154.5 KB, 683x941, 683:941, 1540224886962.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Foreign stocks is a great way to both possibly get decent interest and avoid getting completely cucked if some currency tanks.

> Winchester SXP Defender 12ga pump-action shotgun with 3" chamber and 18.5" barrel using 00 buckshot
Just owning something like that, ready at any time, is such a great comfort.


Thanks for the advice
My problem with foreign stocks is the potential cost. I haven't researched on whether foreigners can invest either. I do know I cant buy vanguard index funds etc without being a citizen of US for example. I fear the same is applicable for stocks.
Moreover, stock market is also quite risky. I have very little knowledge about the subject, or rather enough knowledge in that I know I can't beat the market. I will not even go into crypto which imho is a place where extreme manipulations go about and no small time player understands whats going on.

I don't know, I'm glad my parents had me when they were young tough so I feel I can delay a bit further. Funny thing is that I'm studying in USA right now but I doubt I will be able to land a job here, given the conditions of academia in the post covid world.


You can't retire from life. Except, well, you know the only way.


I am saving up and have a little invested.
If I can get some property that I own outright as a backup to live on, and insure it then I would feel pretty secure even with limited saving. I also hope to eventually start a small business to support myself in later years with a modest income and low expenses.

That way if SSI collapse when I am old and my investments go belly up I can still have enough income to keep the lights on, the internet running, and my belly full.
If shit really hits the fan then I will just cash out my metal reserves (mainly silver) and travel the country selling handicrafts for gas money and teaching martial arts in future vr.


You made the coming dystopia sound comfy.


>If shit really hits the fan then I will just cash out my metal reserves (mainly silver)
What if the demand is too low? What if the supply is too high?


>if SSI collapse
You misspelled 'when.'


I have saved 30k and owe my parents roughly 4k. I make 30k at the moment and I've been working for 6 months. I hate it. I want to return to NEETdom. Just learned someone I went to school with got a job making 250k a year. After a few years of that if be set for life. I have an ira but thats it. Im tpo scared of losing my money but that fag govt is already i flating it away.


I have almost $35k saved but I'm already over 28.5 years old. I will probably try to buy land and put a trailer/mobile home on it if possible. I will live really frugally and just sock away as much of my earnings as possible. Eventually, my parents will leave me a substantial sum of money.


Make molds and cast the silver into something in demand as a luxury product. Basically just add time and labor to increase value. It is extra steps that I rather not have to go through, but if it came to that I have the working knowledge to do it.

It is hard to tell when exactly SSI could/will collapse and how old I will be when it does.
Ether way my retirement plans don't rely on SSI so if I do get SSI it will just be bonus money for however long it last.


You sound like me, although I'm not a vet. UBI and living in the woods sounds so nice…


You've made my day, thank you and congratulations. Seriously now tho, my only hope to ever stop working is a possibly large inheritance that my grandparents have in store for me, along with some apartments that i can rent out to families. That'd allow me to live off rent and interest and not have to work a day anymore. The bad news is they probably wont kick the bucket for another 10 years or so, and even then, its my parents who'll get the money, and I don't think they'd just willingly give me some to start living without working.


Good joke.
I'm gonna be a drifter, or suicide one of the two.


getting older is really scary


My parents own a McMansion on a good part of town but I have two siblings. That house is my only hope of getting any sizeable amount of money. Other than that I'm already as retired as I'll ever be I suppose. I work part-time jobs that amounts to maybe 20 hours a week. I have a lot of free time for an adult and don't do shit with it, makes me feel guilty in a way.


I just live in the moment and don't plan for the future. I only have a few hundred in my account at any one time, so I have no savings or retirement fund or anything.

Fortunately, I live in a European nanny state, so the most likely outcome for me is that when my parents die, I'll just keep living on gibs indefinitely. I've been on them for 6 years now and my parents have been on them for a lot longer. Our house is owned by the local council, so I might be forced to move to another smaller place after they die, but that doesn't really bother me.

If that doesn't happen or if this country falls to shit over the next 30-40 years, then I'll probably become a vagrant or something.


i am too socially inept to get a job

i did cashier for a while and i was incompetent at it. i gave people the wrong change on several occasions and was scolded by the manager


thinking about putting all my wizbucks into VT or VTWAX wdyt about this wizzies


well there are various debates on the best way to passively invest. but they all amount to the same in the big picture. yeah if you're going to invest your $$$ anywhere, its the simplest and easiest thing to do. If you go down, you take the whole world with you, and probably comfy retirement was out anyway.

It is a get rich slow scheme. So if you're not in a comfortable situation, for your $$$ to just sit 40 years, and then live off that in retirement, its kinda a waste of time.


thanks wiz. i will think about your words carefully. cheers.


i think by the time any of use are retirement age the world will be unrecognizably changed


This. Boomers are the only generation who were guaranteed any kind of stable social safety net.

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